Astaroth: Power Ascendant
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, BiSexual, Superhero, DomSub, Rough, Oral Sex, Slow,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Nico Burns was a young, aspiring stage magician before he ended up drinking the Grey Formula. Now he has the power to reshape the universe to suit his will. Can his friends and the woman he loves keep this damaged man from going too far and becoming what he's truly terrified is his destiny? Codes will be added as the story progresses.

Issue 1.1

Nico Burns sighed as he put down the power screwdriver. As he looked at his latest project, he felt an intense sense of satisfaction. He straightened up to his full six foot height and stretched, which prompted his back to pop in three different spots. The eighteen year old chuckled as he considered his creation. Between the Masked Monkey or whatever revealing the classical tricks and those two Vegas magicians with the TV shows (not to mention the internet), it was getting hard for a young up-and-coming magician to come up with new and creative illusions. His black hair flopped in his dark brown eyes and he made (another) mental note to visit a barber. The young man wasn’t particularly well built, but then again, there wasn’t a lot of excess mass on him period. His tanned skin came from neither the sun, which he saw precious little of, nor a bottle, which he wouldn’t use in the first place. Rather it was a ‘gift’ from his unknown father (whom he’d been told was Hispanic) and Japanese mother. He looked around the garage at the various paraphernalia of his ‘profession’ before he walked into the, very, small house that he’d been renting since he turned eighteen and could do so legally. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and casually gulped down half of it as he walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch. His vision blurred for a second as he reached for the TV remote.

The TV itself wasn’t new, but it wasn’t obsolete either.

Nico drank the other half of the water bottle, and was considering going back for a second bottle as his vision blurred again. Nonetheless, he thumbed on the TV and was surprised to find instead of the music videos that he usually preferred, there was some sort of press conference.

On the TV screen the banner read, “Markus Grey, CEO of Grey Industries Unlimited, Inc.” The man wasn’t that old, only in his mid-forties at the latest, yet his hair was solid grey and Nico idly noticed that Grey’s eyes were grey as well.

He snorted, “Now that’s a joke and a half.”

On the screen, Markus raised his hands, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, thank you for coming on such short notice. As you know, I generally prefer to set these things up several weeks in advance. However, I come before you today with news of a potentially disastrous Public Health crisis.

“Several months ago, scientists at Grey Pharmaceuticals Genetic Research division discovered an anomalous section of genetic sequences. Without going into details, they found what they believed to be the Mutation Sequence. For simplicity’s sake, it’s what allowed Cro-Magnon to make the jump to Homo Sapien without millions of years of evolution and why there’s no tangible evidence of the leap between primates and primitive humans, the so-called ‘Missing Link”. As a part of their research, they developed a highly experimental formula that would stimulate this section, promoting very rapid mutations.

“As many of you already know, last month there was an attack on Grey Pharmaceuticals, Los Angeles, where the formula was being developed, that destroyed most of the building. Initially we believed that the formula had been destroyed. I’m sorry to say, we have since discovered that we were mistaken.”

Nico shook his head as his vision swam again and his head began to ache. He noticed there seemed to be an aura of some kind around the furniture. He briefly wondered if he might have inhaled something he really shouldn’t have when he was putting his trick together when his attention was drawn back to the TV.

“Just today,” Markus Grey said, “Grey Industries has confirmed the Mutation Formula, which was being prepped for initial trials, was in point of fact stolen by a terrorist organization for unknown purposes. Furthermore, we have confirmed that the terrorists have already released the formula. They have, in point of fact, secreted samples of the formula into products such as soft drinks, bottled water, and deodorants. You can find a full list of the products that we have discovered have been compromised, at Grey Industries website. The companies involved are cooperating with a voluntary recall of the affected products while Grey Industries is compensating them for the loss of revenue and damage to their reputations.”

The teenager closed his eyes as everything suddenly seemed too bright.

He heard the scene change on the television to someone reading a list of companies whose products were known to have been contaminated. He groaned loudly, and instantly regretted it, when he heard the name of the company from which he bought his bottled water.

Nico opened his eyes and the aura that had been surrounding objects had disappeared. It had been replaced, however, by the fact that the objects themselves were now glowing. Everywhere he looked, objects were glowing, even the walls. It reminded him eerily of the computer movie; only instead of seeing code, he’d swear he was seeing energy.

His headache had been building and it was finally too much for him and he lost consciousness.

Nico awoke an unknown amount of time later to find the television still on. And it was glowing just like everything else. Thankfully, it didn’t appear the he could see sound waves.

On the television, he could hear the public service announcement still going, telling anyone who’d been affected to notify the government immediately.

Nico snorted, and was surprised to find his headache mostly gone. “Trust the government not to immediately label all of us ‘dangers to society’ and lock us up for study? Yeah right. Civil Rights, what are those?” Okay, so maybe he was a tad bit bitter.

Finding himself more than slightly thirsty, and no longer trusting his ‘safe’ bottled water, he made his way to the kitchen. Going to where the cupboard was supposed to be, he noticed that though the entire cabinet front (like everything else) was glowing, the glow where the handle was supposed to be was slightly different; brighter maybe or perhaps just a different shade?

Nico shook his head to clear the random thoughts and opened the cupboard. His new vision was apparently screwing with his depth perception however, as when he went to grab a glass, he misjudged the distance and his grip slipped. The glass hit the countertop and shattered.

“Shit, shit, shit,” the young man said. Somehow, he could see the individual fragments of glass. Without even realizing how or why, he started to visualize the pieces combining back into their proper shape and fusing, restoring the glass to perfect condition. His heart almost stopped when he saw first one, then many, pieces move. In a matter of seconds, the glass had seemingly reassembled itself. He, carefully, picked the glass up again and ran first his finger, then his nail over the surface trying to find any flaws, any imperfections, anything to prove that it had very recently been in a thousand pieces. Finding nothing, he put the glass back down as his hand started to shake violently, “What the hell is going on here?”

