Youth Retreat
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when 13 Christian teenagers travel far from home? Violette, a young girl from the tiny community of Littleboot, Saskatchewan, and her boyfriend, Finn are going on a retreat with their youth group ten hours away, to forge deeper connections with each other and God. At first Violette was excited to go on the trip, but it becomes apparent that the leaders are hiding something. Especially when the leaders tell them all to strip... God certainly planted the seeds of love in these teens.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   MaleDom   Group Sex   Orgy   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Squirting   Nudism   Transformation  

I crawl onto the bed and then lie back in the middle, my back propped against a pillow. I spread my legs wide and open my arms to Finn, who has only just finished undressing. He climbs up and kneels in between my legs, wrapping his arms around my back and kissing me tenderly. Our tongues mesh and mate. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him down, his warm smooth skin against mine. We kiss and kiss, and I wiggle my hips a little at the tempting feeling of his hot erection pressed against my belly.

We are alone at Finn’s house—a rare occurrence, considering he’s the second of four siblings and his mum’s a homebody. Everyone else had gone shopping, and had assumed we’d gone out for ice cream before picking up his younger sister to head off to Youth group for the night. Instead, we were taking a dirty thrill from making passionate love in his parents’ bed. We were getting cream, all right, but not ice cream.

Breaking from kissing for air, I take his earlobe between my teeth and bite playfully as Finn buries his face in my neck, breathing deeply. At the feeling of my teeth he gives a little moan, and I feel hot liquid leak onto my stomach and curly pussy hair.

‘Careful with that biting, Violette, ‘ he warns me, ‘or I’ll be leaking pre-cum everywhere, and that can’t happen.’

I giggle as Finn grasps his cock and moves slightly off me. I spread my legs wider with a contented sigh, closing my eyes, expecting to be deliciously full in a moment or so. Instead, I gasp in surprise as he rubs my clit with the head of his cock in slow, circular movements. A few times, he purposely slips and slides the head over my wet slit, torturing me, and then moves back to my clit.

Finn grunts a little, smiling wickedly as he circles. ‘Mmm, you’re getting even wetter, ‘ he observes, knowing full well how I respond to the extended stimulation of my clit! ‘I think ... I want a hug, ‘ he decides, and this time when he slips, his cock presses inside of me, and then his weight is over me, sliding in inch after inch of hot, hard cock torturously slowly.

‘Ah, ‘ I sigh, wrapping my legs around his waist again. With his body completely over top of me, supported by his arms and trapped under my legs, Finn can only move in very slow, thick thrusts. That’s just fine with me. It makes for a better orgasm, in my opinion.

We kiss for several minutes while he makes love to me, and then it gets to be too much to bear. I lace my fingers through his curly auburn hair as he buries his face in my shoulder, both of us moaning a little. Moving my legs out of the way, Finn speeds up a little.

‘A-ah!’ I gasp.

‘Aw Violette ... I’m gonna cum, ‘ he pants, speeding up even further. ‘I’m gonna cum!’

‘Me too, ‘ I cry. ‘Why did we think it would be fun to make love on your parents’ bed ... I’ll squirt all over the sheets.’

‘It’ll be ok, ‘ Finn replies laboriously. ‘Just cum for me, ok?’

It had taken us over a year for me to achieve an orgasm. I had still loved to make love, I just never ... peaked. But now that we’d figured it out, Finn absolutely loves to make me cum—more than any of the pleasures he receives from me.

I can feel my pussy muscles contracting around his cock, and there’s nothing I can do to control it. In the hopes of making a hickey, I reach up to suck on his shoulder as I feel my orgasm upon me. I squirt and try not to melt into a puddle of complete mush as Finn holds back his own orgasm, still thrusting into me thickly. He stiffens above me, stilling, and I watch his eyes go dark and serious as I feel his hot love begin to shoot into my womb. As we each catch our breath, I hold his sweaty body to my own.

Then, Finn reaches over to the nightstand and pulls out two tissues. He hands one to me, takes a deep breath, and asks, ‘Ready?’

I nod, and he slowly pulls his cock out of me. Immediately I stuff the tissue in, and he wraps his tissue around the head of his cock. Then he flops back onto the bed beside me, turning and kissing me and pulling me into his side. I snuggle up, nuzzling into him. I know both of us want to sleep badly, but we can’t. After ten minutes of blissful cuddling, we dress, clean up as best we can, and get ready to pick up Kalla, his younger sister, for Youth group.

