Hermione and the Polyjuice Potion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/mt, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hermione is dying and needs to turn into a boy to be cured. Becoming a boy, however, was more complicated than it seemed. She needs some essential intimate ingredients from two different boys!

Because of turning the wrong page of a particularly dangerous spell book, Hermione was dying. The only way to get a cure, she found out, was to turn into a boy using the polyjuice potion. At first, she thought that that would be a simple matter. She had brewed the polyjuice potion in 2nd year, after all. She soon found out that cross-gender transfiguration was notoriously difficult. The main ingredients to the potion were the following:

1. Pubic hair from 2 different boys
2. Armpit hair from the same 2 boys
3. A semen sample from the same 2 boys
Note: Boys must not be aware samples are taken from them

Hermione swallowed hard, looking at those ingredients. Obviously, those two boys were going to be Harry and Ron. But ... armpit hair and pubic hair? And semen!? Hermione felt a small tingle down her spine, suddenly imagining seeing her best friends naked. She had never actually seen naked boys before. Maybe a cousin when she was really young. Hermione swallowed harder, suddenly thinking of how to get a semen sample from the two.

And she had to somehow obtain all of this without their awareness! Hermione shook herself, she had to plan this out right.

Deep into the night, Hermione slipped into the boy’s dormitory. She got into the room Harry and Ron shared with Dean, Seamus, and Neville. Only the small nightlights beside their beds were giving any light. Each of the boys had a four poster bed, identical to the girls’ dormitory. All their curtains were drawn, except maybe Dean’s.

Hermione stood very still at the corner, assessing if everyone indeed had gone to sleep. There was no sound except their soft breaths. She nodded to herself, and went first to Harry’s bed. Hermione’s heart was pounding hard as she got to the trunk located next to his bed.

She opened the trunk, and after rummaging around found what she was looking for: the Invisibility Cloak!

With that in hand, she slipped inside Harry’s bed, and put the Cloak next to her, ready to put it on the second Harry looked like he was stirring awake.

Finally, heart pounding, Hermione turned to look at Harry, her first choice of obtaining the ingredients. He was fast asleep, looking so peaceful without his glasses, his unruly hair askew. Hermione felt a tingle that went down to her genitals, as she wondered if the hair under his arms and on Harry’s genitals were just as unruly as on his head. She felt her vagina moisten as she looked upon Harry.

It wasn’t that cool, and Harry hadn’t put the blankets over him, which was a good thing. He was just wearing a shirt and boxers. Swallowing hard, Hermione scooted over nearer oh so slowly. She was going to go for the easiest ingredient first: his armpit hairs.

One of Harry’s arms was already up, as he cushioned his head with his right arm. As slowly as she could, Hermione grabbed at his sleeve, and slowly pulled it, to reveal a small tuft of hairs growing on his armpit. Hermione couldn’t understand why seeing this made her so aroused. Quick as she could she grabbed a tuft of Harry’s armpit hair and snipped it with a scissors she had gotten for the occasion. She exhaled a quiet relieved breath, and put the hairs in a small cup, labeled “Harry”.

Okay, now for the part she dreaded, and as her moist vagina pointed out, the part that was arousing her.

Hermione wondered how to proceed without waking Harry up. The spell book had clarified that the unaware boys couldn’t be enchanted to sleep. So she had to rely on stealth. Good thing Harry was a deep sleeper.

Hermione slowly positioned herself nearer to Harry’s boxers, which were, to her aroused surprise, showing a bump on his crotch area. She had tried to look at some pictures in the library to prepare herself, but the magical library was woefully inept in regards to photos of naked men.

Hermione bit her lip and just threw caution to the winds. She grabbed at Harry’s boxer strap, feeling the warmth of his flesh, and quickly pulled it down. As she did, she saw starting from his exposed belly button right above his boxers, then down further a smooth expanse of skin, and then finally she saw his pubic hair. Her heart gave a lurch. She kept pulling down, looking at his unruly black pubic hair as it gave way finally to his penis, which flopped out as it got exposed.

Heart beating hard, Hermione stared at her best friend’s exposed penis, the first penis she had ever truly seen, right in front of her. For a moment, she just stared at Harry’s genitals.

It looked half erect, with enough hardness to point straight up to his belly button. It might have been 3 to 4 inches. Its head was exposed, and from Hermione’s limited knowledge, this was a circumcised penis, seeing a scar around his shaft. Harry’s pubic hair was growing just at the base of his shaft, and a light dusting on his balls. Hermione felt the moistening of her vagina lead to a drop of arousal running down her leg.

