My Married Sluts
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Gander

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Follow the various amorous adventures of a happily married, yet also happily unfaithful lawyer named Dan, who discovers that he has at least four sluts at his disposal, all of them married either to him or someone else, and that at least two of them are his playthings for life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Sharing   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Hispanic Female   Indian Female   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Fisting   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Clergy   Menstrual Play   Public Sex   Nudism  

I was in the middle of reading in the laundromat, while waiting for the clothes to finish washing, when she strode into the place, looking very different from the rest of the customers. One could always spot the sort of lady who just seemed out of place among the drab masses who typically inhabited such establishments, and this girl didn’t quite fit in there. She didn’t exactly leave me alone, either. She planted her sweet ass on the top of my washer, right as the last cycle concluded, and when I cleared my throat to ask her to get off it, she practically jumped into my arms, knocking my book out of the way.

“Woah, missy, what’s with the sudden leap? That was one of my favorite books that you sent to the floor! Not that I mind the attention, but damn!” I smiled and laughed in spite of my attempt to act angry or upset.

“Hey, no disrespect to Mr. Harry Turtledove and his ‘Guns of the South, ‘ but there’s plenty of time to read when your nice, thigh cock isn’t so fucking hard ... and you know that it is, right now!” the stranger put her arms around my waist, “If you want something ‘south, ‘ how about going ‘south of the border, ‘ with me?”

“Oh, and just why do you want me, a stranger, so much? Not that I mind. You are rather cute. We’re not alone, but I don’t know if the others are paying attention to us ... but then, you like being dirty in public and pushing the envelope sexually, don’t you?” I teased her, but my hands wandered to her cute booty, which was covered by a pair of yoga pants that didn’t have me fooled.

“And you like me that way, don’t you, sir? You like that as much as you like my ass! So, anyway, if you want, I’ll put your clothes in the dryer for you, so you can focus on something more important, like fucking me into next week!” the girl, who looked young enough to be my daughter, offered me, not waiting for my answer before she took my clothes and transferred it.

“Here’s the change for it,” I handed her some coins, as she removed the lint that someone had left behind and looked at me for guidance on the settings.

“Permanent press,” I told her, and she gave me a big grin as she bent over and set it, after which she put the coins into the slots.

“See, I’m a married woman, so I know how to keep men happy. Let me handle the laundry from now on. Are these your wife’s panties?” she held up a pair of blue satin underwear right before she closed the door and started the dryer.

“That they are. They’re Heather’s. That’s my wife’s name. I’m Dan, by the way. What’s your husband’s name?” I noted her wedding band.

“Vikram. My parents handpicked him, as he was fairly prosperous and belonged to a respectable family. He’s 43 and I’m only 21, but that’s okay. I like older men, just like you. I won’t lie, it’s an arranged marriage, so there’s no real romance, but we get along most of the time and I handle it by taking lovers. Preferably married ones, like you, who won’t try to break up my marriage.

“I don’t want a divorce. I like being married to Vikram, even if he can be dense and a patronizing prick at times. We’ve been married for five years, actually, so I was only sixteen when it happened, but my parents naturally signed off on the union, since it was their idea. They were afraid that I was going to be a slut, so this was their plan to head it off, plus Mama got married young, too, so it made perfect sense to her.

“It did for me, too. Lots of money and while I still had to finish high school, part of the deal, I had a husband who went to the prom with me. Talk about being the envy of the class. The others had boys, but I had a man on my arm! I had to give up the ass to Vikram to get him to go, but that wasn’t so bad. In fact, he got me hooked on anal, even if he was a bit rough in the process. I was a little scared at first and it’s not a proper thing for an Indian wife, but it’s nobody’s business but his and mine, anyway.

“Anyway, how is Heather, as a wife and all that? Does it ever bother you, screwing around on her and sleeping with other men’s wives, as you apparently do? It doesn’t bug me. Like I said, I prefer married boyfriends. It makes things so much easier for me. I’m Kashi, by the way. If Vikram has lovers, it’s no business of mine, and if you’ll pardon my saying, the same is true of any other partners that Heather has, right? Or any others of mine. Nor are your bedfellows any business of Heather’s or my lovers any business of Vikram’s. Nor are you any business of my other partners’.

