2 December 2006
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan, Karen and the family have fun on moving day. Brad meets Abby's pet dog, Molly. Cathy recounts to Karen that hot July week she spent with her Dad. Abby lets slip those three little words and Brad meets her brother, Derek...Cathy and Karen didn't notice the appearance of Abby at the doorway. She was pleasantly surprised seeing them kissing and feeling the other's tit. Abby stood there a moment with out being seen and thought, _"Am I ever going to love being part of this family!"_

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   Fiction   Sports   Incest   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   Petting   Public Sex  

Abby turned on the outdoor light and noticed her stack of newspapers was sitting on the front porch, “What the hell?” she muttered then noticed Brad leaning against the railing, “What are you doing here? It’s six in the morning!”

“I said I’d help you deliver your papers before we move into our new home, so here I am,” he said rubbing his arms to fight off the cold.

“How did you get here?”

“I rode my bike.”

“On the snow-covered roads, are you crazy? You could have wiped out and broken a leg or arm.”

“I guess I’m crazy for you. I didn’t want to wake my parents for a ride over.”

Brad handed her the stack of papers, “You must be freezing, sit in the living room.”

“You can use your hot looking body to thaw me out,” he joked.

“Be prepared. Molly is outside and certainly, won’t like you being here.”

He sat on the couch and glanced around the room. Brad could hear Molly barking and the scamper of paws on the wooden floor. Molly skidded to a stop at the hallway entrance to the living room. She started to bark at him as Abby hurried to her.

“Molly quiet, you’ll wake Daddy!” she scolded. Her barks turn to constant growls, a warning to the intruder in her home. Abby knelt down partially restraining her trusty pet. “It’s okay Molly, this is Brad. He’s my boyfriend now and you’re going to be seeing him a lot in the future,” she told her as she continued to growl.

Molly’s small cottony appearance seemed harmless enough but her snarl revealing her fangs able to inflict a painful bite on anyone who threatens her family. She continued to growl at Brad as Abby tried to sooth her, kind eyes that seemed to stare right through him.

“It appears I have another female to win over,” he joked. “Can you bring me her favourite treat?”

Abby picked up Molly and went to the kitchen, “Molly you behave yourself. I like this boy a lot and I’m not going to let you scare him off like Pete and Derek do to the other boys.” She wagged her tail and licked her face as Abby showed her favourite biscuit.

Abby returned and placed Molly on the floor and handed Brad three dog biscuits, “I used this trick on other dogs I’d meet for the first time and it works. Hand me the treat and sit beside me.”

She sat beside Brad causing more apprehensive barks and growls. He took the biscuit and broke it in half, “Now we’ll just talk and I’ll let her see my hand holding the treat.”

Brad let his left-hand rest pointed towards the floor, the treat visible to her. Molly cautiously approached him ready to attack if he so much as touched her love. She let out several smaller growls as she began to sniff his feet and right leg. Abby began to talk saying how Molly would help her deliver her newspapers and cautiously took his hand in her’s causing another growl.

“It’s ok, Molly, he’s my friend, she said reassuring her. “He would never hurt me.”

Molly came to his left side, the scent of the biscuit attracting her. She slowly leaned closer, then would pull back, wary of this intruder. Her nose inched closer then backed away then closer again for a sniff. Brad let more of the biscuit show, continuing to ignore her and talk to Abby.

Brad let the piece fall to the floor. Molly slowly approached it with one eye on Brad. He could hear her begin to chew it up and placed the second piece in his hand. He held it out again only inches from her nose. Ever so slowly she inched closer and he could feel her wet nose as she hesitantly took the dog bone treat.

“She took the biscuit,” he said looking to Abby.

“Here Molly!” Abby said and she jumped up onto her lap. Molly gave him a slight growl and wagged her tail as Abby smoothed her soft white fur. Brad broke another bone in half and held it in the palm of his hand. She gave a faint snarl, “It’s ok Molly.”

Brad raised his hand closer. Abby picked up the piece putting it to her nose then back on his hand. Molly leaned closer and ever so daintily took the treat. She happily chewed it, wagging her tail. Brad quickly placed the second piece on his hand and she slowly ate it too.

“I should get ready. You two get acquainted,” she said standing.

“You’re not going to leave me here alone with this ferocious looking animal, are you?” he joked.

“Her bark is worse than her bite. Besides, soon she’ll be licking you to death.”

Brad and Molly looked at each other. Though she wagged her tail a little, she gave him another growl, “I care about Abby too, so the sooner you understand that the sooner we’ll be friends, okay? I like dogs too.”

He let his right hand rest on the couch between them. He knew it was too soon to try and pet her and would let her make the first move. She cautiously moved closer, sniffing the top of his hand. He turned it palm up and she could smell the odour of her biscuit.

“You wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, would you?” he joked. He broke the last biscuit in half letting it lay on his open hand. She sniffed it to make sure and ever so slowly picked it up in her teeth. She ate the last one and sitting alone, kept her distance from him.

“I see you’re still in one piece and Molly hasn’t shredded you into tiny bits,” Abby joked returning to them.

“I wasn’t quite sure if it was a piece of my hand or the treat she wanted more,” he smiled.

Abby picked up Molly and sat close to him, “It’s okay Molly.” Brad slowly moved his hand to her, letting her sniff the back of his hand. Her tail began to wag and he felt the first touch of her cool, wet nose.

