Isle of Deliverance
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Snuff, Torture, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Unknowingly boarding a slaver, a seafarer realises his darkest desires when delivered by a storm to his final destiny. He endures as his deserving shipmates are shown the error of their ways, after he's witnessed the atrocities carried out by them. A native woman, one of their victims, proves to be his saviour, but for how long? The justice of womanhood will be known, and their pleasure in serving it upon those deserving males is experienced in the extreme by the hapless seaman

Davy Minter had been warned by fellow seafarers that Thorpe was a bastard, and that sailing with the notoriously inhumane captain could only end in disaster, but any hope he’d had of finding a credibly skippered barque or square-rigger in need of hands had long gone. He’d spent the last of his meagre funds on a middle-aged whore to whom he was no stranger, in a back room of one of the seedier streets of the port, and she had indulged his weakness for stronger women with sadistic aplomb. The course of her whip had left him stiff legged, leaving him in some discomfort in walking normally, a task he had to endure as his taboo sexual appetite was something he necessarily kept to himself in the masculine circles he moved within.

The whore had been present as the vessel embarked; he having let out his rash decision to her and she there, albeit incognito to any of the others upon the quayside, her cruel smile leaving him with a sense of foreboding as though she knew something he didn’t. He found himself peering back to shore with the rich scent of that woman’s cunt and anus still fresh to his memory, the thought of her riding his face in victory as she milked him dry of both semen and cash, bringing his cock to a half erection in the bitter breeze; that memory offering small comfort amongst the company he now kept. The cut of the cold wind had soon been replaced by the savage strength of the southern sun as the ‘Darling Jess’ moved down the West African coast, but its natural savagery was nothing in comparison to the base practices of the crew, as he would soon discover.

Minter had not asked of the trade that Thorpe and the Jess would ply, his desperation for work negating the notion, but as she tacked close to the verdant shores while he took respite from the sun in the shade of her billowing sails, he had a taste of what was to come. Travis the mate, a burly unkempt animal whose short stature was compensated for by his coarsely garrulous presence, lifted the spyglass to his eye and his wizened mouth below it produced a gappy smile.

‘Sport ahoy Cap’n!’ Minter was bustled against the side as eager hands more familiar with Thorpe’s methods herded him to the woodwork in their desire to get a glimpse, the fetid smell of long unwashed bodies and foul breath leaving him desperate for air. He gasped as they pushed past and ascended the lower rigging, hanging like apes as they gawped to catch sight of what Travis had spied. The smiling mate handed he glass to Thorpe as the apes began to claim sight of it with their naked eyes while he lifted it horizontal.

“Three bitches, two bucks ... one bitch a fine example.” He looked to the rabble about the rigging.

“Remember lads, look nice and friendly, wave the beauties in!” Minter covered his brow and could just make out five dark shapes in what looked like two dug-out canoes lashed together. Thorpe lifted the glass as they made themselves available for closer inspection, and shrugged his shoulders with an air of indifference.

“The two bucks for the deep ... not worth the passage ... youngest bitch at the back for my cabin stock, the two older for crew sport.” Minter’s heart pumped as Thorpe’s casual directions, which had the mate and hands leering and waving wildly with ominously smiling faces, sank in. Travis stared at Minter with a stony face, detecting the horror he tried to hide.

“I take it ya don’t ‘ave any objections to our sport Mintah?” He forced half a grin, now he knew just how ruthless a crew he was landed with, but had the sense not to show any disagreement with what was to happen. He forced a smile as he moved his face from the shade into sunlight, hoping the canoe would turn back.

“No objections whatsoever Mr Travis ... but this is all new to me.” The statement deflected Travis’ mind from any thoughts that the new man’s look was one of concern.

“You’ll soon be having an appetite for it, just like the other scum.” He grinned as he picked a roped grappling hook from the deck, and swung it in readiness behind the gunwale, out of sight of the native canoeists.

Shani looked out from the canoe with the usual trepidation as one of the older women rubbed coconut oil on the nubile young woman’s breasts, making the rounded orbs glisten in the sunlight, her nipples poking firm with the combination of stimulus and fear she felt. The older woman slapped her face and gave her a curt smile before they came close enough for the crew to see, chiding her for showing reluctance which the senior woman dismissed. Shani was always reluctant to go on the trading canoe, but had no choice; the tribal elders knew they had a greater chance of selling the fruit and coconut products to the white devils if a shapely woman was on display.

Shani had been whipped publicly for her prior reluctance, but this did nothing to quell the new fear she felt each time she neared a ship with her less attractive companions. She was sat perched amongst the wares as though she just might be for sale herself; though there was no chance that her people would allow this, they knew of the excitement in white men’s eyes on seeing a woman’s bare breasts. The trick was to have them think that she might just be for sale, and her presence had them clamoring for a look and buying the fruit just to feast their eyes upon her; the older women knew men were all the same, and seamen long from the sight of a female would indulge in her visual presence for as long as possible, buying their goods in the process, and masturbating over the visual memory when alone later.

This crew seemed no different to any other as they came alongside, waving and gesturing in the bawdy fashion the tribe’s people had become accustomed to, but Shani felt a strange awe descend on noting the hypnotic stare of a couple of the crew who had their arms down behind the gunwale, one panting and jerking back and forth. Others gave Styles casual glances of contempt as he did his usual trick of dropping his filthy leggings and masturbating at the approach, knowing what was to come. As one of the males stood to steady the canoes against the ship, Travis swung the grappling hook down, piercing the tribesman’s flesh, and with the aid of a crewman, hauling him up the side of the ship as he screamed in agony.

Shani froze as several other grappling sailed down to secure the canoes, along with crewmen dragging a rope net. The other male tribesman dived into the ocean in effort to escape, only to be lanced with several whaling spars, his blood misting the blue depths as he sank like a stone. The screams of the two women filled the breeze as they were swiftly trussed and manhandled up to the deck where their colourful but flimsy garments were ripped from them, exposing their supple brown flesh to the rabid seamen. Shani was petrified, helpless to resist as she squirmed in the sweaty hands of the crew and dropped at the feet of Thorpe after being dragged aboard to know her fate.

She watched in horror as Travis wheeled the impaled male about the deck then raised a machete and swung it at his victim, the man losing two fingers as he tried to fend the blow off, then sinking to the deck with the blade deep in his neck. Travis deftly put his boot onto the writhing male’s torso, pulled the machete free, then brought it down with a smile, severing the head and sending it spiralling across the deck, leaving the jerking body to pump blood from the stump of the neck while the crew laughed.

Shani watched with mouth agape as the two older women were splayed over crates to bare their cunts and anuses, and serviced eagerly by the frantic seaman, the grinning men offering up their erect cocks to be sniffed at while others indulged, giving the fetid promise of what was to come as they waited their turn. Shani’s eyes caught those of the woman who’d taken some pleasure in preparing her as visual bait, receiving a half smile from her at the irony of her fate, before one of those boning cocks was forced into her mouth. Shani watched her broad lips consume the cock with as much haughty pride as the proud woman could muster; she knew she was not long for this world and would seek arousal in her final minutes despite the animal attentions afforded her. Monks, a portly deckhand who was in her, panted out his excitement before relieving his load into her.

“She wets beautifully! ... she wants it badly ... Yess!!” He was quickly bustled aside with his cock dripping, as the next forced his cock into the tight warmth of her anus.

“We’ll see ‘ow she takes this then!” The woman grunted in discomfort on the cock which filled her mouth as she was cheated of what little pleasure there was to be had in her disgrace, the bulging cock in her mouth releasing it’s content and having her choke on the creamy white spunk which dribbled from her lips as the crew laughed at her despair. Minter looked on, trying hard to show some sign of enjoyment at the act, while the other woman was fucked hard by four men, then swiftly beheaded. The fourth man who’d removed her head, then gestured to Styles, who’d wanked at the onset and was now erect again.

“Fuck her whilst she be warm Styles, your turn now she be gone!” The hands applauded as he spread the legs of the headless woman and slipped his length into the oozing cunt, his colleagues having provided ample lubrication. As he pumped deliriously at the motionless corpse, Thorpe held Shani’s head high so that she did not miss any of the base performance. Her eyes flicked from the elder woman’s predicament as she was fucked and buggered, her dead elder companion serviced by the depraved Styles, and noted the uniform delirium enjoyed by all ... all but one.

She sensed the reluctance of the male stood by the gunwale, reluctance not noted at that point by all others enjoying the distraction. She saw before he did, the turn of Travis’ head in his direction. She knew not why, but as her eyes met Minters, she flashed them in the direction of the mate, as if to warn him. Minter’s heart pulsed at the contact, and somehow felt the urgency in her signal, making him start toward the approaching mate with the best look of interest he could muster. Travis urged him toward the band of males and the older woman prone over a crate, legs wide as a cock thrust deep and hard at her cunt, yet another cock receiving a second orgasm at the service of her mouth.

“Come now Minter, she’ll enjoy a nice young cock like yours - I know you’ll want your share.” As Minter fumbled with his belt, the woman moaned out a long overdue orgasm, brought on by the overpowering multiple contact with her clitoris, making her clench at the now jetting cock occupying her mouth. It’s owner yelped and withdrew his member to rapturous laughter from the others.

“The slut! She nigh on took my cock off!” Enraged at his embarrassment, he drew a knife from his straggling pants, lifted her head and cut her throat from ear to ear. Travis merely laughed at the seaman’s rage as the woman gasped in the ecstasy of relief through the draining blood, the depth of her orgasm taking her into darkness and cheating the men of further torment. Minter’s relief matched it as he fastened his buckle; the stripes on his arse would remain unseen.

Thorpe laughed as the two women were quickly mutilated; their breasts sliced off as trophies, to be cured and used as tobacco pouches, the captain wary of the disdain of some of the men at having further deliveries of their seed curtailed by the impromptu execution of the second woman, he dragged the trembling Shani to his cabin, to sample the luxuries of his goods before she was confined to the hold.

Shani was swiftly stripped of her thin dress by Thorpe on the door being locked behind them, his cock boning erect as he studied the curvaceous silky brown flesh which shimmered as she trembled on her knees. His pants down, that cock was offered up to her face, and she sniffed obediently before turning her head.

“No!” Thorpe grinned at her disclosure that she knew English; the meddling missionaries, a pet hate of his, at least did him this service. Their faith made them intrepid explorers, blindly traversing parts oft untrodden by other white men, many never to be seen again as they ended up as trophies themselves, but their teaching the inhabitants his native tongue was a bonus. He slapped her face hard then grabbed her hair.

“Suck!” Shani looked up at him as her glossy lips slipped over his odorous bell-end, Thorpe’s knees jerking and he giving a pleasured sigh as the warmth of her mouth contracted on his sensitive glans. Shani closed her eyes, already dreaming of walking the beach from where she had departed, as he thrust his erect member back and forth. She tasted the salty pre-cum at the back of her throat, then found herself being pushed onto her back as he swiftly withdrew and mounted her, thrusting his cock into the lush haven of her cunt. Shani whimpered as the bulbous head parted her labia and slid back and forth, her wetness through physical action rather than any desire, welcomed for it’s lubrication as the grunting Thorpe fucked her hard and roared as he spent liberally. He got up and stood over her, panting as he admired seeing the whiteness of his cum trickle from her brown cunt in stark contrast. He then took a short whip to her, enjoying seeing her curl into a ball as he thrashed her soft flesh till the urge to fuck her again returned.

Shani endured Thorpe’s spiteful intentions for a good half hour, before he leashed her and tugged her out of the cabin, down to the aft hold. The cowering woman was placed on a long chain which allowed her a little movement, but no other comfort. He ascended the steps to the covered entrance to be greeted by the eager and gawking eyes of most of the hands. He stood tall and showed them the whip.

“This is what ye’ll get if she’s tampered with, she’s produce now and’ll fetch a good price, she ain’t for sport”. He knew each of the hands intimately, and also knew that most would chance their luck with her. He didn’t know Minter but from what he’d seen of him so far suggested he was timid and trustworthy, and this would be a good opportunity to have him know his place as he became one of the crew.

