Be My Canvas
Chapter 1: Canvas

Six months in her new flat in San Francisco, California. Ishikawa Gashu age 26 has made her home here. She is a beautiful woman at 5’2” with dark black hair, Soft pale olive skin, and Asian brown eyes. She is smart and very wealthy. Her name Gashu means elegant, artist, and painting/painter. She showed many of her wonderful works of art in four galleries. From oil painting, watercolors, acrylics, sculptures and even photographs. Anything she put her creative mind in, it would sell. Her hidden talent is that she can fight like a ninja. She felt that she was missing something in her life. She would like to have a man that could love every part of her.

She could not help that she has a free spirit with just a touch of some dominant nature. Every relationship she had ended quickly. For most men had trouble with her strength, traveling, her wealth, her knowledge, her free nature. She is the one to hold back sex keeping her virginity intact, some had trouble submitting to her and or they did not click. What made it even more impossible, was the wall she built around herself.

Her artistic mind took her to many parts of the world. This day of all days will change her life as she looked at the paper, contemplating if she should go, or not go to this slave trade place. One of the women who has been a raving fan, friend and bought three of her artworks. Today she buying another as they spoke.

Shain became good friends with Gashu. Shain had told her about this slave market and trade. “They move locations on a weekly basis.” Seeing Gashu interest, she wrote down the address and the password knocks for the door on a paper, along with a $28,000 check for one of Gashu latest sculpture.

Gashu pondered, pacing back and forth by her car. She was already dressed to go. She thought to herself. ‘Why should I not go’ as she got into her 1969 hot pink collector Mustang. Today she chose to keep the top closed. Once she arrived she parked her car, locked it, and head towards the building.

The place looked worn down from the outside. She wonders if she got the wrong address but she gave the special knock at the door. The door would open and when she entered, it was very high class. It had elegant tapestry and the place was wonderfully decorated. Everything in the building was old Victorian style and she took in the atmosphere looking around.

She found Shain and they talked a while. Shain then brought her to one of the workers. He was good looking but yet he had a thug feel to him. He is one of the many Socrates’ men that has been working under him. Shain had whispered in the man’s ear. She let him know what Gashu hope to find and what she could afford to pay. The man listens and guided them through the crowd. “This may be some slim pickings for what you are willing to spend.”

He took her to the lower end of the auction and hope she may find something there. Many men and women slaves to be bought off to the highest bidder or a reasonable trade. Gashu surprising herself that she went so low to be here, though she felt a desperate need and kept walking.

Shain smiled and walked off letting her enjoy her search on her own. Most of the slaves look good and groomed their body looking quite healthy. They move further away from the good ones. Gashu moved down the steps to the darker basement to the less taken care of slaves.

The man turned to her. “From here on down is more to your cost of bidding or trading.” He walked back leaving her alone.

So she took a good look around. There were more women than there were men. She watched as a line to be hose down and clean. She would find a few reasonable men. Giving a good look over the few men there. The slave’s eyes are blindfolded and nude, except for one.

This man is in a small cage. She could barely see a pink cage over his cock in the position he was in. He is very thin that you could almost see his bones, bruised and lash marked with dried blood on his body. His dingy black hair was matted, his face bruised He was lying in his cage in a fetal position, blindfold, with a gag ball in his mouth. She covered her nose and mouth for the smell of urine on him. She listens to the two women arguing loudly about him.

Angela spoke fearfully. “I tell you we should not be here. We will be lucky to get anything for him.”

Tiff was wanting a healthier young male slave. “Well, he is no use for us anymore.”

“But Master will punish us.”

Tiff’s anger rose, “There so many here he won’t know, plus we can say he died ... Look at him. He won’t make another month under your Master’s treatment. We can sell or trade him off. It’s time for us to get a healthy one. If no one buys him will just take him to your brother’s slaughterhouse.”

Gashu heart was torn to hear what plans they have for him. As an artist, she wonders if she could bring life back into his wretched body. She is willing to take that chance. She patted the ladies shoulder. “I have proposals for you two ladies.”Gashu handed each of them her business card.

Angela stammer. “Ohhh ... y ... you are the uprising artist at Mon Shay Galleria.”

