Where Will It End

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Blackmail, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Prologue - Beth gets a an advertisement for a strip club! The stripper is her. The picture has to be fake but it looks just like her. How far will she go the keep 'THEM' from emailing it to her coworkers and family.

Beth Faighin and her son Jon live in a two bedroom apartment in an older but well-kept building with four tenements. Charlie, Beth’s ex-husband had left her and Jon over 2 years ago. He had traded Beth in for a younger woman. This hurt Beth who had always kept herself in good shape. Beth looked more like 26 years old than her true age of 36. Beth felt lucky to have found this apartment, mostly because of the landlord, Mr. Joseph Smith.

Joe and his wife Carol had owned the building for over 30 years, since Joe had retired from the army. He was a kindly man who loved his wife Carol, who has dementia. Last year, unable to keep up with Carols care, he had admitted her to a nursing home. She had gotten to the point she no longer remembered Joe. Joe was still in good shape for his close than 80 years of age. He was a little shorter than 5’-8”. This along with his slight build and his bald head made him look smaller than he was. With his obvious Irish heritage, green eyes, and thin reddish-gray strip along the edge of his jaw, chin curtain, brought the word leprechaun came to mind.

Joe and Carol had never had children. They think some of the things that Joe was exposed to in the army had left him sterile. Joe had taken a liking to Jon immediately and treated him like a son, taking him with him as he did the maintenance around the apartments. He would do anything for Jon.

When Beth told Jon they could not get a dog, Joe had gotten one. Max. He was a big dog, a cross between a Doberman and a Rottweiler. He looks like a Doberman on steroids! He had the Rottweiler head and stocky build but the Doberman height and coloring. He looks scary but was very good around Jon or Joe.

Beth had been so worried about Jon but Joe’s presence in his life had turned the sullen boy back into a happier young man.

After Carol went into the nursing home, Jon asked if Joe could come to dinner regularly, once a week. Carol was so pleased to see her son’s compassion for Joe, how could she say no? Joe became a regular dinner guest each Thursday, many times staying all evening before heading back to his empty apartment.

Jon was entering his sophomore year of school. He had yet to hit his growth spurt and was a little less than 5’-6”. His skinny build made him look younger than he was. When he was happy, there was a sparkle in his blue eyes. His Mom knew when he did hit his growth spurt; his wavy brown hair, blue eyes, and witty humor would steel many a young woman’s heart.

She did worry about him. He had normal male hormones and no outlet. She had recently brought this up with Joe when Jon had been out of the room. He said he would have a talk with Jon.

She left it in Joe’s capable hands.

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