Girl Scout Troop Master - aftermath
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Aliens, Extra Sensory Perception, Space,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a sequel to Girl Scout Troop Master. An overwhelming landslide of reader requests (well, two) resulted in my going back to a well I thought was dry and doing a bit more fishing. Hopefully, this well will not dry up as quickly as the first.

Years had passed since our visitors had departed, accompanying the babies they had been instrumental in having created. My retinue of wives were no longer teenagers, yet remained as physically perfect and emotionally attractive as they were on the day that we met.

Like many other aspects of my dealings with the “visitors”, there were some things that remained a mystery, that would tickle my subconscious from time to time, but which seemed to evaporate whenever I tried to pursue the thought. This time, however, I grabbed the elusive thought by the tail and determined to follow through on it, regardless of any possible attempts at clouding my mind.

“Very well”, I heard distinctly, while realizing that no sound waves had been involved in my hearing. “What is it you wish to know?”.

Aha! As I had suspected on a very deep level. We had not been completely abandoned.

“Many things, but first it would be nice to have a name for you other than ‘aliens’ or ‘visitors’. Please give me a label to use.”

“Very well. Perhaps you can refer to us as ‘Ormulans’. Will that be acceptable?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“What would you like to know?”

“My first concern is the welfare of our children. How are they doing? Are they happy and are they fulfilling your dream of advanced beings, comprising the best of the human race and your own?”

“We are very pleased. Our mutual offspring are very well and are meeting our highest hopes. Would you like to see them?”

“Is that possible?”

“Of course. Why don’t you gather the mothers and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.”

This was way outside anything I had been able to consider or hope for. On the other hand, their provision of the avatar in our earlier dealings should have alerted me to the possibility of nearly anything.

After gathering my beautiful wives, I signaled the Ormulans, who provided a virtual display of our children, who seemed to be wonderfully well behaved and intelligent. They appeared to be in some sort of classroom, with both group and individual explorations going on simultaneously.

One young boy was creating a world between his outstretched palms, rotating it with his mind and mentally modifying characteristics. As we watched, continents formed and morphed. Oceans and lakes grew and slid. Plants and animals formed and reformed as his will directed.

“Is that real?”, I blurted.

“Hello Father”, he turned and looked squarely at me as if he were actually in front of me instead of some unknown number of light years away.

“Can you see me, as well?”

“Yes, dear Father. We frequently watch you as you live and work. Our other fathers feel that it is very desirable for us to remain continuously aware of who we are and where we came from.”

“Do you know who your mother is?”

“Certainly. My mother is Ebony. Hello, dear Mother.”

Ebony gave a squeal of delight and rushed to my side. As we hugged, she asked our child to tell his name.

“I am known as Jor-El”, he replied.

“What are you doing, Jor-El?”

“I am creating a new world, Mother. You may simply call me Jor, if you like.”

“When you say you are creating a new world, Jor, is it a model for a new world or is it an avatar of a planet which is actually being created somewhere?”

“Ah, Mother. They told me you were intelligent, but I did not expect that you would immediately grasp the nature of my work. The truth of the matter is that this is indeed only a representation of a world that will only be created when it is approved by the council. In fact, it is the world which is being created for us--and you, if you wish to join us. Others will be invited, as well. Our other fathers are very pleased with the results of this experiment and wish to expand it. We will have our own world to colonize. That is why it is so important to select the features to support our plans for colonization.”

“That is so wonderful, Jor. Are the others as highly gifted as you appear to be?”

“There is no basis for comparison, Mother. Each of us has unique skills as well as common skills. No one of us could be spared without diminishing the whole, but none has more value than any other. I believe that this is the same manner in which you view our mothers, isn’t it, Father?”

“Absolutely, my son. Please introduce us to the remaining members of our family and announce the names of their mothers.”

As we watched, each of the children stood and announced themselves, causing their mothers to weep openly at the loss of contact they might have enjoyed with their children. When the children had been taken, years ago, there had been pain of a sort, and throughout the intervening years there had been pain of a slightly different sort. However, all had become pregnant again as quickly as possible, somewhat diminishing the feelings of loss.

I felt as I expect a father would, who had returned from war to meet offspring born during his absence. Fathers are not defective mothers. We may never experience the same type of love for our children that mothers enjoy, but that does not mean that we don’t enjoy our own sense of pride and satisfaction in their health and well-being.

“Are you happy?”, I asked the group.

All smiled contentedly. “We are very happy and fulfilled, in ways that would not be possible for us on Earth. We would not fit in with others who are only human. I do not mean that in a disparaging way”, he added. “What I meant”, he continued, “is that our human side contributes a great deal to who and what we are, but our Ormulan fathers have contributed another level of awareness and capability to us as the first of a new race of beings. This was in accordance with the original expectation and goals of the program. We are all extremely pleased in the full and complete success of the experiment.”