“Yes, and my proposal is a trade. Your slave for one of my artworks of your choosing in that gallery, but I want the cage he is in, the collar, gagged, leash, gag ball, and shackles delivered to my residence.”

Gashu then wrote her address on the card. “I also want him well fed once tonight and two times tomorrow, with good food. He is to be clean, smelling good, and a warm blanket for him tonight. I want him well dressed, all information, files, and records you may have to be brought to the Mon Shay Galleria by late afternoon around 4: pm. Make sure he is well groomed, and he must walk normally at the gallery, Yet keep his blindfold, and do not tell him a word, of where he is going, or what may happen to him.”

Tiff excited to get rid of him.”OH WOW, that is more than what he is worth, even with the items and things you asked for.”

The two ladies nodded and shook hands in agreement with her. Gashu took one last look at him. An idea, just like that, and her muse inspired another painting. She would do it as soon as she settled home. Gashu and the two ladies went to the accounting office where they read the contract and added their own agreement.

They signed the contract knowing fully well if any broke this contract. They would suffer under the hands of Socrates. A Russian mafia warlord none wishes to see his wrath. They handed the contract over waited and got copies of this contract. Then Tiff took off her necklace with a small little key on it. “You may want this. It is the key to his pink cock cage.”

Gashu smiled and bow. “Thank you. I almost forgot about this. Are you sure you will not need it tonight?”

Angela shook her head no “We will not need it. We are going to hunt for a new young slave after we deliver him to you.”

Gashu privately prayed in her mind that they would get caught. She would hate to know of another young man being deprived like this slave she bought. For now, all of her focus was in a way to help this slave. She hopes that she was not too late.

Up on the balcony, Socrates had his watchful eyes on the up cumming artist. He had seen her walk in and talk to Shain. Shain is one of his 45-year-old clients who enjoy a muscular healthy young clean male slave. His eyes turn to see Gashu dressed in regular clothing, yet her beauty still outshines the rest of the women.

He had become infatuated by her when he saw her on the cover of the newspaper. Doing some research on her and set up a way to see her. He had met her twice now in the two different galleries. First in New York and the other in Texas. He made sure that James was not around. When he presented himself to this beautiful artist.

She had bowed like all Japanese would do in greetings. To see her now in his establishment made him wonder if she had a fetish. He longed to find out. He then was pulled away to talk and deal with a few of is Clients. After he was done he searched over the balcony once more. ‘There she is.’ he thought to himself of having this Asian minx bound to him one day.

To see her beautiful frame walk out of his accounting office. She is with two other ladies. One he knew, the other he recognizes. His focus was more on Gashu. His mouth drooled at the thought. He watched Gashu head for the main entrance.

Socrates moved with a purpose down the stairs as two of his bodyguards followed him. He moved towards the accountant’s office to find out what business Gashu had going on. He read her contract with a smile on his face. ‘A male slave.’ He thought to himself.

He called for his henchmen and four of them arrived. “Follow Gashu Ishikawa and get to know her schedule. It may take a month or two since she got herself a slave to settle into a new routine. I need a full background check on Mr. James Paton and as for these two ladies Angela and Tiff, bring them to me, but after they deliver the slave. Make sure they are delivered to the abandoned airfield the last hanger. I want nothing linking back to me. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!”

“Yes, Sir.”

Trenton has been a slave for 9 years he was kidnapped at 18. He does not remember who he is or where he came from. He was Humiliated, beaten, shackled and forced to be a dog. Anytime he did the slightest thing wrong he would stay blindfold, receive the bolo whip of 20 slashes from the Master, and not fed anything to eat that day. His meal consists of cum from the many ladies he licked clean and dog food. His ass was used. He even lived in a small cage.

Being now 27 years old, and scared stiff that his life would end soon. For he heard his two Mistress arguing over him. Then he heard a beautiful voice it was as if her very voice sounded like music to his ears. The voice walked away and he could not hear their words anymore. He has been laying there so cold for hours on end hearing the sounds of footsteps and people talking. A part of him wanting to live yet another part of him wanting to die. It was a battle in his mind from living and dying.