He stood up and walked to where the Meditation Room was supposed to be, maybe an hour or so of meditation would clear his mind enough for him to operate.

Alan ‘Doc’ Brown blew into Nico’s place without even bothering to knock; after all, he’d caught his mate in fellatio more than once. He stood just a bit under the other young man’s six feet tall, with skin that was the color of old coffee, and was thinner through the shoulders with hair that was best described as a dirty blond. “Hey bro,” he called out loudly as he walked into the kitchen. He grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and chugged half of it as he strolled into the living room. He plopped down on the couch and casually flicked on the TV. A second later, he’d surfed to his favorite porn station and finished the water. Without looking, he tossed the empty bottle to the side and managed to get it in the waste basket. He heard a noise from the side and looked over to see Nico walk in, “Heya bro.”

The magician cocked his head, “Doc?”

Alan stood up at his friend’s inquiring tone, “Yes?”

“Oh thank heavens,” Nico said. “Man, I really need your help.”

Doc followed his friend into the kitchen, noting that the other man was moving unusually tentatively. Once they were both seated, he said, “Alright mate, you’re starting to scare me. What’s up?”

Nico sighed, “Have you been watching the news today?”

A derisive snort was the quick answer, “You know me mate. The media is little more than a mouthpiece for an oppressive government, even the so-called ‘conservative’ stations.”

“Well, you’ve missed out on a doozie of a story today then man. Apparently this R&D firm...”

Alan listened as his mate relayed what he’d heard on the news. When Nico was finally done, his response was swift in coming, “Bullshit. I’m calling bullshit on this whole thing. I don’t know how even puppet talking heads could let themselves be used like this.”

Nico cleared his throat, “Um, man...”

The blond man looked at his best friend for several seconds before his eyes widened, “No ... please tell me you’re shitting me dude.”

Burns smiled crookedly, “I shit you not.”

What followed was almost a full minute of nonstop profanity from Alan Brown.

Nico sat back and smiled as his usually reserved friend completely lost the plot. When the blond started to wind down, he said, “Feeling better yet?”

“Sort of,” Alan grumbled.

“Good,” Nico said sternly. “Now, I need help figuring out what ... the... hell is going on.” He took a deep breath and continued, “You probably noticed how tentative I was when I asked if it was you? The reason is, something’s happened to my vision. Instead of seeing physical ‘walls’ I’m seeing glowing barriers where I know the walls are. I’m not seeing an old friend; I’m seeing a glowing humanoid shape. I’m at a loss mate.”

Alan nodded slowly. His nickname wasn’t merely an unfortunate coincidence of his surname. He was a certified genius and he bent his not inconsiderable intellect towards solving the enigma before him.

Nico smiled as he sat back in his chair, though he might not be able to actually ‘see’ his mate, watching him work through a puzzle was always a treat.

After a mere five minutes, the blond nodded, “Alright mate, I think I’ve got the answer for you, but I don’t think you’re going to like and it’s going to require a certain amount of background information. Alright?”

The young magician nodded slowly.

“Alright,” Doc said in his Lecturing Voice, “science has demonstrated, rather conclusively, that the universe is simply made of energy in various forms and states. Some of the lower energy states, we perceive as ‘solid’ matter. I think what you’re seeing is the universal energy in its natural state. You said you reassembled a glass right? That means you can directly manipulate it as well.” He smiled wanly, despite being relatively sure that his mate couldn’t see it, “In some ways I envy you man. Your potential is pretty much limited only by your imagination.”

Nico snorted, “Maybe, but right now, I can’t see much of anything that makes sense. Hell, I can’t even look at Steph when she shows up.”

Doc snorted in response, “Come on man, think! You can directly manipulate the energy. Use it to form a filter.”

The dark haired young man blinked. “Alright,” he thought to himself, “I’m used to thinking outside the box for my shows. Looks like I’m going to have to get used to doing so in Real Life as well.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and focused, imagining a band in front of his eyes that shifted things back to how he would see before. When he opened his eyes, he saw his old friend sitting across the table from him, coal black skin and all. “Doc,” he said a moment later, “I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again; man, you’re a genius.”

“I know it,” he said as he reached up to rub his temple. He must be coming down with something as trying to puzzle out Nico’s problem had given him the grandmother of all headaches. “Hey man, I’m gonna go lay down for a bit, I’ve got a migraine coming on.”

“You alright man? You don’t usually get bad headaches, at least not out of the blue.”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s been building since shortly after I got here. You been working on anything new?”

“Not really,” Nico said as he stood up. He walked into the living room and froze when he saw what was in the trash bin, “Dude, when you got here, did you snag a bottle of water out of the fridge?”

“Yeah,” he said before he noticed his friends concern. “Is there a problem bro?”

“Yeah,” Nico said despondently. “That little contamination thing? You know the one that seems to have given me powers? Well, I’m pretty sure I got it from the bottled water.”

“Oh hell,” came the fervent response.

“Yeah, let’s get you laid down man.” Once he got Doc laid down, Nico kept watch over the other man, while getting a handle on switching his vision modes.

