Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Father, Daughter, Light Bond, Rough, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Tit-Fucking, Size, Small Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - John Hart is a man sent by the devil himself, to collect willing souls and turn their former owners into sexual slaves to be used as needed.

I am not a likable person and as we go along, you will most likely find me despicable. My name is John Hart, but names are only identifiers and do not speak of one’s true identity. I do not recall a youth, I have only my current memories from about age 21, I am now 25. I am told that I’m strikingly handsome, my creator saw to that, as a tool, to get what he ultimately wanted from humans. I do not care about heaven or hell, right or wrong, just filling my maker’s quota.

A little bit more about myself, injuries to my body automatically heal themselves and I am incapable of death. I have a six pack and impeccable biceps, a body to die for and someone did just that. For my matches, I have an incredible nine inch cock, thick and full of strength, that is capable of unlimited erections as well as orgasms. For all I know, there are more like me, seeking souls for my maker and I will use anything I can to get candidates to submit.

Mere mortals are no match for me, I answer only to Satan himself. My duties are simple, make my victims aware of their mortality and offer them immortality for their souls. A simple trade to some, but my maker requires me to be brutal to the ones chosen for soul devaluation. I feel that if I were once human, I was not as sadistic as I am now, but my maker likes to win and weaklings allow him to win rather quickly.

I have, like a human would say, an email system, in which my maker sends me the information on the souls which are vulnerable to his deal. I have been programmed, is that the right word? To be very harsh with my conquests, no mercy, that sort of thing. If they choose not to accept my maker’s deal, they are dispatched immediately and their soul, I guess goes to their maker. I have been taking care of this part of my maker’s business, so it feels like, for many eons and no end in sight.

My next target is a young teen girl, Miranda Collier, from a little spot in North Dakota. She’s been working since high school, a little cafe in Sioux Falls, trying to get enough money for college. I grabbed my bag and set out for Sioux Falls, a good day away at least. I won’t bore you with my other conquests, just say that they have become run of the mill for me. I have a nice new sports car, don’t ask me what kind, I have had so many that they all blend together.

You’d be surprised how many cave so easily, when you have nine determined inches pounding in and out of your ass. I don’t discriminate, I pound the men as well as the women, my maker expects results and I am, after all, his creation. I also have a bit of dominance built in, I can make people do things they don’t want to by looking into my eyes. I don’t get a motel room unless I may need further persuasion on my target, I usually use their home and I don’t sleep and prefer to keep to my task. I do have to take a break, say when my mark has to sleep, they are human after all.

I pull up to the cafe where Miranda works and casually walk in and take a booth. I see her waiting tables, she’s not a whole lot to look at, but she does have a nice body. I have been programmed, if that’s the right word, to enjoy my conquests, after all, you need some excitement to cum. She brings me coffee and a menu, now I do eat, but it isn’t really necessary, I order the pork chop dinner and study my target as she works. I feel a slight stirring in my pants as her ass wriggles before me, as I said, I do enjoy them.

She brings me my meal and for a moment, I catch her eyes with mine, she is so suggestive. I tell her that I am new in town and that someone like her would be the perfect person to show me around, she agrees and smiles back at me. We make arrangements to meet when her shift is finished and she goes about her work, bussing tables and seeing to guests. I wait outside until her shift is over and when she comes out, I motion her over, she gets in and we go, her telling me how to get to her apartment. It takes about ten minutes to arrive and she tells me she is so happy to skip the bus tonight. She lives in a nice apartment building and I find a parking place in the lot and escort her to her apartment.

Once inside, I start my moves and catch her eyes with mine, “Why don’t you get out of those clothes, Miranda?”

She looks at me for a moment, her mind trying to tell her that this was wrong, but my eyes own her now, she won’t struggle. She begins to strip and is a bit shy when she gets down to her bra and panties, “I should draw the blinds,” she says.

“But you have nothing to hide,” I tell her, her underwear comes off. “Why don’t you come over here and see what I have for you?” I say and she comes over reluctantly, her hands hesitantly reach out for my belt and unbuckle it, pulling down my zipper as well. My pants drop and the bulge in my underwear is apparent, I hear her suck in her breath. She palms my package and strokes it, then grasps both sides of my underwear and pushes it down, as she bends over my cock strikes her in the cheek. She looks up at me blushing and says she’d never seen such a beautiful penis, “Cock,” I correct her, she strokes it with one hand and stares into my eyes, she knows that she’s mine.

“Suck it, My Dear. Just as you sucked your father’s when you were ten,” she blushes, she thought no one knew about that. Her mind briefly reflects on how she had walked in on her father, after his shower, her mother out and how he had managed to trick her with her own shyness and taught her how to please a man with her mouth. Her daddy had seemed just as huge to her as this man did and she felt like it was the same thing all over again. She could hear her daddy tell her how to gently put it in her mouth and gradually take more of it, all the while sucking like it was a big tootsie roll. Strange that now she was feeling wet at the thoughts and feeling of this cock spearing her lips, she remembered she was a quick learner and her daddy had been so pleased and promised her a surprise if she sucked it just right, she had gotten a big surprise and had jerked away, his cum coating her face.

Although she hadn’t been totally nude when she sucked her father off, but now she was and the urge to finger herself took over as she sucked this stranger’s cock and began to gag on it, her pussy a sloppy mess. I now took her head in both hands and began to fuck her face, forcing a gag now and then, but her fingers persisted and soon, she was crying out around the cock in her mouth as she came. I increased my pace and her gags became more frequent, then I came, she struggled to swallow it all, just as daddy had taught her all those years ago. Rivulets of cum oozed out of the corners of her mouth and dribbled onto her small tits, her nipples were rock hard.