Later that night his cage was open and he felt his leashed pulled. He moves on hands and knees like a dog guided to who knows where. Next, the blindfold was off and a bright light shone into his eyes blinded him from seeing. He was hosed down by the high-pressure water. They literally had brought down the pressure of the water hose notches three times. If not he would be dead from the pressure.

He felt the soap move up, down, over and around his body. The slight sting of the soap reaching the new whip lashes. Even his hair was washed with shampoo. He was then rinsed off. A towel wrapped around him. With another rubbing him dry. Then he has blindfolded again and went back into his cage.

He was glad that his cage no longer smells bad. He felt the cage lifted and moved. He was unsure who had him until he heard the distinct laughter of his two Mistress. They went home, placed his cage in the same spot by the kitchen. He heard his cage unlock. They took off his shackles and his mask making him sit on a chair in front of a table with a plate of food. He looked at them strangely. “Eat.” he dove in enjoying the food.

After he ate they sent him back into the cage with the blindfold and something was tossed to him. His hand moved around to the feel of it. He just received a blanket for the night, though he thought all of this was strange. He dares not complain as he enjoying the feel of being clean and now a warm blanket to sleep with.

Gashu drove home quickly to her flat. Little did she know that someone was following her. She called her Godfather. GF for short because she had trouble saying, Godfather, when she was little. His name James Patton a multi-millionaire who promise her father he would take good care of her before he passed.

He became her benefactor. Then adopted her. Since then going to school and getting the best education. Her fighting abilities stayed sharp even after her father’s death. James made sure she did not lose the heritage of the Ishikawa.

“Hi GF, you won’t believe what I did tonight. Now don’t get your head all blown up with what I will tell you. I bought a slave.” She knew he would blow a gasket as she pulled out her paints and brushes, but she never kept any secrets from him. She also knew sooner or later he would find out.

“Are you crazy? Please tell me you are joking. You know those places could be very dangerous.”

“Yes I know GF, but once I was there, the pull for me to stay was strong and I found the man. I had to save him. They plan on taking him to the slaughterhouse. The poor abused skinny man. I couldn’t bare the idea if he was killed.”

He knew it was like her to rescue someone or something in dire need. “Alright, hun I’ll send a bodyguard.”

“Awe come on GF.”

“Hun, you know that you developed some bad fans and I don’t want you hurt in any way.”

“Okay GF, but I don’t want to see them near me, not like I can’t handle a bad situation. Is that a deal.”

He knew she could protect herself, and also he had to accept, because if not he would lose her. He had loved this child as if she was his own. She was his weak link, and he would go to the ends of the earth and kill whoever harmed her. “Yes, it is a deal.”

“GF, I may need your help later on with this man. He will be delivered to me at the Mon Shay Gallery. His items should be delivered here in a few days. GF, I do want to keep him if he is willing to stay. Please GF.”

James also knows if she kept him, that this man would become one of her projects. “Ok hun, if he wishes to stay. Please just be very careful. You know I love you.”

“I will GF, I will. Thank you and I love you too.”

James Patton was glad he talked her into allowing him to spend on making her flat like a fortress with cams and passcode to get in and out of her flat. Gashu even painted the metal door to look like a regular door inside and out. She chose her own furnishings and decorated her flat.

He became worried from the first strange fan letter she received. Gashu wanted to be her own woman and live her own life, away from the mansion. He gave in, understanding the nature of growing up. It was her time that she spread her own wings and fly. He was grateful she allowed him to make sure her new home would be a safe home, coming too.

Gashu started her painting, it was already 12: a.m. She wanted that image of the slave on canvas, it was the fastest she ever painted. In 2 hours of placing the image of what she saw, and how she felt into that acrylic painting. She’s putting the last finishing touches then she took a step back with a grand smile. She was pleased to see it done. She cleaned her brushes, then took her shower and went to bed. She dreams the many ways she was going to deal with the new man in her life.

The next day she rushed getting ready to go to the Galleria. Her heart pounded with the excitement of this day. She stopped by Starbucks and got a cup of coffee and a danish. Granted it was close to afternoon but she did not have time. There was a lot of things she wanted to do. She could not wait to see how well they were going to finish off the contract.