“Of course, I’m just being nosy for my part, so you can tell me to butt out if you wish. Either way, I still intend to have an affair with you, big gummy bear!” my new companion told me while picking up my book for me and handing it back with a deep tongue kiss.

“Well, so far, my cheating has largely been with married women like yourself. It’s just easier that way, though I did screw a Salvadoran maid a few times before she found a husband and dropped me like a hot potato. I think that I was just practice for her, perhaps. If she changes her mind, though, I won’t hesitate to fuck her again. Then there was Lisa, a single mom that I fucked now and then over the past year. She wasn’t bad, but then single moms usually aren’t, if they can get any time to themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if she found me and wanted more action eventually. It’s so hard for single mothers to date.

“Frankly, if Heather ever left me, I’d probably offer Lisa marriage, just because it would work for both of us, and she would already know what kind of husband she was getting, wouldn’t she? Aside from that, though, I mostly stick to married women, and I disagree with those who say that infidelity, adultery, cheating, all that jazz, is evil or malicious in nature. It’s not evil, just part of our natural human resistance, on an instinctive level, to the social paradigm of monogamy. We primates were never intended or designed to be faithful and mate for life the way that wolves do. At worst, you can call it a weakness or flaw, but not a malicious act.

“As for what kind of wife Heather is, well, she’s the sort of wife that spends time with you and is with you in that moment, but can also hang out with her girlfriends and not even notice that she hasn’t texted you in a while. She’s not bad in bed, either, though I sometimes wonder who is teaching her some of her more enjoyable ideas, ones that I wanted, but she resisted for a while. One thing that I’ve noticed is that she likes being rimmed a lot, especially of late. Since I enjoy rimming her, I don’t have a problem with it.

“If she left me, I’d find Lisa, as I said, but I’m not going to leave her. Certainly not if I found out about her cheating on me. I would be blunt and tell her that she wasn’t the only one cheating, but leave out any details that could be used potentially in court. No, any divorces that happened, they would have to be my wife’s doing, not mine. I have no desire to leave her. She’s a great sexual partner and she loves her kids, our kids really, though she had a tubal years ago and we’ve never had any biological children of our own. She’s just three years my junior, at thirty-eight to my forty-one. Her twins are grown now and in college.

“Before you ask, yes, one of the reasons that I like screwing other men’s wives is that I hate condoms with a purple passion. Logically, medically, I know their function, but personally, I’d rather screw married women, who are not as likely to have a wide range of partners as single women are, since they have to be careful to cover their tracks. That way, I can do it bareback, especially since married women are often loathe to use protection, just like me.

“Heather spoiled me that way, as did Adriana, the maid. She was a virgin when we got involved and thus didn’t carry any risk at all for me. There were a couple of incidents when I fucked Heather straight after doing Adriana, but if she noticed, she never said a thing about the sloppy seconds. She made only positive remarks about my staying power and that was it. I get tested reasonably often, just to make sure that I don’t pass Heather anything and that she hasn’t given me a disease, either.

“Now, anyway, are we going to talk about sex, or are we going to have it?” I winked at Kashi, who promptly knelt, undid my pants, and began sucking my cock behind the dryer.

“I’m going to do that after we fuck, too, so I can taste myself on you and also keep you from getting too soft for a second round. I know that’s probably weird, but I love the way that I taste on a man’s cock. Then again, I love the way that men’s dicks taste as well, especially cut ones like this one. Are you Jewish?” Kashi said as she continued licking and sucking me.

“Yes, but then I haven’t been to temple in forever,” I shrugged as I began to really feel the pleasure of this sexy Indian woman, another man’s wife no less, giving me some head.

“High holy days?” Kashi asked casually, as if we weren’t both committing adultery, a major taboo of the Faith.

“Yes, I celebrate Passover, Purim, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah, if that’s what you’re asking me. Heather’s a Presbyterian, so she has holidays of her own. She goes to church when it suits her mood, while I go to temple when I feel like it. I’m barely Reform, let alone Orthodox, and I’m certainly not kosher, if that’s what you’re going to ask me next,” I teased Kashi as I caressed her hair and face while she gave me a blowjob worthy of the name, “I take it that you’re a Hindu.”

