1 December 2006
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Workplace, Incest, Cream Pie, Fisting, Oral Sex, Petting, Public Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On this day, Dan and the family discover the joys of shopping for a new car. Karen meets a woman from Dan's recent past..."You're pimping me out for a $1,000 plus four snow tires and rims?!" Dan exclaimed, beginning to laugh..."I guess he's worth it to close the car deal." Karen smiled..."Wow, I never, ever expected to gain a new sex partner from buying a new car!" Karen laughed.

Dan and Karen each arranged for a vacation day on Friday from work and allowed Diane, Brenda, and Brad to stay out of school to make it a sexy family day. Dan suggested that Diane and Brenda could have Karen’s Mustang for traveling to classes and she would get the new car the family would use for their sex fun. He had asked everyone to look in the newspaper and online for cars Karen might like and Brad wrote down several different choices from their suggestions.

It was a tight squeeze but Dan, Diane, and Brenda crammed into the back seat of Karen’s Mustang. The girls let their short skirts stay hiked up giving Dan a nice view if their bare pussies. They each took one of Dan’s arms and put it over their shoulder and down inside their low tops and bras to caress a bare tit.

Karen remarked to Dan that she wanted to get the best deal she could from the sales person for her new car so she wore the shortest skirt and lowest top she had as ammunition. Dan kidded he was getting hard just looking at her. Brad didn’t need an invitation from his mom and slid his left hand under her skirt and down to her waiting pussy.

She had trouble unzipping his fly so he took his cock out for his mom to stroke. “There is this nice red car at the dealer where I bought my Mustang. I don’t know what model it is but I like it,” Karen said as they drove off.

“Which dealer is that?” Dan asked as there were was a Ford dealer in Trenton and Belleville.

“Kennedy Ford on Main Street in Trenton,” she replied.

“That’s where I bought my two Mustangs,” Dan remarked.

“We bought our cars at the same dealership!” she said of the coincidence.

As Karen drove, Diane managed to take Dan’s cock out his jeans. While she stroked it, he kissed Brenda and felt her tits. After a few minutes, Brenda took over stroking his cock while he kissed with Diane and felt her tits. She and Brenda cupped hands and stroked Dan’s cock but didn’t make him cum.

“Okay everyone, tits, pussies, and cocks away,” Karen said as she drove onto the dealer lot.

Dan and Karen held hands as they looked at the new cars on the lot while the kids walked to look at the new Mustangs. Karen led him over to where she saw the red car parked.

“There are two red cars now,” she noticed. They looked at the closest to them.

“It’s a Taurus.”

“Is this a good car?”

“They’re a full sized car and aren’t too bad but I don’t care much for its looks,” Dan looked at the price sticker in the side window.

“Wow, this car has almost every option you can want on it. Big V6, lots of horsepower, five-speed automatic, colour matched heated front seats, voice-activated navigation, remote starter, six speaker stereo system,” listed Dan.

“32,599 dollars plus shipping, that’s expensive, about what I paid for my Mustang.”

“I really don’t like the look of this car either Dan,” Karen said putting her arms around Dan’s neck and kissing him. They then looked at the other red car.

“This one is a Fusion. It has a V6, lots of horsepower, six-speed automatic, colour matched heated front and rear seats, voice activated navigation, remote starter, six speaker stereo system,” Dan listed.

“28,299 dollars plus shipping, I’m not sure about either one,” she smiled. “Let’s go inside and see a sales person.”

“The Taurus doesn’t look very nice compared to the Fusion,” commented Dan as they walked to the front door.

Dan opened the door for Karen and they were met by a beautiful looking brunette. “Hello Dan, long time, no see,” she beamed holding out her right hand to shake his. She then lifted on her toes a little and gave him a light kiss on the right cheek.

“High April,” Dan smiled, shaking her hand as Karen’s eyes viewed this woman who knows Dan.

April is a strikingly beautiful looking woman who appeared to be of Latin descent. Karen guessed her to be in her mid-thirties, slim, near five foot five and maybe about 120 pounds. She had long brown hair with a slight curl that fell below her shoulders across her chest.

She wore a black mid-thigh skirt and matching jacket and a thin scoop neck white loose fitting buttoned up blouse. The top button was undone, showing a hint of cleavage without being obvious.

