Working With What We Have
Chapter 1

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Pedophilia, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Superhero, Science Fiction, Cheating, Black Male, Cream Pie, Transformation,

Desc: Pedo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike falls in lust with a young girl next door and has a way to make all his fantasies come true. Alternatively, it could be a story about Lilly that girl next door and her adventures. Or, what happens when his young daughter moves in with him? Only time will tell!

My name is Mike Howard. I’m 39, divorced and currently live in a great neighborhood of a suburb near a large southern U.S. city. I moved here from New York, where I spent years as a professional photographer working for several magazines along with hundreds of models and their egos.

It got to where I hated to go to work as it was always something with that crowd, and it was a high-stress job with deadlines and way too many hassles for me to handle. So I packed up and moved away from that and started a new life where I can choose my hours, relax and enjoy it.

Taking a lot of my contacts in the industry with me, I now do product photography and website design for clients all over the country. I love it! Most of my work is done at home now, and I rarely have to travel or even leave the house.

The subdivision I moved into is quiet, close to good shopping and schools and has very spacious fenced in backyards which I enjoy. The yard size of the property along with one of the few inground pools in the neighborhood are what sold me on the place. I occasionally do my product shots on the patio when I’m in the mood to be outdoors, and I use the pool daily, swimming laps and relaxing in one of the deck chairs around it enjoying the southern sun.

Several months ago, I was in my living room watching TV. Hearing some vehicles drive by on the street outside, I looked out my front window and saw a moving van and a compact car pull up in front of the vacant house next door. I turned the television off, put on some shoes and went over to introduce myself to the new neighbors.

Walking off my front porch, I saw the rolling door on the moving van being pushed open, and a couple of portly moving guys started the job of unloading the truck.

Coming off the porch of their new house after unlocking and opening the doors up was a light-brown-haired woman, who looked to be in her late 20s and a beautiful young blond girl who must have been her daughter trailing behind her.

The mother was directing the movers where to put stuff from the truck when I walked up and said, “Hello neighbors, I’m Mike Howard. I live next door. Welcome to the neighborhood!”

“Thanks! I’m Karen Williams, and this is my daughter Lilly. We’ve moved down here from Cleveland and are anxious to enjoy the warm weather and the sunshine!”

“Well, we do get plenty of sun down here, so you won’t be disappointed!” I laughed and said.

Karen was easy to talk to, and I helped her with a few boxes and moving chores after the movers drove off in their truck. Her daughter seemed very skittish and was always standing behind her mom looking around her at me with bashful eyes.

Over time, we all became good friends. They come over and use my pool sometimes and visit. It was a month before Lilly finally started talking to me when they came over. She is a real cutie. I found out she was 14 years old even though she looks much younger than that.

Karen told me that her daughter was born tiny and had never grown very fast. She was even held back a couple of years from school because of being so small and didn’t start kindergarten until she was eight.

Consequently, even though Lilly is 14 years old, she is only in sixth grade at school and is very shy and introverted. Her mom says she mainly makes Bs and Cs and is not interested in school very much.

Karen told me she has a good-paying job with great benefits working at a company that has contracts all over the country keeping massive office building complexes clean.

She worked at the same company up in Cleveland and just transferred to this area after finding out they had contracts servicing complexes down here too. Her hours are consistent but odd. She works from 5:00 PM until midnight Monday through Friday.

Sometimes I see Lilly in their backyard when I glance out my kitchen window. Her mom always leaves by 4:20 to make it into the city to be at work on time, and Lilly will be outside reading or just playing in their yard.

The fencing around all the backyards in the neighborhood is very tall and provides great privacy, but the fence between my house and the William’s house is short and even has a gate. My guess is some family used to own both houses and put in the shorter fence between them.

Lilly is super cute; she looks like a cross between Sara Jean Underwood and Hayden Panettiere but only four and a half foot tall. Since she has finally started talking to me, I’ve found her fun to be around. I’ve been lusting after her for a couple of months now as I admire her in her little one-piece swimsuit she wears in the pool with her little A-cup sized chest.

Today was a warm sunny day, and I was outside doing some product shots. I have a small photo tent I set up on my patio table. The tent is a little white pop-up design that I place over products to help with glare and shadows. It disperses light all around onto items placed under it and has a small opening that I point my camera through to shoot the products.

Lilly saw me working when she came out of their house into her backyard. She walked through the gate between our yards and asked, “What are you doing Mr. Howard?”

“I’m a photographer, and I’m taking pictures of some products for a company to use in their catalogs and on their website.”

