The Mortal and the Magic Wand
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Magic, Mind Control, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, Body Modification, Public Sex, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When a teenage boy finds a lost magic wand, fun times are about to begin.


Hello and salutations. Or whatever it is you people say to one-another. I’ve always found you an odd bunch, always coming up with new words to describe your mundane existence with. I say mundane because of course you don’t have access to magic. Well, most of you, but we’ll get to that.

I was about to say that by “you” I was referring to humans, but I suppose technically I’m human too. In the loosest possible sense. You see, I’m a wizard. A natural-born wizard, that is. You see, the ability to channel magic is an innate human ability. It’s all down to hormones. Humans have many hormones, but it’s Sorsone which is the most important. Invisible, scentless and textureless, it has so far remained completely undetected to ordinary science, but it is what gives humans their magical abilities.

Everyone has some Sorsone, but the more you have, the easier it is for you to learn to channel magic. Of course, anyone can learn magic no matter how little Sorsone they have, as they will build up their supply of it as they progress, but those born with large amounts obviously have an advantage.

My parents were both accomplished magic-users, and I inherited moderately high Sorsone levels, although I’ve always preferred to create magic wands and use them to cast spells. Charging them up every few weeks means I can basically relax until the battery runs down.

Most wizards and witches use their magic for very mundane things, but I’ve always been more interested in other things. Such as manipulating people’s minds and bodies to my will. Let me tell you, I never get tired of the endless amounts of lovers I have in my arms, or being waited on hand and foot. Of course, no-one ever remembers what I do to them. Which leads me to my problem. You see, using magic on someone without their consent is generally illegal. Plus most of the stuff I do would probably count as rape, or theft, or torture, or any number of things which are illegal in both mortal and magical courts. So as you can imagine, I’m quite keen to keep my activities quiet. Hence why I don’t have a harem living with me permanently, or anything else which would attract unwanted attention.

I have a problem though. You see, I’ve lost my wand. The wand I use for all my nefarious doings. This would be bad enough, except that, if a wizard or witch finds it they’ll turn it in and I’ll be in deep trouble for allowing a magic wand to be in a position for a Normal to find it. And no doubt they’ll examine the “casting history” on it, and, much like your mother discovering your porn habits on your internet browser, they’ll discover all the things I’ve done and I’ll be arrested. Alternatively, a Normal will find it, figure out what it is, and go on a spree of having fun with MY magical power. At which point someone will likely notice, confiscate the wand, and I’ll be arrested for both my nefarious doings and for allowing a Normal to get hold of my wand.

As you can see, I’m in a bad situation. I need to track down my wand before I’m arrested and have bad things done to me. I lost my wand when I was practicing some teleportation spells, but it got sent somewhere random. Fortunately it seems to have remained on Earth, and I’ve managed to track the magical trace to a small town in America.


Josh Stoney was 17 and a senior in high school. He, his parents and his 15-year-old sister Abbie lived in a modestly-sized home in a decent neighbourhood. They weren’t wealthy, but they weren’t poor either. Josh himself was a rather average young man. Got average grades, and mostly just blended into the crowd at school, along with his friend John.

It was lunchtime, and Josh and John were sat eating their lunch and discussing various things.

“You done the homework for Kirkland?” John asked.

“Fuck, I forgot about that,” Josh said. “What was it?”

“Questions 1-15 on page 229. You’ll never be able to do it before class. It’s in like 10 minutes.”

“Oh yeah, just watch me.”

Unfortunately Josh’s attempts to rush through a large piece of homework in a short space of time before class fell flat when he discovered he’d also forgotten to bring the textbook today.

“This is the second time in a row, Stoney,” said Mr Kirkland. “Once more and it’ll be an after-school detention. Understood?”

“Yes Mr Kirkland, sorry Mr Kirkland,” Josh said.

After that class Josh and John both had PE. And both of them hated PE. It was the class where all the athletic people got to show off and the weaklings got to suffer. Josh and John tried to use their standard practice of standing and watching the others and only getting involved when forced to, which seemed to work, as the rest of the class played soccer and the boys tried to look involved without not actually doing anything. Unfortunately, the fact it was raining and muddy made the whole experience unpleasant.

