My Niece's High School Graduation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Well-hung Uncle Jeff is left in charge of his naive, yet incredibly sexy, niece Emma on the night of her graduation. Loving Uncle Jeff teaches Emma some things she never learned in school. NOTE: This is basically the same story I had published here previously. Any changes are very minor.

Vaseline-Baby Fresh Scent. For jerking off, this stuff was like American Express to me. “DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!” I was sitting in front of my computer reading some adult stories on the web, and just as I opened the jar in front of me to start polishing up my knob, the phone rang.


“Hey Jeff, I need you to do me a favor this weekend.” It was my older brother David on the line.

“What’s up?”

“Maria’s aunt died yesterday and we’ve got to fly out tomorrow morning for the funeral. We’ll be gone until Sunday night and I’d like you to watch Emma for us.” Maria was his wife and I knew her aunt had been sick for awhile now. Emma was their teenage daughter. They lived just across town from me, thus the call.

“You’re not taking her with you?” I was surprised since as their only child they overprotected this kid and rarely let her out of their sight.

“We normally would but it’s actually her graduation tomorrow night and she’s really been looking forward to it. She hardly knew this aunt anyway so we think she should stay. She’s been looking forward to this for weeks now.”

“She can’t stay on her own?”

“Maria and I still think she’s too young to stay by herself.” That’s my overprotective big brother for you. The kid would probably be fine on her own. “C’mon Jeff, I need you to do this for us.”

“Okay, okay. What do I need to do?”

“Great! Thanks. Well, you could pick her up from school at 3:00 and then bring her home here first. Her ceremony starts at 7:00 and then there’s a dance afterwards in the school gym. If you could go to the ceremony and take some pictures that would be great. Then just pick her up after the dance. I’ll get her to call you on her cell phone.” I could tell by the tone of my brother’s voice that my agreeing to watch his daughter had taken a load off his mind. They had always sheltered her and were so overprotective of her that she was distinctly lacking in “street smarts”. She was a great kid, but definitely naïve in the ways of the world.

“That sounds pretty easy,” I answered. “Anything else?”

“No, that should be about it. I’ll leave the camera and some money so you guys can get some dinner. Feel free to use our room and I know you’ll use the pool.” My brother and his wife owned their own company and had done very well for themselves. They had a nice big house with a beautifully landscaped secluded yard and a nice big pool.

“Okay. Tell Maria I’m sorry about her aunt. So what time will you be back Sunday?”

“Probably about 6:30. If it’s going to be later, I’ll call you. Thanks bro’. I owe you one.”

“No problem. Have a good time ... or ... well ... whatever kind of time you can have at a funeral. See you Sunday night.”

After I hung up the phone, I thought about the coming weekend. My brother was right, I would definitely use the pool. I had been on the swim team in both high school and college and now, at age 32, I still found time to swim at least three times a week. As a free-lance journalist, I worked out of my home which was a decent sized unit in a condo complex. I had my own pool but it was pretty small. I usually went to my local aquatic centre in order to keep in shape. At 6’2 and 175 pounds, I still had that swimmer’s build from my college days.

My thoughts turned to my 18-year old niece, Emma. She was a perfect combination of her two parents. She had inherited her height from my brother and her looks from her mother. Maria was Italian with that beautiful olive complexion and Emma had that same permanently tanned look. She had shot up and her long lithe legs gave her that wild coltish look. She already had wide womanly hips and a lush round ass that just begged to be cupped in your hands. Her firm little breasts always seemed to thrust provocatively at the tight little t-shirts I usually saw her wearing. She had long flowing thick brunette hair that cascaded about her shoulders (or bounced behind her in a ponytail when she played soccer) and framed her beautiful face. She had the most gorgeous face I think I have ever seen. Her skin was perfect and smooth as silk and she had these long eyelashes that accentuated her dark eyes. Her most compelling feature though was her large mouth and full puffy lips. Any celebrity would have paid big bucks to have those lips. They looked like big soft pillows you just wanted to slide your cock between.

As I had been thinking about Emma, I had subconsciously scooped out some Vaseline and my hand had made a nice slick corridor that was now sliding up and down the shaft of my cock. The guys on my swim team had often made fun of me in the locker room; calling me names like “Beer Can” or “Meat”. I had never had any complaints though and was happily stroking a little over 9” of thick cut cock. I think the guys used to bug me more about the thick girth of my cock than the length. Anyways, my thoughts right now were on Emma and her long tanned legs and those incredible kissable, fuckable lips. It didn’t take long and I shot a nice big load all over my chest and stomach thinking about blowing it all over her. Yeah ... this weekend might not be so bad after all...

