The Knight and the Acolyte Book 8: Labyrinth of Love
Prologue: Womb's Bond

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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue: Womb's Bond - Knight Angela and her companions head to Grahata to brave the labyrinth, but Angela's forgotten love has caught up with her. And he plans on stopping her quest.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Magic   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Hermaphrodite   Fiction   High Fantasy   Paranormal   Cheating   Cuckold   Wife Watching   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Swinging   Interracial   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Fisting   Lactation   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Tit-Fucking   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Violent  

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Knight Kevin – The Free City of Hargone

The splashing, gurgling fountain cooled the inn’s common room. It was an aptly named establishment, though the innkeeper was not happy we had commandeered his entire main room despite the gold we paid him. The twelve of us sat around a circular table, reclining on tasseled pillows. My fellow knights and I had doffed our armor, wearing cool robes while the six priestesses of Slata wore their pink vestments, gold rings glinting on each of their noses.

“She has definitely passed through here,” Priestess Helena reported. She had a delicate face, her nose slender, and her nose piercing made of delicate wire. It signified she was a Sister of Slata, a priestess capable of performing the Mother of All’s magic despite her youth. “We found traces of her presence and Sophia’s.”

The other five priestesses nodded. “She went into the desert and has not returned,” reported Esmerelda. She had short, dark-brown hair, the ends of her locks curling in to brush her slender neck. “We have caught up to her, Sir Kevin.”

“Yes, as we figured,” Mary said. The knight sat to my right, her light-brown hair falling in waves to her black, silk robe filigreed with gold thread. It clung to her body, her nipples hard against the thin material. “They stayed in this inn nine days past. They left on a caravan owned by a merchant named Aswunt.”

“I am glad you knights weren’t wasting your time as we cast our divinations,” Helena said, her voice cool. “We are in a fortuitous spot. We must merely wait for her to return and then arrest the miscreant. We should plan, Sir Kevin.”

I nodded, my stomach twisting. Emotions swirled through me. I loved Angela. I had been heartsick when she agreed to the foolishness of her quest instead of abandoning it and preserving her life. I would not have loved her less for resigning from the Knights Deute. I wanted to marry her. But she was stubborn. My redheaded warrior always was. She would never give up a fight if she thought there was a chance.

Even if that enemy was the dreaded dragon Dominari.

And she had found her slim chance by reforging the High King’s sword. It was a bold move, something she would do. It made me love and admire her more. But to reforge what had been shattered in the wake of High King Peter’s death, and the collapse of his empire, was rank folly. The sword was a threat to the sovereign rule of every king and prince, the Magery Council of Thosi, and even the Doge’s and the councils who ruled the free cities of the League of Seven. The High King had ruled the lands west of the Deorc Mountains out to the island kingdom of Althos, controlled the Halanian desert, and boarded against the foul Queendom of Naith.

To reforge the sword, Angela had robbed the Doge of Raratha, perhaps the richest man in the known world. She and her companions had assaulted his person and stolen the piece of the High King’s sword in his possession. A death warrant hung over Angela’s head. Worse, she had blighted the honor of the Knights Deute. I had volunteered to lead the party to arrest her in hopes I could save her life, to find a way to get her to surrender and return the Doge’s property. Then, perhaps, we could shift the blame of the theft onto one of her companions.

Like the thief or the orc barbarian. Even the elf would suffice.

“Her companions are skilled,” Priestess Esmeralda said.

“So?” grunted Philip, a pretty-faced knight who all the maidens of Shesax prayed would find their bed, or so Philip himself boasted. “Are we not six Knights Deute with the support of six full priestess of Slata? What does Angela have? A single rogue mage. And an acolyte who won’t even have use of her magic yet. We shall sweep them aside.”

I shook my head. I hoped it wouldn’t come to fighting. I hoped Angela would be reasonable, but I would bring her to justice even if it meant tearing out my heart. “The orc will be a savage fighter. Angela would not travel with him if he was not skilled, and we all know how dangerous orcs can be.”

