Shiny Liberation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Science Fiction, Orgy, Nudism,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's a story about Jasmine's renewal experience during Kay, Alice and Leslie's Adventure.

It was early morning in San Antonio, Texas as both women lay in bed kissing, hugging and cuddling as well as caressing each other’s breasts; but only one of them did all the work while the other woman lay back and felt discomfort, showing fear, anxiety avoiding eye contact with her partner. The woman on top penetrated her with three fingers fondling her clit. Noticing her partner laying back with her legs lewdly spread is not having a good time, she sighed in utter frustration as she took a pause from sensuality.

“Okay, what’s wrong.”

“Hmmm. Let me see here. You’re about to leave me behind while you go off on your job for security detail somewhere in Chihuahua Mexico so you can bodyguard who again?”

“Luis Miguel!!! He’s a Mexican celebrity singer who Steve Jimenez and I are assigned to provide personal security to while I’m down there. We’ve been through this before my love.”

“Yeah well, I don’t trust the love of my life, YOU, Jasmine Collins who’s had plenty of cocks in the past; before going away south of the border leaving this wonderful snatch behind all alone.” Sonja pouted as she pointed down to her flower.

“Oh Sonja!!!! What are you going to do? Arrest me? Jasmine smiled, closing her wrists together.

“Hmmmm. Let me see here. I, as an Officer of the Law I thereby take this whore into my own personal protective custody until further notice.” Sonja wickedly smiled as she closed in with handcuffs on Jasmine’s left wrist and locking the other cuff to the metal headboard on the bed. “Hey!!!Sonja!!!! This isn’t funny!!! Let me go!!” Jasmine bellows, smiling seductively.

“You’re not going anywhere!!!!!” Sonja smiles and lowers her head between Jasmin’s entrance and suddenly attacked her snatch.

“Aggghhhhhhh!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!” Sighing and moaning while Sonja assaulted her clitoris for another 15 minutes until she squirted all over Sonja’s face. Jasmine beamed, pointing back with her free right hand at Sonja as she said.

“I’m going to sue the SAPD for false incarceration” Feeling bad, Sonja moved to release her prize but just as she was releasing her wrist from the head board, Jaz attacked Sonja’s sheath.

Both women engaged in endless amounts of cunnilingus in a sixty-nine position. They had been going at it been at it for over 20 minutes now Sonja paused for a moment as she raised her head up and said.” Hey are you ready for some real action?”

Jasmine grinned as she responded, “I was wondering when we would get to the toys.” Sonja rose up, quickly moving towards her box of sex tools, taking out a strap on dildo as she strapped it on around her waist.

“Now I’m going to show you that artificial cock is just as good or even better than the real thing.”

Rolling her eyes Jasmine responded as she lewdly spread her legs. “How do you know what real cock feels like. You never had a real man’s prick inside of you.”

Sonja ignored her response as she promptly moved up between her thighs with her rubbery strap on dildo, entering slowly inside her love hole.

“OHHHHHHHH.” Jaz moaned out loud as her partner began to slowly pound her, moving her hips inside and out.

“So, tell me Jaz. please tell me, how can’t this be any better than a real man’s tool. Huh? Tell me love.”

Jasmine ignored her needless question during sex as she was simply lost in desire. She was in heaven but knew that Sonja was a prude when it came to males and other women around her. She was sexually aroused with Jasmine only and no one else. It was also a career suicide if she became openly gay in her home town city of San Antonio. She knew of five other officers in the Substation Central Squad (in the middle of San Antonio) of the SAPD who were gay or lesbian ... It was taboo to openly discuss anyone’s sexual orientation which could end up costing anyone their job, as Texas, and especially in the San Antonio area, was culturally conservative.

Their carnal encounter went on for another thirty minutes. Jasmine was now behind Sonja booming her to bliss. Within 30 seconds, Sonja climaxed, flat on her chest on her bed. After a short pause to recover, both women quickly got up to shower to wash off their sweat and carnal juices. Another wanton moment ensued just as both babes showered together, each of them making out, toying each other’s snatch, humping each other’s legs as they thoroughly washed themselves and each other. As they finished, they exited the shower together holding hands, drying each other thoroughly, quickly dressing in their business suits. Jasmine then packed her carryon bag., Both women locked and loaded their side arms as they went on their way to work, exiting through the door, giving each other passionate kisses. If they were any lucky guys looking at these ladies, they would have enjoyed the show.

