Mrs. Waxerman
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Niece, Aunt, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Spanking, Torture, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Enema, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Body Modification, Clergy, Public Sex, Slow, Transformation,

Desc: BDSM Story: Chapter 1 - From the Family Feud universe, a short story to see if there's interest in such a spinoff....

Mrs. Victoria Waxerman, the neighborhood gossip, busy body and general shrew, knelt at her own dining table, dressed in her Sunday best with her brand new fiancée, three nephews and a niece all looking at her. For the first time in years, she was quiet, with no scathing comments on her lips, her moist eyes downcast.

Eventually, she spoke again. “I’ve been a poor excuse for a Christian and I didn’t even realize it. I’ve done everything I could to mould my nephews and niece into smaller versions of myself, yet I’ve been a very poor example of a good Christian. If it takes a beating with a birch limb to change my attitude, I guess that is what it’ll take.” Mrs. Waxerman looked into Doctor Hooker’s eyes for the first time, steeling herself for what she was about to add.

“Doctor Hooker, sir, would you do me the honor of providing my correction? I know it’s a lot to ask and I’m sure the idea of beating sense into an old woman is as repugnant to you as it sounds, however you’d be doing my brother’s children, myself and in fact the whole neighborhood a service. I’m throwing myself at your mercy.”

Doctor Hooker looked very pleased with Victoria. “Now THAT is the sort of apology I expect to hear. I knew you had humility inside you somewhere, dear heart. I do believe that with the proper guidance, you’re going to be a pleasure to be associated with. Your ideas of what a good Christian is, need to be expounded on and lived out. First of all, I agree to provide your immediate correction, for your own good. Then we will sit down as a family and discuss some immediate changes that need to be made around here,” he finished by thumping his palm on the table and making the silverware jump.

“So aunt Victoria is gonna get a whipping? Zeke asked in disbelief. “Can we watch?”

“It’s going to be your responsibility to not only watch but to learn as well, young man,” Doctor Hooker replied with a smile. “You three boys need to learn to become responsible men. That means that while I do not want to take away the joy of childhood for you, there will soon come a time when you have to act like adults more than children. You’re all at an age when you are or have recently experienced changes in both your bodies and minds. These changes can either be healthy or detrimental to your development.”

“What about me, doctor?” Delilah asked sweetly. “I’m not a boy so I’m not going to become a man.”

“You’re quite right. As a female, you will grow into a woman. Whether you grow into the kind of woman that benefits society or leeches off it will be one of the topics of conversation after we get done disciplining your aunt. I’ve frequently heard your aunt quote a scripture out of the Bible that goes, ‘spare the rod and spoil the child.’ Your aunt has been spared so much that she’s been spoiled and now together, we’re going to remedy that situation. In fact, all of you have been spoiled in one form or another.”

“So we’re all gonna get a beating? That’s not fair! I didn’t do anything!” Jimmy whined.

“You most certainly did do something young man, although until this moment, you were unaware of it. It’s another topic for discussion later. Just to ease your young minds though, the answer is no, I’m not going to whip you all. Just dear Victoria here. Do you actually have a birch tree in your yard? I know I don’t in mine and I do not recall having seen one in yours either. In fact, the closest birch tree would be in the Taylor’s yard, correct?”

The boys looked at each other, then at Delilah, and finally at their aunt. None of them knew what a birch tree looked like but were certain they didn’t have one or they would have climbed it to get a better view over the fence into their neighbor’s yard.

Seeing the looks of disappointment on the boys’ faces, Doctor Hooker grinned and explained that a birching could be just as easily be administered with the cord off an electric frypan or a section of garden hose.

“Are you ready for your penance my dearest?” James asked his fiancée.

Mrs. Waxerman was already having second thoughts about what was to come. It wasn’t so much the beating she’d have to endure. She’d been beaten regularly by her father when she was a child. It was the humiliation of it, since the doctor had confirmed that it’d take place in front of her family and she was no longer a child without modesty.

“Doctor Hooker, I know I agreed to this and in fact I asked for it, however it would be improper to administer such punishment under the watchful eye of children! Isn’t it enough that I’m willing to submit to it at all?” She pleaded with him.

