30 November 2006
Chapter 1

“Molly, you know who I’m in love with?” she asked hugging her faithful companion, “I’m in love with Brad Miller, or should I say, Brad Hayward. I’m in love with Brad Hayward. And you know what else Molly? Someday Brad is going to be my husband!”

Abby always told Molly her deepest desires, her deepest secrets. She slipped her feet onto the cool floor and started humming as she dressed, “I love Brad Miller, I’m in love with Brad Miller!” she sang.

She picked up her bundle of newspapers from the end of the driveway and turned on her cell phone to check her messages. There were eleven unread messages! Abby scanned who they were from and quickly opened the one from Brad first.

“I had the time of my life last night, thank you, Abby. I’m very proud to be your boyfriend. See you at school, Brad.”

The other messages read, “I heard about the kiss.” “We were at the game and saw you kiss that hunk.” “Did you two fuck after the game?” “Are you two going steady?” “OMG what a hunk, you are such a lucky bitch!” “Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?” “I’ve got to see you at school about all the juicy details!” “I’m so jealous, you lucky bitch.” “Did you suck him off?” “See me at school.”

“Holy shit, it was only a kiss!” Abby exclaimed to her phone messages. “But what a fantastic kiss!” she hugged Molly again. “Do you know who I’m in love with Molly? She barked and wagged her tail, “I’m in love with Brad Miller and someday he is going to be my husband and I’m going to be his wife!” She repeated to her trusted friend.

Abby went about her normal business of delivering her papers. Molly was not only her close friend but also her protector. Though small in size she had the heart of a lion and wasn’t afraid to test anyone she deemed approached too close to her love. Molly also helps out Abby delivering her papers by carrying them one at a time in her mouth to the front step of her customers.

As she prepared for school, she turned on her computer and after a short search, printed off the name change information paper she promised for Brad.

While waiting at the school bus stop, Abby normally talked with a few other kids but not so this morning. She was swarmed by every girl at her stop. They all wanted to know about the kiss and what she and Brad did after the game. A couple of boys teased Abby, asking her for a kiss too.

On the School bus, Britney and Amber were waiting for her. They patted the back of the empty seat in front of them for her to sit there. “Ok girl, tell us all about it!” Britney started.

“It was only a kiss,” she replied grinning sheepishly.

“Yeah, some kiss I’ve heard!” Amber teased.

“So did you two fuck after the game?” Britney had to know.

“Will you keep your voice down?” she asked looking to the others nearby. “No we didn’t fuck,” she replied and smiled a little embarrassed, “Brit, your mind is always in the gutter when it comes to sex!” she teased.

“That’s not what I heard!” came a male voice a few rows back. “I heard Brad fucked you good,” he boasted. “You can fuck me anytime you want Abby,” the asshole added.

Abby’s face turned crimson red, embarrassed by all the attention, “In your dreams George!” Abby replied recognizing the owner of the comment. Her girls asked Abby a lot of questions about the kiss, Brad and if they were a couple. The twenty-minute ride to school was over in a blur.

Abby stepped from her bus feeling the cold bite of the winter air hit her and was met by more kids wanting to know the same answers. She looked to the approaching buses, knowing Brad’s was usually a few minutes behind hers.

Brad was his normally late self, getting ready for school. He grabbed a quick bite to eat, gave his mom a kiss and hurried for his bus stop, “Holy shit, I’ve got myself a girlfriend!” he said aloud.

“How do I act around her at school? Well, you asshole you had better treat her good. Be proud she has chosen you and you’ve chosen her. Don’t be ashamed to be seen with her,” he said to himself.

On the way to his bus stop, he turned on his cell phone and saw several unread emails. He scanned who they were from and quickly opened the mail from Abby.

“Thank you, Brad, for last night, I had the best time ever. I’m so proud to be your girlfriend, Abby.”

Brad smiled as he finished reading it, almost identical to what he had sent her. “I had a great time to Abby,” he said out loud.

He read the other Emails as he walked, “Hey man does she fuck?” “Hey, Brad does she have a sister?” “She’s got a hot looking body.” “Saw you kiss that cute looking chick at the game.” “Does she suck cock?”

“Man these guys are sick in the head!” he remarked. While waiting for the bus he was swarmed by guys he knew, for more answers. “So did you fuck her Brad?” “Did she give you a blowjob and swallow?” “Rumour has it you fucked her.” “I heard that she’s in love with you,” They wanted to know. Brad’s bus ride was over before it practically began because of all the attention.

As the bus stopped in the parking lot, Brad wiped a circle of condensation from his window, immediately looking for Abby. The yard was a sea of hundreds of other kids all waiting for the last bell to enter school for the day.