“You’ll tend her and any others we pick up with food and water Minter, you’ve got to start somewhere!” The other hands laughed as he was awarded the task, which was seen of one of belittlement, not a job for seaman worthy of frequenting the rigging. Minter did his best to feel and show the shame, but was more than glad to comply. Thorpe poked him with the whip.

“And ye be sure to close the door a’hind ye when going below, I don’t want any of these scurvy devils following down”. Thorpe uttered a schedule of when she should be tended, and later, after retrieving sustenance for her from the galley, he made his first trip across the deck to the hold, receiving derisory comments and sneers from those in the vicinity as he went. He closed the door of the hold behind him and descended into the half-light, noting a set of keys hanging on a hook half way down. He looked across the decking to see her shapely figure in profile, squatting with her back erect, her fine breasts pointing, her posture perfect. He expected her to be frightened, so walked slowly toward her as he would a shy animal.

Shani had indeed been in fear on hearing the footsteps, but her humour became proudly arrogant on seeing it was the reluctant male; despite being naked and chained by the neck, she gave Minter a look of contempt on his approach. He knelt before her to place the board carrying the food and water upon the deck, and was taken by complete surprise when she spoke English.

“I know you not like the others.” Minter was astounded, his eyes meeting her proud stare, as he looked back, startled at her command of his native tongue, and by the obvious defiance in her tone.

“No ... I was ... I wasn’t happy with what happened.” His eyes drifted across her fine breasts and poking nipples, down to her exposed sex, unable to help himself looking. She sneered and stood up, leaving him kneeling as he watched her rise, she sensing the quirk of his sexuality. He froze as she edged toward him, offering her cunt to his nose.

“You want this? You like look at it ... maybe you lick clean for me, next time you come.” Minter sniffed at her delightful brown labia, his cock swelling as he realised she recognised his weakness at her feminine authority, aroused at her natural command. She smiled as he sniffed at her cunt like a dog, she naked and chained, but already seeing and enjoying the control she had over him. Her defiance grew as he remained at her feet, indulging in her sexual fragrance.

“If I had whip, I make you pay for my troubles.” Minter looked up, as he took in the scent of her growing arousal, seeing her sneer of enjoyment as she spoke. She looked toward the steps, more conscious than he of the time he’d been there, lifting her arm and pointing to them.

“You go now, I have you serve me next time.” Minter half regained his senses, his cock stiff in a submissive awe of her, and stumbled toward the stairs as she laughed quietly at him. He emerged into the light, and composed himself, wanting desperately to return, his eyes permanently on the time as he attended his other duties.

On his next visit, he found Shani standing proud, hand on hips and legs slightly apart. She pointing to the deck as he reached the foot of the steps. The noble woman knew she would soon be condemned to a life of servitude to a white man, and was determined to have command of this one while she could. Just like a condemned person awaiting the inevitable rope, each moment before it was to be grasped like an elixir of life itself, each pleasure to be had, magnified tenfold. She had stroked her cunt continually on calculating when he was next due, her lips glossy with arousal, her libido high with it’s sexual fragrance.

“Crawl to me ... like the pet you’d be if in my home, but waste no time.” Minter’s cock boned to a full erection at the delectable vision of feminine dominance, the authority in her voice making him want to worship her, as strongly as she desired to own him. He sank to his knees, sliding the food forward so that it was within the reach of her chain for later, then shuffled forward obediently on his knees, drawn in by the pompous sneer she wore as she enjoyed seeing him obey. As he reached her, he peered admiringly at her broad brown thighs which shone in what little illumination was offered, her imposing stance enhanced by the delicious whiff of her aroused cunt, the dark silky lips and butterfly exposed for his service; he was dominated by a greater power so naturally, and she was thrilled by it.

“Lick! ... lick where your manhood will never be allowed ... you show me respect.” He wasted no time and pressed his nose tight to her bulging vulva, his cock weeping its own lubrication as he tasted hers, she sighing as his tongue stroked at the slick wetness of her folds, his pleasure as intense as hers in serving her in submission while he gratefully explored the warmth of her cunt and tasted her juices. She slipped her fingers through his hair, clenching at it and pulling him back to an inner beam on the hull. He gasped impatiently as she sat and lifted her legs, fingering her clitoris and pointing to her silky pucker.

“You show me you know your place ... Quickly!” She smiled in triumph as the white male showed no hesitation, and was down to the heat of her anus immediately. Minter had been tutored well in the art of anal worship of his Mistress, and the erotic pleasure he felt as he eagerly ringed the supple and smooth brown flesh of the black woman was intense. She moaned softly in announcing her own gratitude as Minter yearned to come on sniffing and tasting the tart tang of her tight anus, she massaging his tongue with its muscular grip as he probed deep into its luxuriant warmth. She tried her best to contain her cries as she indulged in a lush orgasm, and was aided by the buffeting of the seas, rougher than normal of late; a sweep of a wave bringing her delicious arse tight against his face as he lapped, the water with her food spilling some of its content. She pushed him away with a contented smile.

“Go! ... go quick... ‘ Minter stood and looked at her despairingly, to be greeted with a contemptuous look and finger pointing to the steps. He said nothing and made for them, hearing her again as he began to ascend.

“Next time, you give your seed at my feet ... I want see what is mine.” Minter’s mind was full of her promise, but the rolling of the Jess brought his mind to the more immediate situation. Travis yelled out to Thorpe as he lowered the spyglass after looking toward an ominous cloud formation.

“Troublesome squall coming Cap’n, best make for deeper water!” Thorpe screwed his eyes at the grey mass and concurred, though he knew the volcanic island of Bioko could not be far off; this place had changed hands several times and its inhabitants were a mystery, the native inhabitants unlikely to welcome anything resembling a slaver. Just the same he barked confirmation of the mate’s judgement.

The small ship rose and fell in peaks and troughs through the dark envelopment of the squall, the sheeting rain closing visibility down to a couple of hundred yards, and seeing the crew slip and slide across the deck which was often awash when the Jess caught a broadside from the waves. Despite the alarm shown by most of the hands, Minter felt strangely at ease with their predicament; he now showed he was their equal, and working amongst them in securing the sails etc., he had the added bonus in that the stinking wretches were washed clean for once, and the random salt baths he received himself were refreshingly welcome. However, the brief immersions they received were as nothing in comparison with what was to follow.

Thorpe wiped his eyes and peered into the ever darkening sky which somehow seemed to close in on them, then a bolt of lightning illuminated the sky, and the vision which befell the hands had them statuesque with fear. The brief glow from the bolt silhouetted dark volcanic crags toward which they blundered. Thorpe shrieked a command to go hard a starboard, but before any effect could be made, the Jess lurched forward and a severe rending juddered throughout the ship as she hit a submerged crag. The Jess stuck fast, motionless as the breakers threatened to tear her apart, sending panic amongst the hands who made for the longboat before any order from Thorpe. The captain and Travis joined them rapidly on the Jess lurching over at a 45 degree angle under the spiteful caress of a wave, the hull groaning as though in pain. Minter watched as the hands fought amongst themselves in a scuffle to board the boat as it was lowered to the seething maelstrom, jagged black peaks appearing and disappearing in the foam as though to taunt at their chances. Minter could only think of Shani, and braved going below as the rest of the crew departed without a thought for anyone else.

Minter staggered down the stairs, grabbing the keys which swung back and forth but still upon the hook, and found Shani clinging to a set of manacles, but maintaining a calmness as the water gushed through a breach in the hull, threatening to engulf her. She grabbed him by the torso as he fed the chain through her collar after unlocking the padlock about the stay which held it. As the chain slid like a serpent down to the knee deep water, he tugged her toward the stairs and they emerged at the door to see the longboat buck high on the waves and drop out of sight with each roller. Shani let her grip on the door frame go, and lifted her arms to the heavens, laughing as the lightning flashed through the sky. Minter was astounded by her reckless bravery as the rain coursed down her face and across her firm breasts, accentuating the beauty of her defiant femininity. She looked at him and smiled.

“I free again, and the spirits show their anger toward evil men.” She grinned with satisfaction as the distant longboat was flipped by a huge wave, remaining upright but tossing several men into the ocean; the boat descending to disappear from their sight beyond the veil of the streaming rain. They felt the whole ship surge and fell back into the stair passage, the wash of an immense roller closing the door behind them. The ship rolled, creaking against the crags as they were battered in the stair passage, Minter losing consciousness, defying the horrors of drowning that he fully expected.

He woke to find her standing over him, her smile radiant with satisfaction, to match the sunlight which prevailed after the storm. The ship now lay beached in sand, its hull open to expose the chains and manacles and express the guilt of its passage which was now at an end. The shallow sea it lay in was awash with flotsam from its dead heart; many of the gruesome tobacco pouches crafted from feminine parts now upon the shore to give up the hideous secret of its trade. The banal pouches intended for back street sale in the dank cities of the white men, now freed to confirm the monstrous purpose of those chains and manacles open to view.

Shani lifted his head to view two black women on horseback patrolling the beach, and waving as Shani shouted something in her native tongue. Minter had never seen African women on horseback, they looked so noble, naked flesh exposed high upon their mounts. He noted that the fierce crags were no more than a natural breakwater at this point, sloping down to greet the beach; a mound where the rocks kissed the shore, easily traversed. The verdant island spread back behind it, seemingly endlessly, the green hills and valleys topped by black peaks which collected clouds. Shani stood.

“We must go to them ... I do my best to protect you, but they not like boat you come from.” She dived from the wreck into the sea, no more than a fathom deep where it lay, and with some trepidation, Minter followed. As they trudged up the beach, the anger on the face of one of the horsewomen was apparent; she edged her horse through the surf and let fly with a long whip at Minter, while the other leaned down and offered a hand to Shani, naked and still wearing the loose iron collar about her neck with the loop in the rear through which the chain had held her - it was obvious to the women that she had been cargo. As Minter crouched below the lash, Shani shielded him from further attack.

“This one ... he help me, he not desire slave.” Minter was further astounded at the mounted black woman’s response as she sneered down at him, hearing her English better spoken than his.

“Then his fate shall be decided by our Mistress. He is one of the crew of a slaver is he not? ... and a particularly vile slaver at that.” She flicked her whip at one of the gruesome artefacts which drifted in the surf, a forlorn black nipple emphasising the depravity which led to her reasoning. The two women slid elegantly from their mounts, both eyeing Minter with contempt and brandishing their whips. The other horsewoman spoke for the first time, she too having a perfect command of English.

“You’ll take that collar off her, and wear it yourself ... then you’ll strip naked, like the slave you now are.” He slipped the pin from the hasp at the rear of her collar and opened the hinge. Shani looked him in the eye with an air of confidence tinged with pleasure as she fitted the collar and secured the pin, the two horsewomen smiling with contempt as he obediently stripped.

One of the two took a thin rope from her horse and secured it to the collar as they studied his body, turning him to reveal his rear. Minter’s cock pulsed to a half erection as they pointed to his now faintly bruised buttocks, and the still distinct evidence of striping across them, laughing at the obvious confirmation of his inferiority. Shani revealed her knowledge of his submission as she stroked his cheeks.

“He not just help me, he want to serve me ... I know woman will have done this.” She grinned on seeing that the situation had him aroused, despite the seriousness of his predicament, and yanked the rope with a wicked smile.

“You show these women respect, kiss their feet.” The two curvaceous women stood proud with their whips and chuckled with utter contempt for the white male as he readily went down and kissed their feet. Minter’s cock erected hard as he thought on what was to come; the two women’s contempt could not hide their delight at seeing him dominated so easily, he glanced up sheepishly to see their nipples poking hard on having him just where he belonged, just where he wanted to belong. The woman whose feet he’d last kissed, turned and eased her arse cheeks apart, bending slightly.

“Lick! Show me your worship!” Minter sniffed hard at the tart whiff of the powerful woman’s anus, sticky with riding her mount, and now tinged with the lush essences of arousal from her cunt. He slipped his tongue into the gloriously dark pucker, and heard the others laugh as she released her glossy brown cheeks to envelope his face, flicking her whip playfully, his cock pulsing rigid at being subjected to a real taste of humiliation. The dominant woman sighed as his tongue darted and probed at her anus in the pleasure of his obedience, sealing his fate as a plaything of one of the women if he were allowed to live.

