Kissing Cousins
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The families in the valley were close knit and sometimes a little closer than might be normal in decent society.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cousins   Uncle   Niece   Humiliation   Spanking   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   Hairy   Public Sex   Small Breasts  

The tiny church was packed to the rafters with folks wanting others to see them sitting there, bored and wishing they were somewhere else, but willing to suffer for a reputation of being well-behaved “God-fearing” citizens of a valley with no name.

Of course, I was sitting there in the second pew with my “hard to miss” retinue of relations. There was Ma and Pa and Granny Moses dressed in their Sunday best and all my brothers and sisters fidgeting and squirming on the hard wooden planks. None of us young ones were dressed splendiferous like regular adults, but that was normal up our way. I was the only one of the girls that had her legs up high on the pew because I still had some sore spots on my bottom where Pa had gotten carried away with “teaching me a lesson” I wouldn’t forget.

I should say my name is Sue Ellen Barker and that I am just turned sixteen. In these parts, that makes me almost an old maid because the female humans all get a man to lean on at an early age before they get to drinking and carrying on with those strange creatures up by the paved highway that goes all the way to the State capitol. Those little minxes spritz their hair with sticky stuff and even paint everything on their face with lipstick and powder making them look like clowns and not real women that have babies and do the cooking and the cleaning all day long. They even wear shoes with long spikes instead of heels walking like they got something up their “you know what” and they got to walk that way to keep it inside.

Between you and me, I never had anything up my dirt hole except my oldest brother Jethro’s finger when he was feeling no pain testing Uncle Simple’s white lightning for being ripe enough to sell down at the crossroads market. Jethro had a habit of wrapping me in his big hairy arms and telling me,

“It’s time to check your insides for fever, little girl, get them drawers down for Jethro’s fever checker.”

I would just bent over and pull my drawers down in front of all my other siblings laughing hard enough to beat the band and he would shove his big middle finger up my boom-di-ay without any ceremony whatsoever. I never liked it on the way in, but after he had me hooked nice and proper, I have to admit his shameful stretching was something I eventually got addicted to just like the ice cream from the freezer in the store that sold almost everything imaginable. He made me get up on my toes and sort of dance at the end of his thick paw like a pretend ballerina without any music. I pretty much sort of missed his attentions when he took his finger out and I knew it was a sin and all, but it was always on my mind like watching one of the older girls getting it behind the privy from one of my brothers or the workers at my Uncle’s still. I honestly don’t know why my brother Jethro liked making fun of me with his finger like that, but I generally got to hoping strange boys might like doing the same thing but they never seemed to get my unspoken message. I noticed that I was starting to enjoy Pa’s heavy hand and his belt a lot more as I got older and my Ma didn’t miss the way I was squirming on his lap the entire time.

Our farm had the biggest still in the valley.

It didn’t belong to my Daddy.

It belonged to Uncle Simple.

I thought Simple was a strange name and asked my Ma why he had that unusual name because he certainly looked more devious than simple to me. My Ma laughed and told me,

“We call him Simple because he always used to chase the young girls with a one-track mind. You be right careful around him because he never asks for permission and simply sticks it in before a girl rightly knows what is going on.”

For some strange reason that sounded totally exciting and I was reminded of my brother Jethro with his impetuous finger that was a source of guilty addiction to me. I was often in or around the still out in the deep forest delivering food or ingredients on orders from either my Ma or Pa and I would squat down in the grass and watch Uncle Simple haul the sacks of mash over and adjust the heat in the coils to just the right level for a perfect brew of hooch. I was never tempted to taste the stuff because I had seen one of my older sisters in the clutches of withdrawing from the poison after using it far too much for her own good. She was a teetotaler now and wagged her pretty finger at the drunks down at the crossroads trying to forget how she was in their place for longer than she wanted to remember. I also remembered how “loose” it made her when she was feeling no pain and the way she would rub her heels in men’s backsides when they were giving it to her hard and heavy. I had dreamed of doing it just like that with some of the young boys in church but I knew in my mind that I didn’t have the nerve and I wasn’t about to start in drinking the rotgut my Uncle produced with surprising efficiency.

One afternoon down at the still, I went into the weeds to take a long-delayed wee-wee and was startled to see my Uncle Simple looking at me real strange from behind one of the tall trees that had survived the long-ago fire that had cleared out all the dead wood down low on the ground. He could probably see my white cotton undies and from his angle probably had a good field of vision right up my naked crack as I squatted down doing my business the way nature demands from time to time. I wasn’t ashamed of my body and I found that the thought of Uncle Simple seeing me with my drawers down wasn’t entirely embarrassing at all. In fact, I felt the same way I did when my brother Jethro was making me dance at the end of his finger like I was a puppet on a string.

