9 December 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - April makes good on her car deal with Dan and Karen...April was enjoying her time with Dan, treasuring every moment, "Now, this is the way to close a car deal!" she joked meeting his steady thrusts. "I can't believe Karen would pimp me out for a fuck and a four set of snow tires." "On rims," she added hugging him close to her breasts.

At four in the afternoon, April Madison pressed the front doorbell at Dan’s house. He opened the door, pleasantly surprised at her appearance. “April, what are you doing here so early? I thought you were picking us up at eight?”

“I didn’t want to sit around my house all alone when I could be spending the time with you ... and Karen, of course. I want to take you both out to supper, my treat and then we’ll go to the Hen House. Besides, I owe you a special thank you. I called Bob Richards, whose business card you gave me. I have an interview with him and Ken Turner Wednesday afternoon.”

“I’m happy for you April,” He escorted her to the living room couch and told Karen that April was there to take them to supper and came to greet her. Karen smiled when April stood to meet her. April was wearing a white low cut blouse that highlighted her obvious cupless bra and a short hemmed skirt that accented her proportional legs.

“I see dressing sexy is the theme for supper and the Hen House,” Karen smiled accepting her embrace and soft kiss.

“Is there any other way?” she kidded.

“I’ll quickly freshen up and wear something sexy for you and Dan.”

April touched Karen’s arm, “I’m really happy for Dan. I can see that sparkle in his eyes and it’s because of you. I know he loves you very much.”

“Thank you, April. I’ve been in love with Dan since the first day we met. I still hate myself that with this modern day of technology that we lost contact with each other and I didn’t have the guts to go to him at Laura’s funeral,” she kissed her lightly on the lips and hurried to the bedroom.

April looked around the living room and out the patio window at the snow covered swimming pool appreciating their large and lovely home.

“I thought we’d dress alike,” Karen smiled on her return. Her low cut criss-cross top barely contained her cupless bra filled breasts and the hem of her black skirt was non-existent.

“Don’t you two offer a tantalizing choice, take it now or take it later!” Dan joked looking from sexy beauty to the other.

“Are you ready for tonight’s action?” Karen asked raising her short hem to reveal her bald pussy.

“Is there any other way?” she kissed April again, “And Dan gets to enjoy us both.”

“Where are we going to for supper?” Karen asked accepting Dan’s probing fingers in the back seat of April’s car.

“I have a table reserved for us at the Prime Time Steakhouse in Belleville. The interior is simple but the food and service are very good.”

April announced herself to the hostess at the front counter for her reservations. The women’s unfastened winter coats, revealing top and skirt drew appreciative smiles from the men and frowning scorns from many women.

“I asked for this corner booth,” she said sliding onto the brown vinyl, high back seat. Their hostess handed them their menus saying their waitress would be by shortly. “It gives us a little privacy for wondering hands,” she smiled, placing hers on both her guests’ legs.

Karen obediently spread her legs for further exploration. Sitting on the outer portion of the bench seat the side profile of her left leg showing in her short skirt could easily be seen.

“Now please, don’t look at the prices when you order, if you like a meal that’s more expensive, then order it. Thank you both so much. I’m already nervous for my interview. I told my dad about my interview and he nearly freaked out when I said I might be able to work on car racing engines again,” April said as her hand moved from Dan’s leg to rub his crotch.

April scanned the crowd seated within her view to see if there was a chance they might be seen having some fun. Their table partially hid her hand as it moved higher on Karen’s leg. She looked at the closest tables as her fingertips found Karen’s slit and felt her warmth to the first knuckles. Her right hand tried to pull down Dan’s zipper so he did it for her. She slipped her hand inside the opening, her fingers gauging the length of his cock.

“Hi and welcome to the Prime Time Steakhouse, I’m your server Hailey,” the slim framed brunette teen announced to her customers, “Have you decided on your orders?”

April looked to her friends who said they’d chosen their selection. She withdrew her hand from inside Dan’s pants but let her fingers remain in Karen’s pussy. They gave Hailey their orders and Karen felt sensually heightened by the risk of April’s fingers being seen between her legs.

“Do you think she saw me fingering your pussy?”

“I don’t think so,” Karen replied looking at Hailey’s slim figure leaving their sight.

“That’s too bad. I’ll have to make sure she sees me fingering your pussy before we’re finished our meals.” April’s hand returned to the opening of Dan’s pants but this time she took his cock out, “Mmm, I’d love to suck you off right now!” she bit her lower lip and stroking him by the shaft.

Dan and Karen laughed lightly their fingers met between April’s legs at the same time. This wasn’t the first instance of them fingering a woman’s pussy together and while he worked several fingers into her, the pad of Karen’s two fingers excited her clit. After a moment they’d switch spots so she could feel April’s moistening warmth.

“Mmm, you two are driving me crazy already!” she cooed moving her ass around on the seat. She could feel Dan’s cock coming to life in her hand. “Let me know if I get you too close, I want your first cum fucked into me.”

Karen and April smiled as they fingered the other’s pussy and Dan caressed her right tit as they waited for their meals to arrive.

Hailey returned, magically balancing three plates full of food in her arms and hands. April kept her fingers inside Karen’s pussy and teasingly stroked Dan’s hard cock. She placed Dan’s plate first, next April’s and then Karen’s, “Is there anything else I can get you for now?”

“No thank you. As you can see if you look down, I have things well in hand,” she smiled, her eyes dropping to her fingers between Karen’s legs. Hailey was shocked by the woman’s blatant sexual display, seeing fingers moving inside the woman’s pussy and then the head of the man’s cock visible above her closed hand.

“Please don’t say anything,” she asked her. She glanced quickly to the bare pussy and cock in her view.

