The Stand In
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A girl with an interesting career

My name is Kimberly Jordan. Actually, my first name is Hannah but I always hated that name, so when I was little I told everybody to call me Kim. Later people began calling me KJ and that was alright too.

I grew up in Nashville but I left home when I was sixteen. It wasn’t to get away from the guys my mother brought home: they were always nice to me.

They used to give Mom money or bring her nice presents and when I got older they brought me stuff too.

I left after mom had a fight with one of those guys, but that wasn’t the reason either. I left because it was just ... time.

Growing up was actually okay. My mom worked in a beauty parlor and along with the ‘gifts’ she got from her boyfriends it always seemed like we had enough money. Not a lot, but always enough to get bye.

I never knew my Dad. Mom said he was gone as soon as he heard she was pregnant. I never knew my grandparents either. Mom said that when they found out she was pregnant they threw her out. I always thought there was more to it than that but I never found out what it was.

Another nice thing about growing up was where we lived. I don’t remember living anywhere else and as far as I know my mother still lives there. It’s a basement apartment in a very nice 50 unit apartment building in a good part of town.

When I got old enough to wonder about those kinds of things I asked mom how we could afford to live there. She told me she had a deal with the owners.

I didn’t find out what the real story was until a few years later.

I learned that Mr. and Mrs. Leyland, an older couple who lived in a large apartment on the top floor were actually the owners of the building, but only a few people knew about it. I had seen them around but I never talked to them and I don’t think anyone else did...

Mrs. Leyland was a big fat woman who wore a perpetual scowl. She used to come and go a lot. Mr. Leyland was a short skinny guy and I never saw him saw leave the building.

I asked mom if the apartment manager who lived in a front apartment, knew that the Leyland’s were the owners.

She said apartment managers changed from time to time and even they didn’t know. They were responsible for collecting rents and showing apartments but they answered to the management company who dealt with the upkeep and stuff. So the only people who knew who really owned the place, were the management company mom and me. It sounded weird then and it still does.

But what was even weirder was the deal mom had with the Leyland’s.

It was about three things. The first one was that mom had to watch out for the place. It included making friends with the other tenants and letting the Leyland’s know if something unusual was going on.

The second one was to keep her eye on the on-site managers to make sure they weren’t getting kickbacks or letting friends stay for free.

The last thing was something Mrs. Leyland set up.

She said that she and her husband hadn’t had sex in years and that was fine with her, but her husband was always pestering her. So to live there rent-free mom had to do the first two things plus she had to fuck Mr. Leyland at least once a month.

When I asked mom if she minded doing it she said that in the beginning the old fart was pretty good in bed and sometimes, like around Christmas she’d even throw in an extra fuck. But most times lately they would just take off their clothes and he would ask her to hold him until he fell asleep.

The first time I had sex I was thirteen. I was tall for my age and I had just gotten tits. They weren’t huge but they were big enough that the kids at school noticed and I loved showing them off.

The sex happened when a guy my mom was seeing came over to watch television with us. They started drinking what mom called seven-sevens. Its Seagram’s Seven whisky and seven up.

I was drinking a Pepsi but we had a bottle of Apricot brandy in the cupboard and she used to give me a sip once in a while. So when I got up to use the bathroom I stopped by the kitchen and poured some into my Pepsi.

When the TV show was over he and mom went to bed.

I had a little more brandy and by the time the noises from the bedroom began to get loud I had a nice little buzz going.

I listened for a while and when I heard mom make a loud moan I went to her room and opened the door a little. They were on the bed and they were both naked. My mom was on her knees and he was behind her, slamming into her.

I couldn’t stop watching. Her head was rolling back and forth and she was crying, “More, harder”.

It looked like she was having a good time so I slid my hand in my panties and started to have a good time too. It went on until with a huge groan she collapsed onto the bed.

I was so turned on I was also about to cum when I noticed he was looking at me. He had backed away from her and his dick was still hard. I’d seen pictures of dicks in magazines but it was my first live one and it looked like a good one.

