Dr Steven Brandle - 2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story can stand alone but it is a continuation of a prior story which should be read to better understand the storyline and the characters. There is some sex but that is not the main theme of the story.

Sitting at his kitchen table sipping on his second cup of coffee this morning Doctor Steven Brandle was satisfied with his life. Looking at the view out of his large picture window on to Lake Lancer for some reason always caused him to reminisce about things that had happened in his life.

It was just over two years ago his hand had started shaking when he was doing a cosmetic procedure. Eventually he was diagnosed with having a form of dystonia. He was fortunate in that he had a minor form of dystonia which was an involuntary muscle spasm that so far had not progressed. While it had caused him to give up doing cosmetic surgery and become a GP here, he was receiving a high degree of personnel satisfaction in practicing this form of medicine that he didn’t receive from doing cosmetic surgery.

The pace of life here was slower here than it was in Los Angeles and that made life for him more enjoyable. He had also discovered that the women here were just like women everywhere with the same wants, needs and desires. He was fortunate to have met a number of women and because of that his love life hadn’t suffered. Presently he was seeing two women, Doris Connelly who was a writer of romance novels and Nancy Hodges who owned four fast food restaurants. He had feelings for these ladies but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to commit to a permanent relationship with either lady.

Steve practiced medicine at a clinic founded and funded by internet billionaire John Wilkinsing. John’s mother lived in the area which was the reason John’s foundation established this clinic. The patients Steve treated had the normal illnesses that would be found at any clinic. There had been a few illnesses that were markedly different but they had been properly diagnosed and handled.

One thing which was starting to concern Steve was that he was seeing a number of patients that were from the town of North Rivers. This town was over an hour’s drive from Lake Lancer going in the opposite direction from the University’s hospital. Why there was this increase was something he wondered about.

He did ask the patients from North Rivers why they had come to the clinic. As a group they responded that it was the closest place they could go for medical treatment. Steve continued to have concerns about this influx of patients and after work on Saturday decided to take a drive to visit this town.

In approaching the town he observed the sign with the town’s name and saw the population listed as eleven hundred and twenty five. This was about a quarter the size of Lake Lancer. The main section of the town consisted of a gas station and a few stores to include a food store and a small church.

After filling up his car with gasoline he asked the cashier as to whom if anyone was in-charge of the town. Steve was told a Jim Hardy was the part time mayor. Steve asked for and was given directions on where to find Jim.

Steve found Jim in one of the stores which was a combination of a hardware store and what once was referred to as a five and ten. Jim was about Steve’s age and height but weighed about fifty pounds more.

After introducing himself Steve said, “I am starting to see a number of your townspeople at the clinic in Lake Lancer and I was wondering why?”

“The simple answer Doc is we have no Doctor here and your clinic is the closest place they can go to receive medical treatment.”

“Did you ever have a Doctor here?”

“No we never did. There was a Doctor in a town east of us but he died. A town our size cannot support a full-time Doctor or a medical facility. It’s just a question of simple economics as to the funds needed for those things.”

Steve was quiet for a while but then he said, “I think your problem of not having medical services available for your townspeople could be solved if you had a physician assistant periodically stopping by. Unfortunately the present rules as to how a PA is supervised are restrictive and I think prohibits me from sending my PA out here. Let me think about the problem and see if I can come up with a solution.”

Jim thanked Steve and said anything he could do would be welcomed.

That evening Steve took Nancy out to dinner. She looked exceptionally well in the black sheath dress she was wearing with the tantalizing V neckline. He just couldn’t help but think about how she looked when she wasn’t wearing anything. That was something he already knew which caused him to further think about how the evening would end.

The dinner and Nancy’s companionship were nice. There was somewhat of a damper put on Steve’s anticipation of what would be happening later when Nancy said she was going to be going to the Las Vegas area to visit with her parents for an unknown length of time.

