Paradise Found
Chapter 1

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is the aftermath of the destruction of Earth's economic system by aliens. They gave us all a replicator. It did not take long for all economies to collapse, and humanity became a hell-hole of warring factions. This is the story of one teenage boy who led the way back to rationality. In the process, he became the nearest thing to God that a human could manage. 10 chapters.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Violent  

Hi, I’m Hannibal Lee, though most people call me “Han.” This is my version of how all of this happened. Yeah, I know there are a lot of books, TV series, and movies about it, but none of them that I’ve seen are from the personal level. Well, I was 14 years old when the fun started, and this is what happened to me.

It was a summer afternoon, and I was on my way home after seeing Chapter 18 of the “Star Wars” saga for the sixth time. Even after seeing the movie that many times, I was still confused about how Han Solo was brought back to life. Oh, well, maybe that would be cleared up in Chapter 19.

I had stopped in at the local Electronics Warehouse Emporium for another look at the latest 108-inch TV set. A baseball game was on, and it felt like the pitcher was throwing the ball right at my head. I think I ducked at every pitch. I really wanted one of those suckers for my bedroom to use for playing Diablo VI. Blizzard was supposed to release it next week, and I already had my copy on order.

Anyway, there were about 40-something TVs all turned to different programs, but suddenly they all cut to the same program. That meant that there was something important about to come on. Was World War III about to start?

The voice-over from the TV said, “Greetings, people of Earth. My name would mean nothing to you, so just call me Alien. I am talking to you from a spaceship on the far side of your Moon where I cannot be seen from the surface of Earth. I represent a group who wants nothing but good for you. I come bearing two gifts, and there are no strings attached.

“One of the gifts is an electric power supply that generates both AC and DC at whatever voltage and current you might need. There are no adjustments to be made by the user because the power supply can sense what is needed and will supply that demand. There are even several different style sockets on the power supply so that no changes will have to be made to plug into it. The user might prefer to plug all of the home wiring at the junction box into the power supply and not have to worry about it.

“The power supply does not run off of conventional power, but runs directly off of the Dark Energy that permeates the universe. Therefore, the power supply will work no matter where it is placed and will cost you nothing to operate. As far as you are concerned, Dark Energy is free and will never run out as long as the universe lasts.

“The other gift is what we call a replicator. This device is the ultimate in home appliances. It can supply almost anything you could possibly want. The only exception is that it cannot supply living beings. You might say there is a simple reason for that. The replicator requires a software program to work, and no one has ever been able to reduce life to a mathematical formula.

“All you have to do to use the replicator is to speak into the builtin microphone in any of 7,392 languages and what you describe will be delivered to you. Of course, a very complex item would take longer than a simple item, but the longest wait will probably be no more than two or three minutes.

“The raw material for the replicator is Dark Matter which also permeates the universe. You never have to recharge the replicator because Dark Matter is everywhere and can never run out as long as the universe lasts.

“Some of you will already have received your gifts, and the rest of you will receive them before the end of the day. Good luck to you, and we will be in contact with you again soon. Goodby for now.”

At that point, the TVs all returned to the programs they had been carrying.

Oh, boy, I could have a 108” display in my bedroom tonight if I rush home right now to order one from the replicator. I had my bicycle, so I didn’t have long to wait before I got home. Hey, maybe I can order a motor to go on my bicycle so that I won’t have to peddle. Oh, shit, Mom will probably veto that, but I can ask, I guess.

The power supply and replicator were sitting in our driveway when I got home. Mom had called Dad home from work to get it moved inside the house. He had not heard the alien’s message, so the whole thing was news to him. He wasn’t so sure that he wanted to move those strange devices into the house, but Mom prevailed. The power supply went into the basement and the replicator went into the kitchen.

I was sent to buy a 50’ extension cord at the nearest hardware store, and I did that in practically no time. Back home, Dad and I ran the extension cord from the power supply up the basement stairs to plug into the replicator. As soon as those connections were made, every TV, radio, computer display, and smart phone came on to play a rerun of the alien’s message that Dad had not heard.

I heard him mutter, “I’ll bet there is a catch to it somewhere.” However, I did notice that he was careful not to let Mom hear him say that.

Mom said, “Okay, Hannibal (She was usually the only one who called me that.), you are probably hungry, so order something to eat.” Never one to miss an opportunity, I said, “Replicator, please deliver a toasted ham and cheese on seeded rye bread and a Coke.”

