Esther Takes Charge
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Sadistic, Spanking, Group Sex, Analingus, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Esther divorces her husband and pursues her friendship with women he didn't approve of. They run an amateur book club for budding erotic novelists - amongst other things - where Esther meets Kurt, a submissive whose tales turn her on. With enouragement from her fiercely assertive friends, her dominance blossoms, and she acquires Kurt. Her intentions are to live out his novels with him; having him experience his erotic fantasies for real. Her friends ensure he experiences them vividly.

Esther Howard had let her prim and upright, well-to-do upbringing rule her life for long enough. Now freed from a stale marriage by divorce and in her fifties, she felt a strange excitement at her new liberty, no longer caring about the people with whom she had had to conform with in staid ignorance, at the behest of her equally well-to-do husband and the boring routine of being seen to do the right thing with the right people. Despite the moral code he had apparently adhered to so strictly, this was conveniently put to one side to allow his adultery with a younger woman, for whom he left his wife. Rather than being distraught at her abandonment, Esther was filled with renewed anticipation at her liberty, and more than comfortable with the property and wealth the settlement he’d left her. Her sex life had always been dour, matching the dull relationship with a husband who was remote and never inquisitive of her desires; now free, those desires blossomed within her, she would have things just as she wanted them from now on.

She had looked after herself physically, a legacy of the proper and orderly life which demanded her appearance was just so; one of the few things she had to be grateful about the dour life she was now equally grateful to say goodbye to. She posed in the mirror, admiring the curves displayed in a suitably tight and somewhat risque skirt and blouse, which would not have been deemed quite proper in her former company; tonight she was attending a party thrown by a couple of friends who had lurked on the periphery of that social order, both living independently and one somewhat frowned upon by the women of her former circle, for their rumoured liberal ways which now so appealed to Esther.

Esther felt her sex tingling immediately the door to Martine Foreshaw’s house was opened to her; the strangely decadent atmosphere hitting her instantly, a young male opening it as Martine stood back, she then simply waving him away back to the party which ensued behind her. He bowed his head with a half-smile as he passed, and though smiling, the elegant woman made sure to ignore him as he passed. Esther was immediately impressed by her air of absolute confidence as she stood high on tall stilettos, a tight black leather dress expressing he womanly curves unashamedly as she greeted her enthusiastically.

“I’m so glad you’ve come Esther dear, I promise you’ll not regret it, you deserve some enjoyment after what you’ve been through.” Esther hugged the shapely woman, the embrace immediately showing Martine that her friend who had remained a little distant by enforcement, was earnestly pleased to embrace a new life also. She looked her up and down, smiling and taking her hand as they broke.

“I can see that you’re already making changes, that skirt will have the attentions of the male friends we have here - for all the right reasons.” Esther smiled knowingly, her nipples already showing their excitement in the equally tight blouse.

“Oh, I’m more than ready for a few changes, I’m going to make sure I enjoy every moment of life from now on.” As Martine led her into the dimly lit throng with music from a black diva gently warming the atmosphere, she noticed how the males acknowledged her with gentle half-smiles and bowed their heads, they did not approach in the brash fashion she had been used to, imposing themselves on her with boring introductions and announcing their self-importance. She also noticed how Martine ignored them totally, as though they were furniture. The mature woman broke into a grin as they stepped into the smoky atmosphere of the main lounge, Esther noting how many of the women sat with their legs exposed to the full, proudly displaying their sexuality in total comfort. Martine watched Esther’s soft smile of pleasure at this seemingly lush decadence.

“This party is about as formal as they go here; many of the people here are on their first visit, Hortense and I run a little literary circle, for those with a certain discerning taste in fiction; a lot of the people here are authors who share those tastes.” Esther’s arousal grew by the moment as she took in the relaxed atmosphere, then noticed a pair of legs which had been displayed so prominently in a leather sofa, rise and and display arms to greet her. Hortense Villiers strutted forward in a tight, short leather skirt, her bustling arse and shapely legs fetching carefully guarded glances from the males in the room, her golden silk blouse expressing jutting breasts in an announcement of her femininity.

Esther gasped at the transformation of a woman she had last seen at a demure function, staidly dressed and politely shunned by others at the event, due to the atmosphere which hung over her and the anal husband she made so obvious she was keen to be released from. Her opinions were openly avant-garde regarding feminist issues, which did not endear her to the pompous regimen that was seen as the true order of the circle, amongst whom rumours were rife about her sexual exploits. Esther had nothing but admiration for her in respect of both issues; her situation was similar, and she had kept close contact by e-mail regarding her progress with disposing of her husband. The visual transformation was not the only change; she had been known as Hayley Villiers when married, but had decided the softness of the name did not suit her new lifestyle, Hortense, a name which was boldly feminine without any hint of vulnerability was quickly adopted to suit her obviously sexually dominant persona.

Also in her fifties, Hortense was a vision of all that Esther aspired to become; released from the burden of marriage and vibrant as though reborn, she now lived her life to the full, just as it pleased her. Even her perfume seemed to waft the scent of independence as she embraced Esther, she then paying her a compliment on her choice of dress.

“You look so good Esther! ... Well! I can see you’ve also arrived since disposing of your husband. What a fool he was, I’m so glad he gave you the opportunity so cleanly; I had to manufacture the disposal of mine as you know, it was such fun catching him out, but hard work ensuring he gave me what I deserved.” Esther looked around at the casual and informal hubub that ensued, noting that many of the males there stood on the periphery, at ease but also looking slightly awkward, whereas the women seemed to have complete control over the conversations that flowed, the males amongst those groups, speaking when spoken to. Hortense grinned at Martine.