“My mother is not in the best of health and my father has had a minor stroke. I am going to see what the situation is there. My brother who is single and I discussed it and I knew I would be the one going there. My parents moved there because of my dad who is frugal was tired of paying the high California State income tax. He said he could put up with the high temperatures during the summers there if he didn’t need to pay state income tax. Mother just puts up with him and didn’t resist going there. I just don’t know now how long I will be there.”

Hearing Nancy saying that was a bummer for Steve. The activities later at Nancy’s home were anything but that. It seemed like she wanted this to be a night to remember and that this love making was going to need to last her till she was with Steve again. She didn’t know when that would be.

Steve didn’t know the number of orgasms she had that night but he knew it was a considerable number. For him he had two which was his norm for the evening and another one in the morning. He was one satisfied man when he left Nancy that morning. He was a little proud of himself as he looked at Nancy who was somewhat disheveled and saw that freshly fucked look on her face. As she gave him one last kiss at her door she sheepishly told him that she had never enjoyed making love as much as she did last night.

Monday at the clinic, Steve reviewed the current rules on the supervision of PA’s just to make sure nothing had changed. Seeing that PA supervision was acceptable if “immediate electronic communication was available” he phoned the PA Board in Sacramento for clarification.

Steve spoke with a nice lady at the Board who said, “The subject of Skype supervision has been discussed. The Board decided that supervising by Skype is permissible but the present law of a physician supervising no more than four PA’s still applies. There is consideration now being given to an exception to that number if the supervising Physician will only supervise and not be involved with any other patients while he is supervising the PA’s. That exception has not yet been approved.”

Steve thanked her and then placed a call to Jim Hardy at North Rivers.

“Jim, I would like to send a physician assistant out to your town on Thursday and every Thursday thereafter if there is a need.”

“That sounds great.”

“For me to do that however it will require a place where he can see the patients which means an office with table and chairs along with a receptionist. It goes without saying that the PA needs a private place for him to conduct the examination. More importantly he must have access to wi-fi which is a must. Without wi-fi available I can’t send a PA out there.”

“We can provide all you require. The office next door to me is available and there will be wi-fi there. My wife will be the receptionist.”

“You can spread the word that a PA will be there Thursday at nine am.”

“The word will spread like wildfire.”

The next morning Steve told his PA Todd what he had arranged for him to do on Thursday at North Rivers. Todd was told that besides his medical equipment and supplies to also bring sufficient forms for the patients to fill out which would be inputted along with the billing for what was done when he brought the forms back for Steve’s review and approval. Further he was to take a notebook computer with a separate video camera to use Skype and to contact Steve if he had any questions about treating any of the patients. Also the video camera should be always on and show the patient so Steve can watch and listen in to what is going on occasionally.

With Nancy now gone Steve was somewhat counting the days till Doris came back to the area. Doris alternated between living here and living in Las Vegas because of the tax situation. He knew that she was scheduled to return here in about a month and a half. It was only two days since Nancy had left but Steve was already wondering what he was going to do for female companionship. Granted it wasn’t only about six weeks till Doris was back in the area but when you were having intimate relations at least once and sometimes twice a week, six weeks was a long time.

As luck would have it on Wednesday Steve received a phone call from Amber Sullivan. Amber was a redheaded drug representative with a gangbuster body that Steve had bedded once. He often thought about her but thought that it was a one-time thing in him being with her. He hadn’t had any contact with her in over a year.

“I am going to be in the University hospital area Friday touting our new blood thinner drug. If you have no plans I thought we could get together after I was done working” said Amber.

Her remark of them getting together cause Steve to have a big smile on his face as he responded, “I certainly would like to see you again. I am at the clinic till five and maybe longer. If you don’t mind why don’t you pick up some carryout and we can have it at my home. I do have an extra bedroom that you can use.”

“A pizza sounds good but there is no reason I will need to use the extra bedroom. I am sure your bed is big enough for two.”

She came right to the point thought Steve and said she would be at the clinic a little after five. In ending the call he didn’t rub his hands together but when he put the phone down he said, “YES!”

Thursday at the clinic Todd checked in with Steve on Skype and said he was ready to go. He said he had a nice private area to meet with the patients and the Mayor’s wife Karen seemed to be very efficient. Todd said there were fourteen people already there waiting to see him.