Friday afternoon, I drove over to pick Emma up at her school. The weather was beautiful and I had put the top down, knowing she loved to ride in the convertible. I pulled up in front of the school a few minutes before 3:00 and got out and leaned back against the passenger door. The bell rang soon and kids started to disperse noisily from all the exits. The last day of school is the same everywhere, I guess.

I spotted her emerging from the main entrance doors with two of her girlfriends in tow. They were laughing and chatting enthusiastically; excited to be starting the summer vacation. She was a few inches taller than either of her friends and she exuded a smoldering sensuality. She had on her school uniform which consisted of a white shirt with a school tie, a plaid skirt that came above mid-thigh on her, white knees socks and flat black shoes. With her lustrous hair pulled back in a ponytail and her knapsack slung over her shoulder, she was a schoolgirl dream.

“Uncle Jeff!” she shouted as she spotted me. She quickly said her goodbyes to her girlfriends and I watched the hem of her skirt bouncing about her thighs as she bounded down the steps towards me. Oh fuck, did she look sweet.

“Uncle Jeff! Uncle Jeff!” she said as she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. Her firm little breasts were pressing against my chest while her flat taut stomach was pressed against my own. I felt my cock start to stir and lengthen down my pant leg as she gave me a loving squeeze.

“Easy there, kid,” I said and I gave her a big smile as I took her shoulders in my hands and held her back from me before she felt the log in my pants against the front of her thighs.

“I’m so glad you’re going to be looking after me,” she said excitedly. “We’ll have so much fun. Wait until you see my new dress. I love it! And I’ve been practicing walking in my new high heels. I look so grown up. You won’t believe it.”

Oh, I’d believe it, I thought to myself. “Okay, kid. Let’s get a move on,” I said as I opened the passenger side door for her. She flung her knapsack in the back seat and then I watched as her skirt rode well up her thighs as she settled herself into the seat. She spread her legs as she swung them in and I caught a glimpse of her white panties and soft inner thighs. My cock lurched in my pants and I made a quick adjustment as I made my way around the back of the car and into the driver’s seat.

“I’m free! I’m free!” she said as we pulled away from the curb. I looked over as she put her hands to the back of her head. Her action pulled the fabric of her shirt snugly against her firm little breasts. She pulled the band out of her hair and shook her head sensually as she let down her hair. She looked so sexy as she ran her fingers through her hair as she enjoyed the feeling of the wind rushing over us.

As we drove to her house she chatted on and on about the dance and her friends and whatever. I just smiled and nodded and said the right things while keeping one eye on the road and one eye on her. She moved with the carefree ease of youth and her legs flopped back and forth as she moved leisurely in her seat. I was sure she was going to catch me, the number of times my eyes instinctively looked down at her smooth tanned legs. She even sat half sideways facing me for awhile and I had a good view right up between her soft thighs to where her white panties cupped her young womanhood. I could feel the sweat popping out on my brow and it wasn’t from the heat!

When we got to my brother’s place, she grabbed her knapsack and scurried into her room while I got my bag out of the trunk and made my way to my brother’s bedroom. We had a few hours yet before Emma had to be at the graduation ceremony so I figured I’d better get into the pool quick and work off some of this inappropriate tension brewing both in my head and in my dick. I pulled on my trunks, grabbed a towel and headed towards the pool.

They had left a note with the camera and some cash on the kitchen counter with the phone number where they’d be staying and stuff like that. I grabbed a cold drink and went out into the back yard. They were set well back from any of their neighbors and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway; the dense landscaping around the perimeter of the yard provided total privacy. I set down my drink and made a clean dive into the pool. I always loved that initial feeling of gliding through the water. This was my place. In the water was where I felt totally at home. I swam quick laps as I tried to get thoughts of Emma and her alluring innocence out of my head. It was hard to do but eventually, after about ten lengths, I felt my dick start to soften slightly.

After a good workout, I slowed down for some cool-down laps before finally pulling myself out of the pool. I dried off and sat down and took a good long slug of my drink. I turned as I heard the patio door open and saw Emma walking towards me. Her hips swayed saucily as she had changed into a pink tank top and little white shorts that clung to her ass like a second skin. Her little tits jiggled against the tight fabric of her tank top and looking down, I could see the mound of her sex clearly at the juncture of her thighs. She padded over in her bare feet and stood next to my chair.