“My dear, for this to be a proper learning experience, it must be done without secrecy. Until it’s done, you’ve learned your lesson and behave in a manner to which your station in life dictates, you really must remember to call me sir. You accepted my marriage proposal this afternoon and as such, I feel obligated to treat you as my future wife. As your husband, you should be aware that I will brook no disobedience from the children or my wife.”

The children, hearing Doctor Hooker state so blatantly that he was marrying their aunt, could not control their curiosity. What? When did this happen? Why? How long have you been engaged? All these questions were thrown at the pair simultaneously. Doctor Hooker raised his hand and did his best to answer them.

“This dinner tonight was to celebrate our engagement. I asked your aunt for her hand this afternoon. I see a strength of character in her that not too many others possess and I believe we will be good for each other,” Doctor Hooker said, looking around the table.

“It was not however a requirement that I ask your permission to marry her and that is why you’re only finding out about our plans now. Your aunt was herself quite surprised at my proposal. I guess it surprised me as well. I was, after all, just visiting her and getting to know her better. At our age, love is not the most important motivating factor in a marriage. Companionship is. Having said that, I believe I do hold some love as well as admiration for your aunt, as she does towards me.” Again he looked around the table, hoping to see understanding in their young faces. Eventually his gaze fell to Victoria. He sat quietly until she raised her eyes to meet his.

“If you are seriously willing to change and become a better person, then you will accept your punishment with joy. It will be humiliating as long as you continue to put yourself first. Once you accept that your needs, wants and desires are to make your future husband happy and show repentance to God, the humiliation will be a small price to pay. And yes, it will be painful no matter what, however I will not damage you and I will respect you more for it.”

“Will you at least allow me to change my clothes first, sir? What I’m wearing is by best suit and I’ll need it for church tomorrow.”

“Did you forget that I said you’d have to disrobe to prepare yourself for your birching? Your clothing will not be ruined because you will not be wearing any.”

“But the children!” Victoria gasped, scandalized. “And we are not yet even married. I can’t disrobe before someone whose not my husband!”

“The children all have raging hormones, that’s true. It’s why it’s been hard to drag them away from the neighbors fence of late. I doubt however that you’ve got anything they or I, for that matter, haven’t seen before and to them, adults of our age would more likely be considered gross than exciting. Your arguments are based solely on your pride, Victoria. Once you’ve put your pride in check, you’ll have earned a valuable lesson.

“I understand what you’re saying sir, but I just can’t,” Mrs. Waxerman wailed, a tear falling from the corner of her eye.

“Would it be better if you were bound? Then whether I stripped you or left your coverings or lack of them would be well and truly out of your control. I do understand your plight. In future, you might be stripped and beaten and expected to stand there and take it without restraints but this first time...”

“Would you sir,” Victoria actually sounded a little excited at the idea, seemingly having missed the part about future punishments. “I know I deserve this and more, but I’m just too weak to do it by myself.”

“That’s settled then. Are you wearing stockings or pantyhose under that skirt this evening, dear?” James asked the kneeling woman. It took a very long time for her to answer his question and he’d just about been ready to ask again when she finally replied.

“Pantyhose, sir,” she said in a whisper, her cheeks bright red in humiliation.

“Good. Be a sweetheart and slip them off for me, will you? Thank you honey.

With a great deal of reluctance and some fidgeting, Mrs. Waxerman eventually did as she’d been instructed, handing them to him without meeting his gaze.

“Please stand up my dear. We need to get you situated and kneeling on the floor is not going to work well for our purposes.”

Mrs. Waxerman slowly got to her feet, using the edge of the table to support herself lest she fall. It was obvious she was not looking forward to any of it. Despite that, she held her head high and made her way to the kitchen door at the back of the house, James, the boys and even Delilah following along behind. At the door she paused, took a deep breath and stepped outside, the concrete cool on her naked feet. Doctor Hooker paused too, spotting an electric kettle cord hanging from a hook in the kitchen. It was just what they needed, so he casually plucked it off the hook as he passed.