Sonja asked.

“When will you come back again?”

“I should be back home in two days. Love. I promise that when I get back you and I are going to go places and have the best time of our lives” Sonja sighs.

“You always say that.”

“I swear baby. You’ll see.”

Sonja just smiled. Jasmine always made that promise but rarely kept it. Both women kissed passionately again and hugged tightly.”

“Call me as soon as you land. Mexico is dangerous at this time of the year. So be careful!!”

“I will baby. Love ya.”

Jasmine smiled, waving goodbye then got into her car as Sonja entered hers, both waving goodbyes as they left.

Now, what Sonja didn’t know was that her partner’s plane was to depart in the afternoon. This gave her two more hours to spare. She was going to spend some quality time with a 16-year-old kid named Pablo Mendez. She had craved him ever since she met him during an SAPD Anti-Gang High School Assembly conference she attended 6 months ago. Jasmine loved Sonja and would do anything for the love of her life but Jasmine was also attracted to men, especially young men. Still looking great at thirty-seven, she loved to lure young men, especially young shy men like Pablo that suited her taste. Driving, she decided to stop byand say hello to him before going to the airport. As she drove up his street she slowed down, and parked in front of his home. She reached for her purse, took out her cell phone and dialed his number.

Pablo answered. “Hello?”

“Hola papi chulo (Hey Sugar Daddy)!!!” Qué tienes para mí dentro de su pantalones corto papi.” (What do you have for me inside them shorts of yours?”)

“Hey Jaz!!! What up girl!!!Come on in.” He opened the front door waving her inside the house as his parents and older sister were out to work for the day.

She exited her car and walked across the lawn entering his house through the front door up to Pablo who stood there with a wide grin on his face. She then winked at him, grabbing his shorts-covered crotch and holding him in place, backing him up from the living room and right into the kitchen.

“So, my man is packing heat. I see!!! That’s why security bodyguards such as myself need to pat you bad boys down” Pablo moaned as his manhood stirred, she pushed him back onto the kitchen seat as she quickly dropped his shorts and quickly engulfed his manhood. As she bobbed her head up and down, Pablo could only lay back holding her head, petting her dirty blond medium cut hair as he smiled ecstatically. She briefly stopped blowing him as she stood and began to shed her clothing.

“Un momento (One moment) Pablo.” It’s time to Rock’n Roll!!!”

Now, both naked, she displayed her ass to him with her hands on the kitchen counter inviting Pablo to enter from behind. He happily obliged as he inserted his thick, eight inch cock into her slippery happy hole.

“Camina, Vamos!!!! Cono Carajo!!!! (Let’s go. Fuck Me Now)”!!! I have to leave soon, so make this trip worthwhile for me. “Porfavor. Mi Amor, Te necesito Papi. (I need you, my sugar daddy.)”

Pablo thrust his man meat into her as she squealed in delight “ Ohhhhhhh.AHHHHHHHHHh”

She was so enthralled and excited by his pounding that if Pablo’s parents were to come home, it would take more than cold water to split them apart, like a bitch knotted with her stud...

Asi mismo Papi. (That’s it daddy) Yeah!!!!! Do ... It!!! Ahi, Ahi, Ahi, Ugh Ugh Ugh. OMG!!!!!! After 15 minutes of nonstop thrusting, he finally exploded inside her and they both collapsed in a heap of sweat and sex, but something snapped her out of her 20 minutes sex-filled daydream.

“Hey!!!! Is that you Jaz? Come inside!!” It was Pablo standing just outside the door, in his usual attire, in boxers and nothing else, gesturing and hollering her to come in. Jasmine never dialed the call as she parked outside of his house, being momentarily lost in her daydream of pleasure with him that never happened. It was one of her deep sexual fancies she had about him. In reality she would never take advantage of him in any way, but she did enjoy watching him walk around in his boxers along with the well build athletic body he had. She had already soaked the inside of her undies from her own arousing illusion of him. She left her car and quickly walked inside. She gave him a huge hug and a kiss on his cheek, felt his gun beginning to stir. Noticing his growing garth inside his briefs, she blushed pulling herself away from him.