She arrived at Mon Shay, parking in the back. She ran up the 8 steps and went inside. She told Nadia that she was expecting guest and they would get to choose one of her paintings and take it home with no charge. In exchange for a skinny man. She pulled out the contract to show proof of what had transpired. Gashu gave her a stern look. “Not a word. GF knows and I don’t need to hear it from you either.”

Nadia raised her hands as in giving up. “Okay, you win Gashu.”

Gashu then went to her desk and made three phone calls one was for the delivery truck to pick up the painting, and to be picked up on Friday morning, at 11: a.m; from her apartment. She had 3 paintings ready to be delivered to Mon Shay by 12: pm. The next call went to order food and supplies to her home. The last was to call for the advertising agency for the next time of auction for the slave painting she did. “Yes, set up for them to go out on the first week of April and the Auction date is April 20. mhmm, Saturday is right. Time 9:00 p.m. Yes, Mon Shay Galleria.

Trenton was astonished the clothing felt so good on his body. He had been fed more than he uses too. He smiled inside to be moving around, getting dressed even though he could not see. “Close your eyes.” the large Mistress told him.

He so as order never saying a word in fear of what type of punishment they may dish out. They combed his hair then place the blindfold back on. They sprayed some cologne on him. He was unable to see. “We know you are not used to walking but you must walk from here on out.”

Walking oh yes this is something he had not done in so long. His back pops as he stands. He was guided into the car and sat. His first time to travel sitting instead of being in a cage. His mind wondering where he was going all dressed up and blindfolded. It was as if he was heading to a surprise party; But then again was he being led astray to the slaughterhouse? It could be one of Master’s tricks. Having him to believe only in humiliating him more.

The car stopped as the three got out. Trenton heightened hearing, to the sounds of the busy street, he could hear the sound of shoes and heels moving along the pavement. His sense of smell also heightens smelling the smoke from cars passing by. He was guided up the stairs. Through the double doors. The door closed and the sound of the street was hushed. He could hear the sound of heels clicking from up high moving across and down the steps they came.

Gashu smiled and bow to them. She took his arms guiding him to a couch. “Sit please while the ladies pick out their paintings. You are safe now with me.” Gashu took the folder they handed to her. Trenton smiled. It was that beautiful voice again. He sat obediently. His heart beating rapidly to the sound of her voice. She looks at the ladies. “Go pick out the painting you want.” she turns and talks to him “Have you been well fed”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Did they give you a blanket last night?”

“Yes, Mistress.” He realized it was her that set this all up. He truly felt he was going to a surprise party now. The sound of her voice, the smell of her light perfume was enticing.

Gashu smiled. “Good. You have permission to speak freely. I want you to think on everything I say before you choose. First off what is your name?”

“I have no name; I am whatever you wish to call me.”

“Let me see what your files say.”

She opens the file sadden that not much was inside of it. Only a typed up a sheet of paper as she reads: Trenton was given to me with no memory and with Pacific orders by my Master. Of how he is to be taken care of.

“Trenton is your name. My name is Gashu.” He nods to her. She clasps his hand with her right hand softly. “I ask you to become my masterpiece and to be my canvas for one year. In turn, I will help you in every way I can, I will get you back on you feet, healthy and almost unrecognizable to what you look like now.”

“What is the terms of me becoming your masterpiece and your canvas in detail will be?”

“For the masterpiece part will be putting some meat back in your bones. This is very important to me. Maybe even some muscle mass. To be my canvas there will be some pain required. Such as hand prints on your body, a cock cage, clamps; Some stretching of body parts and scratch marks on your body, but this will not happen till after you are healthy. I will be taking pictures and even do paintings of this. I am choosing to hide your face so no one would know who you are. Also, you will receive 35% of the sale as payment for doing so.”

She waited to let him absorb the information as she looks at him. Her heart seems to skip a beat when she was near him. He seems familiar. Trenton was the last name of the young boy she knew long ago. This man so skinny with bruises on his face that were not covered by the blindfold, and a beard and mustache made it difficult for her to tell so she pushed that memory aside.

Trenton spoke. “If I choose not to do this then what happens.”

“You are free to leave this place and strike out on your own.”