Now exposed, Hermione watched in amazement as Harry’s penis seemed to react and chub up a bit more. Hermione shook herself, reminding herself of the job to be done. She reached out, towards his pubic hair, careful not to touch his penis, which was so close. Picking a strand of his black hair, she snipped it quickly and put it in her Harry cup.

Now to the most challenging part ... the semen collection. Hermione knew that she was going to masturbate Harry. She knew how masturbate herself, but was more of a loss with how to do it with guys. This was why she was here now without panties under her skirt. She had planned to learn to masturbate Harry by masturbating herself.

Hermione raised her skirt up, to expose the V between her legs, which was covered by her curly brown pubic hair. This barely hid her very erect clit, and moistened vagina. There she sat next to Harry and his exposed penis with her own exposed genitalia.

Hermione crept one finger down to her clit, something she had been itching to do the moment she had seen just Harry’s exposed hairs. She bit her lip to stop a moan from escape, and she could feel herself wetting Harry’s bed with her arousal. Okay, if a girl masturbated by touching her clit and rubbing her vagina...

Hermione slowly reached out and hovered over Harry’s half erect penis. And then slowly, she grabbed hold of it. It was like a jolt of electricity down her spine as she held onto his spongy penis. It was so warm and soft. Oh, oh, oh! At the touch of her soft feminine hands, Harry suddenly groaned.

Hermione froze, her right hand around Harry’s penis, her skirt up exposing her own genitalia, and her left finger on her clit. But Harry didn’t wake up.

Slowly, Harry’s penis started to grow to its full erection with her hand around it. Hermione watched in amazement as she felt blood pump into Harry’s appendage. The soft flesh she held became firmer, she looked at the crown of the head of Harry’s penis enlarge. She marveled at how smooth his shaft was even as it grew. Finally, she thought, it was fully erect, at maybe 5 inches or more. It seemed to strain against her hand, and for a moment, Hermione just stared at it.

Okay, now how to masturbate a guy? She, herself, had learned to masturbate after entering Hogwarts. Most people were just starting puberty as they entered the school, after all. She looked down at her left hand next to her curly brown pubic hair and her clit. Just the image of her naked self and her hand around Harry’s exposed penis made her want to cum. She need to release all this tension. Slowly, she began to rub herself.

Shivers of pleasure went through Hermione, and she bit her lip trying to stay quiet. Alright, she needed Harry to feel the same way. How to rub him the same way she rubbed herself? Holding onto his warm penis, she experimentally squeezed it. To her amazement, it was very pliant and firm against her touch. Hermione continued to rub her clit as she squeezed at Harry’s penis.

A gasp escaped from Hermione at the pleasure she was receiving. Sadly though, Harry didn’t seem to be getting the same pleasure ... With immense self control, Hermione stopped rubbing herself. She had to assess the situation.

She looked at Harry’s engorged penis head, felt the smooth shaft around her fingers, at the pubic hair at the base of it. She looked at his balls, which had shifted closer to his body in the exposure. Maybe if she pushed it down and rubbed it? Hermione slowly pushed Harry’s penis down against his belly, and she could feel it straining against her touch. Once it was parallel against his belly, she began to rub against it.

Harry moaned. Hermione froze, ready to grab the Invisibility Cloak. But he stayed asleep. That was a good sign! She continued to rub against his penis’ smooth skin. Hermione’s left hand crept down to her clit again. She began to rub herself and her best friend at the same time. Hermione’s began to get very moist, and as she rubbed her clit, her finger slipped into her vagina. She almost couldn’t contain the moan from her mouth, and she froze as her moist vagina swallowed her finger whole. The pleasure rocked her body.

Then she stared at Harry’s penis, as comprehension dawned on her. The best way to orgasm was to simulate sex the best way possible. She stopped pushing his penis down and let go. To her surprise, his erection stood straight like an arrow. Hermione moved closer in between Harry’s legs, studying his quivering member like a Fantastic Beast. She got close enough to get a whiff of teenage musk from his pubic region, her vagina tightened in arousal.

An idea dawned on Hermione. It was the closest thing to actual sex: something she had heard in girls bathrooms. And with her head so close to his nether regions, in the dark alone with her best friend, Hermione felt an unbridled freedom to do anything.

Finally, Hermione was so close that his glans was right below her mouth. Hermione looked up to Harry’s face, so peaceful and young and boyish as he slept. Then she pressed her lips against his young penis, her heart leaping. Once more she looked up at her best friend’s innocent unaware face, and throwing herself into this forbidden act, she took his penis into her mouth.

