The Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Shemale, TransGender, Workplace, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Enema, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Water Sports, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young college kid learns the ropes of working in a brothel.

Applying to college was one of the easiest things for me to do. I decided on going to the college that offered me the most scholarship money, and furthest away from my hometown. All of this was easy until I got to college. When I finally settled into my first semester, I was alone and depressed in a remote part of a state far removed from where I grew up.

Although the scholarship gave me room and board, the cost of textbooks were not covered. I had saved up enough money to pay for the first two semesters, but all of my money was going to be depleted faster than I had every anticipated. I just figured I could get a side job wherever, and make up the difference. What I did not calculate was that since my college was so far removed from everything else, I had to fight with locals to get even the most basic jobs. I actually had an interview to get a job at a fast-food place.

One day I stumbled upon two guys talking about a place for lonely guys. Not only was I lonely I was still looking for employment. I asked the guys what they were talking about and they gave me an address. The one guy said she would help me with me needs. Being naive I thought she would help me find a job.

I followed the address to a remote street that was surrounded by farms. The house looked up kept but eerily absent of any ascetics. I was getting second thoughts about even knocking on the door. When I got the porch I realized I made a mistake and that this place was something of a joke played on freshman. I never even knocked on the door, but as I walked away the door opened.

There standing in the doorway was a very attractive middle aged woman. She was wearing a simple blouse and jeans. Her long straight black hair was nicely put in a pony tail that hung all the way to the middle of her back. Her breasts pushed out her blouse and the top buttons were undone making the top of her chest open for public view. I fright came to my mind that I was about to disturb some housewife, and she would call the police on me.

“You can come in if you like.” She said making me wonder why she would even offer not knowing who I was.

“Ok.” I did not want to seem rude, but was scared none the less. I figured if I said yes I could explain the whole routine and leave without really causing a scene.

So when I walked in she held the door open for me and closed it behind me. The smell of her perfume hit me like a ton of bricks. She was so sweet smelling and reminded me of walking though a field of flowers.

“Can I ask who sent you?” She said, making me wonder what I should say since I never go the names of the two students who gave me the address.

“I ... I ... I don’t know any names.” I stuttered not knowing what was going to happen next.

“Can I ask what you’re here for then?” The lady calmly asked.

“A job.” I blurted out. The moment it escaped my lips I knew I sounded like an idiot. I still had no idea where I was and what this lady was doing even having me in her house.

“Do you even know me, or what I do?” She said eyeballing me to see my reaction.

“Noo. I was just told something about work and ... I can go.” I said as I looked past her for the door.

“I might be able to use you. On a few conditions though.” She said making me face look at her wide eye and confused.

“What ... really?”

“I assume you know what kind of place this is. All I need you to do is clean up and help me out when I need it. I can give you two hundred a week base, plus a portion of the tips from my clients. That should be about five hundred a week give or take.”

When she said that I felt like an idiot for not knowing I was in a whore house. I wanted to get out of there quick, but the money she said caught my attention. All things aside, I realized that five hundred a week was better than I could make anywhere around town, and the work can’t be that bad.

I shook my head to agree to her offer. She extended her hand and shook it quickly. “My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz.”

“I am Greg by the way.”

“Ok Greg. Let’s get down to it. The second floor is my space, and clients are forbidden to go up there. So if you see someone trying to get upstairs you need to stop them. The bottom floor is where everything is done. I do have a spare room upstairs if you need a place, or need to crash for the night. Whatever you want, it is yours rent free. I will need you here every day from about three to ten. So you might have to setup your classes to match the times.”

I was showed around the house, and by the time she was finished the doorbell rang. Liz told me it was work time and led me downstairs to meet the first client. She said that I should not be seen by any clients ever, and was to wait in another room until they were finished.

Liz did point out that there were peep holes everywhere to let me know when everything was finished or she was in trouble. My mind was racing as I took everything in. I was a helper to a prostitute making great money, and I was about to watch her get fucked by client.

I was intrigued more than turned off. Secretly I was excited by the whole thing, and could not wait to see what was going to happen. I opened the peephole Liz showed me and watched this kid about twenty and was now getting undressed, He was not well endowed but his dick was bigger than mine.

Whoever he was, he was certainly quick. He had his pants off and was between Liz’s legs by the time I got to the peephole.

He was already slamming himself into her; his head was tilted back and his face pointing skywards. I had obviously caught them just as he was about to finish already. I had sex a few times but knew he was quicker than I could ever expect. Liz was bracing herself against his onslaught, looking back and calling encouragement, waiting for him to finish.

I heard his growl as he pulled Liz back onto his cock and ground himself into her, pushing hard with each gush of his cum. I stood watching with my own erection wanting to be free. I was spying on two people having sex right before my eyes, and was enjoying the hell out of it. I couldn’t take my eyes from the scene, even when my cock began to respond, making me even more uncomfortable, physically and mentally.

The student curled up over her back as his climax faded, and then pulled out, his cock slimy and shining from a mixture of their two juices. I looked at it for a moment and then I suddenly realized something. She’d let him have her without protection, how stupid could that be? Now I was no expert on prostitutes but I was pretty damn sure that they made their customers use condoms. I was still gaping at them in total disbelief when he pulled up his pants and let himself out, leaving her wiping at his cum that was still running down the inside of her legs.

I did as instructed, and waited until he was gone before walking over to Liz. I did not know what to do or say, but I had so many questions to ask.

“Are you all right?” I asked when I finally got to her.

“Yea, I am fine why.” She replied looking at me as I saw that she was only wearing a bathrobe.

She cocked her head to the side and awaited my explanation.

“Don’t you worry about STDs or getting pregnant and all? I asked her.

“Let me get changed and I will explain how things work around here.” Liz said as she walked away motioning for me to follow.

Liz walked me over to a small room she had setup for changing. I stood there watching her change right before my eyes. Her large breast swung free before my eyes before covering them in her blouse again. I got quick glance her pussy before her jeans were pulled up to cover her sex. I still could see her nipples push out her from her blouse but diverted my eyes to hers to make her feel I was not looking.

“First all clients need to say a password before I will even entertain talking to them. I will ask what they want and they have to say tutoring or extra help. Anything else and I will ask them to leave.”

“What about me? I mean, I said none of those things and you let me in.” I said wondering what I was even doing in her company now.

Liz giggled before calmly telling me. “You were clueless and I knew you were sent here on a dare. That and I really do need someone to help out at times.”

“But to ease your concerns, I am on the pill. I also require special clients to submit weekly test results if they want to fuck me bareback. Other than the few select clients, I use condoms regularly. Those special customers also pay a surcharge to ride me bareback and cum in me.”

“Oh.” I said, still diverting my eyes from looking at Liz’s erect nipples.

We sat together and Liz ordered takeout for us. She explained how everything worked, and what I needed to do. She was also keen about photocopying my license and even made a phone call to check me out. She was smiling when she did find out I was more helpless than she had ever imagined.

I did go back to my dorm after talking and eating with Liz. I setup my classes like Liz wanted me too. I was so enamored that I got a job, and was shocked at good I was handling the fact I worked with a prostitute. Either way I was back at Liz’s the next day right at the time she wanted me.

