My Mentor
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Paladin

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When a student, Les, on a school holiday in Algeria misses his coach he meets a handsome young Canadian man, Rob, and his life changes forever. Rob arranges for the shy virgin boy to experience his first straight and gay sex with two young Algerian brother and sister prostitutes. When Rob and Les also have gay sex a powerful sexual bond is formed with the promise of many more experiences to come.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Ma/mt   mt/mt   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex  

I’m lost in Algeria! I mean it’s not as bad as it sounds since I’m not wandering around in the wilds under a blazing sun and me with no water bottle. When I got back to the pickup point for our coach I was a good twenty minutes ahead of departure time, but there was no coach, and not a sign of any of the other boys and girls from my school. This was supposed to be a wonderful school travel opportunity and now I’m on my own in a strange land.

Okay I’m 17, so supposedly old enough to look after myself, but I don’t understand Arabic, and while I do have some French the accent here makes it VERY hard to make out what’s being said. Using a mixture of English and French I manage to get over to a shopkeeper what’s happened and what I need. He kindly directs me to where I can catch a bus back to my hotel and luckily I’ve got cash on me though my cell phone is locked up back at the hotel. I was warned about pickpockets so no phone and my cash is zipped into a pocket in my shorts.

I soon find where I will be able to pick up the bus and reading a bilingual timetable in both French and Arabic is a lot easier than catching what’s said in the local patois. God almighty I’ve almost two hours to wait for my bus! And having found the right place I’m not planning on wandering off again. It’s roasting hot so I take a peek around for somewhere to get out of the sun. Across the road from the bus stop there are several benches shaded by palm trees and eucalyptus bushes.

Letting the traffic clear I jog across and find the benches face the sea and a narrow strip of white sand. There’s a young man sitting at the end of the nearest bench so I settle on the opposite end and look down at my feet. I’m pretty much a private and shy sort of boy and I don’t want to make eye contact and maybe start another fractured conversation in two different languages.

“Hey are waiting for the bus too?”

From his accent I assume he’s American but he fast disabuses me of that one. He’s Canadian and proud of it! As I open up with my story about being left behind he stands and moves to sit beside me. He’s shorter than me though solidly built with dark brown hair cut in a modified crew cut. He is, like me, wearing shorts and socks with sports shoes but instead of a shirt like mine he’s got on one of those “Action” vests with masses of zipped pockets. He holds out his hand to shake.

“Robert Boyce but you can call me Rob!”

I take his hand and return the shake firmly. Dad always says a weak damp handshake is a bad introduction.

“Leslie Carson but I’m Les to everyone who knows me.”

He’s older than me but not I guess by much. He can’t be more than early twenties.

“It’s so hot Rob I had to get into the shade. I’d fry out in this sun before long.”

“Yeah well as fair as you are I’d say you’re right to keep out of it. With skin like yours, so pale, you wouldn’t tan you’d burn and peel. Hey how about I get us a cold drink each? Hang on I’ll be right back.”

I say I’ll go with him. I don’t want to be alone again but he waves me off and he’s soon back toting two cartons with lids.

“Mint tea but iced mint tea. I took a chance you’ve a sweet tooth; you look like someone who likes things sweet.”

When I take my first cautious sip I find I love it. It’s sweet and the clean mint flavour leaves a tingle on my lips and tongue. I ask him how much I owe him and he says it’s his treat. We get to talking and he’s easy to talk to I find. He’s 22 so 5 years older than me and he’s on a gap year break to see the world. I tell him about myself and the school trip to Africa and my “friends” being so fond of me they let the coach go without me. Rob dumps our empty drink cartons in a trash can and as he sits down again we get a visitor.

He’s a local and looks around 14 or 15 years old. He’s dressed western not traditional and his tee shirt has the “AC/DC” logo on it. He’s wearing very cut off jeans but he’s got on the sort of sandals you see in the local craft shops. He’s typical in that he’s slight and dark skinned with thick dark hair. He grins at Rob and begins rattling away to him and Rob returns the grin and fires back at the boy.

“You speak Arabic Rob?”

“Yeah and French plus a little German.”

“What does he want?”