Stephanie Harris was breathing hard as she slowed from a run to first a jog and then a walk as she approached the house she shared with her boyfriend Nico. She mentally snorted in a most unladylike fashion, “Boyfriend my muscular and well fucked ass. Keeper is more like it.” They’d been together since long before either of them understood what ‘together’ meant. The young woman was barely even five feet tall even in shoes and stretching slightly, with long vibrant red hair that was currently pulled back into a ponytail and her crystal clear green eyes were alight with a dangerous combination of intelligence and mirth. As a nod to the mid-80’s temperature and matching humidity, she was wearing a bright pink sports bra and jogging shorts to go with her running shoes. As soon as she was in the house and had the door closed behind her, she eagerly pulled off her sports bra, revealing her 44DD’s had their nipples pierced. Without conscious deliberation, she bent at the waist to untie and remove her shoes then slid her shorts off to reveal her bare cunt. She’d decided to go for her daily run commando style. With a sense of regret, she grabbed a half-cup bra that she kept by the door and slipped it on. Properly attired, she strode into the kitchen and grabbed the last bottle of water out of the fridge. She carefully took a long, slow draw, being very mindful of how her stomach reacted to the cold liquid. With just under half the bottle gone, she checked the garage for her man. To her surprise, he wasn’t there. “He said he was going to be spending most of the day working on that new trick.” She finished the bottle and tossed it in the trash before she started her search of the rest of the house. To her even greater surprise, she found Nico in the guest bedroom, apparently sitting vigil over Doc. “Hey lover,” she said quietly, “what’s up?”

“Wild day, Doc got caught up in it as well. Making sure he doesn’t have any issues before he comes to.”

The buxom redhead nodded in acknowledgement if not understanding, “Just so you know, I grabbed the last bottle of water out of the fridge.” She was more than a little concerned when he looked at her and the color drained from his face.

“Y-you haven’t seen the news today, have you?”

“No-o-o,” she said extremely carefully. “Why?”

Nico sighed, “You might want to sit down babe, I have something I need to tell you.”

Steph listened with a combination of fear and ... something else as her man laid out the story, “So, you seem to have gotten powers from this whole cock-up, think Doc might have gotten them also, and now, because I drank the contaminated water, I might get them as well?”

Another sigh, “That’s the gist of it, yeah. How are you feeling? Onset seems to be quick, twenty to thirty minutes or so.”

“Pretty fuckin’ good actually,” she said. “Surprisingly so after my run. If anything’s off kilter, it’s that I feel almost too good.” Suddenly, she staggered as her head began to swim, “Okay, maybe not so good.”

Nico was instantly on his feet and had her sit down, “Alright baby doll, what’s wrong?”

“My head’s spinning and my back’s itching like a motherfucker.”

He cautiously felt her back and to his extreme dismay, he could feel something moving around under the skin. Without a conscious thought, he quickly undid her bra.

Nico watched in a combination of fascination and horror as his girl ... changed. Her face stretched, becoming a muzzle, her arms swelled and her fingers ... stretched, creating what, for all appearances, were claws! When her skin started to turn red, he started to get worried. A worry which wasn’t eased when he felt the skin and it felt like actual scales under his fingers. Of course that was nothing when real, actual, motherfucking WINGS! sprouted from her back. After that, she seemed to sag slightly before righting herself. “Stephanie, babe, are you in there?”

The ... young woman (?) looked at him through yellow, slitted eyes and nodded. “Nico...” is what she intended to say, but instead a mild screech came out.

The only thing that let the young man keep his cool was the fact that he could see the intelligence in her eyes. He carefully stepped back and visually took her in.

Currently Stephanie (?) was almost a match for his own six feet. She was covered in reddish-gold scales. Her arms were still somewhat spindly, but her legs were even more heavily muscled and ended in wicked looking talons. When she screeched at him, he saw a lot of very pointed dentition and a very long, very pink tongue. “She’d love to have that normally,” he absently thought to himself. She also seemed to have sprouted a rather lizard-like tail which he had missed. “If she could breathe fire, I’d swear she looked like a dragon.” He took a deep breath, but before he could say anything, there came a noise from the bed.

“Could you at least gag her if you’re going to fuck her while I’m trying to sleep,” Doc said. Then he opened his eyes and saw ... In a disturbingly calm voice, he said, “Nico, is there a dragon in my room?”

“I think so Doc, yeah,” the young man said cautiously as he turned to watch his friend sit up.

“Alight, I hereby rescind and retract any and all previous comments about this being bullshit.” He looked at the dragon-like creature for a moment, “Stephanie I presume?” When the creature nodded slowly, he swung his legs off the bed so he could properly face the other two. “Well, this is a fine mess,” he said with a slight smile.

Nico looked at his mate, “Man, I hate to ask but...”

“Aren’t I taking this a tad bit too calmly? Normally, I would say yes, but in this case, I have your word, backed up by the fact that my mind is moving faster than I can ever recall it doing, and finally, there is a creature that should not exist in modern times calmly sitting in my room reacting as though it were actually Stephanie. Now, this could all be a delusion brought about as a consequence of a psychotic break, but if that is the case, I intend to enjoy it whilst I can,” he ended with a smile.

Nico ran his hand through his black hair, “Alright, first things first, we need to find out if we can get Steph here back to normal.” At a snort from the young woman/creature in question he amended it to, “Well, as normal as she can get.”

Being mindful of her claws, the former redhead cuffed her boyfriend on the shoulder gently.

“Oof,” he said as he was knocked forward. At his girl’s inquisitive chirp he said, “Yeah, I’m fine, but you’re going to have to been ridiculously careful. You’re a lot stronger now, Beautiful.”

Doc got a faraway look his eye for several seconds before saying, “Alright, I believe it should be possible for her to change back.” He nodded slowly, “The key will be her mental state.” He looked intently at Stephanie, “I think you need to be calm and relaxed. Take the deep breathing exercises you usually use when deep throating someone and apply them. They should help you relax.”

Stephanie closed her eyes, both sets of eyelids (which was a hell of a surprise for her), and took a deep breath. A few breaths later, she could feel a cool wave of serenity sweep over her followed by the strangest sensation she’d ever felt; sort of like she was moving without going anywhere. When she felt a cool breeze on her skin, she opened her eyes and found she was once more looking up at her lover. “I’m back?”

Nico nodded, “You’re back. Oof,” he said as he was suddenly hug-tackled by his girl. He hugged her back even as he chuckled.

Doc chuckled even as his eyes briefly tracked to the redhead’s naked ass, “Maybe a threesome is in order?” He blinked, normally his libido wasn’t very strong and it was Stephanie who initiated the sex. Still, “So, what do you two say to a threesome?”