“Hola Pablo!!! Can I use your bathroom? She had to wash her away her recent carnal lubrication.

“Sure.” He watched her ass swaying away as his imagination ran wild for once, when in reality she was walking in a hurry as if she had to go and pee really bad.

They made coffee and ate morning breakfast together in the kitchen. They talked about philosophy, current events as Pablo’s conversation wasn’t ordinary for kids his age and she enjoyed his company but deep inside she wanted him badly but could not take advantage of him in that way. So, as time was running short for her,, she gathered her keys and purse, but just as she was about to give him a huge hug and a kiss, he grabbed her hand.

“Stay Jaz!!!! Why are you leaving so soon?”

“I have to go Pablo”

Pablo is saddened, looking down towards the kitchen tile floor as he exclaimed. “My deity is leaving me.

“Oh, Pablo. You’re so sweet. You think so? I’m 37 and my body is beginning to break down. I’m getting old very quick and it’s only a matter of time before I lose whatever youthful looks I have left. I won’t be looking this good for long.”

Pablo Shakes his head “I don’t care. You talk to me while others ignore me, other people pick on me calling me weird, no girls in school would ever give me the chance. I appreciate your company. I really do from the bottom of my heart, I want this wish for me to come true for you.”

Jasmine holds him closer rapping her arms around his neck. “Oh yeah? What is it Stud.”

“My wish is for you to be forever young and youthful again, to be free and become something special. Like Aphrodite Goddess of Love.” Tears began to swell into her eyes as she hugged him tightly, giving him a huge wet kiss on his cheek.

“You’re my Knight in Shiny Armor Mi Amor but I must say that’s wishful thinking amigo as we all know that’s never going to happen.” Pablo shook his head.

“No Beautiful. It will happen. You’ll see. You’re forever young, beautiful and sexy to me. You’ll see my quierida (love)!!!” She’s amused by this as she giggled.

“Alright then Stud!!! That’s enough talk about me. What about you? How are the chicas (girls) in school treating you?”

Pablo sighed as he looked down gloomily” No chance. I don’t even exist as far as they’re concerned. I’m a nobody.” Jasmine grabbed Pablo’s face and looked into his eyes seriously.

“Don’t say that. You are somebody. So, you’re not popular who gives shit. What’s going on with you in school.”

“Well? Where do I even start. I’m different and an outcast but I like this girl; her name is Holly Sullivan. She’s nice and sweet but is always hangs around with those Jocks, like her boyfriend Michael Dudda who’s a Football star.”

She frowned and sympathetically rubbed his bare back “I see.”

“Her best friend Gina De Santos, she used to be good friends with me until she started hanging out with that clique of assholes. Gina and Holly are a one two combo who lead the cheerleading squad in high school. There is this other girl I would love to if you know what I mean, she’s the school tramp and her name is Breeze Jenkins but everyone calls her easy Breeze.” Jasmine snickered at that and then asked.

“Are you a virgin?”

He looked down again nodding his head as he responded. “Yes.”

“Well? That’s ok. I’ll tell you what. When I get back From Chihuahua in two days, I promise to get you in bed with easy Breeze and perhaps give you some tips on conquering Holly’s heart, mind and soul.”

Pablo mouth opened up with a huge grin on his face.” You mean it? You’ll make that happen for me?

“Sure, thing Amigo!!!!” In the back of her mind she wondered how this was going to be accomplished, but she needed to lift his spirit. She and his family knew that Pablo thought about things differently than most teenage boys. She enjoyed their conversations but she really enjoyed being with him because the young man was a sexy stud. He had a nice youthful chiseled physique she noticed the first time she ever laid eyes on him during the assembly. Now the question was how she was going to bring this about for him. As soon as she returned she’d make the effort for him. Hell, she’ll even pay Easy Breeze money to take away his virginity. A promise is a promise. As she got up she hugged and kissed Pablo one more time before she left for the airport.

As she drove towards the airport her cell phone rang, She picked up her phone and set it on speaker.


“Hello Stranger.”

