6 December 2006
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Trisha's plan to break up Dan and Karen is put into action. Wendy visits, anxious to find out if Dan and Karen are still a couple. Dan is needed by Joyce to bowl for her team in the mid season tournament..."She'd practically kill me if she caught us fucking. You'd have to go by about five." "Don't worry, I'll take a cab and be gone before she arrives," Trisha reassured him, _"This is going to be so much fun, her catching us fucking in bed. Dan, I love big diamond engagement rings."_

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Sports   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex  

Dan sat waiting patiently for Trisha in the parking lot of the Trenton Base Canex shopping complex, “Hi handsome, you’re right on time!” Trisha smiled coming to the driver’s window of his Mustang. She purposely left her coat open revealing the deep cleavage of her criss-cross opening of her dress to him.

He stepped from his car and politely opened the passenger door for her. “Thank you,” she smiled. Trisha placed her left foot on the floor then sat, knowing her pose in her short-hemmed dress would easily show him she wore no panties. He raised his eyebrows appreciating the view of her short-haired bare pussy.

Trisha smiled at his response. “Making him mine is going to be so fucking easy!” she muttered as he went around the car to his door.

Dan slid behind the driver’s wheel and Trisha was immediately all over him. She leaned over, breathing heavily and aggressively kissing him. She moaned her eagerness, slipping his hand inside the low opening to fondle her bare tit.

“Wow, do you ever look sexy! You can get away with wearing such a sexy looking dress at work?” he asked eyeing the side profile of her revealing breasts.

“Heaven’s no, not as much as I’d love to. I changed into this dress just for you.”

“I appreciate it very much.”

“I’m glad that you approve. And I hope you’ll approve of my afternoon plans,” she smiled.

“I’m sure I will, so where we off to for our lunch?” he asked.

“Do you know where the Golden Valley Restaurant is on Dundas Street?”

“Yes, I do. Karen and I have eaten there before, very good food.”

“I have a reserved booth for us on the upper floor.”

Dan couldn’t help but admire her long legs revealed by her short hem. “I had better keep the heat on in the car so your sexy looking legs don’t get cold.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to keep them warm!” she cooed, sliding his hand under the hem of her skirt just close enough to her pussy to feel its warmth.

Dan parked the Mustang at the restaurant and Trisha made sure Dan had a clear view of her pussy again as she placed her right foot on the ground. She took his hand leading them inside. She mentioned her reservation to the hostess and eyes turned to view her revealing curves.

Dan looked at the material of her dress, form fitting over her ass as she ascended the steps to the upper level. “This is perfect,” she smiled of the corner table she wanted. Dan helped her to take off her coat and her braless tits strained against the thin material trying to escape from her top.

He sat on her left and both their backs to the wall had a view overlooking the ground level. Trisha adjusted the opening of her top revealing deeper cleavage to his eyes. Her short hem remained conveniently hiked up inches away from revealing her hidden treasure.

“You definitely look very attractive,” he eyed the inner halves of her breasts.

“I’m happy that you approve,” she replied, placing his hand high on her bare leg.

Their menus were delivered and she said it was her treat and he could order whatever he wanted. “Maybe what I want isn’t necessarily on the menu,” he teased looking to her deep cleavage.

“Maybe after our meal and buying my new mattress, I could be your dessert,” she offered, her hand now boldly rubbing his crotch.

“I bet you’d taste delicious.”

“There’s only one way for you to find out.” she leaned closer to Dan, their lips met.

“You can be my taste tester.”

“I think we can arrange for that to happen,” Dan replied accepting her kiss. She glanced around and with no one looking their way guided his hand inside her top. Dan’s palm grasped a handful of tit and massaged it very well.

They were interrupted by the appearance of their waitress to take their order. Dan ordered the chicken breast meal and so did Trisha. “You seem to like breast meat,” she smiled pulling out her top for his hand. “Mmm, that feel so nice!” she responded to his hand returning to her tit.