Doctor hooker scooped up a couple of pebbles in his other hand, from the flower garden next to the back porch, then dropped one into each leg of the pantyhose. Seeing what he wanted, he was able to throw the weighted ends over a beam supporting the porch. Then, feeding the feet through the ‘V’ made by the gusset of the hose, he was left with a workable restraint that he stood Mrs. Waxerman in front of.

“Lift your arms and clasp your hands behind your head, dear heart, and I’ll secure you.”

“Please, sir...” Mrs. Waxerman began to plead for him to change his mind but seeing the look in his eyes, fell silent and raised her arms instead.

“In order to preserve your outfit for church tomorrow, I’m going to have to either enlist the assistance of the children or find an additional binding. I won’t make you choose dear. I’m just going to carefully wrap these pantyhose around your neck temporarily so that your arms can remain free. Then I won’t have to cut your clothes off you. Do you understand?”

Mrs. Waxerman let out a quiet sob and nodded her head. Doctor Hooker efficiently secured her neck with the pantyhose, then began to unbutton her dress behind her. Once unbuttoned, Doctor Hooker roughly pulled the dress forward off her shoulders, making her elbows come together in front of her.

“Release your hands dear and let your dress slip down.”

“I can’t,” wailed a heartbroken Mrs. Waxerman.

“That’s okay dear Victoria. It’s not unexpected. Delilah, Zeke, please take your aunt’s hands and hold them tightly.”

Each grabbed a wrist closest to them, pulling them away from her head. The action caused the dress to slip down to Victoria’s waist and the sleeves to bunch around her held wrists. Zeke and Delilah quickly freed the sleeves from their aunts arms. Under the dress, Victoria was wearing a cream colored silk slip and under that, her bra straps were visible. Doctor Hooker roughly yanked the dress down so that it pooled at her feet.

“Dear, step out of the dress and Jimmy, please take it and neatly drape it over the chair there.”

“Yes sir,” Jimmy acknowledged with a boy scout salute.

Mrs. Waxerman’ thighs were trembling as she slowly raised first one foot then the other. The process was repeated with the slip and presently, Mrs. Waxerman was standing there in just her brassiere and underpants, or more specifically, bloomers, for that’s what they looked like.

Doctor Hooker took some time admiring his fiancée. Her legs were actually quite toned, probably from all the dog-walking she’d done over the years. Her brassiere, while exceedingly plain, covered a substantial bust. Never having had children of her own, her belly was flat and unmarked by and surgical scars. The body that she’d hidden under such conservative clothes, was more like a 40 year old’s than a woman in her 50’s.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it dear?” Doctor Hooker asked.

Victoria gulped, held back another sob and just nodded.

Doctor Hooker untied the nylons from around her neck and one at a time, replaced a child’s hand on her wrist with a knotted pantyhose leg as close to the beam as he could. The effect was to pull her arms up and stretch her.

“Boys, would you like her to be naked or not?” He asked them, specifically denying Delilah any input.

Their answer surprised him. After looking at each other, they silently agreed then Jimmy said, “For such an old lady, she is kinda good looking. But it wouldn’t be right for her to be nekkid, right?”

“And why not, Jimmy?” Doctor Hooker asked. “After all, the neighbors seem to be naked all the time.”

“But they ain’t aunt Victoria. It just seems wrong to see her like that.” Zeke added.

“And yet your aunt agreed to disrobe and be birched to atone for her wrongdoing. Would it still be wrong if all we were doing to her is fully implementing the terms of her punishment?”

“Umm...” Zeke said, trying to figure out what Doctor Hooker had just said.

Delilah came to the boys’ rescue. “She said she wanted to be stripped and whipped. If she ain’t stripped, she’s not getting her full punishment. You’d be doing her a favor by getting her britches off her.”

“Oh,” the boys all said at once, understanding coming to them.

Jimmy shrugged, stepped up to his aunt and before she could say anything, jacked her underpants down to her knees. They didn’t come all the way down because Victoria had her knees pressed so firmly together. Her bush was a wild one, liberally peppered with grey hair, yet overall a very dark black. There was so much hair it sprouted onto her thighs and came up to within a couple of inches of her belly button. Zeke giggled, Delilah gasped and Doctor Hooker let out a humming sound, like he was pondering something. Mrs. Waxerman sobbed in shame.

