Alicia's Penance
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2016 by Nomie de Ploom

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After being framed for a crime she didn't commit, Alicia has one night of her life in a blackmailer's hands... not the guy who blackmailed her though, but the guy who purchased the right to her blackmail. And is she in for a long night.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   Teacher/Student   Revenge  

Alicia looked down at her phone when she saw a text from an unfamiliar number. Unlocking her phone she expected it to be from one of her college classmates, or a spam message. She wasn’t prepared for what it said though.

It’s time for you to do your penance. Your payback will be tomorrow night, however you will briefly report to the following address at 6 pm tonight for details and an inspection.

She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment–she knew this time would come and she was dreading it. She quickly glanced at the address and tapped the screen to search where the address led to. Part of her was surprised when the result came up as a strip club, but it was only a small part.

To Alicia it was obvious that her blackmail when it eventually came to be would be of a sexual nature. She was a nineteen-year-old beauty after all. It felt far worse to her because in reality, she had done nothing wrong.

She had been out shopping about a month before and when she left a high end clothing store all the alarms went off. Once the employees verified it was her purse that set off the alarms she was taken by the security guard to the private office.

She consented to a search of her purse only because she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong, but in dumping out her purse came a set of very expensive pearl earrings that she had never seen before, but there was apparently a hidden tag in the little box for them. The security guard had picked them up while she protested and said “Fourty-five-ninety-nine. You realize that trying to steal this is a class c felony. You’re going away for at least a few years.”

Of course Alicia hadn’t done anything wrong, this didn’t keep her from panicking more. The security guard had let her panic for a while, and when she finally started to calm down due to the oddity of him not yet arresting her or calling the police, she paid attention to him.

“Good, now that I got your attention, I’m willing to offer you a deal.”

Alicia raised her eyebrows in skepticism. “What kind of deal?”

“Easy, you do a little something and you get out of this.”

The nineteen-year-old sighed. “So you’re blackmailing me.”

The guard had paused for a moment. “Yes and no. I don’t get to have sex with you or anything, as much fun as that would be.”

This confused Alicia. “So what’s the deal then?”

“It’s simple. You’re gonna lose the shirt and the bra, and take and rewrite this form letter,” he reached into a drawer and pulled out a letter, “in your own handwriting, substituting parts in as needed. I’m gonna go on a website, get a number, write it on your chest, and take pictures and video of you holding the letter and explaining what you did.”

“But I didn’t do anything,” Alicia protested again. He shook his head as if he wasn’t having any of her excuses.

“I’ll give you a card, you’ll register on the site, and eventually you’ll be contacted and someone else will get the opportunity instead of me.”

Alicia was even more confused by this. “So what, you’re seeling the blackmail material you have on me?”

“Basically. It’s that, or take your chance with the cops and prison.”

She knew she was stuck. She hadn’t done it, but could she afford to fight the bogus charges? She knew the answer and she had agreed to his demands. Pictures, video, the letter, a copy of her id and her phone number, and things were in motion. That night she registered on the website with the same code he wrote across her chest in marker and had to fill out the most involved questionnaire about her life ever.

That was a month ago...

Alicia opened the door to the office and stepped in. Part of her was surprised at how small the office really was, but then she realized that most of the club’s space was actually dedicated to the real purpose of the club. As she shut the door behind her she looked to the man who sat behind the oversized desk and was immediately repulsed.

Behind the desk sat a fat, balding, ugly older man. The little whispy strips of black hair that remained in patches all over the top of his head looked looked like they held enough grease to run a fast food restaurant for a month. Blotchy, partially wrinkled skin covered his face. Beady eyes and a grin with a tooth missing greeted her, and that’s before she could look down at his mostly unbuttoned shirt, more greasy hair on his chest, and his tacky clothes that were clearly not meant to leave the 70s. To Alicia the guy was the living embodiment of creepy old porn cliches.

“I’m Alicia, I was–” she started to say before he held up a hand cutting her off.

With a nasally, high pitched voice he started to speak over her. “No, no, stupid skanks like you don’t get to talk to me as if we’re equals. Lose the fucking clothes cunt and then you can speak.”

Immediately Alicia wanted to protest and started opening her mouth. However, she caught herself before she could say anything. She had been expecting this that she’d have to get naked, but perhaps not this soon and not like this. But she knew it was a test and she had to pass. As much as she hated to she nodded and reached down she pulled the pink shirt she was wearing up over her head and through all of her long flowing brown hair littered with golden highlights. Standing before him holding the shirt she looked around confused before he spoke up.

“Just put them in that box by the door.”

