Working With What We Have
Chapter 1

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, School, Superhero, Science Fiction, Cheating, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, Cream Pie, Pregnancy, Teacher/Student, Transformation,

Desc: Pedo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike lusts for Lilly, the underage girl next door. Somehow, his improper fantasies begin coming true, and she turns into a real handful. Mike's daughter coming to live with him could cause even more sticky situations to arise.

Did the stars come into alignment? Or maybe a genie granted me a wish. Whatever it was that changed my life, started happening a few months after my new neighbors moved in.

Hi, I’m Mike Howard, and like most people, I considered myself to be just an ordinary guy. I definitely wouldn’t complain about my life up to that point, it was pretty impressive even before I met Lilly, but it was about to get a lot more crazy and fun.

For over a decade, I was a professional photographer based in New York. Shooting for various magazines during that time, I worked with some of the hottest models but also dealt with some of the most massive egos imaginable.

After spending over a third of my life doing this, I finally said, “fuck it!” It was a high-stress job, with deadlines and way too many hassles. So, I quit, packed up and moved down south. To a place where I can choose my hours, relax and enjoy living again.

Now here I am; 38, divorced and residing in a suburb of a large southern U.S. city. Yeah, I was married - to a model no less. So, I guess even that part of my life was already not entirely typical. We stayed together for almost 12 years and had a beautiful daughter that my ex-wife has custody of back in Manhattan.

I took a lot of my contacts in the industry with me when I left New York, and now do product photography and website design for clients all over the country. I love it! Doing most of my work at home, I rarely travel now and don’t even leave the house most days.

The subdivision I moved to is quiet, close to good shopping and schools and has very spacious backyards. Those things, along with a large in-ground pool and fantastic hot tub, sold me on my current residence. I occasionally do product shots on the patio when I’m in the mood to be outdoors, and swim laps for exercise almost daily. After a long hard day of work, I usually hit the spa or relax in a deck chair, enjoying the southern sun.

Several months ago, I was relaxing in front of the TV and heard some vehicles drive by my house. Not a big deal, but when they stopped, I got curious. Looking out the window, I saw a large diesel Mayflower Transit truck along with a compact car. They were pulled up in front of the vacant home next to mine. Curious as to who the new neighbors were, I put on some shoes and went over to introduce myself.

Walking off my porch, I heard the rolling door on the truck being pushed up; then watched two portly moving guys start the job of unloading it.

A light-brown-haired woman came out from the open garage of the formerly unoccupied dwelling. She appeared to be in her late 20s and was nice enough looking, but hey, I’d dealt with supermodels for ten years. Trailing behind her, though, was a stunning blond pixie who was positively gorgeous.

The mother was directing the movers where to put stuff from the truck, when I walked up to them, “Hello neighbors, I’m Mike Howard. I live next door. Welcome to the neighborhood!”

“Thanks for the welcome, neighbor. I’m Karen Williams, and this is my daughter, Lilly. We’ve moved down here from Cleveland and are eager to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.”

I looked up at the glowing orb in the sky, squinting, “Well, we do get plenty of sun down here, so you won’t be disappointed with that,” I laughed and said.

Karen was easy to talk to, and I helped with a few boxes and relocation chores after the movers drove off in their truck. Her young daughter seemed very skittish; always standing behind her mom, looking back at me with a bashful smile.

Over time, all three of us eventually became friends. They come over to use my pool, and we barbecue on the patio together sometimes on the weekends; when Karen is off work.

I don’t know a whole lot about Karen Williams; she doesn’t talk about her past or why she isn’t married. She’s not interested in a romantic relationship or having a boyfriend, but teases me, saying she loves having a friend with a big pool. It’s great having them as neighbors, and I enjoy their company.

Lilly’s small stature makes her look very young. It surprised me when I found out she was 14-years-old, the same age as my daughter. Karen told me Lilly was very tiny when born and never grew very fast. Being small caused her to be held back, not starting kindergarten until age eight. So even though Lilly is 14, she is only in the sixth grade.