“Why is your pubic hair so dark?” James asked the crying woman.

Not getting an immediate response, he continued, rubbing his chin at the same time. “Is it possible that you actually dye your hair my dear? I don’t mean the forest between your legs, but the hair on your head.”

Mrs. Waxerman continued to sob and didn’t answer his question again.

“Ma’am, I’m talking to you! Do not be so rude as to ignore me at this point, please. As a Christian, you have a duty!” He raised his voice for the first time.

Mrs. Waxerman’s head snapped up, her eyes meeting his. Her sob caught in her throat and she hiccuped. With some difficulty, she regained control of herself, despite her shame. She worked her mouth for a moment before finding words. “A Christian wouldn’t be seen in the nude by her nephews and niece, or for that matter, her fiancée and neighbor!” She spat out, some of her righteous indignation returning.

“It does not say that in the Bible, to my knowledge. It does say something about planting seeds in fertile ground, not sand and rocks. Your Christianity has been like the seeds planted in sand and I’m sure you agree that you’d do whatever it took to change that.” Doctor Hooker paused, noting her reaction. She stood a little taller, her chin lifted a little almost in defiance.

“I’m not here to judge you, my dear. I’m hear to help you. It is you alone who can change your attitude and you must not just participate, but take an active role in your own retraining. I don’t doubt that you’ll be teaching me a thing or two within the coming weeks and months.”

“What you say has a ring of truth to it Doctor Hooker,” Mrs. Waxerman admitted, sounding strange talking more like her haughty self even though standing naked but for her bra, with her hands tied above her head.

“The devil infected Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, turning Eve into a wanton slut and for that, God punished womankind with a monthly curse and the pain of child birth. To be closer to God, it is a woman’s place to suffer and to overcome. As you say Doctor, it is easy to compare Christianity to seeds planted in sand and much more difficult for a woman to please God by doing as little as a man needs to do.”

“A man’s responsibilities differ from a woman’s my dearest,” Doctor Hooker insisted. “As you’ve surely realized, being a surrogate parent to three boys and a girl, you’ve attempted to play the role of father to them and have failed miserably, only because you are a woman. You were simply unable to bear the burden a man must carry, as it is so foreign to a woman.”

Talking about God and the roles of males and females in the world seemed to trip a switch within Mrs. Waxerman. She sniffed, clearing her nose, and seemed to gather strength from his words. The boys, Delilah and Doctor Hooker looked on as Mrs. Waxerman returned to her former self.

“I am a sinner, Doctor Hooker. All women are sinners. Sinners must be punished and I’m about to be punished for just one or two of the many sins I’ve committed within just the last few hours alone. I am ready to repent and it’s your Christian duty as a man to see to my penance.” As she spoke, Victoria’s stance became almost defiant. She pushed her shoulders back, her chest out, and shuffled her legs apart a little, her underwear slipping the rest of the way to her ankles.

“A man must take charge, and lead a woman in the path to righteousness and the love of God. This you understand clearly, whereas I knew it but ignored it. A man receives his rewards piecemeal, whereas, because of original sin, a woman will only know true grace by pleasing man. The more penance I pay now, the closer I get to God.”

“We agree fully, it seems, Victoria. So now that we are on the same page, please answer my previous question. And while you’re at it, please do refer to me as sir, until such time as I say otherwise.”

“Yes sir. I apologize for not using the term of respect you requested. Please take that into account when you provide me with the punishment I look forward to. The more I can take, the more Christian I can become. To answer your question, I dye my hair gray. It is vanity. I have done it weekly for years to gain respect. I believed people would think I’m older and wiser if my hair was steel gray.”

Looking at her with this new information, Doctor Hooker realized that maybe Mrs. Waxerman was indeed not as old as he’d originally thought. “While I know it is generally uncouth to ask a woman her age, I think it is important to know how old you are. It will not change the fact that we are to be married, but I do need to know.”

Relinquishing her real age seemed more difficult for Mrs. Waxerman than to be standing almost naked in front of her family. “I’m ... on my last birthday ... umm ... next month I’ll be 49, sir,” Mrs. Waxerman admitted, her cheeks getting pink.

