Ascent of Vulvador
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2017 by Midsummerman

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Veen, the freelance pilot of a space freighter, finds his weakness of masculinity when amongst women is his saving grace when taken aboard the Atalanta; a ship run by a harshly matriarchal society. He finds that the mysteries of the planet Vulvador, somewhere he has been given good reason to avoid, will become his destiny. Should he manage to escape the attentions of both those on the Atalanta and Vulvador, a woman awaits him back on the planet he ventured from; intent on him keeping silent.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Sadistic   Snuff   Torture   Anal Sex   Analingus   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism  

Veen checked the instruments of the Wasp impatiently, he was more than anxious to see the back of the flea-bitten planet of Thuros, but was grateful for the plethora of cheap mechanics and spares that had drawn him there. It was a wayward planet, full of chancers and has-beens, a refuge for petty outlaws, but it also had some interesting whore-houses at which he had found some needy comfort. With the three omni-batteries replaced, he was now itching to go just about anywhere in his freighter, but now pondered on an offer from a local would-be tycoon, who had promised him a contract to retrieve a cargo from a planet in a nearby, but notorious system.

As he dropped down from the underside hatch, he looked out across the pink sky and gazed at the twin moons which circled Thuros, his mind toying with seeing the assertive whore who’d taken as much pleasure in his penchant for strong women as she had his money. His balls yearned to spend again under her pleasing control, but his head decided against it; he smiled as he shut the hatch and wheeled away toward the dozing watchman sat by the perimeter fence at the pad’s entrance to town.

“Keep an eye on it Ronko, I don’t want to lose those new batteries.” The watchman made no reply, simply flicking his hat as he lay back. Veen tapped his outstretched shoe as he walked past, bringing a grunt from the docile employee; at least he was still alive. Veen sauntered off, intent on getting the necessary from the businessman, and leaving Thuros behind him, for a while anyway. As he disappeared into the glare of lights and distant music from one of the many bars, a dark shape rose from behind some crates inside the perimeter fence and made for the Wasp, unseen by the dozing Ronko.

Tellis broke into a cold sweat as he carefully opened the hatch as quietly as he could; his unkempt countenance peered about the freighter as he lifted himself in and closed the hatch. He wiped blood from a graze on his face, testament to a close call he’d had with one of the many people he owed money. He was no pilot, and had no intention of stealing the Wasp, but knew it would soon be going somewhere, anywhere would do - he had to get off of Thuros. He clambered down to the dark recesses of the hold, and crawled into the dark corner of a low compartment, and lay down to sleep for the first time in days.

Veen walked past several smiling and sweet scented women, down to the back of the Blue Rose bar, where he was relieved to see Grennel, the erstwhile imports magnate, surrounded by traders keen to have a part of his business. He rose with a studied smile on seeing Veen, knowing that he had a relatively speedy freighter in worthy condition, and remembering his promise to put some business his way.

“Veen! So glad we meet again! I was just telling these people about the seamonk pelt harvest on Preen ... a bumper year so I’ve just heard, and those pelts are in high demand amongst those tired of synthetics ... and with plenty of cash to play with.” Veen’s mind went to Preen’s location, and he could see why several of the would be transportation pilots had their faces low in their beers. Veen pursed his lips.

“I’m sure you’d make it worth my while, but getting to Preen means passing through the red sector ... and beyond, close to Frantok, Belker ... and ... Vulvador.” Several of those with their faces in their beers sniggered sarcastically at the mention of the last planet. Grennel shrugged his shoulders and spread his arms.

“Most of it’s myth, and you’re all capable adults ... and I’ll pay top dollar for those pelts.” There was a murmuring behind the party as the throng of drinkers parted to much tittering and stares, Veen’s mind swept from the immediate topic by the sight which befell him. Through the crowd swaggered a shapely and confident woman, her smug smile occasionally directed to a hooded male she trailed on a leash. Her red hair up high in a bun, her high cheekbones and sharp brown eyes were expressed in assertive perfection. She rose majestically above the stunned silence.

“It’s no myth, I’d know ... and you know ... I’ve been to Vulvador.” The sheer command in her voice had Veen’s balls tingling as he watched her sit imperiously on the table amongst their drinks, elevated to display her long legs which she crossed elegantly. The males who had known Varnella before her part in a doomed sortie to Vulvador, some eighteen months before, were more transfixed than Veen. Several ships had disappeared within the vicinity of that planet, and nothing ever heard of their all male crews again; Varnella had been aboard a large freighter - the Sentinel - which had a mixed gender crew. Varnella had been a meek ginger girl who performed her duties and was obedient to senior crew members to the point of being seen as creepily servile, a typical ‘teacher’s pet’. She would not have been seen dead in a bar like this, even within a large party, never mind alone except for the dominated male she proudly displayed on a leash as her own. The prettier features she did possess had been carefully hidden by bland uniforms and dour casual outfits, and she no doubt spent her leisure time pressing flora obtained from the greener planets, or preaching to younger female cadets about the virtues of obedience to senior crew - mainly male.