Harry gasped but stayed asleep, while Hermione took in his young member into her mouth. It was a firm piece of flesh that strained in her mouth, and it tasted like a young man. She could smell the young musk from his pubic hair, which was rough against her lips. She felt the thin skin that wrapped around his penis with her tongue. Hermione looked up at Harry with her mouth around his penis, still not quite believing what she was doing. She was giving her sleeping bestfriend a blowjob!!

For a while, all Hermione did was explore his penis with her mouth and tongue. And she felt it stiffen in her mouth even further. She watched as she saw Harry’s forehead wrinkle and his mouth open in pleasure. Automatically, her own fingers went down to her waiting clit. As she touched it, pleasure coursed from between her legs, up her spine. She then slipped a finger into her vagina’s wet lips. Hermione shivered as she was penetrated from below by her own finger, and in her mouth by Harry’s erect member. She then began to slowly slide her finger in and out of her. Automatically and almost by instinct, Hermione began to move her head up and down, sliding Harry’s penis in and out at the same rhythm as her finger.

With her left hand buried in between her legs, Hermione grabbed the base of Harry’s penis with her right hand. She nestled against his balls, which had withdrawn into a tight sack, his pubic hair flattened against her flesh. Holding onto the base of his penis, she began to swallow Harry’s penis up and down, all the while letting her tongue wrap around his piece of teenage meat. She alternated looking up at his face, and down her nose to his pubic hair.

Pleasure began to build up in Hermione as she alternated between fingering her vagina and rubbing her clit, her genitals moist with her arousal. In alarm she realized she was nearing orgasm, noticing the familiar pleasure beginning to radiate from between her legs, building up to a wave. What about Harry?

His mouth was still open as Hermione blew him. Small gasps started to come out of him. He must be nearing too!

Orgasm slammed into Hermione by surprise, and for a moment she stopped as pleasure exploded from her vagina, which spasmed and squeezed at her finger inside it. She almost bit Harry’s penis off, lodged into her mouth as it was, and she swallowed it even deeper as her orgasm rocked through her. Her sudden pressure against his penis might have been his tipping point too. A long gasp escaped from Harry’s mouth.

In alarm, Hermione realized Harry was right in the tip of orgasm too, even as her climax overrode her senses. Harry groaned and pushed his penis up into her throat. Hermione felt it stiffen and suddenly ejaculate deep into her throat.

Gagging and in panic, Hermione released his penis from her mouth and grabbed at the cup she had prepared for just this scenario. Even as Harry’s penis slid out of her mouth, it was still ejaculating. She had felt one round deep into her throat, and another hit her in the lips as it slid out.

She got the cup and directed the head of Harry’s penis into it, massaging his shaft, wet with both cum and her own saliva. She watched in amazement as she saw Harry spew out dollop after dollop of thick white semen into the cup. Semen that had itself been ejaculated in her throat.

She could smell his sperm, she could taste it on her lips. It was a strong musk. Slowly, Harry’s penis stopped its ejaculations and it began to lose its stiffness in her hand. She squeezed the last dollop of semen from his head, gently like a toothpaste. She stared at the deflating penis of her best friend on her hand.

Harry suddenly gasped again, and by instinct, Hermione threw on the Invisibility Cloak. Harry sat up suddenly, eyes wide open, breathing hard. He looked down at his exposed, wet penis, already softening from his ordeal. He looked around, his eyes passing through his bestfriend, hidden in his Invisibility Cloak, her skirt still up and her vagina exposed, a cup of his semen, pubic hair and armpit hair in her hand.

“What a dream!” He muttered, still wide-eyed, looking down at his exposed penis.

Hermione watched, wide-eyed, as he reached down at the penis she had just been swallowing in and out of her mouth. Harry scratched at his pubic hair and gave his penis a pull. It was still leaking a bit, and a small pearl of cum trickled down. Hermione’s vagina gave a twinge of arousal again at that. Harry didn’t seem to notice.

Then he lay back down, his hand still around his penis. “Hermione...” he whispered. Hermione stared at Harry in surprise, who was still holding his member as he said her name and fell asleep.

Hermione watched for another minute or two to make sure he was sleeping. When she was sure, she slowly slipped out of Harry’s four-poster bed, holding the cup of ingredients at her hand. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. Then she looked over to Ron’s bed. She swallowed, and realized Harry’s semen was still on her lips. The musk of his semen lingered, permeating her senses. She wiped it away slowly and looked over to Ron’s. One more to go!

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