Thirty Days
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Squirting, Voyeurism, Size, Slow,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 17 year old Tommy gets arrested shoplifting a six pack of beer. By coincidence his mother is the judge. She gets the charges dropped and grounds him for thirty days. While he is in her chambers he happens to see her wearing next to nothing under her robe. Throughout the next month, Tommy and his mother get closer than a mother and son should.

Gloria Wilson was a successful woman in her mid-40s. After she received her undergraduate degree, Gloria attended and graduated Stanford law school and became a public defender. After a few years she moved on to a prestigious firm in the Bay Area where she met her husband. She did well at the firm and made partner. After about 15 years there she decided to go to the other side of the courtroom and became a prosecutor. She and her husband divorced several years earlier after she found out that he was having an affair with a much younger woman. After the divorce her ex-husband moved to Philadelphia with his lover and Gloria got the house and custody of and their teenage son Tommy.

Gloria was a very nice looking woman. Even though she made partner through hard work there were whispers that she slept her way to becoming partner. Gloria was about 5’7” and weighed about 120. She kept herself in shape and dressed well. She wore her wavy black hair shoulder-length but usually put it in a bun during court. She wore large dark-rimmed glasses mainly for effect. She favored A-line skirts and blouses instead of pantsuits and business suits. She also wore stockings and high heels which gave her a naughty schoolteacher look.

Gloria loved the effect the heels gave her. They pushed her average sized breasts and well-toned ass out. The clicking they made on the courtroom floor could intimidate witnesses. It didn’t hurt her any with male jurors and judges. Quite a few fantasized about how Gloria would look with her glasses off, blouse unbuttoned and her hair down.

After the divorce, Gloria had a bit of a self-esteem problem. She eventually got over it but one thing that helped perk her up was getting implants. She had average sized breasts but the woman her husband left her for was very well endowed. Gloria was a B cup and she didn’t want to get implants so big that she looked like a stripper. She got them big enough to get her to a C cup. One of the side effects of the surgery was that it made Gloria’s nipples even more sensitive. As a result she began wearing sexy lingerie under her outfits. She especially favored the ones that exposed her breasts fully. When she was still a practicing attorney she would wear a camisole over her lingerie to keep people from noticing her erect nipples.

For Gloria the expensive shoes, the stockings and lingerie helped her self-esteem. Not only did it feel nice against her skin, and most importantly her nipples; but she could see the looks she got from co-workers and others.

After several years Gloria became a judge. It was her lifelong ambition and something she really enjoyed doing. She wasn’t rich but working at the law firm and the divorce settlement made her well off. Still it was lonely in that big house with just her and Tommy. He was 17 and while he was a good kid, he hung out with some boys that weren’t so good. They got along well enough but Gloria thought Tommy resented her for the divorce. He spent a couple of weeks every year with his father but he could be kind of moody - especially when he came back from visiting his father every year.

When she became a judge she would dress the same way except she let her hair down and would usually wear only her lingerie, stockings and heels under her robe. The silk of the robe felt very nice against her skin and especially her nipples. At first she wore panties but more often than not she went without. She felt sexier when she was exposed under her robe like that. Going without panties also gave her the opportunity to masturbate during a boring trial. She usually used her fingers but if she was feeling especially horny she would use the handle of her gavel in her pussy.

Gloria managed to keep her lingerie and shoe fetish a secret except to her closest friends and even then she didn’t tell them about masturbating during court. Even though Gloria was beautiful she did not date a lot. She hadn’t been a judge for very long and wanted to avoid any conflicts of interest between her and lawyers from either side of the aisle. She didn’t want to date cops so she endured the occasional setup from her friends. She also met other men that were not cops or lawyers but she really wasn’t ready for a relationship. She also had Tommy to worry about too. It wasn’t easy raising a teenager as a single mother.

On this particular day, Gloria wore her usual blouse and skirt. She wore her black Louboutin pumps with three inch heels. She wore sheer thigh high black stockings with a seam in the back. Underneath she wore a cupless wet look teddy set with attached garters. It came with a matching G-string panty but she decided to go without it.

She called her secretary when she got up and found out while she had a lot of cases so far; they were all simple bail cases - no actual trials. Although cases could be added later all she had to do was decide an amount for bail for each defendant and move on to the next case. She gathered up her briefcase and headed downstairs to say goodbye to Tommy. He was in the kitchen eating breakfast. Gloria went up to him and kissed him on top of his head, “Bye, honey,” she said. Tommy grunted a reply back.

