Maggie - a New Lifestyle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Nephew, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mature woman gets the sex life she never had when younger

Author’s note: this chapter was previously published as a standalone story titled “When I Am An Old Woman I Shall wear Nothing”

Maggie dried herself after the shower. She looked for her robe but had forgotten it somewhere. As she exited the bathroom she saw herself in the full length mirror. “Not bad for 55 and 2 kids,” she thought. Realizing that it was warm and no one else was home, she decided to be adventurous and forget about the robe. Just yesterday she had read the poem “When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple”. Catching up on reading was her main activity for the first month after retiring from a career as a schoolteacher. Her husband had died a year earlier and her kids were grown and moved away. She had an average body with full but somewhat sagging older breasts, but it was kept in excellent condition with careful eating and regular visits to the adult wellness center.

The poem had struck a deep resonance in her. Her life had been very predictable and conservative. At age twenty-one, after graduating from college, she married her high school sweetheart as a wedding night virgin. She had brought forth two children and had weekly sex until a year before her husband’s death. They had been active at church and traveled a bit but nothing adventurous, as that was just not her husband’s style, and she was a dutiful wife.

But she knew that there was something missing and the visiting with the other women at the wellness center was really setting off her curiosity. They talked about porn sites on the web. She had never seen a picture of a nude person of either sex. She was curious but hadn’t followed up yet.

It felt good to go about the house nude. It was freeing and a bit wicked. “What if someone came to the door? Should I just greet them this way?” That thought gave her a tingle. Mmmm, this was kind of fun! Her tits swung and swayed as she moved around. Sometimes they brushed against things and that made her nipples feel good.

She bought the first romance novel of her life and laid out on the chaise lounge in the fenced back yard by the pool. She poured a big glass of sangria and as she got to the steamy parts, her fingers strayed to her crotch, parting the fine fur and rubbing her clit. The story and being exposed outdoors were very exciting and she brought herself off before long. Over the next few days she enjoyed the rest of the novel in a similar fashion.

The next time sex was brought up in conversations at the wellness center, and it frequently was, she got some web site recommendations from the other women. This was another revelation for her. The pictures, videos, and erotic stories got her into a high state of arousal. This unusual level of stimulation drove her to use the dildo her husband had given her when he was unable to perform due to his illness. But that was lacking something as well. She came to the profound realization that she had missed quite a bit having never been an independent single woman. But now was her chance!

In the house behind hers lived a widower her age who had lost his wife about six months earlier. The couples had been friends and would do things together from time to time but never really became close. She liked Ray’s personality and he had appreciated the meals she took him for a while after his spouse passed away. Maggie didn’t think he had yet developed another relationship from the occasional conversations they had.

She was reading a fairly hard core sex story she printed off of the internet, naked as usual on the chaise lounge when the gate to Ray’s house suddenly opened and he came through. She looked for something to cover up with when he whistled and said, “Don’t spoil the view!”

“This old bag isn’t much of a view.”

Ray dropped the shorts he was wearing so show his rising erection. “This guy sure likes it.”

She laughed and invited him to sit down while she got another glass of sangria for her guest. She kept peeking at his rigid dick and could smell her pussy getting aroused. They visited for quite a while and had a good time so she invited him to dinner the next day.

Right on time he came through the gate between their yards bearing a big bottle of wine. They ate and drank by the pool, both of them enjoying the food and the company. After much of the wine was gone, Maggie cleared the table and invited Ray for a swim under the stars. No suits allowed.

They swam, talked, and played for a while, getting more and more comfortable being naked together. Finally Maggie took his hand, leading the way out of the pool and they toweled each other off.

Talking ceased as touching and kissing became a much better way of communicating. Towels were thrown over the big chaise lounge and Maggie opened her thighs to welcome the second cock of her life. The dildo had kept her vagina conditioned so Ray entered easily and fucked her with technique and energy she had never known. She was almost delirious with the pleasures of repeated climaxes by the time Ray shot his cum into her.

After hugging and kissing for a while Ray pulled her on top of him and showed her how to ride a love pole. As he played with her nicely hanging boobs, she reached a final climax when she again felt his hot semen surge deep in her body, and then she lay down on top of him.

Sometime later she stirred and weakly said, “Thank you for an amazing evening. Let’s talk tomorrow...” She climbed off Ray and staggered into the house, leaving her partner to find his way home.

It was midafternoon before Ray’s phone rang. A somewhat timid voice asked him to meet his neighbor at her poolside. When he came through the gate Maggie was wearing a short pool cover up and had two ice teas on the table. She smiled at him as he sat next to her and reached out for his hand.