Karen looked from Dan to April and back, “How are the Mustangs working?”

“Beautifully, thank you,” he smiled.

“You still owe me a nice ride in your Shelby,” April smiled coyly.

“I’ll give you a good ride in the spring time.”

“I hope I don’t have to wait until the spring time for you to give me a good ride if you know what I mean,” April winked pressing her full tits to his right arm.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, it wasn’t very proper of me to kiss Dan in front of his female friend.”

“This is my fiancée, Karen Miller,” Dan said introducing his love.

“I remember you. I sold you a red Mustang about a year ago. A beautiful, sexy car for a very beautiful, sexy woman,” April said admiring the very short skirt and low top Karen was wearing.

“Thank you for the compliment, yes you did sell me a red Mustang, very good memory,” Karen smiled shaking April’s hand.

“Dan Hayward getting married, there should be about a dozen broken hearts out there today, including mine. I worked with Dan’s wife Laura before I started selling cars. Dan has been a life saver for me and my husband,” April smiled clarifying her knowledge of him.

“Again, I apologize for kissing Dan before meeting you Karen,” April said touching Karen’s right forearm.

“That’s quite alright, I don’t mind sharing Dan with other women,” she confided.

“So how is Dave doing?” Dan wanted to know.

“Dave is my husband,” April said to Karen, “He’s doing great, really loves his job.”

“How is your dad enjoying retirement?”

“Ben is like a grumpy old bear coming out of hibernation. He still tinkers around with race cars and I swear he has enough spare parts at home to build his own stock car. Mom keeps telling him to get rid of his old junk,” she chuckled.

“So how can I help you both?” April asked walking in between them arm in arm. Dan looked at Karen for a response.

“I saw a red car out by the road. Dan said it’s a Ford Fusion?”

“Ahh the Fusion, it’s a great mid-sized family car. Close in size to the Taurus without the higher price tag. We have a similar model here in the showroom,” she said and led Dan and Karen to a blue one.

April started talking about the features of the car trying to keep focused on sharing her glances between the two. That was difficult because Dan had fucked April a few times after he bought his two Mustangs and she clearly wanted him again. She stood closer to Dan as she explained highlights about the car.

Karen leaned in the driver’s window looking at the interior, her short skirt becoming a second skin against her cute ass and just showing the bottom of her ass cheeks. “Your future wife has a great looking ass and why haven’t you called me lately? You know how I love you fucking me,” April commented in a low voice.

They both looked at her ass again. “You should be talking more to Karen than me, the car will be for her,” Dan whispered.

April moved to Karen opening the hood. Brad, Diane, and Brenda had come into the showroom and went over to a yellow Mustang Pony model. Diane honked the horn and waved Dan over to them.

In simple terms, April explained some of the characteristics of the engine to Karen. She opened the driver’s door for Karen to get in. Stepping in with her right leg and leaning a little left, April couldn’t help looking down Karen’s low white tank top at her nice tits and notice her beautiful legs below her very short grey skirt.

“Did I just see a bare pussy?” she asked herself closing Karen’s door. She went around to the other door and crawled on her knees in on the front seat. She put her left hand on the top of Karen’s seat to support herself and Karen could smell the enticing aroma of April’s perfume.

April’s loose blouse fell outward giving Karen a good view down the opening at her full, round breasts supported by a low cut lacy bra. April had a good view down Karen’s top as well and enjoyed the look of her breasts. April showed her some of the options this car had such as the Voice Sync navigation system and remote starter and other functions.

After a few minutes of selling the virtues of the Fusion, April changed the topic, “Karen I want to apologize again for kissing Dan before introducing myself to you.”

“That’s quite alright April, I know that Dan has a certain effect on women.”

“Yeah, don’t I know it!” she remembered fondly.

“So how long have you known Dan?” Karen asked glancing down April’s blouse again at her full breasts.

“I’d say about four and a half years now. My husband Dave and I owe a big debt of gratitude to Dan. You see, he and his wife Laura, saved my life several years ago. Well they didn’t actually save my life, as in near death but they saved my marriage,” she explained.

“Oh, how was that?” Karen asked not knowing this fact about Dan and Laura.