“Martine and I have lots of exciting circles you can move into, the literary club being one of them. Everyone here tonight has contributed stories to the site, and have arrived by invitation, chosen by Martine and I for their contributions - particular attention was paid to the males we invited.” Their smug and knowing smiles gave Esther a very desirable tingle as Martine handed her a small business card which advertised the site.

“As you can see, our little site is strictly for those who appreciate the natural supremacy of females, all of the males here have put those desires to stories. You’re more than safe with any of them, so don’t be shy in introducing yourself to anyone that takes your fancy - they’ll be worshipping your arse already.” She clicked her fingers and the male who had opened the door was at her side immediately. She simply lifted her nose and did not look at him.

“Three glasses of champagne Nico, be quick about it.’” Esther’s cunt tingled in earnest as she took in all that was said and studied the obedience of the male, her eyes glancing from him to other males who tried to avoid her glance, though it was obvious they had been viewing the elegant female who had entered. Martine giggled softly on seeing the excitement build in her friend.

“That’s Nico. He’s my pet of the moment; like most men, he loves the control of a strong woman and enjoys being dominated thoroughly. I’ve had so many men at my feet since throwing off the shackles of marriage, when I tire of him I’ll pass him on one of the other ladies we know, like all the others before him.” Esther’s jaw dropped at her friend’s declaration, made with such indifference, and Hortense further exploited the thrill she was feeling.

“My male of the moment lies bound, gagged, caged, and anally plugged at home in the bedroom; he knows he’s had his time as I’ve told him I’ll pick another at the party tonight - I’ll make my choice and take him back with Sadie Golding.” She nodded at a plump middle-aged redhead, displaying her thick thighs in seamed stockings and having her talon-like red nails admired by a sheepish male who was indulging her in conversation.

“Sadie has expressed her desire to take him on, now that he’s used to my satisfaction and the novelty has worn off. The new male will see just what to expect, the old one crushed at no longer being my favourite; I’ll have the new pet watch as I allow the old to masturbate at my feet before Sadie takes him away. She’ll soon console him by having that ample arse descend on his face when she gets him home.” Esther took the champagne which had been brought most punctually by Nico and downed it it one go, Martine clicking her fingers for another with a broad smile.

“There’s no rush Esther dear, you just fire up your courage with a drink or two, then have a little browse - you’ll find the males here most accommodating, and your natural supremacy will flow when assisted by their encouragement. Oh ... be sure to find out what the pen name is of any male you indulge, then have a read of his work at your leisure, you may want to indulge him further at a later date.” Esther’s nerves eased as the welcome alcohol tempered her raw excitement while she contemplated the shock of her friend’s words; she knew both women were fiercely independent, but the the surreal situation they had created was dream-like. Hortense edged her gently toward some of the other women who sat relaxed and confident.

“Come and meet some of the ladies Esther, I know you’ll make a lot of new friends here.”

Kurt Tucker was one of those males who stood on the periphery, nervously sipping the beer he’d been plied with to ease his own nerves. A working man, he felt completely out of his depth in the luxurious and expensive address in a district he could never dream of living in. His eyes were drawn to the three women, two of whom he’d already fantasised about no end; just their confident and obviously privileged status had stirred an erection as they toyed with his insignificance on his attendance, though they’d made him feel more than welcome in their studied patronising way. The new arrival caught his eye immediately, and his mind was already dreaming up scenarios of being under her control. He quickly dismissed the thoughts as his realistic expectations drew him to some of the other women there, though equally attractive in their own way; all would be dominant in their outlook, and one was eyeing him with a contemptuous smile which beckoned a required audience. He took another swig of his beer and summoned up the courage to oblige her curiosity, getting a wicked smile as he slipped gingerly into a seat close to her, but not too close.

“Hi ... I’m Kurt, may I sit with you? ... it’s my first time here ... I ... I don’t wish to impose.” He was very careful with his choice of words, feeling them automatically ease him into his submissive side, teasing the beginnings of an erection from him as he caught her soft scent. The woman crossed her legs and sat a little more upright as she retrieved her drink from the table, imposing her authority as she took a sip through glossy red lips, purposely remaining silent for a few extra seconds to make him feel nice and awkward.

“Oh, you’re not imposing, how could you be? My name’s Carla ... you may know me as ‘Medusa’ on the site ... who do you write as?” Kurt eased a little on her revelation, Medusa’s tales having a slant toward the domination of young ladies as equally as young men; she was bisexual, and this made him feel just a little safer.

‘Oh, I’m ‘Talisman’ ... at least, I try to write under that name.’ Carla gave a knowing smile which did not ease his budding erection.

“Oh, you shouldn’t belittle yourself so, though it’s in keeping when in the company of any woman, your tales are very popular on the site ... I can see you put your true feelings into your male characters, so pleasingly obedient; are any of them written through experience? I know that some of them are down to pure desire, due to the the fate of the males concerned.” Esther looked over to where Kurt was indulging Carla, having been introduced to some of the ladies in attendance and having her excitement and curiosity further enhanced. She found the male visually pleasing, and Hortense noted her interest, whispering in her ear.

“Why don’t you go and make yourself known to him ... remember, all the males here are chosen for the submissive qualities expressed in their stories ... you never know. Madam Carla is likely to be grateful if you take him off her hands.” Esther grinned as she saw a young lady sit meekly the other side of Carla, and deftly squeeze her hand as if to show the male where the dominant woman’s preference lay.

Kurt felt someone edge into the chair next to him, but didn’t turn to see who it was, now at ease at making his response to the point of cockiness, on seeing the pretty girl coyly grasp Carla’s hand; the not unattractive woman would obviously devour someone of her own gender later.

“My efforts are based purely on fantasy, but I always dream of living out some of the scenarios ... if I were ever fortunate enough to be chosen by a woman.” Carla’s smile came in his direction, then diverted from his eyes to those of the person who’d sat next to him. Kurt’s trepidation returned as he turned to find Esther sat next to him. Carla dismissed his response as though he were no longer there, pleased to meet another mature domme who was so obviously an acquaintance of both Hortense and Martine.