“He wants to know if we’d like to fuck his sister.”

“Jesus Christ he’s pimping his sister?”

“Yeah her behind you!”

I jerk around and crane my neck to see who Rob’s talking about. She’s leaning against the bole of a fig tree and smiling at me. She looks a year younger than her brother, dark of hair and skin like him; also she’s dressed pretty much western like he is. A short denim skirt shows a lot of thin bare legs and some thigh while her strapped halter top is thin enough to show small breasts and hard little nipples. She grins at me and gives her head a “come here” jerk at me. I can feel my cheeks going hot as I blush furiously. Rob’s chattering away with the boy again.

“He’s asking too much and I told him so. I told him both of us for one and a half not double charge. It’s early and there won’t be very much custom to replace us if I say no deal; so I’ll dicker and he’ll settle.”

The boy sits down next to Rob and even in Arabic I can tell the two of them are bargaining. Rob drops a hand onto the boy’s thigh to squeeze it, cocks his head on one side, and rattles off more Arabic. The boy nods and grins then he and Rob do that “Indian Wrestling” grip rather than a hand shake.

“What was that about Rob?”

“I agreed to double charge if he’s part of the entertainment.”

“What? You want to fuck him and his sister?”

“Sure why not? He’s certainly attractive enough. Look if you’re not into boys you can do the sister but I want both of them.”

I’m squirming with embarrassment inside but I’m not stupid enough to lie to him.

“Rob I’ve never been with a boy or a girl! I’m a virgin!”

He doesn’t laugh or crack a joke thank God. He shakes his head as though he’s bemused.

“A 17 year old virgin with boys and girls? I didn’t think they existed. They’re a bit like unicorns and mythical I thought. Look Les if you’re ever going to lose your cherry you’ll never have a better opportunity and I’m paying! Come on!”

He tugs me to my feet and waves the girl over to join her brother. When she arrives she grins and grabs my hand and says something to me I don’t understand. I shrug at her blankly. She puts her head on to one side and I catch something about “Tres jolie” that I do get.

“She says you’re a really pretty boy Les!”

“Yeah I got that; I speak a little French!”

I manage to convey to her that I think she’s very pretty too. Bob slaps me on the shoulder.

“That’s the style Les! I gather you’ve decided to enjoy yourself on my tab?”

I screw up my nerve and nod decisively.

“Well like you said now’s the time Rob!”

He fishes in one of the many pockets on that vest he’s wearing and comes out with two twists of aluminium foil. Opening the first he pops something into his mouth and swallows then passes me the second. It’s a small brown pill of some kind.

“What’s this Rob?”

“Fucked if I know son. They make then local but they get you up good and fast and keep you hard all night. I’ve taken a few and they’re safe so get it down before we get where we’re going.”

By now I’m feeling fatalistic so I dry swallow it down and I let myself be towed off by a giggling little sister. I point a finger at her.

“Err Comment t’appelles?”

I must get it close enough because she points to her small breasts and...


“The boy’s named Adam and their grandpa is French. He says he’s 15 and she’s just turned 14.”

“Christ almighty Rob they’re both well underage. We can get into trouble like this!”

“Oh my boy you’ve got a lot to learn. Neither of them is going to run to the cops and shout rape. Let’s go have ourselves a fine old time!”

Our destination proves to be an old stone built house. Adam unlocks the front door, ushers us in, and locks up behind us. Marie, as she wants me to call her, is back to giggling and dragging me up the stairs. Rob’s right behind me with his arm around Adam’s narrow waist and kissing his dark skinned neck. I’m surprised that it looks pretty much normal and fun to me. The bedroom is dim and dominated by a big bed. The bedding is folded back and the mattress is covered by a white sheet that’s been washed many times but seems quite clean.

There’s a strong smell in the room. Not an unpleasant smell but not a scent I like very much; it’s too sweet for me but better than grease or dirt. Even while I’m looking around the room Rob’s shed his vest and is tugging loose the drawstrings on his shorts. Marie has tugged of her top to reveal apple sized breasts tipped with hard dark nipples. Adam, wearing very little to begin with, has taken off his tee shirt and shorts to stand naked. And me? Me well I’m just standing there scared. The other three are all naked before I even start unbuttoning my shirt!

