Was I Mistaken
Chapter 1

I had finally received that promotion that had been promised to me for almost a year, and I wanted to celebrate with my wife of 22 years. I had planned a nice dinner out with dancing after the meal; however, I had the dancing for a surprise for my lovely Allison. She loved to dance, and I must admit I was not the greatest dancer. Yeah, I could do a slow dance really good, and I wasn’t too bad with the two-step or line dancing, but all this new stuff of gyrations that people call dancing now I just don’t get. Why does a body have to move all those directions at once? I have never figured that out.

Our two children; Matt at 21 was in college out of state, and Maggie had just left over two months ago for the same college as Matt. So Allie and I were empty nesters, and I thought it would be great to come home and know that if we wanted to run around the house naked and make love anywhere it would be fun. But sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. Well, mine did.

First about two years ago Allie asked to have a night out with the girls from work. I had a monthly poker game I hosted once every five months, and then I had Saturdays when I watched football with friends, so I couldn’t complain too much. It started out just one night a month and then a couple of months later it was every other Friday night. Ok I’d accept that, and the nice part was that with Maggie on a date when Allie came home, I got great sex. So that was a good thing, right?

Right for a while, then six months ago sex stopped all together. I asked if everything was alright and was told it was probably just hormones. I thought that at 44, Allie was a little young to be going through the change, but then what the hell did I know about women and their medical problems.

It was now the middle of November, and I was getting suspicious after six months of Rosy Palm and her five sisters. So I decided to surprise Allie with going out dancing as that is one of the reasons she liked going out with the girls. The only problem with that was I was the one getting the surprise.

I guess I should introduce myself and our family. I’m James Henry Morrison, Jim to all my friends. I’m 45, six feet even and trim. I run each morning and work out at the Y near us at least twice a week. Allison Margaret Morrison is 44 as I said and 5 foot eight and about 125 pounds of very sex lady. Allie works out near work as there is a place right next door to her work with a fitness center for women. Allie is an accountant for a fairly large firm in Austin, but they are not downtown, thank god for that. Traffic is a bitch; I should know as the engineering firm where I work as an electrical engineer is just ten blocks from the heart of downtown Austin.

Anyway back to our Friday night out, I took Allie to Gino’s in Round Rock for an intimate dinner, and then to Jerry’s Roadhouse. They have a big dance floor and really good band that plays on Friday and Saturday nights. The band is a mixed theme band and can play country, pop and oldie slow songs like Harbor Lights and other slow cuddle dancing songs like that. They mix their music so that everyone can dance to something, and it keeps the drinks flowing which the bar likes. The bar also serves burgers, fries, and onion rings, mainly finger food type of stuff.

I picked this particular place because this is where Allie and her co-workers go on their Friday Ladies Night. I was curious as to what went on during those nights since I had been cut off, and my fertile mind could come up with all sorts of reasons for my sudden dry spell in the bedroom. I had also noted a couple of times when Allie had just come from the shower and was putting on her nightgown that her bare pussy looked a bit red. Whether that was from her masturbating in the shower or from her flushing herself out from some guy or guys pounding her all night or what, I didn’t know, but I hoped to get some answers tonight.

Dinner was great and we had a nice meal and talked, really talked for the first time in a while. When we left Allie came over to the center of the truck, buckled up next to me, and leaned on my shoulder, “Where to next, baby?”

“I thought we might go dancing, how does that sound?”

“Oh goody, dancing with my baby.”

When I pulled into Jerry’s parking lot, Allie moaned, “Not here Jim, I go here on our girl’s night out, can’t we go to Cowboys, down the road a bit?”

“Cowboys’ band tonight is strictly country, and I wanted to slow dance with my honey tonight, not two-step, or line dance. I hope that is ok. If not we’ll just go home,” I said grumpily.

“No, this is fine I guess,” Allie reluctantly said.

I wondered why she was so dead set against here, unless she knew what some people would think.

We found a table for two, and I called the waitress over. I ordered a 7 & 7, and she said, “The usual for you Honey,” meaning Allie. Allie just nodded, and she went away.

“Are you sure you’re all right with this dear?”

“Yes, fine. I’ll be right back. I have to pee.”