Jasmine smiled enthusiastically. “Martina my love. How’s it been?”

“Oh nothing and don’t call me Martina. It sounds like a Russian ballet dancer or an Eastern European tennis player. My name is Tina. Go it Tia (Aunty for Spanish)?”

“Yeah, Yeah” How’s it going in school?”

“Everything is pretty much blah with school right now.”

What’s up with you Tia. You promised me face time and I’m still waiting”

“Oh baby!!!! I know, I promised you face time but I’ve been busy with work. I know that I promised to see you online but things have been a bit hectic as of late. I swear I’ll be online when I get back. Ok?” Tina rolled her eyes, annoyed by Jasmine’s excuses.

“You always promise me this and promise me that but you’ve been so distant since you moved to San Antonio. You even promised me that you’d come back to Long Island and visit me. I miss you Tia”

Jasmine reacted with a despondent look. Tina was right but she decided to change the subject a bit.

“I know I know. Listen I’ll come back as soon as I can my Chiquita (small). How’re your dad and mom doing?”

“They’re doing well and you know they’re separated now.” She knew about her brother Manny leaving Tina’s mom Vickie, how rocky their relationship had been for a while but she had to cut the conversation short as the airport entrance lay just head just as she was about to exit from highway 281 into Terminal Drive.

“Ok, listen, Sweetheart. I have to go now because I’m driving to the airport and I’m on my way to work. I’ll promise to give you face time from my laptop when I get back and this time I will keep my promises to you. I love you”

“I Love you too. Muuahhh.” The call ended as Tina hung up.

As she approached the airport she knew she was going to keep her promise to Tina but she laughed at herself and smiled at what Pablo’s wish was for her to be. Forever young of all things, as she smiled, and shook her head as she entered Terminal Drive. If she only knew that within two days, how she would witness, confront, and become something entirely different than what she’d ever known in her life so far. She would probably believe in the tooth fairy sooner than what would happen before her very eyes in the coming days.

Seven days into the night of the taking of Chihuahua, Kay, Alice, Angela, Jennifer, Monica, Theresa, Rita and Lupe strategized from their new base, at an exclusive resort and spa just outside the city of Chihuahua, as a banquet was set up for the ladies on a huge table. An orgy was also taking place inside the resort spa as many tourists and travelers frequently came running into the Goddesses. Kay was munching on a huge t-bone steak as she stood to say.

“Now that we’ve taken over much of Chihuahua City our mission is still not complete. We still have some places to see, go and visit if you know what I mean.” Monica, Lupe and Theresa were talking amongst each other in Spanish just as Kay made her last statement. Kay noticed this so she coughed to interrupt their discussion.

“Ahem!!! Ahem!!! Do you ladies care to share with us what you three have been discussing.” All three ladies looked back at her as Lupe responded.

“We were just discussing how we should make the Central Cathedral Church in Chihuahua a staging base for the next two days so we can take on the bars, strip clubs and the Autonomous University of Chihuahua”

Jennifer stood back from the table to add her two cents into the conversation. “Although the taking of the churches has been completed, we only have forty-five Newbies so far and we must move in quickly with Lupe’s plan. Kay nods in agreement A few seconds later, five women covered in cum, sweat and sex burst through the door inside the huge dining room, set up for the sisters. Rachel, Andrea, Maria, Roberta and Flora, the rest of the originals, emerged from an orgy outside as the nine dove into the table helping themselves to extra servings.

Alice turned to Kay asking “Are we going through with this plan?” Kay nodded as she turned to Monica.

“Hey Monica. Tomorrow night we hit that bar that’s right next to the Cathedral. What’s the name of that place?”

“You mean the bar club known as the Hookah Bar we saw first time we took over the Cathedral?”

Kay smiled “Absolutely!!! Take Rita, Rachel, Maria, Roberta, Flora and Andrea along with five newbies in the Cathedral and from there take on the bars and other venues in that area. Remember to send all the new transformable women back here right away.”

“Si my Excellence.” Monica nodded as she walked away. Kay turned back to Alice as she explained.

“Hey Alice. We’re leaving in 2 days to San Antonio where Donald’s Moore Genetics Research is located. He has a personal assistant who works with him, her name is Leslie Goldsmith.”