“You’re new here, I trust you’re enjoying the relaxed atmosphere; do you write or are you here to browse?” Esther was feeling more than relaxed now, and enjoyed the way the male was simply ignored out of hand, left to sit while women controlled the conversation.

“Oh, I have some ideas in mind, but I’ve not written anything. I’m here as a friend of the host’s and keen to read a little of what makes the atmosphere here so inviting.” Kurt felt surplus to requirements; though the woman sat next to him was very much the woman of his dreams, with her confident and obviously well-to-do accent complimenting the plush property he sat within, and motioned to stand and make his exit. He froze as he felt her firm but delicate hand keep his thigh down, knowing she must have heard his hasty and open response to Carla, who now smiled wickedly at his impending capture before returning her attentions to the soft younger girl who sat in coy obedience next to her. His cock stiffened as Esther’s commanding smile made it apparent that he was her selected target, her expensive scent enveloping him. Esther’s confidence grew stronger by the moment as she witnessed the body language which confirmed his deference to female authority oh so naturally.

“So, you like to write of your desire for the stronger woman? I’d never have perceived that of you on seeing you anywhere else but here. I’m intrigued at the nature of your work.” Carla looked back briefly before continuing to indulge the girl, and ensured Esther would know all about his sexual desires.

“His pen name is ‘Talisman’ ... you’d enjoy his stories, any assertive woman would.” Kurt thanked her unconsciously for saving him the trouble, the knowledge that he was being toyed with openly by women increasing his erection. Esther smiled as she made a mental note of the name and enjoyed the increase in his breaths as she crossed her legs, deftly giving him a view of exposed thigh, then increased her teasing belittlement of him. “Are you a professional writer? Involved in publishing maybe?” She had already determined from his accent that he’d likely be nothing of the sort, and enjoyed seeing him squirm uncomfortably as he wrestled with his response. Kurt felt completely out of his depth in addressing a woman who was so obviously way out of his league, sophisticated and obviously privileged, so at home in the plush residence which he could only dream of. The revelation of his standing came easily though, knowing she would enjoy the subtle humiliation.

“Oh no ... of course not, I’m a decorator and handyman.” He felt that the declaration of what to her would be a obviously menial position would cool her interest in him, turning her attentions elsewhere and allowing his escape; something that in itself gave him a thrill in declaring his inferiority to her, though he’d be glad of this but would regret it later. He was not to be allowed that reprieve though; Esther warmed to the idea of having a male whose station could not possibly affect the way she wished to run her life, and the men she was used to were all so pompous and officious; the thought of dominating a male who’d be so openly masculine in his daily life excited her no end.

“Oh really? ... I have lots of things that need attending to at my house, you could be of good service to me ... in so many ways; you’ll give me your phone number before you leave.” He swallowed hard and blushed as he fumbled with his wallet, producing a card which he was determined she’d have immediately. She grinned at his eagerness as she took the card, her cunt tingling on squeezing his hand and feeling it tremble, increasing her excitement. Kurt’s cock was rigid as he watched her take a pen from her handbag and write ‘Talisman’ on the rear of the card; though she’d memorised the name, the writing of it feigned insignificance over the matter, as though she’d be collecting several more, something she had little intention of doing.

She then stood and looked down at him, wanting to stay much longer but enjoying making him feel insignificant.

“I must go and mingle with some of the others now, it’s been so nice meeting you.” She turned away from him and took just one step before turning to face him again, pleased to see his face redden as he was obviously transfixed in watching her shapely figure move.

“Oh ... and I might just be calling you ... about a little service you can provide me.” Esther felt a growing confidence and profoundly pleasing sexual buzz as she strutted away, knowing that Kurt was already firmly under her control after just a few words. Her new found freedom clawed at her impatiently, she wanted to take him home and dominate him immediately, but she knew she must be patient and have her male know his insignificance and the pain of possible disappointment before he was blessed with the deserved pain and rigours of her dominance. The crotch of her panties was wet with arousal as she stepped as casually as she could toward Hortense and Martine, the two mature dominants grinning knowingly as she almost floated over to them, her nipples hard through her blouse in sexual excitement.

Martine gave Kurt a cold sneer from across the room as their eyes met following his captive stare at the progress of a shapely woman whom he already yearned to be owned by, and she was pleased to see the hypnotised gaze in his eyes before the recognition of her severe look registered. Her dominating scowl turned to a smile of contentment after she saw him turn his head away and fumble awkwardly with his drink, his unconscious obedience to her glare showing her that he was as submissive as his written material. She turned to Esther, enjoying her obvious excitement at her blossoming dominance as the new arrival sipped at another Champagne.

“Esther! You handled that so naturally - you see how your inner desires take control when in the comfort of a mutual atmosphere? I always knew you were meant to dominate, I can’t wait to see you in full control with a male at your feet.” The thought gave Esther an erotic buzz like no other, her freedom from the restraint of a dour and formal marriage had indeed opened up her inner desires and she was more than ready to experience the reality of some of the darker thoughts she’d enjoyed at the peak of her orgasms, but then dismissed as remaining the stuff of erotic fantasy when bound by her staid former life. She was now free to take command in more ways than one, and as ready to live out those desires.

She kept an eye on Kurt all evening, offering him the occasional curt glance to ensure he was no more than teased bit kept wondering about her interest, not engaging him in any conversation, enjoying studying his outwardly masculine form and knowing he’d be eased into servility from an initial meeting, due to the nature of his status in offering the services of his chosen trade. She would tease him with no contact for a couple of days, then devour him. Kurt tried hard to dismiss the thought of the elegant woman with whom he’d have no chance, but was kept teasingly erect by the fleeting glances she offered him. He found his own submissiveness emerging due to the sublime torture, and found solace in openly discussing this with some of the women he felt comfortable with, much to their spiteful pleasure.