“Yes, I am a Hindu, and yet I don’t let that stop me from getting it on behind the husband’s back. It’s weird, I still won’t eat beef, but I have no trouble with adultery, none at all. I also have no qualms about sucking cock and taking it up the ass. On the contrary, that’s one of the acts that I hope that we do today, if we have the chance, lover. I would love to get your dick in my butt regularly, if possible,” Kashi told me as she all but dragged me into the bathroom and started to slide her yoga pants down to her ankles (revealing that she went commando, too).

“Ready?” I asked her, slipping my fingers into her drenched pussy to start finger-fucking her.

“Fist me first, please. I like it that way!” Kashi begged me, as I grinned and started adding fingers to turn my right hand into a fist and take her that way.

The aggressive nature of the fisting really seemed to excite my new partner, who began sighing, moaning, whimpering, and even cursing in Hindi, as my fist plunged deep into her twat. She creamed herself on my hand as she came, repeatedly, made even worse when I slipped a finger up her asshole and began probing her booty. Kashi really squirmed, shivered, and she nearly toppled as she bent over the bathroom sink to take me further inside her. She was like a mad woman, and in fairly short order, she was begging for my cock to take her tight cunt very hard indeed.

I continued fingering Kashi’s bottom while my fist slid out of her pussy and my cock slipped into it, much to her gratification. She bit her lower lip repeatedly as I ravaged her, while she also creamed herself yet again, especially once I stuck a second finger up her butt. While it was obviously intense and even painful for my new slut, she took it like a trooper and even seemed to welcome the rough handling of her ass. I got the distinct impression that Kashi was a pain slut, deep down inside where it really counted. She liked it when men hurt her a bit during sex.

When I put a third finger inside her asshole, Kashi went totally frantic, and in a frenzy of lust, she bucked her hips as wildly as she could. Cursing more in Hindi, with beads of sweat pouring down her back and her face, she begged me to take her even harder, and sure enough, that was what I did. Thrusting with more vigorous strokes than ever, I rammed balls deep inside Kashi and bottomed-out within her depths. She tightened up as much as she could and I erupted into her juicy, slippery cunt, filling it with my seed, which only made her cum all over again.

Just then, there was a loud knock on the bathroom door, even as I washed my hands and Kashi pulled her yoga pants back up to leave a wet patch on them. I ran to the door, opened it, and found one of the other customers, who looked at both of us and grinned. He unzipped his pants and pointed at his rather brown, hairless dick, implying that he wanted Kashi to service him sexually, too. She just turned to me and indicated that it was up to me.

“Go for it. I have to warn you, buddy, that I just fucked her. I hope that you don’t mind sloppy seconds. She’s my slut, too, as you can see. She does what I tell her,” I smiled as Kashi bent over yet again and dropped her pants for him, “And you have to agree to whatever I want as the price ahead of time. Deal?”

“Oh, God, at this point, sloppy fifths are better than what the wife gives me! She hasn’t let me touch her in months and she bitches if I jack off! Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do?” the man, a very short Mexican fellow by the look of him, grunted as he began screwing Kashi, my new slut, “It’s a deal. I don’t care what the price is. I agree!”

“Are you really his slut?” the stranger asked Kashi, who moaned and thrashed, bucking her hips eagerly for him, though not as much as for me.

“Yes ... that’s why I asked his okay. I can’t help it! I’ve been a wild and kinky slut for a long time, but today I met a man who knew what I needed. I want to be his slut for life! I want to be his pain slut ... and his cum slut, too! That’s why I’m taking you bareback, because he wants me to... !” Kashi screamed her pleasure, just as the door opened again, and a chubby Latina walked inside, her mouth wide with shock.

“Roberto, how dare you! Stop it! Just because I cut you off, doesn’t mean that... ,” the wife’s voice trailed off, just as I yanked down her sweats and started spanking her admittedly cute tush.

“What’s your name, bitch?” I asked her, warning Roberto with a look not to take up for his woman if he wanted to keep screwing Kashi ... he apparently decided that it wasn’t worth giving up his first sex in far too long.

“Selina, but most folks call me ‘Lina’ for short. Why are you doing this?” the wife whimpered, but I noticed that she smelled of a very wet, and yet very bloody, twat.

