The Purpose of the Prerogative
Chapter 1: From Whence She Came

Rene Hewitt was a happy girl, for many different reasons. The first, and most important to her, was that she had really great parents that loved her and wanted nothing but the best for her.

Her parents, Nathan and Dorris Hewitt, are farmers, or were farmers. Her Dad was born and raised on the family farm that had been settled by his great great grandparents back in the 1850’s. He had fully expected to take over when his Dad, Samuel Hewitt, retired, but hard times and lean years in the early 1980’s led to defaults on their loans and the farm was fore closed on by the bank in 1986. The loss of the farm during her grandfather’s stewardship greatly impacted her grandfather, hastening his death by decades.

The farm was bought from the bank by NFI, National Farming Industries, an agricultural conglomerate that grew to prominence during the 1980’s by purchasing failed farms across the US. For a time her Dad worked on the farm, staying in the home that was theirs just months before, but his taste for farming died when his Dad passed away, and they moved from the farm to a small community not far away and began a new life.

Her Dad found work at the local Ace Hardware and after a time he started doing odd jobs around the area to supplement their income. Her Mom got a job as a cashier at the local Five & Dime on Main Street. Things worked out well and they settled into a simple life, living mostly on the poor side, but happy with what they had.

When she got older and started showing signs that her intelligence exceeded that of the other kids her age, her parents focused their meager income into her scholastic endeavors and extracurricular activities hoping that this would give her opportunities that neither of them had when they were young.

Her Mom also spent a great deal of time with her talking about subjects her own Mother never discussed with her, namely sex and alcohol. Her feeling was that if you missed out on the pancakes you might as well pass on the bacon, which Rene never understood but never, had the nerve to ask what that meant. So when she turned twelve and began to develop her Mom sat her down and talked to her about the birds and the bees.

It was all quite shocking to her. Seems premarital sex had been going on for quite a while.

And when she was done with the discussion on the birds and the bees she moved onto to the elixir of the devil, alcohol. Now both of her parents never drank, or if they did it was not in front of her, and there was none in the house. But the way she talked about it seemed that she had a good understanding of the effects that it had on people.

Seems there is a direct correlation between the consumption of the devils elixir and the deflowering of virgin girls.

But she did partake in the Devils Elixir, minimally. If she drank it was socially, limiting her intake to one, and only on special occasions, and never to excess. It was odd how she thought of that as casual, being that she was underage and that if she was to be caught it could hinder her dreams of going to Georgetown. Drugs were not part of her life, she stayed far away from them. Getting caught drinking would be bad, but if she were caught with drugs or under their influence would ruin her life.

What she got from these discussions with her Mom, was that Sex could be a trap, preventing her from going to college and making a life for herself outside of the small town she lived in if she found herself in the ‘family way’.

When she talked to her friends about sex their opinions were wide ranging and varied, even in defining what are and is not sex. All agreed that vaginal sex was sex, but there was disagreement on everything else, with the exception of kissing on the lips which everyone agreed was not sex. Rene’s head swam as her friends threw around words, phrases, and concepts about sex that she had never heard of before, like anal sex. Who would do that? It was so weird!

Since there was such a wide range of opinions she had a hard time getting her mind around it until she was able to classify her friends into specific categories, Exclusive Relationships, Wedding Night Virgins, Part Timers, and Screw Their Brains Out.

The girls in the Exclusive Relationships group believed that it was okay to mess around and have sex since they were in a committed relationship and wanted to share themselves with the other, and it worked for them. All the girls in this group did end up marrying their partner, so no harm no foul.

The girls in the Wedding Night Virgins group believed in saving themselves until their Wedding Night, though there were some in that group who did things with boys that bordered on sexual relations.

The Part Timers would delve into sexual situations but generally not often, and most didn’t have intercourse, but everything else was fair game, just like the Screw Their Brains Out group.

And that left the Screw Their Brains Out group. Now this was an interesting group with a diverse opinion as to what sex is and what it is not. And, unlike the other groups, those in this group had a wide range of experience and partners and a willingness for most to, push the boundaries, as these girls would, and have, slept with just about anything that had a penis.