Steve told him to start treating the people and not to hesitate to ask him if he needed some advice. Throughout the day Steve looked in how Todd was doing and didn’t hear or see any problems.

The next morning Todd presented Steve with the records from yesterday for him to approve and sign. Steve asked Todd how he thought it went and if there were any problems.

“Nothing that I couldn’t handle. The usual assortment of colds, flu, some rashes and minor infections. I did write a number of prescriptions as you can see and also renewed a number of them. After you are done reviewing and approving give the forms back for entering into the computer and for the billing to be done. There were some patients that I told needed to come to the clinic here and have some blood work done and two that needed a cat scan. I will say the people were very appreciative that I did come there and told me to thank you for doing that. They were nice people and it gave me a good feeling that I was able to help them.”

“I am glad it worked out. You can now plan on where you will be spending your Thursdays” and Steve laughed as he said that.

“Along that line there are a few things I would like to suggest. It would be nice if there was a nurse with me who could draw some blood when required. Maybe we could set it up for her to go there Friday and do that at one time for those people who needed it done. She wouldn’t need to spend a full day there. Also there were some supplies I wish I had there. I am going to keep a checklist on what supplies I need to bring with me and will probably add to the list as time goes on.”

“On anther note, our twin boys will be going to various camps and then to elementary school this fall. Carol my wife was hoping that when they are at camps or in school she could work part time at the clinic while I work full time. The money for doing that she would be saving for the boys as college is expensive.”

“The checklist is a good idea and something other PA’s could use if they are sent to outlying areas. I see no problem in Carol working but that is something I will need to check with Troy at the foundation first and will let you know.”

Later that day, Steve phone Troy Kane who was a Senior Director of the John Wilkinsing foundation and asked about PA Carol working part-time while her husband Todd worked full time.

“I don’t see a problem in doing that. Tell her she can start when she wants to.”

“How are things going at the foundation? Any problems in dispensing all those funds” asked Steve.

“Sometimes yes and sometimes no. At times I wonder if what we give is getting as much bang for the buck that it should be getting.”

“What do you mean?”

“You should see what some of the research grant requests we get are. It’s ridiculous on what they propose they want to study.”

“Let me ask you a question first before I tell you about what I am doing. What is the bottom line on what this clinic’s operational costs are?”

“I have that info on my computer so give me a minute to pull it up. Okay I have it, here it is. After deducting what we received back from patient reimbursement, insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, the bottom line is that the clinic has a substantial operating loss. It is still a large loss even if I take out the ambulance, the EMT’s and the costs for those two airplane charters.”

When Steve was told the amount he just whistled and said, “That has to be the main reason why small towns or small population centers do not have good medical care as they can’t afford it. Let me tell you what I am doing in utilizing Todd our physician’s assistant and why.”

Steve relayed what he was doing in sending Todd out to North Rivers once a week. He told of the reception Todd had received.

He continued saying, “You know the arrangement you made with Don and Dana as to paying for their living and medical schooling expense in return for them committing to work here for a number of years I think is money well invested and will pay dividends in the long run. I do think you should consider expanding something like that into a formal program. A program that will give grants to students going to medical school to become doctors and to include those studying to be physician assistants.”

“With a large number of our medical schools graduates wanting to do research or specialize we just aren’t producing enough doctors who want to be internists. Those Doctors are the first line of defense in providing medical care and a solid well run physician assistant program would go a long way to solve the shortage of that type of Doctor. I could see in the future an experience Doctor sitting in a room with many large screen LCD monitors on the wall supervising a large number of PA’s.”

“There however are some changes that need to be made to the present law as it pertains to PA’s if that is going to happen. Right now a Doctor is limited to supervising no more than four PA’s. I can see the original thinking of why it was that number but things have changed. I don’t think it was ever thought of a Doctor sitting in a room with many monitors solely supervising PA’s. The original thought must have been that the Doctor was somewhere in the building and could be summoned if needed. That number needs to be increased.”