Tommy had recently returned from his father’s. He had fun with him and his father’s wife. Since it was summer, she tended to not wear a lot of clothes. She didn’t walk around naked but she wore bikinis and bathing suits when she swam and laid out. Tommy could see her at the pool from his bedroom window and masturbated frequently when she was there. When they went out she would wear halter tops or sun dresses. Tommy had a difficult time keeping his eyes off her large breasts. He had an even more difficult time trying to hide his hardon. One thing Tommy inherited from his father was a large cock. He sported a thick 8 inch cock and masturbated at least two times a day. He fantasized quite a bit about seeing his stepmother naked and fucking her but he knew he would never go through with it.

Word spread around school about the size of Tommy’s cock. Ironically, because of that, he had trouble getting laid. Girls heard about his size and thought it would hurt too much to fuck him. Tommy was a little grumpy being away from his dad and the object of his fantasies. His mom was OK to look at but she never dressed like his step-mom unless she laid out by their pool. She never really did that when he was around since during the summer he was out with his friends much of the time. Tommy’s friends were troublemakers but were also one of the cool cliques at his school. One of the things to do to be included in that clique was to commit a crime. It was nothing violent - more along the lines of petty crimes like shoplifting or minor property damage.

Tommy thought he would be seen as cool if he hung around these guys. He wasn’t unpopular but he wanted to belong to a group. As soon as his mother left he called one of his friends and they made plans to get together.

Gloria arrived at the courthouse and after some conversations with her clerks and her secretary she went into her chambers. She looked over the cases on her docket and there was nothing unusual. There would more cases as the day went on but they were still bail hearings. Her clerk knocked on her door and let her know that court was in order. Gloria thanked him and after the door closed she unbuttoned her blouse and skirt and hung them up. All Gloria was wearing now was the cupless teddy, her stockings and her heels. She then put her robe on and walked into court. She never failed to get a rush when the bailiff announced her: “All rise. Superior Court of Marin County is now in session. The Honorable Gloria M. Wilson presiding.”

Gloria walked behind the bench and said, “Be seated. Bailiff, call the first case.”

Meanwhile, Tommy and his friends were out riding around. They pulled into a convenience store parking lot and told Tommy to get out and steal a 12 pack of beer. Tommy got nervous and tried to beg off. His friends told him in no uncertain terms that he either stole the beer or he had to find his own way home and he couldn’t hang around them anymore. They reassured him that they stole stuff out of there all the time and the guy who worked there during the day was almost blind. It made Tommy feel a little better and he got out of the car and walked into the store.

The other boys were right. The old, blind guy was working the counter that day. Tommy walked around a little, looking at the magazines and perusing the candy. Then he settled on a 12 pack of Bud. He waited, just to be sure, till the old man was helping someone else then he took the beer and started walking out the door.

Tommy might have got away with it if an off-duty cop hadn’t been there. Right as Tommy was opening the door to leave, the cop shoved it closed. “Going somewhere with that, son?” The boys outside saw Tommy getting busted and took off as fast as they could leaving Tommy high and dry. The cop showed Tommy his badge and told him he was under arrest for shoplifting.

The cop at the store called in for a uniformed unit and they handcuffed him and put him in the car. Tommy still had the last name of his dad, Malloy, so the cops didn’t realize that he was a judge’s son. Tommy begged and pleaded for the first cop to let him go. He was sympathetic to Tommy but he believed the young man needed to learn a lesson. He would get a little cell time in juvy and the judge would give him a slap on the wrist and his parents would hopefully ground him until he was 21.

The cops took him into the precinct, fingerprinted and booked him. They made him sit around and wait for a while before they took him to Juvenile Hall. They put him in a cell with a few other boys. Tommy was scared because these boys were very intimidating. He also knew his mom would find out and basically his life would be over.