The Sentinel had disappeared after, it was later revealed, the male captain had inexplicably decided to land there to negotiate with whoever - against the strictest orders of the corporation owning the ship - hoping to return in a blaze of glory; he did not return, neither did any other male member of the crew. Over a year later, the distress beacon of an emergency shuttle from the Sentinel was picked up, and the craft met with another freighter as it limped away from Vulvador’s orbit. The shuttle contained the entire female compliment of the Sentinel, but not one male. Most of the women were in a strangely semi-catatonic state, as though having indulged in some opiate; they showed no signs of distress and were in a blissfully serene state. Others, such as Varnella, were strangely impudent with the crew of their saviour ship, almost chiding them as to their tardiness in arriving. All were evasive to questions about their ‘ordeal’.

Varnella shifted her legs to show the sweet curve of her broad thighs as she tugged on the leash with a sneer; the leashed male satisfying her in kneeling close to display her absolute control of him. Veen’s cock twitched enviously at the humiliation the hooded male was enduring, but no doubt very grateful of; she was a magnificent woman and her confidence awed those who’d been aware of the dour girl she’d once been. Her eyes flicked around the male audience with arrogant contempt, expertly seeking those eyes which showed the greater possibility of pleasure in submission to her. She fixed on Veen’s with a smile. Uncomfortable with sensing she knew he wanted that leash so badly, he dared to stumble out a question, hoping to deflect what he knew she knew he really desired.

“I ... I remember the official conference they broadcast when you came back ... you said so little of what was down there ... of what happened to the crew?” She pursed her red lips and pulled the leash tight, making the leather squeak, the pupils of her deep brown eyes dilating and her nipples now prominent through the tight body hugging top. She was now sure she wanted him on that leash also, but he’d have to earn it.

“You saw the conference. I chose to tell what I felt was necessary ... most of what happened had somehow slipped my mind ... at that time.” The men took a step back as she slipped from the table and stood facing Veen, close enough for him to enjoy her scent. He was eager for her not to go, impatient to know her, but could see she would only enjoy the tease of not confirming what terrors, or ecstasies, lay in wait on Vulvador.

“But ... the men ... what happened to the men?” She jerked the leash to have her humbled male know she was ready to leave, her cunt hot with the pleasure of her display of feminine power ... and some of the equally pleasurable memories of Vulvador which this desirable male had reminded her of. Her cunt tingled, eager for the services of the leashed male’s tongue while she fantasised of having this new submissive brought down.

“Oh ... let’s just say that they got what they thoroughly deserved.” She looked him up and down, with an air of contempt then strutted past him, knowing he’d turn to view her superb arse and imagine it firmly seated upon his face. Veen duly watched the movement of her ample cheeks which spread from her tight waist to gracefully join those superb thighs. She stopped and twisted her equally graceful neck to make a final comment across her shoulder.

“ ... And if you are ever foolish enough to visit Vulvador, don’t forget to mention that Varnella of the Sentinel awaits your return ... it might just save you.” She laughed and jerked the leash hard as she departed through a crowd of admiring males ... and females, leaving Veen with a full erection at her veiled promise.

Several of the men who’d been in Grennel’s group now drifted away to the bar, leaving him shrugging his shoulders in despair as he watched them go.

“Come on! She’s off her head, you heard how they seemed drugged ... I reckon that there’s something on that planet that’s so addictive, they just can’t be bothered to leave! Besides, you only have to go PAST it, to get to Preen.” He knew inside that the planet was just one obstacle to be considered beyond the lawless Red Sector, where aid from any support ships from any of the federations were unlikely to venture, but still hoped Veen and some of the others would be intrepid enough to take the risk for the right price. Veen watched the feminine shape disappear through the entrance into the dual moonlight, already lusting to know her arrogance personally, as did a few of the men who’d feigned indifference to her presence; they’d masturbate as hard as he would over the wonderfully domineering redhead. One of the men who’d returned to the bar, swivelled on his seat and addressed Grennel’s comments.

“So how do you explain the women leaving, piloting a shuttle, and none of ‘em letting on about the blokes? ... and the change in that one! - they say that the others have all become man-eaters too.” Another slightly inebriated male next to him guffawed.

“Hey! Maybe it’s a gay planet, hence the dames leaving!” Another comment rang out amidst laughter.

“There’s no way I’m risking that journey then!” Veen had his own ideas, which didn’t concur, but he’d seen the desperation of Grennel, and knew the price he’d negotiate would make the risk worth it. He’d give Vulvador as wide a berth as possible just the same.

