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Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt, Teenagers, Consensual, Gay, Fiction, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two young gay porn video stars perform live on camera and in front of a live audience. They are then introduced to a "Lucky Draw" winner who has the prize of meeting his two top gay models. On a hunch both of the models cajole the young winner into taking a screen test to show he too has the qualities to make it as an erotic model. Is a new star going to be found?

We’re waiting in what in the theatre they call the wings. The two of us are naked but for robes and slippers as we listen to Donny doing the intro warm up. I slip a hand inside Errol’s robe to find his cock. He’s semi erect so I give it a couple or three pumps till I feel it hardening fully. He grins and reaches inside my robe to fondle me and keep me up and rigid. Donny’s getting to the heart of things now.

“So welcome to this special showing to be recorded before you the live audience. Since we are recording I’d ask you to save any comments and applause until the show is finished but now for the main event. Introducing to you two young rising stars of the gay video genre; I almost said up and coming but you’ll see they’re up and soon they’ll be cumming. Here they are Luc Cassidy and Errol Arnold!”

While he’s been spieling I’ve slipped off my robe and kicked off my slippers. I ease Errol’s robe off as well and we’re ready. Errol’s a tiny boy. Remember those asylum claiming boys who were allowed into the country? They were supposed to be kids but some of them looked a good 30 years old. Errol’s the opposite of that. His I.D. claims he’s turned 18 and a legal porn model but he could pass for 13 or 14 easily. That I.D. seems the real thing but I reckon it’s as fake as mine.

He’s gorgeous and a pleasure to work with. His skin’s the colour of milk chocolate and his dark hair is worn in tight curls close to his head. His slight body is silk smooth and hairless and his eyes are so dark it’s hard to see where his pupils begin. His face is lovely in a girlish mode and the whole package is super. Despite his slender body and lack of inches his cock is long and medium thick.

I’m the perfect contrast to him in that I’m very pale complexioned with red/blond hair and pale blue eyes. I’m taller than Errol but that doesn’t mean I’m tall. I’m some kind of good looker myself and an early billing had me as “Luc Lovely” but I got that ditched fast.

I’m as well endowed as Errol but my cock has a distinct curve to it while his is dead straight. A straight cock is the only straight thing about either of us! My I.D. says I’m also 18+ but I’ve not quite hit 17 yet. I figure Errol is actually around my age. Donny Long likes his gay twinks to look really young so the fake I.D’s suit him fine

A last check to see that both of our cocks are standing proud and we walk out as Donny bows back and gestures us forward. Two lovely naked boys pad over to the bed set centre stage and we ease our way onto it. Despite Donny asking for quiet you can just catch a couple of soft comments like “Oh wow!” or “Fucking hot” as Errol gets things started. He kisses me and he is a top kisser so we kiss a while and caress each other a little before I roll his slim body over and ease my cock between his buttocks from the front.

We’d both of us lubed up a little before we left the dressing room and I slide into him nicely. He’s perfect for an arse fucking. Not so tight as you have to force yourself in and not loose enough that your cock slips out when the going gets faster. I had that problem arse fucking Johnny Domino in another of Donny Long’s videos. The bonus for tonight’s audience is that we’re riding bare back without a condom in sight. Holding his narrow hips I thrust my hips back and forth fucking him smoothly and deeply.

After enough time for our audience to enjoy this I move out and my “Get on top of me” is too soft for anyone but him to hear. Errol kneels, splays his thighs, and then lowers his rear onto my rigid cock. He slides down it right to its base and then he’s riding me and I’m pumping up my hips again. Errol leans back to brace the palms of his hands on the mattress and his cock is standing up proud as he fucks me hard. Rearing up I wrap my arms around him and we kiss. I give him his cue in a whisper.

“You fuck my arse now and from behind.”

I pull out of him and he eases me around till my rear is up in the air. I feel him part my buttocks and his round knob end presses against my pucker before thrusting his cock into me. I throw my head back and moan as he fucks me like I was fucking him. Faintly I can hear someone in the audience murmur “Fuck I think I’m gonna cum” as I get reamed by Errol. He’s panting and his hips are churning when he bends forward to kiss my neck and mouth as I turn my neck “I’m almost there” and then he pulls out of me and sprawls flat on his back.