Brad stepped from his bus, the cold air hitting him with a light snow sprinkling the ground. He was again swarmed by several guys who had the same questions. Most wanted to know if he had fucked Abby or if she had given him a blowjob.

“Hey Brad, you can kiss me like that anytime,” two girls in grade twelve teased him.

“Abby, Brad’s here!” Britney whispered to her hood covered ear. Abby looked to her right seeing Brad’s back about fifty feet away. She started to walk over to him, followed by six girls and wondering what his reaction would be to her.

“Would he be embarrassed if I took his hand in mine? Do I give him a hello kiss in front of everyone?” she pondered. Abby’s heart quickened as she approached her young love, hearing him speaking to the others around him.

“I’ll tell you guys, you don’t understand what I’m saying. When Abby put her hand in mine, it was like being struck by lightning. The feeling went from my head to my toes,” he explained to those listening. “And to answer your other question, if I was fucking Abby or getting a blow job from her, that would be a private matter between her and I and none of your fucking business.”

Abby overheard his comment as she approached and slipped her left hand into Brad’s right. Those standing in front of Brad shifted their eyes to her. The electrical sensation of their skin touching was unmistakable only to them.

“You guys don’t feel it, don’t see it, do you. I can tell you who has put their hand in mine because of the feeling it gives me.” Brad bent his arm bringing Abby’s hand up with it. He kissed the back of her hand noticing the perfectly manicured, painted nails. “The only person that gives me this feeling is Abby Kendall,” he said proudly.

“The feeling is very mutual Brad,” her soft voice replied. She leaned up to his ear and whispered, “By the way, you know you can fuck me and get a blow job from me anytime you want.”

Abby looked up at her love dressed in blue jeans, his dark blue River Rats hockey jacket, and ball cap. She leaned up on her toes and kissed Brad’s right cheek. Brad turned to see Abby, the fur hood of her coat framed her beautiful face and straight brunette hair. Their eyes met, their hearts melting and beginning to beat faster.

One wouldn’t admit to the other that at this time they were already falling in love. Abby’s checkered cloth waistcoat couldn’t hide the bumps of her firm breasts and her tight blue jeans fit her like a second skin.

Abby went back flat on her feet wondering what Brad’s reaction would be to her kiss. He smiled at her leaning down to his right, kissed her full on the lips. She instinctively put her right hand up cupping the back of his head feeling his tongue parting her lips. She couldn’t help sighing as he gave her a long and tender kiss.

The wolf whistles let loose and the kidding began, “Just like at the hockey game!” someone yelled and the group laughed.

“Thank you, Brad. That kiss in front of everyone meant so much to me,” Abby whispered, already breathless.

“Same with me Abby,” he smiled. Their hand holding was replaced with Brad putting his right arm around Abby’s slim waist. Abby returned the loving gesture her left arm going around his. They looked like and are the perfect high school couple.

Brad spoke up, “Now that kiss ought to kill any rumours that I’m gay. A lot of people spread rumours that may or may not be true and they can really hurt a person.”

“And that kiss should also dispel the rumours that I’m a lesbian, well I’m not,” Abby added, kissing him on the lips, “Besides as of last night, Brad and I are going together. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend.”

The school bell went off and the two groups of about fifteen began to make their way to the main doors. Steve Jackson raised his voice to get their attention, “Before everyone goes inside, I want to settle a rumour that’s going around about me. In this case, the rumour is true, I am gay, or at least I think I am.”

“Hey man, there is no half way, either you’re gay or you’re not,” A voice yelled out.

“You’re wrong about that, some men are bisexual! At this point in my life, I don’t know what I am. I’m trying to figure that out. You guys don’t have to worry just because I might look at you. Anyone I’m with doesn’t go to this school. So if you’re truly my friend, I ask that you stand by me, if not it’s been nice knowing you,” Steve finished off.

He waited for the reaction from the crowd in front of him, especially the boys. Brad went up to Steve, offering his right hand, “Thanks Brad for not saying anything to anyone when I told you I was gay.”

“Hey man, I’ve always liked you as a friend and still stand by you too,” Brad stated interlocking his thumb with Steve’s hand in his and patting his shoulder in support. They had a firm handshake as several other guys also shook hands with Steve.

“Any friend of Brad’s is a friend of mine too,” Abby Abby, rubbing his forearm in support.

“Thanks, Abby,” Steve let out a big sigh. “Glad that’s finally out in the open.”

“Yeah, but you may have now opened up a new can of worms. Having to deal with the bullying and name calling that goes with being tagged a queer, faggot or butt fucker. Not that I’d call you those names. It doesn’t bother me either way if you’re gay or not, you’re still me friend.”