Veen returned to the Wasp, clutching the details of the contact point and liaison on Preen, more than pleased with the offer the beleaguered Grennel had made. He then lay back in the cosy solitude of his sleeping compartment, and stroked his cock to a stiff erection at the thought of Varnella. Spurting very quickly in honour of her unquestionable dominance, his orgasm was pleasingly intense as he fantasised at the prospect of earning that leash.

Tellis woke with a start, bumping his head on the metallic plate above and cursing under his breath, as the sudden hum of the power plant reverberated through the ship. He panicked slightly, deftly crawling forward to check that the bay entrance he’d dropped through was still open; the light told him it was still was - offering him the relief of knowing the cargo bays would share the pressurised atmosphere of the cabin. He slunk back like a cornered rodent, feeling his hands and knees pressed hard against the flooring as the Wasp rose sharply into the air.

Veen was equally relieved to be off Thuros, albeit knowing he had to return there. His dislike of the place was tempered by his thoughts of the supreme Varnella; he joked with himself about meeting her again and trying to convince her to settle with him on Penti or Kratoon, or one of the other greener planets which enjoyed a tropical atmosphere, but dismissed the thought quickly; he never got that lucky. The glow of the triangular symbol that represented the three omni-batteries gave him heart in the reality of his quest; one would give him just enough scope for short journeys, but would require frequent auxiliary charging - two was the necessary favoured by many, giving scope for longer trips to distant systems, running at medium speeds allowing the batteries to bounce surges between each other, keeping a decent charge - but three, three gave almost infinite power which meant he could go virtually anywhere, the triangular formation acting like a dynamo, the power circulating continuously and allowing him even inter-galactic travel at top speed. He grinned and pushed the space throttles forward, to feel himself pressed back in his seat as he shot between the two moons of Kuros which then disappeared behind him as though they never existed.

Two days on, Veen retired early with the Red Sector looming. He’d get a decent sleep in whilst he could; he’d already passed the remnants of a derelict ship, floating lost and forlornly back from the lawless area where it had met an unknown fate. He’d seen much space junk before, but seeing this one here only emphasised the risks involved in this area, even if it were there simply due to being discarded because of maintenance costs. He told himself this was the reason, and slept fitfully in his berth.

Trellis carefully poked his head above deck level from the bay, then lifted himself up to creep about the control area, looking for something to eat; the meagre supplies secreted within his pockets had long gone, and though not starving, he devoured a pack of nutrient tablets from the plentiful supply of a vending stack at the rear of the cabin. He was no stranger to inter-planetary travel, but was no pilot nor flight crew member, and was awestruck by the views of the dark expanses beyond the broad windows; most of his travels had been as per this one - hidden away in a hold, and when he’d travelled legitimately, his only view of the cosmos had been via the occasional small port hole window. He fancied himself a pilot though, and after glancing behind him, carefully sat in the pilot seat, grinning. Without thinking, he twirled a large dial, and panicked as he felt the ship veering to one side. He quickly twirled it back to where he thought it had been, then disappeared back down to the bay in a cold sweat.

The Wasp passed through the Red Sector without incident, much to Veen’s relief, but his concerns soon rose again. After spending an hour or so in the power room checking the batteries and plant, he ascended to the control room and noted a huge green planet looming closer than expected. He checked the coordinates and found he was several degrees off the course he’d thought he’d set, and the planet ... was Vulvador. He quickly reset to give ample clearance away from any detection device orbiting the planet, and as the Wasp panned round, he froze on seeing a huge ship come into view. Too vast to be a privateer, the colony sized behemoth grew ever larger as it swung to one side, exposing its island sized flank which sparkled with a myriad windows and lights. His heart sank as a huge door opened to reveal a hangar sized port from which three craft flew out from, each curving in a separate arc to surround him.

The three nimble craft buzzed close to the Wasp, displaying formidable weaponry, then a voice, distinctly female, crackled over his communication radio.

“You will come with us. Do not show any resistance.” Veen had no choice, he could bolt but had no weapons, he was powerless. Flanked by two and tailed by the other, he piloted the Wasp toward the huge ship, even the hangar dwarfing his freighter, this monster was like nothing he’d seen. He set the ship down, careful to turn it sideways to the hangar door, and watched the the huge shutter slide down to keep him captive, not knowing if he’d see it open again. He stepped to the other side of the cabin and watched a banner over a rear entrance door ripple as the hangar was refilled with air, then saw the three pilots emerge from his escorts, all female. They removed their helmets and shook their hair, each revealing locks which reached down to the small of their backs, each tall and athletic in shape. He swallowed hard as the door beneath the banner slid open, and a truly formidable looking woman stepped through it, flanked by two equally formidable female guards in tight black body suits which displayed their feminine forms unashamedly.