As they waited for their meals, Trisha guided Dan’s hand under the hem of her dress. His fingers discovered the warm moisture of her pussy. She spread her legs a little giving him easier access. She looked into his eyes and they both felt several fingers entering her pussy.

Trisha rubbed his cock then unzipped his fly. “I want to see what my dessert will look like,” she smiled as her hand entered the opening. “Mmm, feels promising!” she grinned feeling the length of his growing shaft. She managed to free his cock from his pants. “Yes, definitely very promising!” she gripped his cock and began to stroke it.

“You had better watch what you’re doing or you’ll make me cum soon and have a real mess on your hands.”

“I’m sure you must have better control than that of a teenager,” she smiled tightening her grasp. “Besides, if you were to cum, believe me, there would be no mess that my mouth couldn’t handle.”

Trisha reluctantly put Dan’s cock away when their meals were delivered. As they ate, Dan prompted Trisha to talk about her life. She only casually mentioned she had three marriages and that didn’t work out and her two children were staying with their fathers. She went on to say that she and her brother Dave, have a very close relationship. Dave travelled a lot to Toronto on business and he’d stay with her. Now with her new job, they can continue seeing each other.

Trish asked Dan about his life. He went on to explain about his life with Laura and the three kids they had and her dying in the car accident. He said he was fortunate to have two loves in his life and looked forward to marrying Karen and being a happy family with their three kids.

“So you’d be ok with us having a little adult time together?” she wondered.

“I’m not married, yet,” he grinned.

“Or will you ever be married to her once I get my hands on you,” she thought, releasing his cock from his pants. Her skilled hand kept him on the edge of hardness for the remainder of their meal.

Trisha invited Dan’s fingers to explore between her legs. He felt the heated moisture of her pussy and she smiled coyly at him as several fingers entered her. With other diners in the area preoccupied, she stole several heart-pounding kisses from him. Several times he had to stop her hand from stroking his cock, otherwise, he’d cum.

It had been a long time since any guy had turned her on like this and she was more than ever determined to sink her claws into Dan. She hinted the sooner they shopped for her new mattress, the sooner they’d be fucking.

Trisha paid for their meals and said she wanted to shop at Leon’s Furniture at Hwy 401 and Glen Miller Road. Inside the store, she held his hand and gave the salesperson the impression they were a couple.

They were directed to the bedroom and mattress section and shown a selection to choose from. Trisha wasn’t bashful about her posture on the beds when testing several mattresses. She put her hands behind her head acting as a pillow. The hem of her dress rose dangerously high giving Dan and the salesperson a hinted view between her legs.

“Dan, please come and lay beside me. I want to feel what it’s like with my man next to me,” she asked patting the empty space beside her.

He lay on the bed and she turned onto her side, cuddling next to him. Her right knee bent and on top of his leg, her dress revealed the lower half of her bare ass to the salesperson. Her position caused her right tit to slip from her dress opening and she didn’t cover up until the salesman had seen her tit.

“This mattress feels a little too soft,” she commented. “I need one that is comfortable without too much give when having sex.” The salesperson was surprised at her blunt comment and showed her another choice.

“This one may suit your needs better,” he offered of another selection. Dan stood beside him as Trisha lay on the bed. “That model has more of a thicker pillow padding, yet has a firmer feel to it.”

Her hem slid dangerously high and this time she relaxed her pose, allowing the two men to view her bare pussy. “Try this one, Dan,” she patted the bed. Dan lay beside her only this time, she pulled him on top of her.

The salesperson looked away as she used her hand on Dan’s ass, prompting him to simulate fucking. A moment later he got off her, slightly embarrassed by her actions. Trisha spread her arms and legs as if making snow angels, giving both men a deliberate clear view of her pussy.

She stood and went to Dan, embracing him. “I’ll take this one and I’m talking about the man and the mattress,” she smiled, giving him a kiss. “Imagine the fun we’ll have breaking in my new mattress.”

Trisha paid for her new purchase and arranged for a delivery date.

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