Trenton was in awe of her words. His mind thought things thoroughly. ‘If I leave now. I have no job or money to care for myself. Good chances I will be homeless and a bum, but with her proposal, I will get more than I ever had. The punishment she laid out is nothing compared to my last two Mistress and their Master.’ He felt her hand grasp tighter as if she didn’t want him to leave. “I would like to see the woman who is speaking to me.”

She took off his blindfold. He blinked several times to get used to the light. Once he could see, he took a good look at her. She looked like an Asian goddess. With her Asian dress and her hair bound up with Asian pins poking through her silky black hair. The colorful beads with tassels hanging down from them. He swore he could swim in her chocolate eyes. She was beautifully proportioned. How could he say no? “Yes, Mistress Gashu! I accept your proposal.”

The ladies had picked out their painting and the delivery truck was called. They left excitedly with their choice of artwork and soon to be delivered to their home. Once they left Gashu and Trenton went out the back door of the gallery to her car. They got in and she drove him home. She looked at her rear view mirror and notice a car following her. She shook her head thinking it was her godfather’s bodyguards. The car was parked and they went inside a very high-class apartment. She waves to Kent who worked the apartments as they came inside. “This is Trenton, he will be staying with me for a year.”

“Yes, mam and several boxes are piled by your door.”

“Thanks, Kent.”

She pushed the button to the elevator. The door opens and she pushed # 7 it was the top floor and the whole top floor belongs to her including the roof. The doors open again and she steps out to the floor and punches in a code. She grabs a few boxes and so doses Trenton. “Place them here.” She placed them by the kitchen. “I order supplies and food. So don’t tip them.” They went back to get the last two boxes and placed them in the kitchen. “You may sit if you like Trenton.”

He sat patiently at the dining table watching her. She opens them and separated the warm food into the oven turning the oven on to keep the food warm. The cold food in the icebox and his supplies in the guest bedroom. Trenton watched as she moved walking her body swayed. He swallowed hard his eyes never left her sight until she disappeared into the hallway. It took a while but then she was coming back to him. “This is my flat.”

Trenton’s eyes widen to her beauty. He felt as if he was a deer lost in the bright beautiful smile and her face. He then took a look to the spacious room colorfully decorated while she took his hand, and showed him around. The living room has bookshelves lined with many types of books with extra large tv, and the kitchen was not far from the living room. The exercise room was next to the living room It had 3 different exercise equipment and a strange long thick wooden bar 6 feet high with 5 two inches and a half wide stick sticking out at different levels. And a long-running mat. Then they moved to a doorway and into a hall.

“This is your bedroom. The door was open, a full-size bed, a mirrored dresser, a tall dresser, and night stand was in it. It even had a joining bathroom. She led him out of his room and moved down the hall took him to the next two closed doors. “Now I ask you not to go into these two rooms without my permission.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She touched the first closed door. “This one is my dark room so I can develop my photos.” They took three steps and she placed her hand on the second closed door. “This room is my art room.” They took a right walked as she spoke. “These two rooms are empty. I have yet to decide what I would like to do with it. Possibly for children when I am ready to have them.”

His eyebrow raised with thoughts of little ones running around. One looks like her and the other like him. A boy and girl. Him a father? He could dream as he snapped out, back into reality.

They took another right and on the left was an Asian type wall and the door was slightly slid open he could barely peek inside of it. “This is my bedroom.” It squared back to the main kitchen and dining area.

He spoke, “This place is large.”

She smiles “Not compared to my Godfather’s mansion.”

She opens the double doors to the balcony they walked to the left. “These steps will lead you up outside, and there you will see a garden and a pool. Your welcome to explore later and I do ask to make yourself at home. Now go to your bathroom and strip, please. You will find a robe hanging in the bathroom. You are welcome to cover up. Then meet me back at the dining table.”

While he was away, she set the table. Napkins nicely folding in decorated fan. The food was served on the plates. She lighted the many candles. She walked to a wall turning the knob to lower the lights into dimness.

Trenton felt as if he was Cinderella mixed with a different fairytale, and she was prince charming who rescued him from the evil witches. He had his own room his own toothbrush and his own toothpaste. This must be a dream. Though he wonders what she had in store for him. She had asked him to strip. He decided to go to her nude.

