How I Lost My Virginity
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cream Pie, Oral Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A brother, sister and a vacation in the woods turns out different then the past.

When I look back on it now, I realize how messed up it was, but I can’t help but enjoy that special closeness it brought us also.

Sometimes I wish that I could say I lost my virginity to my high school girlfriend, or something along those lines, but I really lost it over the summer just after I turned 14.

I had seen some pictures of naked women and I wasn’t any stranger to playing with myself. I remember getting the swimsuit and underwear catalogs and sneaking them off to my room to rub myself until I felt that wonderful body quiver. I feel like I was a little bit of a late bloomer in part. I had only started to see small amounts of fuzz starting to grown near my penis, but I had never experienced shooting cum as part of my masturbation’s. As a plus, I didn’t have to worry about any cleanup either.

The summer was pretty much the same as any other. After school let out my family made plans to head up to our cabin by the lake for our annual two week vacation. My family consists of my dad who was 42. He met our mom who was now 39 in college and got married pretty quick. After that they had my sister Brie and 2 years later I showed up.

My sister and I get along pretty well. Being she is 2 years older she has always looked out for me. Brie is cute by most standards. She is 5’6, about 110 pounds and has medium length brown hair with blue eyes and a fairly slender build. Over the past year I noticed she started wearing tighter shirts to show off her budding chest more. I on the other hand felt I was a bit dorky. I was 5’4 about 100 pounds. I had short light brown hair and the same blue eyes as brie. I always felt a little self-conscience about my manhood, since I didn’t really have any pubic hair and I felt I was small in size, even though I was 6 inches hard. I didn’t really work out and was pretty skinny all around.

As I said, my sister got a long pretty good. It helped a lot since our cabin was semi secluded. We would pass most of the week playing cards, board games or swimming down by the lake. Mom and dad seemed to busy themselves with hiking, shopping or just lazing about the cabin reading.

I always had mixed feelings about going to the cabin every year. I liked running around in the woods and swimming in the lake and doing a little exploring, but there weren’t really any other kids around other than my sister. Like I said, we got along alright, but it’s not the same as other kids.

Just before arriving at the cabin, we pulled in to the local mini-mart to stock up on food for the vacation. Brie and I opted for some ice cream and waiting outside. While we were leaning on the hood of the car waiting on our parents some other kids came up, two boys and a goddess! She had long blond hair, tanned body, wearing a very small bikini top and shorts. The kids just stood outside the store counting money. I couldn’t remove my eyes. Those boobs just hung there taunting me!

A poke in the side broke my concentration.

“You’re drooling”, came a smirk from my sister.

I looked around a little dazed and quickly wiped my mouth, which was dry. Then I saw our parents coming out of the store. When I went to move I became aware that the site of those mounds had caused a slight bulge in my shorts.

I moved quickly and got in the car, covering my crotch with my arm as my sister climbed in the back seat with me. She just sat there smiling.

It didn’t take us long to get to the cabin and things had ‘calmed down’ during the ride. We quickly unpacked and Brie and I changed into our swim suits and headed down to the lake. The lake is a pretty good size with 8 houses that share access. Our cabin as a small trail that runs about 100 feet to a small pebble area and a dock. To either side of our area there are some rocks that jut out on either side and past that are some rocky areas along the shoreline. I beat Brie down and quickly did a cannon ball in to the lake. The shock of the cool water on my came as a big surprise. We usually came up a little later in the summer and the water was quite a bit warmer. I surface with a gasp, just in time to see Brie jumping feet first in. I treaded water as she surface.

“Crap it’s cold!” she spat.

“It takes a little getting used to, but feels good after that car ride”, I responded.

Brie swam back toward shore and so did I. I figured I would do a few more dives before heading back up to the cabin. When I came out, Brie was standing on the shore and grabbed her towel. From the angle I caught a sight of my sister’s bikini top and swore I could make out a pointy nipple. I’m not sure why I noticed this time. I had seen my sister in her bikini several times. Perhaps it was the girl from the store that made me more aware. I felt a little rush of blood to my face and my swim suit that snapped me back to reality. I quickly ran back up and off the end of the dock. When I surfaced, Brie was sitting on the pebble beach area just sunning. I decided I would swim around a bit and let the cool water do its thing.