It was impossible to know who had answered, but I was made aware that the sentiment was shared by all.

“Now what?”, I asked. “I realize that this contact was not accidental.”

“As always, your understanding goes beyond our expectations, ‘Gramps’. Is it ok to continue calling you by that name?”

“Why not? These beautiful wives with which I have been blessed still call me nothing else. It still titillates our sensibilities a bit to imagine that we are contravening taboos each time we enjoy our multi-generational sexscapades.”

“We see that you have noticed a lack of aging among your group, other than the children.”

“I have, and wondered about it a bit, then assigned it in my mind to representing one more gift from you to us.”

“That is exactly what was intended. We actually reversed your age a bit, but only in your internal workings. As you can see, there seemed to be no reason to modify your appearance, but we reversed your hormonal age to your late teens and enhanced those hormones a bit.”

“Oh, Gramps!”, squealed my stable of lovers. “That’s why you can continue to fuck us all night and day and keep so many women so completely satisfied.”

“For that, I thank you, Ormulans. I suspect that you also stopped the aging process for each of my wives as they attained the optimum beauty for which their bodies were equipped.”

“We thought you might enjoy that. We saw how much value humans place on physical appearance and how much the sight of a beautiful companion adds to your enjoyment of sexual acts.”

“You also tweaked dimensions a bit, didn’t you?”

“It is possible that certain dimensions and other characteristics were tweaked a bit. We hoped you would not mind.”

“No complaints here. How could I possibly object to each of my wonderful women having the most desirable appearance possible? One thing I’m a bit hazy on. Was I always hung like a donkey?”

“In that area, we made slight adjustments until we found an optimum level of stimulation and comfort for everyone.”

“If we had a way to bottle that, we could make a fortune.”

“You have a fortune.”

“For that, we thank you. My comment was based on a human response to a new and valuable item. We automatically look for ways to profit from a new benefit.”

“You have just described the exact reason why we wanted to blend our essences with yours in the creation of an advanced race that combines the best of both lines.”

“Do you have more plans for us or is this merely a social call to introduce us to our offspring?”

“We definitely have plans for you. We believe that there is a course of action that serves all needs of both races.”


“What do you regard as the biggest danger facing the human race? Global warming, pollution, inadequate food, depletion of resources or something else?”

“Many people are already talking about the need to reach for the stars to prevent annihilation of the human race. Some of our most forward-looking scientists are actively pushing the concept of evacuating to Mars.”

“What do you think of that?”

“I’m thinking that they need to sharpen their pencils or abandon their misguided attempts to influence the public in ways that have no hope for success in the real world.”

“Why do you say that? Are you an opponent of space exploration?”

“Decidedly not! I am totally supportive of the concept. However, as a former rocket scientist, I am qualified to comment on things that simply cannot be scaled up to the degree that would be required to accomplish this pipe dream, at least for the foreseeable future.”

“In what way? We, of course, understand what you are saying, but perhaps your wives would enjoy an explanation.”

“Sure. In the course of the entire history of space exploration on Earth, we have sent only a few hundred people into near space. Nearly all of that number have been only to orbiting laboratories. A very small number have been to the moon and none have been beyond. The longest time anyone has spent on the moon is a few days. Now some people, such as Elon Musk speak of establishing colonies on Mars as if it were simply a matter of more funding and larger vehicles. That is like extrapolating the first ox cart into the Concorde. Concorde did follow the path blazed by the ox cart, but no amount of funding could have brought it about until after centuries of development of allied infrastructure could occur.”

“So you do not believe that colonization of Mars is a near term possibility?”

“Elon Musk will not live to see it.”

“Suppose we got involved?”

“You may have the ability to transport people and materials to any location in the universe using techniques and equipment available to you, but I do not believe that it can be done using only technology available on Earth in this century.”

“Suppose that we built huge ships that people would believe were true space ships and opened an emigration office for colonizers? Suppose that we gave the people what they wanted to see and used our technology to actually perform the transport. Would that ‘fly’? Please excuse the pun. We are just now learning of it and enjoy practicing the skill.”

“As my mother always said, ‘A pun is the lowest form of humor’. However, she did call it humor. I am impressed that you are not above a bit of low wit.”

“We are not above a great many ‘low’ things. Our being alien to your culture does not mean that we are without humor and wit or do not appreciate a deftly turned phrase.”

“In that case, ‘Are you a Turtle’?”

“Ha, ha. Nicely done.”


“You bet your sweet ass we are.”

“Excellent. Now what?”

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