A Touch of His Face
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Loss of sight is a major shock to any young person. Living with it is a constant struggle every day. The awakening of love in the midst of loneliness is hampered by the loss of the sense that is most inspiring to amorous response. Now is the time for other senses to build and strengthen the forces of a healthy libido.

Melody Malone remembered in great detail her earliest years.

Those years when everything was normal and she could see things even if they were a bit blurry.

Then the doctor ruined her parent’s hopes forever with the dreaded words,

“I am afraid your daughter is losing her vision.”

She was only eight years old at the time and it was so long ago that she barely remembered her initial reaction. It seemed to her that she was not overly concerned because the problem of not being able to see anything at all was not likely right at that moment. In fact, it took almost four long years for the lights to go out forever for Melody and when the moment arrived, she was already accustomed to such dim vision that the final stage was a bit anticlimactic from her point of view.

The twelve year old girl was now officially totally blind and she was sent to a special school in downtown Manhattan to acquaint her with the tools and tricks she needed to learn in order to survive in a sighted world.

Strangely, it was the following weekend that Melody joined the ranks of nubile young ladies with all the consequences of such matters. In a way, she was happy that she did not have to see her own blood because it was something that really concerned her to the point of becoming faint and off-balance. Just the fact that she was being told all about it was yucky enough for her to absorb fully. Melody’s special school was one of the best in the world and when she finally graduated four years later, she was ready to join the ranks of unsighted fellow travelers with some degree of competence in meeting the test of surviving in the midst of sighted normal citizens.

At the ripe young age of sixteen, Melody was blind, happy and still a virgin, although not entirely by choice in the matter. She had a boyfriend of sorts in the special training school that had some degree of sight better than hers and he relished the opportunity to “see” her up close and personal whenever they found a place for private conversation. As her sight slowly diminished, she found her primary pleasure in simply touching him in places that sent signals to her brain allowed her imagination to do all the work in triggering those delicious urges to discover more about life and love in the now unseen and terribly confusing world around her. She never fully understood the lure of pornography for either the dirty-minded boys or the giggling sense-deprived females in the school. The world was increasingly touch-oriented to her in a certain manner that was in a way a lot more pleasurable. She found that she was no longer in the least bit visually dependent on the restrictions of sight for her breathless satisfaction.

Her parents wanted her to move back home for reasons of safety. Young Melody decided it was time for her to join two other girls with almost total loss of vision in a group home near the special school. It was a program for the unsighted sponsored by a State college grant. She could have the benefit of promoted independent living and earn college credit at the same time.

One of the girls in the residence was actually a grown woman of almost thirty.

Her name was Doris and she was a mixed-blood Puerto Rican and Irish girl born in the Bronx and abandoned by her single parent Irish mother after her father decided he liked the stress-free life style of Puerto Rico a lot better than the responsibilities of fatherhood and being a good husband.

He was not a bad man all things considered, but he wanted to have a bit more fun out of life before he got too old to enjoy the happiness of being a single man. Besides, in his own native tongue, he hit the nail on the head by telling his daughter,

“The food is much better.

The girls are a lot prettier. They open their knees and don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t you ever do anything like that or I will come back and give you a good spanking.

Don’t tell your mama. She has no sense of humor, the poor thing.”

Doris spoke Spanish with a Puerto Rican accent because he insisted on her speaking in their “native tongue” at home and it drove her poor mother to distraction because she couldn’t understand a word they were saying.

The pretty girl with failing sight worked in a candy factory down on Fourteenth Street and the invasive odor of the sugar made her swear she would never eat the stuff ever again. She did take a single bag of the broken pieces home each evening, but it was to give to the neighborhood children that didn’t have to put up with the all-day exposure to a sugar-laden environment for eight straight hours each day. They all looked for her coming up from the subway entrance with greedy looks on their candy-deprived faces like she was a “candy fairy” come to tend to their watering mouths.

She was the “mother” of the group home.

At least, she was the oldest and had been there the longest, so that put her in charge without any election or appointment to certify her authority.

The other girl was Mary.

Melody never remembered Mary’s last name because it was Polish and she got completely tongue-tied after the third syllable making her feel a little bit foolish.

Mary was not really pretty like Melody or Doris, but she had a sturdy frame and strong legs that helped her get around wherever she was a mind to go. She was lucky because she had one eye that had limited vision with the help of thick-lensed glasses. It was Mary that did the cooking and double-checked the denomination of the dollar bills before the others put them in their purse or pocket. Still, she was legally blind and none of them had any real use for television or a newspaper, unless it was a Braille edition with the raised bumps that spelled out the words. She was recently twenty and it seemed like a major turning point for her because she was now officially no longer a virgin. She was a fully certified “woman” in every sense of the word and when Melody came into the home, Mary bombarded her with questions to determine her status in the game of love.

She quickly determined that the newest member of the group home was truly a virgin and not a real woman like Doris and her. It gave her a certain sense of superiority like she had passed a test that poor Melody had yet to even study. In Mary’s mind, it was a required course to be completed before graduating in the school of life.

The apartment was small, but adequate.

The furniture was sparse and they all knew nothing was to be moved from the appointed place without unanimous consent. They each had a separate room. Well, at least Mary and Doris had a bedroom and Melody had her corner with the pull-out sofa.

The first thing Melody noticed in her perpetually darkened world was that both Mary and Doris had their “boyfriends” over for “private time” on a regular basis and she wondered how she would manage such an arrangement considering the public placement of her sleeping quarters in the living room. It was such a delicate subject that she would die of mortification just thinking about posing the question to head mistress Doris.