I was able to stand and re-arrange my clothing before he approached me and wrapped his big arms around me like some bear getting ready to fight an intruder. My head only came up to his belly and the next thing I knew he had pushed my head down lower and I was introduced to his long thick shaft sticking out in a way that indicated to me he was expecting me to do something nasty like one of those girls over by the highway.

Not really certain what to do, I started to blow on his bullet head. It had a little drop on the tip like a pearl of sticky oil ready to drop off to the ground. I knew instinctively I should lick it and it spread inside my mouth like medicine soothing me into opening my mouth real wide to take him inside and let him start to pump me full of Uncle Simple juice. He put both his hands behind my ears and directed my face left and right according to his whim and I didn’t mind because I had no idea what I was doing never having done it ever before.

The sound of him panting and groaning was enough to get me all riled up and excited inside and all I could think was he might even want me to bend over for him after he finished the mouth business. I wanted to shout out that it was all wrong because we were Uncle and Niece but in all honesty I was really onboard with the whole thing and I didn’t think he would listen to me anyway.

I got my first load from Uncle Simple straight down my surprised throat and it was sitting in my tummy like a warm reminder of the impulsive nature of male demands. I was ready to pull my drawers down at the hint of a suggestion from him but he just laughed and patted me on top of my head like I was a well-trained dog.

“I didn’t know you had it in you, girl, those brothers of yours must be teaching you all the right things when old Ma and Pa are too busy to notice.”

I certainly didn’t like him calling my Ma and Pa “old” because he was the same age as they were. He didn’t seem inclined to be humping anytime soon so I relaxed and helped him stack the jars of booze inside the wooden crates for the next delivery. My brothers sometimes helped but he had three strapping sons of his own that did most of the heavy lifting at the still and took care of all the deliveries to the city folk.

The girls at church told me,

“You are lucky to have three cousins like Adam, Billy and Clyde to play spin the bottle with in front of the fire.”

I knew they were joshing me but the thought stuck in my brain and all I could think was that it was only fair for us to at least be “Kissing Cousins” because we were part of the same extended family. The truth was that I found all three of them to be attractive and I could easily see my lips surrendering to their mouths just the way girls are supposed to do when a boy is in the kissing mood. My only problem was that cousin Clyde had a huge moustache that might tickle me into laughing at time when girls are supposed to be sighing with satisfaction and not laughing like some village idiot when a boy sticks his tongue in her mouth.

The cousins loaded the truck and I climbed in the back with Adam and Billy. Clyde was driving which was only proper because he was the oldest and sort of the most mature one of the pack. I sat with my legs crossed real modest like but Adam and Billy were in a “fooling around” mood and they were soon playing with my budding nipples and telling me,

“You sure do have nice boobs, Cousin Sue Ellen, can we lick them just to see how they taste?”

It was such a silly question that I was forced to giggle and that led to them taking off my training bra and each taking a breast to suck on like little babies looking for a mid-day snack. I have to admit my slit was getting wetter by the minute and I hoped my panties soaked it all up and they didn’t become aware of how hot I was just thinking about their still hidden cocks.

Then, they were taking turns between my nipples and my mouth and I lost track of which one was doing what to me. The next thing I knew was that they had my panties down to my ankles and one was playing with my bottom and the other was starting to explore my teenaged slit with his inquisitive tongue. By that time, I was in seventh heaven and all I could do was keep repeating “Oh My God!” over and over again like I was praying in church. Of course, praying was the last thing on my mind at the moment because I was certain the good Lord would not approve of what came next and I knew my Ma and Pa would feel exactly the same way.

My backside was perched on top of Adam’s hard member and he slowly started to slide inside my eager pucker with gentle loving stretching that suited me just fine. Meanwhile, my Cousin Billie was bouncing his dick on my happy bush and eventually found my entrance and relieved me of my unwanted cherry at the very first pot-hole.

The three of us were like a single person pushing and pulling and with me in the middle, I had the advantage of getting the best of both worlds.

It was Adam that came first and I knew he was sad that he didn’t last longer because he was enjoying it so much he was almost singing with joy. After that, I could concentrate on Billie humping me like a husband doing his Saturday night duty. I wrapped my legs around his denim jeans and held him in tight just the way I saw the other girls doing it behind the schoolhouse. He seemed to like that because it forced him to spurt oodles of cream. I did my level best to keep it all inside so as not to make a mess on the jars we were taking to deliver for sale.

I saw Clyde looking at us through the rear view mirror and I knew that he was plotting to get his turn just as soon as his driving chores were over. I was a bit tired after taking care of his two brothers but the thought of that moustache tickling me between my legs was enough to make my pulse beat a little faster and I hope we would get to our destination real quick-like.

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