Esther made sure to avoid him at the end of the evening, as he like the other guests filtered away. Hortense and Martine held him captive with their prolonged thanks for his attendance, making sure he noted Esther’s apparent indifference to his departure as she stepped elegantly about taking glasses from other guests, displaying the body the three knew he was yearning to worship. Hortense grinned as Esther stepped over and looked wistfully at the door on his departure, the dominant enjoying the obvious development of an SM relationship.

“He’s very, very pleasing Esther. When Martine and I read his work, which is nicely explicit and very reasonably articulated, we expected to see a short pot bellied and bald accountant or something; he is refreshingly attractive.” She smiled wickedly at Esther

“If someone doesn’t take ownership of him soon, I may have him on the end of a leash myself”. Martine smiled and stroked Esther’s arm as she saw the excitement in her eyes.

“Talking of which, we have a few things for you to take home ... just to assist with a little encouragement into a lifestyle we know you’ll embrace”. She spoke as the last guest but one, other than Sadie Golding, departed. As Martine clicked her fingers to summon Nico, Esther watched the redhead approach a male who sat in a corner and had been conspicuous by his silence after an approach by Hortense earlier. Sadie stood with hand on hip and pointed to the floor, Esther sighed with a pure carnal excitement as she watched the burly male sink obediently to his knees before the plump redhead and kiss her feet as she stood smiling with pompous air of absolute dominance. Nico obscured her view for a moment on appearing.

“The bag for our new Mistress Nico.’ As he went to fetch it, Esther’’s eyes returned to Sadie’s pleasure, Hortense adding to her thoughts.

“That’s my latest requisition. Sadie is no doubt having him thank her for making room for him at my feet by accepting my cast off; see the immense pleasure she gets from simple domination, you’ll soon be enjoying that.” Esther was already craving that obedience as her eyes fixed on the gratuitous worship the male offered, the bulge at his crotch betraying his acute pleasure in humbling himself in humiliation to a woman, and Sadie’s mutual pleasure at being in complete control radiated from her curt smile. Nico reappeared and bowed as he passed the bag to Esther, Hortense patting her hand.

“Wait till you get home, then have a good look at what we’ve given you ... and don’t forget to have a good read of a certain person’s work; you’ll find it most entertaining, and if his fantasies are anything to go by ... and they usually are, you’ll soon have him just where he belongs.”

Esther grinned to herself as she walked through her door, kicking her shoes off and leaving them where they landed, then stripping off her blouse and skirt. She switched on the computer linked to her TV screen, then giggled as she tackled removing her bra, laying back on the leather couch beside which she placed the bag. She eased her panties off, feeling the wetness of the crotch as she lifted her legs while her body indulged in the feel of the leather against her naked flesh, and slipped a finger into the wet slot of her cunt, impatient to come after the evening’s excitement. She rubbed at her clitoris as she played with the mouse on the table by the couch, seeking the site owned by her friends, and then the list of authors. There were over fifty tales by ‘Talisman’, so she chose one at random and lay back, nursing her clitoris as she read.

Her excitement built as she read of the author’s total commitment to feminine dominance through his work, thinking of how she’d teased him earlier, and how she’d tease and dominate him further now he’d become even more desirable from what she’d read. Within his work there was none of the physical awkwardness his outer persona had shown as she flicked through the flowing paragraphs of his tales, the text so poetically erotic and transforming her image of him as the uncultured tradesman; a section from a title ‘Lady Grey Succeeds’ described graphically his deepest pleasure in willingly servicing the dominant heroine’s anus with his tongue, ejaculating to the sheets as he was enveloped in the ecstasy of total submission to her, the section bringing Esther’s toes to point at the ceiling, and begin to indulge in a satisfying orgasm.

Her ecstasy peaked in an erotic fantasy of her own, her smooth body slipping against the leather while the juices flowed; she’d be his Lady Grey, and she slipped a finger into the warmth of her pucker as she moaned, imagining the delight of feeling his tongue there in absolute submission to her dominance. Her eyes went again and again to the text as she was enveloped in sublime carnal pleasure, the words confirming how easily he’d be dominated by her, the orgasm enhanced by her enjoyment of total freedom as the caress of the leather sofa cradled the open exposure of her liberty.

She stepped naked to her kitchen and uncorked a red wine from the rack, and returned to unzip the bag while she sipped and prepared to indulge in further reading, the contents within bringing initial giggles from her which quickly converted to lush sexual arousal. Her fingers played at a plaited leather whip, its stark brutality at first suggesting a purely ornamental value, until she indulged in reading more of her submissive author’s work. She coursed the plaited devil between her legs, delighting at the textured stimulation as she lay on her side and slid the lengthy beast between her breasts, her fingers tugging at the knotted business end while she pulled it back and forth through the soft crevice of her buttocks and feeling it tease through the wetness of her sex to rub at her budding clitoris; what she read as she did so, confirmed that Hortense’s provision of the whip was not just to adorn her as a decoration of her authority.

She read through his eponymous character in several tales, how he craved the whip, one section describing graphically how he’d reached a zenith of submissive ecstasy on being reduced to tears before an audience of women, their cruel pleasure indulging his own at the acute humiliation, broken under the whip wielded with the raw spite of sadistic vigour by the heroine. Esther experienced her second orgasm as though boosted by some sense enhancing drug; the whip being lubricated by her sexual juices, the thought of having him sniff the leather lash now perfumed with her vaginal and anal scents bringing her to a wholly satisfying climax.

