The Waters of Nantucket Sound
Chapter 1: My World

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Lesbian, Fiction, Group Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: My World - Before you ask, this is a work of fiction. It is a life imagined. I am nearly done with my bachelor's degree and close to beginning my career. Or, I could just run a charter service from my boat. Do we need a career to be happy? What constitutes a career? What does it mean to be fulfilled? Successful? Join me as I let my mind wonder what life could be like on The Waters of Nantucket Sound...

The winds were out of the north that day which meant weather was coming tonight. Likely a low pressure system was stalled out in the Gulf of Maine sitting there and spinning. While it spins it will pull moisture in from the Atlantic and cooler air from the north resulting in a wet stormy night for us here on the Cape. As I dropped the main and engaged the electric sail-drive, I mumbled to myself, “At least it’s not winter...” This weather pattern in the winter months is called a Nor’easter. Motoring into the harbor, I secured the sails and stowed my gear down in the cabin.

The Sea Nymph is a 38’ sloop-rigged keel boat. She’d been built with an electric sail-drive that re-charged when under sail and was always available for maneuvering in harbors. I loved her and had been pushing her this spring to find her limits; the dream of someday circumnavigating the globe was very much alive in my head. She was certainly a capable boat and I’d been sailing since before I learned to walk.

Today was a solo day on the Nymph and we sailed out beyond Nantucket into the rougher seas of the open Atlantic. This had become a regular trip for me as I learned what the Nymph and I could handle together. The trip back across the Sound to Cape Cod was much calmer. With the Nymph on a starboard tack I had set the auto-pilot and hopped out of the cockpit up onto the deck. The sun was low in the sky to my left and I straddled the bow of the boat with one leg hanging to port and the other to starboard. There was not a boat in sight and easily two hours before we would reach the Cape.

I laid back and closed my eyes to enjoy the feel of the wind over my body and the occasional kiss of the ocean spray. This was my world. The Sea Nymph was not the only thing on auto-pilot and my fingers began drifting around slowly tracing circles on my belly, moving up to my neck, and down to my thighs. I knew this was not the time or the place; a captain must always be on watch, must always be aware, but it had been too long. My tee-shirt was soon off and folded under my head to serve as a pillow while my fingers continued their slow dance. I quickly opened my eyes once again to check for boats; it was clear to the horizon in all directions. With my head back on my makeshift pillow, one hand slid inside the loose leg opening of my running shorts while my other hand continued caressing my neck.

It was as if they knew their task and needed no input from my increasingly foggy brain. My mind danced from one fantasy to another trying to settle on one; many friends have entered my mind during these times. Who would it be today? Would it be Jim who runs that fishing charter out of Nantucket? Or my teacher who I dated briefly after graduating? Or one of my girls? Ohhh, yes, that’s it; it will be one of my girls this time. It’s funny how the brain settles on a decision like that. Was it a conscious decision or does the mind just know what it wants?

My fingers continued their manipulations as I imagined her between my legs. We’ve never met in real life, but I’ve known her online for years. At this moment I was not lying on the bow of my boat; I was on her bed and she was moving so expertly around my most private place. Her fingers knew me so well as she opened me up and entered me. My breathing quickened as I felt her other hand close on my breast. She began squeezing, pulling, and pinching while continuing to fill me again and again. I could take no more and my world exploded in that moment.

I lay there topless and panting for air as the Nymph continued to cut through the light chop. My feet were cooled by the ocean spray kicking up from the hull and I was slowly coming back to my senses when the buzz from the cockpit alerted me to something on radar that required my attention. Scooping up my tee-shirt I made my way back to the helm to check it out. I had set the alarm to only alert me to vessels in close proximity and sure enough there was another boat heading my way from the east; based on its speed and heading probably a returning fishing boat on its way to Lewis Bay. I laughed as I realized at that moment that my fingers were still playing with one of my nipples. I mentally swatted my hand away and put my tee-shirt back on.