Her eyes got big, and she said “Wow! You’re a photographer? I’ve always thought it would be cool to be a model when I grow up, but I’m not comfortable around people, and being so small I could never be a model.”

I raised my camera up and snapped a quick picture of her, smiled and said, “You are a beautiful girl Lilly! You will be a fantastic model!”

She blushed a bit and asked, “Do you really think so?”

“I sure do! You should go in and put on some fancy clothes and come over, and I’ll take some pictures of you.” I offered.

She jumped up and down saying, “Awesome!! I’ll be right back!” Then ran into her house.

I quickly picked up the products I was photographing, folded up the photo tent and carried everything into the house and set it all to the side in the kitchen to finish up later.

Making a hasty decision, I walked over and grabbed a couple of bottles of soda from the refrigerator.

Opening up my bottle, I took a quick drink, then removed the lid of the soda I was going to give Lilly and put in four drops of a powerful drug my oldest friend Bill recently gave me.

I met Bill as a freshman in college years ago. We were dorm roommates all throughout our time in school. He was the ultimate nerd, and I was a bit of a lady’s man. We helped each other out throughout college. Bill helped me with my grades, and I helped him with women!

After college, I went into the photography and modeling world, and he went to work for a pharmaceutical company. Over the years, we have always joked about him coming up with the ultimate drug to get girls!

Bill and I are still best friends, and he recently called me excited over a huge breakthrough he had while working on a special project in his home lab. After tinkering on various formulas for years, he had accidentally developed something amazing, and he wanted to come by and tell me all about it.

He stopped by my house last week and gave me a small vial of his wonder formula. Bill said the drug was a fast-acting hypnotic that made anyone you gave it to be completely susceptible to suggestions for a while. He laughed while presenting it to me saying, “You deserve to have some of it for being my closest perverted friend!”

Bill said to be careful as it caused a permanent conditioning of the subject if you used more than one drop per 100 pounds of body weight and because of its brain-altering properties, he had no idea what it would do to subjects whose brains were not entirely developed.

I had barely put away the vial after spiking her soda when Lilly knocked on my back door.

I opened the door, and there was Lilly in a short straight cut shiny green dress that came just above her knees. She also had on a pair of her mom’s high heels!

“Wow, Lilly you look beautiful!” I said.

She smiled and blushed again and said, “Thank you, Mr. Howard.”

Inviting her in, I handed her the drugged soda and grabbed my bottle and took a drink as we stood in the kitchen. She turned up her bottle and drank several big gulps and then had a tiny burp and laughed saying she was thirsty from all the running she did to get ready.

Laughing along with her, I said, “No problem Cutie! Follow me. My studio is downstairs.”

“Wow! You have a studio?” She said following along behind me, awkwardly walking in her mom’s high heels. She continued to drink and had almost finished the small 8oz bottle I had given her, by the time we got to the studio.

“I have been doing photography for years and use my studio for both product pictures and occasionally modeling shots for clients by appointment only,” I explained.

Her eyes were looking at all of my studio equipment, and she said, “I had no idea you were a real photographer. This is going to be sweet!” She then took the last drink of her soda finishing off the bottle.

After showing her around the studio for a little while, I glanced at her and noticed her eyes appeared dilated and had a glazed look.

“Lilly, how are you feeling?” I asked.

She said back in a lazy speech pattern, “I feel good Mr. Howard.”

Feeling like the drug had kicked in, I commanded, “Lilly, you will do everything I tell you. You will always feel good and enjoy everything we do together. You are a beautiful, smart and amazing girl! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Howard.” She said.

Grabbing my camera, I said, “Lilly, give me some sexy poses and show me how beautiful you are!” I started taking shots as she walked over and knelt to the floor while licking her lips and smiling into the camera.

I continued shooting as she went from her kneeling position to placing her butt on the floor while bringing her knees up to her chest and slowly spread her legs revealing the panties she had on.

She had on a pair of her mom’s sheer thong type panties. They were way too big on her and were baggy around the crotch. The extra material had shifted slightly to one side, completely exposing her slit.

Looking through the zoom lens I could see there were only a few fine, sparse hairs on her pussy, and her slit was entirely bare and very inviting. Her legs spread wider as I snapped more shots of her. My hard on grew and grew until it was very uncomfortable in my pants.

Putting my camera down, I walked over and said, “Come up here Lilly” reaching down to pick her up off the floor. She reached up to me as I lifted her up. I gave her a light kiss on the lips as I placed her butt gently on the table in the studio.