“Our Mistress will enjoy his attentions and reward you for delivering him to her justice, he’s yours to pass on to her, and she’ll decide his fate ... now tell us what you know of these others.” The leash was passed to Shani and the two horsewomen urged them forward across the mound which divided the beach, Minter watching the graceful steps of their shapely bodies as he was led by the girl whose mercy he was now dependent on, his mind consumed by the surreal situation which would lead to heaven or hell; the superb movement of the arse he’d tasted, teasing his thoughts and fears as they progressed majestically. The trailing whips of the formidable women confirmed he was owned, and Shani showed her delight in each step as she led him on the leash whilst relating all that she’d seen; his fears reduced and his excitement building as she confirmed to the two that he’d played no part in the fearful act she’d seen.

Shani sneered with satisfaction as they descended the mound to the beach the other side of the crags; the longboat lay broken in the surf, having given itself up to the waves before reaching where it now lay. Its heartless passengers had been deposited in the seething ocean which now lay calm, and all but two had survived. Exhausted by their efforts, they had lain weak upon the beach and had been easily overpowered by the grinning women who stood over them, taunting and tormenting their captives.

They lay like hunting trophies, stripped naked, bound and gagged; they squirmed in the sand as the triumphant females poked and belittled their genitals while their bodies basted in the hot sun. Shani dropped Minter’s leash and took a whip from one of the women, and pointed to Thorpe.

“This their captain ... and one I owe a special punishment.” Minter watched on his knees as the terrified eyes of Thorpe rolled while two women gleefully dragged him to the open spot on the sand where Shani stood, her lithe body casting a long shadow as she played the whip in the air, its crack resounding splendidly around the cove. Minter tried to look away, not through horror, but because the sight was bringing him erect again, shaming him acutely. The horsewoman who’d had her anus licked so readily by him, grinned as she saw his excitement and put the handle of her whip under his chin, pulling his face up and ensuring he watched; she then took pleasure in gesturing to her colleagues who showed their contempt, the humiliation increasing his stiffness.

“I know you’d like what he’s going to endure, don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the feel of the lash when you’re brought before our mistress.” She pulled his head back to rest against the softness of her belly, and the smiling audience returned their eyes to the punishment. Shani savoured the moment, cracking the whip in the air and watching Thorpe writhe expectantly at the sound, then without further announcement, unleashed the whip on his flesh. Minter felt the supreme satisfaction she enjoyed, her smiles as Thorpe’s naked and trussed body jerked and trembled with each stinging kiss of the lash, the flesh shimmering white as the whip wrapped itself about his body and bit into it, then tensing as it was whisked back to reveal each red stripe so thoroughly deserved and delivered with justly vengeful spite by its wielder.

The women shrieked and applauded each stroke, their cynical laughter increasing Thorpe’s pain on seeing him quickly reduced to tears; his body wriggling in the bonds, in a futile attempt to escape the agony as Shani applied the whip most thoroughly, droplets of sweat and blood sparkling like diamonds in the sun as the lash flicked them through the air. Contented for now that he had been served a taste of what he deserved, Shani relented, and stood with one foot on his trembling body in triumph, her cunt wet with arousal at his suffering. The women applauding her show as he groaned in pain, defeated by the girl he’d tormented.

As the pack horses resting in the shade of the trees were readied to take their prizes to the green interior of the island, it was Shani’s pleasure to point out Travis and those others who’d been instrumental in the base action she’d witnessed. Minter saw that the two horsewomen noted those who would face the brunt of whatever awaited them, then detected a fervour building amongst the other women as one of the mounted couple cut a large spiked stave from the undergrowth.

The magnificent black woman whose anus he’d adored so willingly, passed the leash to Shani and smiled wickedly as her companion came back with the stave.

“Each of these other males are equally guilty. Our women have a little ritual we perform when we have an infestation of slavers such as this ... we like to leave a sign as a warning to other slavers who might come ashore under different circumstances, and the ritual also serves to show the ones we’ve caught that they can expect no mercy. Please choose one of the remaining crew.” Shani strutted before the bound males, her whip trailing, and noted Styles, the pervert who had masturbated on first sight of her, and had fucked her headless female elder, was keenly erect as he lay bound and displayed. She smiled as he was selected.

“This one. He seems to get pleasure from death ... his own will be the only cure.” Styles was immediately surrounded by the naked native women, dragged onto a prominent place on the beach near the high tide mark and pulled up onto his knees in full view of all present. As the women offered their cunts and arses to his nose while others played with his cock and balls, all the time whooping and wobbling their breasts, the horsewoman sank the stave deep into the sand a few yards from him. It stood erect with a fearsome spike at its top, and its fixer then returned to her horse and pulled a long scimitar like blade from a sheath which hung from its side. Minter watched as she strutted elegantly across the sand with the blade held high, first walking past the line of bound captives to ensure they took in the sheer confidence of her feminine power, his cock pulsing as he lusted at her superb black figure silhouetted in the sun. With a broad smile she then walked with perfect poise over to the kneeling Styles.

As she approached, the whooping women formed an arc behind Styles, except one who knelt smiling at him as she nursed his cock, edging him expertly as he flexed in bondage and was immersed in the wafting feminine scents of the watching women. Some fingered their wet cunts as the horsewoman stepped up to him and poked the flat of the blade under his balls and stood commandingly as the kneeling woman recommenced the working of his stiff cock with her elegant fingers. Styles guessed his obvious fate, his perverted mind grateful at the erotic ecstasy of being executed by a woman after a humiliation which afforded a sweet final pleasure, and his anus clenched tightly with exquisite fear as the kneeling woman laughed at feeling his cock pulse beyond the point of no return.

Styles groaned through the gag as he looked up at the figure of pure feminine dominance standing haughty and proud, her exposed cunt in arousal and hard nipples showing the absolute pleasure she felt in anticipation of her task, he sending a torrent of hot semen to the blade in a subliminal ecstasy of his own. The whooping women ensured he gave up a prolonged tribute, the hand that grasped his cock working it vigorously as he jerked and jetted his mess to the bright blade, the ample globules of seed sent halfway up its length to dribble down and glint in the sunlight as he was milked most thoroughly. The horsewoman sighed, close to orgasm herself as she watched the pink bell-end poke rigid through the grasp of the dusky feminine hand which controlled it, the combined power of womanhood ensuring his tribute was worthy and sealing his fate in an ecstasy of utter submission. She held the blade tight under his balls as the last spurts were dribbled from him by the commanding hand.

“Your’s is the first seed given up by the detritus sent to us this day, but it won’t be the last ... however, you’ll give no more, you’ve spent your last.” As the woman who brought him off moved to her colleagues to join in the eerie cacophony of warbling notes they howled, the horsewoman wheeled round to the kneeling male’s rear and lifted the scimitar high. Her breasts heaving, she savoured the moment as the semen dripped from the raised blade, dribbling white down her shimmering brown flesh. She licked her lips, then swept the blade down, her grimace one of pure ecstasy as her energy brought the scimitar to his neck, and the finely honed edge carried it through. Minter watched almost jealously, as the darkly erotic decapitation was carried out, the single blow taking Styles’ head off cleanly. The horsewoman who held him, pulled his leash tight and laughed as they saw the head topple off into the sand, the other women’s shrieks turning to a delighted crescendo as the blood pumped from the stump of his neck while the kneeling corpse slumped into the sand.

The executrix poked the blade into the sand, kneeling and laying back on her thighs with legs apart, rubbing her clitoris furiously as another woman held the head high by the hair, its eyelids still twitching as its nemesis moaned into a glorious orgasm, her silky brown breasts pointing skyward as she arched her back in a divine ecstasy at vanquishing another male. The captive males lay frigid with terror at what may lay ahead for them, some staring starkly at the ritual, others turning their heads away in an effort to keep their composure.

As the executrix sighed her last, the woman holding the head took it to the stave, and with a satisfied sneer, impaled the gruesome trophy with its face looking seaward. The executrix rose, and taking the scimitar approached the corpse, cutting the bonds about the legs. Another woman gleefully sank to the sand, lifting the spent cock and balls high, and the contended executrix sliced the evidence of his manhood off. With further rapturous accompaniment from the women, she held the severed genitalia high in a brash display of her dominance, and strolled to the staked head. Shani smiled with her own contentment as the executrix pulled the jaw down and reunited the head with its castrated organs, stuffing the balls into the mouth and leaving the spent cock hanging centrally from the lips.

Styles’ dead eyes peered from the fixed and stupefied expression, out to the sea where he had been party to so many base and lurid crimes, the cock he’d used in committing them, hanging spent and useless from his mouth; the display of his defeat left as a portent to those who may have tried their luck upon that shore, sufficient warning to deter raiders who’d not chance conflict when easier pickings lay close by. Styles’ detached manhood would add further deterrent to those minds while it remained; soon, along with the eyes that showed the moment of his defeat by a woman, it would be devoured by birds and crabs, the skull picked clean to shine as the only clue to the triumph of a black woman.

The bound males wriggled in fear as each were lifted by the delighted women to be strapped over the packhorses, Minter’s exposed submissive position allowing him to remain on foot, hands bound and held on a long leash by Shani, who was helped up to share the horeswoman’s mount.

“My name is Adina, one of the many head women of Charlotteville, formerly Charlestown. My Mistress, Erica Thornbury, will be more than pleased to have you stay, permanently if you so wish ... having seen your prowess with the whip, and hearing of your command of what you have on a leash, I think you may find our community to your liking. Though I am called Head Woman Adina and Erica is known as our Mistress, all women are treated as equals, her position and title of Mistress is readily accepted by all though, due to her ease in communicating with communities and authorities beyond ours, which we like to keep at a distance.” Shani’s curiosity grew as the other horsewoman signalled that their prizes were ready for transport, and the horse was urged forward.

“Why the place called Charlotteville, not Charlestown anymore?” Adina grinned and flicked her head back in a haughty gesture.

“Like all other places, it was owned and run by arrogant males ... worked by slaves, the women in particular used like cattle, I will not tell of how the change came about, as I know Erica will take great pleasure in telling you.” Adina smiled as the horses were led back over the mound and across the beach so as the bound males could witness the ship which had brought them to their destiny, the women walking by their charges lifting the heads of the squirming males so as to torment them with their guilt and have them digest the fact that justice awaited them. Shani looked back down at Minter, concerned for his fate.

“Will they all be ended like man on beach?” Adina twisted on her mount and smiled down at Minter over Shani’s shoulder.

“Mistress Erica will hear your testimony before the fate of all is decided. They will all be punished, some will be executed, others will be rendered incapable of troubling women anymore ... all who sailed on that evil ship will be extinguished or enslaved, white males are coveted by the women of Charlotteville.” She grinned as Shani looked partially relieved.

“Mistress Erica will be enthralled by the actions of your slave before the ship came to the beach, she will enjoy being shown the respect he showed you, I suspect she will put him to good use, and I know you’ll find great satisfaction in our methods of punishment the others will receive.” Her veiled words brought on a dark arousal in Shani as the motion of the horse rubbed at her bare cunt while she rode, the straddling of the beast and riding high with a captive white male leashed and at the mercy of her words, increasing the regal dominance she had found so exciting.

Minter’s mind was fraught with the ominous sense of the unknown, yet teased with a darkly masochistic anticipation as he stumbled behind the horse, his wrists tied, and his naked arse displaying the once carefully hidden evidence of his erotic pleasures. As he watched the supple arse cheeks of Shani and Adina move seductively with the motion of their mount, he could not help but sustain a partial erection which he fought to control; the leash which attached him to Shani a continual reminder of his predicament, jostling his thoughts twixt impending heaven or hell, the former stiffening his cock relentlessly. The rest of the crew wriggled in their bonds in pure despair as their female charges took great satisfaction in lifting their heads to view the wreck of the Jess, the ship that had delivered them into captivity, the swinging chains and manacles which hung within its breached side, confirming that this would be the last ship they saw. As the entourage entered into the greenery, the sound of the sea behind them was lost forever, replaced by the sound of the delighted women’s whips, as packhorses and their human luggage were alternately whipped to their destiny.