  – Chapter 2: Charter Boat Captain

A few years ago when I turned 18, I took the necessary courses to become a Coast Guard certified Charter Captain. While it is not a long term career choice, it sure helps with extra spending money. Since I taught martial arts during the day, I decided to specialize in sunset champagne cruises for couples at night and then on weekends I would offer shopping excursions out to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. Actually, in all honesty, I would sail anywhere anyone wanted any time they wanted and if they were paying me that just made it better. I lived aboard the Sea Nymph spring, summer, and fall and while “a ship in the harbor is safe, that is not what ships are built for”!

Being the only female-captained charter boat in Lewis Bay, I attracted a certain clientele and my reputation in their circle seemed to grow and grow. You see, Cape Cod is a fairly LGBT-friendly area and I tended to attract more than my fair share of lesbian couples. It wasn’t anything I sought out, but I sure didn’t turn away the business. Besides, the tips were awesome.

One particular Saturday morning I was getting things ready for a charter to Nantucket. Lunch and dinner would be on the boat so I was stowing the food and champagne in the fridge down in the cabin when I heard, “Hello?”

The cruise had been booked by Holly through my website and fully paid in advance through PayPal. When I spoke to her on the phone, Holly explained that the cruise was for her and her wife and that they were celebrating their one year anniversary. They were from New York City and had gotten married on the Cape the previous summer.

I stepped up out of the cabin into the cockpit, “Hi!”

“Is this the Sea Nymph?” she asked.

“It sure is. Can I help you?” She didn’t look at all like I imagined Holly would look and they were an hour early so I wasn’t sure if this was my charter couple or not. On the phone she sounded like a take charge authority type and since they were from New York City I imagined a power couple ... perhaps a banker and real estate developer or something like that ... maybe a high fashion couple? I’d had all types. The woman standing before me didn’t look like that at all. She was in a simple cotton summer sundress with a wide brimmed sun hat – a good choice for her given her coloring: beautiful curly red hair flying loose over her shoulders, flawless white skin, and piercing green eyes. She stood only a couple inches taller than me and her features were those of an elf. I was momentarily entranced.

Her wife (Samantha according to the booking information) was about the same height, but there the similarity stopped. Samantha had a much darker complexion and straight black hair in two braids falling in front of her bare shoulders. I would have thought her to be Native American except for her bright blue eyes which matched perfectly the feather she had woven into one of her braids. And then I noticed her shoulders and arms. This girl was fit ... she had muscle tone I rarely saw outside of my taekwondo studio. Our eyes met for a moment when she caught me checking her out.

“Yes, please, I’m looking for Sera,” the elf continued.

“I’m Sera and I’m guessing maybe you’re Holly?”

“You’re Sera?” she asked with a confused look on her face. You see, I stand all of 5’-1½” tall and look much younger than my years. I was wearing just a loose ‘Fight Like a Girl’ tee-shirt, neon green Lululemon running shorts, my favorite Sperry boat shoes, a Boston Red Sox ball-cap and sport glasses hanging around my neck. With my pony tail through the back of the cap, I fully realized that I probably looked 15.

“Yes ma’am, but if you’d prefer an older captain, I can have my buddy Ole’ Pete take you two out. He knows my boat fairly well,” and with that I nodded to Pete who was on his boat two slips down. Pete looked like a cross between Willie Nelson and Jerry Garcia, but with skin that told you he’d been living at sea his entire life.

Holly looked horrified at first until she saw the smirk on my face and then her mood changed. “Oh you’re a funny little one, aren’t you?”

“Entertainment is part of the package, Ma’am.”

“Ma’am!? That’s twice you’ve called me ma’am and if you say that one more time, I’ll have you over my knee!” she exclaimed.

“Promise?” I added with a wink. “Come on aboard. I know I look young, but I’ve been sailing my whole life and I know these waters as well as anyone here. If you want to see my license, it’s posted down in the cabin over the chart table.”