A couple of years later her Mom once again freaked her out when she brought up homosexuality. If she wasn’t so traumatized about the content of the conversation she would have laughed hysterically as she watched and listened to her Mom try to talk about the subject. When she came to a word that was inappropriate for a girl Rene’s age or when it came time to talk about what two people of the same sex do together her Mom would stop, in mid-sentence searching her brain for the word or sentence that wouldn’t traumatize either one of them. But it wasn’t the words alone that caused the comedic effect, but the body language, the wringing of hands, the perspiration upon her brow, and the shifting of eyes away from her when Rene looked to her Mom.

And for a time she would look back at this incident with a queasiness she ranked right up there with when her Mom told her Dad that she had her first period. But after some time had passed she looked back at these discussions, including the one on homosexuality, fondly, and appreciated the uneasiness that her Mom had to overcome to talk with her Daughter on something that she felt strongly about.

She took her Mom’s beliefs on Homosexuality seriously and used them as a basis of her own that is until she became aware of Ryan White. Ryan was not a homosexual, but a young hemophiliac boy who lived in Kokomo Indiana who had contracted HIV through a blood transfusion. And it was the ugliness with which people treated him and his family that sickened her, compassion and kindness were the words that needed to be said, not the hateful words of those falling prey to the fears of a disease, or to the hatred of a lifestyle which was different than their own.

This lack of compassion for an innocent young boy who had contracted this fatal disease went far beyond what she felt he and his family deserved. And the strong Christian beliefs she followed were shaken by the words used by some in the religious community as they used the good book for ammunition to hurl barbs of hate, fear, and anger.

Before this event, Homosexuality had bothered her. People who slept with those of the same sex kind of creped her out, not that they had koodies or anything like that, but it showed a disregard for the words of her Lord and Savior and she worried if she associated with them that it would reflect poorly on her. In the back of her mind though, she knew her beliefs could impede her ability to work with people when she moved to the city, being that is where homosexuality was more acceptable than in the small towns where she lived.

But now her opinion has changed. Though Ryan was not a homosexual, she felt that the prejudices inflicted on him were as those thrust upon those who were gay. And if she believed that the prejudices were wrong for Ryan, how could they be right for those who were gay? She did not condone their lifestyle, she could never, or would ever, partake in that lifestyle, but she could not in good conscience put anyone down who lived it.

For Rene guys were the only way to go. And it was proven during the summer between Junior and Senior year when she began dating Jimmy Henderson, a strapping young man with broad shoulders and a physic that most would kill for from working on the farm. Their relationship, from the start, was physical. Their first date was to the 4th of July party at a friend’s place. Later in the evening she followed, willingly, Jimmy to the barn to see of all things, a horse.

Fifteen minutes after entering the barn Jimmy and Rene were swapping spit like there was no tomorrow. Never had she gotten to excited as she was making out with Jimmy. Two weeks later they were again in the barn swapping spit when Rene felt Jimmy’s hands massaging with her breasts. Three weeks later, once again in the same barn, Rene and Jimmy were swapping spit. And as if a timer went off Rene felt Jimmy’s hands upon her breast, massaging them through her cloths. A few minutes later his hand slipped underneath her shirt, and eventually his finger found her hard nipple.

The pleasure she got from Jimmy playing with her nipple brought her back to reality and she put a stop to the adult play that they had moved into. She mulled over this new event and remembered what her Mom had talked to her about sex and how one thing could lead to another and in the end to unwanted pregnancy.

The physical relationship plateaued there and Jimmy was not afforded access to her breasts, that is, until the school Christmas party when they sneaked away to the teachers’ lounge that she truly understood what her Mom meant on the trappings of following the desires of sex rather than the sensibility of being chaste. Their make out session progressed further than before as she succumbed to his ministrations and her own base sexual feelings that screamed to get out. Lost in the sexual raw energy, and the freedom that it entailed, she gave in and had sex with Jimmy. And what began as a painful experience turned into one of the greatest of her young life.

Before she knew it she was rocked by her first orgasm, quickly followed by her second and third before she felt Jimmy climax. As they lay there, basking in the afterglow of their sexual embrace, she realized what she allowed to happen. It wasn’t remorse but fear. Fear was what brought her back to her senses as she quickly got up and arraigned her cloths. Forgotten in the lust that consumed them was the possibility that the unprotected sex she had just had could lead to an unwanted pregnancy.