Minter shuffled forward, his momentum governed by the horse and Shani’s gentle tugging on occasion which was accompanied by her contented smile, through dense undergrowth which soon gave way to a well trodden path. The breeze from the sea now far behind them, the sultry humidity had all wet with perspiration; the glistening beads which ran down Shani’s lithe figure, making her flesh gleam in the dappled sunlight, to add to Minter’s problems with control of the erotic quota of his thoughts. On entering a lush valley, a huge Italianate style house came into view, looking out of place in such a remote area, it was as though it had been plucked from the western world and dropped there. Around it was a high wall over which the many roofs of outbuildings and other structures could be seen, the dense foliage they’d come through, cleared to provide a plateau of orderly agriculture around it, habitations more in keeping with the humid climate abounding.

All the while, women appeared to join in their approach, warbling like sirens at seeing the white males carried by the entourage led and tailed by the proud Head Women, the enthusiastic sound making the bound captives aware that a grim fate was likely to befall them, the resonating noise attracting more and more eager viewers. The sound only served to stimulate Shani, as she rode proudly with a white male leashed behind her, attracting special attention from the onlookers who goaded Minter and sneered as they fondled his arse and genitals, before receiving looks of half disdain from Adina, having them turn their attentions to the bound men whose bare flesh was whipped with impunity.

For Minter, the open gate in the imposing wall which loomed ahead could not come quick enough; the nubile and athletic females who surrounded and sneered, most completely naked and expressing their excitement through their poking nipples, emphasising the sinister promise of what may lie within the wall. Word had obviously spread quickly amongst the populace that slavers had been caught, and the torment and spite unleashed upon the writhing bound captives as they slithered and jerked under whip and cane, was merely a precursor to the pain and humiliation they’d soon know.

Shani sat high upon her steed, admiring how Adina gently urged the expectant women from her leashed prize, explaining that he was to be presented as a gift to Mistress who’d decide his fate, and ushering them with a point of her whip handle to those that followed. Shani’s cunt rubbed in sweet arousal as she heard the groans and muffled cries of the deserving crew, as those women vented their spiteful ire on their exposed flesh. Any resistance would be thrashed from them before the words of her testimony condemned them to the punishment meted out, which they had more than earned, and her vengeful will relished.

Minter noted that very few males were in evidence, and those that were, black, white, and mixed race, were all at a distance and kneeling with their heads bowed. He watched as females who had spent their whips on his unwanted crew mates, returned to those kneeling males and took them by leash back to whatever task they’d been attending. His cock boned at the darkly erotic thought of the life of submission he’d be subjected to if spared, his crew mates now wishing they’d had the luxury of Styles’ fate as they writhed in bondage under the sting of those whips.

Shani’s anticipation grew too, as she witnessed the servitude imposed on the male population; she had known the whip and coercion at the hands of men too often, now she would embrace this obviously strict matriarchy that fortune had delivered her to, and indulge the pleasure that Minter had sampled and the doomed Thorpe had excited under her lash. The actions of those women that followed and tormented the caravan became more orderly as they passed through the gates to the frontage of the grandiose house into the shadow of its tall square towers, more excited women stepping out from its front entrance and descending the steps to view the males brought to know the justice of Charlotteville, Shani’s pride indulged as Adina dismounted, leaving her sitting high and dominant with a white male leashed at her bidding.

Minter could not control his erection fully, not that his inner persona wanted him to, his cock jutting horizontally to shamefully reveal his submissive pleasure at being displayed as her enslaved prize, and as he looked about him in an effort to distract his thoughts, he noted that all faces turned to the door and smiled serenely. His cock perked uncontrollably at the vision his eyes met, leaving him beyond hope.

A white middle-aged woman, her beautifully feminine curves caressed by a long flowing silk dress, tied at her middle and emphasising the bulge of her hips and ample breasts, looked down on him and the other cargo with a smile which showed both contempt and a spiteful pleasure. As she moved down two of the steps, the motion emphasised her nakedness below the silk, her nipples prominent through the thin fabric as her hands caressed a leather crop. Her high cheekbones and auburn hair tied high, emphasised her natural feminine dominance as she surveyed the naked flesh of the males brought to know her justice while Adina spoke to her and indicated her need to confirm things with Shani. Her sneer intensified as she addressed the women.

“Take them and whip them before the town, then display them in the usual way, we’ll have them thoroughly broken in preparation. Their guilt is apparent but the individual fate of each is yet to be determined, we have another guest to discuss proceedings with.” Her soft but ruthless tone had Minter’s anus tingling, and he fully expected to join the captives who squirmed helplessly as the delighted women wheeled the packhorses up to the the open ground which faced the house, but Adina returned to usher Shani from her mount and smiled wickedly at her leashed property.

“Mistress Erica will receive you now ... and she is most interested in the humbling qualities displayed by your slave, I think his saving of you will keep him alive, and his pleasing of you excites her.” Minter watched as Shani slipped from the horse, and he was tugged up the steps to face the auburn haired matriarch. She passed the leash to the woman who took it eagerly, Minter going down on his knees without prompting, awed by her natural magnificence and raising a pleased but contemptuous sneer from the woman whose mercy would decide his fate. Her soft scent kept his cock erect as the silk wafted over her flesh while she stroked his flesh with her crop.

“I hear and see that you come readily equipped for a male’s position in Charlotteville. I intend to have you oblige me the way you have the lady who’s given you to me ... and Adina.” She and both the black women laughed softly at the recent memory of his tongue probing her anus with such obvious worship, the disclosure of the act to her providing a sweet humiliation but exciting both he and her.

“ ... However, you were a member of the crew of a slaver, and all the women here are aware of that. I will hear why you were on it, and what your duties were ... though I know of the service you provided our guest ... and you will be punished before the women, something I will take great pleasure in administering personally, prior to the others receiving what each has deserved.” She untied the cord about her waist and let the silk gown drop, showing her solidarity with the other women and exposing the sumptuous, milky white curves of her mature body, edging forward to have her leashed captive sniff at the smooth cunt which was wet with her pleasure at the prospect of dominating him. She allowed him to contemplate thoroughly his position of submission, whilst those women who’d delayed seeing the other men face the initial lash, warbled and applauded the homage paid by the kneeling slave.

The scent took Minter’s mind to the dark ecstasy that his paid dominatrix had granted him, and the delicious release that he felt on spending under her strict regime; but this was domination which would be enforced with just and deserved vindication, its ominous promise bringing his cock stiffly erect in a humbling but pleasurable show of absolute submission, which wet his new Mistress all the more as her feminine power was illustrated before the sneering women.

Her pleasure at having a fresh male to dominate, and one who was readily submissive, was a blissful bonus for her on receiving the slavers whose infrequent appearance also gave her great pleasure in serving her strictest punishments, her contentment at acquiring this windfall taking her to a lush high. As the other head woman who’d accompanied the task, Bibi, returned after seeing the others secured for whipping, Mistress Erica smiled with curt enjoyment on her ascending the steps.

“Come Bibi, join Adina, our guest and I, in showing this male the error of his ways in a little introduction to the correct order of things.” She turned and tugged his leash toward the doors where two smiling women waited casually, flicking their eyes at Erica and receiving a nod as Minter was drawn toward the entrance, one of the dusky full figured beauties giving him a sharp stroke with a crop of her own.

“On your hands and knees! No male enters the house standing tall, down!” Shani smirked as Minter dropped to his knees, but Erica and the two horsewomen simply retained their expressions, this was all the natural routine for them. All smirked and sneered though, as he began to shuffle on his hands and knees, quickly taught and learning his position in the feminine world that now consumed him, his balls tingling at being humbled so easily, so willingly, while he took in the perfume of dominant womanhood that the naked females exuded as their cunts expressed their own growing sexual excitement. As Shani related her account of her abominable capture, and her private capture of Minter, the white woman delighted with what the storm had brought her.

“You’ll note that the gates are permanently open, and the doors are never locked, this house is open to all women and though I’m often looked upon to make certain decisions, all women are equal here ... But it wasn’t always like that.” She sneered down at the shuffling Minter as he followed obediently, on to the pleasure of her punishment.

“This was once the domain of males of course, and I a simple girl in their eyes, allowed to view openly the systematic abuse of women I’d befriended, and abused myself in more subtle fashion by the man trusted with my guardianship.” She sneered hard at the memory, opening the hand to which the leash was entwined and bringing her crop down into it as they ascended a stairway, Minter’s difficult progress enhanced by the delicious movement of feminine flesh before him, the silky brown orbs of the three black women’s arses jostling in contrast with his new owner’s milky white curves, their cunts slipping wet with anticipation as he was taken up to know the pleasure of their dominance. His erect cock brushed at the tread of the stairs occasionally, as their impatience to see him suffer was emphasised by their contemptuous glances, wiping the dribbling pre-cum from his bell-end, and stimulating it teasingly as he listened intently.

“Adina and Bibi will confirm the horrors they saw through young eyes, and of the sweet triumph that followed after a great deal of scheming and preparation, which I am proud to have been instrumental in bringing about. The unity that was created so naturally in my seeking solace amongst the women chained in those outbuildings, having slipped from the house after suffering the indulgences of my guardian, developed with a sincerity which could only lead to one destiny...” She strode through huge double doors into a grand room, the tall windows casting bright light upon silken beds and fine furnishings, she smiling as Shani moved to a large bed, her eyes filled with wonderment as she knelt upon it to feel its softness, the feel of the silk bringing her nipples up hard as she lifted the sheet and let it slide against her naked flesh.

“The four males who ran this place, did so in complete contempt of the abolition of the slave trade, and that contempt was even deeper in respect of females here, the power of whom was brought home to them most satisfactorily.” As Shani slipped from the bed, Erica passed the leash to her as Adina and Bibi trailed their whips over Minter, their smiles emphasising the pleasure they found in his hearing the story of male defeat. Erica sauntered to a table and returned with a leather collar and leash, passing it to Adina.

“That iron is much too ungainly, as suited as it is to his neck, he’ll wear this one - the one which my guardian wore when I led him on his final journey.” Her curt enjoyment at revealing the fate of its former owner was evident in her tone, and Minter’s cock boned, his anus tingling with the dark ecstasy of submission as the powerful black woman whose arsehole had already known the worship of his tongue, enjoyed feeling the subservient white male tremble, but fail to hide his inner appreciation through his rigid cock while the collar was buckled tight. The whipping he was to inevitably receive could not come quick enough for her. Erica’s contemptuous smile broadened as she took the leash and led him slowly up the room.

“The women here were selected to order, kept penned in the outbuildings and viewed for sale by prospective buyers ... many of those chosen were brought here and sampled by the clients, my guardian making the mistake of having me watch, which gave him as much pleasure as he felt when abusing me. All he did was reinforce my hatred and harden my resolve in seeing he and the others pay for their crimes, but he couldn’t see through his arrogance - I was just a weak woman who’d do as told by any male.” She drew him closer to a far window, the bright light from it obscuring artefacts upon the end walls at that point, her steps slow and deliberate as she enjoyed the relating of her triumph, Minter now realising he’d been told too much already to ever allow his release, the feeling keeping his anus tingling as he pondered his fate while Adina and Bibi snaked their whips alongside him to remind him of what was to come.

“The evening came when the time was right, and knowing where the keys to the restraints lay, I released the women and returned the keys, knowing at least two of my guardian’s accomplices would visit the pen to select a woman to use that night. The first was swiftly overpowered and bound ready for justice, the keys returned and delivered by the second who was duly trussed too...” Her smile broadened as Minters eyes grew accustomed to the light from the window they approached.

“The women left the outbuilding in the darkness and found the third male associate in bed with a boy - his base perversions were boundless, and he was subdued with the greatest of pleasure. I met the women at those very doors you have just entered, called to attend my guardian to know the satisfaction of his cock, but the satisfaction was all mine. I’ll never forget the look on his face as the women he’d treated like animals delighted in securing him, and dragged him away to writhe in bondage with the others.” She pulled the leash tight and smiled with supreme satisfaction while the freshly owned Minter focused on the exhibits proudly displayed upon the wall, the sight bringing the cowering seaman to a submissive peak in awe of the women from which he would never fully return, nor would he want to as he witnessed evidence which bound him to their ownership forever.