Wow, that was short and sweet ... Not! I watched Allie all the way to the ladies’ room and waited for her return. I did notice a couple of guys looking at me weird. They were at a table with four guys, and then all four were looking at me. I noticed one look away and then I saw Allie come out of the restroom, and their eyes followed her all the way to our table. As soon as she sat down, one guy about mid thirties got up, came over, and asked Allie to dance. She looked at him with a scowl and said, “No thank you.”

“Come on Allie, just one dance,” said the guy

“The lady said no, that means no, so go ask someone else,” I said angrily.

“And just who are you, asshole.”

I stood up and said, “She is my wife asshole, and if you don’t leave her alone you, and I will be talking in the parking lot very soon.”

Allie spoke quietly, but through clinched teeth, “Both of you quit it before I leave by myself. Brad, go away, NOW!”

Brad left in a hurry, and Allie pulled my arm, so I had to sit down. “Can we discuss this when we get home, please Jim. I just want to dance with my husband and have a good time celebrating your promotion.”

“Sure Allie, I’m sorry about that, but I don’t know what is going on. I kind of wanted to talk about this dry spell we are having, and I thought that if I took you out dancing I just might get lucky tonight. Now I’m not so sure about anything anymore.”

“What are you saying Jim? Do you think I’m cheating on you? Is that what you really think?”

Right then the waitress showed up with our drinks I handed her a twenty, took a sip of my drink, and then got up from the table and headed for the door. Before I got to the door Allie was there beside me and grabbed my arm, and we went to the truck. Once inside Allie sat all the way over next to the window and from her shaking shoulders, and back I figured she was crying. I so wanted to pull over and take her into my arms and comfort her, but...

I drove home in silence, hit the garage door opener, and headed for the door. I heard the other truck door slam, and suddenly I was pushed through the garage door into the pantry. Allie pushed me aside and went into the house and straight to the bedroom. I locked up the house and got down my Tullamore Dew, poured two fingers in a glass, and added two ice cubes. I went to my recliner and sat back digesting everything that had happened and what hadn’t happened tonight. Was I wrong? Did I really suggest that Allie was cheating on me? Yeah I guess I did. Was I justified or was I way off base with my worries? I just didn’t know anymore.

About fifteen minutes later Allie came out of the bedroom in a robe and said, “Please pour me some of that and some water. You know how I like it. Then we can talk.”

I fixed her drink for her, sat back in my recliner, and waited.

“Jim, about eight months ago we got a couple of new women to come to our nights out. They were single or at least, we thought they were. Come to find out they were divorced due to cheating. We thought it was their husbands but last week we found out it was them, and not their men. Anyway, they were telling us about all the great sex they were having, and I started thinking about our sex life now and found it lacking some of the spontaneity and excitement that we had once.

But after all the time, we’ve been together you know what to do to push my buttons to make me come. Plus with the kids still here we had to kind of hurry or be less energetic in our sex. I wanted the kind of sex they were talking about, but I was afraid that you would wonder why suddenly that I was thinking about oral sex, and things like maybe even trying anal again and some more positions besides just you on top. But I worried that you would think I was just trying to get you to do the things that someone cheating would want at home too. I was scared that you would think I was cheating on you. I’ve read some of those stories that you read on the internet and got scared all over again.

Then too I would get turned on and then dancing with some of the guys I kind of let them take liberties that I shouldn’t have. Now, nothing went on besides a little grouping over the clothes and maybe some pelvis grinding during slow songs, but then I would come home, masturbate in the shower, and be satisfied for the time being. What I didn’t think about was that I was shutting you out of my life. I never wanted that to happen. Tonight I realized what you must think, and I had to stop this right now.

I don’t care what happens, but I want you more than anything in this world. I love you so much, and I’m going crazy worried that you don’t want me anymore because of what I have been putting you through. I can promise you that I have never cheated on you, and I never would. I love you too much ever to think of that, but I also know what you must think that I did, especially after tonight. Please don’t throw me away or hate me; I really do love you, and I promise you I have never strayed. I might have neglected you lately, but I still love you as much as I ever did, maybe even more.”

Allie took a long drink from her glass and then hid her face in her hands and cried.