While they stood there, they gazed over at the astroturf, where the girls were playing hockey. Even in the rain, the sight of the girls running around in tight-fitting sportswear got the two of them rock hard, ruining any remaining hope thy had of playing well.

After PE school was, thankfully, over for the day. Josh didn’t bother getting changed back into his normal clothes, opting instead to stay in his wet, muddy sports kit. He figured they were already soaked that the walk home wouldn’t make them worse.

The walk home was indeed wet and muddy, the weather picking up horribly. Josh couldn’t wait to get home. He did however notice something on his way home. It was sticking out of a bush prominently, too much so to be a twig. Though it seemed to be made of wood, it had quite intricate designs on it that certainly weren’t natural. Josh picked it up, and found it to be rather lightweight, and not too long, but still something substantial.

Josh figured this wasn’t the time or place to examine this thing, so he decided to take it home. Josh got in, took his shoes off, and went straight up to his room. When he was there, he finally got a good look at the thing he’d found. It was indeed covered in all sorts of intricate designs, though it was otherwise little more than a varnished wooden stick. It reminded him of a magic wand.

“Someone must have lost it,” he said. “I’ll play with it later. Right now I just want to get out of these clothes.”

Josh felt the wand grow warm in his hands, and the end light up momentarily. After it did, he felt a breeze on his body. Josh looked down, and found that he was completely naked.

“What the fuck!?” He exclaimed. He looked around, and saw that his muddy clothes were in a messy pile on the floor next to him. Josh looked further around the room, looking for an explanation for his sudden nudification, but he found none. Eventually he looked down at the object in his hand.

“A magic wand...” he said, contemplating the possibility. “No, that’s crazy.” Josh leaned down to pick up his muddy clothes, but then he began to wonder more. It couldn’t hurt to try, could it?

“My muddy clothes be clean, and go back into my drawers!” He commanded, waving the wand. “Neatly!”

The familiar flash and warmth happened, and Josh watched the mud disappear from the clothes. His drawers then opened of their own accord, and his clothes flew into them, folding themselves up before closing the drawers. Josh just stared in awe.

“Oh my God...”

Josh sat down on his bed, looking at the wand and contemplating what he had. With this wand he could do anything he wanted. Couldn’t he? What were the limits? Did he only have three wishes, and he’d foolishly wasted 2 of them? Could he affect people or just objects? How much could he do to them?

Josh stood up, and walked over to his wardrobe, which has a full-length mirror on it. He looked at his large, naked body, and decided to test it on himself.

“Okay ... make my hair red,” Josh said. A wave of the wand later, and Josh’s hair was bright red. “And back to brown.” Instantly Josh’s hair returned to normal, dismissing any idea that he only had three wishes. While thinking about what to do next, Josh looked down at his cock and balls, and grinned.

“Make my cock hard.” Josh groaned as blood flooded into his cock, taking it to full mast almost instantly. Josh poked it in disbelief at just how unbelievably hard it was. He was more erect than he’d ever been in his life.

“Man, this wand sure is thorough,” he said, admiring his erection. He then decided that hair dyes and boners were one thing, but he needed a real test of his power.

“Okay wand, make me orgasm.”

Josh waved the wand, and immediately dropped it. His knees buckled, and he fell down onto his ass. Whereas an ordinary orgasm builds up to the peak, Josh went straight from zero to massive orgasmic contraction. His groin was awash with pleasure as his cock spurted out semen all over the carpet and mirror. Josh leaned back, and enjoyed his orgasm for what felt like forever, but was more like 15 seconds from start to final twitch. He pulled himself up, and looked down at his cock, as well as the mess he’d made.

“Holy shit, I’ve gotta try that again!” Josh leaned over to grab the magic wand, and then pointed it at his groin. “Cock, have another orgasmUHH!”