Liz greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and told me that she had two clients today. She said that after the two clients, I could either stick around or I could head back. Before I could answer the bell rang and I looked at Liz to see where she wanted me to go.

“I will call for you when he is done. If you don’t want to watch I can sound a bell to let you know it is over with.”

“I don’t mind watching, I mean if it’s ok with you.” I said waiting for her to respond.

“Sure you do. I don’t mind you watching me get fucked.” Liz said with a sly grin on her face knowing that it aroused me to watch.

The client that walked in was a small skinny guy. His dark hair hung low beyond his neck. He pulled out a flaccid penis, and I saw Liz grab a condom from the small table in the room. Liz was quick to put on the condom, and my heart was racing with anticipation on knowing I was going to watch this guy pork Liz.

Liz got naked quickly and I was treated with watching her get undressed. Her pussy was shaved except for a small patch of black hair. Her large breasts hung down and were seemingly perfect for her age and body type. Although she was smaller than the client in the room she was taller than most of the girls I knew.

Liz lay on the bed with her legs bent but open. I caught a glance of her pussy open just a bit as she positioned herself. The client got between her legs as they got into a missionary position.

The sex did not last long, before his eyes were closing and he was filling the reservoir of the condom. I remarked that he was done within less than five minutes. He did not even speak a sound, only a kind of sibilant sigh when he finished.

The client was quick to leave, and Liz was left on the bed watching him get dressed. Her legs were still open and she was wiping her chest with her hand as if he drooled on her.

Liz motioned me in the room. When I got there she still had her legs open as if she wanted me to see her pink open gash. “Can you go into the other room and open the desk drawer and pull out the large pink dildo for me.”

I did not know what to say. I did as I was told, and tried not to think about what I was grabbing or even what she was going to do with it. I knew exactly what it was for, but for some strange reason my mind shut off the notion that I was grabbing a sex toy that will most likely be used right in front of me.

I handed it to Liz, and she thanked me before placing it right at the entrance to her wet slit. My eyes were almost popping out of my head when I saw this large pink cock disappear right into her pussy.

Liz was quick to pull this thing out and stuff it back into her twat like a piston. Her breaths grew heavy but it was her eyes that gave me the creeps. She was staring right at me while I watched her fuck her pussy with her toy. It did not last long before she let out a quick moan and flopped the toy on the bed like a discarded trash.

“I am sorry about that. Sometimes I need to be satisfied, and my clients ... well they are not that good sometimes. So I help myself sometimes.”

I nodded my head as Liz got up from the bed to get dressed. She turned to me as my mouth was still open. “Can you clean that and put it away for me.”

Once again I nodded and did as I was told. I did not know what to say, but I was turned on so much. I did not know if I wanted to fuck her, or just watch her get fucked by other guys all day. Either way I wanted more.

The next client came and I was in the same position as last time. The tall lanky client was pounded Liz doggystyle. I was watching intently as my cock grew erect. I could not help it any longer and just pulled it out. I was stroking myself long and slow as Liz’s shook from the pounded the kid was giving her.

I was more surprised that Liz was looking at me the whole time. Her eyes did not show disgust or anger, but lust. She was smiling and giving me a look of enjoying the idea that I was watching her get fucked from behind. When he was finished Liz mouthed the command for me to bring the toy.

I came in the room after the client was finished and once again watched Liz fuck herself with the toy. She closed her eyes this time as her body shook from her own orgasm. I so desperately wanted to jerk off, but knew there was a restraint I must adhere to.

I got out there the next day an hour early. I was given the key and let myself in. I announced I was there, and Liz was quick to acknowledge my presence. She walked downstairs completely nude, and my eyes could not get over seeing her in the buff. Her breasts bounced with every step and my attention never wavered from it. Even when I followed behind her, I was watching her ass sway and wiggle.

“I’m glad you’re early. I have some clients that want to come in early today. Let me get dressed and tell you how this is going to work.” Liz said as she walked up the stairs.

“These three clients have very little money, and like share. I know what you’re thinking, but its more about time with me than fucking me. “ Liz said as she handed me a bunch of washcloths

“So what do you want me to do with all of these?” I replied looking at her confused.

“You will see. Let’s just say that the other two get off.” Liz said jokingly.

Three students walked in, and I was quick to make myself disappear. I had the washcloths ready, and a box of wipes in case Liz needed something more. I wondered what was going to happen until I saw them all get naked and crowd close to Liz.

One of the kids mounted Liz missionary while the others stood naked around her. The one kid slipped his condom covered dick right into Liz’s twat quickly. The others were just watching and stroking themselves off to the show. One of them was slowly stroking himself while the other was pounding his shaft furiously.

The kid that was fucking Liz was looking at his friends and Liz as he pushed inside of her hard. They were all moaning including Liz who had her eyes on the two cocks that were aimed at her.

Liz was encouraging them on with telling them to cover her tits with their cum. The guy between her legs was pumping her pussy hard as Liz bucked her hips forcing him deeper.

The one client who was jerking his cock fast was the first to ejaculate on Liz. He took one step towards her and pasted his white jizz all over her breasts. Liz smiled at him with a job well accomplished look. She then stared at the other client who was now moving his hand along his shaft much faster now.

I so wanted to jerk off watching this but was too worried Liz was going to need to be cleaned fast. The guy fucking her was grunting fast and I knew he was about ready to bust his nut. The client standing over her still jerking off moved a step closer, and was about to blow his load. The client fucking her pulled away and I could see Liz’s open pussy as the guy pulled the condom off and sprayed his load all over Liz’s twat.

I looked up again to see the last guy moan loud and blow his wad right on Liz’s other tit. He shot three heavy blasts of cum one after another. Each spurt of heavy cum landed right on her nipple. The guy that pulled his cock out of Liz’s fucked snatch was quick to wipe the remaining cum from his cock head right on Liz’s other tit. I watched them get dressed, and was there with Liz when they left.

Liz gave a small giggle as I saw her body glistening from sweat and cum. “I am gonna need some help. I’m covered.”

I stood there not knowing what to clean first or what to say. I also had an extremely painful boner in my pants that needed attention. Liz was looking at me waiting though as she commented. “You gonna stare or help?”

I moved in slowly carefully wiping her stomach area. I was making sure not to touch her breasts for fear she would say something. She gave me a disconcerting look as my slow speed was not really helping her get clean.

“It’s just cum, it’s not going to hurt you.”

Looking at her cum covered body I wondered how far I had to go. “I know I am just making sure I don’t touch...”

Liz quickly grabbed my hand and slapped it right on her cum covered tit. It made a loud slap from it still being glazed with sperm. “It’s just a tit. If you’re going to help me out you can’t be afraid to touch anything.”

“I did not know if I should get excited about having my hand on her breast or disgusted that my hand was covered in some guys spunk. Either way I moved my hand and started wiping her chest and stomach much quicker.