The other knights nodded. The orcs of the Ice Bear Clan often crossed the Rehyn Mountains to raid Northern Secare. Defending against their deprecations was one of our order’s duties. “As long as he’s not a berserker, we can handle him,” Mary said. She leaned back on her hands, which only stretched the silken material tighter over her breasts, making her hard nipples thrust up before her. “And the bard is of no consequence.”

“Their songs have magic,” the quiet voice of Priestess Ruth added, speaking barely more than a whisper. “He graduated from Az. We should be prepared for that, too.”

“Don’t forget the elf,” Danielle, a knight sitting across from me, said. “An elf hunter could feather us with arrows from a distance. They never miss.”

“And an avian joined them in Baraconia,” pink-cheeked Lisa said. She was the youngest knight and had only completed her Quest a fortnight before volunteering for the mission. “Perhaps she’s a shaman. More magic the priestesses need to deal with.”

“Can you handle a shaman, a bard, and a mage?” I asked, glancing at Priestess Helena who led the priestesses.

“Our magics are for divination, healing, and protection. They are not offensive, as you well know, Sir Knight.” Helena wrinkled her button nose. “But there are ways we can make us more effective in working together. To unite us and share our essence and knowledge.”

“The Ritual of the Womb?” gasped Priestess Olivia, her green eyes shooting wide.

“Ritual of the Womb?” Philip asked, giving the priestess a smoky look. Philip had bedded all six of the priestesses on our voyage from Shesax. Not that it was much of an accomplishment. Priestesses of Slata were open and inviting. They worshiped their goddess by lying with her children, whether male or female—though they preferred male, probably in defiance of their rivals, the Church of Saphique.

“What does the ritual do?” I asked.

“It will unite us into almost one being. We will know each other so well we can move and react simultaneously. We will be a cohesive unit. In the metaphorical womb of our goddess, we would become, in a spiritual sense, fraternal siblings—three sets of quadruplets.”

“Three?” I asked.

“Only up to five individuals can be bonded,” answered Priestess Esmerelda, her impressive bosom swelling the front of her robes as she leaned back on her arms, mimicking Mary’s pose. When the priestess did it, it seemed far more natural and at ease than a deliberate act to draw the eye to her lush mounds. “And since there are twelve, we should split evenly. One male knight, one female knight, two priestesses.”

“The ritual is very sexual,” purred Priestess Olivia, her green eyes flashing to Philip. “I think I shall choose to be in your group, Sir Knight.”

“Well,” Mary purred, her hand sliding over to touch my thigh through my robe, sending a flush of heat through me, her eyes smoldering. “I think it would be wonderful to unite with you, Kevin.”

Heat rushed up my thigh to my cock. It throbbed hard. It had been months since I was with a woman. Since Angela left. The regret of my harsh words, driven by my fear of her death, had left a hollow guilt in me. I never should have let those words out. They might have been my last words to her.

Mary’s hand slid higher, fanning the heat. “And this will give us an edge in confronting Angela and her companions?”

“Yes,” Priestess Helena smiled. She licked her lips, her doll-like face transforming into something hungry. “Yes, it will. I think I will be with you, Sir Kevin.”

“Oh, yes,” agreed Priestess Esmerelda, her short curls swaying as she put a languorous roll to her shoulders as she straightened. “I think we should retire to our rooms and perform the ritual immediately. Angela maybe days longer in the desert. It will give us time to ... acclimate to our new union.”

“As spiritual siblings,” added Priestess Helena. She stroked her braid of black hair.

“How wicked,” laughed Mary, her hand rising higher still, almost brushing the bulge my hard cock created.

My cheeks burned. My cock throbbed. Mary was a beautiful knight, and the two priestesses were ravishing. Lusts bottled up the last four months since Angela’s departure almost made my dick erupt right on the spot as our group broke apart. Philip went off with Priestess Olivia, Priestess Ruth, and Danielle while Lisa, Priestess Belinda, and Priestess Caroline pulled Richard to his feet and swept around him.

“When you volunteered,” Mary whispered in my ear, her body pressed tight to my right as Helena and Esmeralda took my left, “did you think you would end up with your own harem of women?”

