Taboo Temptations
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Humiliation, Spanking, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Safe Sex, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The subject of Taboo or Incest is often treated as forbidden content in decent circles. Yet most stories are not a single label to be rejected out of hand from some self-righteous bias or pre-conceived notion. Some scenarios defy being put in a box.

I never once thought that I would be sitting in the family services conference room being accused of violating the rules of society with regard to familial incest with my own brother. It didn’t help that he was almost a full two years younger than I and that I was almost eighteen and he had just recently turned sixteen years. That also made me a pedophile of sorts as well as a flagrant violator of the norms of good behavior in a decent modern society.

In my defense, I would like to point out that it wasn’t really incest because I was merely a recently acquired foster child placed in the home as a final solution before transitioning to an independent status of a fully grown adult with all the legal ramifications of newly granted adult status. The six months seemed so far away now and I wondered if I would be sent into a juvenile facility for the remainder of my under-eighteen time because I let Billy inside me and Billy was still legally a minor.

I knew that anything I said to mitigate my submission to Billy’s demands for me to “lay on your tummy and keep your mouth shut like a good girl” would seem pale in comparison to the hard cold facts of age difference and the fact I was a member of the family household until I reached my eighteenth birthday. I had been taken advantage of all too often in the two years since both my parents were killed in an unfortunate airline crash of suspicious circumstances. In less than two year I had been in no less than four foster homes, all with various members with groping fingers and other appendages that required vowed-to-secrecy feminine comforts of the nocturnal variety. I knew that the family services department had already labeled me as a “troublemaker” and usually considered my descriptions of depraved use by male members of the household as fabrications created by an overactive imagination.

My name is Tammy Carter and I had no relatives to get me out of the mess I found myself embroiled in through no fault of my own making.

My first foster family was a nice couple with no children of their own except for a foster boy of my own age that apparently had done something of an illegal nature that was put inside a folder and sealed by a court order until he reached the age of eighteen and then it would be “expunged” as if it never existed and he would be a fine upstanding member of society with no criminal record. I felt pity for the innocent girls he would encounter in his disguise of a young lad of good character.

His name was Tommy and he never told me his real last name because he liked to use the Simpsons name pretending he was actually part of the family. Tommy was one of those teenaged boys that were “nice as pie” on the outside but deep inside he was constantly plotting to do things that would disrupt the lives of those around him with dire consequences. I suspected he harbored a hidden hatred for the female gender that knew no boundaries of age or circumstance.

“Tammy, you shouldn’t be so afraid to wear only your undies in bed because we are almost like brother and sister now and it is normal in a family environment. I won’t make fun of your Pooh Bear panties, I promise, and cross my heart.”

I was not convinced of his sincere act, because my gut told me Tommy was a lot deeper than that and he proved me right because as soon as I removed my robe, his jockey shorts grew a whole lot larger in front and I knew immediately he had a king-sized erection that would be looking for some sort of relief from me as soon as the lights went out at ten PM sharp. I jumped into the upper bunk face down hoping that it would protect my virgin pussy from any devious attempts at teaching me the ropes of “doing it” just for my own good and to make me a grown up like most of the other girls in the junior class. I buried my face in my pillow thinking that at least I didn’t have to see him climbing up to the top rack like some pirate boarding an innocent ship in the middle of the sea.

Shortly after the lights went out, I heard him crawling silently up the ladder and felt his weight on my teenaged buttocks like he was my lover delivering his package of masculine domination to my defenseless backside. At first, I thought he was going to stick it into my dirt hole, but he lifted me up slightly from the soft mattress and his long thin shaft found the rear of my vaginal slit and he parted my folds with a skill that proved his experience learned in many other homes and schools where similar defenseless girls accepted his needs without complaint or recrimination. It only took a quick thrust to remove my virginity and after that I was mortified to discover I was enjoying the experience far more than I thought it possible. In fact, it was the sound my own voice that I heard begging him to “stay inside a little longer, I didn’t get there yet” like some silly schoolgirl under the football field stands getting it seriously for the very first time.