I pushed her body down having her lean on her elbows while keeping her feet on the table. She smiled as she lazily leaned back and spread her legs.

“I want you to relax Lilly! We are going to have fun, and everything we do will feel very good!” I told her as I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was hard as a rock and leaking precum.

Pulling the crotch of her panties completely to one side, I rubbed the tip of my penis up and down her tiny 14-year-old slit. She was getting incredibly slick with my juices and was humping me as I slid it along her slit lubing her up.

Slowly, I inched inside her taking short strokes letting her little pussy stretch to accept me. Precum was flowing out of me, and she was getting slipperier and looser by the second.

I was now buried in her, slowly pumping her pussy while she was lightly moaning and humping in rhythm to me. Her tiny cunt felt wondrous as I slid in and out of her.

Suddenly, her pussy fluttered around my cock as she had a small orgasm. It completely surprised me, and I couldn’t clamp myself down in time. My butt clenched as I drove myself deeper into her, releasing a couple of large spurts of cum before I could stop myself.

Coming down from my little cum, I leaned down against her body and cooed in her ear, “You are such a super amazing girl, Lilly!”

Backing away from the table I slipped out of her pussy and removed my clothes to get more comfortable. I could not believe how fast she had made me come.

I gave her another kiss and pulled the crotch of her panties back into place covering up her wet slit as she was waking up from her little cum.

“A beautiful girl like you needs to have more pictures taken!” I playfully said to her.

She laughed joyfully as I lifted her off the table. I put her down and led her back in front of the studio flashes and gave her another kiss on the lips.

My camera picked up again; I asked her to take off her dress and let me see her beautiful body. Her back was towards me as she pulled the dress off over her head. She turned her head looking over her bare shoulder at me with her magnificent smile!

Turning around to face me, she slowly lowered the arms covering her chest to the side revealing her radiant titties with small puffy areolas and tiny hard nipples.

The camera and my eyes were locked on her breathtaking chest until I noticed the front of her mom’s panties. She hadn’t taken them off yet, and the crotch had a large dark area wet with my cum that was oozing out of her little cunt into the fabric.

She saw me looking at her panties and pulled them down in one quick motion and kicked them off. Her little cunt came into full view and was puffy and slick with my cum. Seeing it like that got me instantly hard again!

My penis was sticking straight up in the air as I put the camera on the table and lay on the floor by her.

Gesturing at her to stand over me, I had her slowly lower her pussy down onto my cock. It was already extremely slippery with my cum, and she was very relaxed. My cock slipped quickly inside her going deeper as she rode me.

She was moaning again, and I was bottoming out inside her when suddenly she gasped, and my cock must have slipped through her cervix as I went balls deep inside her little 14-year-old pussy!

The suggestion I gave earlier to relax must have had a real, physical effect on her body as even her cervix had relaxed! It felt amazing! She was rocking slowly up and down on me as it was pulsating around my cock.

I couldn’t take it! I had never felt anything like it! Her cervix felt like it was sucking on my cock, and I let loose with one of the biggest loads of cum I’ve ever had in my life. Pulling her hips down, I exploded inside of her, and she let out a scream cumming herself and collapsing onto me.

She was laying against my chest as I stroked her hair telling her she was such a super good little girl. She looked up at me, and I kissed her forehead as she smiled dreamily at me.

After we finally recovered and got up, I took more shots of her in various erotic positions with cum slowly running out of her little cunt. She was having fun with all the poses I showed her and was hamming it up! We had a great time as she went from pose to pose smiling and laughing.

Talking after we got done shooting for the evening, she asked about the slippery white stuff that was coming out of her.

I told her, “Cream is very good for little girls, Lilly! It can cause miraculous changes to your body causing it to do amazing things. You should always enjoy being filled with it!”

She smiled as she ran a finger through her slippery pussy and put it in her mouth and said, “Mmmmm. It even tastes amazing Mr. Howard!”

Noticing it was getting late, I told her it was time to get dressed and then gave her these commands:

“Lilly, you are a beautiful and smart little girl who will always be healthy, happy and feel good!”

“You love everything we do together, but will never let anyone find out about us!”

“Do you understand these instructions?” I asked.

She said, “Yes Mr. Howard, I completely understand!”

Giving her a kiss and a hug I sent her home telling her to be sure and clean herself and her clothes up!

I’ll definitely have to tell Bill his new Hypno drug is amazing!!! I went to bed tonight feeling happy and drained!

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