I did as I was told, wadding up the tissues and then wiping across the flat of her abdomen. That did the trick and for some reason I knew it was not all that bad. All reluctance disappeared and I set about cleaning the rest of her without embarrassment. I even managed to use my other hand to hold the soft flesh of her breasts still while I wiped them clean, getting something of a thrill from touching her hard little dark nipples. I assumed they were still hard from the sex she’d been involved in, but my cock was hard from what I was doing at that moment, and I was very conscious that it shouldn’t be.

I think Liz was aware of my arousal, because she indulged herself in a little light-hearted teasing at my expense making me go over her breasts several times. She even made a joke saying I’d missed a bit and then telling me that I was doing a good job for her. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, but I was enjoying myself anyway.

“You’ve missed my pussy baby.” Liz said as she open her legs wide to show me her open pussy well covered in cum.

“There too?” I said looking at her as if I was crossing a line.

“Again, you have to touch and clean everything. Besides it’s just a pussy.” Liz was quick to reply to my protest.

I opened the box of wipes and saw that the clients cum had leaked all the way down to her asshole. Liz shifted her body and lifted her legs over her head. I was given a very clear and open look at her gaping pussy as I wiped her clean. She opened her legs wider for me and I set to work. The young customer’s spunk had leaked from her pussy and run down her crack, so I besides swabbing her clit and around there, I also had to reach down and clean the cum that had trickled down to her anus. Not a task I relished, but Liz obviously didn’t mind as she folded her legs back to give me better access.

As I finished wiping Liz she moved her legs back on the bed but kept them open. “Can you grab me the blue toy in the drawer; make sure it’s the one that vibrates. I need to get off.”

I walked into the other room and grabbed the toy as instructed and walked back. Liz had moved so her ass was in the air and was looking like she was going to be fucked doggystyle. “Can you turn it on low and use it on me.”

“I guess.” I replied not knowing that I was going to be the one fucking her with it. I secretly wanted it to be my cock but I knew that I would then be a client and not a helper. Although the sight of her bent over on the bed was becoming painful for my as my cock was very swollen now.

I walked up to her and gently slid it in her sex. It slipped right in as the guys cum acted as the lube. Slowly I pushed in and out of her as Liz moaned and arched her back. She started to push back against my hand as I took this as a sign to go faster. The faster I went the more Liz moaned. Right before she came I was jamming it her hard and deep as she took every inch of it.

“Thanks for that. I needed to get off. Listen I have two cancellations today, so if you want to go home early you can. Tomorrow I have a busy day though.”

I nodded my head and was collecting my things before Liz stopped me. “Listen you have been a big help. I know the work seems nasty and all, but you did everything I asked. Here take this as the payment for the week.”

I thanked Liz and left to go back to more dorm. On the way I counted seven hundred dollars. I could not imagine making that much money every for a few days worth of work. Shit I did not even work a full week either.

The next day I was there early as the day before. Liz was once again prancing around the house naked. I tried to act as if it was normal but my eyes kept looking at her naked form. She had large breasts and long nipples that seemed to catch my eye. Her pussy was everywhere I looked too. It was like she was making it a point to show me her naked body.

Liz had given me a book with the clients she had booked. It was my job to setup the appointments now and text any information to them. Liz had given me a phone to use, and I was set.

I noticed in the book that Liz was charging clients anywhere from three to eight hundred dollars a visit. She had five appointments today and two the next day. The book only listed the clients by a number, and no names were used.

Before the first client walked in the door I had Liz’s next week setup and ready. One after another the clients filed in. Liz had booked them fifteen minutes apart. Within two hours the last client was walking out the door. I had not even gotten the chance to see anything that was going on, as I was making sure the clients were showing up.

When I walked in to check on Liz, she was covered in cum. Her breasts were clearly pasted with man spunk, and her pussy was leaking like a faucet. She defiantly looked like she was fucked hard and put away filled.

She smiled as I walked in with the wipes and towel, but waved me away. “Bring me my toy hun. The last guy was supposed to get me off.”

I walked in and put the wipes down and got in a position to fuck Liz with the toy. Liz looked at me with concerned as I had the toy in my hand. “Would you mind sucking on my tit while you used the toy?”

“You sure?” I questioned as I wondered if Liz even drew line for what we were about to do.

“Just suck on them hard as you fuck me with the toy.” Liz said as her fingers were already rubbing her clit.

I put her nipple in her mouth without even realizing that I took in some other guys spunk. The salty bitter taste was all over my palette and the taste lingered too. I pull away and wiped my tongue. Liz glared at me as if I insulted her. “It’s just cum, now suck on it.”

The salty tangy taste was on my tongue still, and I decided to ignore that I was sucking on a cum covered nipple. I could clearly taste that this last guy or one of the guys came hard on Liz’s tit. I had her nipple in my mouth and pushed in with the toy. It slipped in with an almost sloshing sound.

I was moving the toy faster as Liz’s moans increased. I moved to her other nipple and was once again bombarded with the taste of sperm. It was not as bad as I thought and my erection was throbbing. I was sliding the toy in Liz fast and hard as she rubber her clit like there was no tomorrow. In one giant moan Liz screamed and I pulled away with the toy and my mouth.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck I needed that.” Liz yelped as her body was shaking a little.

Liz and I cleaned up the place and I was ready to head back. I was there again early for the next two clients. Liz once again walked around nude around the house and made no intention of covering up, or even closing the door when she pissed.

The first client came in and was finished within a half hour. I was prepping the cleaning supply for the next client as Liz warned me he came a lot.

I decided to watch this client fuck Liz and walked over to the peephole. Before I even got to see anything Liz was telling this guy he can try again. I saw the guy get dressed, but It was obvious from what happed he finished way too early.

The client was out the door, and I was in with Liz. I saw that the client did finish in Liz, and that the other client had done the same. I had both the toy and the wipes ready as I approached her.

“Leave the toy. I just need you to lick my clit as I rub. I don’t think my pussy can handle another dick in it today.”

“You want me to eat you out?” I asked, as my mind was wondering if Liz knew what she was asking me.

“It’s just a pussy. Besides I need it real bad. The guys are quick to fuck, but not one of them wants to eat me out.” Liz comment as she spread her glistening cunt for me to eat.

I slowly stuck my tongue out and touched her wet pussy lips. I moved slowly at first slipping my tongue up and down her vaginal lips before exploring deeper into her fuck hole. When my tongue first entered her love canal was bombarded with a taste of hot cum. I did not pull back though, as the raw excitement of the taboo was only making my dick grow.

I opened my mouth wider to allow more of the hot spunk to flow into my mouth as my Liz grinded her hips from the feeling of my tongue. She grabbed my hair as she controlled my head forcing my face against her fucked twat. Liz cried out as she had an orgasm too. “That’s it baby, fucking take that hot load.”

As I was swallowing the client’s load as I continued to lick Liz’s cunt lips. With long steady laps of my tongue I was both cleaning Liz’s snatch and getting her off. Minute after minute my tongue went up and down her pussy lips before diving in her pussy hole. With her body shaking after a few minutes I knew she got off from my tongue.