A large photograph was centered by smaller ones of the four males, the stark cameos each an equivalent to a death mask, the taut rope which had delivered the discoloration in the strangely ecstatic expressions so evident as they hanged at its pleasure. Below those cameos in glass displays were the shriveled but preserved penises, removed with feminine impunity from their former owners; the display of their emasculation serving to prolong the deep satisfaction gained by the women in justice having been served, and humbling any male granted a viewing of the evidence of the female superiority which now reigned indisputably. The stark photograph which centered the exhibit had Minter’s balls tingling with the perverted desire to know the absolute submission suffered by the subjects he saw.

He gasped as he took in the sordid pleasure of the main picture, the creaking of the leather leash and pressure of the collar helping him live out what he saw before him. There she was, the woman who now held him leashed at her obedience, somewhat younger but her naked body somehow not as attractive as it now was, flanked by rows of smiling black women equally splendid in their nudity. In her open hands and displayed with righteous justification, the dismembered cock which had obviously belonged to her guardian, three of the black women holding white cocks which were almost luminous in contrast against their shapely dark figures, their smiles radiating the deep satisfaction they enjoyed in holding the severed members which had no doubt previously been used in tormenting them.

Behind them, suspended above from a broad cross-beam gallows, hanged the four males. Their tightly bound bodies displaying the tigerish stripes upon their flanks from extensive whippings, their unhooded faces showing the strangely pleasured expressions of meeting their deaths, complexions as dark as their bloodied flanks in evidence that they’d known the full pleasure of the rope; slowly strangled to enjoy the taunts of the women, not allowed the swift end of broken necks, and made to benefit from the exquisite grip of the noose in sweet torture to appease their feminine audience. Minter could not hide the shamefully erotic wonderment he was bathed in, his hard erection while held at the mercy of women who’d ruthlessly overthrown and disposed of every element of masculine dictatorship, excited each submissive and masochistic facet of his mind. The curt smiles of the women told him the excitement was mutual, no more so than within Erica, who was ecstatic at being gifted with a male who would appreciate the whims of her spite.

Adina and Bibi moved up to stand either side of the window frame, smiling knowingly as they beckoned Shani to look through it. Her eyes widened and a satisfied smile covered her expression as Erica continued to relate the history of her victory over masculinity.

“They were whipped by every woman of the Charlestown estate, each lash delivered with the deserved vigour of just vindication, not least so by me. Each delivery taking the estate a step closer to becoming Charlotteville. At first I was consumed by pure vengeance, but as the control over them grew while they suffered under the whip, seeing them writhe in despair and reducing them to begging for the gallows, that power over them unleashed a pleasure so intense as to have me hunger for each and every cut of the lash.” Minter felt the pleasure of that power as she tugged at the creaking leash and drew his eyes from the photograph, edging him slowly toward the window at which the supreme black women stood, the sunlight on their glossy flesh enhancing their nipples which poked rigid with sexual excitement.

“Their wishes to hang were duly granted on that pleasure with the whip being sated by all. They were taken to where they had stood and viewed with arrogant pomposity, the dispatch of many men and women for trivial misdemeanors, and delivered with pleasure to be viewed from the perspective of those people. Charlestown became Charlotteville to the sound of the traps dropping, and the rapturous applause which heralded the sight of their struggle on the rope was unanimous indeed. Each were milked on the gallows, and each showed their true colours as they hanged. Their pleasure in the humiliation of absolute defeat at the hands of women, was expressed in each giving a plentiful account as they were displayed on the rope, each allowed a lusty orgasm which confirmed their guilt, then duly castrated whilst still conscious.”

The crawling Minter was led to the window, Erica smiling cruelly as he craned his neck to keep sight of the picture which excited him so, then jerking his head up with the leash when he reached the point where he could see over the parapet and behold the vista through the window. His heart raced as the vision which had pleased Shani, teased his submissive mind to the core. There, in full view of the rear of the house, framed by a large expanse of cleared land, stood the bold and imposing gallows in the photograph, the dangling nooses seeming to beckon him to know its final pleasure. The stark reality of the gallows in the photograph, four loops hanging invitingly from the stout and functional beam, somehow expressed a rude impatience to end its present redundancy; a notion which would soon be granted. Erica surveyed his striped buttocks as they flexed and strained at the command of a cock which pulsed and poked high in a rigid ecstasy at the thought of being extinguished as she’d described, her contempt for him mixed with a deeply erotic desire to exploit his exposed submission to the full.

“You were on that boat ... you were one of the crew of a slaver ... Shani has delivered you to me as a gift, but you owe her a debt as much as your actions allowed her to relate the truth to me.” She sneered with a spiteful pleasure on handing the shapely black girl an elegant horse whip; Shani’s nipples bolting rigid as she felt its soft leather braided handle, her cunt slick with arousal already at the euphoric atmosphere of the place at which she now found herself. Erica licked her lips as she watched the girl twist the whip in her grasp so eagerly.

“Many males enjoyed the just end of the four in the months that followed, travelling here to sample and purchase human flesh as they’d done before, only to receive an appointment with the noose. Since then it’s only by chance that the exquisite pleasure of a display has been afforded the women, the occasional arrogant wretch brought here by the knowing people we trade our goods with since our victorious transition, so you’ll understand the excitement of those women when such a multiple prize as your boat was offered up - they’ve developed such a taste for that supremely satisfying pleasure the hanging of a male brings.”

Minter’s balls squeezed tight in his scrotum, the urgency of their need to release immersing him in his own tormented euphoria of sublime submission on being tugged toward a large bed, the generous dark cheeks and thighs of the horsewomen shimmering invitingly as they bent to retrieve the shackles attached to it, Shani’s slighter but equally attractive plump form teasing the depths of his erotic perversion to know domination as she toyed eagerly with the whip. He had earned the fate that now befell him, and lusted to know the feel of one of those nooses about his neck, though knew in his heart he’d be denied that pleasure until the white Mistress tired of his servitude. He craved the image which now scarred his mind, but guessed that his new owner would have him enjoy his masochism to the full, in prolonging his torment for her own pleasure, and his prophecy would prove to be painfully correct.

Erica stood before him as he knelt at the edge of the bed, allowing him to sniff at the cunt his tongue would service routinely, its wetness and spice of full arousal expressing the tart pleasure of her dominance.

“Shani will commence the whipping you’ve earned, and you’ll show us all your thanks for sparing you ... for now anyhow. I can see how complete submission to the rope excites you, but that’s a prize you’ll have to earn ... and it’ll always be an option in my mind.” Minter’s anus tingled to a peak of submissive euphoria on digesting her words, his cock rubbing the sheets eagerly as he was shackled to the bed, the black women sneering with contempt at his readiness to be harnessed to know their whips; each would unleash their ire upon him while another received the gratitude of his servile tongue.

Erica smiled at Bibi as she eagerly mounted the bed at its head, parting her deep brown thighs to expose the full aroma of her glossy cunt to Minter’s face while Shani lifted his chin with the whip handle, she and Adina smiling as they watched Minter jerk on the bed in his eagerness to service the lushly aromatic folds that teased his senses, the delightful whiffs of hot cunt and sticky anus seasoned by the prevailing humidity making his cock bolt rigid with the desire to know the taste of both woman and whip. Erica stood within his view to fully enjoy the torment of her new acquisition, and a soft but sincere address to Shani ensured he’d surrender his seed under the lash.

“You are fortunate landing in this part of the island; elsewhere these men would have been passed on to the official authorities; and we know how easily bribed they’d be over the mishandling of native people. No ... we have our own justice here, and they’ll be dealt with by the women here, justly and severely - they’ll not be allowed to repeat their crimes - ever.” Minter had known the pleasure of humiliating surrender to his dominant whore, but the acute sincerity of these women who’d hang him at at whim, and knowing he’d not walk out of any door to continue his mundane existence at the end of the session, sank him deep into a submission which had him on the verge of spending as Bibi slipped her velvety black cunt to receive his willing face. The women sneered as he sniffed and snorted impatiently at the dark folds of her labia, his tongue seeking the pinky interior and the budding clitoris he’d been coached to find by his whore with her cane.

Erica rubbed at her own clitoris as she witnessed just how well trained a submissive he was in the art of using his tongue, her contempt for him and the prospect of displaying him on a leash as her pet, increasing her sadistic enjoyment.

“Show him the whip Shani, think not of what he did for you, think of how you were treated by the others and how they dealt with the women.” Bibi moaned close to ecstasy as the rapid strokes of Minters servile tongue lapped at the bulging clitoris which flowered from below its black hood while Shani flexed the whip. Minter humped at the bedding as her thighs tensed and lifted, a black hand sliding down to nurse her urgency, and pushing his face down to sample the taste of her anus as Shani grimaced and unleashed the whip with sadistic spite. Minter’s senses exploded with a multitude of sensations as the ripe tang of her hot dark arsehole coincided with the vicious crack of the whip caressing his flesh in its tight and stinging grip, his sweaty flesh receiving its bite as though coated with adhesive, the lash seeming to stick to his buttocks as the penetrating sting was awarded; a casual flick from Shani’s hand releasing it as she savoured having the writhing white male know her dominance through its pain.

As she watched him probe another black woman’s arsehole in shameful obedience, the sheer contempt increased her appetite for the whip, her cunt hot with arousal as her spite embraced the thorough enjoyment of her developing dominance, the lash brought down again and again as her thoughts turned to relishing seeing Thorpe and the others hanged for her pleasure on the gallows looming through the window. Minter’s pathetic submission would not allow him to enjoy the rigours of the whip for more than five lashes; the prospect of prolonged torment at the hands of Erica and the possibility of absolute defeat on those gallows, while he was punished and humiliated by Shani with his tongue deep in Bibi’s hot anus, took him swiftly to an orgasm like never before. His fate to a life of servitude by severe women confirmed, reinforced by his own weakness and strength of desire to be dominated, had him spend in utter capitulation.

Minter’s mind was captured by the pure ecstasy of defeatist masochism as the lash brought the deluge of seed from his balls, that lash brought home with delighted vigour by Shani as she and the other women sneered with contempt as he jerked and thrust at the bed, snorting deliriously with his face deep in the soft crevice of Bibi’s cheeks. The superior black woman let out a delirious moan of pure ectasy as the white male probed deep at her anus, surrendering his cream and triggering a lush orgasm at the deliciously erotic spectacle of him being thoroughly dominated, Minter’s exquisite pleasure as the seed burst from his cock, over and over, seeming to magnify the tart pleasure of her own orgasm as he took the whip.

Minter was not to be spared by any of the women; each indulging their pleasure with the whip, each serviced obediently by his tongue as he was shown his place, the silky and highly scented comforts of velvety black cunts contrasting with Erica’s white folds, the level of their arousal equal in the triumph of their unified dominance; Minter was reduced to a level of absolute submission, as much by the pleasure they showed with the whip as in its vigorous application. Their sadism sated on reducing him to a quivering tearful object on several occasions, Erica was ready to attend the task in hand, and display her new prize to the women of Charlotteville into the bargain. She smiled at Shani who looked wistfully through the window at the gallows, her nipples hard as she visualised the pleasure she sought.

“Come, let’s prepare my new pet for his introduction to the women. They’ll appreciate the evidence of his punishment, and witness his reduction to the correct position required ... and they won’t settle till they’ve seen one of our captives receive the rope.” Minter groaned weakly, stiff with the pain of his ordeal as he was unshackled by the women, watching the elegant curves of Erica as she moved to a drawer and lifted two ornately carved wooden objects from it, leather straps hanging from one, a long silky twilled tail of many threads unfurling from the other. Minter gasped as he was shown the first object by Erica, she delighting in relating the history of the finely carved wooden phallus gag, its ebony grain finely polished and shining smoothly.