Right on cue, Josh’s cock resumed cumming, although it was nowhere near as massive as the previous one, due to Josh’s balls having been mostly emptied before, though they still managed to scrape together enough cum for a nice orgasm.

“Guess it’s really draining me,” Josh said, panting after his second orgasm. He’d always assumed magical orgasms would keep his jizz topped up, but apparently not. “Just to make sure though ... Give me another orgasm.”

Josh shuddered, and his cock began contracting again, although his ejaculation was limited to a few small dribbles, meaning the pleasure was rather limited. Once it was over, Josh got to his feet, and waved the wand again.

“Make my carpet and mirror clean,” he said, and in an instant all the cum vanished, although that that was on his skin remained.

Josh walked into the bathroom, and got into the shower. He turned it on, and began washing off the cum, sweat and mud from his body. It was then that he realised he still had the same impossible erection as before. Apparently whatever magic had made him hard was going to keep him that way until he commanded otherwise. He figured he’d leave it hard for now while he showered.

As Josh showered, he thought about the power he now possessed. Should he really be tampering with it? He didn’t know where it came from, or what it was. He was messing with forces he didn’t understand, which meant he could potentially end up in a lot of trouble if those forces caught up with him.

On the other hand, he also possessed the key to getting everything he’d ever wanted. Money, sex, power, sex, fame, sex, and anything else he desired. It would be too much for anyone to resist, let alone a horny 17-year-old. It was decided then. He would continue using the wand.

Josh got out of the shower, dried off, and walked back to the bedroom, his cock still sticking out proudly from his groin. He picked up the wand, and then waved it again.

“I can control my erections with my mind,” he said. He then looked down at his cock, and willed it soft. Sure enough, his dick quickly deflated, going from fully erect to fully flaccid. Josh played with this power for a few minutes, watching his dick quickly switch between hard, soft, and everything in between. He was amazed at how much he could fine-tune it, being able to increase or decrease his erection by the tiniest of margins if he so desired. Eventually Josh put it back to a full boner for his next command.

“Make my cock and balls twice as big.” Josh waved the wand, and he felt a pleasurable warmth envelope his groin. He watched his genitals expand, his balls inflating and his cock lengthening and thickening. When it was done, Josh was wielding equipment which would make most porn stars jealous.

“And now to fix the cumming problem,” he said, waving the wand again. “I’ll never run out of cum. In fact, when I cum I’ll shoot 10 times as much as normal.” Josh felt his large balls tingle intensely, before they calmed down. “Oh, and I’ll never have any refractory periods.” All the fatigue in Josh’s cock then disappeared, being replaced by an eagerness for round 4.

Josh considered zapping himself with multiple orgasms again, but he decided he wanted to try out some proper sex. He got dressed quickly, willing his cock soft again, which allowed him to see that even when soft his cock was still twice as big as before. Josh headed downstairs, passing his 15-year-old sister Abbie as he did, and left the house.

Josh walked the streets with a spring in his step. He held the wand in his hand, and was ready to have magical fun with whatever he wanted. First of all though, he needed to do something about this terrible weather. He looked up at the sky, which was still raining quite heavily.

“Stop raining right now!” Josh ordered, and a few seconds later the rain cut out. “And make it a nice, warm evening.” Despite it being mid-November and rapidly approaching sunset, Josh felt the temperature increase until it was nice and comfortable for him.

Josh went to the first bus stop he reached, and saw the bus approaching.

“This bus is going to the sports centre,” Josh commanded, and the display on the front changed to accommodate Josh’s command. It pulled up, and Josh walked on, waving the wand as he did. “I don’t have to pay bus fare.”

The driver just waved Josh on, and he went to sit down at the back of the bus. Josh looked around at the people on the bus, looking for suitable victims of his prankish magic. His thoughts however were interrupted by a rather loud child. A baby crying its eyes out, with its mother trying desperately to shut it up.

“That baby will stop crying,” Josh commanded, and it did so instantly, much to the relief of everyone on the bus. “That baby will be extremely well-behaved from now on. It will be kind, respectful and obedient to its parents. There, that should help that mom out.”

