Miss Asugi and the School Girl Uniform
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humiliation, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The School Girl Uniform fetish seemed to be so popular now in Tokyo. Miss Asugi decided it was fun to play the game like a lot of her friends who like her were no longer school girls but could wear the uniform and pretend to be one for a single night.

The two close girlfriends stood next to each other and looked down at the skimpy schoolgirl outfits stretched out innocently on Miss Asugi’s pink and white bed. Yoko was giggling just like when they were actual schoolgirls whispering about what boys did to them on the bus or even in the back of the classroom where the teacher couldn’t see their busy fingers working in places nice boys didn’t go without express permission from the owner.

They were both dressed in identical “hello kitty” panties and had the white fur tops that tickled Miss Asugi’s nostrils every time she looked down at her flat tummy above the drawing of a pretty little pussy. Yoko didn’t seem to mind Miss Asugi’s hand sliding under her silk panties in the back at such times, because they were about as close as two girls can get without being morally corrupt. Asugi liked the way Yoko constantly kept her tiny little pucker lubricated with the special tube of scented gel imported all the way from France with its decadent aroma of sensuous invitation to serious role-playing. The two girls were skilled at pretending all sorts of kinky scenarios and the “schoolgirl” role was one of their favorites. They both had an assortment of young girl panties that would bring out the animal in any male that was in proximate distance to interact with their hot young bodies. Even the married, middle-aged men with daughters older than them stiffened up like teenaged boys when the girls bent over all the way. It was the best part of pretending to be a schoolgirl again. Both Asugi and Yoko were in agreement about that part of the fun.

They got dressed slowly watching each other intently.

Yoko reached out to smooth Miss Asugi’s panties over her pert ass cheeks and help to outline the perfect crack in the middle that showed the entrance to paradise for the young boys and the old men as well. Asugi did the same for Yoko lingering with her fingers cupping her best friend’s cheeks with possessive joy. Sometimes, they tired of the boys and their greedy cocks always wanting to go in deeper and make them shout,

“It’s so big!”

That was all they needed to make them huff and puff and get ready to spurt their happy cream wherever they wanted. Miss Asugi liked it on the outside or even right on her face because she definitely did not want to get a fat belly from strange seeds just to make some boy smile with that knowing look that proclaimed,

“She took it all the way up and you can look and see the evidence right in front of your eyes.”

Yoko thought that was funny and never failed to giggle when she was displayed with the guilty white cream-pie trickling down the inside of her schoolgirl legs. Miss Asugi thought it was the boy’s egos much too proud of making her take it right in front of all the others.

Still, it was the spirit of the moment and she joined with Yoko in congratulating the men on their stamina and gift of happy ending. Yoko had told her about the fun in taking the liquid gifts from multiple donors and she clapped her hands in glee when she described the way she liked to be covered in the sticky stuff even licking some of it with her naughty tongue. Miss Asugi shuddered at the thought of such wanton pleasures and only wanted a man to kiss her the right way with his tongue inside her mouth and whispering little words of love in her tiny pink ear. That was the way to make her all hot and excited inside and she would reward a diligent lover with her freely given assets without any reluctance or insolent behavior.

She watched her friend Yoko out in the middle of the room on her hands and knees with her panties pulled down and her school uniform push up to her waist so the boys could take turns on her exposed backside with their rampant cocks impatient to test the tightness of either of her openings. It bothered her a little to see one of the boys spank her cheeks until they were as red as rose blossoms on a misty morning framing her heart-shaped buttocks with her tiny puckered bud opening with the introduction of each new passenger.

Miss Asugi knew she could never achieve such a level of carnal kinkiness because she guarded her rear passageway with an ingrained fear of being overwhelmed with unworthy pleasure. Fortunately, one of the older men from the local government office guided her to his side and started to kiss her with a passionate level of sustained attention. It was exactly what she needed to make her pretend as hard as she could to be a silly immature schoolgirl and she allowed the middle-aged man to mount her in the conventional manner with her legs wrapped around his overweight hips in a love-lock that was more like unvarnished lust than traditional love. The gentleman had an unusually long and thick shaft that forced her to the limit in accepting his entry.