Karen has a nice-paying job with great benefits, working for a company that has contracts all over the country, keeping office building complexes clean. She worked for the same corporation up in Cleveland; transferring to this area after finding out they had an opening down here. Her hours are consistent, but odd, working from 5:00 PM until midnight Monday through Friday.

Now that school is back in session, I sometimes talk with Karen during the day without her daughter around. Recently she confided in me saying Lilly’s grades at her old school weren’t good, and her daughter’s timid personality had kept her from making friends there. She hoped Lilly would somehow do better in this new environment.

Lilly being shy is an understatement; it was over a month after they moved next door before she said more than one quiet word at a time to me. I think the only reason she talks now is because of my daughter, Emily. During the summer break, Emily stayed with me for two weeks, and they both clicked together becoming fast friends.

Now most afternoons after school, Lilly can be seen in my backyard, when I glance out my kitchen window. Her mom always leaves by 4:20 PM to make it into the city to be at work on time, and Lilly likes to read and study while lounging around the pool. Lilly is an avid comic book fan, and I even gave her a big collection of my old stuff. X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman and the like, she loves them all. Oh well, if only I were younger. She would be the perfect girl for me.

Astonishingly cute is how I would describe Lilly. Imagine the best parts of Sara Jean Underwood, Zara Larsson, and Hayden Panettiere, but only four and a half foot tall. Since she’s finally started talking to me, I’ve found her to be a lot of fun and have been secretly lusting after her for a while now. She has this one-piece swimsuit that shows off her petite, B-cup sized chest and a perfect butt that makes it hard to take my eyes off her. I wasn’t expecting anything to come from my crush, but it’s nice to dream.

The fencing around all the backyards in our neighborhood is very tall and provides great privacy, but between my house and the William’s, it’s short and even has a gate. My guess is some family used to own both homes and put in the shorter fence and a gateway between them.

Today was yet another warm sunny day, and I was outside doing product shots. I had a little photo tent set up on my patio table. It’s a white pop-up boxy unit I place over items to help with glare and shadows. It disperses light all around onto things put under it and has a small opening I point a camera through to shoot them.

Lilly saw me working when she came out of their house into her backyard. Walking through the gate between our yards, she asked, “What are you workin’ on today, Mr. Howard?”

Looking up from my viewfinder, I pointed at the items around the table, “I’m taking product shots for a website.” I chuckled, then continued, “I used to work in New York, photographing big name models and making them look beautiful. Now I take pics of inanimate objects and make them appear good enough to buy.”

Her eyes took on a sad, longing look, “Yeah, when Emily was here over the summer, she told me about all the cool models she met at your studio when she was younger. It sounded so fun, and I must be a little weird. Because now, besides wanting to be a hero like in the comics, growing up to be a supermodel is a fantasy of mine now too. Being a model sounds so glamorous, but being around crowds terrifies me, and I’m so small and plain I could never be one.”

I pointed the lens at her and snapped a quick picture, “What? Sure you could, Lilly. You are a beautiful girl! If you ever conquered your shyness, you could positively be a top model.”

She blushed a bit, and softly asked, “Do you really think so?”

Even my spur-of-the-moment shot captured her unmistakable beauty. She looked incredible. Turning the camera around, I displayed the screen to her, “I sure do! Look at this. You are gorgeous!”

She stared down nervously at her feet, “Oh, you’re just saying that, Mr. Howard.”

I touched her shoulder reassuringly, “I swear, Lilly. I’m not lying to you. I know models, and you’re more beautiful than 99% of them.” My hand went up and ruffled her blond hair, “Heck, put on some fancy clothes and come over sometime. I’ll show you how to pose, and we can take some pictures of you to see,” I offered.

A big grin broke out on her face, and she clapped her hands excitedly, “That sounds like fun! I’ll be right back.” She exclaimed, then raced towards her house.

I smiled at her excitement as I watched her run up to their door and go inside. Gathering up the stuff I was shooting, I quickly folded up the photo tent and carried everything into my place; setting it all to the side in the kitchen to finish up later.