Ray let her lead the conversation. He asked questions that would encourage her to talk since that is what he sensed she really needed to do. At first the conversation was light and avoided the events of the previous evening but Ray guided it towards her feelings.

After he learned about her very limited sex life and the recent decision to explore new things, Ray excused himself and retrieved a bottle of champagne from his house. He proceeded to toast the “new Maggie” and the beginning of the rest of her life. He praised her attractiveness and the adventurous spirit she had recently demonstrated.

As the bubbly took effect, Maggie shed the cover up and they moved to the double chaise. She noticed that Ray often looked at her body and his cock showed his appreciation.

As she lightly stroked the firm shaft, she asked, “How did you learn to use this thing so well?”

Ray replied, “Well, my wife and I each had a number of lovers in high school and college. Even when we met we didn’t date exclusively for at least a year.”

Maggie interrupted, “Did you know that she was having sex with other men?”

“Yes, she didn’t hide it.”

“That didn’t bother you?”

“At first a little bit, but then it became a turn on to know how sexy she was. It obviously didn’t reduce her enthusiasm for me. I got all I could handle. She later explained to me that having more lovers actually made her hornier. When we became closer as a couple then her fuck buddies became fewer. There was one, Pete, who she had been screwing before she met me and who was a special friend. They had long ago decided that it could never be more than friendship but they had great sex together. They continued once or twice a week during our engagement until about a month before the wedding and then even after the honeymoon until we moved to my new job. My wife got her “extra Peter” several times a year whenever he or we could visit. The only exceptions were when we were trying for children and during her final illness. I got to know him as a friend.”

Maggie was flushed and said, “This has really turned me on. Please help me out...”

Ray moved between her spread legs and surprised her by heading south with his mouth and tongue. This was a pleasure that Maggie had rarely experienced and she nearly trapped him between her thighs as she went off like a firecracker. Ray then moved up and buried his rigid rod to the hilt on the first stroke. He surprised her again by not beginning the usual in-and-out but just stayed deep, moving only slightly and slowly enough to keep the sensations awake. He held his weight off her and continued the story of their marital loving.

“Over the course of our marriage we became very close friends with a few couples. We might swap for an evening, a night, or a weekend about once a month. There were a couple of great cruises where we played musical staterooms. My wife always made certain I knew who her best lover was, and vice versa. It was exciting to tell each other of our adventures and share anything new we had learned. I sometimes got to feel her partner’s fresh cum on my cock and she might taste different women’s flavors on me. I have learned just how much well-shared sex can add to a good relationship.”

Maggie asked, “Did you ever watch her having sex?”

“Not at first. She was very sensitive about that even though she would tell me all about it when we fucked afterwards. Years later, when Pete would visit, the door to the guest room was sometimes left ajar with a bedside lamp on. I could peek through the opening to see and hear them going at it. I would always be back in our bed when she returned wet and ready for my cock, as if I had never left. After the kids were gone she became more relaxed about nudity even when Pete was visiting. Eventually Pete joined us in our big bed.”

Maggie had been pushing back against Ray’s cock more and more. Her feelings were so moved and aroused by this story that she was nearly in tears. She whispered, “Your wife was such a fortunate woman ... now fuck me like you fucked her!” And he did...

They spent time together making love at least once each day of the next week. When he did her twice, only an hour apart, that was another sexual first for Maggie. Saturday night Ray took her to dinner and a concert and she asked him to spend the night.

During breakfast, Ray said that as much as he enjoyed a whole night with her it might not be the best thing for that to happen very often. He explained, “You are just beginning to spread your wings and need the freedom to explore who you could become. You could too easily fall in love with me and that would hold you back. I want to be a special friend, lover, and mentor so understand when I resist some things it’s for your best interests. I will only spend the night with you on special occasions for that reason. It would be good for you to develop other male friendships. You know that I am neither jealous nor possessive. You also need to know that the wife of one of the couples we swapped with visits me about once a week. She says it is for my ‘comfort’ but I think she just likes the variety. I enjoy her a lot too.”

Maggie looked thoughtful, “I think I am getting a lot more attention lately from the men at the wellness center.”

Ray replied, “I believe that women who are well fucked have an aura that attracts other men. They are drawn like bees to honey. Are you interested in any of them?”

Maggie said, “There is one man about my age named Tom. He has been making a special effort to speak with me and do the same kinds of activities I’m doing. He is trim and nice looking but we haven’t talked very much. For me, a good man must be like you, a big brain as well as a big dick!”

Ray encouraged her to have coffee with Tom and at least find out about his brain and personality. The dick part would have to wait.