She had expected him to simply give her the standard half dozen frenzied humps before spurting his manly essence between her legs but he slowed his thrusting to almost a dead stop barely moving in various directions inside her happy channel of love. Soon, she discovered her trigger of joyful tingles was activated by his expert expeditions and she had to hold him tightly with her legs and her arms to keep from convulsing into a tight little ball of pleasure on the fluffy white carpet. Her screams of excitement brought several of the younger men into the room and they could see she was in the throes of female pleasure seldom achieved in such a high level of intimate coupling. One of the impetuous young men dropped down on her back because now she was riding the older man with her legs wrapped tightly around him. She barely looked over her shoulder at him because she was totally focused on the thick cock working her vagina for an encore of her frantic explosive feminine response. She knew the man had not drained his tool as yet and she was determined to bring him to a safe landing and a happy ending of his own.

The boy on her back was one of the young men that had just done Yoko and the scent of Yoko’s pussy was in her nostrils as she rode the married man with a daughterly duty based in her unique appreciation for schoolgirl lust. Miss Asugi had never done anything of this nature with her father but she had allowed his drunken younger brother to shoot his seeds in her crack when he thought she was sound asleep in the bed right next to her father and mother. They never knew the pleasure she received several times from that uncle with a guilt-free cock and a need to stretch a young girl’s passageways. She stopped the moment she suspected her mother was not fully asleep, but watching her open mouth and drooping tongue advertising the fact her poor bottom was being pounded into submission by her brother-in-law’s greedy shaft.

Now, the boy was spreading her bud open and her confused sphincter blossomed to accept his vigorous hardened rod into her anal channel. She wanted to shout out that he should remove it immediately but she didn’t want to disturb the enjoyment of the older man hooked into her with consummate joy and happiness. He was still kissing her with his thoughtful tongue and she wanted to stay in place with their tongues locked together in soulful harmony as long as possible.

The stiff rod in her backside made her conscious of her secondary rider and she did her best to accommodate his journey with optimal results. It was a bit of a shock when he whispered in her ear,

“Be a good little schoolgirl and give it all up. You need a spanking real bad for your insolence, young lady, stick those cheeks up high to get your correction. That’s a good girl. Now, hump hard and take it all the way.”

The words made her frenzied on top of the married man and she squeezed his thick rod with her inexperienced private parts. Inevitably, she felt his shaft thicker even more and the first spurts of married-man spunk decorated her inside walls with soothing insistence.

At almost the exact same time, the young boy on her back reached underneath and grasped both her nipple and twisted them in opposite directions like a circus trick to hear her words of sinful lust shouted out for the other man to hear the depths of her depravity as well.

Asugi was most gratified that neither of the men attempted to move away from their new homes inside her private channels. She needed them to stay a bit longer so that she could experience a new wave of feminine orgasm heightened by the dual use of her private channels for sexual expression.

When the young man moved away from her back, she disengaged from the married man and found heated towels for each of them. First, she attended to the married man because it was customary due to his age and degree of importance. Then, she carefully attended to the young man. She was surprised to see that he was someone she recognized from her place of work. He must know she was not a schoolgirl like she pretended but a young woman of three and twenty. She searched her brain for his name but he remained nameless to her and she knew it would be in bad taste to ask him for such information. She knew if he wanted to further their acquaintance, he would approach her at work and pretend he had never been deep inside her anal channel driving her into a happy tingle of excitement when he gave her his seeds and spanked her deserving ass cheeks.

The married man gave her his card and told her,

“I am the deputy of hiring at the city center. If you want to change your employment, just call me and I will arrange for an office for you close to mine and you can wear your schoolgirl uniform in the privacy of my office whenever you so desire.”

She thought that was most kind of the older man and she was sorely tempted to take him at his word because it was rare to find a married man of his age with a tool of such impressive design and capability. She wondered how many children he had and how old his wife was. There was always the possibility that he would be looking for a replacement if her health was not the best or if he had tired of her companionship in recent years. There was also the possibility that he would want her as his “friend” to continue the schoolgirl game as long as possible before his body ceased to find interest in such foolishness.

She collected the almost unconscious Yoko and half-carried her to the taxi to return home. They both climbed into the bathtub together and washed each other’s backs until the scent of the men and the men’s spunk was completely gone. The sweet scent of the roses from their French bath water filled their nostrils with a delicious aroma of adventures yet to come.

Miss Asugi carefully folded their schoolgirl uniforms and hung them in the closet for the next session of schoolgirl pretending. Maybe, the next time they would take the backpacks with the assorted panties inside to display for the interested males with a yen for the good old-fashioned schooldays and girls with their skirts so short that their panties were on display even before they bent over to put on a show.

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