Rob moves up behind me, he eases my shirt back and off and then pops free the top button on my shorts to slide them down around my ankles. My cock dangles between my thighs and whatever that pill was it doesn’t seem to have done a thing for me.

“This isn’t going to work Rob! Look at me!”

He straightens up grinning and waves Adam over; Marie is already sprawled naked on the bed.

“You just need kick-starting son!”

He rattles off something in Arabic and Adam moves right up in front of me. His cock, long and quite slender, is hard and fully erect. His thin arms wrap around my neck to pull my face down to his and then he kisses me full on my lips. His tongue slides into my mouth as he pushes his slim hips forward and his stiff cock presses against mine. I get hard so fast it’s fucking miraculous! My cock springs erect, long and curved, and I can feel the blood pulsing in it.

I’m led to the bed and tumbled onto it and Rob rolls me onto my back as he talks to Marie and then grins at me.

“You want her but you’ll want her brother just as badly. If you’ve never had a boy’s arse then you can have his after me!”

Marie has straddled my hips and wrapped her fingers around my erection. Lifting herself she steers my cock between her thighs and slides down to impale herself on the length of my cock. It feels like hot wet velvet backed by steel as she tightens herself on me and rides me like a jockey riding a horse. Oh shit if this is losing my virginity then it was worth the wait. Each time she lifts herself she thrusts down and my cock throbs with a rising heat.

My head lolls to one side and I’m looking at Rob and Adam. Rob’s squeezing something out of a small plastic bottle onto his thick hard cock. The boy turns to present taut dark buttocks to Rob and he steers his glistening cock between them. With a thrust of his hips he drives forward and Adam moans out loud as that cock goes as deep as mine is in his sister. Marie’s moving faster on me now and grinning manically as she fucks me. Yeah she’s fucking me not vice versa!

The fire rises up my rock hard cock as I grit my teeth, but ultimately unleash a wild howl as my semen erupts. It feels scalding hot and thick as it spurts from my cock to fountain free inside her. I writhe and gasp as she seems to suck every last drop out of me. I lie flat out and pant for breath as Marie rises. My cock leaves her dewy crease with a soft sucking noise. She leans forward to kiss the tip of my nose.

“Je reviens ma cher!”

Even with my head spinning I grasp that she’s saying she’ll be back as she weaves away from the bed and out of the room. The bed is still creaking rhythmically and I turn my head to the right. Rob is kneeling behind Adam who is on all fours; his thick cock buried deep up the boy’s anus. His strong hands are clamped on the boy’s narrow hips as he ploughs away like a machine. He’s sweating lightly and breathing hard as his strokes become slower and deeper till he gives vent to a strangled roar of release.

“Ahhh FUCK!”

It seems like he’s climaxed as massively as I did and his last few strokes are sweet torture till he pulls free from Adam to collapse prone on the rumpled sheet. He sprawls there for a short time then shakes himself like a wet dog emerging from the sea. I can’t help noticing that his cock, still glistening with semen and oil, is still hard and erect. He seems to feel my eyes on him and our gazes cross.

“Well it looks like the pills worked! You’ve just fucked Marie and you’re still up. Was she good?”

I find the strength to prop myself up on one elbow and grin at him.

“Well technically speaking she fucked me not the other way around, and I think she was amazing, but what do I compare it with? I’d never had sex before!”

I get a grin back in return.

“Christ is this the virgin boy who couldn’t get a hard-on 10 or 15 minutes ago? Now when Marie comes back from cleaning herself I’m going to fuck her. So why don’t you find out what a tight ass fuck feels like?”

He lapses into Arabic to talk to Adam. The conversation flicks fast back and forth between them accompanied by an exchange of wicked grins.

“Adam says he can’t wait to have you fuck him and he’s ... I think “gagging” is the best translation ... to fuck you in the ass.”

At those words I feel a really dirty and dark thrill pulse through me. I’ve just had a woman for the first time in my life and soon I’ll be fucking a boy and then he’ll fuck me! I roll onto my knees and move towards Adam.