Gloria heard several cases that morning and made her decision on bail for each case. She asked her clerk to get her some lunch and have it waiting for her in her chambers during recess. About a half hour later she called for a recess for lunch. Gloria’s lunch was waiting for her as she requested. After she took off her robe she ate in solitary nearly naked. Afterwards Gloria sat back in her chair with her feet on her desk and thighs spread. She pulled a small vibrator from her desk and pressed it against her clit. The sweet buzzing of the toy felt so great against her pussy. Her cunt began to get moist and Gloria inserted two fingers inside her. It was a poor substitute for a nice, hard cock but it was better than nothing. She reminisced about her ex-husband fucking her. He may have been a cheating SOB but he sure had a big cock.

Gloria was almost lost in her reverie when the knock came on her door to let her know court was back in session. “Not until I cum it isn’t,” Gloria said under her breath. She furiously masturbated herself with her fingers and the vibrator until she got a small cum. Gloria caught her breath and got up from her chair. She put her robe back on and went back into the courtroom.

Later that afternoon, Tommy met his public defender. It was clear the attorney was none too fond of him. Tommy told him what happened and the lawyer basically called him an idiot. He told Tommy they were going to court for bail in an hour or so. He said for him to do exactly what he said and he would be able to go home. Tommy was nervous about what his mom would do to him when she found out.

He wouldn’t have to wait long because his case was assigned to his mother. Since Gloria decided to pleasure herself during lunch she didn’t look through the cases that would be before her. If she had she would have seen that her son had been arrested for shoplifting. Since these were bail cases she didn’t usually bother looking through the cases before she heard them.

Tommy and his attorney went into court and as soon as they were at the defendant’s table, Tommy looked up and saw his mom behind the bench. “Oh, fuck,” Tommy moaned under his breath.

The bailiff called the case: “City of Marin versus Thomas John Malloy on the charge of shoplifting.” Gloria did a double take and saw her son standing at the defense table. She began to get angry and wanted to yell at him. But she knew she couldn’t be unprofessional. Her anger was evident to both the prosecutor and the public defender. They had both been in front of her many times and the prosecutor even worked with Gloria several years ago. Neither of them had seen her that irate before even though she tried to not let it show.

“Counselor, what is going on here?” Gloria asked the prosecutor with barely concealed fury.

“Your honor, the defendant was arrested by an off-duty police officer trying to buy a 12 pack of beer.”

Gloria was seething, “Is this true, Tommy?” she said.

“Your honor, with all due respect, my understanding is that this is a bail hearing and not a trial,” Tommy’s public defender said.

Gloria slammed her gavel down silencing him. Gloria stared daggers at Tommy who wished he could just crawl in a hole and die. Gloria knew this could spell disaster for her both personally and professionally if she didn’t handle it the right way.

Gloria broke her silence by adjourning court and asked the attorneys and Tommy to join her in her chambers. Once everyone was in there, Gloria told the attorneys that Tommy was her son. She told the prosecutor that she would consider it a personal favor if the charges were dropped and she would punish Tommy herself. She said her punishment would make him wish that he had never been born. Naturally, the prosecutor agreed since it was such a petty crime and it was his first offense. Also getting a favor from a judge was always good. Gloria added that she hoped that this remained between them. Both attorneys agreed and Gloria dismissed them.

The only two left in Gloria’s chambers were Tommy and Gloria. Gloria was extremely pissed but she didn’t want to say anything she would regret or would push Tommy closer to his father. Gloria sat behind her desk staring at her son.

“Is it true? Did you try to steal beer from a convenience store?” Gloria said. Tommy looked at the floor and mumbled something intelligible. This only made Gloria angrier. “Answer me when I ask you something! Now, once again, did you try to steal that beer?”

Tommy lifted his head up and said, “Yes.”

Gloria rolled her eyes. “What were you thinking?” she asked her son.

Tommy shrugged, “I dunno. Some guys told me to do it.”

“What guys?” Gloria shouted.

“Oh, just some guys I know from school,” Tommy said.

“I can’t believe any of your friends would tell you to do that. Who are they?”

Tommy didn’t want to rat on these guys but he knew he was in trouble with his mother even though the charges were dropped. “Well, these guys from school like to go out to convenience stores and rip them off. Especially that one.”

“Let me guess,” Gloria said. “You don’t want these guys to know that you said anything about this, correct?” Tommy nodded. “Perhaps I can contact the police. They can look for that car and those kids. In the meantime, you are grounded for a month.”

“But, Mom,” Tommy said.

Gloria scowled at Tommy, “Don’t ‘but Mom’ me. You weren’t raised to be a thief. Besides being grounded, you are going to go to that convenience store and apologize to the owner face to face.”