It didn’t take long and I started to feel a little chilled myself. Then I heard mom calling for us to come get ready for dinner. I swam back to the beach area and grabbed my towel. Brie had already gone up so I hurried along and in to the house. After dinner we sat around and played cards until 10. Then mom and dad commented on it being bed since we had had a long car ride. Everyone headed off to their rooms. The cabin only has 2 bedrooms and since my sister became a ‘teenager’ my parents decided we shouldn’t share a room any longer. So, mom and Brie shared a room and my dad and I shared a room. As I lay in the bed waiting for sleep, I keep picturing the blonde and her voluptuous mounds in her bikini top. I tried to imagine what they would look like if she took the top off and then became aware of my growing erection. Being that my dad was sleeping in the bed next to me, I felt kind of awkward about playing with myself so I tried my best to empty my head of wonderful thoughts and fall asleep.

The next couple of days went by fairly normal. I spent some time swimming and wandering the woods some. We spent time with mom and dad going through shops in town and playing games.

After breakfast on Thursday, mom and dad settled in to their books. Brie asked me if I wanted to go explore around the woods some. I agreed and with mom’s permission and expectation to be back before dinner we set off. Normally I don’t explore too far from the cabin, but Brie took off on what seemed like a not so used trail. We had hiked for about an hour when just stopped.

“What’s up?” I asked and was quickly hushed.

Brie put her finger up to her lips, and then motioned me to come closer.

I slowly walked up and I could make out another cabin coming in to view.

“What giv...” I started as Brie put her finger back up to her mouth again with a slightly angered look.

Then she pointed.

As I came up a little higher I could make out the deck of the cabin. Then I saw what she was looking at.

On the deck was a man and a woman kissing. Not just that, but they were naked. The man turned and leaned back along the railing of the deck and the woman he was kissing stopped and knelt down in front of him and took the guys penis in her mouth.

I stood there in disbelief. I mean I had heard of a blow job, but I didn’t really understand what they were until now. Thanks to the trees and brush, Brie and I were fairly well hidden. Brie bumped me with her elbow with a wide eyed “do you see that” expression on her face. I couldn’t respond, only turn my stare back to the couple.

After a few more minutes the woman rose up and the man took hold of her and laid her back on a lounge chair on the deck and got in between her legs. It took me a couple of seconds to realize they were fucking.

“Holy Shit!” my brain screamed. Then we could hear faint moans floating on the wind.

Movement to my side caught my attention and I saw Brie slowly walking away.

Brie whispered in my ear, “We should give them some privacy.”

I turned and walked behind her down the hill toward the lake. The trail was a little steep and our pace quickened.

Before I knew it we were at the bottom of the hill walking along the lake.

Brie stopped when the path took a turn up hill.

Brie looked up the hill that was fairly steep and down to the lake a few times.

I finally realized where we were. We were only a few hundred feet from our beach area. We were on the other side of the large rock area. Normally we would just hike back up the hill which was pretty steep.

Instead, Brie headed down to the lake.

When we got to the water Brie sat down on a large bolder and turned to me.

“Oh my GOD! Did you see that!” exclaimed Brie. “That was so cool!”

My mind ran through all of the events quickly. “Was kind of crazy if you ask me!” I finally replied.

“Have you ever seen anything like that” she asked? “I mean, did you see what they were doing to each other?”

“No.” I said, “how would I?”

Brie looked back at me and then realized her question. “I don’t know, books, magazines?”

I hadn’t really thought of it. But I guess the Playboys or other magazines might have that kind of stuff in it.

Brie looked back up the hill again and then back to the water.

“What’s up?”

“I don’t really feel like walking up the hill yet. I’m too hot.” Then she followed up with, “Do you want to go for a swim?”.

I looked at my sister somewhat dumbfounded. It’s not like we brought anything with us.

“Um, we didn’t bring any swimsuits”, I reminded.

Brie just stood up and walked toward the water and removed her shirt and smiled.

“Then I guess we’ll just have to skinny dip.”

Once again the ‘deer in the headlights’ expression came upon me.

I stood there staring as my sister removed her bra, then her shorts and underwear. I could see her small firm breasts and hard nipples. She walked in to the water up to her thighs and turned around. I could see the small patch of hair above my sister’s pussy and felt a rush of blood.