It was hot outside, and I was entirely out of soda in the fridge. I’d made a pitcher of unsweetened tea earlier in the day. Sitting down, I poured myself a large glass over some ice and was still finishing it, when Lilly knocked on my back door.

Opening it up, I saw her standing there in a short straight cut shiny green dress. It came just above her knees, and on her feet were a pair of her mom’s high heels. She looked a little unsteady on them but totally adorable.

I gave her a big thumbs up and smiled at her, “Wow, Lilly, you look incredible!”

She blushed at my praise, “Thanks, Mr. Howard.”

Inviting her in, I held up my glass, “I’m all out of sodas, but grab some tea out of the fridge. You could use a drink after all the running around you did to get ready.” Setting my empty cup down, I pointed, “Glasses are in the dishwasher. There’s ice in the freezer door, and I think I might have some sweetener for it somewhere.”

Getting up from my chair, I continued, “I’m gonna check my email. Come on back when you are re-hydrated, and we can go down to the studio.” Lilly nodded, and I saw her grab a glass as I went out of the kitchen to my office.

It never even crossed my mind at the time, but my longtime best friend, Bill Stewart, had recently called me. He was all excited over a mishap he had working on some projects in his home lab. After tinkering and failing with various formulas for years, he’d ended up pouring a bunch of random things together after coming home drunk from a company party; accidentally stumbling across something remarkable. He wanted to visit and tell me all about it in person soon.

I met Bill as a freshman in college. We were dorm roommates all through our time in school. He was the ultimate nerd, and I was a bit of a lady’s man. We helped each other out, he was an excellent tutor, and I somehow found a few girls to go out with him.

After we graduated, I went into the photography and modeling world, and he started working for a pharmaceutical company. Over the years, we have always joked about him someday developing a magic pill to get the ladies.

Bill finally got a chance to stop by yesterday while he was in the area for a conference, bringing me a sample of his accidental wonder formula. He expressed disappointment about being unable to reproduce it again, but assured me was a fast-acting hypnotic compound that would make anyone susceptible to suggestions for a while.

He chuckled while presenting it to me, saying, “You deserve some of it for being my closest perverted friend and always having faith in me. Enjoy!”

I was instructed to use no more than two drops per 100 pounds of body weight and to keep it refrigerated. Bill also began warning about mind-altering chemicals, not knowing the effects on brains that were still developing; blah, blah, blah. I had tuned him out at this point. Bill sometimes liked to play practical jokes and was long-winded when he started talking. I doubted his Hypno Drug would really work, but it might be interesting to try it sometime.

The vial he gave me didn’t have a dropper; so last night, after he left, I found an almost empty bottle of stevia liquid in my pantry that had one. After quickly dumping out the stevia, I poured his drug into the container and put it in the fridge to stay fresh.

Lilly poured a glass of tea, then tasted it and scrunched up her face at the bland flavor. Putting the pitcher back in the refrigerator, she spotted a bottle labeled Stevia Sweetener. Not knowing anything about stevia, she drew up a big dropper full of it and squirted it in her cup. Tasting it again, she noticed it was slightly sweeter; (from the minuscule amount of stevia left in the container I had reused), but not enough for her liking.

After more squirts of sweetener and taste testing, she ended up with about 50 drops worth of Hypno Drug in her tea. Now somewhat satisfied, she took a big drink, then finished the rest hurriedly. Putting the glass in the sink and the bottle of Stevia Sweetener back in the fridge, she shook her head to clear a buzzing in her ears and headed to my office.

As she walked in, I couldn’t help but admire her beauty, and I went into my professional photographer mode, “Lilly, you are a beautiful, smart and amazingly perfect little girl. Just listen to my instructions and do everything I say, you will have fun and love what we do together.”

I thought about rotten models I’ve worked with in my past. Most of them just didn’t like what they did. I wanted Lilly to have choices and do what makes her happy, so I quickly added, “Lilly, you have unlimited potential and should always feel good and enjoy everything you do. Life should be an enjoyable game, so let’s have some fun!”