“Harem?” I frowned. “What?”

Mary laughed. “You really are hung up on that redhead. What will you do when you have to arrest her?”

“Appeal to her emotions and hope she surrenders.”

“How noble.” Mary’s hand slid into my robe and grasped my hard cock. I groaned as she stroked me. “And if she doesn’t?”

“Then I will do my duty,” I groaned, closing my eyes as the hand stroked up and down my length. My balls boiled as her hand reached the tip, her thumb caressing it.

“Now, now, don’t make him pop yet,” purred Esmerelda. “We all want to enjoy him.”

“But I thought you Priestesses of Slata knew how to rejuvenate a man,” Mary grinned. “Your cunts possessed of a power that could raise an erection from even the oldest corpse.”

“Eww,” Helena grimaced.

“Oh, we could,” Esmerelda answered. “But why waste him in here?”

“Ladies,” I groaned as they pulled me along, Mary’s hand still stroking my cock.

“Hush,” Mary whispered. “You’ve kept me waiting for this cock too long. I am going to enjoy it tonight.”

“What?” I blinked, glancing at her face.

She kissed me. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as I stumbled along, pulled by the two priestesses. I almost tripped on the stairs up to our rooms, my cock so hard. My mind whirled with sensations and emotions. Angela’s blue eyes and lush body flashed through my mind. I remembered her kneeling on the training sands, sucking my cock because she lost our duel, her red hair spilling in a waterfall of fire about her face.

We burst into the room. The bed was a mattress on the floor covered in silk sheets. The women pushed me down. The pink robes of the priestesses came off in a flash, unveiling two different and delicious bodies. Esmerelda was busty, her breasts as large as Angela, fat, dusky nipples beading with her mother’s milk. Helena was petite with a girlish body, her breasts small, nipples a pale pink, little pebbles rising from her upswept tits. Her legs were long and sleek.

Both were shaved, their pussies wet.

Mary slipped off her robe next, her body toned, her breasts round. Like the priestesses, she was shaved, her juices trickling down her thighs. I swallowed, feeling so nervous like I was a virgin holding his cock in the whorehouse, not sure which harlot to choose and afraid he would erupt before he even performed the deed.

“Let us see your body, Sir Knight,” moaned Helena. “I love bedding warriors. All those muscles.”

“And the calloused hands,” sighed Esmerelda. “Not like those pudgy merchants that glut our temples with their donations.”

“Of coin or seed?” giggled Mary.

“Both,” laughed Esmerelda. “Merchants overflow with both.”

The three women sank down to the bed, their hands undoing my robe and pulling it off, exposing my muscular form. I was a Knight Deute. I had fought monsters. Helena traced a scar across my abdomen while Esmerelda grasped my sword hand and brought it to a pillowy breasts, moaning as I groped her soft flesh.

“Yes, rough hands,” she moaned.

Mary nibbled on my nipple, her hand stroking down rippling abs to seize my hard cock again. I groaned, pressed down to the bed by the women. Helena’s lips kissed at the scar, licking up my muscles while I squirmed, my balls churning.

“Gods, yes,” I groaned, my dick aching. And then I erupted. My cum spurted up my belly, splattering Helena’s cheek. My balls, backed up for months, unloaded blast after blast of cum to spill across my belly.

“Pater’s cock, what a flood,” Mary gasped.

“Yes,” Helena purred, her fingers scooping cum from her cheeks to her lips, savoring my jizz. An orgasmic shudder ran through the petite woman.

Mary’s tongue licked at the pools of cum staining my stomach. I gripped Esmerelda’s soft breast, groaning, my body buzzing from my release. It was wonderful to have an explosive orgasm again after so long.

“Now wasn’t that nice?” smiled Esmeralda. “A nice cum to relax you.”

“It was,” I grinned, giving her breast a squeeze. A squirt of milk splashed on my cheek, warm and smelling intoxicating.

“And I bet you are eager for more.”