Veen took a deep breath and opened the hatch, then walked cautiously toward the women after dropping through it, his legs responding awkwardly as he approached his feminine captors. The woman in the middle stood tall on spiked heels, a tight and shiny synthetic suit displaying every curve and groove of her lithe body, her camel-toe prominent in purposely showing her femininity. The sight did not help the fit of his own tight suit, a contemptuous smile emanating from the woman’s attractive face on noting the bulge he could not control, despite the fear he felt. She said nothing at first, and pointed to her feet, bringing broad sneers from the two guards.

“Kiss my feet ... male.” Veen gasped, but showed little hesitation, dropping to his knees and kissing her feet; a fantasy brought to reality for him under different circumstances, but just the same, his readiness to do so was not lost on the women. They smirked with spiteful approval at each other, before one of the guards barked.

“Up!” Veen obeyed, and felt the further betrayal of his cock as it pulsed harder and made its excitement all the more evident when he stood, the magnificent woman pleased to see its efforts to salute the superiority of her cunt, which moistened at having a male to torment.

“I am Zeeta, and this is the Atalanta, our ship which is solely for service in the natural advancement of womanhood. The only males to arrive here are brought by our sisters from far and wide to know justice and correction - you are unique in arriving here by chance...” She looked expectantly toward the Wasp...

“But where is your companion, or partner?” Veen was visibly puzzled by her statement.

“No ... it’s just me ... there’s no-one else aboard.’ one of the guards lifted her whip, ready to punish him for his deceit, but Zeeta stopped her, feeling he spoke what he believed to be the truth. She clapped her hands and two more guards moved out from the doorway, one with a simple heat-seeking monitor. Zeeta grinned.

“Our systems detected two life forms aboard your ship ... of course, if I think you’re being deceitful, or trying to smuggle someone aboard my ship, I shall punish you personally.” Her smile broadened, she could see he was as shocked with the idea of someone else being on his ship as he was the thought of punishment. She pouted her lips playfully as the two guards lifted their long legs through the hatch.

“I sense you’d enjoy being punished; being male is enough, but I’d love to have licence to indulge it.” Her enjoyment at capturing a male so unexpectedly, travelling so close to the planet she knew much of, even more taboo for males than her ship, excited her wonderfully. Veen turned on hearing a commotion behind him, gaping with disbelief as Trellis jumped through the hatch and sought to run, run anywhere. The guards descended quickly after him, and two more emerged from the door, all grinning at each other on sensing some sport. Trellis ran to a corner where shell like projectiles, some eight feet long, were lined up near a portal. He found some courage as the guards approached.

“Come on you bitches! I’ll do you all ... you’ll need a man or two to take me!” The guards simply paced toward him and smiled serenely at each other, nodding to one in particular who stepped close to her prey. Trellis swung a punch which was deftly caught by the smiling woman, who twisted her lithe and muscular body, and brought Trellis around and down onto his knees with little effort.

“Get off me you slut! ... aarggh!” She toyed with him for a while, enjoying twisting his joints to the point of dislocation while the others eagerly awaited the word from Zeeta. She smiled softly at Veen as she studied the bemusement on his face; it confirmed his innocence within her, and also confirmed that the stowaway was entirely expendable. She enjoyed watching the guards make him writhe in pain, their smiles of satisfaction on seeing him quickly reduced to tears arousing her.

“Strip and truss him in preparation for his journey - he shows no traits of submission to womanhood, only pain - he’ll go where he’ll know defeat at the hands of his betters.” Veen’s cock boned enviously as three of the lithe guards displayed their physical charms in expertly stripping the wriggling male, thoroughly enjoying his humiliation as he was vanquished with consummate ease. The fourth guard moving one of the huge bullet projectiles to the portal track, then lifting the top half to reveal it was no weapon, but a vessel for transporting items to nearby destinations. Trellis squirmed as his naked flesh was pressed close to being punctured below the spiked heels of the physically dominant females, while he was trussed head to toe, and this continued as they stood in triumph over him to further his humiliation.

Zeeta took Veen’s arm and walked him closer to the writhing Trellis, who still showed signs of belligerence, despite the shame of being overcome so easily by women. She smiled at his weak defiance, as a female tutor would on having caned a child, then turned to the guard who’d initially shown him his place, and now stood victoriously with her heel in his back.

“Have him view his destiny, that’ll extinguish his defiance.” The guard stepped to a panel by the portal, as the other three found pleasure in lifting the wriggling male into the Vessel; Zeeta sneering as she stepped forward and pulled his head back so that he may see clear of his transport. The guard grinned at him as a shutter lifted, and the green planet loomed through the window. Zeeta enjoyed holding his head back so that he had a good view. Her cunt tingled sweetly as she announced his fate.

“You know what planet that is? ... it’s where you’re going ... it’s Vulvador, and I doubt you’ll come back.” Her pleasure increased as the realisation dawned on Trellis, who gasped and wriggled frantically. He’d not seen the planet of fabled notoriety before, and now there it was, welcoming him as his eyes were introduced to it for the first time.

