My Sister's BFF Is a Ballerina
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Veronica in a tutu is imprinted in my mind like the Mona Lisa. My sister pushed her BFF in my direction with a sense that I had her on a pedestal and she wanted me to pull her off and make her just like the rest of us.

My sister Louise always was a bit of a klutz. She really was born with two left feet and embarrassed me no end when my friends were over to watch a football game or play a little cards.

Don’t get the wrong impression that she wasn’t a decent looking foxy twist because she was really stacked in all the right places. It was just her terrible lack of coordination when she was nervous or excited. The problem was she got nervous anytime she was around boys our own age. I think her virgin status had a lot to do with it but I don’t get into such thoughts when it concerns my own flesh and blood. It was easier for me to pretend she was a robot and had nothing but wires and plastic parts inside.

Fortunately, her BFF Veronica was a real anchor for her at such times and she just calmed down and clung to Veronica to do all the heavy lifting in lining up guys for buying them ice cream sodas or treating them to movies like they were the belles of the ball. That Veronica was a real dish of prime teenaged girl breathless temptation. In all honesty, I have to admit every time I saw her just walking or sitting, I got fantastic erections that caused me to keep a pillow on my lap to hide my embarrassing hardness.

Veronica was like a beautiful swan-like creature with long legs that seemed to go up forever into a fluffy white tutu hiding her perfect heart-shaped flanks like a cloud in the heavens. I had often dreamed about sinking my fingers or even my lips into that neat little package of feminine goodies with unrestrained glee like being let loose in a chocolate factory with no adults around to say “no”. I had managed to take some photos of her and my sister together at the beach and had nice shots of the both of them face down on the blanket with their heart-shaped butts staring me right in the face like a bowl full of ice cream waiting to be devoured. I don’t have to go into details about how I used those photos to relieve my tensions when push came to shove. That is a matter for me and my confessor and what is said in the confessional stays in the confessional according to church rules and regulations 101.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon when my sister begged me to go to the local movie theater with her and her boyfriend and her BFF Veronica because Veronica’s date was home with the flu and in no shape for some sitting in the last aisle covert groping. I saw Veronica looking bored as hell over the whole deal, but ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of putting up with me as a stand-in for her hunky jock.

I remember her standing at out front door with only a raincoat over her skimpy tutu from the ballet lessons at the neighborhood practice hall. I got an instant hard-on just thinking about her getting rid of that terrible raincoat and allowing me to investigate the flexibility of the almost-sheer tutu and her thin spandex panties covering her prime grade “A” teenaged girl parts. I knew my sister could read my mind and she seemed a little worried that I would offend poor Veronica with my insolent liberties in the darkened theater and she knew her weak-willed brother would be a prisoner of his immature aroused passions.

I really wasn’t planning to kiss Veronica at the time because I wasn’t into that sort of mushy stuff thinking it was sort of romantic bull-crap better left to moon-struck females searching endlessly for their soul-mate and not willing to settle for the boy next-door. My sister was a kiss-addicted female of the worst sort and I was disgusted just watching her and the love-addled quarterback Mike Malloy just poking his tongue inside her slimy mouth like he was charming a snake or hypnotized by her promise of hidden treasures to come. I was relieved that Veronica wasn’t giving me that teenaged girl look that said,

“You may kiss me now, you fool, and it better be good!”

I really hated that kind of pressure and preferred to just let my fingers wander like little mice all over Veronica’s tutu and fluffy feathery bra. I knew she was enjoying it, even if I was only a substitute, because of the way she clutched my wrist and guided me to those places girls like being touched best of all. Then, best of all, I struck the mother lode of her feminine wetness and she seemed to melt into my protective arms like we were one single entity drawing pleasure from mutual touch. I lost all interest in the way my sister was panting like the village idiot as her date stroked her trigger button with his oversized football player hands. I had my own row to hoe and I was eager to get to the end of the row and start all over again.

It was when I finally reached the promised land of Veronica’s happy hindquarters that I discovered she had a hidden eagerness to let me play with her puckered entryway. I had never suspected that level of nasty kinkiness in my Princess on a pedestal. She whimpered when I pushed inside and lifted her face for immediate kisses. I followed her lead thinking it was the line of least resistance to get into those places that girls like to keep secret until after they get married. Strangely, I wondered if my pure as a snowflake sister was getting the same sort of treatment from her musclebound jock with his one-track mind focused on pussy 24/7.