I pulled back only when the last of the spunk was eaten out from Liz’s open fuck hole, and her body stopped shaking. I just knelt there with my hard erection wanting to me free. I saw her panting as Liz had a serious orgasm.

Liz was still breathing heavy as she commented on my work. “My lord, that was good. You eat such a good pussy. I may have you do that every time.”

I gave my pants an adjustment as my erection was bothering me. Liz smiled as she said. “You know, I don’t mind if you jerk off on me. I kinda thought you were going to ask the other day. Pull down your pants and finish on my tits.”

“You sure?” I said not wanting her to say no but still needing her to confirm what she wanted me to do.

“Do it. Jerk off on my tits as I rub.” Liz said as she shifted her body into a better position for me to blast on her chest. Her finger was already at the nub of her clit when my pants were at my ankles.

I was jerking off fast as Liz watched my stroke myself.

“Mmmmm, that’s it baby. Come and finish on my nipple while I finger my twat.” Liz said making me move between her tits I was going to cum on and her pussy.

I was close very quickly as I thought about the amount of cum I was going to shoot off on her tit. I moved closer when I felt my cock ready to explode. Liz knew exactly what was going to happen and pushed her her tits up with her free hand so I had a perfect target. I moaned loud as the first rope of hot sperm landed right on her erect nipple. The second and third landed on her areola. Each burst I shot out caused my body to shake with satisfaction.

Liz looked at me with a devilish grin and spoke. “Now clean me up baby.”

I nodded my head and took in her cum covered nipple without question. I had never tasted cum before Liz, and never thought about tasting me own either. The other guys cum I tasted was not as hot as what I just sprayed all over Liz, and now I had gotten use to the taste. I easily swallowed up a few large globs of my spunk before quickly using my tongue to lap up the rest. Liz was all too happy to rub her clit while I did it too.

Liz smiled as she commented. “Now then, I am all clean.”

The next day Liz had three clients booked, and all three were big money clients. I showed up early as normal, and was treated to the sight of Liz masturbating. She called me over and had me strip.

I was stroking my cock fast as Liz watched me. She was rubbing her own pussy just as fast as I was stroking my dick. As I was about to finish she called out. “Gotta stop, baby. I need you hard for my next client. I promise you will cum good though.”

I shook my head in agreement, and pulled my pants up. I went about the rest of the day with anticipation of what was going to come. I was so horny though I could not function. Every time I tried to do something I just thought about jerking off on Liz’s bare tits. Just thinking about seeing her tits made my erection jerk on my pants. I had to remove my underwear too because of the precum stain all over them.

By the time the last client walked in, my heart was racing, and my cock was throbbing. I was completely naked, watching though the other room. The client was a really skinny kid, no bigger than me. When he pulled down his pants, Liz was already on the bed with her legs propped up ready to take him on like a good whore. I got a real close view once he turned around though. He cock was huge. It must have been a full foot in length. The massive cock was thick too.

I was in awe as he mounted Liz quickly. I saw it clear as day as he slid his monster right into her. I heard Liz moan loudly as she accepted his thick meat stick. He pounded her like a rag doll for about two minutes. Liz did nothing but moan out as his giant cock opened her up as he pumped into her. He blew his load without as much as a moan from him. I was surprised at how quick he got dressed and left too.

The client was already out the door; by the time I got into the room to see Liz. Her legs were still propped up as her pussy was on full display to me. Her cunt lips were wide open as her fuck hole still gaped from just being fucked by a giant dick. I could see some remnants of his squirted load in Liz’s pussy too.

“Come and jerk over me.”

I knelt on the bed and had my hands wrapped around my pulsing cock. I saw that Liz’s hand was furiously working on her own snatch as I jerked off. She was moaning softly as I slid my fist back and forth on my shaft. I kept thinking about pumping my load on her chest and eating it off her the whole time. Thinking about the sight of cum splashing on her skin was turning me on so bad. The act of licking my hot load from her tits helped bring me over the edge.

“I am going to cum!” I warned Liz as I was close.

“Cum on my clit this time. Cum right as I rub it.”

I wanted to hold out and watch more, but looking at her pussy so open and wet was getting to me. My hand was jerking as fast as I saw her own fingers rub her wet cunt. I moaned slightly and moved to where I was inches away from penetrating her.

As my cum boiled over, it pasted her exposed clit. The second shot hit her finger, before dripping down to her already cum covered clit. Liz had stopped rubbing as she watched me cover her clit with my hot load.

“Thats it, cover my clit baby. Then clean it up like a good boy.”

I finished with a third weak shot right on her open fuck hole. I watched as my load covered her entire clit and open fuck hole. I knew what she wanted and bent down before she could even tell me.

“That’s it, baby. Lick me clean like a good boy.”

The instant taste of my hot load hit me hard. The distinct taste was nothing new now, and I was able to take it down without hesitation. My tongue did a long slow lap of her open hole before stopping on her engorged clit. The large amount of hot cum seemed to pour into my mouth. The hot flavor of cum was now all in my mouth as I wanted more.

Liz pushed me away as I was about to lap up the large amount of spunk on her clit. “Get on the floor. I am going to sit on your dirty face as the rest drips out. He shot it deep in me this time, and I need to sit up for it to come out.”

I turned over on the floor and slid down to give her room. I watched as I saw Liz get up from the bed and hover over me. My eyes were now glued to her cum covered twat as it was slowly lowered to my face as she squatted. When it was close enough my tongue dived right into her just fucked pussy hole. Each time I pushed on with my tongue I was rewarded with hot cum. Cum I shot on her clit was now dripping on my nose, but my attention was the large amounts of cum the client shot deep into her.

Liz was now squatting over my face. I just laid there with her pussy hovering over my face waiting for globs of cum to drip into my open mouth. I felt both dirty and excited.

“Such a good boy for cleaning me like this.”

I was finally rewarded with my prize, as I saw a large spot of cum starting to drip from Liz’s cunt. It slowly dripped from her snatch just as I moved my tongue up to lick it. The warm load hit my taste buds on my tongue as my cock stirred again. I saw Liz’s pussy contract as another heavy glob dripped free into my eager mouth.

I was so turned on I did not pay attention to Liz as she quickly got up and knelt down on the floor with me. She had her dildo in her hand, and was pushing it into my mouth as I still had tasted sperm.

“Here you go. This will help you swallow all that cum. Take it like a good boy.”

I relaxed my jaw as Liz quickly pushed her toy inside my mouth. I imagined it was the real thing as I was still swallowing left over cum. My mouth drooled a little as Liz worked the toy in and out of my mouth like I was an eager cock sucker.

It lasted only a few minutes, but in my head it felt like a half hour. Liz pushed her cum covered dildo continually further until I was deep throating the thing. I just relaxed as I let my mouth be fucked by her. It was demeaning and yet so exciting for me.

When Liz finally pulled it out for the last time she smiled at me like I just sucked off a gang of men. “I see you liked it.”

I got up from the floor and put my clothes on. As I was fixing myself Liz was putting a few things away. Once again she was doing this without any clothes on. I was starting to divert my eyes more, but still had trouble if she was close.