She turned around to see a small cardboard box right where he said it would be. It was tiny, one of those boxes that looked like it held four six-packs of pop or beer for transport before it would make it onto the shelf. Sighing she threw her shirt in the small box and reached down to her jeans.

“No wasting time trying to be all modest, just get those fucking tits out here in the open and then you can get your pants off.”

Alicia pursed her lips. She wasn’t used to being treated like this and she certainly wasn’t enjoying it. He was probably testing how far he could push her and if she would be dumb enough to crack. She hated this, a little bit because of the way this ugly brute was trying to be degrading, but more because she was used to being the one with the power when it came to sex, and here she had none. Without giving the man the satisfaction she grimly nodded and reached back, unhooking her bra and letting her breasts fall out of the cups before sliding the bra down her arms.

“Very nice. Thirty-two c’s I’m guessing?” he asked as he looked at Alicia’s shapely breasts. “Don’t bother being cute with the pants and panties, just get them both off at once.”

She wanted to roll her eyes again at that, but was glad at the idea that this might mean it’d be over sooner. She frowned once she realized that this was just the meeting to establish what would happen tonight, the so called inspection. The girl reached down to her jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped them. Her hands trailed to her sides and she wiggled her ass as she slid her jeans and red panties down her legs.

Alicia was started when she saw the flash as she bent over to pull the clothes off her leg. She quickly looked up and saw the gross man who had control over her with a camera in his hand.

“Oh great, more blackmail material?” she asks as she stands back up and more pictures are taken.

He can’t help but grin, though he shakes his head. “No, it wouldn’t be allowed. According to the rules of the blackmail exchange something very, very bad would happen to me if I tried to use this opportunity to do anything more. This is just for my own enjoyment.”

She wasn’t satisfied, how could she be powerless to do much beyond what this man ordered of her as she stood naked in his office. She lifted her other leg and finished getting her pants and panties off.

“You’re gonna need to get rid of that,” the man says as his eyes glance to the landing strip above her vulva. Alicia for her part rolled her eyes at that but nodded.

The man wheeled his chair back from his desk and motioned to her. “Come over to this side and bend over the desk looking at the screen.”

Alicia groaned as she heard the command but she moved to comply anyway. She was glad she kept her sandals on as the carpet looked dirty as she came around to the desk within a foot of him. She was kind of surprised that he didn’t touch her but she faced away from him, giving him the first view of her ass. There was another flash of light before she started to bend over and she sighed but bent over, putting her arms on the desk.

Yet another flash of light once she was bent over. After a few seconds she heard another order from him. “Reach back and spread your cheeks, let’s see that cunt and asshole.”

It was a good thing he couldn’t see her face right now, the scowl she was giving him at his order and specifically her choice of words would have been enough to make most men freeze. Wordlessly she lowered her torso onto the table, mostly resting on her soft breasts as her hands reached back and spread her ass, revealing herself completely to him.

As she expected there was another flash of light. Then to her surprise she saw him set the camera down next to her. He picked up a remote and a screen by the door came on with a map and an address.

She heard the man roll the chair closer again as he started to talk. “Your night won’t be here, we have a private club in a warehouse down by the marina. You can let go now by the way.”

Alicia didn’t need to be told twice that she didn’t have to hold such a humiliating position, instead bringing her hands under her chin as she looks up at the screen. However she almost jumped as she felt his fingers starting to slide along the crack of her ass.

“You should bring multiple sets of clothes, though we’ll provide at least one outfit,” he continued to tell her. Alicia tensed up when his finger started to brush along her pussylips. “You’ll be engaging with three special clients tonight, and then you’ll finish with me.”

For just a second Alicia had hope, but then he had to add that he’d use her too. She kept looking forward trying to be silent but she couldn’t help but let out a grunt as his index finger pushed inside her. She was slightly wet even though she wasn’t enjoying this. He let out a laugh at her grunt and started to saw the finger in and out.

“Any questions?” he asked as the finger started to slide easier in between her soft folds.

She knew he was trying to get to her, but she had to take advantage of it, maybe she could think about something other than the unwanted penetration. “What will be expected with me and these special clients?”

Another chuckle came from the guy, “It’s rather simple, you’ll be their little bitch and pleasure them however they want.” He removed his finger from her pussy and she breathed a quick sigh of relief. There was only a few second wait before the finger coated with her own secretions was waiting at her asshole and roughly pushing in. Alicia let out a cry as the finger roughly invaded her tightest hole so unexpectedly. “No holes barred of course.”