“You see dear heart, that was not so difficult, was it? I do however think that going forward, I want you to continue dying your hair. I would prefer people to believe you’re somewhat closer to my age than you really are, but more importantly, I really like it the way it is right now. I would never lie to anyone that asked, however society has a few silly character flaws that we all must deal with. From now on, instead of dying your hair gray to lie to people, you’ll be doing it to please your husband.”

“Yes sir, indeed sir,” Mrs. Waxerman replied with a tight smile.

“Now, as for the brassiere, I do not believe we need to retain that anymore. It’s what young people would call, ‘fugly’ I believe. Delilah, please get me a pair of scissors.”

Delilah was standing there smirking at her aunt. Doctor Hooker briefly wondered what was going on in her head, but seeing her immediately turn to do his bidding, he dismissed the question. She returned in a moment with a huge pair of sewing scissors and without being told, walked up to her aunt and deftly cut away the straps that held the bra in place. Even with the straps cut, the bra clung to Mrs. Waxerman’s chest. Jimmy giggled at the sight.

Mrs. Waxerman stood there stoic, ignoring the children’s smiles and giggles. It was Delilah that slapped Jimmy up side the head, stopping his giggling.

“This is not funny. Your aunt is getting punished and it’s not for your amusement!”

“Oh but it is, in a way, Delilah. You see, Jimmy must learn to be a man and a woman’s place in life is to help a man find enjoyment whenever possible. It’d be a sad place if the world was always serious, don’t you think?”

Delilah actually thought about it for a moment before nodding. “Sorry Jimmy,” she said.

Mrs. Waxerman continued standing there straight with her shoulders pulled back and her chest out. Eventually either a breeze, a tremble or just plain gravity caused the bra cups to relinquish their hold on Victoria’s breasts and the brassiere fell at her feet, leaving huge, sagging breasts with light areoles and tiny nipples pointed at the ground. The breasts she’d been hiding had to be easily bigger than her neighbor, Wendy Taylor’s enhanced melons. There was no hint of tan lines, as her body had never been exposed to the elements before.

“Will this hurt a lot, sir,” Mrs. Waxerman asked? Doctor Hooker was surprised at the question, not so much by what was asked, but the way it was asked. Victoria spoke in her normal voice, as if she was asking whether or not it’d rain. She didn’t sound scared or shy anymore, as if she had embraced her circumstances now. Her tone was almost mocking, as was normal for her.

“If it doesn’t dear heart, do you think it’ll still be as effective?” Doctor Hooker asked quietly, in his normal, patient tone of voice.

“I just asked because any pain I feel now will have more than one benefit. It’ll remind me that I brought this upon myself. If the pain lasts, it’ll be a reminder to think twice before I sin in future, even though I’m sure that doing penance this one time will not atone for my behavior today much less the unchristian thoughts the devil tempts me with. I just have one request as I stand humbly before you, as nude as Eve, having just taken a bite from the apple and wanting to cover her shame.” Mrs. Waxerman looked penetratingly at Doctor Hooker.

“Victoria, dear, you certainly do not look humbled, however it’s how you feel that matters most. What is your request?”

“The more I think about it, the more I believe God brought you to me to help save my immortal soul. There are certain things I regularly do that I believed cleansed my body and soul and in one evening, you’ve shown me that I’m not doing enough by half.” Mrs. Waxerman paused, gathering her thoughts.

“You just said I do not look humbled and possibly you are correct. I did not lie to you. I feel humbled, however maybe I do not even know what it is to be truly humbled. My question to you, before you even begin, is this. Will you really be my rock? The one that will not allow me to stray from the path of righteousness the way I have until now. Will you take my nephews, niece and me under your wing and lead us the way Mr. Taylor has done with his family?

“I have already pledged to do that, Victoria. Do you not trust that I do what I say and say what I mean? While in my opinion, the Taylor’s have been merely playing obedience and submission games, they have inadvertently been very successful at turning their boy Christopher’s life around. When I first met him, he found it difficult to string three words together when talking to an adult and spent all his time ignoring the real world. Your nephews face the same challenges, while Delilah is such a tomboy that I could foresee her one day becoming the man of the house unless she is firmly redirected.”