“Because you both clearly need this! You need to stop being such a whiny, spoiled, bossy little bitch who thinks that she can push and bully her man around, using sex as a weapon to control and manipulate him. You also need to learn that sex is good for its own sake, little cunt! He needs to learn not to worry about what you tell him and just get off with whomever will have him. That’s the surest way not to let yourself get blue balls, is to go for what you want, whatever others think of it,” I told her firmly as I stuck my fingers into her cunt and then saw that she was on her period, but hornier than ever.

“Is this your reason for being such a bitch? Dude, you need to fuck your wife at her horniest and don’t be squeamish about it! She’s most eager for it when she is perhaps feeling her grossest, namely this time of the month. So, guess what, I’m going to fuck her good, right now, while you do my bitch Kashi. I’m going to take your wife right in your presence, and you’ll thank me for it, because you’ll have one hell of a horny woman on your hands from now on!” I said as I slid inside her twat and began grudge-fucking Lina, who despite her harsh words didn’t resist at all when I began using her for my own satisfaction.

I don’t think that Lina was quite prepared for what followed, as I took her harder, rougher, and deeper with each stroke and thrust. I was very stiff again as I screwed Roberto’s wife and he took Kashi in the same bathroom, leading to some loud noises that brought in the owner, who was quite stunned at what he watched now. Even so, his pants were soon down and he made the decision for himself without planning to, stroking off at the sight of two couplings at once.

“There are no other customers in the laundromat right now, and I definitely want your repeat business, all four of you! Oh, God, that’s fucking hot!” the owner became hot and bothered as I took one married woman and Roberto took the other, neither being married to the man screwing her.

Finally, it got to be too much, and I spilled my spunk inside Lina, while Roberto dumped his load into Kashi, and both women came from the sheer sexual energy and stimulation, plus the feeling of our hot cum inside them. As I pulled out of Lina, I swatted her buns and did the same to Kashi after Roberto withdrew from her twat. I shrugged and then directed Kashi to seduce the manager, who was hopeless against her charms.

The next thing that I knew, Kashi had the manager screwing her from behind in the doorway of the unisex bathroom, his long, skinny dick giving it to her as hard as he could, while he sweated profusely in the process and his wig fell off. As for Lina, she looked at Roberto, looked back at me, hung her head, and began crying like a baby for the better part of five minutes. I pulled her close to me and held her tight, wiping her tears, and then gestured for Roberto to take her into his arms.

“You two need to work out your problems without hiding from each other and withholding sexual favors. Is that clear? Now, I’m prepared to be sexually available to you, Lina, for the near future, but you can’t cut the hubby off again, and no more bitching about his need to jack off. Is that clear? As for you, Roberto, Kashi will be sexually available to you as well, isn’t that right, Kashi? You are my slut, after all,” I turned to Kashi, right as she came again and the manager dumped his money shot inside her pussy.

“Can I be sexually available to him, too? What’s your name? I like you ... and I like Roberto, too. But ultimately, I’m Dan’s slut. I can’t help it. I need this! I need to belong to Dan, both sexually and otherwise. I won’t leave or neglect my husband, but other than that, my sex life is up to Dan,” Kashi told us as she sucked each of us men off, not even turning up her nose at the blood from Lina’s cunt on my dick.

“Yes, you can be sexually available to him, too, until or unless I say otherwise. Same with Roberto. Oh, and you’re to be sexually available to Lina, too. I kind of like the idea of two you having a lesbian affair. Don’t you agree, Roberto?” I chuckled, as Roberto caught his breath and tried not to have a heart attack at being sucked like that by Kashi so soon after fucking her.

“Oh, Dios mio!” Roberto nodded his agreement now.

“I’m Allen Brady. Nice to meet you guys. Just don’t tell my wife or the cops about this. I can’t afford to lose this laundromat. It’s a family business and I’m in the middle of a divorce as it is! She doesn’t need any ammo to use against me!” the man now seemed very afraid.

“Don’t you worry your little bald head about that, sweetie. I’ll be a very discreet lover, won’t I?” Kashi winked at him.

