New Found Lust
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Rape, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - M/M, M/F, Rape, Incest

Dave Carter turned his onto his street at 4:30 PM, arriving home after a busy but satisfying day at the office.

He had gotten out of work early because of the oncoming storm, it looked like it was going to be a pretty nasty one, it was quite dark already for a mid summer afternoon.

Turning onto his driveway he noticed 4 strangers walking up the street.

As he got out of his car the 4 men approached him. He didn’t like the looks of them because they were all big and mean looking and were all dressed in the same jeans and tee shirts.

“What can I do for you?” he asked cautiously. One of them started to ask him directions while the other three surrounded him. Once they had him surrounded one of them pressed a knife to his ribs and told him to Act natural and let them into the house and he wouldn’t be hurt.

Opening the door with the knife pressed into his side they entered the house. As all four men entered behind him they closed the door and they continued on into the living room.

Dave’s wife Jessica was seated and watching the weather forecast, she started to say that this storm was really nasty and expected to hit around 6:00pm when she saw the 4 men and the look of fear on Dave’s face.

“Wha-Whats going on?” she asked.

Before Dave could reply one of the men answered for him, “We’re gonna be your guests for a while until this storm blows over and the cops decide we’ve left the area” he said, giving Dave a push so he landed on the couch next to his wife.

“C-Cops?” Dave and Jessica stammered together.

“Yeah Cops” one of them replied who seemed to be the leader and did all the talking.

Jessica suddenly remembered seeing something on the news about 4 men who had escaped from the State prison about 5 miles away, and were considered armed and dangerous.

“Oh my God ... you’re the men who escaped this morning!!” She exclaimed.

“That’s right we are, and if you saw the news then you know not to mess with us.”

“Yes I remember hearing something on the news too, look you can have anything you want, just take it and leave us alone, we don’t want any trouble so we wont even tell anyone we saw you Ok”

The one that seamed to be the leader, who’s name was Jake replied “Like I said, we’re gonna be staying for a while until it’s safe for us to leave and then we will, and just as long as you behave and do like we say, no one will get hurt.”

The guy who had just spoken looked around and then asked “Is there anyone else in the house?”

Jessica answered him, “Y-Yes, just our two children, they’re upstairs doing their homework, but please, leave them alone, they won’t bother you.”

“Jason, go up and take a look around upstairs and bring the kids down” He said to one of the other guy’s.

Then turning to Jessica he told her, “Like I said, as long as you all do what you’re told no one gets hurt.” A few seconds later Jason came back pushing ahead of him two kids who, on first glance could have been mistaken for twin sisters but were in fact twin brother and sister.

“Mom-Dad, who are these guy’s?” The girl asked.

“We’re you’re guests for a while, and lets get one thing straight right now and I’m only gonna tell you once, WE ask the questions, you just answer and do everything you’re told to do or we shut you up permanently, is that clear?”

Both kids just looked at their Parents who told them “Just do what they say OK kids.” Both kids just swallowed and nodded their heads yes.

“Well now, you two are not only pretty but you’re obedient too, that’s good, it means we’ll all get along just fine.” He said to the kids who were now sitting on the couch with their parents.

“Hey Jake, since we’re gonna be here a while why don’t we have us a little fun” Jason said rubbing a noticeable bulge in his crotch.

“Yeah, that’s a good Idea, but first let’s make sure everything is secure.

Kill all the phones and any cell-phones you can find, and then Momma here can take the cute little girl and make us all something to eat.” Jake replied.

Jason and the other two went around the house pulling all the phone wires from the walls and hunting out and breaking any cell-phones they found.

Then Jessica and Melissa accompanied by Jason went into the kitchen to make supper for everyone.

In the meantime, Jake and the others questioned Dave about his work and the neighborhood.

Shortly, Melissa came back to tell them that the food was ready. Everyone went into the kitchen to eat.

After they had all finished eating everyone went back into the living room.