As usual, we are late to Youth, and join in on the games, starting with Garbage Ball and going on to play baseball and electricity. When I have a bad fall, I sit on the sidelines with the oldest Gallagher sisters, Yvonne and Minnie. We talk and laugh. When the subject of the Youth retreat in two weeks comes up, Yvonne’s eyes become dark and dreamy. In a voice I’ve never heard before, she says, ‘It will certainly be a life-changing experience, that’s for sure.’

‘How so?’ I ask, deathly curious.

Yvonne smiles secretly, twirling a blond lock of hair around her finger. ‘Oh, just wait and see.’

Minnie and I try desperately to pry it out of her, but that’s the last thing she’ll say on the subject.

After all the games, when it’s dark, we all sit around the campfire with snacks and sodas, talking.

Mr Gallagher,”Jules,”— (Who is really Yvonne’s and Minnie’s uncle, but their own parents died in a vehicle collision) and is alsoSam and Hanna’s adoptove father--stands up to address the group. ‘Let’s pray, ‘ he suggests. ‘Heavenly Father, thank you today for the opportunity to have fun and enjoy one another. We thank you for the food here on our table, bought by the Lindbergs, and Pastor Cal’s family’s hospitality towards us today. We pray for safe journeys home and good weeks ahead, until we can all join together in love for you at the Retreat. Amen.’

‘Amen, ‘ we all chime. There it was again: that alarming air of mystery surrounding the retreat. We’ve really been told very little about it; just that it’ll be at the Gallagher’s summer house in the middle of nowhere on the edge of Fretin’s Lake (ten hours from our hometown of Littleboot, Saskatchewan), and that we will be “discussing many important teenage issues and how to solve them, finding ways to open up and forge deeper relationships with one another, and connecting to God.” There will also be a lot swimming, some hiking, canoeing, and such camping activities. It actually sounds sort of fun. But what I don’t understand is the air of mystery everyone has been putting around it.

We split up for the night. Finn reaches for my hand as we walk back to the truck with Kalla. I lean into him contentedly the whole ride home.

****(Different perspective)****

Yvonne had been horny all night, especially once Violette had brought up the Youth Retreat and began poking her about it.

As soon as they got home, her father, Jules, beckoned her up to her parent’s room. Her mother, Nina, was asleep in the bed. She had gotten a head cold and was recovering.

‘Strip, Yvonne, ‘ her father ordered, already half nude himself. She was only too happy to comply, and stripped quickly, bending over the bed and pushing her ass up into the air. Yvonne could feel her juices dripping to the floor.

Jules kissed the back of her neck and then bent over her, pushing his gnarled monster cock up into his daughter’s pretty shaved pussy roughly. She gave a sharp cry at the sensation as the base of his cock mashed her clitty. And then he began sliding in and out of her very quickly. Jules braced his hands over her large breasts with their perky pink nipples, pushing her straight blonde hair aside and nipping at her neck.

‘You like that, huh?’ he taunted at her moans.

‘Y-yes Daddy, I love it!’ She cried out in ecstasy. ‘O-oh Daddy, harder!’ And Yvonne wiggled her hips back against him. Jules groaned at his daughter’s request, going harder and faster.

At about this time, Nina awoke. At the sight of her husband and oldest daughter fucking, she sighed lustily, her eyes getting dark as she smiled. Nina watched them for a minute, and then her hand disappeared beneath the covers to seek out her clit.

‘Mmm, you two shouldn’t tease me so when I’m sick, ‘ she complained, moving over closer to the pair. ‘It’s making me so wet.’

‘Sorry Mama, ‘ Yvonne whined, panting. ‘We didn’t even mean to wake you.’

‘That’s okay honey, ‘ Nina replied. She fondled her daughter’s breast and then bent her head to suckle at the fat, light pink nipple. ‘I’d love to join in more, as usual.’

‘Why don’t you?’ Jules suggested.

‘Mmm, ‘ was Nina’s only reply.

When Jules had filled Yvonne’s pussy to the brim with virile daddy sperm, they all switched roles, and this time it was Nina shrieking as Jules pounded into her bare pussy, her orgasm crashing down over her, Yvonne’s mouth tight around her nipples.

Meanwhile, in the shop/treehouse outside the Gallagher’s house, Nina and Jules’ youngest children, Sam and Hanna, were talking.

Hanna was fourteen, although being well-developed. She had recurring insomnia, and the only solution there seemed to be was to sleep with her fifteen year-old blood brother, Sam. He cuddled her close and warm all night, tenderly, which helped immensely with sleeping problems. They had always been close and loving to one another, but now it had reached a new level, unbeknownst to anyone. They had begun kissing several months ago, almost by accident, which led to more passionate, tender touches, and then even more...