“Are you positive Leslie like the rest of us?”

“She most certainly is. Having her on our side will help us expand inside USA and Mexico simultaneously. Lupe will stay behind and help take over the rest of Mexico while we move up north.”

“Sounds like a great plan. But who’s coming with us?”

“Monica, Jennifer, Rachel and Angela. Now let’s get ready we have a long day tomorrow before we head out. Get some rest. We’re going to need it.”

It wasn’t until the next day morning Jasmine, wearing her business suit and dark shades, was vigilantly watching out for anyone or anything that might threaten her client, a very rich and famous Mexican singer, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, professionally known as Luis Miguel. Everyone was ready to respond quickly and correctly during any crisis, observing and reporting, checking, monitoring, maintaining order among guests and other people. Jasmine was assigned with six other team members assigned to protect him. They were made up of ex-military personnel like herself, private security contractors such as her partner Steve Jimenez from DynCorp based just outside of Dallas Texas, and four former law enforcement agents from the Mexican Federales that were hired locally to provide extra manpower along with local police. They were there shooting a music video and later on that night would be performing at Plaza Condesa at Cuauhtémoc, Mexico which is a 25 minute drive outside of the City of Chihuahua. The Press was there as extra crowds are gathering around the set. Steve leered at his partner noticing that she didn’t seem happy at all.

“Hey!!! How do you like the job so far? Jaz.” He asked her, noticing her miffed expression.

“Seriously? You bought me here to babysit this Mexican sleaze. “Steve chuckles a bit.

“Hey. What do you expect? This is the best I can come up with under the current circumstances since you called me up about any upcoming jobs.”

She crossed her arms with a miserable look on her face. “Are you really going to do this to me now. Is this the best you could come up with? Really?” He nodded his head sympathetically.

“Look. I know it’s not easy? Just try and get through this. We have a job to do.” Already being downbeat she nodded in agreement.

He knew all about her girlfriend Sonja. He would talk to her more about it later. Late in the afternoon they drove with police escorts to Plaza Condesa ... Huge crowds were waiting for the legendary singer.

They spent six hours, late into the night, waiting for Luis to finish the concert, singing his latest mariachi hits The entire crowd and the whole town of Cuauhtémoc had been swept into a typical Mexican celebratory festival. When it ended, everyone working with Luis, and his personal bodyguards went back to the city of Chihuahua. There they stayed another two hours conducting security sweeps at the airport until Luis Miguel’s private jet landed. As they waited Miguel had Jasmine saddled with additional responsibilities, such as answering phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital personal errands for him. As the plane arrived Miguel gave Jasmine a kiss on her hand as he winked at her once, slapped her ass and then boarded his plane. The Lear Jet took off from Chihuahua International Airport heading to its destination at LAX. Another security team was waiting for him at that airport where a limo would pick him up and take him to his home in Beverly Hills. Jasmine waved the Lear Jet goodbye as it took off into the air with a sarcastic smile as she was relieved the night was done.

“Goodbye!!!! Ugh!!! Thank God that Idiot is gone!!!” Both began walking away, heading towards their rented luxury SUV.

“Hey. Cool it!!! Jaz!!!! It’s people like him that pay our salary and we’ve made decent money tonight.”

Her head turned looking into his face with a sarcastic face. “So, what!!!! That guy was hitting on me and couldn’t keep his perverted hands off of me. I swear if it was any other guy I would have knocked his block off.”

“Well? It comes with the territory.” They entered the vehicle as Steve started the engine and drove away towards highway 16, taking them towards to the center of city.

“Really now? Answering phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running errands for him is part of the job? If I was ever planning to take a full-time job working for that asshole, I might end up being one of his personal secretary mistresses.

“To Orgasm!!!” Steve interjected as he laughed.

“Hahahahahaha!!!! Very funny!!!!

“Oh, C’mon Jaz!!! It’s not like you’re a male here. For a 37-year old babe, a woman like your who’s still in great shape, beautiful, with a sexy body. I can see why it would be kind of hard for any man on earth not to hit on you. You know how it is. Boys will be boys!!!!”