Jake then told the four family members to strip.

“You can’t be serious, you want us to strip in front of our Kids?” Dave questioned.

Jake responded by punching Dave in the stomach saying, “I thought I told you, we tell you what to do and you just do it.”

The two adults and Kids stood and took of all their clothes.

When they were naked the four Guy’s stared at them rubbing their own crotches and licking their lips.

“OH SWEEEET” Jake said.

“Yeah, and look at mummy’s pussy, it’s just as smooth and hairless as her little girls.” Jason murmured.

“And look at Junior’s and Daddy’s cocks, looks like big cocks run in the family.” Said another, who’s name was Luke.

“Damn we got lucky here, we gonna have a lot of fun tonight” Said Bert, the fourth Guy.

By now all four of the men have pulled out their cocks and are stroking them.

“Please ... don’t do this, not with the Kids watching, you can do anything you want to me but let the kids leave the room” Jessica pleaded.

“That’s real nice of you lady, but you don’t have any say in the matter, we give the orders remember?” Jake told her. “Besides, they’re not just gonna watch, they’re gonna be part of the party fun.” He added.

“You ... you can’t be serious, they’re only 14 years old” Dave stammered.

The four men just laughed. “Hell that’s the best part, nice and young, hot and tight.” Jason said.

Stepping up to the couch, he grabbed Melissa’s head pulling it down towards his big cock and pressing the tip against her lips. “Suck it” he ordered.

Melissa turned her head away but Luke pressed a knife against Dave’s throat and Jason said “suck it or Daddy gets a new mouth.”

Afraid for Dave’s safety Melissa opened her mouth and Jason slid his cock in, Melissa began to suck and lick on the head.

“Oh Yeah, that’s it sweet little girl, suck on that nice hot cock” Jason moaned, pushing his hips forward sliding more of his cock into Melissa’s mouth.

Now Jake moved up to the couch in front of Jessica holding his cock out to her and said “You too bitch, suck on this cock just like your sweet little girl here” Jessica leaned forward a took Jake’s cock into her mouth and sucked on the head.

“OH FUCK YEAH” Jake yelled grabbing Jessica’s head and forcing the whole length of his cock down her throat.

Both men began pump their hips back and forth, fucking their cocks into Jessica and Melissa’s mouths.

“Hey, pull em onto the floor so we can get some action” Luke suggested.

Reluctantly pulling their cocks from their mouths Jake and Jason pulled Jessica and Melissa onto their knees and stuffed their cocks back into their mouths.

Luke turned to Dave and said “Hey be a nice Daddy, lick your little girls pussy and get it all nice and wet for my cock.” Dave gave him a shocked look and stammered, “you cant be serious” Laughing, Luke replied, “your dead right I’m serious Pop, either you get her wet or I shove it in with her dry, and you hesitate once more and I shove a knife in her pussy instead.” Having no choice Dave got down behind his Daughter and began to lick her pussy.

After a minute or so of licking Dave was shocked to find that his cock was rock hard and he was enjoying the taste of his own 14 year old Daughters pussy, in fact he couldn’t get enough of it, he was forcing his tongue as far up her hole, and sucking in her clit as hard could, and in fact, Melissa herself must have been enjoying it too because she was humping her pussy back onto his tongue.

Dave was right, Melissa was enjoying what her Daddy was doing to her pussy, he was driving her wild, the feeling was incredible, even if it was her Dad, and even the cock in her mouth began to feel and even taste good.

“OK, she’s wet enough, go sit down and enjoy the show.” Luke said, pushing Dave aside, and getting behind Melissa he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and slid it all the way in. to his balls.

Melissa pulled her mouth off Jason’s cock and screamed as Luke’s cock slid all the way into her pussy, after a few seconds though the pain subsided and she began to feel a pleasure as Luke began to pump his cock on and out, she actually began to hump back onto the Luke’s cock as she lowered her head and taking Jason’s cock back into her mouth, she began to suck eagerly.