Josh then looked over at one of the other passengers, a woman in her mid-twenties. She was wearing headphones and reading a book. She wasn’t the hottest girl ever, but she was the hottest girl on the bus, and Josh was too horny to wait.

“No-one on this bus will notice anything me and that girl are doing,” Josh commanded, waving the wand. He then braced himself. “That girl will come over here and give me a handjob.” The woman immediately got out of her seat, and walked to the back and sat down next to Josh. She then yanked Josh’s trousers and boxers down around his ankles (He’d intentionally worn clothes that were easy to get off) and took his cock in her hand. Josh moaned at the pleasurable feeling, revelling in the sensation of having his cock touched by a hand other than his own for the first time. The sensations were then heightened as the woman became jerking his cock.

As Josh sat there enjoying his first ever handjob, he realised that, while she was jerking him off, the woman had gone back to reading her book and listening to her music. She was working Josh’s cock almost absentmindedly while she went about her business. Clearly the wand had interpreted his wish to the letter. Josh was about to fix that and have her much more into it, but he was stopped by letting out a pleasurable whimper as the woman rubbed her thumb along the head of his dick.

Josh looked around, and no-one was paying any attention to the teenager getting jerked off on the back seat, which was relieving. Still though, he felt very embarrassed being half naked in public like this, particularly given the handjob he was receiving. Still, that didn’t stop him from enjoying it. He felt the pressure building up in his cock, and he grabbed hold of the bus seat as he braced himself for the inevitable.

Finally it happened, and Josh was immediately aware that his previous commands regarding his semen supply had worked. Huge quantities of cum shot out of his dick, splattering down the aisle. Josh began humping the air, though he was restrained slightly by the woman still holding his cock as he crashed through his amazing orgasm.

By the time it was over, Josh was panting and sweating, his legs spread far apart. When he’d regained his senses, Josh realised that the girl had gone back to her seat, apparently going back to normal now that she’d done what was commanded of her. Josh figured he’d have to be careful in future; the wand seemed pretty good at interpreting his commands, but he didn’t want to accidentally fuck himself over by a poorly-worded spell.

Josh got himself re-dressed just as the bus pulled up outside the sports centre. Josh disembarked, and walked inside the sports centre, heading straight towards the male changing rooms.

“I don’t need to pay,” he said, waving the wand at the last behind the desk. Josh walked into the changing rooms, and looked around. There were a few men in, but not too many. Josh walked over to a secluded corner where he wouldn’t be seen, and waved the wand.

“Make me dressed only in a pair of swimming trunks,” he said. Instantly his clothes vanished and he was indeed dressed in a pair of his swimming trunks. “Oh, and make no-one here notice the wand.”

Josh walked out to the pool, and climbed in. He looked around at the patrons. There were a few kids with their families, swimming after school, but mostly it was old people who’d been here for hours, enjoying their retirement. Josh did however notice two rather attractive girls in bikinis, stood against the side of the pool. Josh felt his cock stirring, but he willed it soft for now.

“Make me know who those girls are,” Josh commanded, and the knowledge flooded into his mind. They were Annie Pearson and Emily Hearn. 19-year-old students at the local university, they were living in student accommodation together along with some other girls. Josh decided they’d be perfect.

“Annie and Emily think I’m the most insanely gorgeous guy on Earth. They wanna have sex with me.”

Josh approached the girls, and their demeanour changed the instant they spotted him.

“Um, hi girls,” he said.

“Hey there,” the girls said in unison, lust obvious in their voice.

“I’m Josh.”

“I’m Emily.”


The two girls moved noticeably closer to Josh, and he allowed his cock to harden, creating a very noticeable bulge in his shorts.

“So, you single?” Asked Emily.

“Uh, yeah,” Josh replied.

“Good,” Emily said, kissing him passionately. Josh was caught off guard, and almost dropped the wand as this girl pushed him against the side of the pool to make out with him.