We stared at each other for a minute then I backed away, went to my room and took off my clothes.

I lay on the bed waiting, hoping he’d come to me and it didn’t take long.

I was sopping wet and thanks to the times I’d used my hairbrush handle and a selection of different vegetables I didn’t have a hymen so when he slid into me it didn’t hurt at all.

As a matter of fact it felt amazing! It was my first cock and I loved it.

And he knew what he was doing! He wasn’t rough and he made sure I was having a good time. I was and it felt great!

But he didn’t last long and neither did I. It was a good thing, because we had just finished when mom ran into the room and started yelling at him. The next day mom took me to the doctor and put me on the pill.

I was glad because I wanted more of that. I thought about the kids in my class but I knew that thirteen year olds weren’t what I wanted.

Then I thought about Terry, She was one of my girl friends at school and she had an older sister named Susan who was a senior in high school. I’d been to Terry’s house a couple times and her sister seemed pretty cool.

Their mother had died and her father was a salesman who was gone a lot. Susan was supposed to look out for Terry. But Terry said that as soon as their dad would leave on one of his trips, Susan would bring guys home.

There was an expensive private college not far from us and they were the guys she brought to the house.

I didn’t know if Terry was lying or showing off, but when she hinted that she’d had sex with a couple of them. I told her it sounded like fun and that I wished I’d been with her.

She was skeptical until I told her what happened with mom’s boyfriend and how much fun it was, and she immediately said, “Hey, Susan is bringing one of her college guys over tonight. His name is Todd. I’ve been with him a few times and he’s good in bed. I bet he’d love to do a tall drink of water like you.”

In the beginning we gave everything for free but when mom found out what we were doing she said we were both good looking and if someone wanted to get in our pants there should be costs involved. So we started to insist on ‘presents’. The guys were mostly all rich and didn’t seem to mind, so we got a lot of neat stuff.

By the time I was out of grammar school I was almost 6 feet tall and I had broad shoulders. I was taller than most of the boys and some people said I looked like an Amazon.

And I was actually pretty strong. I even won arm wrestling contests against some of the guys that Terry and I were fucking.

Terry and I started high school together, we had all the same classes and the first day something happened that sort-of defined who I was...

We had just left to go home and as we passed a group of guys one of them, who I found later, was on the football team, made a rude comment about her ass.

She did have a big ass but the way he said it pissed me off so I grabbed his arm and asked him what he said.

He looked me up and down, laughed and said, “I said she had a big fucking ass. What are you gonna do about it, Lurch?”

I hit him so hard I broke his nose. One punch is all it took. I was never picked on my entire freshman year and neither was Terry or any of our close friends. And the girls all started calling me, “The Enforcer”.

When I was in grammar school I never studied, never did homework and because sometimes I was too hung-over or too busy fucking somebody, I was absent a lot. But I always got good grades. I would sit in class, half asleep, not really paying attention to what the teacher was saying but enough would stick that when I took a test I always got good scores. So good in fact that a few teachers thought I must be cheating, so they watched me like a hawk. But I wasn’t cheating. Things just seemed to come easy to me and for some reason I was good at taking tests.

But I was always bored. So I was excited about going to High School. I was told that things were tougher there and I was looking forward to actually learning something.

Grammar school was close to the nice neighborhood where I lived and I used to walk there. But the High School was a couple miles away so I had to take the school bus, and the school was in a poor neighborhood.

It was old. It was run-down and so were most of the teachers. The kids were mostly all from the surrounding neighborhoods, and were only in school because the law said you had to be in school until you’re seventeen.

The classes were dull and didn’t seem more advanced then when I was in grammar school and I soon got bored again.

But about two weeks into the semester my English teacher had a heart attack and was replaced by a young, really good-looking guy. Every girl in the class was drooling over him including me.

But they had thoughts of marriage and picket fences. I just wanted to fuck him.