He bent his forefinger and rubbed it under her chin. He slowly moved his hand along her muzzle to her head. He patted her then scratched her behind the ear. Molly began to sniff him again her front paws on his upper leg. He watched as her nose worked to detect anything that might harm her love.

“Here Molly!” he said patting his leg. She suddenly jumped onto his lap. Paws now on his chest, she continued to sniff him. Her tail hesitantly wagged as Abby smoothed a hand over her fur.

“It’s alright, Brad is my friend and will be yours too.”

“Should I cover my throat?” he kidded.

“Only to stop her from licking you,” Brad leaned closer and they finally touched nose to nose. Molly panted then licked his nose and cheek. He put a hand on her back and patted her soft fur.

“That’s a good girl!” he praised.

She sat on her haunches allowing his hand to comfort her fur. “Just like me, it didn’t take long for you to win Molly over,” she smiled, leaning to kiss him.

“We should get my papers delivered. Come on Molly, paper time!” she jumped off his lap to the couch and floor, grabbed her dog coat and waited at the front door. She sat obediently as Abby attached her coat and picked up the two bags of papers.

Brad followed them out the door along the sidewalk. Abby handed Molly a folded paper in her mouth and she scurried up a driveway to drop it on the front step. She hurried back and followed waiting for her next delivery.

“Molly is quite amazing, just like her owner.”

“Thank you. She sure is and helps me every morning and saves me a lot of time.”

“Number seventy-five please,” she smiled handed Brad a paper. Abby laughed when he playfully put it in his mouth for delivery.

Brad laughed quietly each time Molly would take a paper and drop it at the front door. Many customers knew she helped Abby deliver papers and placed their paper box low for her use.

The newly formed trio followed Abby’s route, “We’re done already with three doing papers. Twenty minutes quicker, just like the summer time.”

Abby and Brad held hands as they walked towards her house. Three doors from her driveway, he noticed a woman using a shovel at the end of her driveway, “Mrs. O’Malley what are you doing out so early?”

“Good morning Abby, lovely day isn’t it?” she said pausing from her snow shoveling chore.

“It sure is!” she beamed as her neighbour noticed a young man holding her hand, “Mrs. O’Malley, I’d like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Brad Miller, soon to be Brad Hayward. This is my neighbour and good friend, Cathleen O’Malley.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am,” he said of her petite stature and well-set wrinkles.

“My, my aren’t you a fine strapping looking young Laddie!” she remarked, looking his tall frame from toe to head. Brad was taken by her thick Scottish accent.

“Why are you shoveling the end of the driveway? You don’t own a car.”

“My great grandson is coming by later.”

“Don’t you have a man who does your driveway? You know I’d gladly do it for you,” Abby offered.

“I know you would, my sweet child but you’re busy enough without looking after me too. For once I like to see the plow clear the street before my driveway is plowed. Don’t you know I’m not a spring chicken anymore?” she complained stabbing a chunk of snow with the shovel.

“Let me do that for you, Mrs. O’Malley,” Brad offered, taking the shovel from her.

“Thank you, Brad the pain it’s giving me in my back is a real pain in the arse,” Brad smirked at her odd comment.

The two chatted as Brad cleared the remaining snow from the end of her driveway. Cathleen smiled as she watched Abby looking at him, “Does he know yet?”

“Know what, Mrs. O’Malley?”

“Does Brad know you’re in love with him?” she asked quietly.

“No, I haven’t told him ... how do you know I’m in love with him?”

“Sweetie, it’s written all over your beautiful face, the way you look into his eyes. And it happened so fast.”

“Yes, I am in love with him! He’s everything I ever need in a man! Is it wrong of me to be in love so young? I’ve already told him someday we’ll be married. I know it sounds foolish but it feels so strong.”

“Lassie I’ve known you from the first day you opened your beautiful eyes. You are not being foolish,” Cathleen took her hand and closed her eyes, “Mmm, your heart has pure love for him.”

“There you are, Mrs. O’Malley, cleared until the next snowfall,” Brad said handing her the shovel. She caught him off guard taking his left hand, “Ahh, calluses on your fingers, you must play a stringed instrument.”

“Yes, I do a guitar.”

“Do you both have time for tea?”

“Sorry, we have to go out soon. Brad, his mom and sisters are moving in with his dad.”

“That seems odd. Too bad, perhaps another time. I bet your leaves would be an interesting read,” Cathleen closed her eyes. Brad wrinkled his brow looking at this obviously elderly woman, “Don’t mind me, people say I’m a meddling old fool. They don’t believe my special gift.”

Cathleen stood still a moment, eyes closed as if making an unconscious connection with him, “My, my you are a busy young laddie. I see the number five in your life in several ways.”

“I do have five older brothers and sisters,” he mentioned. Cathleen opened one eye looking to Brad and Abby then began to laugh lightly, “What is it?”

“You know what you want to say but I wouldn’t want to spoil your big moment,” she smiled opening her eyes and letting go of his hand.

“Abby, it’s time to go!” Scott yelled front his front porch.

“Ok Dad!” she waved to him. They said goodbye to Mrs. O’Malley and walked home.

“You two take care of each other but I know you already will,” she smiled. “Abby you’re growing more beautiful every day, just like your Mother.”

“She’s quite the odd behaving lady,” Brad commented looking back at her.

“She has a special gift that allows her to see things. I believe her.”

“How old is she?”

“She’s ninety-three.”

“Wow, she’s pretty sharp for her age, good for her!”

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