Maxine's Troubles
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, Reluctant, BiSexual, Grand Parent, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Bestiality, Pregnancy, Small Breasts, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Max and her best friend are forced to take place in the Breeding Program in their senior year of high school. Will Max make it through the week? Especially as she watches he friend enjoy herself?

Maxine, or Max for short and sometimes it would be shortened to even just M stood outside her school building with a smile on her face. She had only been going to this school for two months but she has felt more at home here than any of the other schools she has been too in a long time. Her Mom’s job has forced them to move around a lot and it looked like this time was going to be different. It looked like they would be able to stay here till the end of the school year or longer, she couldn’t be happier. She has found so many friends here. Most of her friends were female and they were great, and the few male friends she had were wonderful. The boys didn’t seem to mind that she had much smaller breast than most of the girls at this school. Just about half the girls had fake boobs, and that is no joke. There was a chart in the school that listed which girls had breast implants and which ones were expecting to get them and when. She didn’t read all the names and she wouldn’t be surprised if it were more than half the girls in school that had theirs done. One of the many benefits of having rich parents. Max’s mom had offered to let Max get breast implants but Maxine really couldn’t see herself getting that done to her body. Her breasts were secretly her favorite feature about herself. Next was her own ass.

Today was going to be different. Last week on Friday they told the students to gather in the gymnasium for a big announcement. They said it is something that the students had wanted for a long time and that the school had been trying to get almost as long. Maxine had tried finding out what it was that the students wanted but she couldn’t figure it out. Each student she asked gave a different answer. One student said that he thought they were bringing back soda pop into the schools. Another thought they were going to shorten the school week to 4 days instead of 5. But one idea that scared Max was that they might be bringing the Breeding Program to their school. Max told her mother about some of the theories the other students had but for some reason she left out the Breeding one. She didn’t think her mother would care for that idea. Or worse her mother would encourage her to do it. After all her mother had participated in the program for the first time when she was a sophomore in high school, even though you weren’t supposed to do that until Junior year. It had been a new program at that time and her mother became the first girl ever to become pregnant in the program. It wasn’t until Max was 5 that she met her older brother. She was 5 years younger than her brother. Max just so happened to be the product of the Breeding Program’s College edition. So she had no idea who her father was.

She was walking down the hall and she saw Justin bending over getting a drink from the water fountain. She had to fight from keeping her smile getting any bigger. If she lost control she knew she would just look like a fool.

“Hey Max! You okay? You look kind of uncomfortable.” said a short 4 foot 8 inch tall blonde haired girl standing next to Max.

Max just shook her head and rubbed her eyes and looked to her best friend.

“Uh yeah. I just guess I’m nervous about this announcement today. I’ve heard some crazy rumors. Thanks for the concern Kiwi.” Max replied.

Kiwi shrugged, “It’ll be fine. Every time there is going to be a secret announcement at an assembly like this they,” Kiwi gestured to the students that were still in the hall, “act like there is something spooky and scary or super exciting coming. That’s the nature of the young student mind I guess. Anyways guess what.”

Seeing that Max wasn’t going to guess Kiwi burst out in excitement, “I saw that new movie Moana yesterday. And the main character of Moana totally looks just like you! You both have the same skin color and hair and everything.”

When Kiwi said everything she glanced down and looked briefly at Max’s boobs. Max felt uncomfortable and reached her left hand over to the right strap of her backpack and covered her boobs with her arm. But for some strange reason she couldn’t help blushing.

Max was about to say something when a teacher walked up to them and cleared her throat, “Miss Halliwell. You’re needed in the Principal’s office. Immediately.”

Max hugged Kiwi goodbye and was wished good luck.

Max hadn’t been in the principal’s office since her first day at school. She was so nervous she almost missed it when the principal spoke up.

“Now Miss Halliwell I’m guessing you’re wondering why you were brought here. I was looking over some of your records earlier.”

Max was worried now, “Is something wrong? Is something missing? There shouldn’t be anything missing. My mom made sure that everything was in line.”

The Principal looked grim and said, “Most everything was as you said, In line. But there was something missing. Participation in some major events and activities. If you miss out on all these it may prevent you from graduating. However there is one thing that you could do that could save your grade.”