“So ... do I get to be your slut, too? Pretty please? I’ll be a very good wifey to Roberto, I swear it! I just like the idea of being dominated by you as well. I’m mainly changing my ways and becoming a better wife to Roberto because of you. Come on, guys! I want to get to be one of Dan’s sluts, especially since I’m halfway there by fucking two men and Kashi. Besides, Allen here needs plenty of attention, too, with his wife suing him for divorce and all. He can turn to Kashi and me and we’ll be very discreet, won’t we, Kashi? Sorry about being such a cunt to you, Roberto, but do this for me and I’ll be even better to you than I agreed to be!” Lina now pleaded for the chance to be my slut, too.

“Very well, then. Get him nice and hard again, and then let Allen fuck you nice and hard. After that, you’re to let Roberto fuck you again, too. Deal?” I instructed Lina, who nodded and then kissed me with more than a little tongue.

“Yes, Daddy!” Lina told me as she broke off the kiss.

“Daddy?” I asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“Sure, why not? You’re like an authority figure, an older guy, too. Papi is already taken, since that’s Roberto, even if I haven’t always treated him right. That will change, as I have said, and he will be the happiest husband ever! But you, sir, are Daddy! Pretty please? Let me call you that,” Lina pouted as Allen lined up to fuck her, getting hard again in spite of himself.

“Well, one thing is sure, I’m glad that you came in here to do your laundry, Kashi. Speaking of which, you might want to get started on it soon,” I chuckled now.

“Who ever said anything about needing to do my laundry? I came here to find a new lover, and boy did I ever!” Kashi told me with a deep kiss of her own, “So, we’re agreed? I’m your slut. What if Vikram decides to lend me out and wants me to be his slut?”

“Then be his slut, too, honey. You’ll just have to be twice the slut that you ever were, but I have every confidence that you can pull it off. You really should be hubby’s slut, too, anyway, don’t you agree, if he’ll let you be, I mean. Just don’t think that you can ever get out of being my slut as well,” I warned Kashi now with a slap to her bottom, even as Lina got ambitious and began taking on Roberto and Allen at once.

“After what you just did for me, for Roberto, for Lina, and for Allen, really for Vikram, too, I dare say that I would rather die than stop being your slut, sir. I am your personal fuckmeat and will be, unconditionally, whatever it takes, for the rest of time and eternity, if possible. As for being Vikram’s slut, I’d be that with a smile, but I wanted to make sure that you were okay with that,” Kashi told me with another hungry kiss to my mouth.

“I notice that you haven’t pulled up your pants yet, nor has Lina, though in her case, it would be tough to do,” I teased Kashi, who just smiled and put her head on my shoulder now.

“That’s because a slut doesn’t wear clothes without her man’s permission, dear Dan. I don’t know what or how your wife or Adriana or Lisa feel about this, but I’m your slut for life and I will never give it up. I’m your slut if you ask me to show up at your front door naked and suck your dick right in front of your wife. I’m your slut if you call me to fuck you on the marriage bed while your wife sits and watches. I’m your slut if you ask me to make sweet lady love to your wife, for that matter, which is a very hot fantasy, I might add. I’m your slut in every way possible and I will never let you go! You’re stuck with this slut for life, sir!” Kashi assured me while brushing her naked, shaved pussy against my cock.

“How did you get to be bald down there, not that I mind?” I asked her, quite curious.

“Vikram asked me to do it, so I did it and I was hooked on how smooth it makes me. It’s not a regular or normal thing for an Indian wife, but then neither are adultery or sodomy, you know. By the way, I might have to take a rain check on the anal, I fear, but I hope to collect, or rather let you do so. I guess that it was worth the wait, though, collecting three new partners for us, right? But still, I definitely want to give up the ass to you some time very soon. For now, though, I suppose that we need to let our bodies recover,” Kashi teased as she gave me her number and waited for my signal to pull up her yoga pants.

“I hope that we were worth it, at least,” Lina laughed as I swatted her and both men came inside her, both in the same hole, as it happened, “Oh, God, being double dicked is amazing! I’m hooked on it!”

“Cool, but go ahead and pull up your sweats for now. Otherwise, you’ll leak cum and blood down to the floor, which could be a problem with the health inspectors for Allen here,” I grinned as Allen and Roberto also put their pants back on for their part.