“Tell him it’s a deal Rob. Where’s that stuff you put on your cock?”

He fumbles around and finds the small bottle where it’s fallen onto the floor.

“Come here my student!”

It feels weird but oh so kinky to feel him dripping the oily stuff onto my rigid cock and then smoothing it from my dark red helmet down to my crotch. I’ve got a fixed grin on my face as I gesture at Adam. He grins back but shakes his head and speaks fast but incomprehensibly in Arabic.

“The boy says he wants you to fuck him from the front so he can look into your eyes as you cum. It seems he’s a tad romantic about having sex with a fair skinned redhead.”

By now I’m so aroused I’d fuck him standing on my head if it was possible so I wriggle forward as he splays his thighs wide. I’m a virgin amateur at this but it doesn’t need much figuring out. Cupping my hands under his smooth buttocks I raise him slightly as I move the long curve of my stiff cock between his cheeks. I feel the swell of my helmet press against something; it must be the pucker of his arse. Clasping his hips I press forward hard and smooth.

Adam gasps and lowers his long silky lashes as his mouth forms a large “O” and I ease my way inside him. It feels different from when Marie rode my cock but still feels incredible. I’m amazed how tight he is once I’m past his sphincter. It feels like my cock’s clasped tight in somebody’s fingers as I begin to hump my hips back and forth driving in and out of his anus. Suddenly his long sinewy legs wrap around me and he rotates his hips to redouble the pleasure I’m feeling.

Even in my world of brand new ecstasy I register Marie’s return as she lands alongside us and Rob is pressing her lean smooth thighs apart and mounting her. As he drives into her I’m moving into a smooth rhythm to fuck a shuddering Adam. It feels like my bulging helmet is grinding against the slightly rough skin of a snake or lizard each time I thrust and the sensation is insanely arousing.

Marie has her legs and thighs locked around Rob just like her brother has me locked between his. Both of us are fucking our partners in unison. My cock feels like a bar of iron as I drive home again and again but the fires are burning in my balls now and I have to climax or I swear I’ll die! I hear Marie yelling something at the top of her voice as she bucks and writhes under Rob’s wild thrusts and I redouble my efforts.

As I cum I roar out like a fucking lion and I’m pumping out what feels like molten lava from my rock hard erection. I seem to be having an endless orgasm as waves of sheer pleasure burn through me; and in a frozen moment I see and hear Rob howling and yelling “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, like a mantra, as he shudders and bucks while Marie claws at his back.

I come out of a head swimming daze with my cock still deep inside Adam’s tight anus. Somehow I ease back to free myself from him and roll onto one side while my heart slows from a thunder to a steadier beat. Rob’s tangled together with Marie but maybe he has greater stamina or just more experience than me because he can talk.

“Wow! From a virgin to a fucking stud in no time! I never saw an ass fucked harder in my life. Not that I tend to watch much I mainly just do it!”

With my eyes still screwed shut I manage a grin and when I speak my throat feels raw.

“Why didn’t I meet you years ago Rob? With you as my mentor think of how much sex I’d have had.”

He wriggles back till he’s propped up on several pillows and he’s stroking Marie’s small breasts.

“Well you’re going to have more sex any second now son because you’re going to have Adam fuck your ass for the first time ever!”

He switches into Arabic first for Marie and then for Adam.

“What did you just say Rob?”

“I told Marie to suck my cock and Adam that you too are gagging for him to fuck you up the ass. Enjoy baby!”

Adam’s slicking up his erection and luckily a little of the oily stuff goes a long way and there’s lots left over. I mime to him on how he wants me. He wants me like Rob fucked him. From behind like two dogs! Rob’s still propped against those pillows as Marie has his cock in her mouth sucking on it like a baby on a dummy. He shoots that slightly satanic grin at me.

“You might want to get a hold of the headboard. That boy’s been waiting a long time to cum and you’ll be getting it hard and fast!”