“No!! ... no!...” His pleas were silenced as Zeeta pulled the top half of the vessel over, and secured its locks with satisfied deliberation. A small window in its shell allowed the women, and Veen, a view of the distress on Trellis’s face as he humped in a futile effort to free himself from the bondage, his gapes as he screamed in fear unheard by the women as they smiled contentedly at his horror; their smiles had him know fully the cruel pleasure they enjoyed before departing. Veen watched the delightful arse and thighs of the guard move elegantly as she took pride in sliding the vessel into the portal, smiling as the door was secured behind it. Another stood at the panel, and all the women grinned and lifted their chins in feminine arrogance as a dull jolt announced the vessel’s departure.

Veen’s anus tingled with fear, but his balls tingled a signal of erotic awe at the disposal, as he watched the bullet streak away from the Atalanta and curve down toward Vulvador. Zeeta was pleased to see his bulge remained more than evident, and gently placed her palm against it, as though claiming ownership. Veen felt his cock pulse as her eyes watched the fading dot of the transport.

“You see how little value males are here ... well, most males anyhow.” He felt the warmth of her breath on his flesh as his eyes strained to keep a view of the transport.

“Oh don’t worry, it’s fully automated ... we couldn’t have him extinguished on an impact with the planet’s surface - that just wouldn’t do. He’ll at least land safely, and then he’ll be taught to respect femininity ... if he’s spared long enough to learn it.” Veen felt a little indignation as two of the guards returned to the Wasp, giving him cursory smiles before climbing through the hatch. His distraction was brief, Zeeta taking his arm, and he following obediently as she led him out of the hangar.

“Don’t worry, they won’t damage your ship, they’ll just view its suitability. Come, I’ll show you some of the delights that most males receive on being brought to the Atalanta ... the steps you’re taking are the last that many of the more arrogant ones take, we have just the one aboard other than you at the moment, and he won’t be walking back to the hangar.” Veen pondered on the suitability in question and her tease in not elaborating, but the fate of another male and the succinct pleasure in her tone had his anus tingling as he willingly followed in her commanding wake, the two shapely guards echoing her dominance as they strutted either side of him, the sight of the movement in their superb buttocks keeping him firmly erect as the feeling that he was helplessly captive dawned ever stronger. Zeeta and the guards accepted the gratuitous smiles of the various female personnel they passed, each viewing Veen with sneers of contempt in knowing he’d suffer correction duly earned by al of his gender.

Zeeta softly stroked the bulge in his suit as they ascended in an elevator, warming to the pleasures of having a naturally meeker male to entertain her whims as the car stopped, and the doors opened out to reveal a plushly furnished section.

“This is the last level experienced by all but a few males, I know it’ll indulge a great deal of pleasure in you, I’ll have you enjoy some of the rituals those males brought to me face.” They entered a room with walls adorned with padded leather panels, and a large oaken door stood closed before them. Beside it, stairs went up to a gangway up which he was taken. It had shuttered screens at standing level, and one set lower in the wall. Zeeta pointed to the floor

“Kneel!” He didn’t hesitate, and she smiled at his obedience as he found himself at the correct level to accomodate the screen.

“This is where males are first taken, to be told of their fate and view what they face while the women who brought him here are indulged in the pleasure of seeing that torment, and also the pleasures they’ll have in enforcing it.” She stepped close and allowed Veen to view her camel-toe; the feminine beauty of its delicious curves expressed perfectly in the skin like material, her cunt hot in full arousal within it.

“Most males brought here have to be forced into the position that you have so willingly adopted, then held restrained by guards, furthering the enjoyment of the women seeking retribution. They’re then made to witness how their arrogance will be corrected before they’re allowed to indulge the pleasure of their captors in finality.” The guard flicked a switch, and the shutters lifted, Zeeta pleased to see Veen take a sharp intake of breath at what he saw.

“You’re privileged ... the other male I spoke of is in residence and being processed for dispatch, he’ll soon be ready for the final display which will appease the women who brought him.” Veen felt her and stroke the back of his head as his eyes took in a circular hall, its walls adorned with various shackled frames and instruments of torture, his focus taken in by what was happening at its centre; a male lay face down and spreadeagled on a padded wheeled bench, each limb cuffed to keep him just where required. His back and buttocks bore the striping of many recent whippings and canings which had obviously been applied ruthlessly and with just satisfaction. His head was raised by a block under his chin, so that his misery could not be hidden from his punishers, but thoroughly enjoyed; and being enjoyed it was.

Several women sat cross legged in chairs either side, some smiling, some sneering as they waited their turn with the instrument of punishment of their choice while four others strutted pompously around their victim, two of them in black hoods and wearing the skin tight uniforms that the guards wore. Zeeta purred with pleasure as their male victim writhed in his bondage at something one of the hooded women did.