“No, no, that’ll be fine. I was just a little surprised. This is a beautiful boat.”

“Thanks. So, the plan is Nantucket and back, right?”

“Well, we are completely flexible and have the day open so if you have suggestions fire away. You came very highly recommended.”

I smiled and took Holly’s bag from her and motioned for them to follow me below. In the cabin I gave them the nickel tour and stowed their bags up in the forward berth. I noticed them both looking at the v-shaped bed there and smiled. I explained that while under way, I would be at the helm station and manning the sails the whole time, but that they had free rein to roam the boat above or below deck as they saw fit.

One of Holly’s questions on my website was about the dress code aboard the Sea Nymph. I explained in my email response that while in harbor, we all needed to stay appropriately covered but that while crossing the Sound, clothing was optional and completely at the guests’ discretion. Looking at Holly now in her thin sundress, I wondered if she had anything else on. She didn’t have the muscle tone of Samantha, but she was clearly in very nice shape. When the sun backlit her dress, I could see her body and her curves quite easily. Her breasts were a bit larger than mine (but then almost anyone’s are) and her nipples would occasionally say hello through her thin top. Looking over at Samantha in her spaghetti-strap tank top and cut-off jean shorts I was again entranced by her muscle tone and, once again, she caught me looking.

When our eyes met, she smiled and just said, “Akido, sho-dan,” then motioning to my tee-shirt, “you?”

“Oh ... taekwondo, Yi-dan,” and we both instinctive gave a brief bow of respect to each other.

“Stop that right now you two,” exclaimed Holly, “I’m not here to listen to fight talk and if I hear any of it I’m going to swim to Nantucket and meet you both there!”

“She’s into yoga,” was Samantha’s only comment along with a wink and a giggle. I tried to restrain my chuckle but it was too perfect and I broke into a full-faced grin.

“I get it, my best friend is into yoga as well,” I replied with a wink. You see, anyone in martial arts knows that yoga is very similar in the embracing of eastern philosophy, the focus on physical fitness, and the skill needed to master precise movements. The difference is, we get to hit people. :-)

It was clear this was going to be a fun trip for me. I’d had groups where I was treated like a servant and I’ve had groups that showed no respect for my boat, but I could tell that these two were going to be joy to escort through my world. It had only taken a couple minutes to stow their bags and give them the tour so we were still nearly an hour early for our planned departure.

“Did you two want to get underway early or do you want to see more of the shops here in Hyannis before we set out? I’m pretty flexible with the whole schedule concept so it’s entirely up to you.”

“Oh I’m pretty sure we’re ready whenever you are, Captain,” that was Samantha with another wink.

“Okay then, let’s set sail. You two sit tight for just a couple minutes and I’ll get us underway.” With that I hopped out of the cockpit and released the dock lines, pulled in the little steps I keep next to the boat, and took up my position at the helm. I engaged the electric drive and the Sea Nymph silently moved out into the harbor. Two quick blasts on the horn and wave to Pete put the marina behind us.

“When ya back girly?” yelled Pete.

“After sunset, old man, don’t wait up!” I knew he would anyway. Pete and I have known each other my whole life. He was way too old to still be running a charter and, in all honestly, I was probably too young, so we looked out for each other.

We passed one of the island ferries on our way through Lewis Bay as I was raising the main. I gave them another couple of blasts on the horn to say “Hi” to all the tourists waving. Under full sail now I secured the electric drive and turned southwest to head out into the Sound.

“Hey Sera?”

“Yes Samantha?”

“Well first, please call me Sammi. But also, please let us know when it’s okay to get comfortable. This sun is way too inviting to stay covered much longer,” and again that wink.

“Will do and I know exactly what you mean. But before we really get going, I have a question for you both. Do you remember those surveys I had you complete when you booked the trip?”

“Yes, of course,” replied Holly.