A voice came out of the machine, “Do you want mayonnaise on your sandwich?”

Without thinking, I said, “Yes, please.” Only moments later, a blue hazy light appeared on the counter beside the replicator. Inside that blue haze suddenly appeared a sandwich and glass of cola with ice in it.

I wasted no time and grabbed my sandwich and glass and sat down to enjoy my snack. Mom and Dad laughed and joined me with cups of coffee also from the replicator. We all agreed that these items were the best tasting that we had ever encountered. Dad said, “Well, I guess that I can figure out where all of our food is coming from for now own.” Mom laughed and nodded. I shrugged because that was not my problem.

“Dad, Mom, can I use the replicator to make a new TV for my room. You heard the alien say that it won’t cost anything.” Dad shrugged and Mom nodded, but I’ll bet that they were surprised when I ordered the new 108” Ariso TV.

The replicator responded with, “That item is too large to fit on the counter. May I deposit it on the floor?”

At my “Go ahead,” the blue haze came on and a monster box appeared on the floor in front of the replicator. That noise you just heard was the echo from the noise of our three jaws hitting the floor. I don’t think that any of us really believed that the replicator would follow my order.

I looked at Dad, and Dad looked at me. “Okay, Han, now what?” I knew that he was kidding, and I was right. He helped me to get the new TV into my room and set up temporarily on my low chest of drawers. The two of us worked together and managed to get the TV into operation in about half an hour. I already had a cable connection to my room, so that was no problem. Wow, when we turned the TV on, the picture was so large that it was nearly overpowering. It had not looked nearly that big in the store.

Okay, now Dad had to have one for the sports that he liked to watch. We went back to the kitchen, and I ordered a duplicate TV for the family room. We set that one up, and it was time for “Wheel of Fortune,” which was Mom’s favorite show. We all watched that, and Vanna was a giant. This was a taped show, so everybody was excited when the last contestant walked off at the end with $17, 650 and a trip to Aruba. I didn’t say anything to Mom, but I wondered what would happen when they started taping shows after the advent of the replicator.

I did stay long enough to watch an NCIS rerun. I wonder how much longer before Mark Harmon will retire, though he still can do a lot from that wheel chair.

Wow, Diablo V was really something on my new TV! I finally shut down when Dad reminded me of church tomorrow. I went to sleep dreaming of playing the new Millennium Falcon flight simulator on my new TV.

The new replicator had side issues that I never expected. Sunday morning after breakfast, I had to stand in front of the replicator while it made up some new clothes for me to wear to church. The fantastic thing was that the clothes all fit exactly right, something I had never encountered before with new clothes. Of course, Mom and Dad both had new outfits, too.

We usually rode to church with the Thompsons, next door. It was my Dad’s turn to drive, so we met the Thompsons as they came across the front yards. I did a double take when I saw Sue. She was almost a year older than me and already looking like a young lady. They also had new outfits, and I saw Sue for the first time as something more than a convenient playmate. Oh, Man, I was gobsmacked.

I froze in place, and Dad had to shake my shoulder to wake me from my stunned state. All of the adults laughed at me, but Sue had an embarrassed smile that made her look even better than ever. For the first time, I was looking forward to spending a couple of hours sitting next to her in the car and at church. This time, there was no way that the sermon was going to put me to sleep.

After church we came home to a picnic in the backyard. This was the usual thing whenever the weather would permit it, so there was nothing special about that. The food was usually hamburgers and potato salad—nothing fancy, but stuff that was fun to eat.

We all went in to change clothes, and it was warm enough for us to use the swimming pool for the second time this summer. It was late June, but we had had a long and very cool spring, so that had cut down on the available swimming days. I decided to go whole hog and used the replicator to give me the latest version of a Speedo. My God, that thing was tiny. I had to make a quick trip to Dad’s bathroom to use his razor to trim off some hair. I want you to know that I was proud of that.

The adults all came out in new swimsuits, but nothing as daring as mine. Mom gave me a piercing look, but let me keep my current outfit. Oh, well, I was going to hear about it later, that was for sure.

Sue was the last one to make an appearance, and she was wearing a bikini that was so small that she must have had to shave all over. Mrs. Thompson took one look at the outfit and sent Sue back inside for something “more appropriate.” Sue didn’t object too much because I had already seen her “almost covered,” and that had been what she had been aiming for. When she came back out, Sue was wearing a one-piece outfit that covered more skin, but, in its own way, revealed more of Sue. It did not take long for me to realize that all of this was for my benefit, and I was quite flattered.