“The two hooded women are my ‘Inspirators’, they are expert in breaking males, and are their to inspire the cruellest treatments from our female guests. They’ll ensure that the male is thoroughly broken but not extinguished in error by novice actions filled with spite and hatred. I see he’s now being shown the pleasures of genital electrocution, a personal favourite of mine; his erection will know an absolute peak, and he’ll not fail to surrender his cream in a blissfully painful orgasm, when the women are ready to see it of course - and not before his physical masculinity has been tested to the full.” Veen’s cock pulsed as he squirmed involuntarily in his tight suit, wanting desperately to masturbate at the feet of this magnificent woman whose sadism seemed infinite. He received a pleased smile from her as he jerked in his suit, she knowing her words effected a subtle torture upon him too.

Veen’s eyes went back to the displayed male as one of the hooded women obligingly twirled the trolley slowly 360° to allow every woman a good view of the equipment to be enjoyed by their victim. Veen panted in jealous excitement at the moulded black pouch which encased his scrotum; the ominous wires extending from the base of each encased ball giving promise of what the bound male was experiencing, his sack laid upon a bar which crossed the cut-out in the trolley between his legs, a weight tied by a thin cable to the neck of his scrotum was slung back to tension his balls to add further pleasure. A reflection of the weight as it swung like a pendulum was seen in a mirror on the lower rack of the trolley; there his boning cock would not escape the view of any of the delighted women, a silver ring tight below his bulging glans, a tubed sound deep inside the tender confines of his urethra, each connected by wire to a power source.

The women grinned as the hooded woman extolled the virtues of the device, ensuring the male digested the cruelty in her tones, then handed the control to the first eager woman. Veen watched, mesmerised as the spiteful females took turns in reducing the male to tears, his body humping at the trolley while his cock boned rigid and pulsed to their command, his squealing in agony as the shock coarsed through his genitals, audible even through the auditorium glass. As the pre-cum dribbled down to the mirror below while the male was allowed a short respite, a younger woman stepped up, smiling as she held the weeping male’s face at her cunt to have him sniff while she told him something. Veen studied the pleasure in her face as she strode to the centre of the trolley and picked something up which was also wired. Zeeta pulled the side of his face against the warmth of cunt and thighs.

“Oh, exquisite! This male’s chauvinism and tyranny had many crimes - amongst them, this young lady was tied up and used by him anally, against her will. She’ll have him regret that now.” Zeeta felt the strength of Veen’s rich vein of submission as he gasped and looked on enviously, jerking on his knees to seek the movement of his exposed bell against his tight suit, not daring to put his hand down to stroke it; he was enjoying her unspoken control and she knew it; she would thoroughly enjoy dominating him later, when he had been taken to a submissive peak by the delights she had yet to show him. The girl lifted a large silver anal plug, parted his cheeks, and enjoyed seeing him squirm as she slowly forced it home. He bucked as the girth of the plug stretched his anus then closed over the taper, but the discomfort would be as nothing compared with what followed.

The girl sauntered round to face the male, anxious that he should see her full pleasure as she gladly accepted the control console from his last torturer. Her smile showed the divine pleasure she as she toyed with the dial and watched his face contort as she exerted her control over him, seeing her stand proudly dominant with her cunt expressed as per all the women of the Atalanta, his anus now felt the lushly erotic retribution too. He jerked and bucked as she wound the power up and down, enjoying seeing his cheeks clench hard involuntarily as the pain of the shocks jolted his anus and genitalia, her spite peaking on hearing his pained whining as the surges were delivered at her whim, her vindictiveness nearing satisfaction as he was swiftly reduced to tears once more.

With his cock watched expectantly by the other women as it pulsed to each surge, the girl looked into his eyes and grinned wickedly as she wound the dial to full power. Veen took in the ecstatic looks on each of the women’s faces as the male jerked in ultimate tension against his bonds, his screams turning to high pitched moans with the pendulum swinging to further the pain of his electrocuted sack, his anus knowing the pain he duly deserved as those balls surrendered his milk to the power plied unforgivingly by the girl’s spite. He felt the lush humiliation over the pain and delicious ecstasy as a burst of hot seed was shot to the mirror at the accompaniment of rich applause from the women. His rigid cock and encased balls quivered with his arse cheeks in acceptance of his will being crushed, as he sent spurt after spurt of hot seed onto the mirror in absolute surrender, with the jeering women ensuring he knew their abject pleasure at witnessing it. Zeeta flicked the switch with the satisfaction of denying Veen further submissive pleasure as the shutters descended to halt his view.