“Hell fucking yeah,” came the expected response from the redhead.

On the other hand, Nico frowned, “Later. We need to figure out what we’re going to do first.”

Stephanie said, “You fuck my ass while I blow Doc then you switch positions. Maybe tie me up and spank me while you two are recovering.”

The young magician exhaled sharply and scowled even as he closed his eyes while pinching the bridge of his nose. “I meant,” he said more sharply than he’d really intended too. He drew in a deep breath, held it for a four count and slowly released it. In a much calmer tone of voice he said, “I meant in the long term. We three aren’t going to be the only ones who received powers out of this fiasco.”

Doc stood up slowly, “Perhaps we should relocate to the kitchen. Stephanie’s mind might be a little less inclined to go into the gutter if we’re not in a bedroom.” He wasn’t surprised when both of the other two snorted. He was well aware of Stephanie’s sex life after all.

Nico had used straight tap water to make up a pot of coffee while Stephanie had, reluctantly, gotten dressed and made a pizza run.

Meanwhile, Doc had grabbed one of the notebooks that Nico kept on hand for sketching out various ideas and was in the process of filling it with ideas of his own. Ideas for new and strange creations. Admittedly the cold fusion reactor would be a godsend for some of his other ideas and the containment foam bullets were something Law Enforcement would be lining up to buy; a completely non-lethal method to contain a suspect was something they couldn’t afford not to buy. He paused briefly to consider the expansion factor built into the foam. Chemistry had never been his strongest suit, that had belonged to a slightly younger student, but the formula for that was ... intense. Alan sighed; the ideas were coming faster than he could record them, but they were so disjointed so as to make no coherent sense.

The backdoor opened and Stephanie breezed in. The redhead deposited four boxes of pizza on the counter before she stripped down so she was only wearing her usual half-cup bra.

Food and drink was quickly disbursed then the three teenagers gathered around the table.

Nico sighed, “Alright, I’ll start by stating the painfully obvious. We three aren’t the only ones who’ll have gained powers. The question becomes, what, if anything, do we do in regards to that?”

Doc frowned as he took a bite of his pizza, “I’m not sure. On one hand, if you and Steph are any indication, not to mention popular literature, then conventional Law Enforcement is going to be helpless before any determined assault by newly empowered mutants and, humans being humans even with powers, some are going to go bad. On the other hand, however, there is the fact that, simply put, vigilantism is illegal. If we step in to prevent crime, we may well be labeled as a part of the problem.”

Stephanie frowned as spread her legs slightly wider under the table, “But we can’t just sit back and do nothing.”

Nico nodded, “Nothing is precisely what we won’t be doing.” At the other two’s confused looks, he sighed, “Look, it’s going to take at least a few weeks for everything to percolate through. So we likely aren’t going to be seeing a mutant crime wave in the immediate future. That being the case, we need to use that time to figure out how our powers work. For example, Stephanie, we know you got a strength boost out of that change and the flight is fairly obvious, but can you do anything else. I’m not even sure where to start testing my own powers. Doc, you have any idea what you got out of this cock up?”

Alan nodded, “In addition to an increase in mental acuity, I seem to have acquired an improved aptitude for creating things.”

Nico said, “Which means that you’re going to need time and materials to build any sort of gear you’d need before we could actually go out and be heroes.”

The redheaded young woman frowned, but reluctantly nodded in agreement, “Alright, you got me there.” She smiled brightly, “So, can we get down to the fucking now?” She swallowed nervously at the cold, hard look that question got her. She’d seen that look directed at her only a few times in the years she’d known Nico, but it was a rather pointed indication that he was reaching the end of even his legendary patience. “Um...” She swallowed to clear her throat, “So, uh, what, what do you want to do now?”

Nico closed his eyes and drew in a deep, soothing breath. He held it for a count of four before releasing it. “Alright, Doc, do you have any ideas floating around that would be quick to produce and easily saleable?”

The dark skinned young man got a faraway look in his eye for several seconds before he started nodding slowly, “I think so. I’ve got an idea for a machine to extract the oil from various organic forms and process it into industrial grade plastic. The hardest part to get would be the casing.”

The magician nodded, “Get me the dimensions and requirements.” At his friend’s confused look he said, “Remember, I have a low level machine shop out in the garage for my tricks.”

Alan nodded, “Ah, I didn’t realize it was that extensive. Still, I should be able to get the chemicals I need from the local hardware store for under $100, at least for a small demonstration model.”

“Alright,” Nico said with a sigh, “if we’re going to make money off of this, we’re going to have to create a business and I don’t want any of us as the face man for this. We’re going to be able to drop out of sight at a moment’s notice, which the president/CEO of a company can’t do, no matter how Iron Britches made it look.”

Doc had been in the process of taking a drink when that was said and thus ended up trying to choke.

“Fortunately,” Nico continued despite the mild glare the other guy was giving him, “I know a guy who should be just about perfect for the job.” He sighed, “Doc, get me the specs for the stuff you need machined then I want you and Steph to get to the hardware store. If possible, I’d like to get this thing started today.”

“Um, sir,” the redhead said tentatively, her arms were folded across her chest and she was looking down at the tabletop.

The young magician made a mental note to tone things down a bit in regards to Stephanie; she only called him ‘sir’ when she knew he was beyond pissed at her. He reached out and gently cupped her cheek. He had to use a little pressure to make her look him in the eye. He smiled gently, “Yes beautiful?”

“I ... I ... um, I’m supposed to go in tonight for a shift,” she said tentatively.

Nico nodded, she usually went in at seven and it was already three. “Alright love, you’re right, there’s nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Alan cut his eyes away from the pair; they were so deeply in love that it was nearly sickening on occasion, but still refreshing nonetheless.

Stephanie worried her lower lip for a second, “I’ve been a good girl, right?”

