Just Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Spanking, Exhibitionism, First,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A group of teenagers find themselves going down a path that none anticipated

Until that day, they were just friends: Mike, Samantha, Paul, and Tom.

Until that day, they were only peripherally aware of their different genders.

Until that day, the only the only deference made to Sam’s gender was that she was given privacy when she needed to “go”, and when she was changing clothes.

Until that day, they were just teenagers out looking for fun.

Sam had started developing breasts about a year ago, but they were still small enough and unobtrusive enough that she usually went braless, she also had started developing some hair down there, not that they boys would know. She was also drop-dead gorgeous, but the boys really didn’t notice that either because she was just Sam to them.

On that day, Sam was wearing some fairly normal hang-out duds: a crop top, no bra, shorts, and athletic shoes. They were walking across large vacant lot headed to the pool, and Sam was feeling a little playful, so she started poking Mike. This led to a short wrestling match where Mike placed his leg behind hers, and essentially tripped her.

It was not as rough as it sounds because he really just lowered her to the ground. When they came to rest, he was straddling her mid section holding her arms over her head.

Sam should have quit while she was ahead, but that was not in the cards, it was game-on. She started squirming, twisting, and bucking trying to get her legs up and wrapped around Mike’s head.

All this did was make him slide forward on her torso, which accomplished two things, it pushed her crop top up even higher exposing the bottom half of her breasts, and it moved his crotch, much closer to her face.

Sam didn’t notice these things, she just fought on, squirming, twisting, and bucking trying to get her legs up around his head so that she could pull him off. Every time that she pulled her legs up, it would pull the back of her shorts down an inch or so, and then when she put her legs down, the friction with the grass would hold them in the lowered position.

After a dozen or so times, her shorts were all the way down to the bottom of her ass cheeks in the back, and about half-way down in the front.

Tom and Paul could see this, but this was Sam, and they really weren’t thinking in terms of sex, they were thinking in terms of play. Tom, the goofiest of the four, grabbed her shorts, and yanked them off her legs so that all she had on the bottom were panties.

Mike had no idea what had happened with Sam’s shorts, and Sam who wasn’t thinking about sex either, just got more feisty. Mike asked for help with her legs, so Paul and Tom each grabbed a leg, and sat on it at about knee level, and for leverage each got a handhold about mid-thigh.

With Sam completely immobilized, she suddenly became aware of her predicament. She looked down, realized that now her breasts were completely exposed, and that just beyond them she could clearly see into the legs of Mike’s shorts. Mike looked down as well, saw her breasts, and instantly got hard. This too was evident to Sam, so she became aroused as well.

At the other end, Paul and Tom were getting a pretty good view of Sam’s pussy through some fairly translucent panties, and they watched a small wet spot appear between her legs. Without conscious thought, their hands, with minds of their own, started to slowly move up her legs.

Mike released her arms, and she just lay there panting. His intent was to pull her top down covering her breasts, but his hands didn’t obey that command. Just like the other two guys, his hands had a mind of their own, so instead of covering her boobs with her shirt, he ended up covering them with his hands. He expected a harsh reaction, but all he saw on Sam’s face was a funny contemplative look.

Mike was very inexperienced, but his hands knew what to do; they started massaging those wonderful breasts, and toying with the nipples. He knew that he was doing the right thing because Sam let out a little sigh, and developed a couple of serious THOs.

Paul and Tom had reached the top of her legs, and their hands were barely brushing up against her pussy, but they weren’t sure what to do next. Just like Mike, they both expected an explosive reaction from Sam.

By now, Sam was fully aroused. Of course she had masturbated before, but she had never been touched by anyone else, and the three sets of hands were electric. She knew where this might lead, and she was torn.

She had never even envisioned losing her virginity at the hands of these three turkeys in the middle of an overgrown vacant lot. On the other hand, this just felt great, and she felt liberated for reasons that she just couldn’t understand.

She kept thinking to herself, why the fuck am I not doing anything. Mike is fondling my boobs, while Paul and Tom are touching my coochie. Mike has let go of my arms, I could easily punch him in the nose, but god this feels so good.