“Wow!!!! So, that’s how you see us? We’re nothing more but meat to you guys. Huh? Oh, and watch it there buddy with the flattery.” Steve smiled as he shook his head, disagreeing with her.

“It’s not that we see you ladies as meat. It’s just that everything we see around us is because of sex. For example, people exist because of sex and what I mean is sex is regulated as well as controlled by man-made taboos, religions, legal system, social control, fetishes, prostitution, sex trade and power over those who are less fortunate.” Jasmine smiled as she was impressed by what Steve had just said.

“Well. Well. Well. Aren’t we the intellectual. Since when has Steven ever been socially aware about sexuality.”

“Since now. Hey someone has to play the devil’s advocate.”

As an Atheist, such as myself? What you just said makes a lot of sense but our current reality is that men are the ones who are in control of everything and women are more often than not given the short end of the stick right up our asses and let’s admit it. God is a man who’s a petulant child, misogynistic, sexist, racist, jealous pig, not a woman when it comes to all three Abrahamic religions. It’s a God we can’t see, hear, touch or even smell. Yet that’s the God most people place their faith in.”

“Wouldn’t it be a dream come true for most women to place our faith in a Goddess being worshipped instead of a man?” Steve responded.

“In my opinion? No!!!! It would not be a great idea to simply have faith in anything we can’t see touch or witness. People and especially women are subjected to manipulations, coercion, politics and all sorts of exploitation. Miracles and faith are nothing more than an excuse for maintaining mental laziness among the population and accepting the man-made mental disease known as faith.”

“Damn. This conversation is getting deep now. But I’ll say this. People do worship celebrities, politicians, business moguls, and rock stars groveling at their feet. Wouldn’t you love to be one of those people? Rock star or movie star Jasmine Collins” She simply shrugged her shoulders as she smiled and responded by saying.

“That would be lovely but over time it would get boring rather quickly. That’s just not me. By the way? Only three people can call me Jasmine. That’s Sonja, my mother Digna and my niece Martina.” Steve shook his head and then coughed out loud by saying.

“Bull Shit!!!!” She rolled her eyes and flipped him the bird as he drove towards the center of the city on highway 16.

Late that night, inside the Cathedral Rita, Monica, Rachel and Roberta, with five newbies were getting ready for the night’s phase of the operation. Right next to them, across the street, was the Hookah Bar and Grill club. Andrea was still busy having wild sex with two men, the man on the bottom was pounding her into her pussy and from behind the man was standing going into her ass. A woman was in front shoving her engorged sex into her face. Rita was of course annoyed by this as she rushed towards Andrea.

“Hurry up Andrea!!!! We’re on the clock we only have 35 minutes left before we move into the bar next door.” Andrea panted at this point covered in sweat and cum.

“OMG ... FUCK ME, ... HARDER ... UH, UH, UH, COMMON, DO IT ... YES ... UH HUH, YES ... DO THAT TO ME ONE MORE TIME ... BABY ... OH BABY ... What?!!! You ... Said ... UH, UH, That ... We ... Had... 35 minutes left. UH, UH, UH,”

Rita’s hands flew into the air in utter frustration.

“OMG!!! If this lady doesn’t finish up? We’ll never leave in time. Look you’ll have plenty of more Cocks and Pussies next door to command at your disposal. Now finish up. You’re making all the rest of the ladies here heat up again.” Andrea looked up in acknowledgement as Monica added.

“Ok. Maria is outside addressing the crowds, the police will direct traffic and help with crowd control. Let’s get ready.” Everyone bowed in agreement as Andrea climaxed while both men who were pounding her passed out.

Twenty-five minutes later as Steve drove into the center of the city, Jasmine noticed a huge crowd gathering just as they passed by the Metropolitan Cathedral Church and the oddest thing of it all is how a raven haired naked beauty sparkling with glitter walked down the steps as people around her are bowed and groveled before her. Traffic slowed down as it almost ground to a halt towards the hotel where they’re staying, off Juares Road, across from the Cathedral. Police cars, barricades and trucks with sirens flashing surrounded the church. Steve saw the flashes but didn’t notice the naked babe as his eyes were glued to the road.

She shook her head in surprise as she mentioned.