“Well, aren’t you coming in?” she coaxed.

I could feel my face turning red. Here was my naked sister in front of me and I was getting an erection. Not only that, but she wanted me to come in swimming?

“I think I’ll just stay out here for now”, I replied.

“Come on chicken!” she said and turned around and dove in to the water.

I figured I might be able to sneak in if she was looking the other way.

I quickly took off my shirt and shorts and then watched for my sister to dive under water again and dropped my underwear and ran in to the water, dick bobbing all the way.

The water did feel good when I dove in. It helped relax me a little but just when I thought things would subside my sister swam up next to me. I could make out her boobs slightly floating under the surface through the murky water and it propelled my erection back to life.

To be honest, I felt a lot embarrassed and really didn’t feel like swimming.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” she asked while she floated past.

“It’s OK” I replied, “Just not up for swimming, I guess.”

Brie looked at me kind of strange for a second, and then headed for shore.

I watched as Brie swam back to the shore and walked naked up on to the large rock that reached out in to the lake.

I swam back until I could stand and walked until I was waist deep in water, still hoping to hide my erection. Though there was my naked sister now sitting on a rock only a few feet from me. She was leaning slightly back showing her breasts in full view with her legs slightly apart giving me a full view of the small patch of hair that barely covered her slit.

“Aren’t you coming out of the water?” Brie’s question snapped me out of my gaze.

How could I come out of the water with an erection? Especially in front of my sister!

“Um, maybe in a minute.” I tried to delay.

“Oh come on, the sun feels great!” she coaxed.

Brie started to look at me funny again. I really didn’t feel like trying to explain, so I took a deep breath and walked out of the water.

As my waist came out of the water I saw Brie’s eyes open wider.

“You have a boner?” Brie giggled.

I could feel my face turning red. I just wanted to walk out in to the woods and hide.

Brie keep staring at it.

“Was it me or the couple having sex?” she chuckled

“Huh?” I looked back very confused.

“You know. Your boner was it caused by seeing the couple having sex?” she asked again.

“Um, I guess.” I stumbled for an answer.

“It was kind of a turn on.” she continued. “I thought the water would help.”

It took me a minute to process the words. Was my sister telling me she was turned on by seeing the couple having sex?

My brain was feeling a little fuzzy as I walked out of the water and up on the rock. I quickly sat down and tried to cover my erection with my arms.

“Will it go down soon?” I heard Brie ask.

I looked back at her and she was staring at me.

My brain was having a hard time processing everything since coming out of the water.

“You know, will your boner go away on its own or do you need to play with it or something?”

I just sat there dumbfounded. Granted I have been wanted to play with myself for a week now, but to have my sister asked me about it?

“It’ll probably go away on its own in a little bit.” I replied. I was trying hard to think of something to ease my condition when Brie sat up and cupped her breasts in her hand.

“Do you think I will have nice boobs?”

My eyes opened wide at the question.

She looked back at me, still holding them up. “You know, when the finish growing. Do you think they’ll be big like the girl at the store?”

I couldn’t help but look at her breasts now. They were small mounds. I could see her skin still prickly from the cool water and her nipples standing out, pointing at me.

I stammered for an answer.

“Um, sure. I guess. I mean they look OK now.”

More blood rushed to my face. Did I just comment on my sister’s boobs?

“Does it hurt?”

“Huh? Does what hurt?” I asked.

“Your boner, silly”, Brie said staring down at my crotch.

“It’s OK”, I said.

“Can I touch it?”

Huh? What did she say?

“No way! You’re my sister!” I refused.

Brie just sat there for a couple of seconds, thinking.

“I’ll let you touch my boobs,” she offered.

The conflict in my brain started again. After all, this was my sister. Still, I had never touched a real boob before.

Brie must have sensed my conviction softening at the thought.

“Have you ever touched one?” she continued.

I just shook my head a little.

“Cool, I’ve never touched one either.” she admitted.

I looked back with that quizzical look again.

“You know a penis.”

Brie sat up pushing her chest toward me.

“Go on, it’s OK.”

I just stared at her breasts. There they were, inches from me, beckoning me.

I swallowed hard and my hand reached out.

Brie moved a little closer and my hand cupped her right breast.