“Dave and I lived in Oshawa and worked at the General Motors plant. He was a supervisor and I was an engine installer. When the recession set in, we were both laid off. We had to eventually sell our house and move in with Dave’s parents in Trenton.”

“It was hard to find work that paid what we made in Oshawa and soon, the tension got the better of us as a couple. Dave ended up working at Mc Donald’s of all places, making minimum wage. Of course, there were several cute, young teenaged girls with their firm perfect bodies working there.”

“Dave is a very handsome guy and the chicks loved flirting with him and soon Dave started fucking several of them. I caught him fucking one girl in our car one night. I figured, what was good for the gander, was also good for this chick, so I started fucking around too. Things got steadily worse between us and we separated.”

“Meanwhile, I had worked at a grocery store when I was a teenager and applied at the Super Store in town because now I had to find my own place to live. Dan’s wife Laura, was the manager at the Super Store and hired me. I’ll tell you she was the best person I ever worked for in my life!”

“Laura was so, so beautiful and so sexy and she was very down to earth too. She wasn’t a stuck up snob or a bitch because of her beauty. She’d do everything in her store along with the regular staff. She’d pack groceries, stock shelves, clean up spills. Laura was a real people person.”

“I met her daughter, Cathy. I had never seen a mother and daughter that could pass for twin sisters like those two. Cathy has these two tattoos on each side of her thighs. She convinced Laura to get the same tattoos so that they looked more the same when they wore their bikinis.”

“Laura could tell I was a nervous wreck going through my separation and she took a really sincere interest in me. I spilled my guts to her telling her everything that was happening in my life. We became very ... ahh ... umm, very close friends if you know what I mean,” she began to blush.

“I can see why, you’re a very beautiful, sexy and desirable woman,” Karen complimented affectionately combing her right fingers through April’s long hair.

“Laura also confided in me some of her personal information. She told she and Dan had an open marriage and enjoyed having sex with other people and couples. She told me several times about this couple she and Dan had grown very close to. I think her name was also Karen”

Karen smiled because April didn’t know she was talking about her. “Laura said how she had lost contact with her sister, Karen. She wasn’t really her sister but they may as well have been for as close as they were. She also said how deeply in love this Karen and Dan were and the countless great threesomes they had together.”

“Then one day, Laura introduced me to her husband, Dan. Laura asked Dan help me to find a place to live. He was helpful in more ways than one. Laura encouraged me to fuck Dan and would actually set up romantic dates for us. She was very comfortable with Dan and I fucking anytime I wanted.”

“I sure took her up on her offer and let me tell you, girl, can he ever fuck! I’m sorry, maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this about Dan.”

“No, no, it’s quite alright, I know he’s quite the ladies’ man, jealousy is for teenagers. I like hearing about the women Dan has fucked.”

April continued, “Do you know what it’s like to find a guy who’s better in bed, who’s a better fuck than you own husband?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Karen smiled quickly comparing Dan and Steve. “Dan is a much better fuck than my first husband ever was. I love how he curls his fingers to rub the sweet spot inside my pussy.”

“Same here,” April recalled. “I love how he eats your pussy after he’s fucked you. And I like how he treats you like you’re the only woman in his life even if it’s a one night fuck.”

“Who knew we had sex in common with Dan?” Karen mentioned. April paused looking down Karen’s top at her tits and felt herself growing aroused thinking about her.

Karen figured the timeline of April and Dave knowing Dan and Laura were when they moved back to Trenton. She and Steve had divorced and Karen and the kids had moved in with Vicky. Dan and Laura now lived in opposite ends of the city and didn’t know where Karen was living. He’d find out that she and the kids changed all their cell phone numbers so Steve couldn’t call to harass them.

“Then about the worst day of my life happened when Laura was killed in that terrible car accident, it practically killed Dan emotionally. And his poor kids took it real hard too. Her store was never the same and a year later I left and started selling Fords. I would never have thought, after building General Motor products for so long, I’d be selling Fords,” she joked.

“Dan was hit really hard by Laura’s death and after a few months, I tried to do my womanliest best to console him. I would have divorced Dave for Dan in an instant but Dan wasn’t interested in me or any other woman in that way, in a marrying kind of way.”