“I swear I just saw a woman in all her naked glory walking down the cathedral steps and surrounded as if she was some rock star but the place is surrounded by cops, she was probably busted.”

“I noticed the police lights and sirens but I didn’t see any naked babe. My eyes are on the road and it’s a good thing too because police officers here in Chihuahua are a pain in the ass when it comes to traffic violations unless you have money to pay off the officers and corrupt judges.” Steve made a quick left and entered into the driveway of the San Felipe el Real Hotel where they would stay for the night.

“Hey lets go across the street to that bar” Steve looked across and then laughed loudly.

“Are you kidding me? You want to go a bar name Hookah Bar. Hahahahahahaha”

“Oh c’mon. Stop being a baby. The night is still young.” Steve sighed.

“Ok let’s go.” Just as they crossed the street into the Hookah bar, which is ironically on the other side of the Cathedral Church, twelve people ran across and three of them were topless women chanting the phrase.

“Diosa la diosa estan aqui La diosa, la diosa está aquí y ella está aquí para nosotros gratis. Ver para creer.!!!!! “Steve was about to explain and translate until she beat him to it.

“Yes, I know what they just said. The Goddess, The Goddess is here and she is here to set us free. Seeing is believing. They must high on something or drunk as a skunk.”

He was surprised to learn that she understood Spanish. Jasmine gestured to an attractive booth spot high on top with dark red see through curtains. The booth was on the second floor of the Hookah Bar and Grill club, which they saw was huge inside when they entered. Seven women were dancing in unison in the center of the dance as everyone else was chanting to the beat of “Danza Kuduro (feat. Lucenzo)” by Don Omar. Steve was enjoying himself as well he was moving and bobbing his head with the beat.

As they were being seated by a waitress on the second floor across from two other couples, he suddenly asked her” How do you understand or even speak Spanish?” The waitress returned as she handed them drink and food menus, Jasmine ordered her drink.

“(Dos Mujito Porfavor y nada mas. Gracias) “Two Mojistos Please and nothing else. Thank You” She handed back her menu. He was impressed.

“I’m impressed that for a white woman such as yourself can speak fluent Spanish.” She showed her open right palm close towards his face.

“Hermano (Brother) please!!! I’m Dominican all the way, ok amigo and I’m just as Latina as you?” Steve grinned and remarked

“But your last name is Collins. Right? Isn’t that English or Irish?”

“My father was straight from Ireland” She responded with an impressive Irish accent.

“Nice!!!! You can do Irish as well. Tell me more about yourself.”

Steve sipped his drink as he looked into Jasmine’s hazel eyes intensely. Jasmine noticed him looking, and looked back into his dark eyes.

“Why are you looking at me like that.”

He sighed as he took a deep breath.” Tell me more about yourself.

She smiled but eyeballs him back intensely as she responded

“Look let’s keep our past in the past and maintain a cordial professional conversation here. OK Amigo!!”

He noticed and got the message from her not to mess with this woman as he changed the subject and decided to bring up another subject close to Jasmine’s heart.

“How’s it going with Sonja?” She was irked by the question but decided to answer him.

“Where can I start. She’s wonderful, beautiful, nice, sweet considerate but prudish and reserved even though she’s a lesbian. Although no one would ever notice as she’s very conservative on the outside but deep downside she’s a sex monster waiting to come out.”

“Wow. She lives by the motto of don’t ask don’t tell.” She snickered at that.

“Funny how I’m telling you this but I feel that what she really needs is a man’s cock.” His eyes widen at that statement.

“Really now? What makes you say that?” She pondered for a second and then remarked.

“Even though I know she’ll never be straight or bi like me. I have this fantasy that if one day she was to get someone’s cock into her maiden passageway, She’ll become a full fledge bi like me.” Steve’s face was in total bliss.

“That would be a dream come true. My fantasy is simply watching tons of babes running around in bikinis at a tropical beach all the time having wild nonstop sex when they undress. Girls Gone Wild!!! WOOF WOOF!!!”

“Oh yeah. How boys like you relish that fantasy. You guys are so typical.”

“Yeah? What’s that”

“Boys will be boys thinking that women will simply run around in bikinis clad as Girls Gone Wild and go fucking everyone around they don’t even know or care about.” Steve nodded his head.