“The inside is mirrored glass of course, we wouldn’t want to distract any of the participants with our obvious presence, but they know there may be others enjoying proceedings at any time. The possibility of an audience at any time adds spice to the occasion. Few males have witnessed what you have and are around to speak of it, and those that are, are in no position to do so.” She was pleased at giving him no indication of what would happen to him, knowing his mind would run riot after seeing what other males could expect, and then beginning her descent of the stairway, the smiling guards urging him to follow.

“Of course, the male you’ve just seen will not have the opportunity to divulge the pleasures he’s learning to appreciate ... he has an appointment in the next place you’ll see, the one chosen from many as the last he’ll know, chosen after much selective debate by the women who brought him.” The superbly haughty woman took a hold on his arm once more, as though leading him on a casual tour of a hotel or leisure centre; her indifference to the actual fate of males being secondary to the treatments on offer, serving to magnify her erotic appeal in Veen and keeping him erect in anticipation. He was walked along a corridor past several rooms, then led into the suite selected for the male who was presently being prepared. The guards and female personnel inside were overjoyed to see a male brought in by Zeeta, then a little subdued to learn he’d not require their services at that time. One of them was dutifully counting a rack of latex sacks fitted with electronic collars and fearful looking hoods; she gave him a wistful smile as she passed one to Zeeta.

“This is the last garment he’ll wear, and he’ll go into it without hesitation after being broken by his betters.” Veen swallowed hard as she showed great pride in showing him how the gruesome collared sack and hood operated, her delight in describing it making him yearn to come.

“He’ll go in naked, his erection aided by the smooth touch of latex against his flesh, kneeling of course, to accomodate it’s short length, and with wrists bound to ankles to have him fully enjoy bondage. All the women responsible for his disposal will have a hand in seeing him fitted, ensuring it is brought home to him that he has earned their pleasure.” Her smile broadened as her delicately manicured fingers toyed with the menacing collar, the sight of her cold enthusiasm making Veen’s cock pulse with submissive anticipation.

“The collar will be snapped shut by the appointed woman, then this silver button activates it, she who has the honour of doing so will keep the thrill of it forever. The collar slowly contracts over the one final hour, restricting the males airway slowly and exquisitely while the hosts enjoy a prolonged execution.” She watched his paled expression as he took in what she’d said and tried to imagine how it would feel, helpless and humiliated, squirming in the latex whilst slowly snuffed out, then she indulged his submissive yearning further.

“I always attend and enjoy the various methods of execution, and had the pleasure of seeing a very special example made of one male by this method, just a month or so ago. He’d been a particularly arrogant tyrant, responsible for enslaving females, one of whom escaped her purchaser and laid a trap which brought him here to know justice.” She touched Veen’s face with the latex hood, making him shiver at the clammy feel which quickly warmed.

“His fall from power was enjoyed by all, tormented and teased over months in reducing him to obedience - he’d been so cocksure and chauvinistic, so his path to the final day gave a great deal of pleasure to many women, in vindication with whip and various humiliations. He was then bound in the strangulation sack on the day, told he’d be snuffed within the hour, his little use to womanhood by way of amusement exhausted, even in tormenting him. His eagerness to provide that departing pleasure was evident as he was displayed in the humiliation of the collared sack; you see it makes the form so pleasingly diminutive, taken down to enjoy the final hour in permanent reduction, so stimulating for those enjoying retribution and for the victim having been taught to savour the pleasures of submission. He was observed to jerk and thrust as women who’d enjoyed his correction slapped his face, and had him sniff at the arousal his fate awarded them; he came for the first time within three minutes of the collar being set for execution...”

Zeeta smiled with satisfaction as she toyed with the latex sack and its ominous collar, enjoying studying the ever permanent bulge in his tight suit which confirmed his excitement at viewing the instrument of death, which seemed barely large enough to take an adult male; the faceless rubber hood smiling up at him, as though inviting him to sample the pleasure of submission now being described to him. Zeeta had felt and enjoyed his submissive traits immediately he’d come aboard the ship and seen its entirely female crew; his submission was confirmed by his constant erection, and she was intent on enjoying his services now she had him aboard. She continued to develope his sexual mood by continuing to proudly show her pleasure in relating the graphic tale of ultimate domination enjoyed by her male victim.

“Kneeling in submission within the sack, arms and ankles bound together behind, every male will erect as the tight latex nurses the pathetic phallus exquisitely. Captured thus, after thorough treatment which has had them realise submission to the dominant sex, no male has failed to spend at least once after the hood and collar have been donned to confirm their final hour; their humiliation in doing so witnessed with supreme satisfaction by those women eagerly seeking retribution.” Veen shivered as he took in the stark execution bay, its white lighting and few furnishings save for the row of black seating either side, ensuring the condemned received the full admiring focus of his tormentors. The seating ending at a large air-lock door at the far end. His balls tingled at the command in Zeeta’s feminine tones as her voice retold the saga of one male’s last view of this chamber with an eagerness which teased his submissive excitement.