“Hey, let me kiss him too!” Annie complained. She pulled Emily off of Josh, and began making out with him herself. Eventually Josh broke the kiss purely so that he could breath.

“No-one will care what we’re doing here,” he said, waving the wand under the water. “Alright girls, suck my dick.”

“We thought you’d never ask,” Annie grinned.

Half from the specific command for fellatio, and half from their pre-existing lust, the girls both bobbed down under the water and yanked Josh’s shorts down, exposing his large boner. He was then treated to the wonderful feeling of two gorgeous girls licking his cock from bottom to top.

“Ohhhhh my God...” he moaned. “Fuck...” Josh’s moaning then increased further as he felt Emily take his entire cock into her mouth. “Holy shit...”

Josh leaned back against the side of the pool, arching his back as Emily blew him. Meanwhile, he felt Annie take his scrotum in her mouth, causing yet another manly moan. It was during this moaning that Josh realised something important.

“Emily and Annie can breathe underwater!” Josh commanded urgently, waving the wand. There, that should stop them drowning. Although the idea of a woman being killed by his penis did intrigue Josh ever so slightly.

Lack of refractory periods and the fact this was a fucking fantastic experience meant a quick climax was inevitable. Josh exploded, and began blasting cum into Emily’s mouth. After the first shot however, Emily moved off his cock. She and Annie grabbed hold of it, and took turns pointing it at their faces, enjoying the jizzy mist that was created as Josh ejaculated into the pool. The girls emerged from the water, and both kissed Josh.

“Let’s fuck,” Annie said bluntly.

“What, right here?” Josh asked.


“Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private?”

“Fiiiine. Come on then.”

Annie grabbed hold of Emily and Josh’s hands, and dragged the two of them to the ladder. She went first, followed by Emily, and then followed by Josh, who made sure to check out their asses on the way. The girls ran off towards the ladies’ changing rooms, and Josh stopped.

“Um, I can’t go in there,” Josh said.

“What, don’t wanna fuck us?” Annie asked. “What are you, chicken?”

“Um, no!” Josh replied. He followed them in, and as per his previous command, no-one thought anything strange of it. There were women and girls around of all ages, in various states of undress, but Josh was focused entirely on the two girls who were about to fuck him.

“Sit down and enjoy,” Emily said. Josh sat down on one of the benches, and watched as the girls removed their bikinis. In seconds, Josh was staring at two naked 19-year-olds. His cock grew even harder.

“God you’re gorgeous,” Josh said without thinking.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” Emily said.

“Bring my phone here,” Josh commanded, and instantly he had his phone in his left hand. He then waved the wand at the girls. “Pose for me girls. Do sexy stuff.”

The girls obeyed, pulling all sorts of sexy poses for Josh as he took plenty of photos and videos of them in his own private show. Annie then walked over to Josh, and sat down on his lap, facing him. The two of them kissed passionately.

“Are you a virgin, Josh?” She asked, and he nodded. Annie then lowered her pussy down onto his cock, and he groaned. “Are you a virgin, Josh?”

“N ... no...” he said, focusing on the sensations.

“I thought not,” Annie said. She then began bouncing up and down, fucking Josh mercilessly.

“Oh God...” He moaned, trying to keep hold of the wand as he did. He looked over at Emily, who was stood watching them. “Emily, sit down next to me and masturbate.”

Josh waved the wand, and Emily did as she was told. She sat down next to Josh and Annie, and spread her legs to begin fingering herself. Josh grabbed hold of Annie’s butt, partly to enjoy its feel, but mostly to hold himself up, lest he lean back in pleasure and fall off the bench.

“Oh God, when I cum, so will you two,” Josh moaned, just managing to wave the wand as he did. No refractory periods meant he was close already. “Fuck, I’m almost there...”

Josh groaned as he went over the edge, and the two girls gasped as the wand’s magic caused them to instantly cum. The three of them moaned and groaned loudly, Josh feeling Annie’s pussy milk his cock as he emptied the contents of his balls into her. Josh dropped the wand, and Annie had to catch him to prevent him from falling backwards.

