A Wedding Party
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Cousins, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, BBW, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - People who stay in hotels find that sometimes, rules and boundaries change. The photo inspired a caption.

It was almost 8 o’clock before they got back to the hotel. They typically worked later when they were on the road, especially now that they worked for themselves. It had been almost two years since Bill and Bruce broke off and started their own company. It was a struggle at first and it did put a strain on both their marriages, but once the money started coming in on a steady basis, their wives became much more accepting.

The hotel’s restaurant / bar was usually dead at this hour, but tonight it was packed. Most of the hotel had been booked for a wedding. They were having their rehearsal dinner tonight. Bruce and Bill did manage to get a seat in the corner. They found the rehearsal dinner to be mostly over, and now most of them were sitting around enjoying the open bar.

With nothing better to do, Bruce and Bill spent most of their meal trying to figure out who was who. The bride-to-be was easy to spot and by default, so was the groom. There was the best man, the maid of honor, the groom’s parents, the bride’s parents, and so on.

By the time they got done eating, the room had cleared out, except for a few stragglers. From the sound of things, many had made their way to the adjoining bar.

Normally, Bill and Bruce would head straight up to the room to prepare for the next day but Bill wanted to grab a drink first. He didn’t have to twist Bruce’s arm too much, as there were plenty of cute blondes to look at.

They knew not to stay too long and so each had a beer and then they left. It was on their way to the elevator that they spotted what they now knew to be the bride’s parents. The couple stopped when they saw them, but it was clear they had been arguing. Something to do with money.

To give them space, or maybe to ease drop, Bill and Bruce stepped over to the front desk and pretended to be interested in a poster for an upcoming lounge singer.

“I’m not ready to go up yet. I’m going to go spend some time with our daughter.” It was the bride’s mom. With that, the dad grumbled something and disappeared onto the elevator.

They watched as the mom walked past them, her head held high. She knew they were staring at the jiggle of her cleavage. Just when they were about to turn towards the elevator, the mom stopped and turned back towards them.

“Do you boys know if there are any good bars in this town?”

Bill and Bruce looked at each other. “Are you talking dance club?”

Her smile got bigger, “Yeah. A dance club. That sounds like fun.”

They gave her directions but she seemed unable to grasp them. Bruce had the feeling they were being played. Finally, she asked them, “Could you take us?”

Bill and Bruce looked at each other. They had a lot of work to get done before Monday. Bill started to give his apologies but before he could speak, Bruce answered, “Sure. We could do that.”

“Great! Let me go grab my daughter.”

When she said daughter, they both assumed she meant the bride. But it was her other daughter she pulled out of the bar and into the hallway.

“Mom! I don’t want to go dancing.”

“Well I’m not going to leave you here.” The mom looked at the guys to explain, “Her husband stayed home and Britney’s been sulking since we got here.”

Like her sister and mom, Britney was also cute, blonde, and a bit busty. While Britney wore a conservative dress, her mom was dressed much more flamboyantly. Much like their personalities it would seem. Both guys noticed that even her own daughter seem to be waiting for her mom’s boobs to come bouncing out of that dress. Of course, she would rush to put them back in their place.

The mom, who they now knew as Lisa, chatted the whole way over in the cab. With four of them in the backseat, it was a bit crowded. Lisa ended up on Bill’s lap with Britney in the middle. Bruce could see Bill had his hand wedged directly beneath Lisa’s right breast and so with a slight jerk of the wrist, he could make the tit flesh jiggle even more than they already were. Whether Lisa noticed or not was unclear.

When Bill saw Bruce looking at what he was up to, Bill stuck out his tongue in the direction of her cleavage in a rude gesture. Britney was too busy spacing out to notice. This is not where she wanted to be.

While not sure how much they had to drink back at the hotel, the guys watched both women put away some booze at the club. Britney slowly got into the spirit of things as both girls took turns dancing with the two guys.

Things were looking good for Bill and Bruce. They thought they might even get laid, but that’s when more people showed up at their table. It was Steve the groom, Jay the best man, Julie the cousin to the bride (the daughter of Lisa’s sister), and Tim the brother of the bride (Lisa’s son).

The dancing continued and they were now all having a great time. Lisa’s moves seemed to be leading the way as things became more and more raunchy. Oddly, Bruce was the only one who seemed to notice when Lisa, Steve, and Jay went missing. Bruce found them back by the coat check area. Both guys were openly sucking on their own exposed breast as Steve has his hand up her dress. None of them seemed to care that people were passing by.