They scaled back their couplings to every other day so that each of them would have some space. Maggie reported that Tom picked up on her interest and they had progressed to lunches and day outings. He was well educated and quite optimistic which suited Maggie well.

Ray encouraged her to check out the rest of the package so Maggie invited Tom to dinner by the pool. The scenario had worked well before and she was much more confident this time around. Tom was quite ready to fall into her “trap” and the chaise lounge saw some more action that night. He was a bit bigger than Ray in the pecker department, but not as skilled. He managed two rounds between her legs and she was quite satisfied by the time he left.

Even though it was late, she had a request from Ray for a report no matter what the hour. Remaining nude on the chaise, oozing Tom’s cum, she called her neighbor, “Come on over and see for yourself how well it went. You told me you liked seconds ... how about thirds?”

Ray burst through the gate already naked and hard. He took a quick taste of her twat and slipped his dick right in. “Oh my God you feel good! I haven’t had fresh fucked pussy since before my wife got ill. Thank you! Thank you!” Very soon his cock throbbed and fired his sperm in with Tom’s.

Maggie dated Tom once or twice a week. He took her to interesting places and activities, and she enjoyed trying out some of the sex techniques she had learned from Ray. Tom didn’t seem to have any other women in his life, and she didn’t tell him about Ray who got a cum by cum recounting when they next fucked. Her mentor enjoyed her excitement as she told about exploring her femaleness. She also liked his stories about past and current sex adventures.

When the women at the wellness center talked about sex she listened carefully. Wouldn’t they get a thrill out of her sex life, she thought. One woman had noticed how Maggie and Tom were interacting and had seen them out together. She asked, in front of the group, if they were a “couple”. Maggie replied that they were good friends but not “steady”, which was the truth as far as it went.

Another woman, Myrtle, about ten years older than Maggie, asked her advice one day. It seemed that her 72-year-old husband was still horny and functional while sex had become painful for her. She had never liked oral sex and helping him masturbate was difficult due to her arthritis. His morals and social skills kept him from pursuing a girlfriend. She cared for him and understood his needs but didn’t know what else to do. Did Maggie have any ideas?

Maggie said she would think on it and talk to her tomorrow.

That evening, in bed with Ray, she related the conversation and then added, “I’ve thought about helping her husband out, but would that make me a whore?”

Ray replied, “It would be like the wife who comes to take care of me. It is being a ‘surrogate wife’ and there are even women who do this as a professional service, yet no one calls them prostitutes. Have you met her husband?”

“Yes, Lloyd is a tall, solid, retired farmer who brings his wife to the center fairly often. He is very polite and considerate of her.”

“It’s your pussy, Maggie, so it is your decision who you share it with.”

“I’ve got to think about it some more. In the meantime I’d like another helping of your loving.”

When she met with Myrtle the next day it was not quite the answer that the older woman expected, but she appreciated the caring behind Maggie’s offer and had some questions. Maggie explained that the first time would be a trial for all concerned. She would like to be with Lloyd alone so it would be easier to get to know each other.

“He’s kinda big down there,” the wife said, “and I’ve had enough experience to know, but he’s real careful with it.”

That raised Maggie’s interest level a lot. She told the wife, “Tell Lloyd I’ll bring you home tomorrow and to be there because I want to talk to him.”

Lloyd was really wondering what was going on when this pretty woman sat down in their living room. Myrtle opened the conversation and explained why Maggie was there. The guy obviously thought that a trick was being played on him so Maggie went over and pulled his huge hands to her tits telling him that Myrtle thought he would enjoy them. He felt her hardened nipples through the thin material as she reached for his crotch. She found much more than a handful waiting.

With no more objections, and a smile for his wife, Lloyd followed Maggie to the bedroom where she discovered that Lloyd was indeed big, gentle and horny. A half hour later a naked Maggie led an equally naked Lloyd back to where Myrtle waited.

He wasn’t big now and Maggie had cum running down her leg as she told the wife, “Next time I’d like you to be with us so we can all share the experience.”

Myrtle gave her a big hug and kiss and took Lloyd back to the bedroom.

Maggie cleaned up, dressed and left. Driving home she thought what a different experience that had been but she had liked it enough to offer a repeat. She estimated that his dick was two inches longer and an inch wider than any she had ever had. Enjoying that big piece of man meat once a week would definitely be on her schedule. She was eager to tell Ray, but he wasn’t home when she got there, so she left an invitation on his phone after she undressed and cleaned up a bit more.