I was in shock, when had I become so distant and callous that she felt she couldn’t talk to me about anything? What had I done or said to allow her to think that I would automatically accuse her of cheating? Yeah I read a lot of cheating stories, but I read others too, incest and science fiction ones too. The stuff I read was kind of all over the place. I especially loved one that is very long and started out as a cheating story with some incest but is now more science fiction with a harem theme.

I too thought about changing up our routine, but in years past, I was usually rebuffed for suggesting different positions or things like getting a blowjob and anal. Now anal intercourse we tried exactly twice. The first time was during our honeymoon, and it hurt her badly, The second time we tried it; we knew more about preparing her and although it didn’t hurt like the first time, Allie just didn’t like it at all and felt it was too dirty to do that. Just from that one episode I could tell that water sports was completely off the table. Of course, I was not into that either, so that was no loss. I didn’t think either of us would like bondage or S&M, so that was out too.

My last partial oral stimulation was about five years ago when she was horny, and I wasn’t in the mood. Yeah right, a man not in the mood ... Well I wasn’t; I was just getting over the flu, and I was worried about a young female engineer climbing the ladder on her back that was about to take my job as head electrical engineer away from me, and I figured I was about to be cast out of the hierarchy and forgotten in the bullpen of junior engineers in our firm. It ended up that she was promoted, but so was I. I became her boss as the new engineering manager. I was over all the many discipline head engineers. Tanya did try to get me to partake of her many charms, and I told her that if she didn’t rein in her slutty ways, then she could look elsewhere for a new position.

She asked what position I wanted her in, and I told her she could bend over so I could kick her ass all the way to HR and then out on her heart-shaped ass. Something snapped in her head, and she straightened up and became a great team member. She also found the right man, and she became a great wife to a guy who lived in the apartment next to hers.

As to what to do next was my problem? I so wanted to go to Allie and cuddle her and tell her that everything would be alright, but her confession puzzled me. Had she or hadn’t she cheated on me. Did I really believe her after this past six months with no sex or intimacy at all, or was it all an act and her affair was over and she wanted me back with no guilt over what she had done?

“Oh Jim, I really did fuck us up this time, didn’t I. Since you haven’t come to me that means that you still don’t believe me. I’m sorry.” She tried to get up but fell back in her chair and went to pieces.

I let her cry for a few minutes, and then I went to her and kneeled at her feet. I took her hands in mine and said soothing words like, ‘We’ll get through this someday’ and ‘come to bed, and we can talk about this tomorrow’. It was mainly things to let her know that I hadn’t completely abandoned her, but I hadn’t quite believed everything she said either.

I helped Allie into the bedroom; I removed her robe, put her in bed, and then got ready for bed myself. I normally sleep naked as I feel free that way, and I guess I’m a closet nudist as around the house, I wear a little as I can get away with. But tonight I left my underwear on and lay down on my side of the bed. Within minutes, Allie was cuddled behind me spooning and holding my chest with her right arm. Slowly, her hand crept lower and stopped when she felt my shorts. Her hand moved back up my chest, and I felt her shaking again. I said, “Babe, we’ll get through this somehow, for tonight let’s just go to sleep. Tomorrow we can figure out something, okay?” I felt her head nod, and she held me tighter.

I don’t know about her, but sleep came very late for me, or should I say early as it was 2:12am the last time I looked at the clock. One thing I did have to pursue was one of our junior engineers had come to my office about two months ago and saw the latest picture I had of our family. It was a shot taken at Maggie’s graduation in June from high school. It was me and Matt in the back and Maggie in her gown and Allie next to her just in front of Matt since he is now 6’-3 tall and Maggie is only 5’-6. He started to ask something and then stopped as he stared at the photo and asked, “Do you have two daughters?”

“No that is our daughter and her mother in from of our son and me. Why do you ask?”

“Er ... ah no reason, just that I thought I’ve seen that lady recently, but I’m not sure where though.”

That thought had me awake for some time, and I knew that Carl Jensen and I would be having a long talk on Monday. Carl was about 28 or so and single, so he might have seen her at Jerry’s. If so I wanted to find out what he knew about her. Could he verify that she had not cheated on me or was he the one to tell me she lied? I had to know, one way or the other, so I could proceed with whatever action was necessary.

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