The other two are touching my pussy--holy crap--they are not touching my pussy any longer, they are actually pulling down my panties, and I am doing nothing to stop it. I am being totally submissive, why?

Her panties were about mid-thigh, both of the boys could clearly see the light fuzz that covered her camel toes. The only reason that her panties weren’t all the way down was that the dummies were still sitting on her knees.

It occurred to her that she wanted them to see, she wanted them to see everything, she wanted them to get off her knees, pull her panties all the way off, spread her legs apart, and really have a look.

She could see Mike’s hard-on, still encased in his underwear, through the leg of his shorts, and she really wanted to see it and touch it. Several times, she tried to make her hands move in that direction, but she just lay there panting.

About the time that Sam’s hands started to move, the dummies sitting on her legs moved also. This allowed them to pull her panties all the way off, and spread her legs wide. Actually, she made token resistance, but in reality, she was glad that they could see everything, and besides she was focused on one thing and one thing only, getting her hand into the leg band of Mike’s shorts and feeling his thing.

She knew that Paul and Tom were getting a great view of her pussy, and when her legs moved just the right way, probably her asshole. She knew that nice girls didn’t do this, that she should be screaming bloody murder, that she should be fighting like crazy, but she loved it; it just felt so good.

To Mike it looked as if she was reaching down to cover her boobs, so imagine his surprise when she went right past that to the open leg of his shorts. When she wormed her hand in, and grabbed his penis he almost came.

Sam really wasn’t sure what to do with it, but by the look on Mike’s face, she was doing something right. The hands on her boobs were setting her on fire.

At the same time, there was some action going on with her bottom end. The boys had resumed their position sitting on her legs, and their hands were slowly inching their way up to her slit.

Mike was doing a pretty good job with her tits, but the boys were totally uncoordinated. They were just up there where her legs met, but they were fumbling around, and only accidentally touching her clit from time to time.

Since she was being held down so firmly, she had no way to “help” them find her clit, and no way to let them know when they were in the right place, so the dummies just kept fumbling around.

A finger found its way about an inch into her passage, and she froze. It felt so good that she couldn’t imagine anything feeling any better. She took stock of her situation, and realized that she was being held down, almost immobilized, one guy was fondling her boobs, two others were inserting their fingers into her pussy, and she was playing with a guy’s “thing.”

In that moment she became certain where this was headed, and she didn’t know what to do. In a brief moment of clarity, she also realized that she loved it.

Tom and Paul, while still totally uncoordinated, had managed to find her hole and her clit, which felt pretty great. The massage of her breasts and the fact that she had a real live hard penis in her hand just added to the excitement.

She was rapidly approaching orgasm when someone driving a loud Harley drove up next door, and startled everyone. Mike scrambled off, and for the first time, realized what was happening with Sam’s lower end, while Tom and Paul released her as well. What she wanted to do was beg them to continue, but she just couldn’t form the words.

While she couldn’t ask them to continue, she was hoping that they’d take a hint; she lay there panting, totally exposed, legs apart, shirt up around her neck for at least a minute. Just like her inability to vocalize her request for more attention, the boys were frozen in place.

She was so excited at being fully exposed, her pussy was flooding, and she really wanted to touch herself, but she for sure wasn’t going to do it in front of the boys. She had to get home, right now.

She didn’t want to stand up and be exposed to the whole neighborhood until she was dressed, so she ended up pulling her panties and shorts on while lying down which was pretty uncomfortable, and put on a great show for the boys. If she was honest with herself, it added to the excitement.

She also pretended to be really pissed off and she stormed off to her house. What she couldn’t decide was whether she was pissed off at the boys for doing it to her, at herself for letting it happen, at herself for enjoying it, or with the rider of the Harley for putting a stop to it.

Just as soon as she got to her room, she yanked her shorts and panties down, and went to town, and had the best orgasm of her young life; it’s a good thing that the house was empty because her moans could have raised the dead.

That night, Sam spent some time on-line trying to understand what had come over her, and, of course, masturbated again. The boys also had some quality masturbation time.

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