“Thank you, sir. I knew I’d made the correct choice, accepting your marriage proposal. Now I have one more request, because I agree with your assessment of Delilah. I beseech you to provide to her the same corrective measures I’ll be expecting. In her own way, she shares the same weaknesses I do and I’d be obliged to have you correct her in exactly the same manner as you surely will with me. The Bible says that all women are equal in God’s eyes and that means we all have a lot of forgiveness to seek. We need to fully feel Eve’s guilt and repent.”

“I have already pledged to you dearest. As the guardian of Delilah, it is your responsibility to decide what is in her best interest. If you decide she needs to atone for the sins of womankind, that’s a discussion for you two to have. If Delilah then comes to me of course I would not deny her request.”

“Y’ll know better ‘n me what the almighty God wants from us ‘n I’ll do whatever it takes. I just don’t want them stinky butt brothers of mine to be laughing at me all the time.” Delilah declared.

“And do you think your aunt wants that either? It is what it is and your brothers are going to make fun of you until they get used to it. You’ve been right here while I was talking with your aunt and I know you’re bright enough to understand why your aunt is accepting that it’s just the way it is.”

Delilah thought about his words for a minute, then with a shrug, whipped her sweater off over her head. Before anyone could react, she’d already unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled out of them so that she stood proudly in front of everyone in just a plain bra and panties.

“Should I get totally nekkid aunty? I don’ wanna do anything to make you mad. But if Doctor Hooker is gonna whoop me too, I wanna just take it without being tied up, just to see if I can and to show y’all I’m real repentant.”

The boys giggled and Delilah noticed an immediate tenting in Jimmy’s pants. Mrs. Waxerman never batted an eyelid but simply said that Delilah should completely disrobe. Doctor Hooker just raised his eyebrows and shrugged. “I guess the decision has been made.”

Delilah quickly stripped out of her bra and panties and stood next to her aunt. Doctor Hooker noticed a slight family resemblance in facial features and body styles, although Delilah was obviously not yet fully developed, and her pubic hair was much finer, more golden and certainly more sparse. Her breasts were much higher on her chest and not nearly as large as her aunt’s, but her nipples were the same light pink with tiny nipples. Her skin was so light and unblemished in any area that would usually have been covered by a conservative one piece bathing suit. Her freckles seemed to taper off to nothing as the doctor’s eyes dropped from her thin shoulders and only started again on her legs and arms.

“Unless you’d prefer me to whip your fronts, it’d behoove you to turn around and present your bottoms, ladies,” Doctor Hooker suggested.

As if choreographed, Victoria and Delilah turned and pushed their rears out, in Mrs. Waxerman’s case, as much as she could. Delilah bent as far over as her aunt did, resting her hands on her thighs.

“Spread your legs please ladies,” Doctor Hooker instructed.

Both shuffled their feet apart. Delilah’s peach came into view from behind, while all that was visible of Victoria’s, was the thick black hair disappearing into her butt crack.

“You have an awful lot of pubic hair, dear. Do you keep it like that to ward off the cold or something?” James asked with a smile.

“I’ve never thought about it, sir,” Mrs. Waxerman replied.

“Before you go to bed tonight, please have Delilah remove that forest of yours and don’t let her forget to shave the area around your anus clean, if you don’t mind sweetums,” Doctor Hooker asked, as if he was requesting that she give him syrup for his pancakes. “Delilah’s looks sweet as it is, for right now. The boys can tell me tomorrow if it should stay or go. That’s part of their education too.”

Mrs. Waxerman nodded her head before replying, “yes sir.”

Lifting the cord and doubling it up in his fist, Doctor Hooker took a quick swipe at thin air, causing a whooshing noise close to the females. Neither of them flinched. Doctor Hooker moved to the side of his fiancée and swung again, this time making firm contact with her muscular buttocks. Twin welts instantly appeared on her creamy flesh. Mrs. Waxerman did not make a sound. James repositioned himself and with the same amount of force, laid a strike on Delilah’s buttocks.

“Shit!” The surprised girl sprang totally upright, rubbed her butt and cursed.