“Ah,” he thought to himself, “that’s it. She wants the reward I promised her if she behaved during the meeting.” He mentally reviewed her behavior even as he stood up and circled around the table. As he leaned down to kiss her, he reached his decision. “Yes, you’ve been a good girl, but if you’re going to get your nap in before work, we don’t have time for much.”

She looked up at him hopefully, “A blow at least?”

Nico nodded, “I can do that.” He then turned to Doc, “You want to hang around while I deal with this or cut out?”

The dark skinned genius snorted, “Dude, I’ve helped you fuck that little bitch stupid, you think I’m going to get upset watching you work her throat over?”

The young magician nodded as he straightened up.

Alan’s wince was almost imperceptible as a sound very like a small caliber gunshot echoed through the kitchen as Stephanie was literally smacked out of her chair. Intellectually, he knew the fiery redhead got off on the rough treatment and degradation, but even calling her rough names was enough to make him slightly edgy. Despite that, he’d fucked her as hard as he could because, in the end (in every meaning of the phrase), she enjoyed it.

For his part, Nico was mildly relieved at Doc’s presence. He knew that his treatment of Stephanie made his friend uncomfortable (hell, at times it made him uncomfortable), but it helped her get the ‘fix’ she needed. He reached down and grabbed a fistful of red hair to pull her to her knees. Despite (or maybe because of) the grip he had on her hair, she almost lunged forward, her nimble fingers undoing his jeans with practiced quickness.

Steph yanked her man’s pants down along with his boxers to reveal his still half-soft cock. She lunged forward with an eagerness that bordered on desperation to take his cock into her mouth.

Nico groaned as his girl’s well trained tongue went to work on his dick, getting him to full stiffness in seconds.

The redhead eagerly took the stiff cock deep in her throat which earned her another groan.

The magician clenched the slut’s face to his crotch as her well trained throat muscles began to massage his dick. As much as he was enjoying himself, he did keep an eye and a thought on the clock; he was effectively choking the woman he loved after all. After about a minute, he pulled her back and completely off of his dick. The tear tracks down her face sent a shiver of sadistic delight down his spine.

Alan watched as Nico slapped Stephanie as she took a deep, lung refreshing breath before he literally spat in the girl’s face.

Nico felt his bitch shudder in orgasm as the spittle hit her right between the eyes. She grabbed his ass to pull him back into her mouth and throat with the same desperate need as before. After another minute, he took a deep breath as he blasted his load down the cunt’s throat.

The kneeling redhead waited until her lover was done before she pulled back, despite a certain darkening around the edge of her vision. She took a deep breath as soon as her throat was clear before she leaned down to kiss his foot, “Thank you.”

“You’re more than welcome,” he said as he offered her a hand to help her steady herself as she stood up. “Now, go shower and get your nap. Clear?”

“Yes sir,” she said with a smile even as she bowed her head. As she turned, her little act got the desired result.

Nico smiled lovingly as his girl yelped from the slap he’d just given her ass. He watched her naked ass for a few seconds before he shook his head. As he bent down to pull his pants and boxers up, he saw the look Alan was giving him, “Yeah, I know, I’m fucked up.”

The dark skinned teen wasn’t about to say a word but he had to agree, even if he did understand at least a measure of his friends issues. He had met Su Burns, Nico’s mother, after all. The woman had been enough to make a woman-hater out of even the most decent of men.

Su Burns had been a whore of the variety that gave the entire profession a bad name. Selfish, greedy, and cruel, she’d effectively abandoned Nico to raise himself when he was five saying that he’d gotten in the way of her servicing ‘clients’. The boy had turned to magic and the performance arts for not only social interaction, but also to keep food in his stomach. Nico’s only regret when a John’d slit her open last year had been that he hadn’t been able to kill her himself.

Nico refilled his cup of coffee before he sat back down, “So, what can I do to help you with your inventions?”

It was a bit after nine at night when Nico walked into Omar’s Oasis; yes, the name was a bit of a giveaway. He nodded to the bouncer who let him without even bothering to ask about cover. He habitually scanned the darkened room as he walked to the bar; there was a group of what looked like Frat Boys around main stage where a blonde (?) was rubbing her naked tits in one of their faces. He had to speak up to be heard as he said, “Hi Cindy.”

The bartender, a very curvy brunette, smiled, “Hi Nico. Your usual?” She liked the swarthy, dark skinned young man; his devotion to Vixen/Stephanie along with his utter lack of jealousy when she was dancing earned him major credit in her book. She didn’t even wait for his nod before she started pouring him the fruit juice cocktail she’d developed for him. She handed him the tall Collins glass filled with ice and a bright red liquid. She smiled as he produced a dollar seemingly from nowhere as he took the glass. Yes, she knew he was a magician, and yes, she’d seen him do the exact same trick every time he’d come in to check on Vixen, but yes, it still made her smile. She carefully folded the bill into quarters before she pulled the front of her panties away, deliberately giving him the time and room to look down at her bare pussy, before she slipped the bill inside, “Thank you.” When she’d started, the owner himself had sat her down (as he’d done with the other bartenders, servers, and bouncers) and explained that Nico Burns was never to be charged for drinks or cover. She knew the magician was used as an unofficial, unpaid bouncer (and goodness knew she’d seen him clean the clock of more than one handsy ‘client’) but she also rather suspected that there was more to the story than that. Still, he tipped for every glass so she wasn’t about to pry.

He chuckled before he took a sip, “Tease.”

“Open invitation,” she smiled back at him. She knew he’d never accept given that he was well aware that she’d rather sleep with his girlfriend than him.

Nico casually scanned the crowd again. He frowned as he saw one of the dancers was talking to a customer. The way she kept leaning back and crossing her arms over her chest indicated that she was trying to disengage, but the ‘man’ wasn’t letting her go easily. Without thinking about it, he set his drink down and quick walked over to the pair.