All of a sudden, it was obvious that Veronica was on a fast downhill track to a full sized orgasm. Her bare knees were shaking to beat the band and she kept her tongue inside my mouth flicking in every direction like some kind of crazed alien visitor searching for some sign of human intelligence. I let my anal inspired finger sink a bit deeper and she went over the edge of all logic and control. My fingers were drenched with her guilty juices and she started to push my hand on her slit trying to get my fingers in deeper to reach her mysterious clitoris that I had read about in my sister’s magazine. My sister must have been getting similar vibes because one of her legs lifted right on top of my knee and she was vibrating like some sort of tool used to grind down wood for a piece of furniture in the craft shop. I thought about reaching over with one hand and cupping her ass cheek because it was so close and obviously in the throes of feminine release. It was only the fact that Veronica was hanging on to me wanting my tongue, my hands and even my hard shaft to pay attention only to her that kept me from getting naughtily involved with my sister. I was thankful for that because I had no desire to listen to her berate me for my foolishness after the fact.

The scent of Veronica was on my hands and filled my nostrils with heated female odors that kept my tool in a semi-erect state. I naughtily pushed Veronica’s hand down to my hardness and she got the message right away. A moment later, her head was in my lap and I saw my sister watching her head bobbing like a yo-yo on my rod with an abandon uncharacteristic for her normally pristine attitude. I was covered in girl saliva and my pre-cum juices and the audible slurping was becoming a dead give-away of our nasty teenaged fun and games.

My sister leaned forward and she rested her hand on Veronica’s shoulder riding her bobbing head working diligently to get me off before the lights came back on. I wondered why she was in such a strange angle almost right in our laps and realized that the football jock was giving it to her from behind and I wasn’t sure if he was in her front or in her rear. In any case, he must have been enjoying it immensely because he pounded her relentlessly like he was leading a drive to a touchdown right between the goal-posts.

Veronica came up for air and seemed inspired by my sister’s acceptance of submission of her muscular date’s desires. She bent back down to her business in my lap and shortly after I let her have it full blast right to the back of her throat. I expected her to spit the mess out on the floor under our seat but she just swallowed as fast as she could and there was no mess at all. I knew my sister saw that and she must have been ashamed because she had told me in confidence one time that she could not handle any of that “stuff” in her mouth and would always spit it out before she was forced to swallow a single drop. I had to agree with her plan of action because all of the girls that had given me that gift of happy endings used the same tactic to get rid of the evidence. Of course, there were only two of them and they were sisters with the exact same attitude. I was eternally grateful to both of them and certainly wouldn’t disagree with their actions after the fact, so to speak.

Anyway, Veronica’s naughty swallowing impressed me greatly and I wondered if she used that technique with all her “dates” getting lucky in terms of her oral favors. The thought of my Veronica opening her mouth for any other guy made me instantly jealous even though the hypothetical circumstance was just in my imagination. I could just see her on her knees with her mouth full of teenaged boy and it made me want to lock her in her room and ground her and I was incensed at her lack of proper behavior.

It was confusing to be so jealous of something that was only a figment of my imagination and I knew that Veronica still only thought of me as a “substitute” and not a real date. At least, she was continuing to kiss me on the way home like she was enjoying my tongue and the touch of my finger working some magic on her nipple.

She ran up the stairs of her stoop and my sister drove us home without a single word.

I wondered if she had actually taken it up her rear door in the movie and thought it unlikely because she hadn’t groaned or made any fuss the whole time and it was hard to picture any girl taking it back there without a whole lot of audible response at some point in the unnatural act of sodomy. It was more likely that her date had just rubbed his shaft on her slit and deposited his load right on her panties or the insides of her legs. I certainly was not going to get into that sort of business and resolved not to ask her a single question about her movie activities because it was none of my business.

It was noticeable that she was limping a bit going up the stairs and that gave me the answer that she had indeed done the dirty anal deed and was feeling the effects without complaining about it like most girl would be inclined to do. I kind of felt sorry for her because she was my sister and I didn’t harbor any ill will against her at all.

“I can get some of grandma’s cream to take care of that for you, sis.”

She looked at me with a guilty face and I saw her nod her head in silent agreement.

Everyone was asleep and we both went into the upstairs bathroom and she bent over the sink with her dress up and her panties down around her ankles. I washed her real careful with the warm water and saw how red her pucker was from the huge insertion. I applied the cream with my bare finger not using the rubber glove like grandma, because I had an urge to feel her skin and inner channel and it would be an easier way to get the stuff in all the places she might be hurting. She sighed with contentment as I worked it all over her irritated entryway. I think I was a bit surprised when she kissed my other hand on the sink like she was expressing gratitude for my ministrations to her tortured flesh. It was unexpected and I think it turned me on a bit because my hardness was upon me with the instinctive need to get buried somewhere nice and wet and yielding to my needs.

We managed to control our passions and went to bed in separate bedrooms like a proper brother and sister with our separate thoughts and hopes and dreams about finding our soul-mates who were not related to us in any shape or manner, not even third cousins.

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