“What’s the matter Josh, can’t take the pleasure?” She asked.

“I’m never cum that hard before in my life,” he said. “That was amazing.”

“Well, you’ve never had a pussy to cum in,” Annie said, climbing off of Josh. “Wow, I can’t believe you’re still hard after that.”

“Guess I’ve just got some good stamina,” Josh lied, reaching down to pick up the wand from the floor.

“Well I guess we’ll have to get Emily to fuck that stamina away from you.”

“What? No!” Emily objected. “I mean, I’m a virgin.”

“So was Josh until a few minutes ago.”

“But I’m saving myself for marriage!”

Josh found it interesting that the desire for sex he’d planted in her was conflicting with her own established desire to remain celibate. Unfortunately, Josh wanted to deflower her.

“Emily, you’ll have sex with me,” Josh commanded, waving the wand at her. Instantly Emily looked up at him and kissed him passionately.

“That’s the spirit Em!” Annie cheered her on. Tell you what, how about you guys do it doggy style.

“Sounds good to me,” Josh said, waving the wand so that Emily would obey. Emily got on her hands and knees on the bench, pointing her bottom in Josh’s direction, giving him a very enjoyable view, which he took the opportunity to snap with his phone.

“In fact,” Josh said, handing his phone to Annie. “You record me and Emily fucking.”

“You got it,” she said, Josh waving the wand to give his phone unlimited storage.

Josh grabbed hold of his cock, and moved it to Emily’s entrance. He then held her hips, and moved his own forwards, sliding into her pussy. Emily whimpered as he did so. Her pussy was tighter than Annie’s, and Josh could feel it trying to adjust to the sudden intrusion of his erection.

Once Josh was used to Emily’s pussy and vice versa, he began thrusting, enjoying the feeling of being in control this time. It made him feel a lot more manly as he rammed in and out of this girl, his pelvis slapping against her ass and his balls swinging joyfully underneath. He occasionally looked over at Annie, and pulled silly faces for the camera.

“Uh God, I’m gonna cum again...” Josh groaned. He erupted, which caused the girls to do the same. They moaned loudly, and Annie fell to her knees, dropping Josh’s phone in the process, though he was too busy ejaculating to care at that moment.

“Oh God ... what the fuck?” Annie moaned, picking herself up as her orgasm ended. “Why’d I just cum?”

“I dunno, excitement?” Josh suggested. He was still fucking Emily, nowhere near done with her. “You alright down there?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she moaned as Josh continued pounding her pussy.

“God, this is amazing,” Josh moaned.

“You two certainly seem to be enjoying yourselves,” Annie said, kissing Josh.

Josh fucked Emily for a few more minutes in silence (Well, without words. Their moans were anything but silent) before that concentration was broken by the sound of Josh’s phone ringing.

“It’s your mom,” Annie said, looking at the screen. “Want me to hang up?”

“No, give it here,” Josh ordered. Moving the wand into his left hand, Josh answered the phone in his right, resorting to hands-free thrusting. “Hey mom.”

“Josh, where are you?” She asked. “Your sister says you went out earlier and didn’t say where.”

“Relax mom, I’m at John’s,” he said.

“What’s that noise in the background?” She asked, hearing the sounds of him fucking Emily.

“Don’t worry about it mom,” Josh commanded, pointing the wand at the phone. “I’ll be home soon.”

“Well dinner will be ready in 20 minutes, so make sure you’re home by then.”

“I will be, bye mom.” Josh hung up the phone, and handed it back to Annie. “Looks like we gotta finish up here girls. So let’s make it a good one. When we cum, it’ll be 100 times as powerful as normal.”

Josh waved the wand, and then grabbed hold of Emily’s ass. He picked up the pace dramatically, desperate to reach climax as soon as possible. In and out, in and out, he made love to Emily at an alarming rate, but it soon paid off.