“Well first, thank you for completing them separately as I asked. I get a lot of them back where the collaboration is obvious. Anyway, I wanted to talk about one of the questions. Holly, you chose ‘peaceful and serene’ to describe sailing.”

“You did?” interrupted Sammi. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yes, Sammi, she did and you chose ‘adrenaline rush.’”

“That’s my Sammi!” exclaimed Holly.

“Okay, so this presents me with a bit of a dilemma. The truth is that sailing can be either. This evening’s cruise back will absolutely be the peaceful and serene variety for most of the trip. This morning is going to tend more toward the adrenaline rush, but I can control by how much.”

“What do you mean?” asked Holly.

“Well, we’ve got swells of about three to four feet out in the middle of the Sound and the wind is coming out of the west-northwest. This isn’t typical for a Hyannis to Nantucket run, but we could fly the spinnaker.”

“What does that mean?” asked Sam.

“Okay, so the main and the jib will get us there in about three hours, maybe a bit more. A spinnaker is that usually colorful, really big, kite-like sail you see boats set when they are running downwind. It’s very different from these two,” I said motioning to the two sails now over our heads. “You see, every sail has a force vector, or a direction in which it pulls the boat. Obviously, all sails pull us forward, but the spinnaker also pulls us up and lightens the boat in the water. With the winds the way they are, we stand a chance of setting a boat record for the run to Nantucket. Are you two in?”

“How bad will it be?”

“Oh Holly! Stop it. It sounds like absolute fun!”

“Hold on Sammi. I love the enthusiasm, but this has to be a unanimous decision. Holly, either way, this is going to be a wet ride over with the conditions today. Without the spinnaker it will just be occasional spray coming over the bow and giving us a spritz. It’s not bad actually and will keep the sun from getting you too hot. With the spinnaker, there will be more frequent showers and sometimes a garden hose. It’s perfectly safe and it’s what the boat is made to handle, but you will be wet. And, I wouldn’t even suggest it if you both hadn’t said you loved roller coasters. What do you think?”

“Will you look at that face!” replied Holly motioning to her pouting wife. “How can I say no to that? At least tonight will be my kind of ride.”

“Oh it absolutely will. The forecast for tonight is for calm seas and much lighter winds. You’ll be sitting in each other’s arms sipping champagne as the sun drops into the sea. I promise.”

“Okay. Let’s do this,” then turning to Sammi, “but you owe me. You owe me so big.”

“You know I always pay by debts, love.”

As we cut through the light chop on the way out of Lewis Bay, I pointed out some of the more famous residences along the well-known shoreline including the Kennedy compound. Finally, clearing the last jetty and turning downwind into a broad reach I set a south-southeast heading and marked the time. Our heading would bring us straight to the island of Nantucket. It’s about thirty miles out and takes the Nymph just over three hours to get there normally. I was hoping to break two hours and fifty minutes this time.

As the shoreline receded behind us, Sam looked at me and I couldn’t help breaking into a smile and a bit of a laugh, “Yes, Sammi, you can get comfortable now if you’d like. Besides, if I’m going to be giving you a shower of sea water, you might as well be naked!”

It took Sam less than a minute to shed the few garments she wore and Holly broke out into open laughter and commented, “It’s amazing that you manage to keep your clothes on at all!”

“So shoot me. I like being comfortable.” Sam clearly spent time working out. Her body was an anatomy lesson on human musculature. And just as clearly, she spent a lot of time in the sun without covering; there was not a tan line anywhere on her body. “Come on sweetie, join me,” and she took Holly’s hand to stand her up. Then, right in front of me, Sam reached down and pulled Holly’s dress up and over her head and then folded what little clothes they had worn and placed it all down below.

Their bodies stood in stark contrast to each other in every way. Sam was the athlete and had the contours to prove it. Holly was equally beautiful with all the right curves but with softer contours. Both were visions of female beauty and completely naked before me. They kissed softly before Sam reminded Holly that she needed protection from the sun.

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