Spinning around I kneel astride his hips and wrap my fingers around his stiff cock and begin tossing him off. I pump his cock hard and watch him closely as he screws up his eyes and mouths “Almost” and I wank him even harder. When the cum-shot arrives he shoots out wads of sponk to splatter his flat belly and chest. I squeeze his cock hard, just under his helmet, and finish off his cum with a last surge that coats my fingers. The creamy white splashes show up beautifully against his dark skin as his belly ripples with the end of his orgasm.

I make a production of licking my fingers and then letting Errol suck on them. Now it’s my turn to loll back and Errol takes hold of my cock and takes it into his mouth. With his lips locked on my barrel he bobs his head up and down pausing occasionally to lick my swollen helmet. As I cradle his head I can feel my cum getting closer so as I move my head restlessly I give him his cue with “now” being just the one word.

Pulling his lips from my wetly glistening cock he wraps his fingers around it and gets down to wanking me off. His strokes are long and hard as my foreskin slides back and forth over my dark red knob. I suck in a deep breath and buck my hips as the line of fire roars up my cock and my sponk erupts from the slit in my helmet to soak my crotch, belly, and chest. Errol continues working me hard until he’s milked me of every last drop of cum.

We close the show with a long lingering kiss before we climb off the bed and move over to the now lively crowd to milk the applause like we’ve just milked each other. This time you can hear guys coming out with things like “I wanna fuck you Luc” or “Cum on my face Errol” as we finally clear the stage.

“Jesus I need to shower. Who goes first Errol?”

“Toss you for it!”

He’s grinning like crazy as he says that and he’s fed me the line perfectly.

“You just did toss me and I just tossed you too. Nah its okay you go first and I’ll wait.”

So I’m sitting on a chair near to the shower cubicle washing Errol’s drying sponk off me with a wet face cloth while he’s showering off my sponk. Mickey Hughes, Donny Long’s chief gopher, walks in on us holding a clipboard and writing something with a ballpoint pen.

“Luc you haven’t forgotten you and Errol are supposed to meet with the guy who won the draw to meet the stars have you?”

“Jeeze Mickey give us a chance to shower and dry. We both got well sponked out there and we need to get cleaned up first. What’s he like anyway?”

He scratches his head with his pen and thinks for a second.

“He seems a nice kid; a nice looker too. He’s about 18 or so and he’s nervous about meeting his two heroes so you’ll be nice won’t you?”

“When aren’t we nice Mickey? Sure we’ll make a fuss of him. Just give us time to shower and dry then you can send him in.”

Errol pops out to dry and uses a dispenser of MY favourite body spray. Cheeky little sod! I jump under the hot spray to soap myself up and rinse myself off fairly fast. I’m out and towelling off while Errol’s slipped into a much sexier robe than the Terry Towel ones we had on in the wings. This one’s thin green silk that flatters his complexion. I decide I’d better dress up too for our visiting fan. I pick out a midnight blue robe with a pattern of small black diamonds.

Errol plonks himself down on the sofa here in the changing/shower/snack room as I head to the doorway and give Mickey the “send him in” wave before sitting down on the sofa myself. After a minute Mickey ushers in our lucky winner. Mickey’s straight but he’s a good judge of a boy’s looks. Our guy’s a nice looking blond. Mickey waves him forward.

“Luc, Errol, this is Tony Pointer the lucky boy who won the draw.”

As Mickey fades away I and Errol, get up and cross towards this Tony. He looks a fresh faced 18 or so and he’s blushing slightly. He looks absolutely uncertain of what to do with himself. Does he hold out his hand to be shaken? I take away that option and give him a quick kiss on the lips and a fast hug. Errol follows suit. Tony’s still blushing but he seems more at home already. We get him sat down on the sofa with me on one side and Errol on his other. Errol’s as good a talker as he is at kissing so we soon get a conversation going smoothly.

Now he’s relaxed Tony takes the conversation round to us making porn videos and he wants the professional’s take on things. I’ll admit I’m relaxed with him too and talking with him’s easy.

“Well for one thing Tony gay boy models can’t fake their O, s like the girls can. I mean one girl licks another model’s pussy and the model being licked just has to moan “I’m cumming” and that’s it. If Errol and I are fucking a boy there has to plenty of sponk at the end for the viewers to see.”

That’s my take on one of his questions. Next one is answered by Errol.