Her face beat red when she saw him nude all except for that cage around his cock. Her fingers told him to come to her and he obediently obeyed without even questioning. She pulled at her necklace between her curvy breast. ‘Gahh’ he thought her so sexy watching her unlock his cage.

“Now for today and for a month you are truly free to choose what you want to do in this home. You may eat now if you wish.”

He has choices. It was hard to wrap his mind around this new found concept. He sat down across the way. He saw her bow her head before her food as in prayer so he did the same. Then she smiled at him as she lifts a morsel of food to her mouth. This too was sexy for him to watch. Being finally free from the cage, his cock was pulsing at his beautiful Mistress. He tried to use the same chopsticks she uses to eat with.

“Hmmm, I think I have a lot to teach you. I hope you’re a fast learner?”

“Yes Mistress”

“Okay, in private you may call me that but in public, I would like it if you call me by my name.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Trenton, do you remember your childhood?”

“No Mistress.”

“What do you remember?”

“I only remember being with the two Mistress, and a Master I never would see. I am not sure how long exactly.”

They finish eating and the phone rings. She answers “Hello, Oh Hi GF. WHAT? I thought it was your bodyguard that was following me. Yes, sir. I’ll set the alarms up right now.”

She went and push the button to set the alarm. “Mhmm, yes he is looking better than I first saw him ... Yes, sir. I’ll get his measurement and call you tomorrow ... Okay, I’ll call you back today. I’ll do it now.” Click. she turns to Trenton. “Well let me get the measurements on you out of the way. Please stand up.” She blushes to see his cock stiff and pointing the way to her.

He blushed. “Sorry Mistress without the cage I can’t help myself.”

She tries to ignore his cock and starts to measure him. She wrote down on a pad of paper. She then called James. Telling him his measurements. “Just get him two of everything for know he’s going to get bigger around his waist arm and who knows what else if he exercise. Thanks, GF.”

Trenton felt very comfortable with Gashu. He thought that was odd. He even felt strange that his heart would not slow down around her. He also felt she was familiar though he couldn’t remember who she was to him. Her fingers so soft and delicate to his skin as she place trimmers in his body when she measured him from the top, but when she got to his legs he was so hard and he blushed as his shaft throb, pulsing from her hand moving so close to his cock. Even though she left to talk on the phone to GF, giving his measurements. He kept staring at her with a desire that was eating him inside.

“GF, Um ... we need to talk tomorrow. It’s about Timothy ... No GF. When you come over then maybe you will understand why I Am asking. Just come over tomorrow. At 10: a.m. and we will discuss it then. I love you too.

Trenton overhearing her conversation. He thought to wonder. ‘She said Timothy. Who is this Timothy fellow she talking about.’ For once, he was becoming jealous of the idea that she may have another man in her life. One of those Open relationship that would allow him to be here. Yet it did not look as if there was another man living here. ‘Maybe she dating and it does not come to the point of a strong relationship.’ He was wanting her all to himself.

Gashu hung up the phone. “Please follow me Trenton” He followed her to his room. She pulled out the healing balm, bandage, gauze, tape, razor, shaving gel, hair band, and brush out of the cabinet to the left of the sink. She turns him around making him face away. She moved his long black hair over his shoulder and used the healing balm over the whip marks on his back. “This may sting some Trenton.”

She rubbed it in carefully on his back, but he seems not to say a word though he flinched a little under her touch. She placed gauze over his body and then taped them down. Her hands were doing such magic to his body. He felt his insides was going up in flames even though it stung, but to him, it was well worth the feel of her soft fingers move over his body.

A part of him wanted to pin this beauty against the wall and kiss her senseless, though another part fought against doing so, for he felt useless, and she did say he needed meat on his bones. She was right when he saw himself in that mirror all skinny. His body looks like it had been through a lot of torture. She was now his Mistress, for one year and he plans on doing his best to be this masterpiece, her canvas she spoke of.

She was working on his front taking care of every whiplash he received. “How can they do this to you? You must have been so scared. I just can’t imagine what hell you have gone, though.”