It was just as well that we covered up when we did, because right then, I had to get my clothes out of the dryer and poor Allen got a rush of customers for 12 to 2 pm that Sunday, the church crowd finally showing up for their laundry (always the very thing that I loved to avoid on Sunday mornings, and a major part of why I had taken on the laundry duties myself, as something to do whenever Heather went to church or whatever else).

At that point, I took Lina’s number, too, and we all exchanged numbers as discreetly as we could, before I headed home to my loving wife Heather. I wasn’t at all prepared for what I was about to find, but I discovered it, anyway. Pulling into the driveway in my Ford Ranger, I noticed another car already parked next to me, quite to my shock. The next thing that greeted me was the sound that traveled across the rather large house (I am independently wealthy, hence the maid, who was off on Sundays). It was the undeniable noise of hot, sweaty sex and it came from the master bedroom, and more particularly, the marriage bed itself.

Walking carefully toward the source of the sound, following it closely, I saw my dear wife, naked as Eve, flat on her back, as the pastor’s wife Nicole went to town orally on her twat. My beloved Heather was cheating on me with a woman, another man’s wife to boot! I knew what some men might do in this situation, which was to fume, fuss, scream, holler, and God knew what else, but I had just fucked two women in a laundromat and shared them with two other men, so I wasn’t going to cast the first stone, as Heather’s version of Scripture would read.

I was actually about to turn around and go to the bathroom to shower when Heather saw me, her face losing all color and her body tensing up, which caused Nicole to stop as well and look at me. Both of them looked very scared and hastened to cover up their fine, naked bodies, but I simply smiled and cleared my throat again. That smile made them even more nervous and Heather rushed to close the distance between us, her body covered up by her blanket before I yanked it away from her.

“Don’t need to hide your lovely, nude form from me, dear. I’m your husband, remember? I’ve seen you naked plenty of times. As for you, Mrs. Lark, well, what can I say but that I admire your excellent taste in women, quite literally in this case. Though you really should try her ass. My wife has a truly delicious bottom, if you ask me, though I could be a little biased as I’m her husband.

“Perhaps a little discussion is in order, but I don’t see any reason to cover up or move this to another room. Do you? It might make it tougher for you two ladies to pick up where you left off, which would be a tragedy, as lesbian lovemaking is aesthetically and sensually one of the unmentioned wonders of the world. Besides, I love my wife too much to deny her such a delightful experience,” I was shockingly benevolent and thoughtful from their perspective, which made them suspicious.

“Um, honey, you’re taking this a lot better than I dared to hope,” Heather had the good sense and grace to avert her eyes, at least from her point of view.

“Yes, Dan, I wouldn’t have thought that you were so ... unconventional and tolerant, at least in terms of your wife’s adultery, but I guess that I didn’t know you as well as I thought,” Nicole then brought out a joint and fumbled nervously for her lighter before I took mine and lit it for her.

“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, Mrs. Lark. Or should I call you Nicole, given that we now have Heather in common and that’s a rather fascinating kind of intimacy, wouldn’t you agree? Do you two ladies have something else to say to me?” I coughed yet again, smirking as I sat down at the foot of the bed and let them settle back down on the comforter (Heather’s choice, as was most of the decor in the house).

“Okay, first of all, let me just apologize for sleeping with your wife. It was wrong and I know that, but I do, honestly, have feelings for her. I’m in love with Heather, Dan. Sorry, but that’s the truth. We’ve been having an affair for the past three months, I must confess. What’s more, I have no intention of stopping, and while that’s a sin, it’s just one that I will have to live with. I love her and I refuse to give her up,” Nicole looked very anxiously at me as she gave me that warning of her intentions.

“Is that how you feel, Heather? Do you want to keep Nicole as a lover? If so, what about our marriage? What are your thoughts on that? Not to lay any guilt on you, just wanting to know your honest feelings about you and me, as well as you and Nicole, and how they relate to each other. Speak your mind, please. I want everything out in the clear at last. No more secrets or lies. You’ve been caught. The truth is now out in the open and I think that it’s high time to spill the beans,” I insisted.

“Yes ... I’m in love with Nicole, but also with you. There, that’s the crux of the problem. I don’t want to give either of you up. I’m not sure how that would work, but that’s what I honestly want and feel, since you insisted upon perfect candor now. In case you’re wondering, I’m not gay, but I am bisexual. And apparently polyamorous, too,” Heather explained to me, her hands trembled as she puffed on the joint and passed it to me.