“So eager.” I was. I wanted to cum again. It was amazing. I had denied myself too much since my fight with Angela. Already, Mary licked my softening cock. The tip ached as she ran her tongue across it, gathering the cum beading my slit. A flutter went through me, my dick twitching, trying to revive. “Give me a few minutes, and I’ll be ready to go again.”

“Well, we need you hard now,” Esmerelda purred. “We need you ready to fuck. Drink.” She brought her right breast to my lips. I opened wide and sucked her nipple into my mouth. I suckled. She moaned, her body shuddering as her soft fingers stroked the stubble on my cheeks. My eyes closed, my mouth working. Her milk flowed. A creamy, sweet treat.

The milk warmed through my body. It spread like reaching tendrils from my stomach. Everywhere it touched made me tingle. Made me feel alive. I drank more, loving the buzzing feeling as it reached my cock.

I hardened in Mary’s sucking mouth.

The knight moaned about my dick, her tongue swirling as my shaft attained full girth in heartbeat. The milk sustained me. My balls boiled, a new load of cum brewing for the three women’s enjoyment. Helena smiled down at me, her fingers rubbing her nipples.

“That’s it, drink Her mother’s milk,” smiled Helena. “Share her juices. We need to spread the sexual fluids around.”

Mary gasped about my dick as Helena’s fingers penetrated the knight’s wet cunt. Helena pumped them in and out before withdrawing her fingers. Juices coated them. She presented them to Esmeralda, who sucked, moaning her enjoyment. I sucked harder at her nipple, loving the sapphic display. Then Helena shoved her fingers between Esmerelda’s thighs, working them in and out of the priestess’s cunt, getting them coated with her juices.

She smeared them on Esmerelda’s left nipple.

I greedily switched tits, sucking on the pussy-stained nub. The creamy taste of milk mixed with sweet taste of Esmerelda’s cunt. I groaned, loving it, my dick twitching in Mary’s mouth. She sucked harder and harder, bobbing up and down on my shaft.

“Mmm, what a fervent worshiper of cock,” Helena smiled as she leaned down behind Mary. “You love his dick, Lady Knight.”

Mary moaned about my dick as she sucked and slurped. My balls ached and my shaft throbbed in her mouth.

“That’s what I thought.” Helena licked her lips, then she dived her head down and tongued through Mary’s snatch.

Mary moaned louder as her pussy was licked. The priestess ate her noisily, slurping up juices, moaning in delight. Her hands squeezed Mary’s ass. I groaned, staring at Helena’s butt wiggling by my head. I could smell her spicy juices.

I moved my hand and stroked her ass. I gave her a squeeze before sliding lower and pressing my fingers to the wet heat between her thighs. I rubbed up and down her pussy lips then pushed my fingers into her depths.

“Yes,” Helena moaned into Mary’s pussy.

“Mmm, finger her twat and then let me taste her,” moaned Esmerelda. “Share her juices. We have to enjoy each other.”

I popped my mouth from her nipple and pulled my fingers from Helena’s hot snatch. I rubbed the spicy juices on my lips. “What are you waiting for?”

Esmeralda laughed then leaned down, kissing me hard. Her breasts rubbed into my chest as her tongue dueled with mine. I savored our kiss. The heat shooting through me as we enjoyed the flavor of Helena’s pussy juices. Milk leaked from Esmerelda’s nipples, staining my sides.

“Oh, fuck, I’m wet,” gasped Mary, popping her lips off my dick. “Ooh, I need this cock in me. I can’t wait.”

“Ride him,” Helena purred.

As Mary straddled me while Helena cuddled beside me. She turned my head, breaking my kiss with Esmeralda to plant hot lips on mine. I moaned into Helena’s kiss, her lips lingering with the flavor of Mary’s tart pussy. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her hand as she guided my dick to her pussy. She swabbed her wet cunt against my dick’s throbbing tip.

And slammed down my girth.

I broke the kiss with Helena and gasped, “Slata’s hairy cunt!”