Jimmy was apologetic, but not remorseful, being that he had achieved his goal. He comforted her with reassuring words that she couldn’t get pregnant the first time. She wanted to believe him, but she knew better. One time is all it took.

In the following days she reflected on her feelings and desires that sex had brought out. She didn’t want to give up on sex, but her inability to acquire the necessary funds to purchase birth control limited her options. She desperately wanted to continue exploring her sexuality with Jimmy but the prospect of pregnancy diminished its luster. Jimmy brought up oral sex, but the thought of it was, revolting.

But Jimmy kept at it, not in a persistent pain in the ass kind of way, but in a slow meticulous steady approach, sweeting the deal by proclaiming that he would perform it on her first and if she didn’t like it she could stop him. And, even of she didn’t stop him and she had an orgasm she didn’t need to reciprocate. And if she did do it to him if she didn’t like it she could stop at any time.

His tactics were having the desired effect as she wavered. But what drove her over the edge was the state that Jimmy had gotten her into, with one hand inside her shirt playing with her breast and the other rubbing between her legs, his soft kisses moving between her neck and ear lobe, and the sound of his labored breathing had her ready.

She stood up and quickly striped out of her cloths, feeling a bit squeamish letting Jimmy see her naked body, when they made love the one time before it was done hastily, her in her dress and he still with his pants on. She lay back down and opened her legs slightly. When they made love the previous time it was done hastily, neither truly getting out of their cloths, Rene removing her panties but leaving the dress on and Jimmy opening his fly but leaving his pants halfway up his legs. Not to mention the darkness of the room.

But now she was naked and the early afternoon light was streaming into the room from the large bay window thoroughly illuminating the entire room. A chill ran through her as she watched Jimmy’s eyes as they seemed to devour her as he looked upon her naked body for the first time. His gaze was riveting, a mixture of lust, amazement, and curiosity which made her heart race even more.

He slowly kneeled before her, his gaze having left her breasts, was now focused on what lay between her legs. She watched as Jimmy placed his palms upon her knees and gently spread them out wards allowing him to fully gaze upon the prize he had been waiting for so long to see. For half a heartbeat she almost stopped him, but she had gone to far and the excitement that she felt in the moment over took the fear she had. So she allowed it to happen and with a sign of resignation she closed her eyes and lay her head back upon the coach.

In a moment she felt his soft lips kiss her on her stomach, then upon her inner thigh on the left side followed by right. The heat from his breath as it flowed over her vagina brought a soft moan from her with a small almost imperceptible shiver throughout her body. But it was the touch of his tongue to her waiting clitoris that brought her the greatest of pleasures.

The tentative swipe to her exposed clit made her entire body stiffen followed by a deep throaty moan that slowly escaped from her partly opening and closing mouth making it impossible to keep from Jimmy that she loved what he was doing to her.

Her moaning must have been a trigger as Jimmy continued licking her clit with more vigor, moving his tongue back and forth, up and down, and all around her engorged clit. In a few moments the beginnings of an orgasm began to take form, her breathing coming in short gasps, and her back arching up to get more of his tongue onto her clit. And as her orgasm began she moved her hands to the back of Jimmy’s head, holding it there on top of her clit.

She came like never before. Those late night masturbation flings were nothing compared to this. And if it were, her parents would have known what she was doing as the deep moan was replaced by a few oh my gods and don’t stop. It was incredible.

She didn’t know how long it lasted but the waves of the orgasm that reverberated throughout her body began to dissipate, leaving a light sheen of sweat about her body and her breathing heavy and deep. She untangled her hands from Jimmy’s hair and let them fall to her sides as she slowly began to catch her breath.

In a short time, her breathing now under control, she felt light kisses moving their way up her body stopping when they reached her breasts, where the lips circled her hard nipples and the tongue that had just given her the most intense orgasm ever flicked over it several times before moving to the other nipple where he did the same to it as he had done to the other.