Alicia was really starting to hate this guy now as she remained bent over his desk with his finger buried up her ass. She could tolerate small toys with lots of prep, but she had only done anal a few times out of wanting to please someone she loved. This was done to degrade and she wasn’t enjoying it but knew she couldn’t do anything about it and she’d probably be getting more from him tonight.

All of a sudden the door to his office opened and she wanted to jump, but instead she just froze. In came a rather big black guy in black jeans and a black t-shirt. Alicia couldn’t believe it as she remained bent over the desk, finger in her ass.

“Hey, just thought I’d let you know boss that Taylor had to call off tonight,” the man who had to be a bouncer said in a deep voice.

It was at that moment that the greasy man behind her started to pull his finger out of her ass. There was a sense of relief until he pressed back in. She couldn’t believe her luck that he was gonna finger fuck her ass while someone else was in the room.

“That’s alright, we can make do,” the boss said nonchalantly. He let out a loud hum as he fingered her ass for another minute before finally pulling it out. “I think you can cover the warehouse tonight solo.”

Alicia was so glad that the finger was out of her that she didn’t realize that he had stood up behind her. The teenager didn’t know it until his hand gripped her hair and yanked her up. She didn’t even realize that her body was on full display for the bouner now.

“This will be the little slut that’ll show up around 7. I’ll get you the profile of the clients but it should be a great night.”

The bodyguard licked his lips. “It’s too bad I can’t get any of that, she looks like a fine pieces of ass.” That’s when Alicia realized how on display she was and looked down.

The grease boss grabbed her arm and spun her around as he sat back down in the chair, pulling her into his body. “Give me a kiss then you can get dressed and get out of here. I expect tongue.”

As she leaned into him resting on his gut she sighed and Alicia moved her mouth up and closed her eyes, trying to imagine someone else as she started to kiss him. His hands were all over her body before she realized how low his hands were going. As his hands reached her ass they squeezed and pried her cheeks apart.

“Mhmm, I was right, either of those holes would be amazing to own. Oh well.” Even as she felt his tongue squirming around inside her mouth she heard the door open and the bouncer left. The hands on her ass let go and one gave her a smack.

“Alright slut,” he said as he pushed her off his body and she fell back onto her ass. “See you at seven.” He then moved his seat back behind his desk and appeared to resume looking over something. Alicia wanted to scoff at that, here she was a hot nineteen-year-old splayed naked on the floor yet he suddenly acted as if she didn’t exist. She wanted to scoff, but then she found herself mad that she wanted the attention from this gross monster.

Alicia picked herself up and went for her clothes, realizing that she didn’t even put her pants or panties in the box. When she grabbed her pants she was confused as her panties were nowhere to be found. She frowned in realizing that the bouncer must have grabbed her panties while she was being forced to make out.

Sighing she put her pants on sans her panties and quickly got her bra and shirt on, looking at the address on the screen one last time before getting the hell out of the strip club.

The uber driver dropped Alicia off at the Marina ten minutes before seven. She knew where she needed to walk to and with her clothes in a bag she started to make her way to the warehouse. The teenager resisted the urge to reach down and scratch the slight itch she had from having to shave off her remaining pubic hair, and otherwise stayed focused on her walk.

She arrived at the building with two minutes to spare and she saw one dimly lit door, figuring that had to be where she was going. Pulling it open she stepped inside.

Alicia knew immediately she was in the right place as she saw the bouncer by the inner door. He flashed a giant grin at her before going behind her and locking the door she came in and shutting off the light. He headed back to the inner door and opened it saying with the deep voice, “Follow me.”

He led her down a dark corridor to a tiny room. Once she was inside she saw it was a dressing room. “You’ll go ahead and change here. I suppose you got the text telling you what types of clothes to bring?” he asked her.

She nodded in response to that. She was told specifically to bring two outfits, underwear she wouldn’t mind losing, and that she would be provided with the other two outfits. She remained quiet for the moment and just let him lead things.

“Go ahead and change into the preppy girl outfit,” he commanded. Another nod from her as she waited for him to leave, but of course he didn’t. She was at least glad that she only had to change one aspect of her outfit in order to get into her preppy outfit. She peeled off her t-shirt and got out the polo shirt she brought. Putting it on she looked into the mirror and her makeup was just as good as when she left the house.

“Now what?” she asked as he looked on a bit disappointed.

Frowning, the bouncer shakes his head. “Wait here.” He quickly left the room for a moment. Alicia took the time to hang up the bag with her clothes and once again check out her hair and makeup. It only took a moment before the bouncer came back and beckoned her with his finger. Alicia took a deep breath before following.

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