I gave a little squeeze, admiring the softness. My fingers closed and I could feel her nipple hard between my fingers and thumb. I heard Brie murmur slightly and felt her move.

Then I felt her fingers touch my dick.

I jumped slightly and looked at Brie. Her eyes were transfixed on my crotch.

I looked down to see her fingers slowly wrap around my hard cock.

“Cool!” she mused, “It’s so hard, but kind of soft.”

I felt her hand squeeze around me and slowly pull up.

My hand squeezed her breast and nipple again as she slowly started to stroke me up and down.

I’ve been masturbating for the past 4 years, but my sisters’ hand felt way better than my own.

I brought my other hand up and cupped her other breast. I could feel my sister breathing heavier.

I took in the sight of my sister sitting in front of me, my hands on her boobs and looked down thinking to see the small patch of hair that was growing between her legs. Instead I saw her free hand between her legs.

Then it dawned on me. She was playing with herself.

Then Brie looked up at me and caught my stare.

“Do you want to try something else?” she asked.

Try something? I thought we were trying something?

Of course, my mouth only said, “Uh, like what?”

For the first time, my sister had a shy look about her. She looked down and then back up in to my eyes.

She looked nervous. I had never seen my sister so unsure of herself before.

I felt her hand squeeze my dick harder.

“Would you like to try some of the things those people were doing?” she said softly.

I felt a little faint. What was my sister suggesting?

“You know, I could start on you and then you could do to me.” she continued.

This brought up another confused look.

“I do you?” I asked.

This time it was my sister that looked confused.

Then she realized why I was confused.

“You didn’t see what he did to her?” she asked.

“They had sex.” I replied.

“No, before that.”

I shook my head again.

“I just saw her put his thing in her mouth before they had sex.”

Clarity came to my sister.

“You must not have seen. Before that he was down in front of her with his mouth on her, you know.”

Another blank stare.

“You know, her...” my sister looked down between her legs, “pussy.”

My eyes lit up.

I felt another surge of blood fill my dick.

“We can’t do this”, I said in my head.

Another squeeze around my shaft from my sister cause reason to leave my brain again.

“Uh, OK, I guess.” was what came out.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I sat there look at my sister who’s smile just got bigger.

“Cool! I’ll go first.” she said. I still didn’t know what that exactly meant or how it was about to happen.

Brie looked around for a second and then said.

“Here,” she pointed, “lean up against the rock there.”

I looked behind me to see more of the rocks. I got up and leaned back on the rock. I felt a knot in my stomach of nerves.

Brie moved and knelt in front of me with my dick in front of her face. She stroked it a little more and then took a deep breath and slowly lowered her mouth on to my shaft.

I let out a moan as I felt the warmth of her lips slide over my head and down on to my dick.

I looked down to see her slide her mouth and hand up and down, over and over. The feeling in my stomach gave way to the pure joy I was receiving. My hips moved slightly in rhythm. I felt a stirring and knew it wouldn’t be long.

Then it started. I felt my body quiver and I put my hands on my sister head and let out a moan.

My body twitched a little and I enjoyed the feeling. Then I felt a little tickle from my sisters’ mouth and I pulled back.

This caused me to fall out.

Brie just sat there staring, first at my dick then up at me.

“Did you just cum?” she asked.

Wide eyed I replied, “Yeah.”

Then she looked confused.

“I thought stuff was supposed to come out when you did that?”

I felt a little embarrassed again.

“I mean it tasted a little salty at the end, but.” she trailed off.

I looked back down at her.

“I’ve never had anything come out yet.” I admitted.

Brie just shrugged her shoulders and stood up.

“Did it feel good?” Her smile grew since she already knew the answer.


“Great, because it really turned me on!” Brie grabbed my hand and pressed it between her legs.

I first felt the soft downy hair followed by the wetness within.

I couldn’t believe it. I was actually touching a pussy!

“My turn,” Brie commented.

I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen or what I was supposed to do.

I moved from my spot on the rock and Brie took my place. She parted her legs more and I got down on my knees.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked.

“Well, the guy had his head between her legs, and it looked like she was enjoying it.”

I moved my head closer. I could see her pubic hair and her slit. I saw the little nub at the top of her slit sticking out and the moisture that glisten from it. I could smell the aroma of her lust.

