Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Cream Pie, Pregnancy, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a man, (38), whose wife left their only daughter (18) and he three years earlier. His daughter now wants breast augmentation surgery, She says she wants it for her Daddy as much as for herself!

My name is Robert, I’m 38 years old with an 18-year-old daughter named Samantha who wanted me to start calling her Sammy.

It’s just us these days, with her mother (Pamela) leaving me for another woman (Soria). That was really difficult for me, but I got over it.

I was pretty well off which didn’t affect her at all. With her gone, I raised my daughter by myself since Sammy had turned 13 and I was 33. I did all the things her mother should’ve been around for. I figured it was just part of being a dad. This caused Sammy and I to become very close.

Being loaded (with Money, not alcohol), gave me the chance to get her whatever she wanted so when she came to me wanting to go to the doctor to get bigger tits, I told her “Whatever you want, Dear.”

I took her to the doctor who gave her a book to look over to decide what size she wanted to be. Of course, Sammy asked my opinion, which I gave her, after asking the doctor what would be considered too big. He gave his opinion and the surgery was scheduled.

I took Sammy home and we had dinner. I brought up the subject, “Why is it you want bigger breasts?”

“Well,” she said, “Mom had big ones and I saw how much you loved her, so I decided I wanted to be loved just as much as she was. That’s why I want to have bigger boobs, so you will love me more.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I said. “I love you just the way you are.”

“I’m barely a B cup and mommy ... she was pretty big.”

“I loved your mother just as much is I love you. The sizes of her or your breasts are irrelevant to me.”

“It isn’t irrelevant to me, Daddy ... I asked you and you agreed already.”

“You are exactly right, Samantha. You go back in eleven days and will get what I’ve already paid for. I love you now and I will still love you after everything is done.”

She actually put a red X through each day on the big calendar in the kitchen, as it passed by, getting all excited and giving me a hug. Of course, her getting excited was getting me all excited as well.

The day came and I took her to the doctor. He asked me if I wanted to observe, I politely said “No thank you. I wanted to be surprised.”

That made Sammy very happy. Two hours later I was told everything was done. I went in to see her and she was waking up from the anesthesia. After Sammy was alert, they discussed what needed to be done next.

We both listened carefully and I took her home, and she went straight into her bedroom. She said ‘good night’ to me and I kissed her on her forehead. I went back to the car, closed the door and the garage door.

I fixed her some dinner and took it up to her. She was upbeat and alert.

“Hello Daddy, I feel so much better now, thank you so much for letting me do this. You’ll be the first person to see them, I promise.”

“If that’s what you want, that’s fine with me,” I said. “The doctor recommended you had a fulltime assistant for the first couple days, I am more than able to do that for you. You can’t exercise for five days after that, and then only low impact. After that, everything in moderation.”

“When can I have sex again?” she asked.

“Do you have a boyfriend? This is news to me!”

“Answer my question first, Daddy?”

“Well, from the literature the doctor gave me, it advised six weeks before any activity that involves high impact, like jumping, jogging and, I suspect, full intercourse.”

“When can I show them off to you, Daddy?”

“Two days, and if you need help rewrapping your support bandages, give me a yell or send me a text or email. You don’t want to overdue, keeping your blood pressure at 100 over 40 or less. Do you understand all of these instructions, young lady?”

“Yes I do. I remember being told to wear a bra to bed, with being wrapped to keep my girls from being jostled too much. Sleeping on my back will be the toughest thing to do. I’ve been sleeping naked and on my right side, my whole adult life.”

“Good girl, rest for a while, I’ll be working in my office downstairs, here’s your phone, contact me for anything. Is the pain coming back, I have the pain pills when you need one?”

“I’m OK, I really am!”

“On your back,” I said backing out from her room.

She giggled and waved at me.

On my way downstairs, I got a text, “Love U Dadi!”

I sent back, “Knot as much as I luv U.”

That’s our thing, texting with a word misspelled on purpose. She started it right after her mother left us. No letters, no phone calls, she just left, with her lesbian lover I didn’t know she had.

Fast Forward – Seven Days

Using a combination of batting her eyes, using her dimples and just looking so cute, she talked me into taking her shopping for underwear, brassieres to be specific.

I suggested Penny’s, she insisted on Victoria’s Secret ... guess who won?

Remember when I said, how it didn’t matter to me if she had done this whole ‘bigger boobs’ thing?

It mattered, she had gone from less than a full B-cup to a full D-cup, and even when not wearing anything remotely resembling a tight top, her ‘girls’ were constantly catching my eye ... and she loved it. She most enjoyed it when she walked around the house in only a T-shirt with no bra at all.

She asked that I drove us there, while giving me directions, using her phone.

Now is the time to describe her to you all:

18 years old -- 5ft7 inches tall

Natural curly blonde hair

Exquisite brown eyes

Her new measurements – 36D-22-34

Bigger and prettier than her mother ever was!

We pulled up to the Perimeter Mall, on Ashford Dunwoody Road, in Atlanta, Georgia. I got out, opened her door, and she took my arm and we walked into the store together. The store had only just opened, for the day, and we were the only ones there along with two female employees.

