19 January 2007
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On this day, Dave tells Wendy he wants a divorce. She turns to her closest friends in her time of need and Dan does his best to console her...Wendy brushed her shoulder length golden hair and applied her sensual perfume to her neck, exposed breasts and pussy. Karen made sure Dan was decently dressed for his date with Wendy, "Dan, I expect you to be extra good to her tonight. Wendy needs to forget about Dave and know that she is loved and desired by you." "That'll be easy to do."

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex  

Dan and Karen were relaxing in the rec room when her cell phone chirped, “Hi honey, what’s up?” she asked recognizing Wendy’s caller ID and sexy nude picture.

“Mrs. Hayward its Jake, are you and Dan at home?”

“Yes we are, why do you ask?”

“Can, can we come over right now?” his voice hesitated, tainted by sadness.

“What’s wrong?” Karen asked looking concerned to Dan.

“Mom’s crying really hard and she’s driving Tim and me over to your home right now.”

“Is everything alright? You sound very upset,” Karen asked still looking at Dan.

“No, everything isn’t alright. I’ll let Mom explain when we arrive. We should be there in a few minutes.”

“Okay Jake, see you in a few minutes. Tell your mom to drive careful,” Karen said ending the call. “I don’t like the sound of Jake’s voice and I could hear Wendy crying in the background,” Karen and Dan went to the front door and stood outside waiting for them to arrive.

Dan and Karen embraced hip to hip at their doorway and noticed headlights of a car approaching quickly. Wendy’s car jerked to a stop in the driveway as she shoved the gearshift into park before it was completely stopped.

Wendy hurried up the driveway, Karen noticing her agitated manner and frowning expression. She wrapped her arms firmly around Dan, the force moving him a few steps backward. He immediately hugged her close.

“It’s over! My marriage is really over! Dave handed me the papers today saying he wants a divorce!” she broke down crying.

“Oh honey, honey, I’m so sorry to hear that,” Karen rubbed her back in sympathy. Wendy then turned her affection to Karen for embracing, “We knew it would eventually happen but it still hurts when it finally does happen.”

“I’m such a failure! I couldn’t even keep my lousy marriage together!” she sobbed, “He left work early and already had his bags packed, ready to leave!”

“Dave has got to be the stupidest man in the world to divorce you,” Dan offered, “His loss is definitely our gain.”

Jake slowly approached them holding Timmy by the hand. Karen hugged them both imagining how sad and awkward they must feel right now.

“You were right Dan that Dave would ask me for a divorce before Valentines Day. I don’t want to stay at home! It doesn’t feel like a home to me anymore!”

“Let’s go inside, it’s cold out,” Karen suggested leading them indoors.

Karen called Brad upstairs to be with Jake and Tim. “My parents are divorcing,” Jake revealed to his close friend.

“Oh man, that really sucks, I feel sorry for you. I know what the feeling is like,” he took their small luggage bag and led them to the rec room, “If there’s anything I can get you or do for you, just name it.”

“Having you as a good friend is a start. I knew it was going to happen but now it’s for real.”

“Can I get you a coffee?” Karen asked her constant lover, “Or perhaps you’d like something a little stiffer?” she offered, picking up a bottle of whiskey.

“Yes, definitely a good drink plus something that is more than a little stiff,” she tried to smile at Dan.

“I need to know that I’m still loved and desirable to a man,” she wiped away a stray tear.

“Believe me, you are loved and desired very much by me!” Dan offered, taking her in his arms.

“And me too!” Karen supported joining them for a three-way hug, “Why don’t you skip the drink for now and Dan will give you something else stiff instead.”

“I agree. I definitely need a good loving fuck,” Wendy sighed and led Dan to the bedroom.

“While you two fuck, I’ll keep Jake and Timmy company with Brad.”

In their bedroom Dan took Wendy in his arms and then his thumbs dried the trail of tears that had cascaded down her cheeks, “I will never, ever, give you any reason to be sad. You are such an incredible woman whom I’m privileged to be in love with.”

“I love you too, Dan. As lousy as I feel about the end of my marriage, I’m happy and excited with our growing relationship,” Their kiss was interrupted by Dan raising her T-shirt up over her head. Two fingers easily unfastened her bra and it joined her top on the floor.

Her eyes locked on her lover, she watched him make her naked, “You are such an unbelievably beautiful woman!”

“I’m all yours, Dan. Love me like I know you can and I’m yours always forever.”

Dan squeezed two fingers against his skin, pinching himself, “I have got to be the luckiest man in the world to have the love of two fantastic women!”

Her breasts pressed flat against his chest as they embraced in a long, passionate kiss. He knelt, caressing and sucking on each nipple. She reacted to his kisses on her stomach and closed her eyes to the sensation of his tongue parting her pussy lips.