An hour, and a couple of glasses of wine later, she got a return call. Ray had been to the airport to pick up Pete, his late wife’s longtime lover, who was arriving to take care of family business for a few days. Ray inquired if two visitors were welcome and Maggie replied, “If they meet dress code!”

A few minutes later two naked men came through the gate. When Maggie rose to greet them, their cocks arose to show the appreciation of her shapely body. She then gave each man a very tight hug and kiss, telling Pete that she wanted to find out if all the good things Ray had said about him were true. She excused herself to get wine for the guests.

As her ass wiggled away Pete watched it saying only, “Wow!”

After a few hours of swimming, wine, and chatting, Pete offered to treat for dinner so they dressed lightly and went to a casual restaurant. Seated in a booth between two men, the tipsy Maggie got playful with her hands under the table and spread her thighs for the men’s hands. Back at the pool the aroused hostess got naked, laid back on the chaise, and said to Pete, “It is customary for me to get the first sample of a new cock on this furniture. Please help yourself.”

With two nice erections in plain view and easy reach she didn’t need any more foreplay. Pete’s cock head found the entrance well lubricated and within a few strokes was exploring the full depths of her cunnie. After a few minutes of fucking he signaled to Ray who then replaced him at the Y so Maggie’s mouth could feel his cock. This was Maggie’s first threesome and the men, who had worked as a team before, made sure she would never forget it. They changed positions and combinations until first Pete and then Ray sprayed semen on her cervix. Maggie had multiple orgasms. The two men covered up the sleeping, fucked out woman on the chaise and left through the gate.

In the early morning, Maggie awoke, took a quick pee in the grass, and went back to the chaise. She gently played with her slightly sore pussy, spreading the oozing cum around as she recalled the delicious and wicked memories of the previous day. That was one for her diary! Fucking three different men in the same day, two for the first time, and having her first threesome. She idly wondered how many men it was possible to bang in one day? This seemed like enough for now but if the opportunity arose what would she do? She used her cum lubricated finger for a small orgasm before she headed to the shower.

She entertained Pete, and of course Ray, the next two evenings. They did talk about Ray’s late wife and Maggie enjoyed the sex stories Pete told. He was currently living with a woman who was loving but not adventurous and he complimented Maggie with word and cock.

She managed to work in a nooner date with Tom while Ray and Pete were busy elsewhere but didn’t do Lloyd until the next week.

Her life then settled down to a lusty schedule. She visited Lloyd on Wednesdays after the wellness center. Myrtle joined them in the marital bed, kissing and touching her husband as he coupled with her surrogate. Maggie never kissed him but often held Myrtle’s hand as the big man’s sizeable penis stretched her vagina in both directions. His ejaculate was substantial, being saved up for a week. Maggie let it drain when she peed and thought that Ray might enjoy banging in it.

Included in her busy schedule of visits to the wellness center, some volunteer work in youth programs, reading, and nude yard work, were dates with Tom once or twice a week which usually included sex. He was interesting, dependable, and seemed quite happy with whatever involvement Maggie wished. He had his own life too and didn’t try to invade hers.

Ray was a regular visitor to her bed, or chaise, though he was always mindful of Maggie’s needs. With her permission he created a viewing hole through the fence so he could watch when she fucked Tom by the pool. Knowing she might be watched added a little thrill to the otherwise pretty conventional times with him.

A couple of weeks later Maggie got a phone call that began. “Hi cousin Maggie, this is Phillip! I’m going to be in town for meetings next week and I’d like to have dinner with you.”

“Where are you staying?”

He named a nice hotel and she agreed to meet him there. When the day came they enjoyed a good dinner and lots of catch-up conversation. He was a good looking man in his early forties, long time married with three boys. In his hotel room they enjoyed some bourbon he had brought.

Maggie noted how much he looked at her, how close he stayed, and the compliments about how she looked better than he could ever remember. Was her “well fucked aura” even attracting a relative? She subtly responded to his attentions with lots of smiles, looks, and touches as they sat on the loveseat in his room. Finding out that he would be there two more nights, she boldly invited him to stay at her house so they could get “better acquainted”. The implications of that were lightly veiled.

His token objections were silenced by her offer to provide shuttle service to his meetings since it wasn’t very far. Maggie was distracted all day as her thoughts kept going back to the handsome younger man who would be her guest. She cancelled a date with Tom and filled Ray in about her impending guest.

Bringing Phillip home after his meetings, she duly installed him in the guest room and fixed drinks for both of them by the pool. Her pussy tingled with incestuous thoughts as she hoped that her “dinner and dip” seduction routine would once again be successful. From the hugs and looks Phillip gave her, she was pretty optimistic. She had changed into a light cotton summer dress sans underwear. While not directly revealing, her buns & boobs could be seen moving around nicely as she served and they enjoyed the cocktail hour.

