Founders Party
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 16-year-old Anna works at an upscale country club in an extremely wealthy community. Every year they throw a "Founders Party", where the girls serve up drinks and serve up their bodies for the wealthiest of men. This is the story of Anna's first Founders Party and everything that goes on for the teen at her first paid orgy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Rough   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Prostitution   Slow  

For Anna living in a community of rich people had its perks. The biggest perk for her is that even though her family was poor, it was rather easy for girls like her to get jobs at the local exclusive country club. She had been playing gopher at one for about four months now–doing pretty much anything they needed, but she had just earlier in the week gotten to do her first waitressing duties. Now she was anxiously sitting in an all hands on deck meeting not sure what was going on.

Most of the staff were girls, ranging from high school through early college. There were a few guys on staff but they mostly took care of the behind the scenes things or the maintenance–the servers and hostesses were exclusively women. Anna had known this, but it really didn’t become apparent until she was sitting in the meeting.

“Alright, I’m sure most if not all of you can guess why we’re here,” said Tim the manager with a large smile on his face. “The date has been set for the founders party, a week from Saturday.”

Many of the girls started cheering, though Anna had looked confused, she had never heard of a founders party. One of her friends, a girl named Marcie spoke up as the cheering died down. “What about Anna?”

The girls went almost silent as most of the room turned to look at her, though she was very confused as to why. Tim waited a moment and said, “Oh yeah, it’s been a few years since we’ve had an underage girl working here at the time of a Founders Party. Weren’t you the last Marcie?”

Marcie nodded to that. Tim nodded as well and said, “Good, well in that case I’ll let you talk to her about it. As for all you girls, and Anna if she decides to take part, we’ll be closed Friday evening but you ladies will be on the clock while you’re at the spa getting ready for the big party.”

The cheering erupted again and Tim waved the girls off to be dismissed. Anna still remained confused as Marcie came over to her. “Why don’t we go talk in one of the offices?”

Anna agreed, getting up and following her. Once inside Marcie closed the door and took a deep breath. “You were here for Cabana Weekend right?” Marie asked.

Anna nodded to that. “Yeah, short shorts, bikini tops, it was alright I guess.”

Marcie nodded to that. “Well the Founders Party has nothing on that. It’s basically the rich guys orgy as it were. We wear shoes, stockings, thigh garters, and a smile. The night starts off rather routine like a Saturday night would, serving drinks naked and such, but some alcohol here, some hundred dollar bills there and before you know it, bam, orgy.”

The sixteen-year-old girl couldn’t believe her ears hearing this. Marcie had to be joking on something like that–it just didnt make sense.

“Why would girls do that?” she asked her older friend.

“For the money silly. It’s one night a year, we get pampered the night before and even for all the fondling and the sex and everything, it’s a fun time. Plus we make bank. Five hundred an hour plus tips.”

As one would imagine Anna’s jaw dropped. “Five hundred an hour plus tips?”

A nod from Marcie. “Yes, so even if you never got touched once nor tipped once, you’d leave the night three grand richer. But here’s the thing, if you do it, you’ll walk away with so much more.”

More confused looks from the brunette teenager. “Why so?”

Marcie couldn’t help but laugh. “Cause you’re sixteen, duh. Even though you’re perfectly legal to have sex with anyone you want, you’re still kinda that forbidden fruit. They play that up too. You’d be coming in as the only girl dressed, and to get you naked guys literally have to buy the clothes off of you.”

Anna couldn’t help but starting to imagine what it would be like walking around, having guys hand her money to buy her clothes when she was snapped out of her daydreaming by another question. “Are you a virgin?”

Anna blinked a few times and shook her head, “No, but I’ve only done it a few times.”

Marcie nodded. “What about your ass?”

She cringed at the question. “Eww, no.”

A laugh came from Marcie. “Oh Anna, that’s what I thought. If you’re willing, they’d actually auction off your ass and you get all the money from it. I mean obviously you’d have to take it up the ass, but you’ll find at some point everyone else does during the night.”

The teen nervously giggled. “I see. Could I decide on it later?”

Another nod from Marcie. “Of course, but know you’ll probably get fingers there and everything else anyway, might as well make bank. When I did it at seventeen I walked away with nearly thirteen thousand that night. I’ve made about six or seven every party since, but damn that was a nice night. Just think about things.”

Anna did think about things, and a little over a week later she found herself the only clothed girl standing on a balcony with seven other women dressed only in shoes and stockings. She watched the video that was being played on the big screen in the main room–the video was nearly done introducing the eight of them, and while all the others seemed to be taking it in stride, Anna was nervous for her part that was about to appear on screen.

She only had to wait another moment before she appeared on the screen with a smile on her face. “Hi guys, I’m Anna. This will be my first party and shhh, I’m only sixteen.”

The group of guys below, somewhere between twenty and thirty, all erupted as she said that. A pause of the audio seemed to be built into the video, they might have expected this would happen. On the video she continued speaking. “However, because I’m only sixteen, you’ll have to buy my clothes off of me if you really want to have some fun. I’ll give you most of a sneak peak now.”

And on screen she transformed from her country club uniform to being naked, except her nipples and pussy were digitally covered to not show her off quite yet. Cheerings turned to boos as they saw she was covered as she continued making small talk on screen. When she could finally hear things again it was the part that she was dreading.

“I have one more special treat for you guys. There’s something I have yet to experience, so tonight one of you lucky guys will get the right,” Anna turned pink as she watched herself turn around on the screen, bend over slightly, and spread her ass. She was kinda shocked when her pussy was still covered but her asshole wasn’t at all, “to purchase my virgin ass.”

Anything else that she may have said on the video before it winked off was drowned out by the cheers of many of the guys. Anna took a deep breath, she knew it was gonna be a long night.

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