She lay panting and squirming on the whip till the heavenly sensations subsided, then took a large gulp of wine before sliding the braided lash through her legs, the action making her gasp as the undulations of it’s length kissed at her sated cunt, bringing a wry smile to her face. She gave the lash a cursory flex, the resounding crack pleasing her further. She knew she’d require a little practice and possibly supervision from Hortense and Martine; his tears through pain would be welcomed but she didn’t want to damage her property beyond repair. She downed more wine and clicked onto yet another tale with some impatience, also delving into the bag like a child at Christmas.

She relaxed into a continued state of teasing sexual excitement such as she’d not felt since her teens, the mild perspiration having her naked body obtain the full benefit of her flesh against the leather as she delighted in finding a leash, riding crops, a ball gag and various other aids to express her budding dominance. She drank and read his confessions till the early hours, trailing the whip and posing with it, at last nestling into bed with the braided instrument of her authority, a talisman of her own.

Kurt stripped naked immediately he got home, and sank to his knees with eyes closed as he played with his already stiff cock which had remained semi erect throughout his journey home. He thought of the command in the voice of the deliciously classy woman, her divine shape and presence, the delicate and elegantly manicured hand that accepted his card. He needed no stimulus from the women of the sado-masochistic sites via his computer, no words from his collection of novels about severe and dominant women, just the recollection of her gracious and supreme persona took complete control of him as he imagined being a lapdog at her feet.

The wickedness of her smile and the natural authority of her accent had him pulse out wads of semen in pure submissive ecstasy as he perched on his haunches in subliminal surrender, the turgid pleasure of draining his balls in honour of her dominance increasing his yearning to know her most spiteful attributes with each ecstatic spurt of semen. He panted as he recovered his senses, the thought of servicing her wet cunt with his tongue in gratitude bringing a wry smile to his face; he resigned himself to the post orgasmic reality that she was way out of his class, but knew the yearning for her would never subside.

He hoped like nothing else that he’d get another glimpse of her if he were ever invited to another book club meeting, and he’d wank eternally over the existing vision he held anyhow. Just the same, the hope that she just might contact him remained teasingly lodged in the back of his mind as he enjoyed a second wank in her honour.

Hortense allowed Sadie to take the leash she’d fitted to Brown, her new male who would now be known eternally by his surname, to lead him from the cab to her door while she strutted ahead, giving him an immediate taste of the exposure he’d earned on becoming her pet. The smugness he’d felt at the knowledge of his usurping her former favourite was initially reduced and yet strangely enhanced submission wise as the cab driver gaped then grinned at his being led like a dog in public by the formidable looking red headed woman. His ego was further reduced by the apparent indifference to his existence shown by his Mistress in allowing her friend to take charge of him, whilst she sauntered nonchalantly up the steps to her expensive household.

Once in, he was immediately taken up the stairs, erect and hard as he watched the fine arse he’d soon be worshipping, and the bulbous arse of Sadie which would soon sit on the face of his forbear, flex and shimmer as they ascended before him. Brown gasped audibly in a mixture of fear and sweet anticipation as the two women opened a bedroom door and led him in, to view a male trussed naked on the bed, gagged and helpless; as he writhed in bondage and showed his arse, Brown swallowed hard on seeing the flat base of a generous butt plug keeping his anus wide. Hortense just sneered at pointed at her new acquisition.

“You! Clothes off and kneel by the cane rack.” Her bark had brown stumbling to get to the well appointed rack facing the bed, trying to undress as he went; Sadie grinned at his feeble obedience as Hortense stood over him in total authority and grinned as she unbuckled the leash while he struggled awkwardly with his clothes. She took a long thin cane from the rack and turned to the squirming male, Brown catching the look of misery in his eye as his head turned to meet the contemptuous gaze of the woman.

“You’re of no use to me now. You’ll know the whims of your new Mistress, and be seen at the next ball on her leash, but you’ll have something to remember me by and give my new pet an idea of the discipline he’ll know.” Brown’s cock erected as he watched the bound male’s body stiffen in routine expectancy as the formidable woman posed by the side of the bed, hand on hip, displaying her mature feminine form in all its dominance as she flexed the cane.

“Feel my utter contempt for you!” Her contented sneer was followed by an immediate sweep of the cane, its sound bringing Brown’s anus to a lush tingling of fear, the sound of the impact on the bound male’s flesh making him jump, partly in fear, and partly in impatience to know the sadistic attentions of the magnificent woman who had chosen to own him on the merest sexual whim. He watched as the male was swiftly thrashed, the superb Hortense smiling as he writhed under the fresh red stripes and was quickly reduced to tears. Her contented eyes turned to her new acquisition as she continued to apply firm and punishing strokes, pleased to catch the submissive anticipation on his face as he was shown what to expect.

The blubbering male was pointed to the door with her cane when punishment had been served, Sadie unbinding him quickly in her eagerness to have him home and ride his face. Fitted rapidly with loose clothing, he was led out through the door by his new Mistress without a further word, Sadie exchanging a knowing look with Hortense. She watched with a satisfied sneer before closing the door, as Hortense lifted her chin imperiously and pointed her cane to the bed, Brown eagerly ascending it to lie beneath his Mistress and receive the welcome of her cane.

Kurt could think of nothing without it leading on to thoughts of the supreme Esther, finding himself daydreaming and erecting periodically, still all thumbs two days after his first encounter. His phone rang, as it did frequently, and jerked him out of the fantasy he was then having. A dour male voice bleated out above the sound of traffic from wherever he was. “Gonna need more magnolia than we thought at Blenheim Street mate! ... probably by tomorrow at the latest.” Theo’s brain clicked through the itinerary for tomorrow, he didn’t have any pressing duties, but it would be nice to know for sure in case something else turned up. “Double check will you Bainesy ... I’ll pop to the merchant’s in the morning if it’s urgent.” There was a sudden interaction audible in the background, followed by a slight pause.