In The meantime, Jessica was sucking Jake off while getting fucked by Bert.

Just as Dave had been forced to lick Melissa’s pussy, Steve had been forced to lick his mothers, but he had also been forced to suck Bert’s cock to get it wet and hard.

Bert was reluctant to take his cock out of the boys mouth because he was doing such a fine job.

Now he was pounding his cock in and out of Jessica’s pussy as Jake fucked her mouth.

Steve joined his Father on the couch and they both sat helplessly watching Jessica and Melissa getting raped.

After getting fucked by Bert and sucking Jake’s cock for a few minutes Jessica felt shocked and guilty, to realize she was getting hot and really starting to enjoy what was happening to her, she found herself humping back onto Bert’s cock and trying to get as much of Jake’s cock into her mouth as she could, sucking harder on it, she actually wanted him to shoot his hot cum into her mouth.

Next to her, Melissa was doing and feeling the exact same thing, she loved the feel of Luke’s cock in her tight pussy and the taste and feel of Jason’s cock in her mouth. in fact, it felt just as good as it did with her boyfriend. But right now she didn’t care, all she knew was she was enjoying getting fucked and sucking cock and desperately wanted to have her mouth and pussy filled With cum. she wanted to know if it would taste as good as her boyfriends.

Dave sat on the couch watching his Wife and Daughter getting raped, the shocking thing was, he was actually turned on, enjoying the scene while stroking his big cock, and he noticed how much his wife and daughter seemed to enjoying it too.

Next to him Steve was also stoking his cock, he had never been so turned on in his life, watching his mother and sister getting fucked from both ends was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He even found himself imagining it was him fucking or getting sucked by his sister or mother, hell he even had to admit to himself that he had enjoyed licking his mothers cunt. In fact, even having Bert’s cock in his mouth hadn’t been too bad either.

Jason looked over to the couch and noticed Dave and Steve stroking their cocks.

“Hey Momma, look at your Hubby and Son jerking off, guess they’re getting all hot watching you and your little girl here getting some cock.” Both Jessica and Melissa turned their heads as much as they could with the cocks in their mouth’s and looked over to the couch where Dave and Steve were indeed madly stroking their cocks.

“Hey, leave your cocks alone, nobody gave you permission to play with yourselves.” Jason yelled to Dave and Steve.

The two of them obeyed and stopped stroking their cocks and just sat watching as the four men continued to rape Jessica and Melissa.

Jessica continued to do what she was doing, she loved sucking cock, had done for as long as she could remember, and she loved cum too, and even though these guy’s had forced their way into their home and were raping her and her Daughter she was enjoying this cock in her mouth now and was looking forward to a hot load of tasty cum shooting from it. Glancing over at her daughter she could tell that she was enjoying herself just as much as she was if not more, the fact that her husband and son were getting hot watching them was even more exciting.

Jessica was right, Melissa was having a good time, she loved the taste and feel of cock in her mouth and pussy. Suddenly, the cock in her mouth erupted and her mouth was filled with hot cum, it was a shock at first, but she quickly got over it and swallowed greedily as spurt after spurt shot from Jason’s throbbing cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Seconds later she felt Luke’s cock shoot it’s load into her pussy which triggered her own massive orgasm.

Next to her Jessica was also being filled with cum, she too swallowed greedily, not as tasty as her husbands cum, but tasty non the less. Cum was also firing into her pussy, seconds later she too had a powerful orgasm.

The four guy’s, having shot their loads, pulled their cocks from the girls and all sat down on the floor, looking over to Dave and Steve on the couch, Lake said, “Hey girls, look at your menfolk, they’re all hot and hard, I think you better go take care of em”

Jessica and Melissa obediently crawled over the couch, Jessica automatically went to Dave and Melissa went to Steve.

“OH NO you don’t.” Jason said. “Switch places, Momma you suck your boy’s cock, and little girl, you suck your daddy’s nice big cock.”