“I’ll do anything to graduate. You name it I’ll do it.” said a very worried Max.

Principal Sandler almost smiled. The entire time Max had been going to this school she had never seen this man smile. She even thought that if Principal Sandler did smile his face would break or even shatter to a million pieces.

Principal Sandler closed the folder he was looking at and slid it to the side of the desk and said, “Now if you refuse to participate in this program that we are going to announce today you will not be able to graduate. And if you do not graduate it will cause a lot of trouble for your mom. With her new and very important job it will be a nightmare for her if it gets out that her daughter flunked out of graduation. Do you understand?”

The principal talked for about five minutes about why it would be important for Max to participate in the program without actually giving away what the program would be.

Max made her way to the gymnasium and found her seat saved next to Kiwi in the second row of bleachers. She nervously sat down next to her friend.

With a big grin and a sparkle in her eyes Kiwi asked, “So what did the great and powerful Principal have to say? Are you getting an award or something just as awesome?”

Max shook her head no.

Finally no longer able to avoid answering Max said, “I have to participate in this program they are going to announce today in the assembly. If I don’t I don’t graduate because I missed doing some stuff in my previous schools. He even showed me a legally binding contract that both my mom and I supposedly signed. So there is no escaping it.”

Kiwi looked shocked and was about to say something when the vice principal tapped on the microphone.

Vice Principal said, “Okay everyone. I’m glad you could all make it. As you all know we have something big to tell you. And no it isn’t that Mrs. O’neal is quitting.” He paused. “Yet. Also before the big announcement we have a smaller one to tell. We are bringing back the soda pop machine. Before you get all excited I have to let you know two things at the moment it is only on a trial basis, and second no caffeinated drinks.”

Lots of groans of disappointment about that rang through the gym.

Both Max and Kiwi looked at one another and Kiwi said, “There goes their dreams. Me personally I couldn’t care less. Never liked caffeine anyways. Well at least not as much as what’s in a can of pop. How about you Max?”

Kiwi bumped lightly into Max.

Max smiled and said, “I can’t stand the drinks that have it in them. Look,” Max pointed to the front of the gym. “Mr. Allen is about to speak again.”

Mr. Allen the Vice Principal let the noise settle down before he spoke, “Now for our big announcement. Could Miss Kimberly Alba and Miss Maxine Halliwell come up here please?”

For a moment Max froze in place then she felt Kiwi pull her arm.

“Come on Vice Principal just called us up there.” said Kiwi.

Max was confused, “But he said Kimberly. Your name is Kiwi isn’t it?”

Kiwi smiled and almost laughed, “Kiwi is a nickname my brother gave me when we were kids. He couldn’t say Kimberly and when he tried to say Kimmy it came out Kiwi. So we kept it that way.” Kiwi looked around halfway to Mr. Allen. “What is this about? Do you seriously don’t know?”

Max shook her head no and they walked the rest of the way to their destination.

They stood in front of the Principal and as Mr. Allen spoke their names Mr. Sandler placed a hand on their shoulders. Causing Max to flinch and lots of people laughed.

“Now Miss Alba and Miss Halliwell are going to be the first two participants in the long awaited BREEDING PROGRAM here at our school.”

After Mr. Allen mentions Breeding Program she mostly tuned out due to shock. But came back to reality at the next words.

“These girls have both been checked out and are in their fertile period. For one week these women will be allowed to have the last three classes off of their regular schedule in order to enjoy the breeding and the final hour will be allowed for them to shower and clean up and nobody is allowed to touch them sexually.” Mr. Allen turned to Max and Kiwi and added, “Our school and community would like to thank you for participating in this program and helping to bring up the population.”

So that’s why the school scheduled checkups for all the females. If she had only known at the time. She was starting to regret that her mom said she wasn’t getting transferred anytime soon. That entire day Max felt paranoid. She would hear people whisper and wonder if they were talking about her. Were they all staring at her? She found comfort in knowing that Kiwi was going to be with her and she wasn’t going to be the lone female. She quickly thought of ways to get herself out of this situation. Surely there must be a way. But if she couldn’t find a way and still refused that could cause trouble for her mom. She didn’t want that.