I usually sit in the back of a room because I don’t want to be noticed, but this guy was so cute I wanted him to notice me so when we filed into the room the next day I went to the girl who’d been sitting in the front row across from him and I leaned down and whispered, “Get the fuck out of my chair!She was startled and I think she wanted to argue, but when I stood up straight and towered over her, she got up and left.

When I first went on the pill my mom said that it would cause my tits to grow. Not much happened at first but a year ago they began catching up. I was almost a ‘C’ cup now and mom said I was still growing and they’d probably get even bigger.

That was fine with me, the guys sure seemed to like them and they were really sensitive. Sometimes I would get off when they played with them.

So, because of the new teacher I started wearing blouses to school and right before I went into his class I would make sure to loosen the top buttons. He would pretend not to notice but I could tell he saw me and it lasted almost a month before he stopped me as I was leaving for home one day and said, “Follow me.”

There’s an area outside of the dining room that has a bunch of picnic tables and benches. On nice days it’s crowded with kids eating lunch and goofing around. But it was after school now, so it was empty.

He pointed to a table and said, “Sit”. Then he sat on the other side facing me and asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Uhh, what do you mean?”

“You know what I mean. What’s with the strip show?”

“What strip show, I’m not,” He interrupted, “Knock it off Miss Jordan. I’m not interested in you that way and you’re making a fool of yourself.”

Embarrassed, I stood up and said, “Don’t give me that shit, I see you staring at me.”

The words were barely out of my mouth when he said, “SIT DOWN!”

I’m not sure why I did it, but I sat back down.

He continued, “What I meant to say is, I’m not interested in you as a sex partner, but I AM interested in you as a student. I got a call from the assistant principle at your last school. He told me about you, your grades, your attendance record and some other things. He said you have unrealized potential and that I should try to help you if I can.”

He could and he did. He got me to drop the words “Like”, “Ya-know” and some other things that were so much of how most kids talked and I found that I actually liked speaking more correctly.

And like I said, lots of things changed that year.

I turned sixteen; I got my driver’s license and when school closed for the summer I got a job waiting tables at a burger joint that was owned by a guy mom was fucking.

It was across the street from a truck stop and a lot of the drivers were regulars.

I liked to watch the trucks come and go. Most of them were plain looking and had the name of the owner or a company on the door but some were shiny and brightly painted. I used to wonder what the life of a trucker was like and all the places they’d been.

When things were slow I’d sometimes sit with the drivers and listen to their stories. I learned that a semi truck was two things. The front part where the driver sits is the tractor that the guys called their “Rigs” and that the big box in the back is the trailer.

I learned that the trailers can belong to anyone. Big companies can own theirs and for the ones that don’t there are other companies that own lots of trailers and rent them out.

Tractors are different. Some companies own tractors and hire people to drive them.

Some drivers own their own rigs and hire out to companies who can’t or don’t want to own tractors and drive just for them and there are some drivers who own their rigs and drive for anyone.

The ones who work for companies as employees make a good salary and have steady jobs.

The ones who own their own trucks and hire them to local companies are usually ‘short haul’ truckers and may even own their own trailers. They make better money but fuel and maintenance is up to them.

Next were the ‘Long-haul’ guys and I was to find out all about them later.

The guys who came in for a burger all flirted with me and I flirted back. I’m still sixteen but I’m a full six feet tall now and I look older. I knew what they were after but they were usually pretty old. Most of them were in their fifties and some were even older.

I had never fucked a guy that old and I was considering trying one of them when Sam showed up.

He had the prettiest rig I ever saw. It was metallic blue with red stripes and the wheels, stacks, bumpers and mirrors were bright chrome.

When I asked him what kind it was he said it was tandem axle Freightliner and when I said I’d like to see the inside he was happy to show it to me.

It was amazing! There were two comfortable-looking seats, a dashboard that looked like it came from an airplane and everything was clean and tidy. But behind the seats is what blew me away.

His tractor had what’s called “An integrated sleeper”. There was a space behind the seats that looked like a tiny apartment.