Knowing that it was useless to argue the girls just did as they were told.

Jessica got on her knees between Steve’s legs and took hold of his erect cock, which, even though he was only 14 was a good 6 inches. She stroked it a couple of times, and then without hesitation bent her head and Wrapped her lips around the head. To her surprise she was not the least bit repulsed, in fact, knowing that she had her sons cock in her mouth was tremendously exciting. She slowly slid her lips all the way down her Sons cock until she had the whole 6 inches in her mouth and throat. She couldn’t help herself, she was actually getting turned on sucking her own sons cock, she slid her lips back up the hot smooth shaft until she had only the head left in her mouth, she sucked on the head, swirling her tongue around the way she always did with her husband, knowing that it gave great pleasure. Then she began sliding her lips up and down, wanting and needing the hot young cum she knew she would get out of it, she actually wanted to know if her sons cum would taste as good as her husbands.

Steve was in heaven, he was getting his cock sucked and it was awesome, even though it was his mom sucking him. He was getting that telltale feeling in his balls and he knew he was going to cum real soon. He didn’t know if his mom would like him cumming in her mouth so he yelled out a warning, but to his surprise his mom just kept on sucking and even seemed to be sucking harder.

Seconds later her fired a hot load of cum into his moms mouth. Jessica greedily swallowed her sons hot cum, it was so sweet and creamy she never wanted it to stop, she sucked harder and harder, trying to get as much cum as she could out of her sons hot young balls.

Next to them Melissa’s head was bobbing up and down on her Father’s big cock and she was loving it, she couldn’t believe she was enjoying sucking her Dad’s cock, it was even bigger and better than Jason’s, at least 9 inches. Even though it was her own Dad she couldn’t wait to taste his hot cum, although not too soon, she wanted to enjoy this hot throbbing meat in her mouth a little longer.

Dave too was enjoying the cock sucking, he couldn’t believe he was getting his cock sucked by his 14 year old Daughter and that she was so good at it. He humped his hips, trying to get more of his 9 inch cock into Her mouth. Without realizing he was muttering “Oh yes baby, oh yes, suck your Daddy good baby, make him come in you hot sweet mouth.”

Melissa, shocked but encouraged by how dirty her Dad was talking to her sucked harder on his cock, eager to please him and make him shoot his load into her mouth.

She didn’t have to wait long, suddenly her Dad’s cock seemed to expand in her mouth and then he was cumming, hot cum fired from his cock to the back of her throat and she swallowed as fast as she could, loving the hot creamy taste of the same cum that had helped create her and her Brother.

Both Jessica and Melissa reluctantly let the cocks slip from their mouths and got up and sat on the couch next to Dave and Steve only to discover the men who had invaded their home were all hard again and were talking to each other in whispers.

Then Jake smiled at them and said “well ladies, Daddy and Junior had their show, now it’s your turn to have yours.” Then he looked at Dave and Steve and told them “OK boys, get down on your knees in front of the couch.”

“OH NO, please please don’t do this to us, especially not in front of my wife and daughter”

“Remember what I said about doing what your told, NOW GET DOWN ON THE FUCKING FLOOR NOW” Jake yelled.

Realizing it was useless and dangerous to refuse or hesitate Dave and Steve got down on their hands and knees.

Jake stood in front of Dave and stuck his cock in his face and told him to “suck it.” Dave, knowing it was useless to resist wrapped his lips an round Jake’s cock and began to suck cock for the first time since he was A teenager and had experimented.

Jason got in front of Steve and said, “Just look what your Daddy’s doing Stevie boy, now you just do the same to this nice big tasty cock.”

Steve, remembering the brief taste of Bert’s cock and how it didn’t taste so bad wrapped his lips around Jason’s cock without hesitation and began to suck it.

“Hey lady, go get some fuck lube from wherever you keep it so we can grease these virgin assholes, assuming of course that they are virgin holes.” Luke said laughing.