“Oh God, I’m close girls...” Josh then pulled out of Emily. “Finish me girls, I wanna cum all over you.” Emily turned around, and she and Annie grabbed hold of Josh’s cock. A few strokes later, and the moment arrived. The 3 of them exploded in orgasm, their bodies becoming weak from the magically-intensified pleasure as Josh blew his load all over the girls’ faces and boobs. When it finally ended, the three of them collapsed on the floor, relaxing for several minutes.

“Whooo...” Josh said, sitting up. “I guess I better get going.”

“Aww, really?” Annie asked.

“Yeah, but listen girls, I’ve had a blast,” Josh said, kissing both of them. “Lemme get something to remember you by.”

Josh picked up his phone, and took a selfie of the three of them, making sure to angle it so it was obvious they were naked and covered in cum.

“Alright girls,” Josh said, waving the wand again. “Go wash off in the showers, then get dressed and go home. You won’t be able to tell anyone about this.”

“Sure thing sweetie,” Emily said. She and Annie kissed Josh, and then ran off to the showers.

“Alright, now, teleport me home, fully dressed and clean.”

Josh was instantly stood in front of his front door, wearing the clothes the wand had previously removed from him. Josh willed, and his erection subsided, relieving the pressure in his pants.

“I’m home!” Josh shouted as he entered the house, and ran upstairs to his room to hide the wand before anyone saw it.

Dinner was largely uneventful, Josh leaving the wand in his room. He mostly spent the time daydreaming, thinking of everything he intended to do with the wand.

“Josh!” His father snapped. “Pay attention to your sister.”

“Sorry,” Josh said.

“So anyway, the coach says I’m a natural, and I’ll probably definitely make the hockey team!” Abbie said excitedly.

“That’s great news!” Said their mother.

After dinner, Josh returned to his bedroom to contemplate further. He considered telling John about the wand, but decided to save that until tomorrow. Instead, Josh stripped naked, laid in bed, and waved the wand.

“Make me feel like I’m getting a blowjob,” Josh commanded, and he shuddered and moaned as an invisible mouth engulfed his rapidly-inflating cock. “Ohhh my God ... Oh wow...”

Josh felt the mouth deepthroat him, and caresses his dick with its tongue, and move his genitals all over the place to stimulate them. Josh looked under the duvet at his groin, and stuck his hands down there. There was indeed nothing there, his hand going right through where the head should logically be, but his cock certainly seemed to think there was. He could see his genitals dancing around, reacting exactly to the magical fellatio it was receiving.

Josh put the duvet back over him, and laid back as he enjoyed this blowjob. He then groaned, and released his 9th load of the night, coating the underside of his duvet.

“Ohh ... ohhhh...” Josh moaned, the blowjob not ceasing for even a second. Josh considered ending it, but then decided that was an insane idea. Instead he put the wand on his bedside table, picked his tablet up, and laid there browsing the internet while he continued to enjoy his ongoing blowjob.

By 10 o’clock, Josh was already getting pretty tired, despite normally staying up much later than that, but he figured the fact he’d now had over a dozen orgasms in one evening might have had something to do with it. He put his tablet down, and picked the wand back up.

“Stop the blowjob.” Josh could almost feel the disappointment in his cock as the mouth vanished. “Now make me go to sleep until my alarm goes off tomorrow.” Josh had barely finished speaking before he blacked out.

Right, so I’ve arrived at the local sports centre in this town. It’s closed for the night, but that’s not a problem for a wizard, even if I am out of practice at casting spells without my wand. The lock unlocked, I’m walking inside, looking around for any clues. There has definitely been magic here today, I can tell. There’s residue everywhere. I’m walking into the pool area, and there’s more residue in here, although it’s mostly been filtered out as the water’s been changed.

The women’s changing rooms seem to contain the most residue though. There’s an area around the benches with a definite amount of magic there. Presumably my wand’s fallen into the hands of a pervert, much like myself. I’m pretty sure the person’s teleported away, based on what’s left here, but unfortunately I don’t have anywhere near the skill required to track where the person went. On the plus side, teleports take a lot of power, and the sooner the batteries on that wand run out, the better.

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