Candy, aka Sandra, kept her professional smile on by sheer force of will as she tried to disengage from the rather sleazy customer who wasn’t getting the fucking message. The guy wasn’t fat, sweaty, or anything else obvious, but he made her fucking skin crawl.

Just as she was about to signal for the bouncer, a strong arm slipped around her waist, and a smooth, confident baritone voice said, “Hey beautiful, I’m ready for that dance you offered me.”

She turned and saw a swarthy looking young man with dark hair who must just be old enough to be in a strip club. She was confused at his comment for a split second before his eyes flickered almost imperceptibly to the sleazy motherfucker at the table. Recognizing a deliberate out when she saw one, she gave the seated ‘client’ a, much more genuine, smile and said, “I’m sorry Phil, but as you can see, I have to deal with this guy.”

Phillip scowled as he looked at the shit-skin subhuman creature, “Can’t you see...” He cut himself off and felt a shiver run down his spine at the cold, hard, flat, look the Boy was giving him. He’d seen the same look from several out-of-town ‘associates’ of some of his friends. Then he saw that the kid’s left hand was slowly brushing towards the small of his back. Phil wasn’t sure if the kid had a knife, a gun, or was bluffing, but he wasn’t willing to bet his life to find out; especially over a worthless whore, not when he could get her later without having to pay the brainless cunt.

With that pissing match appropriately dealt with, Nico lead the brunette beauty away to the Lap Dance area. Once they were safely behind the curtained off area, he casually disengaged from the young woman, “Sorry about that, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, and if anything, I should be thanking you. And I do incidentally,” she said with a faux-shy smile.

He smiled at her, “You can drop the routine. My girl made sure to teach me every trick women use to manipulate men.”

The young woman blinked, “Why’d she do that?”

“To make sure I’d see through her every trick,” he said, his smile morphing into a grin. “Still,” he noted growing more serious, “that’s irrelevant. Stay here, I’ll go have a word with Bruce.”

“But I don’t want to cause trouble my first week here,” she said, worrying her lower lip slightly.

“Don’t worry, Omar’s been in the business long enough to know that everyone has to deal with the occasional creep.” With that, he carefully slipped out of the area and moved to the door where the large bouncer was half-covertly standing. “Hey Bruce,” the teenager said quietly, or at least as quietly as he could.

“Hey Nico,” the big man rumbled. He stood just over six feet tall and had the sort of build that suggested, very firmly, that fucking with him wasn’t in the best interest of one’s continued good health; which suited his profession well enough. “What’s the problem?”

“Table thirty-five,” he said briskly. “The girl, I think she said her ‘name’ was Candy wasn’t feeling too comfortable with him and in all honesty, the guy gives me the creeps.”

Despite only having known Nico Burns for less than six months, he’d already acquired a strong respect for the younger man’s ability to spot trouble coming; and that was completely aside from Omar’s ‘suggestion’ that he listen to the young man. He nodded, “Alright, I’ll escort him out. Any other problems on the horizon?”

“Legions, but nothing immediately pressing,” the teenager said with a grin.

Muttering under his breath, the bouncer signaled a couple of his associates and they moved to surround the potential trouble source so they could get him ejected without undue trouble.

Nico carefully slipped back to the dance area, making sure the troublemaker didn’t see him. He smiled at Candy, “Give it a few minutes and Mr. Not-Nice Guy will be out on his ear.”

“And I’m not going to get into trouble?”

“Not on account of Omar. Like I said, he’s been in the business long enough to know it happens. Besides, in this case, he trusts my judgment.”

The stripper arched an eyebrow, the young man in front of her couldn’t be much, if any, older than her own nineteen years.

He chuckled and held his hand out, “By the way, I’m Nico.”

She delicately took his hand and blushed as he bent down to gently press his lips to the back, “I’m Candy.” Her blush intensified as he arched an eyebrow in return, “Or at least that’s what I go by when I’m here.”

Nico chuckled, “Now that I can believe.”

“So,” she said with a smile, “would you actually like a dance?”

He chuckled again, “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t pay for services like that.”

She smiled coyly, “In this special case, I don’t mind offering it on the house.”

He thought for a second before he smiled, “In that case, I’d be happy to accept.” He sat down on the couch and watched ‘Candy’ undress.

Her boobs had the smooth flow to show that despite being a solid C-cup they were completely natural. The nipples were, understandably, hard little nubbins. He already knew she had good legs and a nice ass before she turned around and bent over to remove her panties. However, when she turned around, he happily noted that she was completely bald. He hated having his face rubbed in a hairy cunt.

When she mounted him, he sat back and enjoyed the dance, whilst still keeping track of the technical score. When it ended, he mentally sighed as he gave the dance nothing more than a C grade. He smiled as he stood up, “You’re new, aren’t you?”

Candy blinked, “Yeah, this is my first night. How’d you know?”

“Aside from the little incident earlier, the dance was a newbie’s,” he said, softening his words with an understanding smile. “You’re still feeling your way from ‘What’s Technically Allowed’ into ‘What’s Really Allowed’. Everyone goes through that stage.”

She looked down at her feet before looking at him, “Any suggestions?”

He looked at her, really, truly looked at her for several seconds before nodding, “Maybe, yes. If you like, I can introduce you to one of the other girls; she owes me several favors and can teach you the tricks of the trade.”

Candy blinked, “Would you?” She suddenly looked at him suspiciously, “And what do you want out of it?”

Nico chuckled, “Just to get to know you more. Appearances aside, you’re interesting. You’re articulate, seemingly intelligent, and willing to learn. All of these things combine to make you interesting and I like meeting and getting to know interesting people.” He heard Vixen being announced on-stage and smiled, “Come on, she’s just going on now.”