Wendy brought Dan to his feet, kissed him then took his shirt off. Their lips continued as she unfastened his pants and knelt to pull them down. She admired the semi-hard cock she’d grown to love and began sucking on it before removing his pants from his ankles.

Standing again, she moaned softly as her hand caressed the shaft of his cock. She sighed once more accepting his tongue into her mouth, “I know how gentle you can be when we fuck but this time I want you to take me, make me yours once again.”

Dan laid her on the bed, her legs easily inviting him on top of her. She allowed him to do all the work and felt her pussy lips yield to his penetrating cock, “Fuck me, my love.”

They breathed hard through their noses, lips locked in a sensual kiss as Dan began a steady fucking rhythm. Her loving arms and legs wrapped around him, her body yielding to his thrusts.

“I know you can last several times but I want you to take me all at once. Keep fucking me until you cum,” he nodded, continuing to please them both. “I love you, Dan, thank you for being here for me.”

Dan’s hands constantly smoothed over her soft skin. She offered him her nipples to suckle, envisioning their own baby drinking her milk. The one position sure to make him cum was his hands cupping her small, firm ass cheeks. She smothered him with constant kisses as he continued to love her for several more minutes.

“Yes my love, give me your cum!” she softly urged, seeing his changing expression.

“Uhhh, uhhh, umph, umph!” he grunted.

“Mmm, I love the sounds of you cumming in me. Thank you, I really need a good old fashion fuck.”

“It was definitely my pleasure!” he smiled kissing her. His lips pursed around each nipple then his tongue left a trail down her stomach.

“I don’t think we have time for more,” she said knowing his intentions.

“One good cum deserves a pleasurable payback,” he smiled kissing her mound. She relented, bending her knees for easier access to her leaking pussy. Her fingers combed his hair as she felt him begin to eat his cum from her pussy. Her small ass cheeks became his bowl as he enjoyed his sensual meal.

On and on he continued for several more minutes, his magical tongue on her clit making her body jolt several times, “Mmm, I love what you do to me!” she panted, her breaths becoming short and sharp, then several moments later, “Dan ... Dan, oh my fuck, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!”

“You sound so sensual when you cum like that, it gives me tingles all over my skin.”

“Stop it, Dan. you’re making me blush,” her face warmed.

“As I’ve said before and will keep on saying, you are an incredible woman that I love so much!”

“You keep on saying that to me, I’ll never grow tired of your loving compliments.” Dan lapped up her erotic nectar then kissed his way up her body, “Thank you, Dan, for loving me. These next several months will be rough on me and the boys and I am so grateful to have you and Karen to help me besides my family.”

Dan and Wendy quickly cleaned up and joined the others in the rec room.

“We’ve been talking with Jake and Tim about what is happening, reassuring them we are here for their help,” Karen said. Wendy’s boys went to her, hugging her tightly.

“We’ll be ok boys. We have great family and friends to be with us. This has nothing to do with either one of you and I hope you’ll try not to hate your dad.”

“We love you mom and will do anything not to upset you,” Jake offered.

“No more fighting from us! Mommy, I’m hungry, can we go out and get something to eat?” Tim asked.

“We haven’t eaten either. Why don’t I order pizza for everyone?” Karen suggested.

“Yeah Mom, pizza!” Tim agreed. Karen called in an order for several large pizzas while Wendy and her boys were made more comfortable.

“Man your parents divorcing, that really sucks,” Brad offered as Jake looked in his backpack.

“Tell me about it. I knew it was likely going to happen but the reality of it is hard to take,” he sighed.

“I went through the same thing when Mom and Steve divorced. I’d share my bed with you but I don’t think I should. Don’t get me wrong, Jake. I love you as if you were my own brother but can’t love you the way you might think.”

“That’s a relief. I love you too Brad but I prefer women to men.”

“And the same with me,” he replied giving the other a high five, “But you know that if you ask me, I’ll give you a blowjob.”

“I just might take you up on your offer, I could use a good cum about now to relax,” Jake admitted.

Brad closed his bedroom door and approached Jake. Their hands went to the zipper on the other’s pants. They didn’t kiss as exploring fingers found the warmth of the other’s cock.

“Would you like me to give you a blowjob?” Brad asked releasing Jake’s cock into the air.

“Yes,” he replied not looking at him. Jake looked to Brad’s cock growing hard in his hand.

“Trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements?” Dan asked, suddenly entering Brad’s bedroom. Startled by him they let go of the other’s cock. Dan looked to the young, hardening cocks whose cum he tasted on Boxing Day.

“Despite what we’re doing, we won’t be sharing the same bed, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Brad looked to him.