I looked back up.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Try licking it?”

I took a deep breath and stuck out my tongue.

I moved in and let it slide along the slit from back to front and Brie’s hands grabbed my head as she let out a moan.

Motivated by the sound I licked again and again.

Brie continued to moan and her hips moved to match my tongue.

“In me,” she huffed, “put something in me, a finger, something.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what she meant so I moved my finger up and pressed it against her pussy.

My finger disappeared into her wet hole causing another loud gasp.

I slipped my finger in and out. I moved it around, turning in.

I licked and fingered my sister, enjoying the sounds and taste of her.

Then I turned my finger around and pulled it along inside of her.

“Oh God, YES!” she moaned. “Like that! Don’t stop!”

Not sure of what I had done, I tried to continue.

Moments later Brie’s legs clamped on my head and I felt her body shaking.

The squeals from her mouth were energizing!

Slowly her body loosened and my sisters breathing became more relaxed she released me from her grip.

Brie laid down on her back on the rock and I lay down next to her.

Through her heaving breath she finally spoke.

“God, that was awesome! Much better than doing it myself, don’t you think?”

I could only roll my head toward her and smile.

Then she cocked her head.

“Are you a virgin?”

I was taken aback a little by the question. After all, I hadn’t really dated.

“Um, yea.” I said softly. “You?”

“Yes, we kinda.” She replied.

Kinda? How are you “kinda” a virgin?

So, I had to ask. “Kinda?”

Brie smiled.

“Well, technically I guess I am. I mean, I’ve never had sex before.”

I just stared, still not understanding the, “Kinda” part.

Then she took another deep breath.

“I kind of lost my ‘virginity’ to my hair brush handle.”

She laid her head back and stared at the sky. Almost like she was waiting for me to say something horrible.

I guess I did. I said, “Huh?”

Brie looked back at me and realized I didn’t get it.

“Last year I was, you know, playing with myself and I wanted to know what it would be like to have something inside of me. So, I decided to use the handle of my hairbrush.” I swear I saw my sister start to blush.

“It felt pretty good the first time, and then I guess I got a little carried away after that and pushed too hard and tore myself.”

“And that did it?” I asked. I was pretty stupid to this. I knew the main parts, but didn’t really cover girls virginity.

“Well, I haven’t bled since.”

What a day. To say my head was spinning was an understatement. Not only had my sister and I just had oral sex with each other, I just found out my sister has been having sex with a hairbrush handle. Of course, I had to find out more.

“How often do you, you know ... do it?” I asked.

My sister’s smile returned to her face.

“About every other day since I was 13. How about you?”

Um, what? Shit, didn’t thing about that coming back at me.

“Come on, you can tell me.” She prodded.

“About every day, at home.” I admitted.

Brie started to laugh.

“Maybe that’s why we are both horny on this trip!”

I must admit I had to laugh too. Neither one of us has been able to ‘take care of’ ourselves since we arrived.

We laid on the rock smiling away when we heard our dad’s whistle.

We both got up, threw on our clothes and headed back to the cabin.

The rest of the evening went pretty uneventful. There were smiles between Brie and I.

The next day we woke up to rain. Actually it rained for two days. Two days of being stuck in the cabin with mom and dad.

On Sunday the rain stopped, but mom and dad decided we all needed to go do some of the touristy things in town. By the time we got back to the cabin, it was too late to do much.

I was conflicted internally. Part of me wanted to have some alone time with my sister, but then again, it was my sister and we shouldn’t do that. Each time she’d flash me that knowing smile of what we did, I would feel a jolt in my shorts.

Monday and Tuesday produced rain yet again. This time we ran around a little outside, but nothing like last week.

On Wednesday the weather finally broke. The sun came out and the heat with it.

After a late breakfast, my dad commented on how we should take advantage of the lake while we can. “After all”, he said, “you only have 3 days left.”

I looked over at Brie and she flashed me that innocent smile. “Want to go swimming, bro?”

I can’t remember getting changed so quickly.

On my way out I grabbed my towel and cruised on down to the dock. I dropped my towel and run to the end of the dock and jumped in. The water felt refreshing and I needed to cool off a bit.

When I turned back and looked up the hill, I watched Brie walk down the train, bikini on and trash bag in hand.