She continued to suck every last drop out of me and to clean my cock up. I put a finger under her chin and raised her head, my cock made a noticeable plop as it exited her mouth, but it was only semi hard now.

“I want your ass now. Go and get some lube and prepare yourself.” She went into the bathroom and retrieved the KY Jelly and came back and began to work it in and out of her ass, trying to stretch it out. As she did, she bent over without hesitation and began to suck my cock again, feeling it grow in her mouth as she worked three fingers in and out of her ass. Again I lifted her chin and directed her to the arm of the sofa, she could see two people walking to their car through the window, but she didn’t care who saw.

I bent her over the arm of the sofa and stepped closer, when she felt my cock, she took it in one hand and tried to insert it, but she was well lubed and it took a couple of times before I made it past her sphincter and it closed around the head of my cock. I grabbed her hips now and began to thrust in and out, her virginity now a thing of the past as she began to meet my thrusts, only to be pummeled against the sofa arm. Her tiny tits drug across the fabric of the sofa, sending electrical charges through her as the pace quickened. This was her first foray into anal sex and it was an exquisite feeling as my cock swelled and she felt my hot cum erupt into her bowel, she came herself

“Now, Miranda,” I said as she struggled to pull herself up from the arm of the sofa, “You must choose. You must give your soul to my maker or suffer the fate of the others. If you give your soul, many more such pleasures await you as the ones you’ve already experienced. Before I fuck your pussy, you must decide. I would hate to see that body go to waste,” I said and she moved towards me and stroked my cock, relishing the smoothness and for the first time, feeling the powerful balls below it.

“I surrender my soul to you, John. I will be your slave for eternity.”

Since you profess your loyalty and give up your soul freely, I will now partake of your pussy, just as your big brother did in the shed when you were twelve. She thought no one knew of that either, her brother had tricked her into the shed and taken her virginity, it had hurt so bad. He had fucked her regularly after that and she had even tried out her new cock sucking training on him, the fucked all the way up until the ninth grade when he left home and she was left behind to service her father. Her father had never tried to fuck her, but demanded regular blow jobs. Her mother never found out.

Since she had hardly put up a fight, I decided to show her how much giving up would cost her. I led her into the bedroom and tied her wrists to the headboard of the bed, then I looped rope around her ankles and one by one, drew them up over her head and tied them to the headboard as well. I went to my bag and got a dildo and then came back and inserted it in her ass, my cum oozed out around it as I pushed it in, then I got on the bed and rubbed my cock on her small tits and then shoved it deep into her pussy, she cried out in pain.

I fucked her mercilessly, her cries mixed between pain and pleasure, my nine inches battering her inside until I took one final plunge and unloaded into her, her face twisted in pain. It was awhile before I let her free and they sat on the bed, I explained to her that now, since she had surrendered her soul, she was but a sex slave to a very long list of my maker’s clients, there would be no college for Miranda, just a life of sex and debauchery. I plucked at her erect nipple as we chatted, then she bent over into my lap and began to suck me once more.

I instructed Miranda to shower and I accompanied her, instructing her to clean me as well. I took her in the shower, in both her pussy and ass, my maker likes the candidates well broken in and it just wouldn’t do for her to flinch when a sizeable cock is presented to her asshole. After she bathed us both, I allowed her to sleep for a few hours, whilst I played with her childlike chest, such small tits, but incredibly hard nipples.

Upon her awakening, I made her suck me off once more, pacing myself to increase her stamina as she almost pleaded for my cum. After I allowed her to eat, I ate her, her knees pushed back into those miniscule tits as she grabbed my hair and came one time after another, until I was afraid she would pass out, I then French kissed her and got her used to the taste of pussy as well, she would have to service female clients as well. My maker makes no concessions, his property must and will perform any act requested of them and I used a host of objects on her, she rather liked being anally taken by a candle. She had a tough time riding the bedpost, but she eventually got the hang of it, cumming several times.

I summoned Paulette Rogers, a previous client whom had given her soul and instructed her to show Miranda the pleasures of Sapphic love. Even not being quite human, the sight of two women eating each other even makes me hard from time to time and I can’t help easing up behind them and planting my cock in their ass. After I cum in their ass, then they may also share my cum as it oozes out, a little treat, so to speak. Paulette, thankfully, had a nice rack on her and Miranda got to partake of some real tits. I made the two women service each other for several hours and then both of them service me at the same time. When I came in Paulette’s mouth, I had them kiss and share it, quite hot.

I permitted the two women to sleep a bit, then I had to have some of Paulette, I hadn’t had her since she first gave her soul to me. I had Miranda watch at first and then made her service Paulette while I fucked her lovely tits, cumming all over her chest and chin, which Miranda lovingly licked clean. I spent three days with Miranda, making sure she was well versed in any duty that might be required of her. She had a bit of trouble eating my asshole, but she eventually took a shine to it, while Paulette ate hers. When I was satisfied that she was useable, Paulette and I left her to answer my makers wishes. I bid farewell to Paulette for the time being and received my next client, Paul Wilson. I’m not that crazy about dealing with men, but you’d be amazed how many men don’t realize that they have a feminine side and how I take advantage of it.

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