“Do we enjoy onscreen sex in front of the cameras? Yeah sure! I mean at first you’re kinda nervous and cautious about the guys and gals toting the cameras but it doesn’t take long before you forget they’re there and you just enjoy yourself and follow the script. Look a cock in a boy’s mouth or up his arse feels good and so does the cum at the end of the scene.

“You really do have proper scripts?”

“Well not for tonight’s kind of video show. But for some of the series yeah we have real scripts though if I’m fucking a boy on a bed I can improvise if I have to. The director won’t mind if things go well.”

My turn next.

“If you’ve seen the “Tennis Club” series you’ll know we use proper scripts in those.”

“Oh my God those videos are fabulous. The scene where you and Errol seduce the coach is my favourite ever. Would you mind telling me how you both got into the erotic movie industry?”

I like the way he uses “erotic movie” instead of “porn videos” and he does seem a nice if now no longer shy boy. I decide to bolster his ego with what really is true.

“Well Errol can tell you his story in a minute if he likes but to be honest it’s easy enough. If you’ve got the looks and the confidence and don’t mind having sex with people you don’t know much and in front of cameras it’s a breeze. You’d look fine in one of our videos.”

“Who me? Are you pulling my leg?”

Errol squeezes his thigh and leans closer to him.

“Not one bit Tony baby!”

Is my screen partner planning on hitting on Tony? He might because Errol, like me, does like cock play a lot. I leave him to see where he’s going with this.

“You’re a good looking young boy Tony and I’ll lay odds you’ve got a good body too. That’s the start you need. Now if you’re willing to have sex with people there around you you’re well on your way.”

“Just like that?”

I break in now.

“I did a few crowd scenes in gay boy movies where I kept my clothes on. You know sitting in a coffee bar with a few boys and the star goes off with an “I think I’m gay boy” to show him how good being gay is. I asked Donny Long for a screen test after I’d been sat in the background for a few videos. He arranged one and after that I was on my way.”

“He does screen tests just like real directors?”

Errol giggles at that remark.

“Hey don’t let him ever hear you say that. He figures he IS a real director. But yeah of course we do screen tests. I did one with a big tattooed guy who scared me stiff; and I don’t mean a stiff cock. But it worked for me too. I’ll guarantee you’d do well in one.”

“What me take a screen test?”

If Errol is thinking of making a move on him, and I’d be just as keen, I’ll help him out a bit.

“Why not? Say I could arrange one right now would you do it?”

He’s gnawing his lip and clearly thinking hard. Errol hangs an arm around his shoulders and gives him a squeeze.

“Come on and say yes. What have you got to lose?”

I put my arm around him from the other side and put in my own two pence worth.

“The least you get out of it would be a DVD of you on a bed with your two favourite models Tony.”

“What I’d be acting with you and Errol?”

“Sure you would!”

He swallows hard and nods.

“Okay make it happen and I’m game for it.

I give him a broad wink, push my feet into my slippers, and head out looking for any film crew. In the area where Errol and I fucked for the audience I find Joey Fuller working along with Eadie Evans the skinny butch lesbian camera lady.

“Joey any chance of doing me a BIG favour and filming a quick screen test right now? It’ll just be a quickie and I’ll owe you big time and so will Errol.”

He raises an eyebrow and then grins. He’s a horny Bi bugger and if he wants a blow job in payment then that’s cool.

“What say Eadie? Wanna be second camera?”

She’s coiling a cable up and shrugs at him and me.

“Sure why not? I get paid till end of shift whatever I’m doing.”

So I scoot back to find at least Errol hasn’t got round to fucking Tony on the sofa. Actually he’s explaining a bit about filming videos to him. I butt in.

“Okay Tony it’ll be a short simple take. The three of us appear on camera naked. No condoms or lube needed because we won’t be doing any anal. Errol or I will give you a good sucking and then we’ll finish your part giving you a hand job for a good cumshot. We’ll finish off by wanking off and giving you a facial cumshot. If that’s cool with you let’s go.”

“But you and Errol fucked each other’s arses without using a condom.”

“Yeah and we’ve both just had our blood tests show negative for STDs. No disrespect to you but have you had a test lately?”

“Err no and no offence taken.”