Sideways against the back wall was a fold down bed. It was big enough for two people even as tall as I am and when you raised it there were two seats and a fold-up table under it. Two people could sit and eat or play cards or even watch TV because there was one that swung down from the roof.

And that wasn’t all. On the left side in front of the bed was a countertop with a small sink, a faucet and about a two-foot work area. Above it was a microwave, below it was a regular oven and next to it was nice sized fridge.

On the right side there were two tall cabinets. One had a door on top and drawers on the bottom. The top one had a rod for hanging shirts and stuff and the bottom was for clothes.

The cabinet next to it blew me away. Inside it was a shower and a wall-hung toilet.

I said, “Wow, this place is amazing!”

He grinned, “Well, are you ready to move in?”

Sam came in the next day and on the third day he took me to dinner at a really nice restaurant. Then he said that he was leaving in the morning, he wouldn’t be back for a week and he’d miss me.

So we went back to his truck and I crawled into that bed and helped him take the edge off missing me.

Sam said he was 35. I found out later he was 45 but I didn’t care. He knew I was in school but I didn’t say what grade and I told him I was eighteen and he bought it.

He was only about five foot seven but he was built like a line backer. He had a huge schlong, the longest tongue I’d ever seen and he knew how to use both of them.

When he was in town he would wait until I got off work and we would get into the sleeper cab and fuck all night.

Terry and I were still fucking college guys as well so we had a lot of sex going on and I loved it.

Then Sam started to get serious. He wanted me to quit school and go on the road with him. Every time he came to the diner he would go on about all the interesting places he saw and how great it would be if I was with him.

I told mom about it, thinking she would get a laugh.

Instead she asked what I wanted to do.

I thought about it for a minute then I said that things were comfortable here and I wasn’t sure I was ready for something like that. She seemed to drop the subject and things went back to normal.

Things went along just fine until later that summer when both Terry and my mom fell in love.

Terry met a guy who lived down the street from her and according to her it was love at first sight. He was tall and not bad looking but I thought he was a nerd and we didn’t get along. The three of us were at the park one day and he said something I didn’t like and I pushed him. He fell on his ass and got grass stains on his pants. I didn’t see much of Terry after that.

Then the thing with mom happened.

Mom was still bringing guys home and so was I. Sometimes it was at the same time. We tried to keep the noise down and we tried not to let them run into each other. Then one time she brought a guy home and I was alone. After some drinks and a few lines of coke they went to her bedroom. They were in there a few minutes when mom called me into her room. Terry and I had a few threesomes with the college guys but this was a first with mom and it was exciting. The guy was pretty good and more importantly he was long-lasting so we had a really good time.

That happened a few more times. It was always her idea and it was always fun.

Later I found out why. Those guys ‘gifts’ had been very generous.

Then she brought home a guy she’d met at a gas station. His name was Phil and he was kinda cute. He stayed the night but he was gone when I woke up. When I asked mom about him she just shrugged so I figured it was one of her one-night things.

But he came back a few nights later and took mom to dinner.

After that he began showing up a lot. He’d always call first, mom would meet him someplace or he would come over and spend the night. When I was around he was always glancing at me so I made sure I’d walk around wearing as little as possible before mom took him to bed.

Then one night things got interesting.

Mom and I were home watching TV when there was a knock at the door. It was Phil. He had showed up without calling and the first thing he did was pull out a fatty and say that it was the best shit ever and we had to try it.

I guess I’m allergic to grass. I’ve tried it a half dozen times and all that happens is that I get a mild buzz that turns into a headache. I took a hit to be sociable but I passed on any more. So they killed the rest of it, especially mom. She says it makes her horny and it worked because she was trying to fuck him right on the couch next to me. I was getting horny watching them so I waved “Good night” and went to my room.

I was on my bed with my earphones in, listening to my Walkman when he came to my doorway. It had been over and hour and he was dressed. He stood there looking at me until I smiled and patted the bed next to me. But he just stayed there and a minute later I saw mom come up behind him and put her arms around him.

The next morning mom told me that Phil had asked her to move in with him.