Tommy visibly cringed at the idea of being humiliated like that. “You are also going to call your father and explain to him what you did. By being grounded, I mean you will basically be under house arrest for a month. I am going to take a leave of absence for that time and be your warden. There will be no phone, no computer, no video games, no television and you will not leave the house unless I go with you.”

Tommy stood against the wall and his jaw dropped. He was a kid who had grown up with no idea how to entertain himself without technology. “But Mom, what am I going to do all that time?”

Gloria said, “You are going to work around the house. I’ve been far too easy on you. You will clean the pool, mow the lawn and basically do any chores I give you to do. When you have all your chores done, you may swim and you may read. I may even teach you how to cook. But, buddy, you will pay for this.”

Gloria picked up the phone and called her secretary. “Judy, I’m going on a 30 day leave of absence to tend to some personal matters. No, I’m fine. It’s just some personal things I have to do. Thank you, Judy.” She stared at Tommy still angry at him. “God!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe you did this. You will learn to respect other people’s property.”

“Geez, Mom,” Tommy said. “It’s not like I killed anyone.”

Gloria stood up and said, “No, you didn’t kill anyone. But you do not steal. My son will not be a criminal.”

Gloria stood up and removed her robe. She was so enraged by this whole mess with Tommy that she forgot what she was wearing - or not wearing - underneath her robe. Tommy couldn’t believe what he saw. His mother was almost naked. She was wearing some kind of thing with shoulder straps but nothing covering her tits. The outfit continued right under her tits and stopped just below her stomach. She wore these black, lace stockings that were held up by straps to her outfit. Her stockings went all the way down to her high heeled shoes that pushed her butt and tits out. Her nipples were hard mainly from the excitement. She was not wearing any panties and her shaved pussy was totally exposed.

Tommy’s jaw dropped and his cock immediately hardened. Tommy wore boxer shorts and they had trouble containing his erection. Gloria began walking toward her hall tree to put on her blouse and skirt and saw not only Tommy’s expression but his erection as well. She couldn’t understand why Tommy was staring at her and why he had an erection. A few seconds later she figured out that Tommy basically saw her naked.

Gloria immediately put her robe over her body and said, “Tommy! Turn around right now!” Tommy reluctantly turned around but he couldn’t help sneaking a peek at his mom as she put on her blouse and skirt. Interestingly enough, she put on her blouse facing Tommy then turned around and put on her skirt with her back to her son. While she was putting on her blouse, Tommy sneaked a peek at Gloria and her bare tits. When her back was to him he was able to see her ass and a little bit of her pussy.

Gloria had several thoughts running through her mind. She was somewhat embarrassed that her son saw her like that but she was still angry with him for shoplifting. She also realized that her son had a very large penis. She wondered if it was bigger than his father’s. The thought aroused her but she finished dressing and put on her angry demeanor. She didn’t want to look like her exposure to Tommy affected her or how she was going to deal with the situation. She was a bit flushed and Tommy could tell. However he didn’t want to get her any more pissed off than she was.

Gloria glared at her son and glanced quickly at his still tenting cock. Her glance was not lost on Tommy. His step-mom was pretty hot but he never saw her tits and pussy. He wondered when his mom got so hot. Gloria said, “Come on, Tommy, we’re going home.” Tommy followed him mother out of her chambers and out of the courthouse. Even though Gloria was wearing heels, Tommy couldn’t keep up with her as they walked out to her car.

Tommy had trouble hiding his massive erection but was able to adjust it so it wouldn’t be tenting his pants. It didn’t help looking at his mom’s ass as she strode towards her car. It also didn’t help that she had the air-conditioning on driving home which helped keep her nipples erect. Tommy kept sneaking glances over at his mom’s braless blouse and her legs. Between that and what he saw before, Tommy was incredibly horny.

Gloria was still pissed at her son and didn’t speak to him during their ride home. She thought about what she saw earlier and how large her son’s cock seemed to be. She tried not to think about it but she couldn’t help it. It had been quite a while since she had a cock in her. Dildos and vibrators were poor substitutes for a real, warm, pulsating cock shooting hot cum in her cunt. There was no feeling like it. She was curious about the size of Tommy’s cock but it was just idle curiosity; nothing more than that. Was he actually bigger than his father?

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