“I figured out that since I wasn’t marriage material to Dan, I wasn’t going to lose him as a good friend so I’d set him up with dates the odd time. I think he went out with the different women just to please me.”

“It seemed as if he was looking and waiting for someone, a special someone to come into his life. Maybe that special someone was you, Karen.”

“I like to think so,” she smiled.

“Dan and I still fucked after Laura’s passing but it wasn’t the same. Dan took more interest in my welfare and became friends with Dave. I still shake my head at hearing them talking about fucking me and several times we did a threesome. I’ll never forget a hard cock up my pussy and one up my ass, at the same time.”

“Dan helped Dave hunt for a job that could use his skills and experience. Dave got an interview for a civilian supervisory job at the Trenton air base. When Dave showed up for his interview, Dan went along and after his interview, Dan asked to talk to the hiring staff. Dan said he was one of Dave’s references and would answer any questions they had to ask about Dave, face to face. The staff was so impressed with Dan’s answers, Dave got the job.”

“Dan ended up being sort of our own marriage counselor too and got Dave and I back together. Now we have a nice home and a good income and can now think about finally starting a family. Dan is still a very close friend to us but likes to keep his distance, you know not being pushy.”

“Dave and I also have an open marriage and can fuck other people. Dan is the only guy who has an open invitation from Dave to fuck me anytime, anywhere he wants, yet he seldom takes advantage of the opportunity.”

“When was the last time you and Dan fucked?” Karen had to know.

“I’d say about two months ago,” she thought. “Sorry, look at me, I’m talking your ear off Karen. I’m supposed to be selling you a new car but instead, I’m spilling my guts to you but I find you very easy to talk to, the same as Dan.”

“Thank you April, I think we can become good friends. Any friend of Dan’s is definitely a friend of mine,” Karen said brushing April’s hair off her right shoulder. This didn’t go unnoticed by April.

“You must have recently come into Dan’s life. I only ask because he definitely would have mentioned meeting a beautiful, sexy looking woman like you.”

“Dan and I met last Friday night. I wasn’t going to let a guy like him get away from me.”

“I don’t blame you but didn’t Dan introduce you as his fiancée?”

“Yes, he did.”

“And you only met him last Friday?” April was astonished. “How did you meet him? No offense Karen, but I didn’t know Dan was even dating anyone, let alone getting married,” April asked very curiously, “Who was this gold digger marrying Dan for his money?” she thought.

“No offence taken. Dan and I had lost contact with each other about five years ago. My girlfriend met Dan actually by accident and she brought him home to fuck him.

How I met Dan? Now that is the day that changed the rest of my life. My husband, now my ex and dead husband and I were out for a picnic at the provincial park one June. Dan was with this beautiful, sexy woman I assumed was his wife. We were walking our dog and she headed right for Dan as he and this woman walked passed us.”

“Now our dog didn’t take kindly to strangers, let alone men but she went right up to Dan and sat at his feet. As he petted her we introduced ourselves and began talking. I remarked how our dog had taken a liking to him. I could tell Dan was a gentle and kind person. I felt an instant connection to Dan and blushed like a school girl with the hots for her teacher when he stood close to me.”

“I could tell he enjoyed the view down my bikini top. At least he appreciated the new bikini I was wearing compared to my husband. Our dog then spotted a squirrel and began barking and wanting to chase it. That cut our conversation short. I figured that was all to it when we said goodbye.”

“As fate would have it, our picnic areas were next to each other. My husband, Steve, brought everything for a BBQ except for matches. I used the excuse of asking them for matches as a way to see Dan again. Dan and Anne, that was the other woman’s name, were sitting on the picnic bench fucking when I went over to borrow some matches. They just sat there, her with her legs on either side of his and he was fingering her pussy.”

“My husband and I were having a rocky time in our marriage. I knew he was fucking his secretary from work. I was just finishing up rehab from knee surgery. I tore some ligaments in my right knee at the hospital where I worked. I had lost close to fifty pounds and felt very proud of my new figure especially in my skimpy bikini. My husband could have cared less about my weight loss.”

“I invited Dan and Anne to join us for a meal. I made it clear to Steve that I was going to fuck this guy with or without his approval since he was fucking around on me. I had Dan sit beside me and we began talking that led to some touching. I had a few drinks before seeing them so I had my nerve up.”