After the second drink, in the twilight, Maggie looked intently into Phillip’s eyes as she stated, “Please join me for a swim!” She stood up, pulled the dress over her head, and dived into the pool. Phillip paused to grasp the situation, then began stripping revealing a nice, partially filled cock to Maggie’s gaze before he too jumped in the pool. She noticed how close he stayed and took every opportunity to brush him with her breasts. His cock made frequent contact with her as well.

Phillip finally sat her on the edge of the pool and gave his squirming cousin a thorough tongue fucking. He took her to the chaise and pushed his hard shaft into her as they kissed. After a few warmup pumps Phillip withdrew and laid back on the chaise. Maggie climbed on and re-welcomed the substantial organ deep within her. He gave her swaying tits lots of attention with hands and lips as she took charge of getting them off.

Phillip’s cock stayed quite firm after ejaculating so Maggie enjoyed it soaking inside her as she lay on top of her new lover. “Have you ever thought about fucking family before?” she asked.

“Better than that, I’ve done it for a long time. One of our older and experienced cousins stayed with my family one summer and she taught me a LOT about women. We still do each other a few times a year.” No name was mentioned but Maggie was pretty sure who he was referring to.

Phillip continued, “I’ve thought about you for years but you seemed too straight laced.”

“Until recently I was,” Maggie replied, “but as you can tell, I’ve ‘opened’ up a lot.”

Phillip chuckled, getting the double meaning. “My wife knows about our cousin and she will hear about you too. We don’t keep secrets. She can’t criticize since she has a couple of special cousins on her side and they get together once in a while between family reunions. I know she will want you to visit ... she already thinks you are attractive so wait till she sees you now! I think she’d like to get naked with you.”

“I’ve never done a woman but it seems like fun from what I’ve heard ... and especially if you were there too.”

His cock was regaining its glory so Maggie took him to her bed ... why mess up the guest room? After they fucked and were going off to sleep, Maggie recalled memories of coupling with her husband, then Ray, and also Pete on this very mattress. Each man was very enjoyable in their own unique ways and she did not prefer one over another but just appreciated who she was with when it happened. She also marveled about people’s secret lives. She would never have guessed that Ray and his wife, or Phillip and his, were so open sexually. She supposed that her friends would be really surprised about her too ... but what hidden lives did they have?

Sometime later she was awakened by Phillip spooning her and sliding his rehardened cock between her thighs. She raised her leg and guided the love arrow into its wet target. They fucked gently until both were finished then went back to sleep still spooned.

There was just enough time for a quick shower in the morning before Maggie took her cousin downtown to his conference. On her way back she stopped by the wellness center. Myrtle greeted her and reported that their marriage was better than it had been in a long time. Lloyd was in such good spirits and had more energy than she remembered.

Maggie felt very good about the news and then realized that it was the day she visited Lloyd. Too late to cancel on them now, she thought. Oh well, Phillip wouldn’t mind anyway ... even if had any say in the matter. Having been fucked twice in the past twelve hours and now being with Lloyd had her horny feelings wound up. This time she rode him so she could control the penetration of his very large pecker. He loved to see and fondle her ample tits and she had gently encouraged Myrtle to touch her too. The older wife would now even stroke where their crotches were joined. Maggie caressed and held the older woman’s soft floppy breasts and took the husband’s cum on her fingers and diddled the wife to a climax.

After a nice dinner downtown, Maggie took Phillip for a moonlight swim and then spent hours in slow and thorough lovemaking. They awoke and enjoyed fucks before and after breakfast to properly send him on the four hour drive home.

Shortly after she kissed Phillip goodbye, nude as usual, she called Ray. “Has there been a pussy drought over there?” she teased.

He replied, “Yes, I sure am in need of a wet one.”

“I’ll bring one right over...”

Her twat made lots of squishy noises as Ray banged it vigorously. “You weren’t kidding about the wet part”, he remarked as he added his creamy contribution. He lay beside her and reinserted his firm cock into the sopping love hole as she related all that she had been doing since he had last visited there.

“Thank God pussies don’t wear out”, he remarked as he regained his erection and began stroking slowly in her rather large collection of male deposits. “You are amazing and I am extremely fortunate to have you as such a special friend.”

Maggie held him close and showered him with kisses. “And I am truly blessed to have you as a neighbor and mentor. You have guided my realization of how truly wonderful loving sex can be. And you have greatly helped my learning how to share that gift with people I care for and trust. Last, and far from least, you are a right handy, damn good fuck!”

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