Liz also asked me to stay the night. She told me that she needed help with the next client who was coming for a last minute night visit.

I quickly agreed, and decided to grab a few of my items from the dorm before coming back. Liz was more than willing to setup the room as mine. I figured Liz was happy just to have someone living with her that having someone clean up and help her get off.

I helped Liz setup for her late night client. She had me construct a wooden cross in the room. I quickly assembled it while Liz prepared herself.

By the time I had the room setup Liz walked in the room all clad in leather. She had spent almost two hours getting dressed and prepared for this visit, and I was taken aback by the get up. The all black patent leather showed off her remarkable body. Her breasts were pushed up and her ass stuck out. Liz had put on a ton of makeup that showed an almost evil look about her. The smile she gave me showed that she was enjoying the look she was going for.

Liz handed the appointment book and told me that I was to be present for their arrival, and to handle the money. She also instructed me not to be nice and pleasant. Liz joked about how the client was to be treated.

I escorted the client in when he came and did exactly what was told to me. He looked like a really wealthy businessman, and I saw from the car parked outside that he must have loads of money. I sat back and listened in to the session. Since it was in a different room that did not have a peephole or camera I was forced to listen through the walls.

I sat back and listened for almost three hours as this man got whipped paddled, and spanked. I had no idea if he fucked Liz, or what was going on. When he walked out he was a disheveled mess. He did have a big grin on his face like he had the time of his life though.

I walked in the room to see Liz peeling off the suit. The room smelled like a mixture of piss, sex, and sweat. I could see Liz’s makeup smeared all over her face as the heat from the room, and the sex might have caused her to work out from what she did.

Liz was quick to tell me to get the mop, as I looked to see puddles of piss on the floor along with large globs of cum next to it. I had no idea what was done, but it looked like Liz worked hard for it.

When I got back with the mop Liz joked. “I bet you never seen the aftermath of a golden shower?”

I knew what it was, but to me it was some strange porn fetish. “I did not think people really did that. I mean I heard of it, but never seen it done. Do people really like it?”

“Well, this man loved it more than anything. It’s not for everyone, but you would be surprised how many people ask for it.” Liz said as she walked out of the room naked. I knew she was going to take a shower to clean up before heading to bed.

“Anything else after I clean up?” I asked wondering if I needed to do anything else.

“Nah. You can take down the stuff tomorrow. I don’t think I have anyone showing up tomorrow unless you booked someone.”

I knew that she had an open day, and figured she needed a break so I made sure tomorrow was free for her. “No one tomorrow, made sure of it.”

“You’re so sweet. Get some sleep when you’re done.” Liz said as she turned to head up the stairs.

“I watched Liz’s ass bounce as she went up the steps. Although she was fit, the slight bounce she did have made my cock pulse with blood. I decided to just go to bed, and deal with my erection on the morning. I tried to read, but I ended up falling asleep with the book covering my face.

“Wake up Greg. I am going to make some breakfast, but you have to wake up.” Liz whispered in my face as her hands shook me awake.

“Ok ... ok ... I am getting up.” I groaned as my arms stretched for freedom.

I walked out of the bedroom and heard the shower running. I saw that Liz had left the door wide open, and I could hear Liz open the shower curtain. “Greg! Come here I need to see you right now.”

I decided that Liz was not going to hide anything from me, and I saw here naked just about every day. Seeing her in the shower was probably what she wanted to show me anyway.

As I got in the bathroom, the steam had yet to fog up everything. Liz opened the curtain to reveal her naked form to be yet again. Although I had seen her so many times naked, it was still a sight to see. My dick got hard like every other time too.

“Get naked and join me. I need your help with something.” Liz spoke as she held the curtain open for me.

I decided not to argue with her, because she was going to insist anyway. Plus when a hot woman asks you to join them in a shower you don’t refuse. I was standing next to her completely naked and hiding my erection as the warm water splashed across my body.

“Kneel down and eat me out.” Liz said as her eyes stared right at me

“You want me to eat you out? Here, now?” I protested. I did not mind eating her pussy, and it turned me on to no end, but I wondered if I was Liz’s helper or sex slave.

“Just do it. Trust me you will like it.” Liz said as she put her hands on my shoulders gently pushing me to kneel down in the tub.

Liz clicked the shower head so it was misting now, and then pushed it towards the wall so no water was hitting us. She stood up on the small ledges of the tub as she got above me. Her now shaved pussy was now directly above me. I tilted my head and opened my mouth to get my tongue into position. Liz held her labia open so I had easy access right on her clit and open snatch.

The first few laps of my tongue hit right on her clit. I did this before sliding down her pussy lips to her hole. Once there I dove it in a few times to a chorus of moans from Liz. She still held her pussy open for me as my tongue went faster up and down her salvia covered sex.

“That’s it baby. Lick my pussy.” Liz moaned as my tongue was doing a number on her twat. It was the first time that I was licking her cunt without it being fucked beforehand.

The act of eating Liz out had an immediate effect on my dick. I was hard, and my cock was begging for attention. I debated on stroking it as I licked’ Liz’s open snatch but I just kept my hands on her thighs to support our bodies in the slippery shower.

“Ok, now I am going to show you what a golden shower is.” Liz said as my face instantly looked up at her in fright.

“It’s ok. I think you will like it. Just keep on licking my cunt while it happens. If you don’t like it, then just turn your head away while I finish.”

In the back of my mind I was too deep with Liz, and I crossed to many boundaries. I was deep the day I took the job with her, and now she was about to unload her girl piss right on my face. She was not just going to piss on my face, but my mouth was open and it was busy pleasuring her cunt. I had no doubt in my mind that her piss was going to be in my mouth.

As much as I was disgusted by what was going to happen, I wanted to know what the strange fascination with it was. I figured I did everything else, why not experience this.

I continued to lick Liz’s pussy like she liked, but was anxious about what was going to happen. I felt my heart race with the waiting game of when she was going to pee. As my tongue started to go back and forth on her pussy a sprinkle of hot piss came out.

I kept my mouth open and push my tongue out further as I once again moved up her pussy to her clit. The small sprinkle of pee turned into a sudden gush of piss very quickly. It hit my tongue first before overflowing into my mouth and on my face. My chin took a few seconds of her piss stream before I moved my mouth back up to the flow. I was bombarded with the salty taste of her girl pee as I allowed some of it to go down my throat.

I kept my mouth open as more and more hot piss went straight on my tongue. I swallowed again and again to keep up with her pissing, but most of it just went out of my mouth and on my chest.

Liz pulled me to my feet, as the taste of her girl pee was in my mouth. Her piss was still warm to my face as I felt her urine still covering me. As much as I thought I was going to be grossed out by the fact Liz had just pissed in my mouth and all over my face, I wasn’t. I was so turned on my erection wanted to be handled so badly it hurt.

“Jerk it off on me.” Liz commanded.

I nodded as my hand instantly attached to my erection. I was stroking it so fast as she looked at me with her glaring blue eyes. I knew she was turned on and I got her off, so I knew she was not angry with me, but she gave me a look of control. My eyes were dividing time between her breasts and her eyes.