“Bugger, Traffic Warden ... I’ll check and call back...” Theo sighed as the call went dead, putting the kettle on, and in the process of preparing a coffee when it rang again. Without bothering to check the number and not waiting to here the expected voice at the other end, he fired off.

“Yes? No? Bainsey?, tomorrow or not?” He froze as a soft and educated female voice replied, the tone revealing a certain pleasure in catching him unawares.

“I do hope this is Kurt Tucker I’m talking to ... I’m afraid I can’t assist with ‘Bainesy’, but I was hoping you might be available today or tomorrow ... it’s Esther Howard ... we met a couple of days ago?...” Theo stumbled his words, in immediate shock, but hearing that voice and the hidden command in it, had him erect as he visualised her.

“I ... of course ... whenever ... whenever...” Esther cut in commandingly as she smiled on feeling the impatience in his voice, slipping a finger through the wet lips of her cunt as she lay on the couch, so glad she’d got round to calling him after a suitable delay.

“ ... Then you’ll come today, that’s settled. I told you I may require your services, I’ve something that I may put you to task on ... You know Queen’s Avenue? ... number 22.” His heart raced, while the control in her voice made his balls tingle, and he thought of the imposing properties on that street...

“Why yes of course, I...” Esther cut him short again, already enjoying the feeling of being in command of him, even at a distance. She spread her thighs and eased her finger across her clitoris, almost sighing as she spoke.

“Good ... then you’ll be here at, say three o’clock?”

“Yes ... yes ... of course...”

“I shall be waiting for you, be prompt.” He gaped to confirm, but the signal was gone; she’d made her command and knew he’d obey. Esther’s cunt rose as she tensed her buttocks and slipped her fingers through the wetness of her excitement; she was still just a little apprehensive about the sexual desire which got stronger with every moment, but she was pleased with the way she handled that first call so naturally. She was feeling nicely dominant now; she’d surprised herself with the command which flowed spontaneously, and the feeling that the simple control she’d had over him during the call gave her an erotic thrill which she was more than keen to develope further. She’d seen the ease with which Hortense and Martine commanded males, how they dominated so naturally, and she yearned for that. The leash hung over the couch; her clitoris bulged as she thought of his reaction on seeing it, and knowing he’d wear it for her without question. Now, what to wear? Kurt’s heart was in his mouth, he stood staring at the wall in shock for a few moments, his cock already semi erect as thought on various scenarios, but his rational mind told him to get a grip; she’d just want his trade services, at perhaps a reasonable reduction as she’d been acquainted with him ... acquainted with him at a sex story meeting - his mind returned to the possibility of the erotic ... no, he didn’t get that lucky, he tried to quell his ardour, but it wouldn’t quite go away. Hearing her voice again had aroused him immediately - at least he’d have the chance to see her again on a couple of occasions, it might lead to something? He laughed at himself; no, she was way out of his social league and wouldn’t be seen dead with a bum like him, but he’d see her, smell her, and keep those memories close to masturbate over. He freshened up in the shower, and dealt with the more mundane tasks in hand as he watched the clock tick by, only one thing really on his mind.

Esther pondered over what to wear; her heart burned at the thought of wearing no more than a black chiffon gown over her bear flesh, and answering the door with whip in hand to have her body express her intentions immediately, but that would not be he way. She’d need make sure that the thoughts he’d transferred to novels were what he desired in the reality of a lifestyle, and not just something to wank over in secret ... but he’d opened himself up to it, by attending the book club - he MUST want to be enslaved, she told herself.

Her cunt expressed an excited camel-toe in the black satin panties she slipped on as she grinned to herself and studied her curves proudly in the mirror; a tight silk blouse would show her nipples in subtle fashion, the black leather pencil skirt she’d bought; one of the first things she’d purchased after disposing of her husband, would be perfect - he’d not approved when she’d expressed her desire to own one, suggesting it was ‘tarty’ - it was not; it simply showed her slender waist, generously curved arse, and emphasised the femininity of her legs perfectly. With black stockings and tall heels, she was ready to dominate, subtly but undeniably.

Kurt struggled to maintain his composure, finding it hard to maintain an air of nonchalance even with himself as he walked down the line of expensive properties on Queen’s Avenue. As 22 came into view, he quickly checked the shoulders of his shirt, lest a discarded hair might dowdy his image - he laughed to himself as he did so, what was he thinking? ... get a grip on reality, this would just be another job estimate. His cock swelled in defiance of his trying to kid himself though, and he adjusted his trousers uncomfortably after ringing the bell. Esther also struggled with keeping her composure, adjusting her hair nervously in the mirror by the door after spraying her most seductive perfume into the air on descending the stairs, in the hope to aid his permanent entrapment; her cunt tingled as she admired her figure in the hall mirror, the leather skirt showing the femininity of her waist, hips, and buttocks to perfection. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Both Kurt and Esther stood speechless for a moment, their eyes telling each other what both truly desired, but their pretence taking the lead before one would confirm the inevitability of what must follow. Kurt’s heart pumped, his balls tingling at the delicious presence that Esther radiated, the skirt and blouse announcing the assertive woman she was beautifully - he was almost scared to enter, and the feeling enhanced his desire to be dominated. Esther was glad to see him dressed casually, his clothes would be discarded easily and she wanted to demand he stripped immediately; she yearned to see him naked and leashed ... She found her words.

“Ohh ... Do come in ... I’m glad you found me OK.” Both he and she smirked to themselves at the involuntary double meaning of her greeting, he watching the graceful movement of her arse so snug in the leather as she strode purposely toward the stairs; he more than found her OK, and she felt his eyes follow her wiggling backside obediently, confirming it in her mind.