Looking back at me with eyes that appeared oddly dilated, she nodded, “I understand, Mr. Howard.” A smile emerged on her face, and she clapped her hands in excitement and giggled.

Laughing at her exuberance, I said, “Follow me, cutie. My studio is downstairs.”

When we arrived, she marveled at all of my lighting gear and equipment. I showed her around for a little while and noticed her eyes still had a slightly glazed look to them. I thought it was kinda weird, “Lilly, how are you feeling?” I asked.

She spoke back in a lazy speech pattern, “I feel gooood, Mr. Howard.”

Grabbing my camera, I shrugged and playfully said, “Well then, Lilly, give me some super sexy poses, and show me how beautiful you are!” I started taking shots as she walked over and knelt down while licking her lips and smiling into the lens.

Wow! I couldn’t believe the positions she was doing. She had turned her butt to me and was now crawling on the floor, looking seductively over her shoulder at the camera. Next, she turned towards me and sat down with her knees up in front of her and looked my way with a lewd smile.

Leaning back on her hands, she slowly spread her legs, exposing the panties she had on. They were a sheer thong type and had to be her mom’s, as they were way too big for her. The bagginess around the crotch allowed the extra material to shift to one side, completely baring her tantalizing snatch and prominently displayed clit.

Looking through the zoom lens, I could see there were only a few fine, sparse hairs above her pussy. Her slit was utterly bare and immensely appealing. Lilly’s legs kept spreading wider, causing her petite cunny to open up before me like a delectable flower. I snapped more shots of her, and my hard-on grew and grew; until it was very uncomfortable in my pants.

Putting my camera down, I couldn’t take her teasing any longer. I took a chance and walked over, “You sure are a sexy little girl, Lilly,” and bent down to her on the floor. She reached up, placing her arms around my neck, and gave me a sultry kiss on the lips. Taking that as a good sign; I picked her up and placed her butt gently on a table behind us as she continued kissing me.

I didn’t know what was going on, but was sure enjoying it, and would continue until she told me to stop. She finally broke the kiss and leaned back on her elbows. With her crotch close to the edge of the table facing me, she smiled and lazily spread her legs again.

Not believing my eyes, I said, “Wow, Lilly. You are so beautiful. I want you to relax. We are going to have fun, and everything we do will feel very good. Is that okay with you?”

She looked up dreamily at me, replying, “Oh yes, Mr. Howard, that sounds wonderful,” as her thighs opened wider.

I unzipped my pants and released my cock, it was rock hard and leaking precum. I pulled the crotch of her panties entirely to one side, then rubbed the tip of my penis up and down her tight little 14-year-old slit. She was getting incredibly slick with my juices and was humping me as I slid it along her hairless crack, lubing her up.

Slowly, I inched into her, taking short strokes; letting her miniature pussy stretch to accept my invading member. Precum was flowing out of me, and she became slipperier and looser by the second. I was rubbing her clit as I gently worked myself into her tight canal.

I now had over half of my 8-inches buried inside her, rhythmically pumping away while she was lightly moaning and humping me back. Her tiny cunt felt wondrous as I slid in and out. I planned on pulling out soon, as I didn’t figure it would be a smart idea to cum in her young snatch.

Suddenly, her pussy convulsed around my cock; as she experienced a massive orgasm. It completely surprised me, and my butt clenched as I drove myself deeper into her. I did my best to hold still as she spasmed on my penis, engulfed deep in her hot cunt.

Keeping my cock pressed up tightly against what I assumed was her cervix, I felt a couple of uncontrolled spasms of my own before I could clamp myself down. Luckily I had caught myself in time, confident I had dodged a bullet by not unloading inside of her.

Thinking I’d better quit before I had an accident, I held my half-buried cock absolutely still. Any movement was likely to set me off. I felt one additional small contraction in my balls, but gritted my teeth and powered through the feeling, before she finally became tranquil under me. Leaning down against her body, I cooed in her ear, “You are such a super amazing girl, Lilly.”

My penis slid out of her hot juicy tunnel, as I backed away from the table. Looking down, I was proud of myself for holding off. There was no cum to be seen, but she was extremely slippery. I let out a long breath, not believing how quickly things had progressed between us.