As my fist was pounding away on my shaft Liz moved closer to me. She was so close I could feel her breath on me. I thought she was about to kiss me she was so close. I had my mouth open expecting a kiss, but it never came. I felt something warm and wet on my cock as I stroked it. Liz was giving me another stream of pee right on my prick.

I could not take it anymore as my cock erupted quickly. I gave a quick soft moan as my cum shot out of my cock. I had no idea of where it went as my eyes closed from the intense feeling of ejaculating.

Liz was out of the shower as I was coming down from the high of coming so hard. I turned the water back on and cleaned up. By the time I was dressed and downstairs Liz had some food on the table for me.

Liz and I talked only about college, and what I was majoring in. I did not bring up her clients or the business, nor did she bring it up. To my surprise she was actually wearing clothes too. I chalked it up to her having no clients today, and the fact I had eaten her out while she pissed on me.

Liz told me she needed to stock up and go shopping. She gave me a list of basic things to get, while I was out too. She was getting the bulk of the items, while I was getting the rest. She handed my some cash, and I was out the door.

I decided in getting some new clothes and video games, after getting the things Liz had on her list. When I came back Liz was waiting for me in the living room. She called out to me to meet her there. When I starting approaching her, I heard her talking to someone there. I thought it was a client at first. I questioned in my head why a client would be in our personal space, and why Liz even had a client today.

When I stepped into the room I saw Liz sitting next to a stranger younger looking woman. At first I thought it was a client, but when Liz introduced her as her friend Jeri I realized my mistake.

Jeri was short, with long brown hair. She had a modest chest, which she tried to show off with a low cut v top. Her skirt showed off her sleek legs though.

I was more than happy to introduce myself, and here about her work as a personal masseuse. When Jeri was finished with some funny stories, it was Liz that turned to me to explain the new arrangement.

Liz smiled at me as she spoke. “Jeri is going to take the spare room upstairs, and also use the other bedroom downstairs for her massages. I told her that you help out and get a cut of the profits.”

Jeri shifted her body towards me and crossed her legs. “It’s only going to be a few select clients, and I am only going to be in town on Mondays and Tuesdays. I figured if I book clients here I can cut Liz and you in for letting me stay.”

Liz, Jeri, and I talked about the new arrangements. Since there was going to be new clients coming in, I was to serve as a host/bouncer/cashier. The house would get 40%, in which I would get half of that. It did not seem much until Jeri told me that her clients were paying $500 per session with her.

By the end of the night, I had helped Jeri move her table and things into both rooms. She was more than happy to give me a kiss on the cheek after I had finished. Liz was more than willing to share anything extra we had in the areas of supplies for her massages.

It was when Jeri was prepping her area, I figured out she was more about the ending than the actual massage. I felt kind of dumb not realizing it until the very end. I was even happy I did not tell, or ask Liz about it for fear she would think differently of me.

Right before bed I had to ask Liz. “Why would someone pay so much money for a hand job, while a fuck was so much cheaper?”

Liz burst out laughing as she answered me in a hushed tone not to let Jeri hear. “Its Jeri has that makes it so special.” I gave a confusing sideways look. “You see Jeri has a cock dangling between her legs, and men pay extra for that.”

I acted like I knew, but walked away utterly shocked. I had no idea Jeri was a tranny, and was not about to make a scene of it. Besides, she was paying me for all the clients she brought in.

The next day Jeri had two clients booked, while Liz only had one. Liz did not seem to upset noting that the college semester was almost over, and summers were her time off.

I waited on Jeri for her first two clients. They came back to back without any problems. When I did see her I handed her a wad of money and asked how it went. She looked down at the money and smiled. “Going to be a good month. I have 5 scheduled for tomorrow.”

I wanted to ask her more questions but Liz’s client was walking in the door. I quickly made myself invisible and went to watch in privacy. I watched as Liz quickly got undressed and prepared herself. The client looked scared as Liz undressed before him. He did strip down after being prompted too by Liz. When he was naked, his erect prick stood straight out. It was a normal size and Liz was quick to work her magic on it.

I grew erect myself watching Liz suck on his prick. It was not longer before Liz was bent over looking at me while being fucked. Although he did not look like much, he banged Liz hard and long. I stroked my cock for awhile as her tits bounced back and forth from the fucking she was taking. By the thirty minute mark, he was out the door, and I was walking in to clean up.

I walked in to see Liz holding a condom filled with cum. The client had filled the condom up way past the reservoir. “Sorry babe, he used a condom, and I am sore. Next time though. I will let you cum anywhere you want.”

I went easy on Liz and helped her clean up as she quickly tried got dressed. She left the room before I even had time to tell her about the money Jeri brought in.

The rest of the day went on without another client. Liz was on her computer while Jeri left early. I was bored so I read, and watched tv. I ran through the day’s events, and wondered if Liz was mad at me for some reason. I contemplated what I would have done if Liz offered me the cum filled condom. Would I just swallow it, drip it on her, or something else that was dirty and taboo.

When I saw Liz enter the bathroom with female products, I lost all my guilt. I figured that she really was not upset with me. Although asking her to do anything was something I assumed would be a no answer.

I woke up to Jeri making breakfast. When I finally got out of bed to eat it; Jeri was quick laugh at my morning attire of shorts and mismatching socks. She also did not hold back on my ability to oversleep. She did tell me that Liz was gone for the day, and that her 5 clients were down to 2 with recent cancellations. To me it was easy money still.

Jeri was more upset about it than me, as I shoveled down my food to prepare for the day’s first client. The first client was an older gentleman about in his early fifties. He looked well dressed and paid in clean hundred dollar bills.

When the first client left, he thanked me and handed me a fifty. His comment was that he should always be booked first of the day and that I should make it happen next week.

The second client looked like a bum off the streets. He was in his late twenties, but had a swagger of attitude about him. When he asked to see Jeri first, I just asked for money upfront. He insisted to the point of raising his voice to get what he wanted.

Jeri was quick to come to me, and when she saw the client she screamed at him to leave. She called him by his name, and said that he was never to come again.

When he tried to walk towards Jeri, I put my body in front of him. He tried in vain to push me down, as I pushed back in return. I looked at Jeri’s face as he stepped back only to feel a painful sting against my face. I fell back hard hitting the edge of a small table. My back felt pain while my anger overrode the senses. I was disappointed when he left feeling I did not exact my revenge. In the end; Jeri’s pistol did bring fear to his eyes.

Jeri was quick to apologize for bringing in a client that was a problem. She was more upset about my back than Liz finding out. She moved me in her room and spread me out on her table.

As I lay on the table, I turned my head to the side, and watched Jeri pull out some lotions. She was wearing a short light blue miniskirt with a halter top. I did not know if they were implants, but the halter top seemed to make her breasts almost pop out. She asked me to remove my shirt, and I complied without a comment.

I could not help but think where Jeri was hiding her secret package. Her skirt seemed to show off every curve of her petite small frame. The warm lotion squirted on my back and brought me back into the present with a moan of relaxation.

“Shhh, I will make your back feel better when I am done. I am just happy you were there.”