The picnic food came directly from the replicator and was “perfect.” Dad took some teasing from Mr. Thompson who was saying that Dad had never cooked a better hamburger. Dad took it in the spirit it was intended, and got even by spilling some of his very cold beer onto Mr. Thompson’s lap.

The afternoon was spent by Sue and me mostly in the pool. To my surprise and great joy, there was a lot of touchy-feely that went on when the adults could not see us. That was a first time for both of us, and we did push things a little farther than our parents would have normally tolerated.

The beer was flowing freely, and the adults went into the house, leaving us with the virtual order to stay in the pool until they came back outside. Sue said, “Do you realize what they are doing?”

Of course I didn’t, and I must have looked completely blank. She said, “I know what has gone on in the past, and I’ll bet that they are already out of those swim suits and making out at the minimum.”

In my naivete, I asked, “What is making out?”

Sue stared at me with wide eyes and asked, “Don’t you know what men and women do when they are alone?” I shook my head to say no. “Making out is playing with each other’s sex organs, sort of like we have been doing when they couldn’t see us. At the minimum, they would be touching each other’s bare skin, and they might even go so far as to have sex. I know my parents do that with other couples on occasion, and I expect that it is going on right now.”

I was kneeling in the water so that only my head was above the surface. To say that I was shocked would be putting it mildly. “How ... How do you know they do that?”

Sue grinned like the story book Cheshire Cat and said, “Because I’ve watched them do it. Of course, they didn’t know that I was there, and you would be amazed at what I saw. One night, Mr. and Mrs. Alston came over and I was sent to bed kind of early. I was pissed off at that because there was a TV program I wanted to watch, so I sneaked downstairs to watch my program.

“I got almost to the bottom of the stairs when I saw my mom take Mr. Alston’s erect penis in her mouth. She sucked on him and moved her head up and down his shaft until white stuff came out, so I know that he had ejaculated. It looked just like the stuff they described in Sex Ed. I knew Mr. Alston liked what happened by the look on his face. Mom opened her mouth to show Mr. Alston the white stuff she still had on her tongue before she swallowed it.

“Han, have you ever seen what’s between a woman’s legs?” I shook my head, so Sue said, “Here, I’ll show you.” She did something to the cloth between her legs and pulled the front part away so that I could see her pussy. I had looked at some sites on the internet, but that was nothing like seeing a real woman showing her pussy just to me.

“Here, you can be the first boy to touch me on my bare skin. I shaved this morning before church in hopes that I would get a chance to do this.” Sue took my hand and guided me to lay my hand flat against her pussy. All of a sudden, she started to pant and to push against my hand. “Oh, Han, move your hand around. It feels so good for you to touch me there. Rub your fingers around; I want to feel what those women in the house are feeling.”

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I did start to rub her pussy with my finger tips. It didn’t take long for my middle finger to slip into her slit, and I felt what must have been her vagina entrance. My finger went in a little way and came up against something that I couldn’t identify. Suddenly, Sue gasped and started to scream. That she stifled by jamming her fist into her mouth.

Now she really pushed hard against my hand, and I felt my finger slip deeper into her vagina. I slipped in about an inch and a half or maybe two inches and felt some ridges and bumps at the top of her vagina. I have no idea why I did it, but I started to rub those ridges and bumps with my finger tip. Occasionally, I would even drag my finger nail across the uneven places.

Oh, my God! Sue began to bounce up and down on my hand and to moan and pant something fierce. She kept that up for nearly a minute, and then kind of collapsed. I had to hold her up with both hands to keep her head from dipping below the surface. When she finally got control of herself, she said, “Oh, thank you, Han. That was my first real orgasm, and it was like being sent to heaven. Let me see what I can do for you.”

She pulled my swimsuit down my legs and grabbed my hard peter with her hand. It was quickly obvious that she had never jacked off a boy before, but I was willing to put up with a lot just to have a girl do it for me. I had jacked off many times, but it had never felt like this. I know now that it was the novelty of the act as much as anything else, but I certainly liked the feeling. It didn’t take long for me to come, and it was the best come that I had ever felt. My first thought after I had come was, “I hope that I can get Sue to do that again!”

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