He seems nervous but determined as we return to the stage area to find Joey and Eadie are ready with their cameras up for action. Eadie nods and Joey is just “Hi son” and he’s ready to record. All it takes is for me and Errol to ditch our robes and slippers then help Tony get naked. Once he is naked and the cameras are readied our first job is to get him up and hard.

I stand alongside him as Joey calls “Action” and we’re filming. I take a hold of his cock, shorter than mine or Errol’s but plenty thick enough, and pump it slowly and steadily. He shakes a little and huffs out a breath as I work a little harder on him. He’s beginning to harden and rise when Errol drops to his knees to ease his growing hard-on into his mouth. I step behind him and working my own cock in one hand it’s soon erect. I press it against his buttocks and kiss his neck while stroking his slim hips.

Errol pulls his lips free with a wet pop and Tony’s cock is fully up and rock hard. We stand in a triangle with our cocks rubbing to exchange kisses while our actions are being recorded on video. After a while I lead him towards the same bed Errol and I fucked on earlier. Once we get him onto the bed I kneel and let him loll back against me while Errol goes down on him again. I whisper into his ear quite softly.

“You don’t cum in his mouth. When you’re near tell us and I wank you for the cumshot.”

He moans and nods and I interlace my fingers with his to squeeze firmly as Errol gives him great head. For sure he’s totally forgotten Joey and Eadie patrolling the bed and filming from two angles. Tony’s belly is rippling and he’s gasping for breath. I lean closer.

“Nearly there?”

“Yuh err yeah cumming soon!”

Errol quits sucking and I grab a swollen cock to wank him really hard as our two camera people zero in on my hand and his rigid cock. His cumshot’s spectacular and as he bucks and writhes we get a great splatter of sponk across his belly and chest. A few blobs even hits Eadie’s camera! I work his cock like I did Errol’s till he’s wrung out dry. He lays there flat as Errol and I go for our own closing cumshots.

Foreskins fully back and pumping away at our cocks we are kneeling on either side of him. I get to short gasps as the heat boils up from my balls and Errol’s close too. Gritting my teeth I let my sponk rocket free as I groan with pleasure and just after me Errol fires off too. We give Tony a thorough sponk shower all over his face and chest.

“And cut!”

Eadie’s called it with a grin because Joey’s gotten himself all hot and bothered. I may be giving him that blow job before very much longer the way he looks. We have to help Tony off the bed but he’s got a huge grin on his face as Errol steers him off for his shower. With a bit more wheedling Joey lets me look at the two rough and unedited takes. Chewing it over I think that Tony looks a natural and maybe just maybe he could make an impact in the trade. Once I’ve got my hands on a copy of the two short films I decide to pay my dues to Joey.

“I owe you big time Joey baby. How can I repay you?”

At that I’m grinning and so is he. He’s already loosening his belt and tugging down his zip. I ease down his briefs to free his big cock. He’s a short muscular guy but with his thighs spread they begin to shake when I go down on him. Kneeling before him I cup his balls and suck on his cock. I lick his peeled back foreskin and slide my tongue back and forth over his big helmet and I almost have to hold him up when he shoots his full load into my mouth. I’ve swallowed his cum before and I do it again and love the flavour.

After he’s wandered away I go looking for Donny Long. He’s in his office with his feet up on his desk when I’m buzzed in by his secretary/fuck girl Cindy. The boss and owner of “Long Hard” videos is a good looking guy who used to appear before the cameras in both gay and straight videos.

“Hey Luc! The live show went perfect and I’ve seen the rushes from the recordings. They’re top notch. I’m feeling generous so what can I do for you. If just wearing that robe and nothing else is a clue yeah I’ll fuck you any way you fancy.”

“I want you to take a look at these Donny. They’re screen test roughs featuring me and Errol and that kid Tony that won the draw. I think he’s got the looks and talent to be worth an offer. Maybe give him a supporting cast part in the next “Tennis Club” video?”

He watches them and I watch over his shoulder.

“Hmmm he’s got a nice arse and his cock’s good too. He came good style for the cumshot as well. Quite a pretty face to be honest too. I tell you what. If he’s still here go find him, give him my card with my private cell number, and we’ll give him a crack at a small role. I trust you Luc and you’ve got a good eye for a hot gay boy so let’s find out what he’s got!”

Grinning I stroll back towards our rest room area hoping Tony’s still there and if Errol is fucking him then maybe I can go seconds with him!

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