“Very well. And you, Nicole? How do you intend to resolve the slight matter of your own marriage and your husband, Reverend Jake Lark, minister of the First Presbyterian Church in this town? Are you bisexual and polyamorous like Heather, and if so, how will Jake feel about this all? You presumably care about him as a person. I won’t judge you for cheating, but I do want to know what your attitude is about him,” I turned back to my wife’s girlfriend, my kinky mind delighting in that description of Nicole, who was no slouch herself in the beauty department, even if her breasts weren’t anywhere near Heather’s class.

“Well, that’s just the thing. I love my husband, Dan, but I also love my Heather. I’m more queer than bi, but not strictly gay, you see. It’s hard to explain or define, dear. For one thing, I’m also a bit more androgynous at heart than Heather, who is absolutely a woman, cis and all the rest. I mean, there are moments that I’m definitely a girl, but other times I’m more of a guy. I’m not sure how Jake will deal with it, but I hope that he won’t drop me like a bad habit. I don’t want to leave him and I want to make him the same basic offer that Heather is making you, that of sharing me with her,” Nicole said as she took a toke of the joint once more after I offered it back to her.

“So, it’s not necessarily over for you and Jake, any more than it is for Heather and me, you’re saying. Okay, Heather, I want you to hear me out for a change. Don’t react just yet, okay? You’ve said your piece and I’ve listened to both of you and your honest feelings. First of all, I’ve suspected for a bit that you weren’t totally faithful to me, Heather, but I let it slide because I frankly didn’t see a reason to leave you. In fact, I’m more than fine with you having both of us, Nicole and me, if Nicole is.

“However, don’t jump for joy just yet. This is not going to be entirely on your terms, you understand? You can’t just lay down the law and expect me to follow it. You’ve made your starting position, your desired outcome, known to me, and now I will let you know the price of getting what you want. I’m not going to be a cuckold, not even for a lesbian lover. Besides, I have secrets of my own.

“You haven’t been the only one who has strayed from the marriage, Heather. Far from it. In fact, I slept with Adriana a few times and took her virginity before she dropped me to marry David. She seemed to enjoy it, but I couldn’t compete with David for her affections and that’s fine. Everyone loves and wants what they love and want, and who they love and want, right? It’s no one’s fault.

“I also had an affair with Lisa Di Salvo. You remember her, right? Sweet little Italian number, very cute, very feminine, very much a single mom. We have seemingly petered out, at least for now, but I can’t guarantee that we won’t resume and I reserve the right to do just that. I don’t see where you would have any right to object if I did, right?

“Which brings me to my latest partners, as of today. Kashi and Lina. They’ve both declared themselves my ‘sluts, ‘ and yes, both are married, and one of the husbands knows and doesn’t mind, as he is enjoying both of them, too. As for the other husband, who knows what he knows or does, but also I don’t really care.

“The point is, my dear wife, that the price of my acceptance of Nicole as your lover is very simple and basic: an open marriage, where both of us can take lovers as we please, as opposed to just you or just me. So, tell me, is that kosher with you, my dear, sweet, lovely Heather?” I pointed the query directly at her.

Heather looked at me for a moment with a bit of stunned silence before Nicole blurted out, “Oh, for the love of God, Heather, just kiss, make up, and take the deal! This lets us be together openly at last!”

“On one condition, I will. That is, if you swear that you still love me, which you haven’t reassured me yet. Other than that, quite acceptable, and it would have been, anyway, even without Nicole’s outburst. Dan, honey, did you really think that I don’t know you by now? Yes, I know that you have other women.

“It’s part of your appeal to me, in fact. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out, please, my love. As I said, I’m bisexual and some of those women that you fuck are straight as a blade. So, really, my only chance to taste and feel their pussy juices in my mouth or twat is indirectly, through you, and that thought still excites me, even after all these years.

“Okay, so make that two conditions. The second one being no rubbers, please. I can’t experience the flavors, smells, and feeling of their cunt juices if you’re wearing a condom during the act, right? If you’re bareback, however, I get to experience that as well. Besides, I get off on knowing what a stud I married and the bareback part adds to that sense of things. It also lets me imagine you in bed with those lucky ladies, and what it must be like for you and them together.