“Thanks, Brad.”

“At least I don’t have to worry about you horning in on my girlfriend, or do I?” He kidded.

“Not for now,” Steve joked.

Amber had always liked Steve despite all the rumours, “I’ve always liked you, Steve. If you aren’t certain if you’re totally gay or not, can I demonstrate to you the benefits of having a girlfriend?” she asked, softly kissing his left cheek and walking into school.

Steve just stood there with his mouth open. “Holy shit!” he said under his breath watching her slim figure meld with the crowd. Steve had always liked Amber too, “Now ... what do I do?” he wondered.

Abby and Brad were about to enter the school doorway. “I’d rather not tell anyone that I’m still bisexual,” she whispered to him.

“I understand, you can trust me, Abby.”

“I know I can. Oh, I almost forgot,” she said opening her binder. “I printed this off for you before school,” she said handing a folded piece of paper to him.

Brad unfolded the paper reading, Application for Name Change, Province of Ontario. “Thank you, Abby,” he said looking from the form to her, “It means a lot to me that you did this.”

“No problem, besides your new last name will also someday be my name too. I love the sound of Brad and Abby Hayward,” she beamed proudly anticipating their future.

“Shhh!” he whispered, “Someone might hear you!”

“What’s wrong, you don’t want to marry me?” Abby asked looking concerned.

“Of course I want to marry you. I’ll be very proud to be your husband. I can’t believe I just said that. Let’s just let everyone get used to us dating and being boyfriend and girlfriend for a while before we tell any of our friends about our marriage plans.”

“You know all the negative comments we’ll get about getting married at such a young age and so on.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But I don’t know how long I can keep it a secret.”

“Tell you what, when our parents give us their approval, we’ll tell the whole world!” Brad offered.

“I’ll hold you to that statement,” Abby smiled kissing him, “And thank you for defending me about the comments from the other boys.”

“I’ll fight for you and defend for you, Abby. Your life is my life, now.”

“Thank you, Brad, that was very nice.”

Abby undid her coat revealing her light grey zippered sweatshirt. Even done up, her top couldn’t hide the obvious bumps of her firm breasts. She took hold of the pull tab.

“This is for school time. And this is for my boyfriend,” She pulled the zipper down to the edge of her bra. Abby revealed a decent amount of cleavage in her low cut bra to Brad.

“School and boyfriend,” She repeated pulling the zipper up and down. Brad put his hand on the zipper tab.

“How about for school and boyfriend,” he said pulling the zipper down to her bra.

“You want me to show this much tit in school?” she asked looking down at her cleavage.

“More, if you could get away with it. I’m proud of you and your body Abby and I know it’ll drive a lot of other guy’s nuts showing a bit of tit and as long as a teacher doesn’t tell you to zipper up.”

“Lots of other girls show more tit than this. I’ll dress any way you want me to,” Abby smiled kissing him, “Oh, by the way, good luck on your math test.”

“Thank you. I have it first period so I’ll get the agony done and over with right away,” he joked.

“You’ll do just fine, I have faith in you,” Abby smiled patting his chest.

“I’m going to the sports store after the fourth period to buy some hockey tape for my stick. Are you off at the same time?”

“Yes I am and I’d love to join you,” she said giving Brad a quick kiss and heading off to her locker.

“Meet you at the flag pole,” he yelled back. She turned and waved to Brad then as she turned around, bumped into Mr. Murphy. He instantly saw Abby’s lower cleavage but didn’t say anything to her.

Brad went to his class always dreading math tests. But this time he was feeling confident about himself. Maybe it was his way of thinking towards Abby that made him more cheerful. As the test paper was handed out, he thought about Abby, his hockey and how he really needed to improve his marks.

“May I remind you, this test accounts for twenty-five percent of your term mark. Your exam mark will be half and the remaining percentage consisting of other math assignments,” the teacher explained then told the class they could begin the test.

Brad froze in his chair looking at the unanswered questions. Then he closed his eyes and envisioned seeing the game last night and Abby helping him with his math. He opened his eyes and began the test.

He worked away answering question after question. Some questions he wasn’t sure about the answers, so he left them for last. He finished the test and answered the missed questions. He checked his answers again, then looked at the clock above the doorway.

“There must be something wrong with this picture,” he thought. There was still ten minutes remaining in the test. He never finished a test early, especially math. Brad went over the test once more and still having time, began to write down sentences he thought of for Abby’s song. The teacher said he’d give them their marks during the afternoon math class.