Trash bag?

When she got to the shoreline she picked up my towel and put it inside the trash bag, closed it up and walked in to the water. Then she started to swim off toward the rocks.

“Where’re you going?” I called.

“Going to the other side of the rocks. Wanna join me?”

She didn’t have to ask twice. I let go of the dock and swam after her.

The rock was bigger in the water than it appears from shore.

As I rounded it I saw Brie walking out of the water. She climbed up on to the rock and laid out the towels. As I walked out of the water on the shore I asked, ‘ why did you come over here?”

She gave me a big smile and said, “So I can skinny dip. Wanna join me?”

Before I knew it her bathing suit was on the ground and her naked form was jumping in to the water.

I quickly stripped off my suit, threw it on the rock and dove back in.

Just knowing we were both naked caused my dick to stir again. I swam out to where Brie was and we swam around each other. I could make out her breasts in the water again and my mind flashed back to how the felt in my hands.

Brie swam up to me and before I knew it I felt her hand on my hard dick.

“Have a boner again? It must be me this time.” she said with a smile then took off swimming.

I swam after her and finally caught her when we go to the shore.

Brie climbed back up on the rock and I followed. Once again she looked at me with a giggle.

“You really should take care of that.”

“Why don’t you.” I retorted.

Brie just smiled. Then she took both towels and laid them on top of each other. Then she knelt in front of me and wrapped her hand around my shaft.

I let out a sigh of enjoyment.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for her to take me in her mouth like last time, but it didn’t happen.

I looked down and she was slowly stroking me and staring at me erection.

“You want to try something new?” she mused.

I was ready for anything at this point.

“Sure, anything!”


I paused for a moment. What did my sister have in mind?


“Come here” my sister motioned and she lay down on her back along the towels.

She positioned me on top of her and I had an idea what was about to happen.

“I want to feel it in me.” she said.

“You mean sex? But you’re my sister!” I objected.

“Yeah, but mom and dad always said you should do it with someone you care about. And we care about each other. Not to mention what we’ve already done.”

I couldn’t argue too much with that logic.

“Please, I really want to feel it in me.” she pleaded.

I just looked back at her and my body gave in.

I tried to line things up, but Brie grabbed my dick with her hand and guided it to her slit.

I have a push and lost myself. My dick slid all the way in to the most soft, moist and tight place I have ever felt.

I let out a sigh, Brie let out a moan. My heart pounded in my chest.

I slowly slid out and back in to my sister’s pussy. The feeling was unbelievable.

Each thrust in made Brie moan more. Each thrust made my body feel a pleasure building.

After only a couple of minutes I felt that familiar tingle. Only this time was different, more intense. I felt it in my toes and resonate through my body. Just as it reached its height I felt a ting in my balls and a rush in my dick. The waves of pleasure shot through me and I felt as though I was shooting something out of me dick. Each move made the feeling better and I felt like I was peeing in spurts.

A few more thrusts and the pleasure subsided and looked back at Brie.

“Did you just cum?” she asked.

I smiled, “Yeah.”

“Can you keep going?” She asked.

I felt my dick was still hard inside of her.

“Yeah, I guess.” ‘

“Good, keep going!” she commanded.

I didn’t think more about it. I started moving in and out of my sister again.

This time it felt wetter, slicker.

My sister moved her hips and body as I moved in an out. Her moans got louder as she moved.

“There!” she moaned. “There! Don’t stop! Keep going! Keep going!”

Her legs gripped my body to keep me at the angle I was at. I just kept moving in and out.

Her moans were louder and her fingers gripped my back. I watched her bite her lip and her body squeeze me.

Her voice became higher pitched and breathing quickened.

“Yes, there, there! Don’t stop! Yes! Yes!”

Then my sister let out a loud groan as I felt her body shiver under me. I could feel her pussy grip my shaft and it set off a new tremble with in me. My body shook with hers and I let out my own moan as the new wave of pleasure rushed over me. Again I felt my dick releasing spurts into my sister.

When our orgasms subsided I flopped down on my sister.

With panting breath my sister spoke in to my ear.

“Oh God! That was way better than my brush!”

I looked back at Brie and we both laughed.

The convulsion of her laugh forced my deflating dick to pop out of her heavenly hole.