“We’ll go up to the upper lounge, we’ll be nice and comfortable there.” Kurt was immediately impressed with the abundant luxury of the house, its decorative order impeccable, and the heady scent of femininity so freely dispersed by Esther brought his erection up hard; his body shivered as he felt he was living through one of his written fantasies, this was definitely the domain of a superior woman. Esther took her time in ascending the stairs, knowing his eyes would feast, and at the same time endure torture, on what lurked beneath the tight pencil skirt. She was already developing a warmly assertive mood as her confidence re-aserted itself now he was through the door and within her clutches.

As they entered the lounge he’d come to know so well as a place of worship to femininity, Esther sat gracefully into the soft leather of the sofa, crossing her legs and keeping her back straight in a stance of natural authority. Yes, the leash was hung over the seat next to her, and she was keen to dispose of any pretence with immediate effect. As Kurt stood nervously on the lush carpet, her cunt tingled at the control over him she already felt, comfortable in her domain and more than ready to dominate. Kurt’s eyes surveyed her as she smiled up at him with the slightly contemptuous look he’d seen before from so many well-to-do women when confronting a tradesman, but this smile carried so much more. His anus signalled its concurrence with his willingness to cede hs soul to womanhood as he took in her superbly mature and authoritative presence, beckoning him to kneel in worship and pledge his submission to her.

As he stood, seemingly suspended in time, Kurt’s eyes caught the leash, and he gave a visible sharp intake of breath, bringing a pleased look from Esther, she too now finding it hard to keep her studied composure. She gave a cursory glance at the leash, then smiled confidently at him.

“Oh, I have no dog ... and we both know why you’re really here, don’t we?” Esther could see both the relief and the pleasing awkwardness in his face as she prepared to expose him, and claim him as her property. Her sense of triumph overflowed as she thought on the last male who’d occupied the house and that room, how she’d had to be the meek socialite housewife and how he’d slung his apparel about, she no more than an item of furniture in his house. Now it was hers, the decor her choosing, and the male who stood transfixed by her dominant presence would be hers too; her domain, her rules, the excitement flushed through her. She didn’t wait for him to reply; her cunt oozed with impatience now. She took the leash and laid it over her lap.

“Strip off, and kneel at my feet ... I’m anxious to see you looking dominated, as well as feeling it.” Kurt’s feelings were those of an ironic liberation in the face of obvious enslavement, the atmosphere transforming immediately into a deeply erotic and surreal bliss as the crisp command of her words compelled him to do just as he was told. He watched her breasts rise and fall in the tight blouse, her pensive inhalation revealing the raw passion she felt but guarded within the calmness of her wonderfully assertive exterior, as he undid his clothing and let it drop to the floor to reveal the extent of his own passion; something he’d yearned for and expressed in the sometimes sordid chapters of his written work, the physical signal of his stiff erection just the tip of the mental desires he relished as a submissive.

Esther exhaled and almost released a pleased smile as she viewed his body; he was no Adonis, no body builder, but his physique was satisfyingly masculine, her first thoughts being her pride on displaying him on the leash to Hortense and Martine. She pointed to her feet.

“I believe I told you to kneel? ... I can see that you’re going to be in need of some discipline if you’re going to be my pet.” Her smile increased as he immediately sank to his knees for her, his eagerness to do so, completely in response to her command rather than the promise of the discipline which he relished being subjected to. His cock perked as he dared speak his first words, the sound of his own voice offering submission, giving him a thrill which rippled through him in a cold sweat.

“I beg your forgiveness ... Madam Esther...” Her breasts swelled with satisfaction as she eased herself into a position of dominance over him, his submissive nature having the mutual bond of dom and sub flow so deliciously, without inhibition from either; her cunt tingled as she adjusted her legs slightly, the squeaking of her leather skirt taking his eyes to her broad thighs and hips, the sweet and gentle bulge of her feminine belly making him gasp. She so wanted to feel his tongue worship her cunt and arsehole, but she must be patient and enjoy her command whilst still dressed first.

“That’s MISTRESS Esther from now on ... you may beg to kiss my feet now, then maybe I’ll let you wear the leash, if you please me in doing so ... you do want to wear the leash for me, don’t you?” Her teasing tone and wicked smile as she purposely complicated things for him, excited him all the more; he’d only been asked to make a simple request and answer a question, but the significance of them both, had his cock boning as she toyed with the leash in her delicately manicured hands, and had that skirt squeak again. She enjoyed watching him swallow hard.

“Yes Mistress Esther, I want to wear the leash ... want to wear it for you ... and I beg ... beg to kiss your feet.” She gave no verbal acknowledgment, but pointed to her feet, and as he went down and out of her vision, she sighed with the pure ecstasy of what was happening, fighting her own urge to rip off her skirt immediately and lift her legs high to receive that tongue ... but she thought on what Hortense would do, and she had all the time in the world ... and every act felt so erotic, making her wetter - her dominance was developing further with each humbling of her pet. Kurt’s balls tingled as he studied the sleek stilettos as he kissed them, the sheer black nylon covering the graceful ankles and calves ... just this worship was heaven, his cock boned at his fortune; he was being dominated at last, and the erotic euphoria was immense, he yearned to spend for her.

He felt her move as he plied his submissive adoration upon her shoes, and found her standing over him.

“Enough my pet! You’ll wear the collar and leash now ... I want to see you humbled and ready to be led ... to wherever the whim takes me.” She looked magnificent as he peered meekly up at her from his knees, his cock pulsing as her soft fingers buckled the collar about his neck to claim him as hers, the feeling of being owned so overwhelming as he was secured like a lowly beast, her red lips parted slightly as she breathed with a sighing motion; her pleasure intense and she now more than content to show her excitement. He noted her nipples firmly erect through the blouse as she made him hers, the vision of her dominance making him want to spurt his seed in submission. She closed her eyes for a moment as she gave the leash a firm tug, her cunt tingling incessantly.