Taking his advice I clamp my hands on the hardwood rail as I drop to my knees and wait to take a cock for my first time ever. Adam’s hands part my buttocks and I feel the knob end of his stiff and slender cock slipping between them. His cock probes my pucker and despite having seen that it looks slender it feels huge as he presses it home. I grit my teeth and try not to clench my buttocks as that slick knob forces my pucker to stretch wider and his hands lock on my hips.

A thrust of his hips and that cock’s inside me and he’s fucking my arse like I fucked his just a little while ago. My anus feels stretched and tight and each thrust from his cock leaves a burning line inside me. I fucking love it! I’m growling from the back of my throat and urging him on and I remember to yell at him in French not English.

“Vite, vite! Plus fort Cheri!”

I can’t believe how far inside me that cock of his has gone but I want every inch of it and more! In my shuddering delight I forget French and I’m yelling in English.

“Fuck me Adam! Fuck me harder!”

He gets the message. I guess the word “Fuck” is universal nowadays! He reams my arse and I can feel my third climax racing at me from sheer excitement. As Adam hammers home again I shoot out more wads of my creamy white semen and then he floods me with his own multiple spurts of his seed. I collapse and his sweating body collapses atop of me. It takes me all my time to untangle myself from him and by then Rob’s on the verge of another cum and this time in Marie’s mouth.

He’s holding her head, fingers tangled in her thick dark hair, and when he cums his hips pump upward as he moans in delight. She swallows every drop and sucks on him till he’s drained again. However, like me, from whatever is in those amazing pills, he’s still hard and erect. Once he’s back on planet Earth he slaps Adam on his rump and has another conversation in Arabic. Grabbing up his vest from the floor he roots in a zipped pocket and peels a few notes off a roll.

Adam dresses in his few items of clothing, snatches the notes, and scoots off downstairs. He peels off more notes and presses them into Marie’s hand.

“Assez Marie?”

“Tres genereux ma cheri!”

“I sent Adam to get some cold beers. I’ll bet you aren’t a beer virgin?”

I giggle at that like a kid.

“No Rob I have had the odd one before.”

Marie eases off the bed with the cash in her hand and goes into Arabic with Rob before ambling out of the room.

“She’s gone for a shower and to clean her teeth. She swallowed my cum but she’s very keen on oral hygiene would you believe. I tipped them too. I’d say the two of them are ... Mmmm ... enthusiastic and eager to please wouldn’t you?”

“Jesus Christ yeah! Any more enthusiastic and I’d be in intensive care!”

Rob reaches round and his fingers are toying with my still rigid cock.

“That looks a long way from being exhausted to me son. Now you’re a lovely looking boy and you seem to love it up your ass. What say I fuck you and then you fuck me while those pills are still working?”

Fuck! Just a few words and I’m turned on and like Adam was I’m gagging for his cock inside me.

“Oh yeah so how do you want me Rob?”

“Baby I’ve always been one for rear gunnery. Get on all fours while I lube up again. You’re not too sore are you? I mean this being your first time having had a cock up your ass.”

I don’t need to think about it for even a split second.

“Just a tad tender Rob and ready for more.”

He grins that wicked grin of his at me.

“I think I must be falling in love. I’ve found a boy who loves pussy and ass just like me. Come on then baby!”

I end up gripping that headboard again as he moves behind me and as he does I realise his cock might be shorter than Adam’s is but it’s a lot thicker. I try to relax and take all of him without a whimper. To no little surprise on my part I just shudder and moan as that thick cock forces its way into my glowing arse. I move from moans to deep groans as he goes to work on my rear like a power tool. He’s holding my hips tight and fucking me hard as he mutters into my ear.

“Fuck I wish I could get deeper. Your colon feels like heaven to me.”

My arse is burning with a wonderful heat as his words fail and his pants and rasping breath takes over. He cums with another howl of triumph and his semen spurts like a hose and I can feel it oozing out of me around his thick cock as he fucks me till he’s spent.

He kisses the sweaty nape of my neck as he pulls back out of me.

“Now you do me and I want you all the way in as far as you can go!”

Rob rolls over to lie on one side and once I’ve slicked up my cock and his rear I move into a spoon position with him. His buttocks are firm and hard muscled as I pry them apart and target his glistening pucker with the bulge of my bloated helmet. Wriggling closer I press my stiff cock against it and he opens up to me with a sharp intake of breath. I slide deep into him and, recalling his desire, I force myself as deep as it’s humanly possible to go.