“Please don’t cuss, Delilah, unless you’re given permission to do so. There are times and places for such language however right now is not one of them.”

“I’m sorry, but shoot that hurt!”

“I’m going to give you 5 more just like it. You’re not to touch yourself in any way. Are you sure you can do this without restraints?”

“I’m okay. Just surprised more’n anything,”Delilah replied, choosing to clasp her hands behind her neck to keep them out of the way.

“To make this faster, I’m just going to give you the other five now, then return to your aunt. Why don’t you go ahead and count them for me. That’ll help you focus.”

Doctor Hooker brought the cord down on her cheeks again, just a little lower than his first strike. Another pair of red welts appeared, but this time Delilah didn’t cuss.

“Two,” Delilah said, almost calmly.

“I hope you appreciate me doing this for you, Delilah. I agreed to correct your aunt and somehow I’ve ended up doubling my work,” Doctor Hooker commented with a smile.

“Yes, thank you Doctor Hooker. May I have another?”

“Oh goodness me that sounds inviting. You most certainly may! Although I think since I’m whipping you, you might call me sir. Doctor Hooker suggested, before swinging again.

“Three, thank you sir. May I have another?” Delilah said in the same, calm voice, despite the evidence of 4 red stripes on her posterior.

“Four, thank you sir. May I have another?”

“Five, thank you mas ... sir. May I have another?” Delilah said, this time a slight quiver in her voice, recovering well from what Doctor Hooker thought was an interesting slip of the tongue.

“That’s all I feel comfortable giving you right now, young lady. I must say, you’ve performed admirably, especially considering the circumstances involved. Now stand up straight and keep your hands where they are. You may also turn around.”

When she straightened and turned, there was moisture drops glistening on her pubic hair. Her pussy lips were puckered and slightly spit apart, allowing those looking at her to see her clitoris peeking out. The musk of her arousal was suddenly obvious. Doctor Hooker decided to not Perdue the matter right away. Instead he went back to his original position next to Mrs. Waxerman.

“Are you ready, dear?”

“Yes, sir. However when I was a child and I was whipped, I never received less than one multiple of the number of Jesus’s disciples, and frequently, a set for each thing I was being punished for.”

“And it’s been a long while since you were a child. Your skin will by now have become much more soft and supple, although I like your parents’ thinking. So this evening, you will receive one set of 12, followed by something else to make up for the other 2 specific things you are repenting. Then we’ll all sit down and talk about how we will proceed in the future.”

Without further ado, Doctor Hooker struck Mrs. Waxerman’s bottom with the doubled-up electric cord.

“One, thank you sir. May I have another?” Victoria said through gritted teeth.

Doctor Hooker swung, struck and waited for Mrs. Waxerman to count. Together they built quite a brisk rhythm, the stripes overlapping and crossing in what had to be a particularly painful manner. Mrs. Waxerman didn’t lose count or change the tone of her voice. Once she’d receive the full twelve, she did not ask for another as Delilah had done at the end of her set. When she was told to, she turned around as Delilah had done. There was no sign of arousal in her. No scent, no dew.

Doctor Hooker cupped his chin, debating whether or not to finish the punishment he’d started. “Hurting you is really not my idea of a good time, sweetheart. I am however very pleased that you agreed to it and coped so well. If you do not want me to put you through any more pain tonight, I can stop now.”

“Sir, I agreed to this penance. I suggested more of a penance than you were originally visualizing. If you are the man I thought you were, you will not let me off with anything less than what I deserve. And I know I deserve more than you’ve suggested this evening.” Mrs. Waxerman said with some passion.

Seeing the effect she was having on him, she continued. “I remember my father as a good, gentle preacher. On the other hand, he was very strict and creative with discipline. For example, he used colonics even when they weren’t strictly needed and he put clothes pins to creative uses. We were tied out in the sun or even the snow and we worked hours around the house with toothbrushes, cleaning floors. We learned humility and service and those are just two of the things I’ve cast aside. It’s because you don’t want to hurt us that I feel confident you won’t accidentally hurt me, or my niece.”

Doctor Hooker found himself nodding in agreement with Victoria’s words. “I will see to it that I put as much effort into you as I do with everything else.”