Mary’s pussy was tight and boiling hot. She slid it up and down, reminding my cock of all I had deprived it of these last four months. I used to fuck any woman I wanted. With Angela’s blessing. We never stopped each other from having lovers. So why had I stopped when I let Angela go on her quest?

Pleasure raced down my cock as the beautiful Mary rode me, her round breasts bouncing, her hips swiveling. Her cunt massaged my dick, leaving her cream coating my shaft. Esmerelda leaned down, licking at it and flicking her clit every time Mary bottomed out on me, making her pussy clench so tight about my dick.

I groaned, my hands caressing the three women’s bodies. Helena moved, her black braid swaying as she straddled my face. Spicy, shaved cunt pressed into my hungry lips. I devoured her, enjoying her juices, sharing them as my dick ached in the depths of Mary’s cunt.

“Mmm, I need to taste your juices, too,” Mary moaned as she rode me. “I bet your milk taste so sweet.”

“It’s divine,” Helena purred.

I couldn’t see, but I could feel Mary leaning over, changing how my dick slid through her pussy. My cock’s crown rubbed against her pussy walls, sending more pleasure shooting down to my balls. I licked Helena faster, drinking her spicy musk as the pleasure churned in my balls.

And then Mary suckled. Her cunt tightened as she nursed. Helena shuddered on my face, smearing her hot cunt around as Mary drank the priestess’s breast milk. Esmerelda kept licking at my shaft, cleaning up Mary’s juices.

We shared our fluids.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Helena moaned. “Oh, Slata, thank you for the gift of sexual pleasure. Saphique’s useless snatch, that’s good. Devour me, Sir Kevin. Oh, yes, lick my cunt.”

“He sounds skilled,” Esmerelda purred.

“I suspect his acolyte instructed him well on his quest.”

“She did,” I groaned as I tongued spicy cunt.

I licked and nuzzled, drinking the fluids as my balls throbbed and ached. The pressure built as Mary’s silky cunt slid faster and faster on my cock. As the knight’s excitement built, she fucked me faster, slamming down my cock and gulping Helena’s breast milk.

I moaned into Helena’s pussy, the pleasure swelling through me. My legs spasmed as the ache reached the tip of my cock. I sucked hard on the priestess’s clit, growling as my release hurtled closer. Only a few more heartbeats.

“Yes, yes, he’s going to cum,” moaned Helena. “Milk his cock, Lady Mary.”

“Yes,” I groaned, thrusting up as Mary slammed down.

My cock erupted.

Pleasure spiked through me. My balls boiled as they unleashed the flood of backed-up jizz. It pumped out of me in spurts and eruptions. I groaned, trembling and thrashing on the bed. My hips bucked, and I moaned about Helena’s clit.

“Holy Mother,” chanted Esmerelda, “unite us in the womb of your love and join us by the bonds of fraternal fidelity. By the power of the seed and the dew, make us your children and birth us anew.”

Energy exploded out of my cock as the final spurt erupted. I felt, in my mind, the three women all orgasm simultaneously. They screamed out loudly as the pleasure rushed through their bodies. Mary’s pussy spasmed about my cock. Helena’s cunt flooded my mouth with her spicy juices.

I felt their pleasure. Their rapture flowed through me. My cock exploded again. A second orgasm burst out of me, matching the intensity of the three women. My moans joined their as the ritual united us, connecting us on a spiritual level.

“Sir Kevin,” the three women moaned together.

The pleasure peaked through all four of us. It left us heaving, gasping. Mary and Helena slumped over me with Esmerelda sprawled beside us. I gasped for breath, Helena’s legs still about my face, her pussy pressed against my lips.

And then all four of us moved in unison. We all knew what each other needed. What we had to do to please each other. Helena licked at Mary’s cunt, gathering my cum while I rolled Esmerelda onto her hands and knees, fucking her hard from behind. Her breast dangled over Mary’s mouth, giving the knight what she needed. No words were exchanged.

We all just knew how to move now.

It was intoxicating. When we challenged Angela and her group, no communication would be necessary between the four of us. We would all just know what we had to do to support each other to overpower and arrest Angela.

When she returned from the desert, we would be ready.

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