“I wouldn’t think any less if you wanted to give the other a blowjob. I suspect once Diane and Brenda know you’re spending the night, they’ll be offering you their bed to share,” Dan smiled.

“Your biggest decision will be who to fuck first,” Brad teased.

“I’d feel awkward doing that here. Besides with what happened here on Boxing Day, I’d have to ask Tiffany’s permission to fuck Diane or Brenda,” he joked.

“The girls will be doing their best to console you on the news of your parents divorcing and I won’t object to you taking them up on their offer,” Dan smiled.

“I guess my suspicions last Boxing Day about my dad are true now,” Jake lamented.

“Remember Jake, try not to be too mad at your dad. The problem was between your parents. As I said before, keep him involved in your life and your hockey. I would never pretend to replace your dad but I will always be available for any reason you need.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hayward. Even if that need might be for a blow job?” Jake asked.

“Yes, I would be there for you that way if Brad or the girls couldn’t be,” Dan offered.

“I appreciate your concern for me and Timmy. Do you think I should tell Mom about what I knew?” Jake asked.

“Yes, you can tell her now.”

“Does that offer of a blowjob to Jake apply to me too?” Brad asked his dad.

“Giving or receiving?” he joked.


“If we have to resort to each other for a blow job with all the women that live in and visit this home, then our love lives really suck!” Dan couldn’t help but laugh at his own pun and neither could Brad.

“Good one, I love you Dad!”

“I love you too Brad,” he smiled.

Dan patted Jake’s shoulder with sympathetic understanding, tempted to caress both cocks.

“I’ll give you both a few minutes of privacy. Just remember, always swallow, never spit,” he joked, glancing at their cocks.

“Dad!!” Brad exclaimed to their intended moment.

Half an hour later, “Mom, I need to talk with you for a few minutes,” Jake said leading her out of anyone’s hearing. He noticed that she had been crying again since arriving at the Haywards, “It’s best to just tell you what I know. I hope you’ll forgive me. Mom, I knew Dad was seeing another woman.”

“Your Aunt Tricia?”

“No, another woman beside her. Her name is ... Connie Armstrong. Dad has been seeing her for about the last eight months. I found out by accident and didn’t know if I should tell you or not. If I did and you confronted Dad, he might deny it and turn you against me.”

“I knew things were going badly for you and Dad and I’m so sorry for not telling you. I wanted to protect you from the truth as long as I could.”

Wendy’s eyes blinked rapidly trying to stem growing tears. She cupped his face and hugged him hard to her breasts, “I can imagine the turmoil you must have been going through. I appreciate you telling me. I suspected a woman beside Tricia and now it’s true.”

“After your divorce are you going to sell the house and we’d move away?”

“No honey, Trenton is our home. I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

“Especially since Mr. and Mrs. Hayward lives here,” he teased.

“So you’d be okay if I saw Dan more often?”

“I’d be more than okay! He and I had a good talk last Boxing Day. I actually suggested that he should fuck you. I mentioned to him about what I knew about dad and asked him for advice. He said you’d be hurt no matter what happened and should keep it to myself and let things play out the way they will.”

“I’ve seen how good he treats you and how much you love him. He makes you happy therefore, I’m happy for you too. And you don’t have to hide your affection for him anymore. You are a hot looking woman and I know you and him have a lot of sex.”

“Great sex!” her eyes gleamed, “One of the reasons your dad and I are divorcing is I wanted to several more babies and he doesn’t.”

“So you’re hoping to have more babies with Mr. Hayward?”

Wendy looked directly into his eyes, “Yes, I am. I’ve already mentioned having three babies to him.”

“Three?” Jake exclaimed.

“Yes, three. I’m sure he’ll say yes, but he wants me divorced first. He said to ask him on his birthday in July. Would you mind if Dan is the father of my babies, your future brothers or sisters?”

“Not at all, that would make our two families even closer.”

“Thank you for supporting me.”

“I love you Mom and want to see you happy. May I suggest, to help get Dad off your mind, why don’t you put on something really hot and sexy for Mr. Hayward and have him take you our for the evening.”

“Playing matchmaker are you?” she smiled at him.

“Yes, I am. Timmy has told me how he asked you if Mr. Hayward could have two wives.”

“Dan is already married to Karen,” Wendy countered.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t move closer or live with them,” he reasoned.

“You’d agree to us living with the Haywards?!”

“Yes I would, after all, you do want to have his babies... ,” Jake justified.

“Just when I think I have you figured out, you surprise me with another gem. I love you Jake!” she hugged him to her breasts.

“I love you too Mom!” If Wendy didn’t need Dan so much, she would have gone to bed with her son right then.

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