Brad went to his normal school classes but had a lingering, strange feeling inside him. A very good feeling and it all had to do with Abby. During the morning several others teased him about the kiss with Abby and he liked it.

Brad stood waiting at the flag pole and Abby came out a few minutes behind along with Britney and Amber. Brad noticed how all three bodies looked identical with their coats open, their breasts looked nice yet covered in their zip-up sweatshirts. Steve also joined them.

They walked across the street to the mall holding hands and Brad bought his hockey tape. They stood in the center concourse, talking away the time and sharing a can of pop and a sub sandwich before heading back to class.

“Brad, I want to thank you again for how you reacted to me being with you this morning. I wasn’t sure how you’d react about me holding your hand and kissing you in front of our friends.”

“I sort of wondered the same thing on the way to school. Then I realized I had nothing to be ashamed about. I’m happy and proud to be your boyfriend.”

“And I’m happy and proud to be your girlfriend too,” she smiled.

Brad cupped Abby’s face in his hands, “Any love or affection given to me by you in public will be freely returned,” he said kissing her full on the lips.

“So if I suck on your cock in public, you’ll eat my pussy?” she teased, laughing at his open ended comment.

“Uh ... ok ... why not?” Abby’s eyes glistened with growing love and lust for Brad. They touched foreheads together.

A moment later, Brad felt a tug on his left pant leg and looked down. “Hi, Brad,” beamed the young, brave face of seven-year-old Eric Chandler.

“Hey Eric, surprised to see you here!” Brad smiled at his Mom and knelt down to be at Eric’s eye level.

“I finally convinced my mom to get me out of that damn hospital before I go nuts!”

“Now, now Eric, mind your manners,” his mom cautioned.

“Sorry, Mom.”

“Hi Mrs. Chandler,” Brad said looking up from beside Eric’s wheelchair.

“Hi Brad,”

“What you got in the bag?” Eric inquired.

“I’ve got tape for my hockey stick. Maybe someday you can come and watch me play if your mom will let you,” Brad said looking at Eric’s mom. She nodded her head, yes.

“You know how I call you, ‘My Little Buddy’? Well, this is my ‘Big Buddy.’ Her name is Abby.”

“She’s very pretty. I saw you kissing her, is she your girlfriend?” Eric asked.

“Yes she is and these are also my friends, Britney, Amber, and Steve.”

“Hi guys,” Eric said waving to them. They each said hi to him in return. “When are you going to marry her?” Eric whispered to Brad.

“What?” Brad exclaimed in a whisper, “Whatever gave you that idea?”

“I may be only seven years old but I can tell you and she belong with each other,” he said. Brad leaned over and whispered in Eric’s ear.

“You are right but we want to keep it a secret for now. We’ll invite you to our wedding, okay?”

“Okay,” he whispered back. Brad playfully tapped the brim of the River Rats hockey cap he’d given him.

“Some day Eric I’ll replace that cap with one from the OHL and then NHL team I play on,” Brad predicted.

“Eric is one of the young kids I play guitar for when I visit the hospital. He’s waiting for a liver transplant or he’ll soon... ,” Brad didn’t want to say the rest.

“And speaking of transplants, your test results came back Brad and the doctors allowed me to tell you that I’m afraid you’re not a suitable donor along with my husband and me. You’d think a parent’s tissues would match their own child’s but Eric is AB negative which is a rare blood type.”

“I know what you mean, I’m also AB negative,” Britney offered, hearing their conversation. The sadness of Eric’s situation began to affect her.

“I’m sorry Little Buddy that I couldn’t help you but don’t you worry, we’ll find you a new liver,” Brad said kneeling down to him again.

“But I hate the thoughts of some other little boy or girl or adult having to die just so I can live.”

“That isn’t always the case. That’s why I was tested as a living donor so you could have part of my liver.” Abby’s heart was melting as she witnessed the compassion Brad showed for little Eric. He was displaying a gentle side of himself without even trying and her love for Brad was deepening by the minute.

“Did you guys know that the liver is the only organ in the body that can regenerate itself? He only needs about a quarter of a person’s liver and it will grow to full size in about six to eight weeks. And the donor’s liver will grow back to normal size in about two to three months,” Brad explained.

“How is Vanessa doing?” Brad looked to Mrs. Chandler. She looked at him with a somber expression and shook her head side to side.

“Vanessa is an angel now. She’s watching over me. I told the doctors that she could have my lungs if I died before her,” Eric innocently reasoned.

Abby, Britney, and Amber were visibly moved by Eric’s matter of fact view of thinking of others before himself. “Oh man ... I’m so sorry to hear that. Vanessa was only ten years old and needed a lung transplant,” Brad explained to the others.

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