The kisses moved up from her breasts to her neck, where she felt a gently bite. From there the kisses moved to her ear, where he again gently nibbled on her lobe, which drove her nuts, than her cheek, until she felt his lips upon hers, where she kissed him back. As she kissed him back she felt his lips part and his tongue and softly sweep across her lips, where she quickly opened her lips to accept that wonderful pleasure giving appendage, swirling her tongue around his trying to convey a heartfelt thank you.

As they swirled their tongues around the others she detected something unusual, a taste that she had never experienced before, but after a few more swipes of their tongues she knew what it was, is was her, the remnants of juices form her wet vagina. It grossed her out, but she was so into what Jimmy had done and what he was doing that she put it out of her mind and continued with the kissing.

The kissing was like one of their make out sessions, with the exception that she wasn’t wearing any clothes. As the kissing progressed she felt Jimmy’s hand moving slowly across her body to her chest, where he began to lightly massage her breasts with a light tweak of a nipple every now and then. The effects of the kissing and the playing of her breasts got her passions up again as she began to groan as her breathing began to get deeper.

She whimpered when Jimmy moved his hand away from her breasts as she really enjoyed what he was doing. But the disappointment was replaced with excitement, and a little fear, when she felt his hand moving down her body until it finally came to rest between her partially open legs. She was about pull his hand away and close her legs when one of his fingers made contact with her clit, and began a gentle circular motion. The sensation was awesome, almost as good a when Jimmy had licked her pussy.

She whimpered when she felt his fingers move away from her clit. But that changed when one of his fingers slipped into her very wet pussy and began a slow in and out movement. Throwing her had back she threw her arms around Jimmy and moaned out loud, “God Jimmy, don’t stop.”

Her hips began moving up and down with the movement of his fingers, keeping the rhythm as best she could. But maintaining that rhythm became near impossible for several reason, which she really enjoyed, first Jimmy increased the speed of his finger moving in and out, the second was she was now very wet and her pussy was not as tight as it was before allowing his finger to slide in easier and faster, which had the additional benefit of allowing his palm to hit her clit at every in stroke of his finger. All these things brought together at that moment sent her into the throws of another orgasm, thrusting her hips forward onto his finger as her legs straightened out.

This orgasm lasted much longer and was a hell of a lot more intense than when he had licked her pussy.

“So, how was it? Did you enjoy?” asked Jimmy.

Opening her eyes she saw Jimmy shirtless and stepping out of his jeans and underwear as his hard penis flopped up and down.

“It was wonderful, as if you couldn’t tell!” she said with a bit of sarcasm.

“Good” he said confidently. She watched as he placed his pants on the end of the coach and turned slowly until he faced her, in all his glory. She felt awkward as she lay back seeing him naked with his penis sticking out in front of him, looking like it was a foot long! She watched him as he fidgeted, the cheeks on his narrow face showing a slight pinkish hue while he glanced nervously to and fro seeming to not know what to do next, especially his hands as they moved this way and that way.

With a nervous cough Jimmy asked “Sooooo, uh, are you ready to, uh, do the same to me?”

She sat up and said, “You bet I am.” She hoped she conveyed confidence while concealing the fear that was just below the surface. She had no idea what to do, or how to do it, or what to expect when she did do it, or if she should even do it at all. With all this running through her mind she watched as Jimmy stepped forward until he was directly in front of her, his very hard penis just inches from her face and the apprehension she felt before was cast aside as curiosity took the day.

A chill ran through her, with a tinge of giddy excitement that she tried to hide from Jimmy, as she extended her hand and carefully wrapped her fingers around his penis, feeling the weight, texture, and warmth of it all at the same time. Slowly she began to move it an all directions to get a good look at it. When she moved it up to look at the underside of it she saw a harry sack hanging underneath. She moved her other hand and gently cupped them quickly comparing the testicles in the one hand to the penis in the other. She liked the feeling and felt them for a little while, wondering if she could actually put it in my mouth.

She sniffed it and found a smell that was unlike any other. It wasn’t gross, but kind of interesting. It was then that she noticed a bit of fluid at the top of his penis, where the slit was. She licked her lips took a deep breath, leaned forward licked the head of his penis, tasting the fluid she had just found. The lick caused Jimmy to shudder and let out a moan followed by him saying, “Oh my God babe, that was awesome, keep doing that.”