Sammy pulled from my arm and walked up to the brunette saying, “This is my boyfriend, Bobby. My name is Samantha, and I need some sexy new bras, to keep him interested in me. Can you help me, please?”


I’m 38 years old to her 18, and they believed her, so I played along.

They quietly talked while the other girl, looking to be my age, came over and said, “My name is Katy ... Good for you, Bobby. I first thought you might be her Dad, but apparently not.”

Clearing my throat, I said, “We’ve only known each other for a short while, but it was love at first sight. Keep this to yourself please, but I have plans to ask her to marry me, real soon!”

“Oh, why are all the best-looking guys taken?” she said with a very dramatic pout.

It had been awhile since I had done any flirting, so I was rusty, and said, “You are beautiful, have patience.”

Some people walked in, and she said, “Excuse me, Bobby.”

Working out of the home, I hadn’t had much interaction with anyone, much less someone as pretty as Katy was.

“Bobby?” I heard, turning to see my daughter in a push-up bra, of all things. Her helper said, “This is what is called a cool spring lace. Doesn’t it look fabulous on Sammy?”

I had been caught off guard and said, walking towards them, “Everything looks good on my girl. Sammy, you have never looked so lovely as you do right now.” I couldn’t stop staring, glancing from her chest to her eyes. Her eyes were glistening like never before. I don’t doubt mine were as well.

“How many do you need, Baby?”

“How many colors do they come in?” she asked.

“Seventeen,” was the answer.

“How about one of each?” I said not moving my eyes off my Sammy’s.

“I need some matching panties, and some dresses as well, please?”

We walked out of the store each holding a bag of new and exciting underwear, all for her. She had on a brand-new tight black dress, and looked fantastic.

I helped her in the car, and got behind the wheel, “Don’t you need some bling to wear with the new clothes, Sammy Baby?”

“Thank you for going along with my boyfriend story, Daddy. That was very sweet of you.”

“Not a problem, you really need a necklace and some earrings to go with your new outfits, how about Jared’s?”

“Ooh, my Daddy is taking me to Jared’s?”

“No, your boyfriend is.”

She giggled, as I drove the short distance away, to the other end of the Mall.

We didn’t take long at Jared’s, she found what she wanted immediately, and while she had been looking, I ordered a personalized necklace that would take a week.

Next, I suggested we got something to eat, and my little girl said, “How about Mickey D’s Bobby?”

“It’s funny, Sammy, your mother never called me that, it was always Robert or Robbie, which I hated, but put up with. I really like it when you call me that. I have a surprise after we eat.”

“Goodie, I love surprises.”

While in line in the drive up at McDonalds, she scooted up next to me, and put her hand on my thigh. I was so distracted, I almost rolled into the car ahead of me.

“Did I do that?”

Oh, boy!

“Of course you did, but I didn’t hit the car, so I won’t have to spank you.”

“Oh, Bobby, spank me, spank me, please. I love it when you spank me!”

“Have you gone completely bonkers, Samantha?”

“I don’t know, but I loved the way you just joined in on the conversation back at the store. I’m so proud of you.”

With that wonderfully condescending remark, her left hand dropped on top of my groin. The car in front of us moved and it was our turn.

“Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?” the faceless female voice said.

“I would like a double quarter pounder with double cheese, with a large fry and a large coke, easy on the ice, while my girl would like a twenty-nugget combo with a medium fry and a medium Diet Dr. Pepper, please? With Honey dipping sauce, please?”

“Thank you, please pull forward?”

As I did, reached in and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“What was that for?” I said.

“For remembering my usual order,” she said.

“You’ve had that order for as long as can remember, Sammy.”

“But, you called me your girl, that was a first.”

“Ooooh,” I said pulling up to pay.

I got my card and receipt, handing them to her.

“Oh, goodie, my own credit card?”

“It’s got my name on it, Sammy!”

“Phooey!” she said instantly reminding me she was eighteen.

I got our food, put it down between us, and drove away. Knowing my very firm and long standing ‘No Eating in the Car Rule, ‘ she moved it away from between us, moved back to the point there wasn’t any space between us, putting her hand back on top of my groin.

“That’s very distracting, Sammy,” I said.

“Good,” was all she said for our short trip to the house.

I was reacting and she was lightly squeezing, until I got in our driveway.

I brought in the drinks, she brought in the bag of food, taking out a fry and putting it in her mouth...

“Stop that, young lady,” I said, moving quickly and catching the other end of the fry, in my mouth.

All of my Dad instincts flew out the metaphorical window, I bit off the fry, and it turned into a moist, remarkable kiss between us.

It didn’t last long, I still had the drink holder in my hands and she still had a grip on the food.

Once inside, she put the food on a big plate and in the microwave to heat it up a little, something we always do, and I put down the drinks on our breakfast table.

“Boooobbbbby,” she said, causing me to turn around, and she grabbed me with her arms, and we kissed until the microwaved dinged.

Much too short!

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