“What you are saying sounds interesting but you need to stop right there. I understand some of what you said and it seems like something we should look into doing but that is something that is beyond me.”

Troy pause for a while and then he said, “I was looking at a job application and a resume yesterday that this could be something right up this applicant’s alley. Her name is Valerie Kingman and she is thirty eight years old. She was a charge-nurse but left nursing for a while after she married a Doctor to raise their one son. She came back to nursing when the son was in school. Her husband was doing some volunteer work in Afghanistan when he was killed by a misguided bomb a little over a year ago. That shock caused her to leave nursing. She is looking to come back to work now and wants something other than nursing. What you are talking about sounds like something she could handle. The person who referred her to me told me Valerie is a very sharp lady. Let me see if this is something she would be interested in doing.”

“What will be will be” thought Steve as he ended the phone call.

Precisely at five on Friday Amber walked into the clinic. Steve was ready to go and he told her to follow him to his house.

He carried her small suitcase and Amber carried a pizza into his home. Once inside his home Amber was impressed with its interior. She said it looked like what you see in model home magazines.

While they were eating Steve had a chance to further appraise Amber and he like what he saw. She hadn’t change since the last time he was with her. The tight dark skirt had ridden up and showed the nice legs she had. The white blouse she was wearing was tight enough to highlight the large rack she had. Her red hair was a little longer now and came down on both sides of her pretty face.

There was some small talk on what was happening in their lives since the last time they were together. Amber said this would probably be the second and last time they would be together. She had been offered a Sales Manager position which she had accepted as being on the road all the time was starting to wear on her. The position was based in Atlanta, GA which is where she would be spending her time now.

Steve congratulated her on her promotion and said he just knew she would be very successful. He wished her well.

They had finished eating when Amber excused herself and went to the bathroom. While she was gone Steve cleaned up and put the uneaten pizza in the refrigerator. He poured each of them an after dinner liquor and handed it to her when she returned. They sat on the couch and looked out the large picture window on to the lake. The moon was low and its light shining on the lake made for a pretty picture. Amber asked Steven not to turn on the television as the view was so beautiful.

There wasn’t much talk as they sipped on their drinks. Both of the drinks were finished at the same time with the glasses put down. Steve turned toward Amber who was turning toward him. They both were in the each other arms. The kissing was torrid as their tongues did battle. He did cup her large bra encased breast but then his hand continued down and under her skirt.

There he was surprised to find that there were no panties to hinder his exploration of her most private part. She moaned as he caressed her clit but her tight skirt prevented her from opening her legs fully to accommodate him.

Ending a kiss she looked into Steve’s eyes and he could see the fiery passion that was there. Without him having to ask she simply said, “I knew where your hand would be going which is why I took them off.”

Steve rose and took her hand as they walked into the bedroom.

After they divested themselves of their clothes they lay on the bed and made love. To Steve, Amber acted much like Nancy did the last time he was with her. It seemed like she couldn’t get enough love making and Steve did his best to fulfill her need. Her vocal comments told him he was pretty successful in doing that. When he could no longer perform Amber suggested they go to sleep. He agreed to do that and spooned up against her with one of his hands cupping her large breast for a while.

The next morning there was some more lovemaking before Amber said she needed to take a shower, dress and get on the road.

It was one last kiss with Steve giving her ass a solid two handed grope before she left. There was not a doubt in his mind that she would be successful as a Sales Manager.

During the following week at the clinic Steve was told he had a phone call. A Valerie Kingman wanted to speak to him.

Steve remembered Troy talking about her. Picking up the phone he said, “This is Steve Brandle and how does it feel to be among the employed?”

He heard some laughing and then he heard, “Actually pretty good. Troy told me a little about what you suggested he should do but I think he may have missed a little of what you said. If you have some time I would like to come out and talk to you and get the straight scoop on what you have suggested.”

“Sure, no problem in you doing that. Things slow down at the clinic about three so that would be the best time to see me.”

“If tomorrow is okay I will be there then.”

He agreed to the time and ended the call. Putting down the receiver he wondered what she looked like since she had a very pleasant voice.