“I ... I won’t,” she replied blushing slightly, her young heart quickening.

“Bet we’ll get good service now!” April surmised as Hailey tended to other customers. Hand exploring was replaced with enjoying their delicious meals. When she’d return to check on the progress of her three erotic customers, she’d see the woman in the middle begin to finger the woman’s pussy beside her. A glance to the man’s lap and she saw a hand caress the shaft of his hard cock.

Dan had to stop April and her erotic fun, she was getting him too close to cumming and pouted coyly as he put his cock away and zipped up his fly. On Hailey’s next visit she let her see her fingers enter Karen’s pussy. She couldn’t help moving her ass around on the seat to the touch of her tips exciting her.

“Are you going to have dessert?” Hailey asked unable to take her gaze away from the erotic scene.

“No, thank you, Hailey, we’ll be having our dessert at the Hen House,” she smiled emphasizing her fingering to Karen’s pussy. She brought her hand up and sensually licked her pussy juices from the tips.

“I’ll bring you the bill,” her cheeks flushed from growing amusement.

“Thanks a lot, April, all you’re doing is making me so fucking horny,” complained a frustrated Karen.

“We’ll be there soon where you’ll be fucked as much as you can handle.”

Hailey returned with the bill and April thanked her for her discretion with a large tip.

On the way to the Hen House, Dan and Karen acted like two teenagers in heat. If she wasn’t sucking on his cock, he was eating her pussy. Once inside they laughed as it was April’s idea they go there to fuck but to gain entrance, she had to be Dan and Karen’s guest. April was escorted to their usual area and found their best table available and noticed couples in various stages of fucking.

They ordered drinks and Karen snuck a Viagra to him predicting his busy night of fucking. She convinced April that she wouldn’t need, fuck me, printed above her pussy to get lots of action.

They took turns making each other naked and embraced in a sensual threesome kiss. Dan and Karen took turns eating April’s pussy then it was her turn to taste Karen. As Karen sat awaiting her first offer for a fuck, April led Dan to the dance floor.

“Now this feels nice!” she smiled holding his naked chest against her full breasts. They swayed in a circle to the beat of the slow song. As they moved around in sensual embrace, they kissed, he fondled her tit and her hand lovingly stroked his growing cock.

Returning to their table Dan noticed Karen on her back with a guy on top balls deep inside her. “I see it didn’t take you very long to start fucking,” Dan teased sitting beside her.

“You know I rarely turn down an offer to fuck,” she smiled accepting her lover’s intense thrusts. Dan and April caressed, her hand and mouth brought his cock fully to life.

Soon her lover grunted announcing his cum into her. He kissed and thanked her and pulling out his condom filled with the evidence of his latest conquest. “I trust you won’t use a condom on me,” April said lowering onto her back.

“I always enjoy cleaning up a woman’s pussy after fucking her,” he smiled. Karen smoothed a hand up and down Dan’s back as he and April commenced their time together.

“While you two enjoy a good fucking, I think I’ll go do some exploring,” she said taking several condoms from the bowl on the table.

“Happy hunting, see you in a while,” he said as April guided his hard shaft into her hungry pussy.

Dan watched Karen’s sexy looking body mix with the crowd and turned his sole attention to April. His hands became her pillow, her legs keeping her lover close as they enjoyed their fuck.

April was enjoying her time with Dan, treasuring every moment, “Now, this is the way to close a car deal!” she joked meeting his steady thrusts.

“I can’t believe Karen would pimp me out for a fuck and a four set of snow tires.”

“On rims,” she added hugging him close to her breasts, “How soon after we fuck can we do it again?”

“You should remember from experience,” he kidded sucking on her nipples, “Besides, Karen had me take a Viagra so I’ll stay fairly hard between fucks for the remainder of the night.”

“Aren’t I lucky?”

Dan continued on and was able to halt his first urge to cum but not his next. April held her lover close as she again enjoyed him fucking his cum into her. “You had me close,” was all she had to say and he quickly moved between her legs.

His cum had barely begun oozing from her hole when he used his tongue to lap it up. She bent her knees and urged his tongue to become a miniature cock. He flicked the tip against her flesh and clit like a snake hunting for its prey.

“Mmm, I love you eating my cunt after we fuck! You’re the only man I know who does.”

“You’ll have to entice Dave to try it.”

Dan enjoyed the mixture of his cum and her juices hearing her breathing increasing with short quick gasps. Her hand braced against his head as the wave of pleasure soon washed over her body, “Yes, yes, oh fuck, Dan! You’re going to make me fucking cum! Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!” she sensually released. He hands cradled her ass cheeks as he felt her body gyrating through her strong climax.

Dan eagerly lapped up her secreting nectar, delighting in her unique flavour. But to him every woman he had the fortune to sample always tasted unique to him. April’s grip changed to pulling on his hair to accentuate her release.

She urged him up her body and smothered him with appreciative kisses. “Mmm... ,” her eyes gleamed.

April exhaled deeply as she and Dan relaxed. They scanned the crowd for Karen unable to see her. One of her favourite songs began and she guided him to the dance floor. His cock remained semi-hard much to April’s and other women’s delight.

Her hand caressed the shaft as they embraced for a slow song. “I imagine a few women will want to sample this!” she firmed her grip on his cock.

With the song over, they returned to their table to enjoy the sensual atmosphere, her hand casually stroked his cock helping it to remain hard. Soon a woman approached their table and presented a condom asking him for a fuck. April was surprised when he politely turned her down in favour of another time.

“Why did you turn her down for a fuck?”

“Because I’m with you tonight and it would have been rude of me to fuck another woman in front of you,” he replied.

“Aren’t you every woman’s dream of the perfect guy?”

“Far from it but I try,” he smiled and kissed her.

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