It was Tommy that got me started on the road to sinful perdition and after that, I was like some nasty girl from the wrong side of the tracks looking for love in all the wrong places. I had enough common sense to know that getting it from your foster brother was almost as bad as from your real brother under certain circumstances. I knew instinctively that our foster parents would not approve such actions and that it would be difficult to explain to a priest without leaving out certain facts like how much I was really enjoying the whole thing. It was also Tommy that introduced me to taking it in the ass like some slut with a terrible reputation for bending over for any boy with an urge to spread her cheeks. He also got me to liking a good hard spanking using something to muffle the sounds of impact and with his hand over my lips to keep me from yelling and waking up the responsible adults.

A couple of times I let older men do the same thing to me but I pretended I didn’t know anything about such tomfoolery and pleaded with them to “go easy with me” even though I wanted them to give to me hard and heavy. I liked the older men doing it to me because they didn’t seem to mind me shouting at the top of my lungs each time they gave me a good solid whack and we were usually in a place where nobody else could hear us engage in the perverted fetish and kinky pleasures.

Tommy and I got split up and taken away from the young couple because they got in trouble over some silly weed discovered in a random check of the premises to make certain we were living in an appropriate environment for minor children. It was almost laughable because the couple were about as conventional and honest as any grown-up I had come into contact with since the death of my parents.

I was careful to always flush the condoms that Tommy used down the toilet and we acted like innocent babes with no knowledge of any wrongdoing, but the family services were adamant and they took us out and sent us to new foster homes way out in the country.

That next home was total chaos because the owners were almost professional foster parents and had close to a dozen minors stashed in a half dozen bedrooms like a processing plant manufacturing adult citizens at the other end of the line. I was stuck in a bedroom with another girl almost ready to be pronounced an adult in a few short months. Her name was Patsy and she asked me,

“I let the two guys in the next room come in for a quickie after lights out almost every night. I need for you to keep your mouth shut and let us know if you hear someone coming down the hallway.”

I kind of liked Patsy because she was not really a pretty girl but had all the right curves in all the right places and had a nice way of smiling and making a person feel like she was interested in them in a close up and personal sort of way.

The scratching at the door signaled the arrival of Bobby and Mark from next door and they immediately went over to Patsy’s bed and took turns humping her senseless without making a whole lot of noise. They had obviously done this quite often and tag-teamed her until she was wet, happy and completed satisfied with their performance. I watched them with some degree of jealousy, but kept out of their business because I was the new guy on the block.

One night, Patsy was in a bad way with a stomach virus that kept her mostly in the bathroom and the two boys hovered at the end of my bed until Mark made the first move and pushed my head down to his rampant cock and told me,

“Ice cream time, lick until you get the cream!”

I thought he was funny, but stopped thinking about anything else, because his thing filled my mouth so much that I felt like a stuffed turkey must feel with all that stuffing shoved in without so much as a “please” or a an “excuse me”. I must have had my ass up high at the other end because Bobby was suddenly cramming his thick dick between my untrained teenaged cheeks and I knew he was aiming right for my brown eye from my prior experiences with Tommy and his anal urges. After that, it was sort of a race between them to see which one shot his load first and it turned out that Mark won easily making me swallow as fast as I could to keep from gagging on his cream draining down my throat like a faucet turned on full blast.

They gave me a few minutes to recover and then switched sides allowing me to compare their styles like a judge at a beauty contest. I decided that Mark was the best orally skilled nighttime adventurer and that Bobby was an ass humper of the finest caliber able to deliver the goods and make me squirt my passion on my bedding like some silly camper wetting the bunk with nocturnal emissions.

The next morning, my room-mate Patsy was fully recovered and pestered me for every detail about what we did together and I admit I embellished it a bit with tales of taking it all night and being covered in spunk from head to toe like some fetish-minded female with a love for sticky sheets. She made me go over her knee and spanked me for enjoying it too much telling me,

“Those boys belong to me. You got to get your own boys, but don’t let the fosters know we are doing stuff behind the bedroom door.”

I knew she was right but I kept letting Mark use my mouth whenever he wanted because he was a perfect fit and made me feel like I was super-girl whenever he had me on my knees.

That foster house got in some kind of trouble over the use of foster-care funds and we all got reassigned to different houses the following month. I never saw Mark again even though I kept asking around to find out where he had been assigned.

My next foster home was a whole lot different than all the others and it was there that I found out the true meaning of Taboo and why it was so tempting for a close family situation.

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