Besides, she didn’t have a “boyfriend”, so it was strictly a rhetorical question.

Then, she literally “ran into” Danny right outside the public library and he became a part of her life from the very first moment she landed flat on her backside on the pavement.

“I am so sorry, Miss, I didn’t see you coming. I hope you are all right.”

The entire time, poor Danny was brushing off Melody’s pleasingly plump bottom with his big, strong hands that seemed like ten impish devils scouting out all her secret places needing male attention. She was panting more from his ministrations than from her fall to the hard cement. The only damage done was to her sense of pride at being a “fallen woman” and in the capable hands of an unseen male with a romantically deep voice that sent little shivers of anticipation up her spine. She was instantly in her defense mode, hiding behind her dark glasses and trying not to make her cane seem so obvious to her newest acquaintance.

“It was my fault, Sir; I usually stay close to the wall because this entranceway is so crowded with people in a hurry to get somewhere.”

There was a pause in the conversation and Melody was certain the young man was looking her over without saying anything. She was certain that he was checking her out to confirm that she was a “blind” person and she hoped it made him feel even guiltier than he already felt.

Melody and Danny sat on the bench in the warmth of the mid-day sun and he summarized his twenty years of existence in a few short sentences. She almost laughed with delight because he was still holding her arm and the touch of his skin was so exhilarating, it made her want to burst out in a dreadful Broadway tune. Her body was reacting in a new and exciting way just like when the boy at the special school used his fingers to introduce her to the thrill of touch in all those needy places that girls craved attention.

She allowed her hand to fall innocently onto his thigh and she could feel the muscles rippling under the thin fabric of his trousers. All she could think was how important it was to have a bedroom of her own to have a “private” conversation with Danny and end her days of virginal status forever. The sofa in the corner was not going to work for her if she ever wanted to change her social label forever.

They went to the bus stop on the corner and waited for her bus.

“How do you know which bus is yours?”

She laughed because she knew he doubted her ability to do things on her own.

“That’s easy, they have a little chime that dings out a code to tell unsighted people which one it is.”

“What about deaf people?”

“That’s easy all they have to do is read the sign on the front and on the side window.”

Since they both had to go in the same direction, she stood with Danny at the back of the bus holding onto the straps to keep from falling. The seats were all taken, as usual, but she didn’t care because now she had someone to hold onto as the bus swayed and bounced on the uneven road surface. She held onto his waist and allowed her legs to straddle his hip more for the security of having a solid anchor than for any sexual urge. They got off and walked the short distance to the brownstone building on the corner and she managed to open the door without fumbling too much in front of a witness.

“This is a really nice place. How many of you are rooming together?”

She put the key in the bowl by the door. It was never moved because they all used it for their keys and it prevented any last minute crisis to find a key.

“There are three of us. Unfortunately, they each get a bedroom and I get the pull-out sofa in the corner.”

Danny got the idea right away and he swept her up in his arms and held her tightly close to his muscular chest with arms of steel. She melted like butter and wanted to merge into his safe sanctuary of protective surrender. Suddenly, Melody realized the other two girls would not be home for a few hours and there was always the pantry next to the small kitchen with the door that locked from the inside. There might be a solution to her virginity problem that bypassed the fact only the other two girls had private bedrooms and she was much too cautious to open up the pull-out sofa for a dangerous liaison right in full view of the front door.

Pausing long enough to catch her breath from Danny’s probing tongue; she took his hand and pulled him along behind her.

“There is a nice little nook next to the kitchen that I want to show you. Be sure to lock the door after we get inside.”

He turned back to her and she felt his hands start to cup and fondle her breasts with liquid control that turned her special place between her legs into a churning torrent of anticipation and needy passion.

Melody reached down and she confirmed the hard thing poking between her legs was not the broom handle but Danny’s maleness in close quarters pressing her panties up into her feminine folds with determined assertion. She “read” his shaft and soft yielding sacs with her fingers just like she had read his face to add up the ingredients of nose, cheekbones and chin.

She wasn’t sure if it was her or Danny that started to pull down her panties, but they were hanging off her ankles and he had her pressed into the ironing board with her full cooperation. She knew exactly what was pushing into her soft backside and now the shock of receiving an actual male appendage into her female parts made her clutch tightly to his sturdy shoulders and ride it like a cowgirl breaking in a new mount. Her lack of sight made her sensation of touch vastly more important in the crowded space. He defeated her virginity immediately and soon was touching that special place that would be certain to result in her complete submission.

It was over all too quickly for her, but she knew time was of the essence and she did not want the embarrassment of being caught in such a delicate situation by either of her room-mates.

Fortunately, Danny was seated on the sofa and she was just finishing making them both a nice cup of tea with some of the cookies that Mary furnished on a continuous basis much to the delight of both of her room-mates.

The other two girls came in the front door at the same time.

They were aware of Danny’s presence right away despite their lack of sight. He was talking to Melody and both girls asked,

“Who is there, Melody?”

“It is my friend Danny. We are just having some tea. Do you girls want some?”

Shortly after, they all sat and talked.

Danny’s thought was that it was certainly a big change from sitting in front of a television finding more entertainment in watching other people rather than engaging in real live conversation with other humans.

Neither of the other girls suspected that Danny and Melody were just recently locked in each other’s arms, but they both noticed a definite change in Melody’s attitude and a noticeable increase in her self-confidence.

Chapter 2 will follow Melody’s progress in finding suitable employment.

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