“Yes!!!! Of course, why not. Don’t you enjoy sex?!!” She shook her head.

“Ah no!!!! You see, you don’t understand. I enjoy sex just as much as any other woman but only in private. I’ll admit I’m prude when it comes to more than one partner, I enjoy sex but with only with those who are closest to me. Oh and by the way, no one else but those closest to me can see my body and even then, I dress up quickly after. One never knows when someone will be peeping.”

“Such a shame. You have a nice slender body, sexy shapely legs as I or anyone else can see. I would prefer a nice big ass with wider hip. Us Latin boys love big butts.” She rolls her eyes.

“Yeah. You boys love the hourglass figure.”

“Nothing wrong with that.”

Steve extended his hand out as customary for Latinos asking a woman’s permission for a dance. He was quite enamored by her as well how attractive she was, her alluring hazel eyes and especially her face that resembled the actress Gina Gershon. Jasmine felt the same way about him and she was going to score with him tonight. As they danced and drank the night away to Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Bachata, both were sweating and having the time of their lives. She was only buzzed a bit compared to Steve; he was shit faced at this point as they quickly went up the second-floor booth holding hands where they were seated at the see through red curtain.

“Hey Steve. Can you give me a minute I have to go to the potty.” He nodded as he saw his partner merrily run away. Once inside she saw two other women looking into the mirror speaking Spanish fixing their make-up and pushing up their bras as if they were about to score with guys outside as they quickly exited the ladies room. Probably prostitutes Jasmine thought as she glimpsed at them quickly passing by her. She entered the toilet stall and sat as she closed the door relieving herself.

After finishing up at the toilet, she washed her hands in the sink and the oddest thing she noticed was the loud music being played outside the bathroom had suddenly stopped. In her mind, she was thinking that probably the night had come to an end, or a wire might have shorted out, it could be the night was over and everyone was beginning to file out. She started hearing clamoring, screams and some jeers from outside. It sounded as if people were surprised, elated and arguing but then some of the arguing quickly died down.

She exited the bathroom and slowly walked out towards the second-floor booth. Everyone from the second-floor booth section had left. As soon as she peeked through the red curtain, she is surprised of the sight before her eyes. Six totally naked women were downstairs in the center of the dance floor. All the crowd are gathered around them, all undressing before her very eyes only a few were being contentious and hostile. A lady wearing an all green dress entered the club from outside as another, also all in green, followed her holding what looked to be a 9 mm pistol pointed directly at the seven-individuals who were being belligerent, one of whom who was a young man who began to speak in Spanish.

“Cuál es el significado de esto. Qué pasa” (“What’s the meaning of this. What’s going on?!!!”) A silent shot ran out as the man fell instantly on his back. Shocked at first, but looking at him, she quickly saw that the man had just been knocked out as she whispered to herself.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

She quickly dropped her head down as one of the ladies in all green looked up towards the second floor. She sank her head down then peeked up just high enough to see the process unfolding before her very eyes. As she looked around she wondered where had Steve gone.

One of those strange glittered naked women began to speak in Spanish, introducing herself as Maria as she made a speech about the end of faith and how a new dawn was upon them. Everyone was calling them Goddess or Goddesses and praising them in Spanish. Everyone began to undress as they all bowed to these strange naked glittered women. The other six remaining individuals, two women and four men, who were somehow immune to these naked women’s charms, were being led away as an orgy soon ensued. She saw the two women, who she had seen back in the lady’s room, undressing, before a nude glittered woman. The two women were also talking to a short curly red hair woman wearing green and they pointed back right back up at the second floor. Noticing this she dove down mumbling in alow tone.

“Fuck!!!! Those bitches ratted me out. What the fuck am I going to do.”

A naked glittered woman with wavy light brown hair along with the Lady in Green turned in her direction, walking up the steps. She quickly darted back towards the women’s room to buy some time. Quickly entering, she went all the way to the end toilet stall near the wall. She took out her cell, dialing Sonja just before those women entered the bathroom, listening to the phone ring three more times as Sonja picked up, all tired and groggy.

“Hello?” Jasmine eyes bugged out and she said.

“I’m so fucked.”

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