As she stood at the door to the class where she would soon lose her virginity a boy broke her from her thought as he said, “This is so exciting. I bet you’re looking forward to having so many of us studly men in between your legs breeding you for two hours. I can’t wait.”

“Not really. I don’t think I’ll...” Max was saying.

“You two need to be in class. And sadly Mr. Will Carter you’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to breed with Miss Maxine Halliwell here. Today you’re scheduled to be with Miss Kimberly Alba.”

Will Carter looked disappointed and was about to protest when the bell rang and the thought that he was still going to get laid today entered his mind.

As the Principal entered the room with Max, Max noticed there was a couple of beds in the room and Kiwi was already there. And she was on a bed and in a robe. She smiled and waved for Max to come next to her.

Kiwi whispered to her, “I don’t know if I should be freaked out or excited. I mean I’m no virgin but being in front of everyone doing that is kind of weird and thrilling.”

The principal got everyone’s attention, “Okay everyone, Today only half the male students will be with one girl and the other half will be with the other girl. Each day it will switch. Each day you boys will switch partners. Once everyone has had their turn with these two they will go to a different class and be with a different set of boys. And you girls can study what’s going on with Max and Kiwi here. You can get as close as you want but no touching. Save that for the boys. Does anyone have anything to say? Or add?”

Max had fought it long enough but she couldn’t resist it any longer and shouted, “I can’t do this. It’s just wrong.”

Mr. Sandler raised one eyebrow and asked, “And why can’t you participate Miss Halliwell?”

Max hesitated, “Be ... Because I’m a lesbian sir. I read the rules online on my phone sir. You can’t force me to do this if I don’t want to when I’m a lesbian.”

She didn’t care if she had to live with the lie of her being a lesbian the rest of the school year if it meant she didn’t have to have sex in front of everyone. She especially had one person she didn’t want to have see her naked and having animalistic sex.

“Okay then. I guess you can’t be forced into it. Then your replacement will have to be picked and she’ll be the first one to have sex with the first boy who was scheduled to have sex with you.” Mr. Sandler looked to the class. “Sorry Mr. Justin Carter. You’ll have to wait until Miss Halliwell’s replacement is chosen.”

Max quickly looked through the class and found her crush Justin Carter in the back of the room.

Hesitantly Max said, “Actually I think I find that I c ... I c ... I can do this after all.”

“Are you sure Miss Halliwell? There is no turning back after this. You’ll have to have sex with all the people you’re told to.”

Max nodded her head as she started to strip her clothes off. She wasn’t aware of much besides the layers of her clothes diminishing and a line being formed by the two beds. Once she got on the bed she looked to Kiwi and was startled by the surprised look her best friend sent her way, Kiwi then pointed to the line of boys before the first one got on the bed and kissed Kiwi. Then Max looked to the front of her own line and saw a naked Mr. Sandler.

Max was about to say something when Mr. Sandler said, “I did tell Mr Carter he had to wait his turn. And of course that caused me to have to go with a different list. Especially when you said you were a lesbian. We have a different procedure for those who claim to be lesbians and agree to...” Kiwi shouted at that moment as her first lover took her. “Who agree to go through the program. Either the teacher of the class or the highest ranking male staff in the room gets the privilege to be the first one to be with her. Then again you’d know that. You did seem to read the rules in your spare time since this morning.”

Max was worried now. How could she have forgotten that fact. Of course it was the thought of having Justin Carter be the one to take her virginity. But she had to mess that chance up. Now it was possible she’d never get to have sex with her crush.

Soon Mr. Sandler was guiding Max into position. He spread her legs and rubbed her inner thighs. Then his fingers found her mound and started to play with her lips. Soon she felt the Principal move his hand away. She opened her eyes in time for the Principal to place his member at her entrance and enter her in one fluid motion. She screamed out in pain as the principal tore through her hymen taking her virginity away forever. All she thought at that moment was not that she wished that it was Justin she was with at that moment, but that she wished the principal wasn’t the one to get her pregnant.

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