Candy followed the enigmatic young man out to the bar. She stopped next to him as he leaned against the bar and turned to look at the stage. She followed his gaze to see Vixen using her bare boobs to give the pole a titty fuck, and from the look on her face, she was enjoying it immensely. She looked over at Nico and was shocked to see the relaxed expression on his face along with the ghost of a grin that most men had when they were talking about, or in this case looking at, the person they loved. As she saw the men on tip rail showering money down on Vixen, it all came together. She gave him an easy, pleased smile, “Does Omar know about the two of you?”

“Since before she started working here.”

Candy nodded and turned her attention back to the stage where Vixen was naked and rubbing a guy’s face in her crotch. Her eyes were closed and her head was lolled back with her jaw slack the very picture of a woman enjoying a damned good licking. She could see why the redhead was in such high demand; even excluding her tits.

Vixen collected her earnings and retreated backstage to catch her breath for a minute before she headed for the bar where she’d seen Nico.

She came up behind him and grabbed his ass, “Hey sexy, you want a dance?”

He grinned down at her, “No thanks. However, I would like to introduce you to Candy.”

Stephanie looked the statuesque brunette up and down. Good legs, what promised to be a nice ass, decent rack, and pretty face; she could see why Omar hired her. She turned back to her man and arched an eyebrow.

The young man smiled as his girl tried to imitate him, “Would you do me a favor and show her the tricks of the trade?”

The redhead’s head whipped around almost fast enough to give her whiplash as she looked ‘Candy’ over a second time. A moment later, she said, “Sure,” with a licentious smile. She reached out and grabbed the taller woman’s hand and pulled her backstage. Once they were carefully away from customer’s eyes, she released Candy’s hand and held out her own, “Hi, I’m Stephanie.”

“Sandra,” came the reply along with a chuckle and a handshake. “Does this happen often?”

“Nico asking me to mentor someone? Nope, you’re the third, and the other two were decidedly ... interesting,” she said with a smile and a far-away look in her eyes.

That caused the brunette to blink, “I hate to ask but...”

“Yes, I’m, to a degree, a switch hitter. More to the point,” she said with a bright smile, “I’m a fairly indiscriminate slut.”

Sandra blinked, “Alright, of the many ways I’ve heard to describe yourself that’s not one I’ve encountered before.”

“So,” the busty redhead said with a smile, “tell me about yourself.”

It was a little after three in the morning and Nico was standing outside Omar’s waiting for Steph. He smiled slightly when he saw her walk out arm-in-arm with ‘Candy’.

He chuckled quietly when the fiery redheaded sexpot reached up and, somewhat insistently, pulled the other woman down for a, very, steamy kiss. Just over a minute later, Stephanie broke the lip lock and left the other woman still blushing slightly. “Hello Nico,” she purred as she walked up to her man. She smirked slightly as he somewhat roughly grabbed a handful of her hair and tilted her head back for a pleasantly hard kiss.

Nico only held the kiss for a minute before he pulled back and smiled at Candy. “So I take it things went well tonight?”

The brunette smiled as she walked up to the loving (?) couple, “Thanks to this little tramp, I made more than double my usual take for the night.”

The young man chuckled even as his girl giggled, “Glad to hear it. Do you have a car or are you waiting on a ride?”

“Oh, I’ve got my own ride, thanks for asking though.”

Nico nodded, “Alright, we’ll walk you to it then.”

Sandra smiled, “No need, it’s not far.”

The young man gave her a flat look, “I insist. I still don’t like the feeling I got off of that creep earlier.”

The taller woman mentally sighed. She’d figured out from Stephanie’s stories that when the guy decided to do something, he did it, regardless of what anyone else involved thought. After a moment, she decided that getting upset wouldn’t accomplish anything, so she settled on feeling grateful that he cared enough to look out for her. “Thank you, it’s this way.”

Nico made a mental note that he probably need to tone it down a bit, but the creep earlier had really gotten on his Paranoia radar. He pseudo-followed/walked with the leggy brunette as she walked to the back corner of the parking lot where the employees were supposed to park. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye a moment before Creepy stepped out from behind a car holding a snub-nosed revolver.

Phil grinned evilly at the sluts who were willing to slut themselves out for the subhuman shit skin. “I was wondering if you cunts were actually fucking this piece of shit. Come along quietly with me and your pencil dicked boy won’t get hurt.”

Sandra was eyeing her companions, both of whom were seemingly disturbingly calm.

Stephanie could feel her power in the back of her mind even as she eyed her man. She knew the hard look on his face all too well to even think of fucking with whatever he had in the works.

For his part, Nico was deadly calm; this was far from the first time he’d been mugged or threatened. His right hand carefully slipped into his pocket and grabbed the small packet he kept there. A sharp clench of his hand ruptured the packet, filling his hand with his special mix of glitter, sand, and Cayenne. He carefully bumped Steph with his hips, prompting her to move, which drew the other ‘man’s’ attention for a critical split second.

Sandra watched as Nico seemed to move.

He threw something in the creep’s face with his right hand whilst his left came up to grab the hand that was holding the gun, yanking it up and out of possible alignment with any of the three of them; fortunate as it discharged a second later. An eight inch dagger suddenly appeared in his right hand. There was a flash of steel and a moment later the mugger/rapist yelped as the pain from his wrist finally registered at about the same time as the gun hit the ground.

Nico held the bleeding wrist high even as he brought the tip of his dagger to the bastard’s throat, “Surrender or die. I really don’t care which.”

Phil could feel the blood flowing down his arm as he looked the shit skin in the eyes and felt another jolt down his spine. He convulsively nodded his head.

The young magician nodded without breaking eye contact, “Vixen, go get Bruce, if that gunshot didn’t draw his attention.”

“I’m already here,” the bouncer said as he approached the group, holstering his pistol as he did so. “Mike’s already called the cops. Nico, you mind sheathing that steel? Or at least taking a step back?”

The young man gave his captive a hard eyed look for several seconds before he released his grip and took a step back.

The police and EMTs arrived a few minutes later.

