Fallen Angels
Chapter 1

“We are the in between, cast down as sons of war. Struck to the earth like lightning, on this world we’re born, We won’t cause the pain, of living out their law, Take joy in who you are we know our wings are flawed, We’re bored to death in heaven and all alone in hell, We only want to be ourselves.” Credit: Black Veil Brides

The place the War God send us to do battle was not worthy. The target a God, was not a worthy God, the Gods in this far away land are the elected of the weak. They choose peace as slaves over fighting for freedom. We, my brothers and I are the fallen Angels that are dropped from the wings of the C-23 Sherpa floating on the winds until the wings carry us to our appointed place. Free falling on light wings we float on the beams of the moons’ light until our feet tickle the earth yet again.

The enemy doesn’t hear us floating into their fields, mere clicks from where they lay their heads to sleep. We three angels given the image of the enemy God seared into our memory until he is dead, start to move to the compound where the enemy plots destruction of the world. Our training and experience let us move swiftly through the woods and fields undetected, the moon light guiding us. Patrols with dogs walk under us as we wait in a tree for them to pass.

Finely close enough for our planned strike with the Barret rod of thunder, that can reach out a mile away and take the life of our target, we take up our positions. I stand in over watch; making sure my team is secure in doing their job. Ace the shooter, Brovo the spotter and I am Charlie, the over watch and intelligence officer. This task the God in charge wanted done and confirmed with proof and no mistakes so he sent we three. The target a force of evil, a lesser God that serves the darkness of mayhem.

We three know that the lesser God of destruction must die for the balance of good and evil, but as we locate him in his lair, the presence of an innocent is clear. We the fallen angels, have orders from our God to destroy everyone in the compound. But how can we angels take the life of an innocent, one that has not yet pledged to one or the other.

The innocent, a beautiful woman would appear to not know the evil that stands beside her. Her long flowing blond hair tickles the belt of her skirt. Her legs bare from the knee down to her bare foot is alluring to the eye, such a difference from the stone cold tyrant that stood mere feet away. Knowing his atrocities against humanity makes it hard to imagine such innocent a creature in his presence.

Still the Gods have given the order that all should die at our hands, no living thing left behind. We three looked at each other, silently speaking the same thought “how could we the fallen angels kill purity”. We watched in silence each knowing we could be done with our task and on our way back to heaven, but for the hope that the innocent would leave so we would not have to destroy her too.

We were all too efficient at our jobs and surely would be asked about the delay in completion, but we persevered. Hoping against the odds, we watched as the blond beauty seemed to move about freely so we thought. It became clear that we needed to complete our task to make the window of opportunity to return home. The UH-60 Black Hawk was to pick us up no later than 13:00 Zulu, and if we didn’t make it to the extraction point by then, there was only one other opportunity 10 clicks away.

After the second extraction opportunity passed we would be on our own to evacuate before Hell fire would be unleashed and the sky would rain fire on our op. Still weighing our mission against the taking of innocence we began to feel the stress and then an opportunity presented, Blonde went out side to the pool and disrobed before jumping in. As a fallen angel I knew this was our chance to take her away and complete the mission.

We three watched with eyes wide open as she removed her Monki Kaftan revealing a tiny bikini, each of us as men appreciated her feminine form, and looked to each other confirming that we would go off script and extract innocent from the Evil that would surely die at our hands. Knowing the shooter and spotter needed to stay hidden and complete the mission, I gave them hand signals to coordinate the coming action. We were trained experts in hostage extraction, so this situation wasn’t new to us, save that we made the decision in direct conflict to the orders our God had assigned.

We were too valuable to God to really worry about repercussions, and we were following the path of the righteousness. Even though I knew shooter would complete his mission I understood as did he, that they would be watching over me. I skirted the perimeter of the compound to a point where I was close to the pool. I made eye contact with spotter and gave him the signal for 5 minutes, so they would know when I planned on taking her.

I was Fifteen feet from the edge of the pool behind a four foot tall stone wall when she got out and toweled off right in front of me. Karmic timing was perfect as I reached out and pulled her over and behind the wall with me. I assured her that she would be safe, as I covered her. The sound of thunder shot out, followed time and time again sending the darkness home. When the bolts of lightning ceased I raised up and saw the all clear thumbs up from shooter.

I uncovered the innocent and she raised up to hug me, thanking me for saving her. I told her to stay until we cleared the house. I waited as shooter and spotter came down from the tree and carefully made their way to me. As I waited I asked the innocent her name and she told me Cathy Harsh and that she’d been kidnapped 6 yrs ago. I asked her if she knew the man who kidnapped her and she said no but he had sold her to the man inside, motioning to the house.

When they got to us, I told shooter to stay with Cathy, while spotter and I cleared the house. We went inside and there were seven dead inside including our target. I used our inter unit com to tell shooter it was clear, a few minutes later he brought Cathy inside with him. I told her she could collect her clothes and she led us to the room where she had been kept. She dressed as Shooter stood outside, and we rendezvoused in the main entertainment room of the house.

I radioed in our status to the UH-60 pilot who gave me an estimated time to extraction. I left out the part about having Cathy so there would be no confusion. I told her we would be at the extraction point in 20 minutes which was a 10 minute walk just out side the compound. I confirmed the target’s death with a picture and documented the other dead and we left. I told spotter to keep Cathy out of sight on the edge of the extraction point until the UH-60 Black hawk had landed.

The op had not gone as planned but the helicopter was in sight and getting ready to land when the chopper pilot radioed me that there was another heat signature with us. I confirmed that he was clear to land no hostiles. The pilot landed and the door gunner kept trained just behind us and the wooded edge of the clearing we’d came from until we were on board. The rotors provided the thunderous roar that accompanied our assent to the heavens. I listened as the Pilot radioed into command that the “Assets” were on board with one unknown accompanying.