“I think the pistol did the trick.”

Jeri let out a sarcastic laugh. “Oh that ... it’s a pellet gun. It does help from time to time though.”

I could not help but stare at Jeri’s crotch as she moved around the table rubbing my back. The more I tried to push it out of my mind the more I just had to see what she was packing. I felt her warm hands rub and push down against the sore part of my back as my mind wondered about the size of Jeri’s dick she was hiding. In the end I figured she had a tiny prick she was easily able to hide.

Jeri stopped massaging me, and gentle ran her fingers across my lower back. “Would you like me to help you out more? I figure it’s the least I can do.”

“Finish me? Like a happy ending?” I quickly asked, as my mind was flush with thoughts about a transsexual touching me. I did not know if it was queer or something erotic. Then again the thoughts of what I was doing with Liz answered any dilemma I had with taboo and right or wrong.

“Ok ... if you want too. I mean you don’t have to, I can handle it myself.” I shyly answered, wondering if she was really wanting to do this.

Jeri responded abruptly, but in a sweet tone. “Oh shut up, and turn over. I do this all the time. Besides, I want to do it.”

I turned over still wearing my jeans. Jeri made quick work of them as all that stopped my limp dick from being exposed to Jeri was the thin fabric of my tight white underwear. “Mmmmm, I can see that you have a nice dick.”

I did not know to say something or keep quiet. I just decided to enjoy it and no answer back. Jeri in turned stripped me of the last garment holding back my naked form. My limp dick flopped about as I saw Jeri’s eyes focus on it.

The warm sensation of lube being squirted on my dick made me thankful I took her up on her proposal. Jeri’s hand was like heaven as her grip only got my blood shooting into my prick. I was hard so quick I could not believe it. Her hand had only stroked my one very softly and I was rock hard.

“I am going to go slow first. I want you to build up a good hot load for me.” Jeri said as her soft voice only made my cock jerk.

She was true to her word as her soft yet firm strokes made me roll my eyes with absolute bliss. Her hand would rub ever so gently the tip of my pulsing cock before sliding back down to my balls. Each time her hand did this I felt the urge to buck my body up like I was fucking.

“That’s it baby, feel my hand stroke that big cock of yours. I can feel it pulse almost ready to burst already.”

I wanted to say something, anything. The utter pleasure Jeri was giving me was something I could only image. Her soft hand now gripped me harder, as did her strokes. She was now going at a good clip on my shaft. Each progressive stroke was bringing me closer and closer to the end.

I was almost ashamed of myself, because it was only five minutes and I was at the edge. I looked up at her with both pleasure and fear as I announced my pending orgasm. Jeri saw this and gripped my cock harder, and stroked even faster.

“You dirty boy, you could not even last longer than my last client. I should make you eat this load too.” Jeri hissed as her hand stroked my slick cock faster.

I just nodded my head in acceptance of my punishment. I wanted to hold back buy my stomach tensed hard. My muscles constricted throughout my body as cum boiled up for my sagging ball sack. It was only a split second before shooting my load off into the air that Jeri replaced her hand with her mouth. I had lost all control over my orgasm and moaned out. Her soft lips were snuggly wrapped around the pulsing tip.

I watched as my Jeri stroked my cock while her mouth took each successive spurt. I had no idea of how much I was shooting off, but Jeri kept giving my shaft small hard strokes milking more of my hot cum into her mouth. Her moans were muffled by the sounds of my cock filling her mouth up with my hot sperm.

Jeri broke free from my dick and gazed at me with lurid intensions. I was still in the aura of an amazing orgasm when she moved her mouth towards mine. I knew what she was going to do, and accepted this fact with an open mouth kiss. Her lips touched mine with an electrical spark of taboo lust. The connection was erotic as I tasted the warm spunk. It was a large glob at first followed another. I quickly swallowed the first and let the second one stay on my tongue as Jeri moved away.

The tangy salty taste of freshly shot spunk was all over my taste buds when she backed away. I swallowed the last of the cum before sitting up on the table in awe of what she had done to me.

“Such a dirty boy. I like a guy who can swallow his own cum.” Jeri said, as she smiled at me.

I lost my power to hold back and blurted out what was on my mind. “Can I see it?”

“Sure hunny. I can show you if you want to look.” Jeri answered in a nonchalant tone as if she got this question all the time.

She slipped off her mini skirt to reveal a pair of black panties. Her smooth body was covered by the sheer black material. There was no bulge, no bump, or anything that might resemble a cock. I was now regretting asking thinking she was going to show me some small deformed penis.

When Jeri pulled down her panties my heart skipped a beat. There was nothing there. It was like she was born without any genitals. It was smooth as her legs, but there was nothing to see. She reached down with her hand and opened her legs a little. My eyes grew wide as saucers when her cock dropped out between her ass cheeks. It was as long as mine, and was not even hard. It was just as thick as Liz’s biggest client. The mushroom head already had a glint of precum on it too.

She had tucked it up and out of the way the whole time. I was looking at her crotch, and would have seen her giant bulge it I paid attention to her ass.

“Oh my.” I blurted out without thinking.

“Was it what you were expecting?” Jeri sarcastically said as her eyes saw mine open with surprise.

“Bigger. I mean much bigger than I expected.” I replied still in shock that such a small girl would walk around with such a monster between her ass cheeks.

“If you want to fool around, I must insist you shower and clean up first.” Jeri said as she broke the silence I was giving her.

I agreed and walked naked to the bathroom. I heard Jeri walk right behind me the whole time. I thought nothing of it, and proceeded to clean up after ejaculating so hard. My dick and torso was covered in lube, and it had begun to get sticky now. Jeri walked in another room, while I turned on the water.

I was just about to step into the shower when she walked in. She had a red bag with a hose attached to it. “I want you to use this while you’re in the shower. Each time you use it, fill it up and use it again. You should use it about four times before you are cleaned out.”

“You want me to take an enema?” I asked wondering what she had in mind.

Jeri handed me the bag while presenting the nozzle to me. “I want your ass clean if we are going to fool around.”

“You going to fuck my ass?” I protested, as my mind wandered into territory I never thought possible. I had all intentions of giving her a handjob, or just maybe a blowjob. I even thought about maybe giving her head, but just maybe if I got into it I would. Now she was telling me that she plans to shove her massive member deep into my bowels.

“Trust me you will like it. I wouldn’t do if it wasn’t good.” Jeri calmly said as she left me with the materials need to clean out my ass. I just watched her as she left me alone in the bathroom. Her naked form still brought wonders to my imagination.

I did as instructed and cleaned out my system. I did not know if I should feel guilt about having my ass fucked, or excited by it. Either way, I stepped out with my intestines clean and presentable for Jeri. She was easy to find as I heard her call for me in her room.

She stood there stark naked for me. My eyes scanned her body as her firm breasts stood at attention. Her monster cock swollen with pride as it was the biggest in the room. “Bend over on the bed; I want to see that cute ass of your open.”