The next day and precisely at three he was told there was a Valerie Kingman there to see him. He asked that she be shown to his office and to curtail any new patients being referred to him. He rose when Valarie entered his office and extended her hand to him as she introduced herself. She said she had no preference being called either Val or Valerie.

In shaking her hand Steve had some immediate impressions. She was about five foot seven inches tall and in the one hundred and thirty pound class. Her figure seemed nicely proportion to her height. She had dishwater blond hair that came down to about the tops of her breasts that outlined a very attractive pretty face. Troy had outdone himself on this hire was Steve’s thought.

Steve told her what he had done because of the lack of medical services in the small town of North Rivers. He was now sending his PA out there one day a week. He told her of the reception and reaction he has received with him doing that. He then went into a long explanation of the need for Doctors and PA’s either to function in medically underserved areas or to replace Doctors who will no longer be practicing so those areas don’t become underserved. It could be advertised to the students through the medical schools that the foundation will pay the tuition, books and living expenses for the medical school in return for them working in an area we designate for six years for Doctors and six years for PA’s. Of course we will guarantee a competitive salary during that time which will mostly be generated from what the patients pay although we may need to supplement it.”

“Maybe some of them will put roots down where they are working and not relocate when their required time is up.”

“Now as to where to get these Doctor’s or PA’s will be a challenge. I would go to the medical schools and solicit the students that are presently enrolled or will be enrolling studying to be Doctors and make the offer after you review their applications for these grants. The same applies as the PA students at those schools with the applications reviewed and offers made. Also the applicants for med schools that have been rejected should have those applications reviewed and some of them contacted to see if they are interested in becoming PA’s. It goes without saying that the applicants will need to undergo an interview with you before they are approved for the grants.”

“You should also consider contacting the nurse’s associations and see if any of the nurses are interested in becoming PA’s. It has been my experience that a number of the nurses I knew would make excellent PA’s. The agreement the applicant signs for the grant should be tight and binding with serious consequences if they don’t abide by the agreement. Troy could probably refer you to the proper attorneys to draft the agreement.”

“And finally it would be nice if there were some changes to the present law as to the supervision of PA’s as to the number a Doctor can supervise. The law needs to be changed and updated since a lot of things are now possible in today’s modern electronic age.”

Val had been taking notes as Steve talked and said, “You are giving me a lot to think about and do. What if the schools don’t let me review those accepted and rejected applications?”

“If that happens I would tell then they will never receive any grants from the John Wilkinsing foundation and they shouldn’t bother to apply. Don’t be afraid to tell Troy about those schools if that is their attitude. Also please explain to Troy what you are doing so he has a better understanding of what this program is and the long term costs and ramifications of it. You and he should agree on the number of grants that are approved in a given year and what the operating budget for this program is going to be.”

Steve continuing saying, “I would think our goal is to supply Doctors to areas that can or will be able to financially support doctors and PA’s to areas that can’t. I can see Pa’s staffing a walk-in clinic in a location five days a week if they have the volume or working as little as one day a week in a number of small population areas they travel to. For the PA’s, I would envision one or two doctors sitting in a room with many LCD screens on the wall supervising a large number of PA’s and them communicating with each other via Skype assuming the law can be changed as to the number.”

Steve answered a number of questions Val had but when he looked at his watch he saw that it was already past six.

“I apologize for keeping you this late. Are you driving back or have you made plans for staying overnight?”

“No I hadn’t made plans for staying over and I am not a fan of driving at night.”

“I don’t mean to be presumptuous but if you want you could stay at my house overnight in one of my extra bedrooms. I assure you, you will be safe. We could have something to eat at the diner here which is nothing fancy but it does have good food. If you want you could go with Todd tomorrow to the town he is working as a PA and see what he is faced with. Since you were a nurse you could draw blood when he thinks that’s necessary and not require the patients to drive over an hour to come to the clinic to have it done. What do you say?”

“That’s the best offer I have had all day. So far I think I am going to like doing this job as it sounds challenging and is something different than doing the normal nursing duties.”