Jessica got up and went to their bedroom and returned with a tube of KY.

“Perfect, give it to little girlie so she can grease us up.” Luke told her.

She handed the KY to Melissa who got up and stepped behind her Father to Luke.

“Grease my cock up little girl” he told her.

Squeezing some of the KY onto her hand, Melissa grabbed Luke’s cock and began to smear the lube all over it. “Oh yeah, that feels good little girl, you sure know how to stroke a cock, but that’s enough, I don’t want you jerking me off.” he told her. “Now, grease up your Daddy’s hole.”

Melissa squeezed some of the KY onto her fingers and the reached down to her fathers ass, she smeared the KY onto his asshole the pushed her fingers in, greasing up his hole good.

Dave gave a gasp as his daughter’s fingers pushed into his ass, he had been expecting this but it was still a shock.

Next she went over to Bert and greased his cock and also Steve’s asshole.

Ass soon as Melissa had moved Luke placed the head of his cock against Dave’s asshole and pushed, his cock slipped into Dave’s well lubed ass.

Dave’s gasped and groaned but the sounds were muffled by the cock in his mouth.

Melissa, knowing that her brothers ass would have a lot of stretching made sure that she put plenty of KY onto Bert’s cock and her brothers small hole.

Placing his cock against Steve’s asshole, Bert slowly pushed his cock against the small opening, there was quite a lot of resistance but Steve’s hole finally opened and Bert’s cock popped in.

Steve’s gasp, just like his Fathers was muffled by Jason’s big cock in his mouth as his ass was stretched by Bert’s cock slowly sliding in his tight no longer virgin hole.

Luke and Bert almost immediately started sliding their cocks all the way in and then almost all the way back out of Dave and Steve, fucking their hot tight assholes.

Jake grabbed Dave’s head pushed it down onto his cock at the same time as he pumped his hips, fucking his cock in and out of Dave’s mouth.

Jason was doing likewise with Steve, although Steve seemed to be doing a pretty good job of sucking his cock without any help or persuasion.

After 5 minutes or so Bert and Luke had built up a steady rhythm, pounding their cocks in and out of Dave and Steve’s assholes.

At the other end, Jake and Jason were busy humping their cocks down Dave and Steve’s throats.

Steve, who had never even seen another cock hard before tonight was starting to enjoy the taste and feel of the cock in his mouth, it actually tasted pretty good and was doing pretty good taking the whole thing down his throat. He began sucking harder and swirling his tongue around the head. In the last few months when he had jerked off (which of course was just about every night) instead of shooting his load into a tissue, he had taken to shooting into his hand and licking up his cum, and had gotten to like the taste, now he couldn’t wait for Jason’s cock to shoot it load of cum into his mouth so he could see if it tasted the same as his own or better. The cock in his ass felt real good too now that the initial pain of penetration had worn off and pleasure began to take it’s place. The cock sliding in and out of his ass was sending sensations of pleasure he didn’t know existed. He started pushing back trying to get more of the cock in his hot tight young ass.

Next to him, Dave was having the same experience, although this was not entirely new to him, he had tried it with a boy who was the same age as him when he was 15 years old.

This boy and him sucked each other off and fucked each other in the ass, it only happened the one time though and although they both enjoyed it a little they decided it wasn’t “right” and had never done it again.

Dave had never even thought about the incident in a long time or even thought about sex with another guy, and now here he was 20 years later getting fucked in the ass and mouth by 2 strangers and he was surprised at how good it was.

He was actually humping his ass back onto Luke’s cock and sliding his mouth all the way down on Jake’s cock that was almost as big as his own, and unknown to him he was imitating his son’s actions and swirling his tongue around the head, he also wanted to taste a big load of cum.

Although he had only licked his own cum off his wife’s belly and pussy a few times, he knew he would enjoy the taste of Jake’s cum just as much as he had enjoyed the taste of that boys 20 years ago.