“Uncle Jeff, can we order Chinese for supper?” she asked. “Please, please?”

“Sure, whatever you want, honey,” I said as I kept my hand with my drink poised over my groin in an attempt to keep my newly swelling dick hidden from her.

“Oh good. Can I order it? I better eat soon since I have to get ready for 7:00.”

“Yeah, go ahead. I’m getting pretty hungry too.”

“Great!” she said as she spun on her heel and trotted back into the house. My eyes zeroed in immediately on her round lush ass tightly encased in her white shorts. Holy fuck! It looked incredible! In that clinging white material, her ass looked like two little beach balls aching to be played with.

With dinner on the way, I figured I better go take a shower before it arrived. I thought about bringing out my container of Vaseline I’d brought with me and working off a quick load to relieve the pressure, but Emma told me the food was gonna be here pretty soon. I used the shower in my brother and his wife’s en-suite. I loved it. It was one of those big double-sized stalls with shower heads at each end so two people could shower comfortably at the same time. I turned the knobs to cool and let the cold shower wash away my lustful thoughts. When I finished up, unfortunately, I was still thinking about Emma and my jar of Vaseline and the possibilities that combination entailed!

I pulled on a clean shirt and a pair of nice pants I’d brought with me to attend the graduation ceremony. As I always prefer to go “Commando”, I tucked my cock down my pant leg and headed out to the kitchen. Just as I got there, the doorbell rang and Emma grabbed the money off the counter and ran to the door. She returned with a bag loaded with various containers and we chowed down on some great Chinese food.

“Can I open your fortune cookie for you, Uncle Jeff?” she asked eagerly as we finished up.

“Sure, go ahead honey,” I answered with a smile at her excitement over something like fortune cookies.

“Hee hee ... I love these things,” she said as she tore open the wrapper on one. “Hmmm, it says “You’re ugly and your mother dropped you on your face when you were a baby.” Hahhaaaahaaaaa.” She was killing herself laughing at her little joke.

“Alright ... alright ... joker. What does it really say?”

“Okay ... it says “Your experience is an asset-share it with others.” Sounds pretty boring to me. I like the first one better,” she said as she dropped the little paper on the table and picked up another one. I knew something of mine I’d like to share with her, that’s for sure.

“So smarty-pants, let’s hear yours.”

“It’s gonna be better than yours for sure,” she said with a smile as she tore open the wrapper and broke open the cookie. “Hmmm... “Be prepared--something big is coming in your future”. See, mine is better. Something big ... it must mean my graduation diploma.” I could only think of something else big I’d like to see coming in ... and all over ... her future.

“Your diploma. Yep, that must be it. Well, you better get ready, honey. We have to go in a little while.”

“Okay, I’m so excited,” she said as she bolted out of her seat and headed towards her bedroom.

I cleaned up the plates and stuff we had used for dinner and straightened up a bit. I checked out my brother’s camera to make sure I knew how to use it and also brought out my own as well to check to make sure the battery was charged. Good, a full charge. I sat down and grabbed a sports magazine to read while I waited for Emma to get ready. I was engrossed in an article when I finally heard her soft voice.

“Well, Uncle Jeff, what do you think?”

I looked up to see Emma standing in front of me. My God, she looked absolutely gorgeous! Her hair was fluffed out and full and looked so sexy as it framed her beautiful face. She still wore no make up ... but she didn’t need it anyway. She had on a simple black dress of a stretchy fabric that fit her slim body snugly. It had little capped sleeves with a high mock-turtleneck type collar. The top part covered her pert little tits like a swimsuit and then nipped in nicely at her trim waist. The clinging fabric accentuated her flat toned stomach and then flared out at her womanly hips. From there, there wasn’t much more. It followed the enticing curves of her hips and at the hem, the stretchy material clung to the tops of her gorgeous thighs and ended about two inches below her crotch! Her incredibly short skirt showed off her best feature, her long tanned legs. She wore no nylons but her smooth bronze skin glimmered beautifully. She wore pointy black pumps with about a 4” high heel. Jesus Christ, she looked so fucking hot! I felt my cock immediately start to stir once again.

“You look absolutely beautiful, dear,” I almost stammered as I tried to get the words out.