It was just over an hour later that the two teens and Sandra were turned loose by the police. Apparently Nico’s reputation with the management (combined with video surveillance of the whole event) and the fact that fucktard was apparently a known associate of several violent white supremacist groups ensured that he was going to spend at least the night in jail while they were cut loose with just giving their statements and contact information.

Mentally reminding himself firmly that the police were not only essential for civilized life, but that in this case at least they were merely doing their jobs as quickly and competently as was possible, he turned to Sandra, “I know it might be a bit forward, but do you want to spend the night at our place?”

The brunette looked at the young man curiously.

He smiled, “It’s not entirely an invitation to sex. After a violent confrontation it’s entirely normal to want to be with other people and I’m guessing you don’t have anyone to go home to?”

Sandra frowned, “Alright, you’re right; on both counts. I’ll follow you?”

Stephanie said, “Or I could just ride with you. Nico’s safe enough to drive himself.”

Seeing the odd look the brunette was giving him, he shrugged, “This is far from the first time I’ve had to deal with a problem violently.”

The taller of the two women blinked, “Alright ... That works I suppose.”

Nico opened the door and habitually scanned the kitchen. He could hear someone moving around in the garage. He cautiously moved to peek in and relaxed as it proved to just be Doc.

“Hey,” Doc said without looking up from what he was working on. “I take it there was trouble tonight?”

The magician nodded, “Yeah, mugger, would-be rapist. How’d you guess?”

“You’re over an hour late. If it was a girl that’d kept you, you wouldn’t be back until sometime tomorrow,” Doc said looking up at his friend, grinning as he did so.

Nico nodded, “Valid point. We’ve got company tonight.”

“She was a part of the mugging then. I’ll keep things at an even keel.”

“She’s already familiar with Steph and aware that our relationship isn’t exactly conventional. However...”

Doc nodded again, “She’s not aware exactly how unconventional it is. Check. Anything else?”

“How the project coming,” he asked as he stepped fully into the garage and closed the door behind him.

“Well enough. I won’t bore you with the details but I should have a working prototype for the plastic extruder within the next two to three days, a week at the absolute most.”

“Good. Depending on how things go in the morning, we can go dump diving for parts in the afternoon. I’d also like to approach our perspective Front Man as soon as possible.”

“And I take it you’d like a working model for the presentation?”

Nico nodded, “It’d be nice. Let him know that we’re actually serious about this; that we actually have something marketable. I imagine he’s going to be amicable on the whole to begin with, but he’s going to try and make us prove that we’re on the level.”

Doc arched an eyebrow, “Of whom are you thinking?”

“John Carnes, I don’t think you’ve ever met him. He was the shop steward at the factory I apprenticed at last year.”

“You mean the same factory that closed last month?”

Nico nodded, “Right. I was in the machine shop mostly, but I ran into him often enough that I think he was checking on the minor to make sure no one was taking undue advantage of me.”

Doc snorted, anyone trying to ‘take advantage’ of Nico was likely to end up publically humiliated, as a fair number of jocks, and a Queen Bee or two, could attest.

“Right,” the magician said. “Still, he should remember me and will hopefully remember that I’m a good, hard worker. If we set it up so that he’s responsible for the corporate side whilst we deal with the technical, we should be fine. He’s likely to insist on setting up a manufactory in the capital area, but that was in the plans anyways.”

Doc looked confused for several seconds before he started to nod slowly, “He’s going to want to find employ for his former charges. Problems?”

“Exactly and I doubt it. With the way the economy is, they’re likely to be begging for decent, good paying work; especially when it’s a job they already know the basics of.”

“I’m not sure how much automobile manufacturing is going to relate to crafting the devices I’m envisioning.”

“The details will certainly be different,” Nico said with a shrug, “but the essentials: the attitudes, the mindset will always remain the same.”

“Never having worked in a factory, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Alright,” Nico said, “are you in a place where you can stop for the night?”

“Effectively,” came the quick reply. “I take it you’d like to introduce me to you and Stephanie’s next conquest?”

“Somehow, I don’t think ‘conquest’ is quiet the right word. I don’t have the proper one yet though.”

“Still, I recall the ... athleticism of your last acquaintance. Not to mention her interestingly thorough understanding of socio-economic dynamics. I’m interested in finding out what brought this lady to your attention.”

Nico led the way back to the kitchen where Stephanie was standing wearing only her half-cup bra whilst Sandra was still fully clothed, though looking somewhat unnerved when she saw Doc. The magician smiled, “Sandra, this is our friend, occasional bedmate for Steph, and frequent houseguest. He actually does have a real name, but we usually just call him Doc. Doc, this is Sandra, a new friend.”

The dark skinned teen stepped forward and took the new lady’s hand. He bent into a half-bow to gently press his lips to the back of her hand, “Alan Brown, which is a part of how the Doc nickname came into being.”

“Sandra Cummings, and no, that’s neither a joke nor a stage name.”

Doc held his hands up in a motion of surrender, “I wasn’t going to say a single word. Long association with these two sex fiends would have cured me of making any aspirations about someone, even if I were so inclined to do so; which I am not.”

Sandra giggled, positively giggled, something she did only rarely at best, “Pleasure to meet you Alan, or would you prefer Doc?”

“A gentleman always bows to a lady’s preference,” he said, still holding her hand.

“Well, I’m no lady...”

“On the contrary,” Doc interrupted. “Nico likes you, you seem smart and well spoken; two of these things automatically make you a lady. The first just brings into question what kind of a lady you are,” he said with an exaggerated wink; which prompted another set of giggles.

Nico poured himself a cup of coffee as he watched his oldest male friend verbally flirting/sparing with Sandra. He had a smile on his lips as he wrapped his arm around Stephanie’s shoulders.

The redhead wrapped her arm around her man’s hips and rested her head on his chest as they enjoyed the verbal floor show. New powers and the rest could wait until morning. For now, getting to know a new friend was much more important.

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