Doctor Hooker was already satisfied that Mrs. Waxerman had proved her repentance for her earlier actions. He’d only been joking when he’d originally suggested a birching. Now he’d been given the opportunity to punish her more, but he really had no idea what to do. What would be appropriate when he was satisfied it already should be complete? Continuing the punishment was her idea so maybe, he wondered, he should ask her what she expected him to do?

“I said that I agreed to do something else after your whipping. We have reached that point. Now, after I’ve given you the opportunity to skip the second part of your penance and you’ve requested that I skip nothing, the question remains, what is the second half to consist of?” He asked, raising his eyebrows to Victoria in a questioning manner.

“I don’t want to decide what you do, sir,” Mrs. Waxerman replied, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to devise my own penance.”

“Oh you don’t think it is, dear heart? You just finished saying that in your youth, your father’s punishments taught you humility. I asked you a question dear, and now you’re saying what you don’t want. I didn’t ask what you don’t want. I’m asking you to make suggestions and then I can choose the most appropriate, is all. So tell me, if you’re repentant and you want Delilah to learn proper repentance too, what would you have me do that will remind you of humility and not only provide entertainment but please the males around you as well?”

“It sounds like you’re saying that part of my penance is to actually suggest my penance for your enjoyment, sir,” Mrs. Waxerman said thoughtfully.

“Very good dear,” Doctor Hooker replied, masking his pleasure that his fiancée had come to that conclusion herself.

“I remember once when I was about Delilah’s age, a dog had followed me home. It was after church and I’d been out playing. Anyway, I decided to keep him. I hid him in my bedroom. The first night, the dog slept under the covers with me. In the morning, my mother found us asleep together. It was as big as me and I was cuddled up to it. It had been running through the woods at some stage and was filthy, so when she found us, we were both filthy and the bed clothes were too. She brought me before my father and I had to admit to him that I didn’t know who the dog belonged to, hadn’t tried to find out, hadn’t asked him before deciding to keep it, didn’t check it for diseases and didn’t even feed it.”

“So what happened?” Doctor Hooker asked.

“Looking at the dog’s collar, father immediately noticed a tag with the owner’s phone number on it. I had to admit that I’d wanted the dog so badly that I’d ignored the tag. Well the dog went back and after my whooping, my punishment was to spend a week as the family pet. I didn’t get to sleep in my bed. I got to sleep on an old blanket on the back porch. I didn’t get to wear clothing. I ate my meals from a plate on the floor without silver wear and only drank water from a bowl. I played fetch in the yard with my brothers and one of them bathed me in an old tub. My youngest brother rode me around like a pony. My oldest brother taught me tricks, whooping on me with a newspaper if I refused or was slow doing what he wanted. I even had to do my toilet in the yard. I was only allowed to be a person at school but as soon as I got home each day I became the family pet again. On the next Sunday, after church when my punishment ended, I still had to clean up my own messes from the yard.”

“Are you suggesting your penance should last a week, dear? James asked sweetly.

“I’m suggesting no such thing, sir. I was merely telling the story of one punishment that seemed to please my family. There were many other punishments that spring to mind. When I was about 12, my mother once burned the family meal because she was gossiping with a neighbor. She was made to scrape the burn off the meat as much as possible, then she had to...” Mrs. Waxerman paused, looking pointedly at her nephews before finishing, “That was a poor example sir.”

“Why?” Delilah asked before Doctor Hooker could.

“Because you children are present. Because it’s more of an example of sins of the flesh and as women, why we must experience certain depravities in order to understand what women are capable of and why we have to work so hard to find forgiveness. It’s all there in scripture.”

“We should discuss this in more detail later Victoria however I won’t push the issue at this moment. I still have a lot to learn about you and we have lots of time ahead. Delilah and the boys are at an age when they need to learn about depravity so they can define it, how to react to it in a Christian manner and why, especially Delilah and you, need to repent for the sins of women. I’ve already said I’ll take the boys under my wing and it’ll be your responsibility to show and teach Delilah as your mother probably taught you. For now, I believe I have heard enough. I know what you’re to do for the last portion of your penance.”

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