“This has been worn by many males under my ownership ... see how the padded nub which your mouth will be silenced by, bears the teeth marks of those males fortunate enough to wear it for me? ... many of whom knew the pleasure of the gallows outside. Think of that as you bite on it.” He watched the curt smile on her face as Adina pulled his hair back, making him gape, spluttering as the rounded nub was pushed into his mouth, his jaws closing automatically on the recess which bore the bite marks of previously defeated males. His feminine audience sneered and laughed as the retaining strap was smartly buckled tight behind his head, leaving the rude wooden penis jutting from his face. Erica stood before him, taking the bell of the hard cock and rubbing it onto the wet cleft of her cunt, making the smooth dome shine as Minter sniffed eagerly at her arousal. She stepped back and showed him the other object, grinning as the stiff wooden cock waved with the movement of his head.

“ ... and bite on it you shall ... when you’re tailed with this!” The spite in her voice had his balls tingling as much as the sight before him; a bulbous anal plug which delighted his captors was passed to Shani when his mind had had time to take in its smooth but intrusive size with taper and large stop, to prevent his anus consuming it completely, the decorative tail hanging from it to shame him exquisitely.

“Many males have worn this to the gallows too ... it’s function not just decorative in increasing humiliation, it stimulates the wearer to a fine erection on their journey to the rope, and prevents their defecation on enjoying the noose till the last. We’ll have you yearning to know that pleasure, but you’ll be denied that final ecstasy ... for the time being.” Minter’s body tensed as the women’s soft contemptuous laughter was triggered by Shani running her finger up his hanging scrotum and along the seam to his anus, making it squeeze then dilate in a submission to the plug’s acceptance, all four sneering as she then edged the point of it into his arsehole.

The sultry black women was in her element, her abject pleasure in dominance growing with every moment as she eased the plug in as slowly as she could, her cunt wet with arousal on watching his anus stretched tight by the tortuous girth of the plug, all four magnificent females smiling with righteous contempt as he twitched and bit hard on the phallus nub as he’d been told he would, but remained obediently still whilst violated. Shani licked her lips in contentment as his anus slipped down to clench hard at the taper, his hanging cock boning to a full erection, emulating the ebony phallus, excited to a degree of humiliation such as he’d never dreamed of. Shani stepped forward and took the leash and pulled it tight while she stood proudly over him, having him know he was now in his correct place. He was now reduced to the heavenly enslavement of his own ardent sexual desire, and could no more escape it than he could the women; he was dominated and would now be displayed to the female subjects of his new world to confirm his shame.

Erica savoured the scene of the reduced white male she’d soon have the sadistic pleasure of, leashed and adorned with the paraphernalia of feminine conquest while at the command of the haughty younger black woman who’d delivered him, Adina and Bibi trailing their whips softly over the results of the lash’s earnest work so evident on his back and buttocks. She stroked her cunt a few times, then sighed as the thought of further pleasure in hand.

“Let’s take him to see the others, they’ll be in danger of being flayed alive by the women, we don’t want to waste our pleasure in justice being fulfilled. You’ll choose one Shani, to be hanged immediately to appease the women - and sate our own lust - but please choose one of the lesser protagonists, we want to truly savour the justice served on those who were once in charge ... and perhaps keep a few for extended pleasures.” Shani sighed herself, as she grimaced on pulling Minter’s leash, then looking wistfully toward Erica as she continued.

“Oh, they’ll know misery worse than death, it’s too good for them, but Thorpe, and others, will not be allowed to exist anymore, his crimes demand him being displayed on the rope and the utmost pleasure of womanhood indulged in his torment during the ceremony. He’ll know the final pleasure of sending his seed to the dirt far below him, where it and his corpse belongs.” All four laughed audibly as Minter shuddered visibly on the leash at the tart promise of her words, his cock already dribbling sticky lubricant at the harsh but commanding voice of feminine authority he was now enslaved to. Erica grinned and gently pressed on the anal plug.

“You’ll watch and see the pleasure it gives the women in seeing a white male hang naked on display ... and you’ll witness the horrors, shaming, and ultimate ecstatic pleasure which is shown by ALL males when hanged by women ... pleasures you’ll lust for but will be denied for now.” She took a crop and teased his freshly striped buttocks forward as he was led by Shani to the door on all fours to begin his exquisite display of shame, the movement making him murmur in soft ectasy as the tailed plug began its lushly erotic stimulus. Erica’s arousal peaked on seeing his eagerness to have all women see him shamed, in going forward and slacking Shani’s leash.

“Think how those males felt when wearing that very plug to the gallows, imagine how they felt on knowing its pleasure would be so brief ... think of how you’ve not earned that pleasure yet, for I know it’s what you lust for ... savour every humiliation you’ll now endure as you’re shown as the defeated male you are.” Minter’s balls ached, perpetually on the verge of spending courtesy of the plug which kept his anus wide, the teasing discomfort of its intrusion, soon invoking a masochistic pleasure. With the physical stimulus to his prostate matched by that of the words of a severely dominant woman who now owned him, the bulbous plug made him want to shit in defeat as the perverse pleasure of being dominated overcame his senses, even the soreness of the lesions left by the whip served to indulge his submissive candour. Her words echoed in his mind as he waddled forward impatiently, to the spiteful delight of the women whose eagerness to see him shamed as they triumphed over him, and enjoy the execution of another, was so apparent in their triumphal strut toward the door.

The sheer confidence of the women, and the arrogance of their natural command was exemplified as they emerged into the daylight; two kneeling black males, leashed by their mistresses, bowed to the ground on the instant that Erica and the two horsewomen descended the steps. Shani smiled with curt satisfaction as she watched the servility they showed by second nature, there was not the slightest hesitation from them in showing they knew their lowly position before superior womanhood. Erica could see how the younger woman relished the absolute feminine order imposed.

“When we hanged the previous owners, and all who were previously enslaved were set free, most of the males simply disappeared into the wilderness, there was no question that any would be subjected to our new order against their will. It came as a surprise to us all, just how many stayed and were taken in ownership by women, each one that remained, so keen to serve womanhood ... it seems that seeing how ruthlessly their previous owners were dealt with sparked an obedience to womanhood within them, to which they are held to the enjoyment of to this day.” Shani looked on jealously as the proud women flicked the leashes in haughty fashion, bringing the male’s head’s up and having them follow on all fours in natural obedience without the need for any verbal command.

She made sure that their lowly and desired status was not lost on Minter, pulling his head to one side with a sharp jerk of the leash, the proud women hiding their own jealousy at seeing a younger black women in charge of a white male adorned with the decorations of submission, by sneering with contempt at his reduction; their nipples poking hard from their mature breasts with the sexual excitement the thought of having him to dominate brought on. She had little need to tug Minter’s leash to gain his attention; his cock boned on feeling the contempt that just two fresh sets of female eyes had for him, and he was further belittled by the accompaniment of the two males who would follow behind. He suffered his own sweet jealousy and a further cutting humiliation as his erect cock poked at its maximum, while the two examples shown by his black counterparts hanged down in all their glory; though semi-flaccid, their generously girthed brown members and purplish bulbous bell-ends dwarfed his pathetic erection, their bells threatening to gain stimulus by making contact with any slightly raised obstruction on the rough ground as they were led in submission by their haughty mistresses.

As they turned a corner past a grove of trees, the delicious motion of the plug gave its full benefit, the eyes of a multitude of naked women, their varying feminine shapes glistening with sweat which in some cases dribbled down the whips and switches they carried, turned their attention from the task in hand to the display of humiliation which approached. The sheer frenzy of the women made his anus clench tight at the cruelly spreading and unforgiving bulb, as the horde of dusky harpies witnessed the shame of a white male who truly knew his correct place amongst women. Shani sneered hard, keeping the leash tight, her cunt wet with arousal as more and more women peeled away from the seething throng ahead, and poured their contempt on the white male so obviously obedient in defeat, the rude phallus gag and tail serving to magnify the stripes of his necessary discipline across his back and buttocks. Shani receiving adoring and jealous looks as the woman who had so rightly delivered him to learn his base position, and had been broken to permanent servitude.

Minter was close to coming spontaneously, mesmerised by the overwhelming scent of feminine arousal generated by the multitude of bare cunts expressing lush arousal in the close humidity, the source of their heady sexual excitement now becoming evident as the vista opened before him through the sea of legs and thighs which approached to enjoy his shame. He could see the first three of his seafaring slaver colleagues, who began the line which stretched to ten or more, kneeling naked and bound astride large poles. Their wrists were bound to the poles above and to the front of their heads, as though praying in penitence. Each had a stout leather strap about their middle, holding their bellies taut to the pole, keeping their backs arched and their arses high to greet the whip. With their legs spread, each had their scrotum ringed, and their sacks pulled tight by a string to a peg secured in the ground behind them; with their feeble masculinity so apparent, the vindictive dominance of each woman was ensured in their application of the whip.

As the crowd of women jeered and warbled their contempt at the pleasing sight of a defeated male in abject humiliation, flicking Minter’s fresh stripes with their switches and whips, Erica looked toward the staked males, contentment and satisfaction radiating from her smile.

“It looks as though we’ve arrived just in time, I’ve known the women whip a male to death, and some of these are already beyond being broken. We must select those for death, simple castration, and enslavement, on choosing our token hanging for today - the women must agree of course, but I think seeing one displayed on the rope will satisfy them for now.” The pleasure in her eyes and that of Shani’s and the horsewomen was plainly evident as they surveyed the males who had begun their various agonising journeys which would only end with the noose or absolute servitude to a woman, and with total justification. All had been whipped and thrashed at the peak of the women’s sadistic sexual excitement, each had known no mercy from the spite of every fresh whip from women who were well aware of the crimes committed. They sagged at the poles, some openly weeping and taunted mercilessly about what to expect by women who lifted their tear soaked chins with the nubs of the whips they’d used with relish, others panted semi-concsious as the blood dripped, at least two were silent on having succumbed to the relentless and severe pain, escaping it on passing out.

Minter’s cock bolted rigid as a huge woman emerged from the crowd with a broad but spiteful smile, her deep brown flanks and huge breasts shimmering with the sweat she’d exuded, her glossy broad thighs slipping against the bulge of her aroused cunt, stimulating it as she strode forward eagerly with her bloodied whip complementing her naturally dominant curves. She took a deep breath as she sneered down at Minter.

“Are we to hang this one now Erica? I see he’s enjoying the livery of one who’s learned to beg for the noose ... we’d all enjoy that so much.” She sighed with sexual excitement as her strong but delicate fingers caressed the smooth cock gag, feeling the flange of its generous bell as she stared into Minter’s eyes to enjoy his helplessness. Erica laughed softly and massaged the base of the tailed plug, having Minter dribble clear seminal fluid from his boning cock, taking her time to answer on knowing he’d be hoping she’d bow to the magnificent woman’s desire and see him hang. The huge black woman nursed her wet cunt and sighed as the other hand continued to slip over the stiff but glassy smooth phallus.

“No Nini ... he’ll know it one day, but as you can see, he’s one that knows his place and craves being hanged in shame by a woman like you ... but one will pay the price within the hour, you can show us who you think is worthy of the pleasure, and if it’s not one of the main perpetrators, he’ll please us all at the gallows. This one has been gifted to me by our guest, and he’ll be of service till we tire of him.” Nini’s haughty contempt for Minter grew with a spiteful affection as she pointed down at him, and played on the scorn that the women who had followed her showered on the shamed male with their laughter and warbling. She then looked to Erica.

“He might not hang ... not yet, but I’ll book my use of him right now, and give him a taste of what to expect.” She turned and showed him the delicious curves of her bulbous femininity which shone with perspiration, parted her broad thighs which shimmered their flesh as she bent, the pulled her huge arse cheeks apart and left the bulge of her sweaty black cunt to beckon from underneath her.