“Now, on all fours! ... to the mirror, let’s see how you look now I have you in your place.” She trailed her arm, and let him watch her stride before him as he felt the pleasure of being paraded as her property for the first time, knowing he’d be fit to erupt as he watched her arse and legs move in the tight skirt, dominated, sweetly humiliated for her pleasure, as the skirt squeaked with the delectable movement of her arse. She smiled wickedly down at him as they approached the full length mirror, and she posed dominantly as he gasped at seeing himself naked and leashed at her feet, he so wanted to masturbate at what he saw. She grinned and stood hand on hip with legs slightly apart as she watched him pant excitedly at his own image.

“Well!!!! ... look at how you’ve been reduced already ... humiliated on a leash, and without so much as a stroke of a cane or whip...” She also started to pant, her desire to come as desperate as his. As she stood savouring her power over him, the memory of the whip sliding through her cunt and its leather braid stimulating her clitoris so satisfactorily, teased her urges beyond denial. She pulled a soft seated throne-like chair into the view of the mirror, side on, so both could witness what was to come, taking care to keep her legs straight whilst bending to pull it from low down, giving him a good view of her ample arse stretching the leather skirt. He dreamed of tasting the whip or cane by her hand as she grew in confidence moment by moment, her emerging dominant sexuality bringing the zenith of his submissive desire to the fore, and honing it sharp at her commanding presence.

“Now It’s time for further worship, something which will show your humility to me.” Her eyes showed the wicked delight of years of pent up wanting being released as she unzipped the skirt and let it drop; yes, she was in control, and the black satin panties silhouetted the cunt that expressed the power of her femininity wonderfully, his eyes transfixed on its wet promise as he trembled on the leash in obedience.

“Oh yes ... I read all about your weaknesses, and I’m going to exploit every one of them to the full. You’re mine now ... sniff at what you’ll live to worship from now on.” She sighed in a blessed state of euphoria on tugging the leash gently, and watched herself in the mirror as Kurt eagerly put his nose to the heat of her moist panties and sniffed lovingly at the rich arousal, his cock boning rigid at knowing the spice of the woman who would now own him. She savoured the reflection of her own image as he paid the first worship to her sex, her ego swelling to match her cunt as he showed his willingness to succumb to her control. She stepped back and peeled the panties down, then eased back into the chair and lifted her thighs to its arms.

“You’ll lick my cunt now, I’ll have a satisfactory performance or you’ll taste the cane before schedule.” Kurt’s own state of euphoria now edged him to a divine abyss as she eased him forward on the leash, her spread cunt open for worship, its wet lips and graceful flaps glistening in the light like a flower, her broad thighs drawing him relentlessly to a life of servitude to her. She let out a wistful sigh of pleasure as she felt the first rasp of Kurt’s tongue lick the nectar from her sensitive flesh, he panting hard in excitement as he tasted her essences in an eagerness to please his new mistress. She moaned softly as he lapped lovingly at her folds then teased her clitoris from its hood with the tip of his tongue, his methodic attentions carried out in the mesmerising pleasure of serving her in obedience. Esther lifted her legs higher and felt a glorious tingling in her anus as she pulsed it in and out, the tart pleasure of her dominance needing to see him put in his place.

“Ohhhh!! ... you’ll lick my arsehole now ... show me how deeply your desire to be dominated is.” There was no element of hesitation from Kurt, taking a gratuitous sniff at the sweet tang of her velvety pucker as he went down to serve it, then licking around its soft brown circumference before gently probing, then thrusting his tongue deep into its tight warmth. Esther’s finger went urgently to her clitoris, rubbing hard at its aroused protrusion, her pleasure intensifying at the growing understanding of their novice relationship.

“Masturbate for me ... Ohhhhh! ... and look at yourself in the mirror ... I want you to see your humiliation ... see yourself spend as you learn your place below me!” She felt the relief run through him, the hot breaths from his nose at the lower cleft of her wet cunt increasing as he gratefully took his cock in hand and quickly worked himself into a lusting for total submission to her. He strained his eyes to see past the taut cheek of her arse to see himself as commanded, not erring from his service of duty to his superior’s anus; the vision signalling the coming eruption of seed from his tingling balls as she lifted her legs high and moaned the commencement of her first orgasm in dominance of him.

Kurt’s eyes met hers in the reflection, catching the ecstatic look of triumph which transcended the deeply satisfying orgasm his submission awarded her; the look intensified his own lust as he saw himself, collared and naked on his knees, openly masturbating as he tongued her arsehole in homage to her feminine superiority. Yes, he was hers and he was hopelessly owned, the pleasure of it bringing a subliminal and deeply erotic orgasm as her smile witnessed the turgid surrender of his seed. His tongue thrust deep in worship of her as he jerked a torrent of hot seed, the jets of milky white come streaking to the legs of the chair and across the floor; he was enslaved and they both knew it.

Hortense clicked her phone off and placed it on the table, smiling first at the cur whose striped back and arse shimmered below her as he sucked at her toes, then across to Martine who sat perched haughtily upon a chair, calmly manicuring her nails, her spread pleated skirt partly concealing the male below it whose face was being used as a cushion.

“I take it you got the gist of that? ... Esther has taken charge of that writer, she sounds so excited. She’ll show him on a leash at our next function - it’ll be such a pleasure, showing her how to dominate thoroughly; there’s nothing quite as refreshing as seeing a male exposed for what he is on the first occasion.” Martine squirmed her ample buttocks on the face below it, pleasuring the erotic tingle the notion gave her, sighing wickedly.

“Oh yes ... and sampling his talents intimately will be such a thrill after he’s known us so formally at the book club ... I do hope she won’t mind us encouraging his obedience.”

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