Taking that as a sign that she was doing the right thing, she licked it again swirling her tongue around the head a couple of more times before letting it slip through her lips and into her mouth. It felt both soft and hard at the same time, soft on the surface but hard underneath, and the taste and smell was hard to describe, pleasant wasn’t quite right though, it was. Sensual, that wasn’t either. Whatever the word she was looking for, it didn’t matter as what she was doing was truly getting to her as she began to move her mouth slowly up and down the hard, swirling her tongue when only just the head was in her mouth.

Even the moaning from Jimmy was lost to her, but the movement of his hips meeting her downward stroke weren’t as she almost gagged a few times, but she compensated as she moved her hand wrapped around his penis closer to her preventing too much of his penis from getting into her mouth.

She was so into the blow job she was giving to Jimmy that she forgot the most important thing about the Blow Job, the climax. So it was when his penis was as far into her mouth as she allowed it to go that she felt his hands grab her head tightly holding it in place when he erupted, quickly filling her mouth. The pulsing and shooting of his come into her mouth stopped somewhere around seven spurts, during which she began swallowing as quickly as possible trying not to allow any of hid come to slip out of her mouth onto the coach or floor, how the heck would she be able to explain that to her parents!

She kept his penis in her mouth long after he finished, savoring the taste and feel of it. After a few minutes of this she let it slip from her lips and sat back on the coach. Jimmy talked to her, but what he was saying was not registering with her as her mind drifted away from what lay before her.

She enjoyed oral sex, especially on the receiving side, but was still apprehensive on the giving. She couldn’t decide if what she had done was the right thing for her to do, and if it was something she wanted to continue to do in the future. She liked Jimmy, but didn’t think she would have a future with him. He was intelligent but he seemed to have limited his options as to what the future held before him. He could make it into a University and do well for himself, though not having the money to pay for the education was an issue as his parents didn’t have the resources to pay for his education.

That is when she felt his fingers glide up her arm, sending shivers up and down her body. She made a face and pulled away from Jimmy.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

She got up from the coach, picking up her discarded clothes. “I think you need to get dressed and head out before my Mom gets home Jimmy.”

She didn’t look at him but knew he had that silly confused look on his face.

He still hadn’t made a move to put his clothes on, even though she was almost completely dressed.

“Whats going on Rene?” he asked.

“Nothing is going on. I just want to get dressed, that means you as well, before my Mom gets home.”

“Its 2:30, she won’t be home until 3:30 at the earliest. So why the rush?”

“I don’t know. Just, can you get dressed?”

She saw him shrug his shoulders and put on his clothes.

In the days that followed Rene looked back on what she had done with Jimmy and how it could, or would, fit into her life. She enjoyed it that was for sure. But. And that’s where it stood. With any doubt that she wanted to continue with Jimmy in her mind she couldn’t go through with it. For this it was all in or nothing.

Her mind made up and with her conscience at ease she told Jimmy that she was didn’t want to continue their relationship sexually, and if he was fine with that than they could continue to see each other, and if he couldn’t accept that than they were over. Jimmy took it poorly, called her a bitch and walked away and never called back. She didn’t think it would hit her that hard, but it did as she spent the next several days depressed. In retrospect she could have handled it better, the talking to Jimmy part, but her inexperience got in the way and her first relationship ended badly.

But today, Renee was a happy girl as she walked out of the relative darkness of the gym and into the bright sunlight of an exquisite June afternoon. The graduation ceremony went as planned and she made her Valedictorian speech without incident, a huge relief to her. On top of Valedictorian, she graduated as the top ranked student of the school district, and in the top 10 of the State. She was a great student, never causing a problem with her Teachers; she studied hard, applied herself, and participated in as many extracurricular activities as possible. All of which were in her plan to attain her scholastic ambitions by attending a top tier University on the East Coast, preferably in, or near, Washington DC.

It was her desire, her dream, to leave the small town in southern Indiana and go to the Nation’s Capital, not to be part of the Political world, but to be in a place where great things happened, to be a part of the country, not live in the country. Not that there is anything wrong with living in the country, to each there own was her philosophy, she just wanted more than her Parents had.

And at the end of spring of her senior year she received the acceptance letter from Georgetown University and a full scholarship, books, classes, courses, boarding. Everything she needed.

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