“Get that cock in my cunt now! ... Up to the hilt, or you’ll know my whip!” Shani tugged his leash, then slackened it, seeing him move forward at Nini’s command in total obedience anyway, the jeers of the women bringing an exquisite tingle to both his balls and anus as he moved into the shadow of the superbly dominant woman. He was more than ready to shoot as he studied the ampleness of her glorious genitalia, the dark brown flesh of her inner cheeks, the black star of her anus pouting like puckered lips as it sweated it’s essences. He snorted hard as he eased the nub of the phallus into the dark and slippery slot, feeling her vaginal muscles pull his face forward after her cunt had enveloped the bell. The entire entourage of females now laughed and jeered to a peak as the phallus eased deep into the heat of her cunt, bringing his nose up tight to her hot sweaty anus, the twitching of his boning cock not going unnoticed as he snorted hard at the fetid tang and wet warmth of her arsehole. She sighed with dominant triumph, and pushed back to accomodate his nose securely, then released her globular cheeks to have him gain the full benefit of her superior feminine perfumes.

“Oooooohhhh! ... that’s it ... you sniff good and hard at what the next white male will know as his last pleasure before hanging ... I so wish it were you!” The intoxicating essences and the moist abundance of flesh threatened to suffocate him, making his head spin and taking him to the depths of submission, the surreal pleasure of being relentlessly dominated by so many women taking him close to a spontaneous orgasm as the muffled sound of feminine laughter brought his tingling balls close to releasing his seed in a divine capitulation. Shani let hs leash drop and sauntered down the line of staked males, enjoying seeing how they’d been reduced by the whip, and making a note of those she recognised, Thorpe, Travis, Monks ... all were picked out by her, all thrashed satisfactorily, all slumped against their stakes and crushed in defeat. Her cunt tingled as she surveyed the haughty and arrogant women who stood about them with well used whips and switches, the pleasure in their eyes so uniform at having delivered the first stage of punishment and having relished it. She knew this was a society she would readily embrace.

Nini sighed with pleasure, and reluctantly pulled her bulbous cheeks away from Minter; she’d have her orgasm at the expense of the next white male, ensuring he understood the pleasure of her dominance to the full. The female audience cackled and jeered at the gasping Minter, as he stretched his neck in vain, seeking the delightful warmth and delicious tangy aromas which were now denied him; every woman there could see and feel his utter servility to feminine power, each woman filled with a spiteful contempt for him, and each squeezing their whips jealously, hot with the desire to punish him. He watched the superb woman’s curvaceous arse and broad thighs strut confidently down the line of whimpering defeated white males, giving Shani a smile as the two discussed the performance of the males when pleasured by the whip, with the horde of women who had delighted in their work. Efra, a tall and noble looking woman, high cheekbones guarding a solemn smile, her almost jet black skin tight across her lithe and shapely naked body, shining with the enthusiastic efforts of her exertions, lifted her chin as she brandished the whip which matched the delightful dark tones of her superb body.

“So ... we shall have one know the full pleasure of our hospitality? ... I have one here who almost came under the whip, he got too much pleasure from it despite my most earnest efforts. I’d love to see that pleasure expressed fully and then snuffed out for good.” Shani’s arousal peaked with admiration at the openly sexual enjoyment this lithe woman received at punishing males, her curt smile expressing it as she turned and trailed her whip across the backs of the weeping and beaten seaman as she walked serenely up the line, their former tyranny whipped from them to be deservedly replaced by complete capitulation. Shani smiled and showed her contented assent as Efra eased her whip around the neck of her selection, toeing the visible erection he sported, confirming the dark pleasure he’d realised at being flayed by women; Shani recognising him as a hand who had enjoyed the last moments of her prior mistress, not one of the main perpetrators but equally guilty and deserving of the noose.

“This one hangs for the women!” The stark reality of what he’d heard, made him offer a token resistance with what strength his whipped and lacerated body could offer as several of the women descended on him, unstrapping his body and cutting the cord to his pegged scrotum, but his erection bolted hard as he easily succumbed to the lithe females and was leashed on becoming the focus of attention for the warbling women. Efra sneered with tart pleasure as Nini took the leash and beckoned to one of the women with a black male who’d followed Minter; she knew the disgrace the white male would face, which would ensure he spent his last on the rope with defeated vigour. Minter now dribbled pre-cum continually as he was drawn forward in the parade of haughty feminine pomp, the anal plug working his prostate and increasing his erotic pleasure as he watched with jealousy at the chosen male ahead, the erection swaying as he was led relentlessly forward by the huge woman, showing he was more than keen to be made an example of.

The entourage turned a corner between the trees, and the cacophony of warbling increased as the gallows came into view, the realisation that death would shortly follow causing a little trepidation in the selected male, much to the spiteful satisfaction of the women who delighted in whipping him forward to quell his hesitation; he would hang and he would satisfy their lust, the whip confirming he’d get what he’d thoroughly deserved, his balls and anus tingling as he stared at the stark beam and dangling loops which now seemed so inviting after his painful ordeal. The noise of the frenzied crowd increased to a deafening level as the execution party ascended a wooden walkway, condemned white male led to his death, white male displayed in the shamed regalia of submission to witness it, black male equally subservient and there to increase the humiliation of the condemned before the coup-de-grace was administered.

The chosen one was pulled into the shadow of the broad beam which would receive him, and curtly pushed flat to the decking by the foot of Nini, who parted a huge thigh as she postured in dominance upon her victim to display her glistening cunt. The defeated hand craned his neck to look up to the noose he savoured, wriggling in submission and rubbing his erect cock at the woodwork worn shiny smooth by countless pre-execution depravities, his open submission taking the fervour of the expectant female crowd to a raucous crescendo. His self stimulation continued more energetically as several smiling women took great pleasure in lashing his ankles and knees together, his wrists behind his back, and finally the onlooking harpies jeered and showed their contempt as his shoulders were lifted to bind his upper arms at the chest, exposing the pink bell-end being thrust at the woodwork in his urgency to come hard at the prospect of being hanged by women.

Erica stroked Minter’s back with her whip, Shani standing proud and keeping his head up with the leash to ensure he took everything in. There was of course no chance that he intended to turn away from viewing a scenario that he’d gladly exchange with the hand; there was no element of quiet remorse for the condemned such as he had noted when he’d attended a public hanging as a youth, each and every woman here bayed and showed the raw appreciation of their consent, the open lust in their eyes and fervent contempt voiced by all expressed their pleasure so genuinely and created an erotic atmosphere such as he’d never experienced. He had masturbated many times on the memory of seeing the condemned hang in his youth, his seed brought forth by the curt and contented smiles he’d seen offered by certain women as the male struggled on the rope, but he’d had to seek those few pleased expressions; here the open and contemptuous sneers of women were unanimous and expressed with raucous wholesome pleasure, and the selected victim was yet to hang.

He watched with an aching erection as the triumphant Nini relented with her foot, and lifted it, then had two of the excited women who’d trussed him, pull him up to his knees. The disdain on his face was clearly seen by many, much to their satisfaction as he was denied the orgasm he sought, his poking cock jutting high and wavering in the sticky air as it sought stimulation. Nini turned and stood with her bulbous arse close to his face, wiggling it and spreading her cheeks, allowing the bound male the occasional whiff of her hot anus and teasing him to a new high. She then beckoned to the woman with the black slave, and gave a curt smile to the condemned.

“You’ll perform a duty which fits your worthlessness before I hang you, every woman here will see you earn your place on the rope.” He squirmed in his bonds as the black male was brought close, his huge cock stiffening on seeing Nini kneel before him with her arse high and wide. He was prompted forward by his Mistress with a sharp crack of her crop as Nini’s hand reached up from under to rub at the dark silky folds of her cunt; the lucky slave now knew he was to fuck her arsehole. He lifted his huge member, panting with anticipation as his dark lance erected fully to expose a bulbous purple head which glistened with the proceeds of his excitement. Nini gasped as her silky black pucker dilated to receive the generous head, then squeezed tight as the purple bell slowly slid in to be enveloped in the heat of her anus, her muscular contraction awarding her the pleasure of every inch of the immense cock as it’s owner gratefully slid it up to the hilt.

The crowd bayed with enthusiasm as Nini wailed with pleasure in vigorously working her clitoris rapidly, while the gasping black slave was unnecessarily prompted back and forth by the whip of his smiling mistress. Nini turned her head and looked into the eyes of the bound male, her gaping mouth managing a command between the cries and groans of immense pleasure.

“ ... Noose him!” Minter’s anus gripped tight at the plug, tingling with submissive awe as he witnessed one of the women who’d bound the hand slackened one of the ropes, and lowered its leather collared noose to hang and display its dark promise before the hand’s eyes in the still air. As the black slave grunted in expressing his ectasy in thrusting his huge cock into the now slick anus of the superb Nini, both he and she erupted in a satisfying climax brought on by seeing the white male noosed. As the gleeful woman lifted the noose over his head and slipped the knot tight behind his head with a satisfying tug, Nini’s cries of pure ecstasy and the turgid grunts of relief issued by the black slave as he spent liberally, were drowned out by the tumultuous roar of the watching women as the execution beckoned.

Nini’s delicious arse cheeks wobbled with a lush sheen as her mount slapped up against her, his generous brown cock streaked with white as it was thrust vigorously back and forth to release the contents of his balls, the trussed hand’s meagre cock standing high as the rope was tensioned slightly by the sultry woman to allow him a taste of its caress; her nipples jutting hard with sexual spite as she watched him enjoy the feel of what would become a deathly grip. The slave panted with satisfied relief as he was urged back with a tug on his leash by his smiling mistress, the crowd restless with anticipation as they watched him ease his huge cock out, and saw the purple head bob upwards as it slipped from Nini’s hot anus, to glisten in the sun and drip the fruits of its labours. Nini opened her eyes and sighed as she recovered, turning her head and nodding to her curt assistants. While one ensured the rope allowed movement, another spiteful bitch had the hand waddle closer to the upraised and gaping arse, his boning cock, so miniscule in comparison to what had just been admired, waving from side to side as his eyes fixated on the black pucker which dribbled messily.

Nini grinned as she arched her back in posture which expressed her dominance despite her kneeling position, and lifted her head to show the jeering female crowd a haughty and pompous look which was directed at the mesmerised hand. Her sneer intensified as the assistant took great pleasure in pushing his head down to gaze at the task he now knew faced him, and watched him sniff at the mixture of acrid and sweet scents which awaited his service while he sampled the noose whose permanent service he would shortly know; Nini’s haughtiness rising to a bitchy peak of contemptuous pleasure, her power over the male she’d hang keeping her spitefully aroused.

“You’ll be seen by all to earn the rope. You’ll lick clean to their satisfaction, the arse of the woman who will hang you. I’ll be serviced satisfactorily and you’ll then be ready to satisfy us all with your death.” Minter watched the humiliation with a submissive jealousy from his vantage point so close to Nini’s boldly exposed anus, which dripped the milky offering presented by the black slave, he now cowering tightly leashed at the feet of his mistress, a whipping now the likely price for spending his seed into another woman. Minter’s eyes drifted from the dark and messy pucker to the vacant nooses dangling, as if to beckon his neck to a fittingly erotic end to the surreal dream-like situation he was living through. Erica grinned on noting his dribbling cock, and seeing his lustful gaze which lifted the cock gag at a rude angle, pointing to the objects of termination which captured his submissive lust. Her aroused mound received a welcome finger as she stooped to taunt his vision.

“Oh you’ll not be granted your desire for a while yet, you’ve a price to pay for making the wrong choice, true, but you’ll enjoy the torment of seeing others get what they’ve truly earned first ... you’ll be put to good use before you wear that plug in earnest.” His anus made good use of that plug on seeing the cruel humiliation of the hand, clenching at it as he shared the erotic defeat which was thoroughly enjoyed by the women seeing him toyed with before disposal like a careless mouse caught by a particularly sadistic cat. The women showered him with sneers of utter contempt as his face went down, his tongue lapping readily at the globules of the slave’s cum which dribbled down from between the globes of that magnificent arse, her highly seasoned anus perspiring in the sweltering heat, squeezing and dilating to ooze out the generous load from her spicy rectum.