“Dan and I began kissing and I loved the fact he had a brown spot in his left eye. He took off my bikini top leaving me topless and I loved it. He felt my tits and fingered my pussy right in front of my husband. I started rubbing his cock and took it out of his shorts. I finally got up my nerve and right in front of Steve, I leaned over and gave Dan a blow job. I made sure my husband knew I enjoyed sucking off Dan. I swallowed every last drop of his delicious cum except for one drop going down my chin. I made sure Steve saw me lick it off my finger.”

“I must love your story. It’s getting warm in here,” April commented and got up the nerve to put her left hand on Karen’s right leg just below the hem of her skirt. Karen smiled at April and patted her hand in approval.

“My story is getting me hot too and what’s great is, it’s all true,” Karen said and looking at her, guided April’s hand up her leg and under her skirt. Karen spread her legs wider as she felt April’s hand find her bare pussy.

“No panties I can feel,” April smiled.

“I always wear short skirts and no panties for Dan and any other man that’ll look up my skirt.” April didn’t resist when Karen slid her right hand under April’s skirt to her wet panties.

Karen continued her story, “Anne and my Steve ended up fucking while Dan and I fucked. Steve got paged back to work leaving me with Dan and Anne. I had the time of my life with them. I couldn’t get enough of Dan’s big cock. Even though we had just met, he treated me as if I was the only woman in the world to him.”

“His great fucking left me wanting more from him. I found out that Dan and Anne were not married but members of a group that swapped husbands and wives for one Saturday a month. Anne took Dan and I back to her place where she introduced me to the other members of the group and to who I found out was Dan’s real wife. Her name was ... Laura,” Karen paused to take a breath and looked at April for her reaction to saying Laura’s name.

“Wait a minute now, you knew Laura too?” April’s voice trailed higher.

“Yes I did, intimately. We were very, very close friends, I loved her as if she were my own sister.”

“As close as if you were sisters? That’s what Laura said about her friend Karen. And you said you worked in a hospital? Laura told me her Karen was a nurse. Were you a nurse at one time?”

“Yes, I was. Now I’m head instructor at the Nurses College in town.”

“So how long have you actually known Dan?”

“We were recently reunited after losing track of each other for five years. This June 23rd, I’ll have known and been in love with Dan for twenty-three years.”

“You’ve known Dan for almost twenty-three years?” April exclaimed loudly. “Then you are, the Karen that Laura had told me about before she died.

“The one and the same,” she beamed proudly

“So you knew Laura from the very beginning?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Oh, wow!” April remarked wide eye, “I can’t believe the coincidence of selling you and Dan the same cars and we meet like this.”

“I knew the Mustang was Dan’s favourite car and seeing previews of the new retro design, he said he was going to buy one of the first to arrive. I figured I’d feel closer to him by owning one.”

“Oh, this is so incredible!”.

“I know I can hardly believe it myself.”

“Now I understand it, you’re the one Dan was waiting for, looking for.”

“Yes, I am.”

“I don’t remember you being at Laura’s funeral.”

“I was on vacation in Montreal when I found out Laura was killed in her accident. I felt like I’d lost my sister. I hurried back home in time for her funeral. As I walked up towards the graveside ceremony I was feeling so guilty if I was to immediately take over Laura’s place. You know, be known as a gold digger.”

“I might be looked on as a stealing Dan before Laura’s body was even cold in her grave. Remember too, I hadn’t seen Dan or Laura in many years and maybe there was another woman in Dan’s life that he might marry.”

“Not a chance. He was waiting for you, looking for you,” April enforced.

“On Laura’s forty-fourth birthday, 13 October 2003, she woke up with a premonition that she was going to die before Christmas. She wrote a letter to Dan, one to me and another for my girlfriend Vicky. About three months after Laura’s death, a private detective tracked me down and gave me a letter from her.”

“In Dan’s letter, she told him that he and I would eventually meet again, rekindle our romance and get married. Laura’s letter to me also mentioned the same thing. That letter is the only thing that kept me going, knowing I’d somehow, someday, I would be with Dan again,” Karen was getting emotionally drained from remembering the painful past of Laura’s death.

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