Taking a Road Trip!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Cream Pie,

Desc: Sex Story: Prelude - This is the story of Mary, Richard Jr, Jessica and Richard III, the Rogers family! Their family dynamic siginificantly changes during their nearly 1,800 mile Road Trip. Read On!

Our mother Mary earned a two-week vacation for the family to the mountains of Colorado, due to her last six months of sales with Amway.

She’s doing quite well right now. Dad’s trying to support her by showing he loves her, and it’s working out pretty well.

Dad talked her into driving and using the extra money as ‘fun’ money!

That turned a seven hour $500 per person airplane trip into a road trip!

They were both adamant about this, so my sister and I didn’t even try to talk them out of it. Twenty-five hours in a car, 1755 miles ... Raleigh North Carolina to Fort Collins Colorado!

Dad figured it would take four days. Mom thought it would be five. Richard always defers to Mary.

We started the trip the first week of June, after both of us kids were out of school. We went to the same school, Jess is gonna be a senior, I will be a sophomore!

Dad and I each had two suitcases, while the ladies brought... , more than enough for this trip.

Dad and I packed our stuff ... putting a wall of leather between them in the front seat and us in the very back.

We had a new Odyssey, so we wouldn’t be uncomfortable. The cool thing was that the back bench seat could be turned around, to see where you’ve been ... instead of where you’re going.

Physical descriptions are in order:

First, was Richard Rogers Jr, the father of our clan, hair of red, kept short, 6ft4 and rather strong.

Next, at 5ft5 exactly, barefoot, is MaryAnne Rogers ... natural redhead, still has freckles, and very voluptuous. It’s easy to see why dad and her got together!

At 17 years old is the oldest, Jessica Rogers. Guess what? She has red hair and blue eyes. She could end up as buxom as her mother. She’s 5ft7.

Last, and least, is myself, Richard Rogers the Third, or R3, as my sister has nicknamed me. I’m a week from turning 15 and 5ft10, but I am more blond than red.

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