In her state of bliss, Lisa still managed to catch sight of Bruce and she smiled at him. She gave him a little wave as the three of them walked out the back door. Bruce, seeing his chances of getting laid evaporating quickly, headed back to the table. Bill had since noticed the missing people. “Did you find them?”

Bruce smiled, “Yeah’.

He smiled back. He knew Bruce would fill him in later with all the details.

When Britney eventually brought up her mom being gone so long, Bruce told her that Steve and Jay had taken her out back ‘for some fresh air’. She seemed ok with that explanation. Her mom was drunk.

Lisa and the boys came back with big smiles on their face. Bill and Bruce leaned in to Jay, “Did you guys just fuck her?”

“Yea. We have a limo parked out back. Crazy, right?”

The look on Tim’s face as he looked to his mom, over to Steve, and back to his mom, made it obvious he had heard what they just said. Oops!

Julie and Britney were too involved in their own conversation to notice but all the guys watched as Lisa pull out a small mirror and her lipstick. She let her eyes scan to each of them before pressing the gloss to her lips. She took her time as she knew she had a captive audience. Thoughts of those lips being wrapped around a hard cock surrounded the table. Once she was done, Lisa pressed her lips tightly together before turning to her son and forming a slight pucker, as if sending him a kiss. Tim’s face burned red as he looked away. The other guys laughed.

It was Bill who suggested they continue their little party back at the hotel. Seems he had a new bottle of tequila waiting to be opened.

They all piled into the limo. Once seated, Tim reached under one of the seats and picked up what he would soon realize were his mom’s wet panties. Looking right at his mom, he held them up for all to see, “I wonder who these belong to.”

Lisa responded quickly. “Give me those’. They were soon stuffed into her purse.

Of course, all the guys by this point knew who they belong to, and it didn’t take Britney long to figure it out as she recognized that they belonged to her mom. ‘Oh, my God’, she thought, ‘she came out here so they could fuck her. That’s why they were gone for so long’. Knowing this made Britney squirm a bit in her seat. She looked from her mom and then to Steve and back to her mom. She then reached down and felt the wet material in her mom’s purse. Knowing that her daughter now knew, she leaned and whispered to her, “Our little secret, ok?”

Lisa smile was met by a blank stare. Britney didn’t answer. Lisa would have to have a talk with her daughter later when they had some privacy.

Bill and Bruce have separate rooms but they are connected by inner doors, so there was plenty of space to move about. Once new drinks were poured, people slowly migrated from room to room. Steve and Jay were consoling Britney about the funny business between them and her mom. They were on the far bed while Bill was chatting up Julie in the bathroom. The door was open so it wasn’t like they were trying to hide or anything.

Bruce got Lisa over in the other room, but her son Tim was following her around like a lost puppy. Bruce really wanted to get some alone time with Lisa but how could he with her son right there. Lisa must have picked up on his frustration because she suggested the three of them dance.

And by dance, she meant grind body parts. With his eyes closed, Tim had his hands on his mom’s hips as she was bent over, grinding her ass into his crotch. That’s when Bruce realized that it didn’t matter that her son was there. She was going to fuck them both.

Lisa’s big boobs were soon released from the confines of her dress and Bruce and Tim both had big handfuls of tit flesh. She slowly turned until Bruce was behind her. He wasted no time pulling up her dress to expose her naked ass. Bruce paused to watch as Lisa pulled out her own son’s cock and took it into her mouth.

With his pants at his ankles, Bruce slid into Lisa’s wet pussy. He didn’t care who had fucked her already. Between moans, he could hear Lisa slurping on her son’s rod. Bruce looked at Tim who was watching his mom’s head bob up and down. Tim looked up at him as Bruce continued to fuck his mom. He smiled and gave Bruce a thumb’s up before turning his attention back to his mom.

Lisa was a moaner, and soon, Bruce looked up to find Bill and Julie standing in the doorway, watching them. It was Tim who came first, falling back on the bed, and Bruce soon followed. Bruce moved so Bill could take his place as Julie came over and she and Tim kissed a bit before she took Tim’s place. She wasted no time pulling Lisa’s face down into her pussy. Julie’s body gave a little jerk and let out a soft moan. Lisa’s tongue had found its mark. Tim was now sitting on the floor beneath his mom, sucking on her hanging tits like some calf.