The aura created by the women, so resolute in their justifiable cruelty over the deserving males, kept Minter mesmerised in a fixation of submissive ecstasy as the fate of the present victim unfolded. Nini pulled her cheeks wide and held her head high with regal pomposity as the bound and noosed hand’s tongue probed deep into the heat of her anus, in a pathetic attempt to reach the salty cream sent far beyond the extent of his aching linguistic aid which would soon be silenced forever. The scent and taste, combined with the heat and smooth texture, keeping his cock bone hard and jutting rudely as the warbling women heralded the pleasure of the noose which was slowly being tensioned, the assistant awaiting the nod from the woman who would execute him. Nini’s clitoris poked its pink head from beneath its dusky hood with refreshed arousal, savouring her power over the male she’d hang as his aching tongue slipped from her pucker and cleansed the lower reaches of her dark slot; the warm flick which would soon be cold, completing the task as he readily removed the remaining deposits of the black slave as though it were his last meal. Nini closed her eyes momentarily and flicked her head with dominant satisfaction.

“You’ll hang now, and you’ll show your appreciation of my generosity before the noose completes its work.” The hand gasped as the assistant and another excited woman tugged at the rope, slewing him forward and upward to teeter upon his toes on the small trap, Minter panting as heavily as the doomed male on seeing the poking nipples jut from the glossy brown breasts of the thrilled assistants; their sexual excitement magnified by the approving uproar of the female crowd as the rope was fastened and he was readied for the drop. Now the full intensity of the hand’s sordid submission was witnessed with universal pleasure by the eager women; squirming in naked bondage beneath the unforgiving beam, his cock pointed upward in a rigid stupour at the defeat by women he knew he had thoroughly earned. His eyes, and those of Minter’s, followed the gracious poise of Nina as she strutted with purpose to the lever, the movement of her superb figure emphasising the sheer pleasure of her dominance.

Shani grinned with cruel satisfaction as she slipped her fingers of one hand down Minters leash, to squeeze it tight whilst keeping the loop taut with the other, emphasising the grip of the noose the hand in the centre of his observation was experiencing. Erica took the handle of a whip, and bent to stroke his erect cock with it as the finale unfolded, making him grunt through the cock gag, the leather braid teasing the underside of his bell end exquisitely while he watched the hand perched on the trap, awaiting the dance of death while the horde of gleeful women savoured his position. Nini turned with a wicked smile and straddled the lever which would deliver him to the simple but universally enjoyed spectacle, embracing the shaft with her huge and supple brown thighs to have it nurse her wet cunt, her face shining with haughtily dominant content as her silky slot kissed the smooth pole and wet it with her excitement. Her slender fingers slowly grasped at its very top as her eyes met those of the trembling hand’s, a hush except for a few delirious groans now descending upon the female throng.

“May your death be long in coming, and as pleasurable as it will be for me!” Minter bucked at the rewarding braid, much to the delight of Erica, as he watched the supreme pleasure on Nini’s face, her huge breasts shimmering and pointing her rock hard nipples as she jerked the lever back. The trap dropped with a crash and was echoed by the deafening shrieks and delighted warblings of his female audience, as the hand jerked and wriggled stiffly above the void. Nini’s execution speech had given ample prophecy of his pleasure of the noose; his body dropped no more than an inch and a half, his bound and wriggling weight taking up the full tension and what little elasticity the unforgiving rope offered. He was purposely denied the snapped neck which would rob him of the show of utter submission and defeat he would now endure.

The hand now felt the shameful pleasure of his last minutes; the jerk of the rope had him gasp as the noose made its initial grip, the bold hawser creaking from its tension on the beam as he squirmed against the tight bondage in a natural and futile, but exquisitely denied attempt to free himself as his toes sought support which would now only be offered by the rope. As he was slowly strangled, his eyes scanned the utter joy of every woman at witnessing his punishment, his already boning erection pulsing wantonly on feeling himself raised higher by the assistants behind him; his feet now brought a good six inches above the void, on the assistants eagerly hauling him high and securing the tether, so that all could thoroughly enjoy his defeated display. Nini now strutted over to savour her work while the noose clicked ever tighter with each squirm and flexing he made; his already restricted gasping increased, as did the cacophony of noise from the crowd, on Nini reaching across to gently grasp his needy erection. The proud woman looked up at the doomed and struggling male with a satisfied smile as he jerked against his bonds on the taut rope.

“I felt the level of defeat within you, through your tongue when you licked my arse clean of another man’s seed ... every other woman here could see that too. Now you’ll show them just how you relish my sending you to your death, I’ll see the tribute of your cream before you go!” The ecstatic warbling of the women reached a deafening crescendo as Nini calmly eased her feminine hand back and forth along his rigid member, her thumb and forefinger glistening on each squeeze of the slippery pink bell-end which poked hard in grateful receipt of being pleasured. The lustful spasms of his own cock hurried the hand toward his death, each stroke making him squirm in submissive ecstasy and jerking the noose ever tighter. He now fought to remain conscious, his blueing lips trembling as the tightening noose offered a strangely luxurious pleasure, transmitting a lushly erotic sensation to his tingling balls which prepared to shoot their final load.

His blurring eyes caught the sincere and abject joy on the faces of the jeering women as his body began to pulse in rigidity high up on the taut rope for all to enjoy, his deathly orgasm beckoning to herald the bliss of his absolute surrender; Nini expertly feeling the signs she had seen as the last from so many males who had spent their load at the bidding of her feminine power. The final clear words he’d hear, brought him off exquisitely.

“Give up your seed now! You’ll show us all how you worship the power of womanhood in total defeat!” An acute warmth of pure ecstasy shimmered through his entire body as he shuddered on the creaking rope, testing each binding against the flesh of his naked and helpless body, as the woman who had humiliated and hanged him now had him show the shameful pleasure of his complete submission. The magnificently pompous look in her eyes magnified his orgasm along with the delirious jeers of the women as he let out a final grunt and shot a plume of hot seed up high, delighting the women as it splattered down to be wasted on the boarding where he’d licked the superior black woman’s anus so eagerly. So divine was the erotic bliss he felt in shaming himself as he jetted spurt on spurt, it was as though he’d lived his entire life just for that ecstatic few moments displayed on the rope. He spent lustily as he savoured the grip of the satisfied woman on his cock, milking him in humiliation, as equally as he did the grip of the noose choking the life from him as the jeers of scorn from the female audience took his sublime orgasm into unconsciousness.

Nini stood in triumph; her severe grin and arrogant feminine poise masking the sincerely erotic pleasure she held within, as the executed male jerked and convulsed to the frenzied sounds of the appreciative women into permanent stillness by her bidding. Her grasp squeezed the last dribbles of seed from the softening cock as the bound corpse hanged high in the starkly pleasing display of defeat, the creaking rope having served its purpose in thoroughly satisfying the female audience. She posed in a show of her own contentment as she slowly twirled the spent corpse, allowing all to view and enjoy the fixed expression of serene pleasure that his shame on the rope had delivered him to.

Minter felt the superb presence that radiated from the dominant woman as she enjoyed the continuing humiliation of her deserving victim even though his bound corpse was long past the cutting thrill of it himself. As the seething crowd women continued their admiration, a cruel smile beamed from Erica’s face as she urged Shani forward to have her leashed white slave move closer to the main attraction that the many pleased eyes focused upon.

“You’ll show your own appreciation of what you yearn for now, and all will see just how deeply your own desire to enjoy the defeat you’ve witnessed is ingrained.” She continued to toy his pulsing cock with the braided whip handle as he was taken forward on the leash by the proud Shani, the fervent delight of the crowd increasing once more as the adorned white slave joined the vista. Minter gasped as Adina and Bibi took an arm each, smiling as they drew him back to haunch on his knees, the tailed plug exerting its full promise on being squeezed to the maximum by his spread anus as his back was arched with arms drawn behind him. His cock bolted upright to match the stiffness of the cock gag as Shani pulled the leash taut above his head, sneering with contempt at his willingness to share the submission she had already sampled, and be humiliated before every woman there.

She and Erica stood close to the kneeling Minter, proudly facing the crowd, their proximity allowing him to sniff at the heady arousal that both exuded following the sexual excitement of the execution. The scent fuelled Minter’s sense of submission while Erica’s full breasts jostled delightfully on teasing the underside of his rigid cock with the whip handle, the jeering female crowd watching him jerk and thrust his hips as he stared at the sinister but deeply erotic situation before him. Nini stood in haughty triumph, her beautifully curvaceous body striking a pose of pure arrogance alongside the bound and vanquished male suspended from the imposing beam. She balanced perfectly as she eyed Minter with utter contempt, whilst stiffening one of her shapely legs and toeing a blob of semen deposited by the departed male, and smiled knowingly at the excitement Erica showed, reading her thoughts.

“You’ll know the full pleasure of the gallows soon enough, and you’ll show the women of Charlotteville just how pathetic your desire to know the rope is. You’ll add your tribute to that given in gratitude by our pleasured guest, and know that the next time you’re up here, you’ll be wearing the plug of shame in earnest.” With the entire audience baying and goading, some applauding in time as the underside of his aching cock was worked against the braid by the woman whose whim would decide when he knew the grip of the noose, he was immersed in the exquisite humiliation of confirming his weakness to the power of femininity to one and all. Exposed publicly on the platform for the owned male he was, the whip handle from which the stripes on his buttocks paid testament to his defeat, now brought the shameful surrender of his balls.

His mind went back to the way he’d masturbated after seeing those few women’s eyes at the public hanging, how he’d yearned to be the wretch on the rope as he shot his plentiful seed, and how that moment had awoken his desire to know the cruel pleasure of women’s spite. This had led to his painful satisfactions at the hands of a Mistress who delighted in dominating him in those secret liaisons, and that had led him here to be pilloried publicly before women who had exposed his submissive desire with the cruellest of pleasure. The ecstasy of that humiliation bit home with a shameful pleasure like no other, as Nini’s tart and sincere promise that he would not escape execution, but be denied it for now, brought a torrent of seed from his cock to be examined with contemptuous derision by all who witnessed it.

The overpowering awe of sheer pleasure which his shameful expulsion brought him, was magnified tenfold by the deafening appreciation unleashed by the women; his pleasure was mirrored by Erica as she held his bell high with the whip, her cunt tingling with sexual satisfaction as the first loop of cream jetted toward Nini’s feet to join with that of the hand who had known the final pleasure Minter sought. Consumed by the strength of the orgasm, his knees weakened as the undeniable honesty in the pleasure of humiliation was seen by all, the lithe body of Shani stiffening with her own dark pleasure, seen in her cruel smile as she used her strength with the greatest of joy in keeping him hoisted on the leash as though hanged. With his eyes fixed on the gloriously triumphant Nini, her lush curves radiating the dominance of womanhood as she posed with the hanged male, Minter pumped a worthy tribute to her power, as his mind was brought a step closer to the final pleasure that both he and all who watched his shame yearned for.

The full benefit of the plug was realised, both physically and mentally, as he was milked in humiliation; the pressure on his stretched anus and massaged prostate seemed to squeeze the torrid jets of semen from him, and the thought that it had been worn by many who had then enjoyed the rope, brought a sordid and ominous pleasure of its own. The spunk burst from his cock on knowing he’d be dominated cruelly until Erica chose to have him wear it in earnest.

Spent and humiliated, he was allowed to sag before his betters under the cacophony of derisory applause from all who’d witnessed his spectacle of shame. Nini moved forward, her face full of delighted contempt, and toed some of the fresh semen he’d spent so willingly. The women’s noise hushed to a few murmurs as she stood hand on ample hips and poked her toe up to the panting Minter.

“A final tribute before Erica takes you among the crowd to be displayed for what you are ... Lick it clean!” Minter gladly accepted the black toe into his lips, sucking on it like a large teat as though a juvenile being comforted after a caning, the pleasure in doing so not lost on the jeering crowd amongst whom he would soon be paraded to receive their individual shame. Bent double as he cowered and openly displayed his reverence to the magnificent woman, sucking the salty offering from her toe, Erica now toyed with the plug’s plume with the whip handle, anxious to get him back to receive satisfaction.

“Come! Let us have him enjoy the adoration of our people ... then we’ll show him his place in Charlotteville ... while it pleases me.” Shani tugged him away from his comfort, and he was led away on all fours, down to the hordes of naked women who waited to shower their scorn upon him.

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