You Never Know What Might Happen

It was not as long a flight as for a west coast team; but this one took a lot out of me. Then again, maybe it was something else. Mel and I had been together for almost the last six months. I could only hope she did not stay with me so I would immediately sign the contract I had been offered, then again. Playing out my option year instead had made a lot of sense to me and could mean a lot more cents next year. Mel and my current agent begged to differ about my stance on that however.

I told her that I was not intending to sign Dan’s (Team owner) contract now or ever in the future, and I really did not care what her opinion on that was. That might also have been the impetus for her demand for me to sign it or else. That ‘or else’, sounded like a good option for me to take.

On the flight to London game no matter how I thought about it, I still missed Mel’s company but if anything; other things about her I did not like became more apparent. Thinking for a minute about what life might have been with someone like Trish or Bobby made me realize good things may happen when you least expect them, but more on that later. You need to hear more of my story before you judge anything.

Here is most of what has happened, so far.

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