“Our man, who was even more deserving than most, managed and enjoyed the humiliation of three worthy ejaculations before the collar clicked tight to exact its divine and permanent restriction, the first courtesy of the combination that the realisation the collar brought on, and the goading and physical stimulation exacted by the many women he’d lorded over; the dull clicking of the collar interlaced with their stroking of his bulge as he took in the spite of their dominance and their heady scent of arousal at his fate, had him spend vigorously in defeat to the echoing laughter of feminine derision...” Veen’s cock pulsed rigid at the ecstatic tones in her voice, and the smiles from the shapely feminine guards as they enjoyed his discomfort in trying to hide his erotic excitement at her pleasure in doing so. She gripped his arm to confirm her controlling affection, which told him that he was as captive as any of the males who had, and would, know the pleasure of the row of strangulation sacks proudly displayed.

“Later, as he began to struggle for breath while myself and the women stood over him, openly discussing his crimes and their gratitude in seeing him snuffed out in such a prolonged and satisfactorily exposed fashion, he jerked and gasped to a second wistful orgasm at the spectacle he provided, shaming himself delightfully. His balls were worked most generously in giving up their content in defeat at the cutting pleasure the spite of their words adorned his mind with.” She turned and smiled, glancing down at the bulge of his erection with an air of contempt for a moment, then pressed a button in the wall which opened the inner airlock door, exposing the glass outer door beyond it which led out to the desolate blackness dotted with the stars stretching out to infinity.

“He was allowed this view with the final five minutes of his life ebbing away; it emphasised the freedom he had once known, but used so inappropriately, and also confirmed how his worthless carcass would be disposed of. The women gathered beside him to taunt and slap his hooded face as he fought for breath through blueing lips, the sight of the gleeful nurse strutting over in her white latex uniform and smiling in her eagerness to pronounce him dead, had him jerking his cock feebly at the inside of the tight latex sack with what little strength he could muster. His final humiliation was thoroughly enjoyed as two of the younger women were blessed with having him know the eternal shame he’d bear even after death; one showed him the plaque his corpse would wear, bearing his name and the proclamation: ‘Dominated then executed by women, taught the pleasure of obedience, his death at the hands of femininity gratefully accepted.” The other woman took vindictive pleasure in attaching a pulsing light which beamed in time with the final clicks of the electric collar, and would continue long after it and its wearer were silenced, ensuring the curiosity of many as his shamed corpse was floated.”

Her heels clicked across the steel floor, drawing Veen’s eyes to her shapely muscular thighs and pert rounded arse as she squeezed his arm playfully, letting him know that she remained in absolute control of him. She turned and faced him again, heaving her breasts as she licked her lips with a deft and sultry sweep of her tongue before continuing.

“Those women who’d known his tyranny and then brought him here, had thoroughly enjoyed his fall from power in being instrumental in his breaking under the whip and continuous degradations, but nothing was as sweet as the final moments of his final hour. With the smiling nurse standing close to him and keen to officiate in her pleasurable task, the full shame of his fate was brought home to him in the reflection of the glass door. Surrounded by the women who’d broken him and showed their justified delight in his execution, his face was slapped to eke out his consciousness as the final clicks cut his airway for good. The legend on the plaque rang true for him as he jerked in the sack in pure submissive ecstasy, surrendering the content of his balls and indulging both his pleasure and theirs, spending in complete humiliation with his final breath as he was dragged to the airlock bay while his cock pumped it’s homage to defeat. His failing ears will have heard the sound of rapturous feminine laughter and goading, his blurring eyes the stern and satisfied smile of the nurse as he ebbed away in the throws of a lush orgasm.”

Veen watched her stiff nipples poke hard through her tight synthetic suit, as the two equally lithe and curvaceous guards strutted close, to ensure he knew he’d not leave their ship until Zeeta had seen him milked of the erection which continued to bulge rock hard in awe of her feminine power.

“With a warm sneer from the nurse which confirmed the completion of her favourite duty, she stepped back beyond the second door, and the delightful rush of the vacuum was met with wholesome applause by every woman present. The outer door was closed again, and the inner opened; each woman continuing that heartfelt applause as they watched with satisfaction while the bound corpse floated away, the pulsing light tracing the journey of eternal shame on a path taken by many males ... and many males to come.” Her grip on his arm strengthened as did her smile, and she nodded to the guard at the passage door, which she opened with a knowing smile. Zeeta glanced down at his bulge of excitement, then stared him in the eyes, her pupils dilated, giving them an almost hypnotic power which did not help quell his erection.

“Of course, you have not yet warranted the pleasures of a collared sack ... not yet anyhow, but I have a little task which you’ll honour. I’ll tell you of my command in my personal chamber ... come, I’m going to dominate you.”

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