Dinner while not fancy was nice. Val was very pleasant company and seemed to be a sincerely nice person. Steve came to the conclusion that she was the right person for this job.

When they entered Steve’s house Val took one quick look around and whistled. She said, “Wow... , did you do this remodeling or did you have an interior decorator do it. This is something that should be in magazines. I am impressed.”

“No I didn’t do it, I just paid the bill. Amy Walters, the wife of Glen Walters a Doctor friend of mine took on this project and I am pleased with how it came out.”

“The neurosurgeon?”

“Do you know him?”

“We have met.”

They sat in the living room looking at the view and sipped on a drink. Steve offered her another drink but Val said she was bushed and was going to hit the sack. She said that Steve had given her a lot to think about.

The reverse of that was true for Steve. Val had given him a lot to think about. Her looks, her intelligence and her being a truly nice person he had to admit were giving him a solid attraction to her. It was much too early to see if he could develop a relationship her but given the opportunity he was going to give one hell of a try.

Steve awoke next morning to the smell of coffee. Looking that the clock he saw it was just past six. After showering, shaving and dressing he walked out to see Val already dressed sitting on his couch sipping a cup of coffee looking at the view of the lake out of the picture window.

Seeing Steve she said, “The view of the lake is beautiful whether it’s day or night.”

“Right you are.”

Steve poured himself a cup he joined Val on the couch.

‘I noticed the pontoon boat tied to your dock. Do you fish?”

“No I don’t” and he proceed to tell Val of how he received the boat and about Doug using the boat as a guide and what he does for the children who come from the hospital. He also mentioned about John Wilkinsing going on the boat with the children and what his reaction was. Steve said that one thing John did was to give the modern bus for the transport of the children from the hospital to here.

“That’s a wonderful story. Maybe I can go with Doug when he takes the children out. It has been a long time since I did some fishing.”

“I sense there is a little bit of a tomboy in you.”

“There is a lot of a tomboy in me.”

At the clinic Steve introduce Val to Todd. They gathered the necessary supplies to include a set of scrubs for Val and left for North Rivers.

Throughout the day Steve looked in to see how things were going with Val and Todd. He didn’t see or hear of anything to be a concern. That was till he heard the tone of a Skype call on his computer. Todd must have broken the connection and was calling back to get Steve’s attention.”

“Yes Todd, what’s up.

“Steve I have a forty five year old male who is complaining that he is breathing heavy, gets tired easily and he says he feels like he did when he was in high school and came down with pneumonia. I listened to his lungs but I can’t hear anything that would indicate he has pneumonia.”

“From what you say it sounds serious and he needs to go to a hospital or come here so we can do an EKG, Chest x-ray and a d-dimer test.”

“His wife is here with him and she heard what you said. She said she will bring him to you and she will be there in less than an hour.”

They were at the clinic in less than an hour. Val had come in with the lady and her husband. Val was only partially joking when she said, “She drove so fast that I am not sure the wheels ever touched the road.”

The tests were done with Steve reviewing the results. Because of the d-dimer test result which was double the high norm value Steve thought that the man had a pulmonary embolism or a blood clot in his lungs. Steve had the EMT’s with the ambulance immediately take the man to the University hospital for further tests and treatment.

Steve called the hospital and told them of who was coming in and why. He gave them his test results and told them to alert the Hematologist on call about this new patient.

Val said she was now a believer in the PA program especially in these small towns. That proper medical service was not available to the residents was correctable with this program and Skype that Steve was recommending. She asked if she could impose on Steve to spend the night at his place to which he happily agreed. There was something magnetic about her that just attracted him to her.

It was a nice quiet night with dinner at the local diner and then some television at Steve’s home before they called it a night.

There wasn’t much that happened at the clinic in the two weeks since Val had left. Steve had visited the man with the blood clots at the hospital and noted that they found a Deep Vein Thrombosis in his left thigh. Eliquis, a blood thinner medicine was prescribed and the man was released four days later from the hospital. He would probably be on that expensive medication for the rest of his life.

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