“I’ve never felt so wet or came so hard!” she exclaimed.

We laid there for a few more minutes then I rose up.

I admired my sister’s naked form from her head down to her breasts and then down to her pussy.

That’s when I noticed it.

Seeping from glistening slit, a small stream of white fluid was escaping from within her.

“What?” Brie asked then followed my gaze.

She put her fingers between her legs and felt the warm liquid. She scooped it up and looked at it.

“Is this your cum?” She asked me quizzically.

“I think it is.” I stammered. “It felt like something was shooting out, but I didn’t know.”

“I thought you didn’t shoot stuff out?”

“I never have before.” I assured her.

We both looked at each other. It all hit me at once. Today I had lost my virginity. Today was the first time I had produced cum when I had an orgasm. To top it all off, my virginity and my first release of cum were all inside of my sister!

Then another thought hit me.

“Um, Brie, “I questioned, “Does this mean you going to get pregnant?”

Brie stopped looking at the cum on her hand and appeared to be deep in thought.

After a minute she looked back at me and said, “No, I should be OK.”

I wasn’t really sure what she meant but I wanted to believe her.

Our mom’s voice broke our concentration.

She was calling for us from around the rock, most likely from the dock.

Brie and I hurried to put on our suits. Brie packed the towels back in to the plastic bag as I started my swim around the rock.

Sure enough there was mom, standing on the dock looking for us.

When we both rounded the rock, mom gave us a speech about being where they can see us. She didn’t like the idea of us swimming off where something could happen.

Little did she know?

The rest of the afternoon we spent swimming around the dock and running around the cabin.

Every time Brie and my eyes caught there would be a smirk or a smile between us.

The next day was another day of rain again followed by Friday and running around with mom and dad.

Saturday was our leaving day and mom and dad wanted to leave by noon. Brie and I helped clean up a little and packed our things. Then Brie asked mom and dad if we could go explore for a little before we had to get in the car.

They agreed, but told us to stay close as we didn’t have a lot of time.

Brie nodded at me to come with her. My dick twitched at the thought.

Quickly we ran outside and I followed Brie in to the woods. We followed the same trail down the hill that lead to our little rock spot.

When we reached to bottom Brie stopped and looked back at me. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind. Did she want to have sex again? I didn’t think the amount of time would be there, plus any cleanup we needed to do.

Brie looked around and pushed me back against the rock. I felt her hands starting to pull at my shorts.

My hands found hers and started to undo the button.

Brie pushed my hands away and I looked at her very confused.

Brie caught my eyes and understood my question.

“I got me period yesterday. But I wanted to try something, if it’s OK with you?”

How could I object as she slid my shorts down exposing my growing dick?

I just nodded dumbly and felt her hands start to stroke me.

Then I watched as she lowered her lips and took me back in to her mouth.

I moaned with delight and placed my hands on her head. Slowly it went up and down and waves of enjoyment filled my body.

It only took a few minutes of her pleasure before I felt the build up again. Closer and closer I got. I could feel it building and then the tingling started. I let out a soft moan of joy as the orgasm filled my body. Then I felt that new pleasure of spurts coming from my dick. Then it hit me. I quickly looked down and there was Brie, my dick still in her mouth going up and down. All of my cum had flowed in to her mouth.

A couple more tugs and she removed me from her mouth. One more stroke produced a small drop of cum on the end of my dick. Brie looked up at me and smiled.

“I was curious what that would be like with your stuff coming out.”

“How was it?” I asked.

“Weird,” she started, “salty, goopy, but not bad.”

She removed the droplet from my dick with her finger.

“Here, you want to try?” She smiled bringing her finger up toward my mouth.

“Um, I’m good.” I replied quickly.

Brie shrugged her shoulders and put her finger in her mouth.

It was then we heard my dad’s whistle.

I quickly pulled up my pants and we walked back up the path.

It was a quiet ride home. Brie and I would exchange smirks and glances.

Over the Summer I fucked Brie 3 more times. Then school started and Brie found a real boyfriend, whom I was slightly jealous of and life moved on.

This was definitely a summer of firsts. I had my first boob touch, first blow job, first taste of pussy, first sex, first cum, and all of these firsts with my sister Brie.

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