“Do you like the dress? Do I look grown up? Mom wanted me to get one of those frilly prom dresses but I hate those. I really liked this one. Mom and Dad thought it was too old for me but I finally got them to get it for me.”

“I love the dress. It fits you perfectly. And yes, you look very grown up. You’d put any grown up woman to shame in that dress.”

“Oh, thanks Uncle Jeff!” she said with a beaming smile as she leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. The smell of her delicate perfume invaded my senses and I felt my dick give a further surge.

“Ummm, we’ve still got a few minutes before we have to go,” I said with scandalous thoughts swirling through my brain. “How about we take a few pictures of you in that dress before we go? I’m sure your mom and dad would like to see those.” I had my own thoughts on what I was going to do with those pictures later.

“Sure, where would you like me to stand, Uncle Jeff?”

“Just over there by the fireplace should be fine, honey.” I grabbed my brother’s camera as should posed demurely. I took some basic shots with nothing provocative that I knew her parents would approve of. I then picked up my own camera and after taking a couple more, I made a suggestion.

“You know honey, you look like one of those European models in that dress and those shoes. Should we pretend this is one of those fancy photo-shoots?” I asked suggestively.

“Yeah! That’ll be so much fun. Just tell me how you want me to pose, Uncle Jeff,” she said innocently. Oh man, this was a dream come true. I had to tread oh so carefully not to scare her off yet get some really good shots.

“Okay honey. Put your hands on your hips and turn slightly sideways.” She complied instantly. “Now that’s great. Stand with your feet a little further apart ... yeah ... that’s it. Now look back over your shoulder towards me and give one of those model looks.” As she turned her head quickly, her hair flipped from one side to the other sensually. I moved slightly behind her to get a shot of her tremendous ass and budding tits both in profile. She must have been wearing a thong because there was not one visible panty line anywhere. She looked back at me over her shoulder and gave me a smoldering look thru hooded eyes. Oh fuck! She was a natural at this. She looked so incredibly hot and sophisticated. I started taking pictures of her as she did her best to give me an adult sexy look ... and man ... did she ever succeed! My cock felt like an iron bar in my parts as I snapped shot after shot. I directed her thru multiple poses just verging on the edge of “going too far”. Some were close ups of her face, some had her sitting, most were of her standing to show off incredible tanned legs. She enthusiastically enjoyed our playful game and even came up with some suggestions of her own which showed off her body and alluring looks. By the time we finished, I knew I had tons of delicious whacking material stored in that little device. I would make ample use of that later.

“We better get going, Uncle Jeff,” she said as I took one last shot.

We headed out to my convertible and I noticed how confidently she walked in her new high heels. She said she had been practicing and she already walked with the grace and confidence of a mature woman. I held the door open for her again and as her legs spread as she settled into her seat, I noticed a small triangle of black silky fabric covering her pussy. It was only a teasing glimpse and was gone as she drew her trailing leg into the car but I felt my dick respond with a pulsing surge one more time. Once again, I had to make adjustments as I walked behind the car so that I could sit comfortably.

On the way to the school she chatted excitedly about her friends and all kinds of different stuff. Once again I nodded and agreed at the appropriate time while stealing glances over at the hem of her dress as she moved about in that youthful carefree manner in her seat. A number of times I saw all the way up between those smooth creamy thighs to catch a hint of her black panties. It was hard to focus on the driving with a beautiful distraction like that.

Finally we arrived at the school and she immediately spotted a group of her friends. As soon as we came to a stop she hopped out of the car and hurried over to join them. She was absolutely right; all the other girls were wearing those frilly colorful prom dresses while she looked like a sophisticated woman amongst a sea of giggling schoolgirls. The graduation ceremony got underway at 7:00 and lasted about an hour. It was a typical graduation ceremony where all the girls looked pretty and older and the dressed up boys just looked goofy. I used my brother’s camera to take some pictures of Emma as she received her diploma and then afterwards as she posed with her girlfriends. The dance was going to be held in the school gym and she told me she would call me on my cell phone when she was ready for me to pick her up.

I watched her shapely firm backside intently as she walked back to join her friends for the dance. Oh geez ... get a grip on yourself man! What are you thinking? This is your brother’s daughter you’re thinking about here. As I chided myself for what I was thinking, I decided to go and see a movie in the local cinema to kill the time until Emma called. Hopefully it would take my mind off the lascivious thoughts that were racing through head. As I drove to the cinema, I was silently hoping my phone would ring sooner than later.

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