I bent over as instructed and I felt Jeri pull my cheeks apart. The weird feeling of cold air on my anus was something new, but somewhat exciting. I could not help but feel my heart race as I prepared to be mounted like a girl. I now thought intently on the feeling I was going to have when Jeri slide her monster she cock into me.

Instead of feeling her jam her large cock in my, a wet sensation on my asshole came. Jeri was licking my hole and the feeling was new and good. She pushed her tongue ever so in my rectum as her hands spread me open. It only slipped in an inch or more, but it was electric. The wet feeling was mixed with the pressure of being in my ass.

Again and again, Jeri darted her tongue inside my virgin ass. She would pull back as her tongue would swirl around the hole, only to stop and resume the tongue fucking. In turn I moaned and relaxed as my ass felt like it was opening wider.

Jeri pulled back her tongue but kept her hands on my open ass. “I need you to relax as I put it in. Just breathe and let it happen, don’t try to resist.”

I was thinking Jeri was going to try and ram her girl dick right in me after that. The cold wet lube hit my asshole and I knew it was going to happen. What followed was her finger, and the sensation of being violated. It was not bad at all, and I wondered what the fuss was all about.

When she pulled her finger out of me after a few minutes, I felt the pressure of her large bulbous head hit my wet anus. I did not know what was going to happen, or how it was going to feel compared to her finger. I almost felt like a girl about to lose her virginity. The anticipation of having Jeri penetrate me was turning me on so much, as all the doubt of what I was doing left. The more and more Jeri pushed, the more I breathed and tried to relax. It was like a quick pop as I felt the tip of her she cock enter me.

“Oh, fuck.” I cried out as I instantly went into shock as my ass felt the tingling pain of being stretched further than it had ever been before.

My head was fighting the thoughts of what I was doing, and with the feeling it was giving me. The dirty immoral thoughts were winning as I felt my own cock stir with blood from just knowing Jeri’s thick beast was pushing into me.

“Oh, yes. You are as tight as I thought.” Jeri blurted out as she took my anal virginity.

I was succumbing to the intense feeling of having something so large in me that I almost forgot that it was an actual cock that was in me.

“Now I need you to stay relaxed as possible baby. I am going to go real slow at first.”

“Ohhhh okay.” I groaned out as I knew my ass was stuffed with hard girl cock.

Jeri took this as time to precede and further push into my anal cavity. As I soon felt her massive cock slip further into my bowels I felt both pressure and pleasure. Each inch by inch she slid in into me. I kept my body relaxed as my ass just seemed to stretch for her. Just as I thought I could she could not get any bigger or deeper in me, she kept pushing more. When her waist was against the bones of my ass I knew my ass was filled with her girl meat.

Jeri was now pulling her giant cock out of me. Slowly she let her dick retreat from my tight rectum. She did not let me close up though, as she pushed it back in before it even left me. Back and forth her thick rod went in me, each time faster than the last. Jeri was now fucking me with slow and steady thrusts.

“Oh fuck you feel good.” Jeri commented again as my ass just kept on gripping her thick member.

The muscles of my ass were relaxed enough to stay stretched as Jeri quickened her pace. Her hands held my hips as she pulled me towards her like I was a girl losing her virginity on prom night. She was the boss as I let my body follow her will, letting her use my ass for fucking.

The pounding was nonstop as Jeri’s body slapped against mine. With each hard thrust I felt my sphincter stretch to accommodate her beer can sized prick. My hands held onto the bed as my fingers grasped the sheets in an effort to hold on.

I wanted to say so much, and even wanted to ask how it felt for her, but the only thing that was escaping was moans of bliss. I had no idea I could moan from having my ass ravished by a thick cock.

Jeri was quick to say something about my moaning. Her soft voice was only tempered by the sound of her body slamming against me. “You like this a lot more than I expected.”

I tried to hold back, but the sensation her cock was giving my insides was actually feeling good. I just let out my thoughts as her cock continued its assault inside of me. “Yes ... uh ... it does.”

“Bet you feel like a girl being fucked right now. Don’t you?”

I continued to reveal my thoughts as I felt her waist bear down on mine pushing her thick girl muscles in my ass. “A little.”

There was no stopping Jeri now. She was on a fast paced fucking frenzy with my asshole. Her body was jolting forwards like a machine. Each time burying her love muscles straight into my stretched anal cavity.

Jeri even commented on my surprising enjoyment. “You’re taking this too well now. I going to make you wear my panties tonight so you can remember your ass got fucked like a girl.”

I wanted to stop her, but the sensation was causing my own dick to drip like a faucet. No matter what my feelings were about wearing panties or getting fucked like a girl, I was enjoying it. I felt a rush of forbiddances with every hard thrust Jeri gave me. The fullness of having her thick girl dick in me was only making my own cock dribble more.

I was moaning with every pump now. I could feel my ass gape as she pulled all the way out before plunging back in me. There was no use hiding it, I was her bitch. Her hands were gripping my ass hard now as she pulled me back to meet her own body with sudden crashes.

“I am going to cum so hard baby. Your ass is going to love how my cum feels inside of you.” Jeri said as her body began to push harder against me.

I had no idea when it was going to end, but my own dick continued to dribble away. Jeri was not going to pull out and I was going to have my first experience with having sperm shot up into my ass. The anticipation was making my heart race, as the sensation she was giving me with her thick monster.

I knew it was coming now. There was no use fighting it. Jeri was going to shoot her girl load right up my ass. My own cock was dribbling faster and all I could do was reach down to feel my own cum drip on my hands.

Jeri cried out. “Oh fuck I am cumming.”

Her body was still plugging away at my ass, but in an almost slow motion speed. I felt her thick cock jerk inside of me as a sudden sensation of warmth hit my bowels. It was not overwhelming, but enough for me to know she was shooting her girl spunk in me. It was like she was trying to breed my ass, because she was so deep.

She pulled out and left my ass wide open to the cold air. I fell forward on the bed breathing heavy. “I needed that bad.” Jeri said as she slipped on a few articles of clothes.

I turned over and laid flat on my back. My ass was pulsing from being fucked so hard. It was not painful, but more of a discomfort. I watched as Jeri came back into the room with a pair of flimsy lace panties in her hand.

Jeri gave me a smile and tossed me the panties in her hand. “Here, wear this.”

I did not know what to say or think. The black laced panties were in my hand and Jeri was walking away. I could easily toss them aside and forget the whole thing. Then again I wanted to know how they felt. I went to the bathroom and thought about what I was going to do. I needed to clean up, and Jeri’s cum came out in large globs from my stretched asshole. I quickly took a shower, and still felt the numbness of my ass as I was in the shower.

I decided to go for broke and I slipped on the panties. Once they were on I felt weird. Not weird in a bad way, but more of a different way. I did like the lace feel on my balls, and how it clung to my ass too. I just put my shirt on and slipped on my pants.

As I walked around the house, I got use to having them on, and even secretly liked it. Jeri was quick to bend me over to check if I was wearing them too. With a playful slap on my ass she was eager to call me a little sissy boy. I was going to say something but she stoked my dick softly saying that sissy boys get to cum often. I did not know what to say but I was happy knowing that she was going to make me cum again.

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