Kissing her, I pulled the crotch of her panties into place; covering up her glistening slit as she recovered from her massive orgasm and smiled up at me. “Wake up sleepyhead! A beautiful girl like you needs to have more pictures taken,” I playfully said to her.

She laughed joyfully as I lifted her off the table. Putting her down, I led her in front of the studio flashes and gave her another kiss on the lips.

My camera picked up again; I asked if she would take off her dress and let me see her beautiful body. Her back was towards me as she pulled it off, and she turned her head, looking over her bare shoulder with an alluring smile.

Turning around to face me, she slowly lowered the arms covering her chest to the side, revealing her luscious titties. The view of small puffy areolas and tiny hard nipples were delectable.

The camera and my eyes were locked on her tantalizing ta-tas, until I glanced down at the front of her panties. She hadn’t taken them off yet; and the crotch had a huge, dark wet spot. She saw me staring and bent forward, easing them down before finally kicking them off. Standing up caused a surprisingly gooey cunt to come into full view. It was puffy and slick with an unmistakable flow of my thick sperm oozing out of it... Oops!

Oh, my God! Gazing at her perfect hairless twat drooling with my spunk had me instantly steel hard again. I rationalized that since I had already cum in her, a little more wouldn’t matter. I assumed she was probably on the pill or would have said something earlier. Hey, my small head was doing all my thinking after seeing her in front of me like that.

My penis was sticking straight up in the air as I put the camera on the table and lay down on the floor. Gesturing at Lilly to stand over my cock, she smiled as her pussy lowered down onto me. She was incredibly slippery with my cum and was very relaxed. I slid quickly into her and kept going deeper as she rode me.

She was moaning again, and I was bottoming out inside her, when suddenly she gasped. My dick must have slipped through her cervix; as I was now balls deep in my tight little 14-year-old neighbor.

I had no idea she had been taking all my suggestions as her new reality. The instruction I gave earlier to relax was having a real, physical effect on her body. At the time, I just knew the feeling was extraordinary! She was rocking gently up and down on me as it pulsated around my cock.

Her cervix felt as if it was sucking on my penis, and I was unable to take the sensation for very long. Experiencing nothing like it before, I quickly released one of the largest loads of cum I’ve ever had in my life. Pulling her hips down, I exploded inside of her, and she let out a scream; cumming yet again herself and collapsing on top of me.

She was laying on my chest as I stroked her hair, “You are such a super little girl, Lilly.” She looked up at me, and I kissed her forehead as she satisfyingly smiled back.

After we finally recovered and got up, I took more shots of her in various erotic positions; with my creampie slowly leaking out of her hairless cunt. She was having a blast with all the poses I showed her and was hamming it up! We had a great time as she went from pose to pose; smiling and laughing.

During all the joking and fun we had taking pictures, she looked down and asked what the slippery white stuff was coming out of her.

I thought she was kidding me, so I playfully said, “Lilly, that’s special cream and is very good for you! It can cause miraculous changes in your body, causing it to do amazing things. Little girls like you should always enjoy being filled with it, and I’ve heard it even taste great.”

She smiled as she ran a finger through her slippery pussy and put it in her mouth, “Mmmmm... You’re right, Mr. Howard, it does taste amazing!” We both laughed, and I hugged her, enjoying her quirky and fun personality.

Noticing the time, I told her we should probably get dressed and then gave her a quick parting pep talk; to make her feel better about herself and hopefully cover my ass:

“Lilly, you are a beautiful, smart and perfect little girl. I want you to always be healthy, happy and feel good. You should love everything we do together; if not, let me know. And don’t tell anyone about us, please.”

She was nodding her head, “Yes, Mr. Howard, I completely understand.”

Giving her a kiss and a hug, I sent her home and mentioned to be sure and clean herself and her clothes up.

I kept my fingers crossed that I hadn’t just made a big mistake. I was pretty worried the whole night and wondered if her mom or someone of more authority would be pounding on my door.

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