Tight inside him I pump my hips in short hard strokes and still I’m rigid and the flames haven’t died away. As I fuck him smoothly I can feel it surging again. I increase my pace and then up the speed again until I’m feverishly hammering in and out of his lovely pucker. It emerges from my lips in an oddly flat way.

“Oh shit I’m cumming again! Here goes!”

That’s the only flat thing that does emerge because I have the hardest and most emphatic climax of them all. My cock’s pumping out semen that feels like fucking lightning bolts as my vision goes red and I wonder if I’m having some kind of wonderful fit! My orgasm thunders on through me until I slump boneless onto the now stained sheet. When I pull my body and mind back together Rob’s holding me and nibbling at my neck between fast kisses.

“I knew when I saw you I wanted you Les and now I know why. You’re a fucking young stallion and you’ll be like that without the pills too.”

I can smell coffee and mention it to Rob. He nods against me with his chin on my shoulder.

“Yup Marie’s making herself a pot and unless my ears fail me Adam’s back with our beer.”

So weirdly I’m soon naked on a rumpled bed in Algeria drinking Mexican beer having just fucked a handsome young Canadian. Oh and soon joined by a thin naked Algerian boy drinking coffee his sister just made. There’s one more orgasm to take place. Not Rob’s or Marie’s who is pottering around her kitchen naked. Not mine either since pill or no pill I think my cock’s done for the day. No Adam’s feeling affectionate so Rob suggests I give the boy a hand job.

“Now don’t try to tell me you never jerked yourself off Les! Give the lad a good one!”

So putting down my beer and wrapping my fingers around his cock I give him a slow fast slow wank that ends with him yelling out loud as he shoots his cream all over his belly and chest. That closes the day’s entertainment. The house has a small bathroom where Rob and I shower and once dressed we take leave of Adam and Marie. She tells me, in French and a little English, that I’m a pretty boy and she wants us to come back. I kiss her goodbye as well as Adam and Rob follows suit.

As we walk off down the street I know I’ll never go back there but I also know my life’s changed forever. I’ve fucked a girl for the first time ever and I’ve discovered I’m into boys, and I suppose men when I think of Rob, and the future looks rosy. It’s about then I produce that childish giggle once more. Rob looks at me and raises an eyebrow.

“What’s funny my son?”

“I guess we missed our bus Rob!”

He laughs and grabs me around my waist to hurry us down towards where the bus stops.

“Yeah but we’ll get another one soon enough pretty boy!”

As it happens he’s right and we only wait maybe 15 or 20 minutes before boarding. At least Rob lets me pay the bus fare! Towards the end of our journey that pill has finally worn off and my cock has gone limp. Whatever the stuff is I must get Rob to buy some for me.

“So where are you staying Les?”

“The Great Western Rob why?”

He ignores me for a second and asks another question.

“How much longer are you there?”

“Another week yet why?”

“Because I’m at the Polaris a bit further along from yours and I’ve a thought for us the day after tomorrow. Unless you’ve plans for Friday night there’s this club I know. It has the most gorgeous young dancers and after they’ve done their gig you can rent one and go upstairs with them. And do you know what the most exciting thing about them is son?”

“No Rob but you’re going to tell me aren’t you?”

“Well the most exciting thing is that until you get them into your room and undressed you don’t know if you’ve got a boy or a girl.”

If that pill has indeed worn off then it’s my own naturally aroused cock stiffening inside my shorts.

“So we could get two boys ... or two girls ... or!”

He finishes off for me.

“Or a boy and a girl but whichever we get we’d have a fine old time. So are you interested?”

“Fuck yes I’m interested. Call me tomorrow; room 162 it is Rob!”

“It’s a date then Les!”

As he rises to get off near his hotel he kisses my lips right there in front of the rest of the passengers. He sort of swaggers off the bus and am I embarrassed? Not in the fucking slightest! My feverish imagination has me and Rob undressing two slender young dancers to see what our choice and luck has brought us.

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