So I asked “What about me”?

“You have some choices. You can ask me not to, and we go on like we are now. Or you can come with me. He’s pretty well off and he can afford it, but you have to keep your hands off and quit teasing him. Or, you can stay here and take over things. I see the way old man Leyland looks at you and I don’t think there’ll be a problem. Or, and this is the one I would choose, you take off with your trucker friend and see the world.”

I would like to say it took less than a minute to start packing, but it was almost a week because I had to wait for Sam to get back to town. So I was there for the blow up. Mom and Phil got into a huge fight about something and she told him to fuck off. She asked me if I wanted to stay around but I had made up my mind.

From the money I got from the college guys and some that I got from the diner I had almost a thousand dollars, so I figured that was enough to get by with in case I needed to.

Sam was due the next day, so when he showed up at the diner I told him I wanted to go on the road with him.

He asked, “Ok, when?”

I said, “Now if you’re ready, I’m all packed.”

His eyes lit up and he said “Great, we’ll get you a license and you can help drive.”

Then I told him that I was only sixteen.

He stared at me for a minute then he got up and walked out of the diner. He sat in his truck for a while, then he came back in, said “Fuck it, let’s go.”

I was with Sam for over three years. I’d never been away from Nashville and he took me a lot of places, we saw lots of things and I met a bunch of neat people.

Sam knew everybody. We would pull into a truck stop in the middle of nowhere and Sam would invariably run into another trucker that he knew. Nearly all the truckers were men. But a lot of the long-haul guys brought their wives or girlfriends along and most of them co-drove.

I made friends with a lot of them and I started to think of them as our family. None of them knew how old I was and they all treated me great. I was trying to think of a way for them to remember me fondly and I was in a market one day when I saw a cooler section full of Pillsbury Chocolate-chip Cookies. I bought a package and took it to the truck.

They were amazing! Fifteen minutes in the oven and they taste like your grandmother made them. I started making them for every time we were going to spend the night in a truck stop. As soon as they were done and still warm I would give some to the rigs parked around us and before long, instead of ‘Kim’ everyone started calling me “Cookie!”

I didn’t realize how popular I was until we were pulling into a Truck Stop one evening and someone shouted over the CB, “Hey everybody, Cookie and Sam are here.”

Sam swore we spent as much on cookie dough as we did on fuel, but I knew he was kidding and that he actually liked how popular I was getting.

Sam didn’t drink. A lot of the truckers didn’t so I didn’t either and I didn’t miss it. Sam said that some of the guys did coke to stay awake, but Sam never did. At least I never saw him do any coke or any kind of drug...

In most states you have to be eighteen to get a commercial license to drive a Semi. I had to wait that long to get mine, so I couldn’t legally drive, but I did it anyway. Sam taught me how and he said I took to it like a natural. I think fondly about the times that I was behind the wheel of that big damn truck while Sam was snoring behind me in the sleeper.

Sam was an Independent. He owned his tractor and he was a long hauler. They’re called long haulers because they travel the entire USA, sometimes Canada and sometimes even Mexico. They can be in California one weekend and Maine the next. They can make big money but there are big risks. Fuel and upkeep is up to them and if a breakdown leaves you stranded somewhere you could wait for weeks before a part might reach you. And while you were waiting, food, lodging, the cost of repairs and the fact that rig wasn’t making money could cause things to get expensive in a hurry. On top of all that, there was the problem of scheduling. The trucker contacts the dispatch center to see what loads are available. You have to pick a destination and you have to act right away, because people are calling in all the time.

One way hauls are easy to book. The problem is what to do when you drop the trailer off. You have to be ready for another load or you have to sit and wait until one shows up.

It’s a difficult game with a lot of rules and the guys who play it well are the ones who make the most money.

Sam was a master at the game. He made a lot of money and he was generous to me. I never paid for anything and he would hand me cash if I ever needed something. He even made a ledger and every week he would add money to it. If we had a very successful haul it would be a lot, if it wasn’t he would still add something.

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