All this time that Dave and Steve were being raped Jessica and Melissa were sitting on the couch watching. they were both so turned on by the scene that they were playing with their pussies. Now as the scene and They themselves got hotter they both reached over and began playing with each other, slipping their fingers into each others pussies.

Jessica watched her husband and son being raped and instead of being disgusted she thought it was the hottest thing she had ever seen and was completely turned on.

Next to her Melissa was feeling the same emotions, watching her Father and brother getting fucked in the ass and sucking cock was awesome.

Suddenly, Jason started yelling, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, I almost there, I’m gonna cum, make sure you swallow it kid, every fucking drop.” Then his cock lurched in Steve’s mouth and he shot his load.

Steve felt the cock buck and swell and suddenly his mouth was filled with Jason’s cum, he frantically swallowed, actually loving the taste and trying to swallow before he choked and had to pull his mouth off the cock and spit any out. Then he heard Bert yelling that he was cumming and he felt the cum spurting in his ass sending shivers of ecstasy through his body.

After what felt like gallons of cum had been shot into his mouth and ass both cocks were pulled out of his mouth and his ass, he collapsed on the floor and stared at his Dad who was still sucking Jake’s cock and Being fucked in the ass by Luke.

Dave was sucking hard on Jake’s big cock, wanting to taste the cum that he knew he would soon be filling his mouth, he really wanted to taste another guy’s cum again for the first time since he was a young boy.

Suddenly he got his wish as Jake’s big cock jerked in his mouth and hot creamy cum shot across his tongue filling his mouth. He continued to suck as he swirled his tongue around the cock-head and through the cum, Tasting as much as he could before swallowing.

As Jake’s cock was pulled from his mouth Dave sucked in a lung full of air just as Luke shot his load in his ass.

“Oh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me ... cum in my ass ... shoot your hot cum in me.” Dave humped his ass back onto Luke’s cock as the hot cum filled his ass, he loved the feel of Luke’s cum splashing onto his prostate.

As Luke finished shooting his load and pulled his cock out of Dave’s ass, Dave collapsed onto his back.

Jake looked down at Dave and Steve and saw that both of their cocks were rock hard and throbbing. “OK boy’s go sit on the couch so your ladies can give us another show.”

As Dave and Steve did as they were told, Jessica and Melissa knew what was cumming next so, without even been told Jessica sat on her son’s lap taking his 6 inch cock all the way into her wet pussy, “Oh yes baby, fuck me ... fuck your mom hard darling.”

Next to her Melissa grabbed her Daddy’s big cock and, positioning it at the entrance to her pussy slowly lowered herself onto it until she was sitting on his lap with all 9 inches buried in her hot tight young pussy.

“Oh yeah baby, that feels good, Oh fuck baby ... your pussy feels so tight and hot on your Daddy’s big fat cock.”

All four of them were so hot it did not take long before they all came simultaneously, Dave shooting what seemed like a gallon on cum into his Daughters cunt and Steve was filling his Mothers pussy with the biggest and best load he had ever let loose.

When they all came down of their Orgasmic high they noticed that they were having such a good time committing incest (all be it forced) that they had not noticed that one of the intruders had left.

Jessica and Melissa rolled off the guys and sat next to them, cum running out of their pussies onto the couch.

Just then the fourth guy, Bert came back in and announced that he had a car and the coast was clear.

“Well people, thanks for the hospitality but I’m afraid we have to leave now, just stay where you are for a while, don’t even think of getting help and everything will be just fine, you won’t ever see us again.” With That the four rapists left the house and drove away.

Dave immediately jumped up and went and locked all the doors and windows before returning still naked to the living room where his Wife Daughter and Son were still sitting in the same places.

All four of them looked at each other and each one knew that what had happened that night would change their lives forever, and that they would probably be committing a lot more incest in the future, only this time It would not be forced on them.

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