Command instantly came over my com, being I was the intelligence officer in charge and leader of the operation. I was questioned as to why the civilian, to which I told command that she was an intelligence asset and that I would explain further upon arrival. Cut and dry report, that I knew would cover me for the moment, but the result of my actions in the end would not be so easy. Cathy Harsh had been through a lot which could be seen on her eyes, she asked if she could call her parents. I thought about it for a minute and then told her when we were back in the continental United States, I would let her use my cell phone. She was grateful and didn’t seem to have realized that she wasn’t in the US before that moment.

When the helicopter crossed over the Texas – Mexico border I googled her family’s phone number, and hit dial handing it to Cathy. She said thank you and the conversation even muffled as it was with all the noise confirmed she had indeed reached her mother. This helped me in that, her parents being influential would begin the process of having her returned to them. Upon landing My superior and two NCIS agents and a Jag officer met me in the hanger. Another officer took Cathy away as I listened to the Jag officer reading me my rights.

As I watched her being directed away, I saw other agents taking away shooter and yet more taking spotter in a different direction. My paternal father’s voice spoke loudly in my head “ My Son you can be right and dead right”. I believe in right and wrong, good and evil and it helped the clarity of war. There was little room in my mind for grey areas. I also knew there is a price to be paid for freedom and I was on the hot plate for this one for sure, but righteousness was on my side.

They chose the Fallen Angels for a reason, we got the job done, and we were not in the normal chain of command. Some lesser soldiers and politicians called us a rouge force, saying that we were not accountable for our actions. I never felt above the law, except in that when the law subverted what was right and just. We never operated outside the boundaries of command with out justice and righteousness on our sides. These thoughts were in my mind as the NCIS agent in charge read me my rights under the uniform military code of conduct. I could have repeated the rights to him from memory, so when asked I said yes I understood.

I was led to a detention cell and interviewed for 2 days by skilled interrogators. Upon being released Cathy was waiting in the lobby of the command facility I was released from. Ace and Brovo were released at the same time and Cathy hugged us all and thanked us. Mr. and Mrs. Harsh were there as well and we three fallen angels were hugged and thanked by them as well. As we exited the building we were warned by the duty driver that there were news crews at the main gate waiting for us to exit. We were driven back to our barracks on base and dropped off. When I got to my room I started to change clothes, emptying my pockets I found a folded piece of paper with Cathy’s phone number. The note said thank you please call me with her number, she must have slipped it in my pocket when we hugged.

I thought about it and dismissed it as hero worship, after all I was one of her rescuers. I was watching the news later in the TV lounge and lead story on the news was about Cathy Harsh being rescued from her captors. It was a nice piece of fiction that explained for the public, how she came to be rescued. There was another story about an explosion and complete destruction of the drug lord turned politician’s compound in South America. That story was another work of fiction that would lead the viewer to believe that internal forces or an accident had caused the devastation. It was amazing how the media was so controlled and the public so naive, but for now our cover story was in place.

I had all but forgotten about Cathy Harsh as other operations came and went over the last few months, but then the message tone on my phone sang out. Cathy said she wanted meet me for dinner and left her number. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided what the fuck ever, and dialed her. She answered on the second ring, and thanked me for calling back. We talked for over 10 minutes, and decided to meet for dinner later that night. I thought about not showing up, but then I remembered the moment I saw her taking off her Monki Kaftan beach dress to go swimming minutes before we rescued her.

We met at Red Lobster next to the mall and we ate dinner and agreed to see a movie at the Mall theater. I was surprised at how well she’d recovered from her ordeal. Through the movie we held hands, and I was aware of how nice she smelled as she snuggled up to me. For someone who had been through so much she seemed to be handling it well. I didn’t see her as damaged goods but a survivor, and as the night drew close to an end I realized she didn’t just survive, she was thriving. I asked her to go out again and she agreed, I leaned into her and our lips met. At first it was just a measurement touch making our lips meet, and the touch lapsed for a second and then our lips met with more pressure.

Kissing her for the first time wasn’t something I planned, but now that our lips had met it was as if I needed to make this kiss the one and only kiss of our lives. Soft at first and then turning slightly our mouths opened ever so slightly, our tongues touching as I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her into me. Our tongues twisting and turning tasting each others’ souls as we kissed in the parking lot, my body pressing into hers. There was no groping or lewd grab ass going on, just two souls touching each other through a kiss.

As we returned to the world, from a place of perfect soul connection, we separated as if a bolt of lightning had pushed us apart. My vision widened to realize that we were still next to her car in the parking lot of the mall, and there were people walking about around us. For a second I thought I could hear cheers and clapping, but in hindsight it was probably our souls happy at the connection we had just made. I looked deep into her eyes and said tomorrow night? She answered me before I even knew what I was saying and I told her I would call her. She didn’t have a doubt when she said can’t wait to hear your voice again and we parted. She got in her car and I watched as she pulled away.

A fallen angel touched by innocence, two souls who seemed perfect as one. Only the divine power of the universe, the creator could have brought us together. I got on my Motorcycle and started back to base and contemplated the flight path I was on now. Not the death and destruction from high above, but the beauty and wonderment of Love. Maybe this Love will be my resurrection and I will be able to fly free with eyes wide open to the light. Sleep came easy and my dreams were high above the clouds soaring happy with my soul mate, no death or fighting, just pure free flight. As I woke my thoughts were of the kiss and how such a small part of my sexual encounters before now was the height of my dream.

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