Bruce made his way to the other room and found Britney sandwiched between Steve and Jay. Steve was on the bottom, in her pussy, and Jay was on top, deep in her ass.

Bruce walked over and offered his cock to Britney and she didn’t hesitate to take it. If she noticed the taste of her own mom’s pussy or the remnants of cum from at least three guys, she didn’t let on. Lisa and the others returned to the room in time to see all three guys empty their loads into Lisa’s daughter.

After a brief rest and a little encouragement, they got the women to put on a little lesbian show. Julie could have easily passed for one of Lisa’s own daughters. No surprise since Lisa looked like her sister and Julie looked like her mom.

There was lots of mutual fondling and kissing between the three girls. At some point, Britney found herself on her back with Julie straddling her face. It seemed only appropriate for Tim to join in and mount his mom from behind as she continued to suck on his sister’s cunt.

Jay, Bill, and Steve managed to pull Julie over to the other bed while Tim along with Bruce, positioned his mom and sister on to their backs, side by side.

Bruce would fuck Britney while Tim fucked his mom then they would switch so Bruce could fuck his mom while Tim fucked his sister. Watching Tim make out with both his mom and sister while they fucked was pretty wild.

After another brief rest, they all stood in a circle as Bill poured them more tequila. Bruce figured the party was coming to its end. Up until now, they hadn’t made a lot of small talk.

Bruce looked to Lisa and Britney. “So, you two are married. I assume your husbands would not approve.”

They both laughed. Britney spoke first, “God no”.

Lisa soon followed up with, “That would be a no for me as well”.

Bruce looked to Julie. She responded by putting up both hands as if to justify her actions tonight, “Hey! I’m not married.”

Bill looked to Steve, “And you’re going to marry into this family tomorrow, right? I assume the wedding is still on.”

He laughed, “Yea. I still plan on marrying her.” He looked to the clock by the bed. “I guess the weddings today.”

They all took a drink from their glass before Bill spoke again. “I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Have you guys ever messed around before, you know, together?”

Lisa spoke up, laughing, “If you’re asking if I have ever fucked my son or daughter or even niece before, that answer would be ‘no’. I’m not sure what got into us tonight. But I for one have no regrets.”

“Well, my only regret”, Bruce turned to Julie, “is that I didn’t get any time with you.”

She smiled back at him, “Who says we’re done here?”

Apparently, no one, because they all were soon going at it again. The party continued long past sun up. Bruce and Bill would not be working today. Seems they both had somehow caught a ‘flu bug’. While they were invited to the wedding, they passed on that, but they did agree to come to the reception, which was at the hotel, right after the church ceremony.

Bruce and Bill had decided to just stay up and so they were sitting in the bar when Lisa entered.

Bill spoke as she entered, “How was the wedding?”

“Great. I’ll tell you all about it later. Follow me. We need to make this quick.”

She led them over to the women’s bathroom and they were soon standing inside, watching as Lisa pulled up her dress. She seemed a bit miffed that they weren’t getting this, “Well, drop your pants.”

They watched as she pulled out a small container of Vaseline and dipped her finger into it. With that, she squatted down and slid the finger into her anus. Standing, she looked to Bruce, “I can’t let my dress get dirty. You’re going to have to hold me up.”

Bruce lifted her up as Lisa wrapped her legs around him, sliding her pussy onto his cock. Bill came up from behind and slowly slid into her ass. For the next several minutes, they bounced her up and down on their cocks. Her boobs, having fallen out of her dress, were bouncing around wildly.

They didn’t notice the door open until they all looked up to see a woman dressed in her full bridal gown. “Mom!”

After a few seconds, seeing that the fucking was not going to stop, the new bride slip back out of the bathroom, clearly upset.

With her eyes glassed over, Lisa let out a half-moan / half “Oh shit!” as they continued bouncing her on their cocks.

The bride, whose name was Bethany, was long gone by the time Lisa dismounted and put herself back in order. Getting her boobs back in place in that dress took some effort.

With all three fully dressed, Lisa kissed them both while grabbing their crotch. “I better see you boys at the reception.”

Bruce and Bill came out of the bathroom as Lisa was exiting the bar. They looked over at the bartender who had a big smile on his face.

Bill spoke to him, “You realize that we had the bride’s mother in there.”

Bruce added, “And you knew what we were doing when you sent her daughter in to find her.”

The bartender pretended to find a spot to clean on the bar, “She asked if I knew. I merely pointed to the door.”

Bill rolled his eyes, “Very nice of you.”

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