He started to feel anger towards the Master. He growls, Then hen stopped when he felt her stop touching him. Her beautiful face looked worried. She was too good to be true. Everything about her screamed innocence. Compared to the life he leads. He felt so unworthy of her. He had kept his silence and never spoke unless he felt it was necessary. He saw the pain in her eyes. She was feeling his pain. He looked down and wept.

She wiped the tears from his eyes then hugged him. “I promise you those ladies will not get away with it again.”

“Mistress, to be honest, I don’t think they had a choice.”

“How do you know for sure.”

“When you been blindfolded for as long as I have. I can hear and feel things that around me. There is a man who was pulling their strings. Though the only thing they did get a kick out of was treating me like a sex slave and their personal lap dog. If you get my drift when I say lap.”

She blushed at his words.The idea of him lapping her up made her heart raced again. She held fast to her mind racing with ideas and put on his robe. She turns him around his back now facing her. Then brushed his long black hair until it shines, putting it up in a low ponytail. “Would you mind shaving everything off your face please.”

“Anything for you Mistress.”

She had left and sat on the corner of his bed. So he could work on his beard and mustache. After he was done he looked in the mirror. Wow, he looks so much younger. He stepped out, her eyes were transfixed on his face. Walking towards him as if she is scouring him, looking for something deep within. She hugged him softly. She looked up again and her hand cupped his face as she kissed him. He wrapped his arms around her kissing her back he could feel the pull and tug of his heart as they kissed then she whispered “Timothy is that you? Is it really you?” He stepped away. “I do not know who I am Mistress. You’re the only one who has called me Trenton and now you wish for me to be this Timothy person?”

“I am sorry I should let you rest.” She left his room quickly, she looked as if she was going to cry. He was not sure to pursue her or to go to bed.

Gashu went to her room as she was going through her jewelry box with tears in her eyes. She pulled out the colorful ring, the promise ring that Timothy gave her long ago.The memories of the past came flooding in. She had gone to his house, and though in her mind she remembers. Why did his parents acted so cruel almost loathing in hate when before they seem to like her? “Leave and never come back.” Was the screams of his mother.

A month passed and she thought to try again. The house was empty when she peered through the windows. After that day she drowned her pain and sorrow into her artwork. That was when her first artwork was noticed and sold.

Gashu changed into her sleepwear went to her art room and started working again. She tried to paint the remembrance of Timothy into her artwork. She closed her eyes remembering his look the structure of his bones the way his muscles looked even though his shirt. You could almost see the outline of his six packs. Her eyes open again as she kept painting the young man she remembered. Her eyes were heavy and tired from the long evening. She cleaned her brushes putting everything away. She sat on her small sofa gazing at both of her artwork falling asleep.

Trenton tossed and turned in his bed dreaming, A younger version of Gashu and him. He was chasing her in the light forest. He caught her bringing her down softly to the ground. ‘I will always love you Gashu.’ His hand went in his pocket of his jeans and pulled out the colorful ring. This is a promise and when we are both ready we will get married. Then his dream changes, as he feels the lash of the whip’s sting on his back, he yelped in pain hearing his scream echo through the flat.

Gashu awoke and ran to his room. As another painful scream came through. She walked in and saw his perspiration on his skin. She grabs his hand. “Trenton it’s okay. You are safe. You are safe. Wake up, wake up. It is all a bad dream. No one will hurt you.”

His eyes slowly open as he spoke her name with a slur. “Gashu”

Her hand went to wipe a long stray strand of hair from his head. “Oh my, you’re burning up.” she ran to the bathroom got a cool rag. She then went to him and dampening his forehead with it. “G-wiz this bed is wet.” she stripped the sheet off him and cool his body with the wet rag. It was a good thing that he was sweating. “Trenton does you know where you are?” he nods. “Good.” she went to the kitchen and got him a glass of cold water and two aspirin. She sat next to him. “Now take this and drink.” He took the pills and drank obediently. The glass was placed on his nightstand.

He says with a soft begging. “Please don’t leave me.”

She climbed into bed over him. Her hand stroking through his long black hair. He looks so fragile. She hummed a music that was in Japanese. He would fall asleep with his head on her lap.

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