‘Should we be doing this, Sam?’ Hanna asks worriedly. Her brother is under her, his mouth full of dripping pussy, his face half-covered by her pussy lips and their neat brown hair. She is grasping his cock, poised to resume sucking, but once more she is worried about their activities.

Sam sighed. He loved his little sister more than life itself, but she sure could get worried. He gently pushed her off his face and sat up, running a hand through his brown hair.

‘Hanna, do you love me?’ He asked her.

She seemed shocked that he even had to ask. ‘Well, of course I do!’ She sputtered.

‘Well, then we don’t have anything to worry about.’ Sam truly believed this; he wasn’t just trying to shut his sister up to get that sweet young mouth wrapped around his cock. ‘Love is a very sacred thing. I love you more than anything, Hanna, and if you feel the same way, then there is nothing wrong with what we’re doing. If we were doing this just for the physical pleasure, then that would be called fucking. But we make love.’

‘W-ell, ‘ Hanna said, ‘we haven’t actually done that yet.’

Sam smiled. He lifted her up onto his lap and cradled her head to his shoulder, kissing her forehead. ‘There’s nothing wrong with it, ‘ he repeated softly. ‘I don’t want you just for this pleasure we give each other. I want you for everything, Hanna. I want to give my life to you.’

His sister’s heart melted at the sincere words. She snuggled up closer and whispered back, ‘Me too.’

They held one another for a minute, and both laughed when Sam’s erection came back full force, nestling between Hanna’s buttocks.

‘Let me make you feel good, ‘ Hanna suggested softly, smiling up at Sam almost shyly.

Sam bent to kiss her mouth tenderly. He smiled back. ‘Thanks. You too!!’

Sam caught Hanna around the hips and pulled her pussy back to his face. He sucked onto her clit immediately, one hand fondling her breast, as Hanna bent over to suck and pump on his cock, her brown hair, the same shade as his, covering her face. She was a master at deep-throating, and pleasured him with it now, moaning around his cock as Sam tentatively fingered her. Hanna had been right at saying that they hadn’t made love yet, and Sam was careful to be gentle. He didn’t want to break her hymen yet, and certainly not with his fingers. They were going to wait until she was fifteen, he hoped--so she could get the pill. Curving his fingers slightly upwards, Sam rubbed against her G-spot as he licked her clit.

Hanna could feel his cock twitch in her throat. It seemed to swell, and she glanced down at his balls. They were tighter than before. Yep--an instant later, creamy ropes of semen exploded in her mouth. She swallowed, smiling, loving that she could give him so much pleasure. He gave her several more ropes.

Once Sam had recovered his wits somewhat, he got down to pleasuring his sister properly. He made her moan and cry out, he made her squirt and collapse, he made tears of joy flow down her cheeks.

By the time he was finished, Hanna was so hot and wet she almost melted. Both of them ached for him to fill her with a child; but neither knew the other did. Instead, Sam settled in the middle of the bed, and Hanna lay on top of him, pulling the quilt over them both. Brother and sister slept contentedly. In the morning, the pleasure would start over.

Minnie was the only Gallagher sleeping that night, and even then with difficulty.

Lying awake in the dark of her room, Minnie reflected on how left out she was from the rest of the family. She was an outstanding student, a beautiful young woman, social, and a leader. Minnie also spent many long hours devoted to the church, God, and Youth ministries.

That was why she couldn’t figure out how she was left out. She knew her adoptive parents loved her as their own; she couldn’t remember any other life before life with the Gallaghers, and as far as she could see her parents treated her and her siblings no different from the way her friends’ parents treated their children.

They had always been an open and loving family.

But in the past year or so, maybe longer, Minnie couldn’t help but notice a change. Her parents relied on Yvonne more; they even seemed to favour her, even though she didn’t work as hard as Minnie did. Sam and Hanna were good, sweet kids like they always had been--but now they had seemed to draw a little nearer, closer, into the private world they shared being inseparable blood siblings. Minnie was happy that they loved each other so much, and their deepening relationship didn’t bother her (although, she did not understand just how deep it was) as much as Yvonne and her parents bothered her. It was as if she wasn’t important anymore.

Minnie was jealous, plain and simple. She rolled over, discontented with herself.

I must pray hard not to be so selfish, she vowed, closing her blues eyes.

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