“If Nicole ever let you fuck her, I would want you to both do it freestyle as well. Somehow, I don’t see that happening,” Heather winked at me as she came up closer to me, “I was honestly just afraid that you’d be the sort of man with double standards and expect me to be faithful while you weren’t, and I’m so relieved that you’re not.”

“Yes, Heather, baby, of course I still love you! I suppose that I took that for granted, but let me make it perfectly plain to you, honey ... I’m very much in love with you still. We can work this out, I do believe. You accepted my lovers and I will accept Nicole, plain and simple. She’s a part of you, just as I am, and just as you’re a part of me, and so are my sluts. We’re one flesh, that’s one part of the Bible that I actually like, depending on how you interpret it, of course,” I smiled as I gave my wife a very loving kiss on her lips.

The next thing that hit me was like a bolt of lightning, a kiss from Nicole, who didn’t even try to hide her intentions. Before I had a chance to react, Heather kissed me again, after which Nicole gave her a lip lock as well. I could taste Heather on Nicole’s lips, but I could also taste Nicole on Heather’s, thus proving that they had taken turns going down on each other. I was barely getting past that when both of them descended to their knees to lick and suck my cock, much to my shock and amazement.

“Shhh ... just relax and enjoy it, honey. Thank you for being so wonderful to me ... and to my lover! Mmmm ... oh, God, is that ... menstrual blood? Wow, you just got it on with a girl during her period? How hot is that!” Heather said as she began sucking me even more eagerly now.

“I know, fucking yummy, isn’t it? I must confess something else, Dan. When Heather and I are on the rag, well, we often like to ... earn our red wings, so to speak. It’s just we feel about it. I know that you don’t feel that way, but at least you’ll fuck a woman during her curse, which is nice to know. For both of us. Let’s be lovers, all three of us, shall we? Whatever Jake does. If he wants in, let him in, please, but if he kicks me to the curb, I want to move with you guys and join you permanently in bed.

“But, of course, I’m totally cool with your sluts. In fact, part of me misses when you used to fuck Adriana on our bed and I could smell the sex a mile away. I’d rush to get to you before you could go soft, just so I could have her pussy juices inside my twat, delivered by your wonderful cock! If you ever want to do that to her again, let me know, please. Married or not, I’ll help you seduce her if you wish. So will Nicole, won’t you, dear?” Heather showed me clearly now how much Nicole was putty in her hands, as the next thing that I knew, I was in the shower with both of them and Nicole was whispering her lustful thoughts toward my former maid in my right ear.

“Don’t forget Lisa. Damn, I’d love to see you move Lisa in with us, too. She would love it and so would Nicole and I. Face it, baby, that would be hot as hell. Now, don’t forget, Nicole is my lover first, but from now on, everything that’s mine is yours as well. I will share her freely with you, and being the wonderful woman that she is, she will not only let me, she’ll encourage me to do so, too. I just hope that you’ll be eager to return the favor, of course. After all, we’re one flesh, as you say,” Heather teased me a bit further, biting my ear playfully while Nicole and she washed me all over.

“And these other women, too, these ... sluts of yours. Any of them, trust me. I’ll leave it up to you, as will Heather, no doubt, but you know that we’ll enjoy bedding them, given half the chance. Honey, and I hope that you don’t mind me calling you that, look, we can be so much together, do so much, now that it’s out in the open. Why do you think that we wanted to come clean soon?

“It’s time, anyway. Heather and I know and love our men for who and what they are, though I fear that this means that Jake will react predictably and I have prepared for that with a plan B, namely moving in with you two and sharing your bed for the rest of our lives. There’s an upside to that, even if I will miss him, namely that I can wake up next to you guys for many years to come,” Nicole announced as Heather and I washed her clean, and then she joined me in washing Heather, too.

“Yes, seriously, thank you for being the great man that we’d hoped that you would be, forgiving, generous, and understanding, so that we could all stay together where we belong,” my wife told me with a very sensuous kiss as Nicole, she, and I dried off, and they enticed me to join them in bed yet again ... this time, I was apparently the main course.

Two willing sluts, a loving wife, her wondrously queer and amorous partner, and a possible reunion with two ex-lovers at least ... what more could a man want?

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